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Author Topic: A huge lack of comments  (Read 130501 times)
Description: are we getting complacent
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Continuation tribute to the Master Buddhi
«  as reference see   Reply #48 on: March 17, 2012, 01:37:06 AM »

Stories inspired by his work ; entitled " Mandelbox In The Water  " rendered and created by Master Buddhi in the year 2011 on Earth!

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Fractal Extreme Nightmare Horror Stories [ parental warnings! ]

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For instantaneous locations of Art and Film Reviews by All Masters featured! Go to see REPLY#12 in the  " Huge Lack of Comments" section.





[ 8-17 ]

[ Seconds in to film at 1:47 ] Oh shoot, honey oh no! Oh no dam, yelled Miss love, sounding desperate and very alarmed. I, I oh no! I dropped my, my mothers bible in the water, Oh how stupid of me! Oh help please Nicky? Please, oh please Nicky! Can you try to scoop it up for me, asks love grabbing his shoulder and pulling at his arm pleading with him.! "What, What, what tha?
Where? Asks, Nicky? Look down there. Dam it, I, I was fumbling through my purse and about to say a little prayer for us, and we are so happy and I remembered, when we were doing it back at the airport you told me, you would like me to have your baby. So I wanted to pray, and I, said miss love crying hysterical.   Miss Love burst in tears uncontrollably, yelling and crying, totally distraught. It slipped, and it slipped out! Oh God, no, no,no,no, Oh, please Nicky, please, please, Oh my God, I don't want to loose it! I don't! Its, its been in my family for generations.
My mother will kill me!

Please help, she pleaded her eyes full of tears running down her face, I'll drive the ship! Well, Ok, replied Nicky hesitantly.  She was prompting him, to do it seriously.
 This sounds really, really, kind of little crazy but OK, for you OK! I see it, could you, well, can you hold the controls steady, while I try to climb down and reach into the water to grab it, asked Nicky playing the role of the good samaritan!  Sure honey trust me, I can pilot these things good, replies love happily with a big relief, and a big sigh, smiling, all happy like! So, Nicky, quickly unlocks the door of the chopper, on his left, holds it open and climbs down. And places his foot of the landing gear bar trying to balance himself as best he can.
Miss Love handles the controls and pushes down the left anti-torque tail rotor pedal, just a tiny bit to control the pitch and get the chopper to go to the left a little closer to where the Holy book is floating in the waves of the water. Nicky reaches over and goes to grab it, but misses it on his first try, and yells out to her 'come a little closer to the left.' Miss love sees him dangling out really precariously balancing himself by holding on to the slippery surface of the open door.

So, Nicky sees the red bible floating in the wavy waters, at this point, the ship is closes to the water so he thinks this is as good a time as any and he, he reaches down to grab the bobbing floating bible in the water, when suddenly the ship, spun over jerking and tilting abruptly making it impossible to hold on any longer, treacherously unbalanced, he fell, loses his grip and pitches head first into the water. OH, DAM, shit, honey. I thought you said you knew how to fly this thing, OK, I got your book, now, come on down and pick me up, he screams angrily. "Oh, Thank God," Nicky baby, oh, sure thing baby, replies love as she looks down and sees him holding up the red colored book out of the water in his right hand while he paddles with the left to keep himself afloat. Oh, I am so, so , so sorry Nicky yells Miss Love, please, wait a second, honey I am coming for you. He looks up at her. She shouts down, Ok! Honey sure right away, yells Miss Love, a big smile over her face looking happy, then, all of a sudden something happened. Suddenly, Nicky his eyes widen, his nostrils flair, his hair stands up on end. He raises up his eyebrows, his face reddens, changes, he looks like he is in extreme pain and then,
his body begins to jerk around violently in the water, he desperately try to leap out of it, he tries again to lurching with left hand, while with his right he still clings on to the red bible book!
His eyes are now popping out of his head, as if experiencing extreme pain! His mouth opens and closes, several times exaggeratedly, no words, nothing said, but, then, his face stretched in a straight twisted lines, he trashes his arms in the water, and, and again try, try's grabbing for the helicopter, by stretching out both arms up toward it. Which, un-fortunately for him, begins to rise up ever so slowly, slowly upward. Miss Love, she pokes her head out of the open door, and stares into his eyes down below. Then out of his mouth, came a scream, a blood curdling super loud scream from hell, " ow ow owwwwwwwww  ooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww."
OW ahhh ow, owwww what ow, ow oh now, love, love something is in the water, love Something is in here now with me, of GOD! Ow!, What babe, asks love, pretending to be terrified. Something is in here, something is biting me all over its.
He doesn't finish his sentence.

[ 8-18 ]                     Terminate and ex-specie-ate.

Miss Love, Miss love now, takes under over, emotionally pushing death to the edge of life like a new knife, a new babies perspective of what is considered real, and what is real and what constitutes real defined by what, by whom and in what capacity. Does real mean that when she kills you, you are really dead? Or is it real being dead an idea, or a bio chemical representation of a mentality conceptualizing what real is, and if so, does that mean it is what it is, really when she killed you, you react by being dead, or can you react and not be dead? Is your mind bamboozled into thinking you must die,  if so who said so, and why? Why do you believe every thing you hear?
Or is death a non real event of the body but not the mind or an illusion or some where in between in kind? An assumption of an idea? An idea of being alive, or being alive really and proving you are, by others telling you are alive, Irregardless of the fact that those who are agreeing with you, that you are alive are imagined by you. The fact that you are imagining them make you less real. Miss Love, loves to ponder zones of thinking like these, her mentality about contemplations of this sort, like this one taken to the next level, or as she would postulate a puzzle :

If you are alive, how can you tell you are not a dream of what life is, as oppose to really being alive? Do you know what you are reading here is a dream? And you are not. You are dreaming you are reading here, you are dreaming the words you see on this page that does not exist, but you imagine it does, other wise it doesn't exist. You are dreaming you are reading and by the act of reading it appears to be real to you and since you are dreaming the words they are, but soon as you stop, its over forget about it. Only because you are imagining it all.
 Miss Love plays logic propelled by simulations both non linear places that are elctro-shipped bio chemically into a unspeakable dark mystic evil zones, controlling it all with her mind. Miss Love goes into a kind of trance, and effectively her minds mentality tri-splits simultaneously here, symbolically placing her feet into three sub divisions worlds, returning to which respectively one or both will be a quandary, whether that be, the spiritual worlds of the unknown or the real world one or a sub world surrealistically gutted and de-zoned of cogent benign beings energy zones. Bottom line does death exist or is in your mind?

She comes home.

This is not a person, but pretense, an energy pretense, pretending to be a person! Could a particle like her be spit out of a collider?

You can not see her here for she can change appearances but she is here.
Repeat that well for because you live for a short time, overtime you cannot think of things that have never happen outside of not only your short lives but logics of the short samples of collective pier experiences you have had, because by default, lacking by genomic advancement enhancements you don't live long enough.
The wizards of your time, are opening windows unknowingly with the Hadron collider, changing their world unknowing, while in the pursuit of knowledge, but things that have never happen before will happen, by what they are doing. And what Miss Love is doing, is manifesting on a higher plain imbued psychologically with self disdain, troubled savant she be in vain, living in the particles of the mass. The origins of why dark matter has mass and why it is hesitant to the resistance of change, range from one opinion to the next, but the secret is that the demons are hidden in the dark matter and they are vexed!

Take a cue from her, action as we look on her at the window as she looks down into the buddhi water where Nicky man is drowning, she watches him, man of flesh like the rest, doomed by birth quest like all the rest that she has executed muted, thus silenced from, beings convoluted, suited, in, insulted out, out routed life denied,   She was changing reality!  
     She is, an icier, a sub order demon woman with stealthy powers, came forth out of her, and she took, her hand pulled out of her bodies arm and waved it in the air, like it didn't care or belong as part of her body. For It, changed morphed and was not part of her, any more and disjointed itself from her wrist just like this, and floated hovered away, four feet in front of her, suspended in the air there that way. And no blood drops, fell from her separated hand floating in the air away from her there. This was Ascension time, out straight, no debate out of hell from whence her mentality dwells. Habits for black hearted Bunny Rabbits are hard to break for petes sake and Bunny Rabbit,  when she wants a carrot she'll kill for it.

The hand waved, that hand that left her body as a independent entity, as independent entity free to do, come, and go as it pleases. Waving alive and totally in control!
Then slowly, out of her wrist, morphed and grew out another hand, but this one was a robotic shiny translucent hand of a woman, with long pink colored nails!
Miss Love, so watched this, and this acknowledging, thus slowly raised up her hand, And, then she casually glanced back at her old one floating alone some feet from her. It went over to the Plexi glass window of the helicopter, and appeared to be looking out the window at the man below drowning.
 Of this, ought one to see, in disbelief, things all manner of things, the smoke shapes, shook, and out growth came new shapes ones! And eerily, these shapes, grew out of other shapes, ‪Homeomorphisized ‬from other shapes like racked tiny to big colored fractals, coming slowly lighted alive before us.
 A loud knocking sound was suddenly heard
, Zockidy Zock Zock, banging on a hidden time door.
 We couldn't help our selfs, but watch with open eyes long strong, less we miss a look at all that was happening so fast, miracles of the bad, bad kind gone wrong done by this demon child, who despite all, she appears she has won, Miss Lovekilljoy Deaf!

She takes a look out the windows, in her minds eye, Nicky, the guy she lied too.  They, the demon audience inside her, are all watching him down in the cold waters. Poor Mr. Nick sticky, in the quarters waters in pain stained with blood. The man, as he realizes suddenly death is at hand, he struggles in the cold water this way and that, and she, up above laughs proudly at her orb, as she us tell in her own words what happens next : I watched his head. I watched his little head down there.  As it goes under the water for a moment, just a moment or two, you can see Nicky, his face grimacing in pain. Gasping for air there. From his lips burst forth, when he yells from that underwater place, up comes thousands of bubbles surfacing, popping one by one, and you can hear his voice pops out of them.
"Its got, its got me! Ow, OW owwwwww Help," his voice comes out distorted in the bubbles, It sounds something like this : " helppppguru ba bu got me me got, gulp,glup guppy gun ble ow. its got me, Help pep , its got me, hep it pit me help me."
I  watched and I listened to him, It was so very funny to me. I watched the macabre scene from above, as his body sunk down, once, then popped back up to the surface, it returns to the surface covered from head to to toe in piranhas fishes biting his flesh off the bones, and clinging on to him everywhere, they covered his arms, his hands, and his whole body, with the tiny ones, thousands of them, and their big parents too, enough food fall all. She smiled watching intently, as the life and death struggle romanced down below.   
       Have you every seen a piranha? Seen them, Up close and personal?  The waters of the Buddhi is full of them. Nicky, he unfortunately didn't know, and I sure in heck wasn't going to tip him off! You see, they come at you to eat you alive. They have a round solidly built body, like a bull dog. With a big chin jaw, that juts far out from the rest of its scaly evil face, and body. The rest of his face is pitched and is laid back, inclined at a 45º degree angle, like that of a sharp knife, so when he wants to eat you, he just drops his jaw down wide, as he sinks his sharp white angled shaped teeth in you like a piece of birthday cake,
and rips out a chunk!

He quickly swallows it,and gets down quickly to repeat the process obsessed, staring out at you with light pale toned reddish eyeballs with diamond shaped black pupils.

He's watching you very carefully. He's not afraid of you. If you dare move, he attacks. If you don't, he attacks. If you get a heart attack, he attacks!
They are from inception cute little evil things, in the pocket of nature, used to Terminate and Ex-specie-ate. From the time they are born, as soon as they hatch forth leaving their microscopic sized little eggs, they come pre-prepared with huge big electric blade saw like white teeth, ready to eat your meat. These demon fish, these marvelously evil piranhas?

What are they by birth hard wired instinctively to know is, in the laboratory of life a heart beats in a dish, it's your duty to stop and kill it, yes, but its not necessary to kill it, you can eat it alive, just swallow it whole. The legends of the piranha, are so bold told, The Castles of Buddhi, is that why they are here, to protect this place from outsiders, poor Nicky, Nicky, he was clueless otherwise no way in hell, would he have jumped in the water!

Can these hungry fellows live a thousand years? No, but I wish they could!
Don't emulate mutilate,  they abhor being underfed, dead, they fail not to chow down in town, on one poor dinner entrails ready called, Nicky Sticky, holding up a red bible in his hand incident, "instant skeleton," be he holding his graves key!

Miss Love,  Miss love, Oh Miss love, being not from the heavens above, homeomorphs, from one dimension, to another, then coughs out about the blue amorphous smoke with its powerful clout, and sways the winds of sin, and oh, all manor of this known turns trained informed into the unknown, clone an then morphs back re-combobulationally, inside the chaos times structures that opens the pathways, to reconstitute back to the other hiddens worlds reality, back, back, revert she goes, as it was, back as it should be, we, thee  she, it, be, back, back and as the world swirls, around and around, zooming to the point, the precise point in time, the event threshold, back in to the time in time, the ships and she both returns to normal, the chopper returns to normal, scene is the same as it was before, she released it from her minds control and grabs the controls of the chopper, and peeks down at poor Nicky, whats left of him that is!
She has flexed the powers of ‪Homeomorphism‬ and returns and passes back from the gates of hell back to this worlds reality, leaving her other worldly peers behind, as they all, all spirits, zoom back into the blue smoke of her cigarette from whence they came! She puts it out!

Just in time to finish watching the man she once kissed in bliss, now to die a horrible un-speakable bloody death! She laughs, ha, ha,ha!

[ 8-19 ]               Snack Time

Miss Love,  Miss love, she knew where her lovely evil little piranhas friends dwelled, a place located on the outskirts of hell, this place in the fracto locality of spaces called,

             " The Castles of The Buddhi!"

She tilts her head now slowly at first warming her self up, then increase the speed, tilts around and around a thousand time wildly, smiling wildly, then in a moment, stops on a dime. Just to show you this woman is powerful as well as cognizant, acute and brilliantly brazenly uncivil.
She, pulls out her cam and calmly turns it on, raises it to her eyes, holds the camera steady, smiles, like a happy tourist, checking something she'd like to show friends,
As she takes a picture, does a short clip, you know, the video proof thing, she focused down on the man, the man being eaten. That  deed done, puts the video camera back in the corner of her bag, placed it on the floor next to the door, lets it dangle from the door handle.  Proceeds with the precision of a red timed cloaked clock attack, blinks and rolls her eyes  back in to her head, so you only see the whites of her eyes looking at you.
Then she, with first a tiny smirk on her face, then a full smile beaming with glee, realizes how things are working out, according to plan, she evilly presses a button, and  drops a torpedo device, set to floating mode and allows it to float close to the man below, it sinks down and floats in place under the layers of murky blood red stained waters around the poor fellow.
She sets it, programming it electronically to go off soon, the bomb set is programmed immerse and will float at just ten feet from under the surface of the water, just to make sure, that if the fish don't eat his bones the bomb will destroy not just him, but everything, in a half a mile of these Castle halls. She loves explosions, especially big, big beautiful tumultuous ones ! She can't wait to see them! She scratches her chin, bats her eyelids, then, smiles blinking her beautiful eyes, which she rotate one of the pupils to be looking to the front, while with the other eyeball,she rolls to the other one peeking and blinking to the right and around in circles. She looks in the mirror, giggles, fixes her hair, pushing some hairpins in on the side to hold her bangs up!

She reaches and places his brief case near the door, and snaps open the latch button on top,and opens it and puts a live hand grenade in it and casually shuts it back grabs it by  the handle and tosses it out  the door like she is putting out the trash! A few moments later
, BOOMMMMM. She reaches into her bag, again for some white sani-wipes napkins, and dutifully, wipes down the maroon leather seats covers, of the the seat where Nicky use to sit. She uses her favorite cleanser, putting a tiny amount in the napkin lovingly. She loves to use Clorox, she thinks it cleanses so, so very nicely.
And leans over to the window for a second, checks to see if theres anything left of him, out side the window, yep, he still there, parts at least, but the fish are doing their job meticulously, and she thinks and grins, wow, I don't have to pay them, so cool!

They hungrily set about devouring in a mad state of frenzy. Nicky, poor fellow, sadly, pathetically keeps trying to look up at the bottom of the big helicopter flying a few feet just over head in the water. He is helpless, almost dead. Till a weary brazen fish jumps up ands eats out a slice of his right eyelid, rips it off, then turns down, dives back into the depths of the sea, turned the color red with his blood. He's floating upward bobbing like buoy, marking the spot of his grave, he will get no funeral, no grave side prayers, no accolades, no eulogy, for him there was no democracy!

In the water, now still holding in his hand the bible, why, cause Miss Love, put a special livid chemical adhesive on its surface so when he touched it, it would be bonded irreversibly to his hand no matter what. She wanted it that way, because you see, inside the good little red book of the Bible was hidden, secretly, in its interior compartment holding another nasty little bomb, She intended to detonate it in a few minutes to make sure, absolutely sure, nothing is left.
She is smiling, looks down at him, as another fish jumps up and eats out his right eyelid, then another takes off his left ear, she smiles gleeful and giggling, enjoying the pure evility of it all, with pleasure supreme! She bobs and weaves, to the music playing loud in her ship,  evidently, having a good time!
The cheerful cool beats playing in the background is
suddenly, drowned out by incoming, dark doom sounding, conceited music of death, seeping in from some hells, place hidden from the living.
Oh lady, bad lady, licking her red lips again and again, anxiously enjoying the un-civility of her action, with pure obsessive being (somewhat, no totally obsessive ) compulsion disorder deliberately, knowing full well she was gumptionizedzoic manifestedly created to decommissioned all within her parameters near to her, by her with the brutality of the ultimate finality. She is happy smiling , grooving to the sounds and cool musical beats, bobs her head up and down to the music and turns her head around a few times, smilingly! Using magic or kinetic powers or both she orders her lipstick to come out of her bags and decorate her cheeks with large round circles as if she was trying to look like a kid doll. The lipstick tube, by it self,  quickly rises up, slowly and the tube pushes out the red soft creamy stick, and it flies slowly, as if some invisible fingers were holding it, and applying the red colored, round balloon shaped marks upon her cheeks, making her indeed, to appear to look like a doll!
A demon girl-doll, all dolled up! Then, when done it descends back down into her bag.
She looks down at poor Nicky, smiles , laughs, and closes the door, turns up the volume of the music, as she does, she is smiling and laughing, enjoying herself as only a evil demon would, and she is dancing to the hot rhythms in her seat as the music plays loudly.

It drowns out the poor mans frenetical screaming below.

Its time now, The Murder of Scientist kiss with death, it begins as it started :

The voice of her ex boy friend scientist screams out from beneath through the bubbles in the water rising to the surface. Help me! The nature of his cry defies reason, Its is enough to make one die out of season, bone chilling screams yells without reason, no, not true, reasons of many plenty be horror for you see, what you could not see, a diabolic plan see the water of the Buddhi is there for one reason. Not to let anyone steal the parts of the holy interior walls of glass in the Castles of the Buddhi, so it , shall be written famine be cast of them, then so shall it be, sea dam full of the killer Piranha fish it will be, fresh eater hungry feasting on his body, leaving not a bone, nor its delicious bone marrow, feast, feasting on his body biddy. Miss love hate, hate love, as she smiles staring down with pleasure, at the unnatural brutality in dark mothers natures reality. Quite nicely, she ponders, wonders, dreams awake in an dangerous trance kind of state, incredibly way, this day, in the sun, one such as she, dominates another person who dying, if not dead, already.

She takes a red brush and begins to brush back her hair from her face, as she peeks out at to see the little fish enjoying their supper, a special cuisine , brought to them by the death queen, Miss Lovekilljoy, her self. The screams he makes shatters the calmness of the sky, and why? The calmness of the tunnels and why? They have just past through peace, now madness doesn't pass but roars through!
Have no mercy said the good book. He went into the water to save, the woman in the ship above smiles, sin slave. Dry high flying and unscathed. His cry splits the air, and  egregiously ricochets loudly off the high and mighty chambers walls of caves of glass.
HELP! HELP! Help me meeeeeeeeeeeee! Help, for the love of god nooooooooooooooo! HELP ME!

His loud eerie sound calls for help, ricocheted off the walls of glass, unheeded, from love who looks down, but won't set the ship down or do for him whats needed. Is she scared? Is she frightened? Is she a coward ? Then we look down at the water popping all over the place with Piranha fish jumping out, this way and that. Ripping, tearing at his skin, swallowing his flesh, eating away at the under side of his neck.

Now, in the realm of arts of the dark incumbent knowledgeable in these ways, praise was to through thought power to kinetically inclined, to manifest in the undivine so it she rose up her left hand, hand  shook it and day turned in night and, from her fingers danger streamed out, like a laser beams of jumbled lightening, brightening all around, she paused in the cabins air look deathy there, with a eerie stare that could kill you dead,
She swung her hand in the air control power there and
she pointed to a pair of fish, with the fingers of her hand, seeming to swoop them up out of the water, and control them magically, and suspended their control to her control, and she maneuvered them up, up in the air in a long calculated curve, that arched and set a diabolical trajectory towards the mans eyeballs down below.

Miss Lovekilljoy whispered to them, " You the little devil fishes go!"

Then, she pointed down directly down at the desperate man screaming for her to help him, and into things porous soul phase through powers unknown tossed the fish in to his face.

With two out stretched, with two long out stretched fingers stretching longer out of its sockets procket, issuing forth still longer growing fingers, and using some godforsaken power from where, who knows where, she made these two Piranha fishes out of thousands, that were surrounding the chopper, to rise up, up and out towering above in the air, there the two fishes rose up like birds of black death, and they rose slowly more higher, in the air and controlling them, she, he she he live long, despite it self, seen through it is wrong sides hides in it the unseen, in the background of the body of this queen, name Miss Hate Love, thus, then power bends, she beckoned onto them, order,
" zoom'th thee down and to fly faster at a speed greater than, the embroiderer of the shaft of the  weavers'rod, in to eyes of Nicky, sickley sod."

And magically, they came down, the Piranha went, smashing into their target, on her orders, couriers of Miss Lovekilljoy, girl in the flying in the EC135, that hovers steady, as rock above the dead there, not just air, but time. His fate zeal sealed nought, more he fort. But like sheep to be slain, slew again, and again, it happen like that, no, like you look adapt glad to see its' not me, and move on sing'th thee.

Eat he who dare look at me, do it nows. Miss Lovekilljoy said, with our option of debate so went his fate in the mighty Halls of glass in The Castles of Buddhi.
On listener ears a very eerie music of doom is heard playing in the minds of men as the classical beaus of the dark side slither .

Di do di doom dum, Dum dum dum di doommmmmmmmm from in'with in parchment hold young control, rest no minds, beware of the coming of the others, gas open now. This is it!
They obeyed the she devil, zoomed down and with jaws open and smashed into the mans two eyes attacking them, ripping them out and eating while he stood there in the water stunned and total disbelief. The mans head, looked like this :  one fish sticking out his right eyes socket, and another one sticking out of his left eye socket!
Two fish sticking out his head, dead!
They gauged into eye sockets wiggling all around in them as they dug into them. Into his head they bore, boring into the holes in his head, where his eyes used to be. No more eyes, they ate them. And hung inside of them, blood running down his face as he shook violently, and hell screamed, he did bloody murder, for help. Beware of the words written on the map that leads to the land of The Castles of Buddhi : it reads mortars from the palm parchments from before time beacon lit began, read what was written in the sands of Eaden, before the winds blew them away.  Reality fallacy components hath, tell this day way'in'ith sark'theatwinds usher'ith in the blackish'ith, eliots dif'ithblack zones grouth in'th throat of man, Not refreshing in, says this child of evility Miss Lovekilljoy, beware, beware, she is pretty on the outside, only!

Not, flesh rots and when your time has been pottered, no need to run, it's late for he who dates, says come meet your fate, ashes to ashes, ands sun to son. Oh, pray twill earless, worthless deadlock the bucketed in bad, from worse, is cursed. No run'tyh, run not ye, boosomality child of the wild, has come, bing rings the bells the door, slide slowly open open opening more! Run and scary, hairy, vile mary Jumbalaha, sin monic scary shady lady, rose up and time again, stood still as the horror of it all sank in, spilling in our reality voids without reason.
Out, out, out of his skull he add two fish sticking out of eyes-sockets, screaming he,
Help meeeee!

Water, water once so blue, true, turned, dire red, as they eat his head, the stains of blood, small gets larger as the waves too, turn red, dead mans blood, flood, turn the Buddhi sea red, that said. The Un-civility o this black hearted human, who enjoys cleaning things, super clean with Clorox Bleach Cleanser!
Anything else offends her! Doom, whom demon possess bitch from hell, light rises bite flashes white out of her yews like flashlights in the black of night, she rubs hers backside cheeks, raise her wet hair tossing it back upon her vested wets back. And to you, with glee, she so smiles, her famous smile, with one corner of her mouth turned up, and one corner turned down, and so she begins to gleefully sing, try smiling like her and sing along too, sings :

[ 20 ]

I love Clorox bleach, drink it every day,

The night holds fractals fright! Precariously perched in a lurch, someone is coming, some one bad!

CHAPTER 6 = REPLY# 110>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg49533/#msg49533

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Tribute to Master Jesse stories inspired to honor him and his contributions, SEE REPLY#17
see it here reply#17>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/15/


Insist we do a tribute to another prestigious mighty Master, Jessi  : The Programmer Magician

For instantaneous locations of Art and Film Reviews by All Masters featured go to see REPLY#12 in the  " huge lack of comments" section
The Scary Jesse Chronicles

We dedicate these Baby Jesse, stories in appreciation of and to honor this Fractal Artist named Jesse, a master developer of the Mandelbulb 3D application program, and also in honor of contributors, Daniel White and Paul Nylander’s Mandelbulb work.

The Scary Jesse Chronicles series motif, is an expression of the [ Erudition Gene ] construct. Or, what could be called more simply, " The DNA, algorithmic destiny, some people are born to do great things construct!" And functions on the premise, that the inheritor of the alfa [ Erudition Gene ] DNA genomes-lines, will contribute great things to society, since the beginning of society! And in these stories, we attempt to demonstrate examples of great things the Master Jesse, has done throughout history since the dawn of mankind.

We follow as baby Jesse, goes on these fascinating journeys and horrific adventures, as he gets lost in a mysterious fractal rabbit hole, that leads him, way back to the caveman times, his trials and confrontations with cannibals, and demons, black fractal magic, and spirits, both good and bad, and what its like to grow up, when he was just a little boy!  

                         THE SCARY JESSE CHRONICLES


Chapter 1 tribute to Master Jesse see it here = REPLY#17>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg38808/#msg38808
Chapter 2 Stories it here = REPLY#98>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg48373/#msg48373
Chapter 3 see it here = REPLY#102>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg48949/#msg48949
Chapter 4 see it here = REPLY#106>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg49239/#msg49239
Chapter 5 see it here = REPLY#109>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg49532/#msg49532
Chapter 6 see it here = REPLY#114>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg49938/#msg49938
Chapter 7 see it here = REPLY#115>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg50145/#msg50145
Chapter 8 see it here = REPLY#118>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg50741/#msg50741
Chapter 9 see it here = REPLY#119>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg50935/#msg50935

The Scary Jesse Chronicles

Chapter 4

He was somehow, was one of them, one of their kind, he was horrified, terrified, and extremely confused!

The fact that he was no longer himself, no longer made sense, he would live no longer unless the  wild jungle men said so! All, this made him want to cry, but he was too scared to cry, to cry now was to die, in this dangerous world, bring up the bottom of bereft death cry is all you have left, alone without a chance, without any! Any is not many!
This boy, this mere child, landed in the wild, he had been fractally transported, transported back to a time, a time, out of time, when the jungles covered the earth , not once, twice, but thrice like a thick green band, in just a couple places, no! All places, were under constant threat, by huge hungry beasts, each one, each one more beastly and horrifying than the next!

And, listen, you could hear them, the beasts roaring in the black jungles of doom. Sometimes their roars were faint, barely audible in the far-away distances, where your eyes could not see, then other times close, dangerously!

His first day, they, the wild ones, caught him. it was easy, when you live in modern times you use soap, soap has a distinct Oder, he washed with soap, he had that Oder on him in the jungle breezes, he had brushed his teeth, with toothpaste, and had that Oder on him in the jungles, he had baby talcum powder on him, in the the jungles breezes, and the breezes sent signals of his scents along the currents of the jungle air, picked up there by the tribe, who shortly arrived, and went homing in on him, as his smell stood out in the jungle shadowy wells. So, different was he, for in the jungles there was no Oders, like what he had, sad, but true, these things had not been invented yet! And you could smell them easily,
if wild man you be!
Yes, caught short, he, with no place to run, no place at all, only to fall down on his knees and plead for his life, they had him.

[ 2 ]

What, what he thought, as they took him, what were they saying to him, it took him awhile, but after a time of trying hard to understand them, it seemed they spoke a primitive form of english and he slowly understood what they were saying, they wondered why he smelled so bad?
Who child this? Who get here him? Who long him been here? Who him? Many questions his captors had, but he had more, but dare not ask!
His first day was so frightening, and he soon found, if he wanted to stay alive and not get beaten, he'd better in fact, do what his captors said, move quickly, and follow their footsteps, and dare not ver off the foot trails, left by them! Ironically, they put a vine rope, like a leash around his neck, but he was not barking like a dog, no, not in this new world, and that was a relief for him! Still for you to assume, he was safe, that would be a stretch, he didn't really know, what was going to happen to him, from one minute, to the next!

He was pushed to the floor of the jungle in their camp, and the tribe members gathered around to eye the tiny stranger, some pointed and some kicked him, he saw most adults at first, then as they left him, their children were allowed to get closer to see him, they were a tripping, laughing, and harassing taunting him, he soon learned to take it, and be quiet. He had no other options. He learned to sleep on the jungle floors.
It wasn't easy! When you lay your head down on the jungle floors, you are resting your head down on a bed of leaves that have fallen from the tree tops over your head. And you have your ear, to the ground and under the leaves, you, you can actually hear the crawling ants, with pointy feet making footsteps, sounding like something banging on glass, tic, tic, tic, tic, is the sound their tiny feet made, as they crawled on the dry leaves under his ears!
They would, walk and run and they would wonder this way and that, and wonder, meandering under him. He closed his eyes, but he was faking sleeping, but, how could anyone sleep in this situation? But, he made believe, hoping they would leave him alone in peace. It was a hard first day, for him! He wished he could call his mommy, but had no phone.  He was far away from home, far, far he had roamed, and he listened to the sounds of the tribes people made. He listen to their kids as they played, he listen to the animals in the jungles as they strayed, going about their business. And from time to time though, he thought, he needed to write a letter to someone, to relate all that was occurring to him, and it was in that moment, in that second, he vowed to somehow make a diary somehow, and write.

And the  Pussavfoos roaches, would form a nest in a flat leafed plant bark with a cardboard quality to it, and was dark green and when you scratched the surface, it appeared as white scratch lines, perfect for writing on, thought baby Jessi, so he followed the Pussavfoos cocka roaches to the home nest and ripped out a section of the wall of the nest and ran away with it, and washed it off in a stream and let it sit in the sun on a rock, and dry out, making it perfect for what he wanted. A page to write on. He could roll the leaf up, place in a little shoulder bag, a "askaty," or bag, he made of." safbazzo," which is the intestinal track of what thy called a," tenboet" creature, and when it dried out, it  makes a good carrying bag when you strap it over your shoulders with a long vine strap, save it, and carry it with him on his daily travels.

So thats what he did!
So in the "askaty," bag, the leaf papers, would be dry and be well preserved, so when ever he got back home, he could show his mommy so she could read them, knowing his handwriting was bad, and his spelling was awful, but that didn't matter!

He decided he wanted to keep chronicles of his life with Oliocoshimbas tribe, and added to it every day after eating!

He promised himself, he would write all about this scary journey, he would write :
The Scary Jessi Chronicles!

But for now there was no help, his problems were big, what if he takes his problems to the United Nations, but there was no United Nations, let alone anybody in his conner to help, alone he, alone the boy be. What makes him sure he could live here with them? Nothing, it was all based on his instinct.      
But many fears, yes, he was inundated, and shook, trembling, so it was the boy trembled physically, and one kid looked at him saw he was getting sick, and at first laughed, and beat him with a stick, but then she felt sorry for Baby Jessi and went away. The next day, baby was getting worse. He hadn't eaten the food, dried ants and mehoola bugs, they gave him to eat, so he did not like it, so he did not eat it.
His breathing was being affected by intensity of un-nerving uncertainty, and the depth of the trauma of this experience, and his mind filled with its, questions torture, and he repeated contemplate the question of why, oh, why, bad luck had befallen him.
Was he not a good little boy?
Was he not respectful to his mommy?
Was he not obedient?
Was he not old, did what he was told, is it because he hadn't lived long enough? And all that stuff?
If he was not, was that the reason his fate debates, fate saturated, with changing of places and times, sadistic taste of the strangings of time upon his minds in time?
Oh, such heavy questions for a little troubled child, he say yay or nay, questions he could not decipher, too young was he. He had offers from the other children to come and play, but traumatized, he declined and stayed by himself alone in the shadows, option-less. If he ran away, the beasts out there in the jungle, would gobble him up, what a rut?
He stayed alone four days getting to know these wildmen. The food these people, called food, he wouldn't touch with a nine foot ladder. They ate pieces of creatures, eyes and all, chunks of raw meat, raw ripped out of live creatures while it was still warm, seemed to be a delicacy to them, but a disgustation, in the eyes of Baby Jessi, who was finding all these acts insane. One kid, a girl about his age, was assigned to feed him, so he would not die, she comes around each afternoon, sometimes in the morning too, and throw it, raw meat, thrown down at his feet to eat. He was not accustomed to eating like a dog? And refused it to eat. Touched it not, let it rot!
Then the girl child, this, named, Vungagitvunga, went away that day, told the medicine man of the tribe, the weakening health of the foreigner who would not eat his dinner. And the Medicine man came to see the boy tied to tree, and sat on his knees and looked at him, and Baby Jessi really was frightened. The man about, 250 pounds was short compared with the other tribesmen. He had his body painted in a blue herb color from plants, and had a white horizontal mark above his eyebrows that ran from ear to ear. The official sign of a medicine man healer. No, Oh, this baby Jessi had no clue. Who? The mans chest was muscular and his nipples tiny, were painted with the sign of the "x ," and of this Baby Jessi had no clue too!  His hands were big and the veins bulged out on them. And had a manner about him, his presence you could feel, he liken the sensation of both the good and bad about him, and then the strange man, look down at the food that the boy refused to eat.  It was covered with flies and he grabbed and started eating it, to the shock of the onlookers, and especially Baby Jessi.  As a number of the men took a stance some twenty feet away, while the medicine man did what medicine men do.
And, so the others watched him, wondering why he would waste his time with a stranger of little, to no worth, who would not eat their food? But the medicineman was marked with a sense that others had not, and he came closer smiling at him, his eyes were funny, with a strange sparkle, they seemed to grow big small all at once. His pointy nose was large, and the sun sent sunshine bright down on him in the clearing suddenly. The man, on his wrist wore wrist bands with, all manner of slug shells in beautiful colors, and dangling around his neck were long necklaces of teeth. One line of the necklaces was belonging to a large sized sharp teeth, another looked like molars and were yellow. The man moved slowly, smiling into the eyes of Baby Jessi, not wanting to hurt or scare him more than he already was. The, medicine man had a natural bed side manner, and slowly, he reach out his arm and bent it and, and then, rubbed his right forearm on the boys left forearm gently rubbing it. He did this for a couple of minutes. Baby Jessi's heart was pounding in his chest scared red, no words were being exchanged. What was the mans intentions? But to the boys surprise, the sense of feeling and satisfaction he got from this touching of the skins brought confidence to baby Jessi, where before there was none!

It reminded him of how his cat back at home, would rub up against his leg, and the cat would seem to smile and hold up its long black tail and curl it. This to him, was calming soothing, and on doing so was imparting a good harmonic sensation of wordless transmittal of feelings, words could barely begin to express.

Both the cat and he became calmed by the interaction he remembered. It is commonly known as a study, that as the manner in which the young, of all mammals, when touched and snuggle up to their parent body, imparts an mystical calming affect on them. The introduction of rubbing and touching suggest that cutaneous stimulation, skinning touching, stroking-ly one animal to another, in itself is a self serving biological need, and its reciprocation promotes well being. Almost all animals enjoy stroking, and licking, at least as much as and dogs appear to have an insatiable appetite for it, when it comes to being stroked, just like cats. And now, and now the touch of medicine man, his skin to skin stroking gently, was having a miraculous affect on Baby Jessi. His eyes grew less full of fear, and he could not help but slowly, timidly smile. And, then, he did the unthinkable. He reached out with his little hand, and rubbed the back of the hand of the Medicine mans blue hand, and there in that instant, it was like the heaven and earth was one under the sun.

His fears left him!

Baby Jessi eyes, widened, and although he promised, he would never trust any old person again, he felt, he had met a spiritual cosmic friend, and all this, with out a word being spoken.

The medicine man, raised his left hand and several kids came running to his side bowing in deep respect, and he said in sign language to the girl, Vungagitvunga, to replenish a chunk of meat for the boy to eat. And went away with out looking back at Baby Jessi again. The girl went, told her father, to cut out a chunk of a recently slain goat, and she brought the chunk and handed it to Baby Jessi, this time in his hands, looking at him in his eyes for the first, time, for before, she would not let her eyes touch his stare, there. And Baby Jessi, took it and it was like magic, whether
he was accustomed to eat this way or not he dove in to it!

Gobbling down the meat like a hungry dog, ironically, thats how hungry this little boy be, Baby Jessi, yes he was fine now, downing it, no wasn't easy, though thick was no easy trick, he didn't have all his baby teeth switched to adult teeth in his mouth, but ate it anyway best he could, and by doing so survived to live, and upon his face, we see a slight smile on this boy child in the wild.

In the wild wilderness, where scarcity of resources is the norm, food and its acquisition comes with strings, one string baby jessi had, is that if they are providing sustenance to keep you alive, loyalty and tribe leader loyalty is a given a fact a child would be hard pressed to understand, but children often learning things by just being there, and baby jessi was absorbing jungle tribe customs and culture quickly. One dead he saw a big man being carried about on logs supported by several men off the floor of the jungle. This guy apparently had to be the king, cause he was not required to walk, but be carried. Baby Jessi, thought this was cool, and said, wow, when I grow up, I want someone to carry me to my car, and carry me from car to my jet-plane, and my private pilot to fly me too! Of course he was day dreaming just a little, but he had a point.
There were many children Baby Jessi could play with. Got some "Nethanderthal" in you, guess we all do? Anyway, one Nethanderthal child, he met was a little boy about two inches taller than him, who liked to toss fruit-balls and coconuts in the air simultaneously, and roll them on the ground. He especially liked throwing them into the water in the nearby stream. Baby Jessi tried shaking a tree to find if one would fall and he tried, and tried, but alast, nothing happen, So he asked the kid, who was named  Montageakka, how he was able to get the fruits out of the tree? And he said : by throwing rocks and hitting them making them fall! Well, little Baby Jessi, he tried too, and it worked, soon baby jessi had a bunch of fruits and would bite into them to quench his thirst. In the afternoon he met another kid a girl, just wild as can be she, bare bodied save for a raw hide dress, and she played jumping rope, but without the rope, and Baby Jessi, thought it was fun, so he join in, and then kids had a good time that afternoon in the Jungle tree shade.

He liked meeting new friends and doing their special way of greeting each another, which was to kick the bottom of the other persons foot.  Anyway he met lots of kids!  He met, Icumi, who was thin as a dime with natural white hair, instead black. White hair was found on the heads of old, old people, but here was icumi, with beautiful long locks of white, hair! His father was a, " Haswhomak," or tribal carpenter, that knew lots of things about making stuff, like canoes and rafts to place them in the streams to go up and down the streams. Another little boy, and he and Muntagekaka, both seemed around Baby Jessi's age, and hung around in the center of the encampment, all the time, and this was because, it was the safest place for the tiniest of the kids to play safely! Baby Jessi learned from them how to eat fruits and bananas, and raw fish that taste like sardines even though they were big and long, and blue! They called the fish, "Totos." what was a little hard for baby jessi was eating the raw meat. The kids would chase down a giant chicken and their parent would spear it and kill it, and make it fall and cut it and hand the meat to the kids to eat just like that. They'd chop off the chicken feet, and stick them in their hair to make them look funny, and then, use the feathers as toys rockets, by tying a pebble to it, and throwing way up high in the air and watch it twist around and around as it came down. WOW, it was so much fun,thought, Baby Jessi, he  never knew! When Baby Jessi, asked why don't they cook  the chicken, by the way they called chicken , "Yimhimy," the people looked at him like he was crazy, cause Yimhimies, taste good just like they are, nice and raw and warm by the warm blood and the Gods sunshine!
So, it was then it dawned on him, WOW! If they could only taste the difference between a cooked fried chicken, or "Yimhimy," or a  Yimhimy uncooked, the way they ate it, they would opt for the cooked one! Baby Jessi knew that southern fried Yimhimies are the best, problem was getting these cavemen to see the light!
The problem was when he asked them, do you have any matches, nobody had the slightest clue what this little boy was talking about, and soon everybody began to think that he was not just nuts but he was crazy!

Baby Jessi, had come from the future, and was having one hell'ova hard time adjusting to life in the past, but he thought what if he could make a match? But, he left the idea alone, for now, because, for one, he did know how, and besides that, there was so much more important issues on his plate, like learning stuff to survive now. And being that he was new to the jungles, there was so much for him to learn. He had to stay focused on learning different things, so many different things! He couldn't indulge in the luxury of daydreaming about how to create fire to cook with right now. First he needed to learn how to play, have fun, but beware minute by minute of the constant dangers of daily life, one has to face living in the jungle. There was the, pink and yellow, Ockumba, birds, that would swoop down and stick their beaks in your eyes and eat you. The snakes, and many more terrors both, big and small. Icumi likes to climb in the tall jungle trees, and Baby Jessi, learned he likes to climb up to, while the grown ups, were distracted, and see what he could see. The trees were easy to climb, because they had so many, many vines that were like little ladders! It's easy anybody, anybody can do it, as long as they weren't scared of heights. And baby jessi, was afraid of heights, cause he didn't know what could happen to him if he fell! Anyway once, when he was up there, he was scared and came right back down, but he remembers seeing a mountain on the right that wasn't to far away, and he wanted to go there to climb it, but the others kids said, when he mentioned it to them, that it was in the nomads land. Baby Jessi did understand what that meant, but took it on face value, that it mean it's a no no, good place to go, and forgot about it immediately.

Baby Jessi was slowly adapting to jungle life! Now one day, during a thunder storm, the rains made him shiver and he didn't like it. Cause it was hard for him to get accustomed to things you're not accustomed to!
At home, when it rained like this, so hard and long, he would ask his mommy, if he could walk under her umbrella, and it so much fun, he run around and around her  in and out of the rain and jump in all the rain puddles, calling them little," swimming pools," but here the people didn't know what an umbrella was. He learned that in the jungle the difference from outside and inside, was not really an option. Here in the great Mother Jungle, inside was outside! In the Jungle, the Jungle was your house inside of which, was your true home!  So in other words outside was the new inside for Baby Jessi!

He watched his friends in the rain. It was always amazing to him, the water from the rain would come down raining on them, wetting and it was like so what? Its natural, nobody, even the girls, of all people, took it in stride! Not like how they would react to rain, back in his world, back home. Women, there would go nuts, if their hair got wet and cry, " Help, I am having a bad hair day help!" Not in the Jungles, no way!  And true, truths : Is it not for man to think and ponder, Is it for man, to accept rain as being natural or a nuisance? Is it for man, to accept rain as being natural or hide from it under an umbrella? Is it for man, to accept rain as being natural or run from rain and thunder, and in the Jungle wonder?
So, many thoughts, so many, so many. The heavy rains came down, and its funny in the jungles, when it rained the leaves loved it! Their wide leaves served as big water holding containers, and the large leaves seemed to turn a deeper tone of green and get shiny, when they were wet! And as the big rain drops hit them, you can bet,  it sounded like a hand slapping a face, over and over non stop! The drops from on high falling a mile down from the blue sky, supply water to give life, so that all can reach it's rich energy fulfillment, be it day or night!
So the rains came down and rolled down the face of Baby Jessi, and it tickled him cold! But baby Jessi over time learned to pay it no mind. He was taught by, Icumi, his little friend, how not to sink in the mud in quicksand, and, how to stay on a certain type of thick dark greenish grass, called Muki, that bound it, with long roots intertwining with rocks, and that this kind of floor of grass was safe to walk on in the downpours of rain. He learned that when he got in trouble in the rain, to look at the locations of long dangling vines in the Jungle trees, as ropes to swing on to avoid one puddle to the next. Plus, he learned that many of the roots were sweet and were edible to eat! The world of Mother Nature, holds prizes of knowledge so much, it was overwhelming for little Baby Jessi to comprehend. It was like being in kindergarden in the jungle.
He saw many spectacular things in the Jungle : like the day two big black scaly beasts, that resembled Dinosaurs was fighting each other up a storm, and just ah ripping each other wide open with their big teeth to the end, where they both just toppled over and dropped dead. It was a scary day baby Jessi said!
He saw the vision, of big animals with sharp long horns running and impaling a stabbing, some animals with it killing them. He saw a monster like some kind of giant Lion, run and try to jump on top of one animal, but it ducked out of the way and the Lion got impaled and stuck on a long sharp branch in the eye killing it.
Yes, its kinder garden, but it is a super kindergarden of life and death, for the young ones who live in the Jungle.

Despite all this he had to face the truth!
He missed his mommy. He missed her great tasting down home cooking! He missed hot dogs, and big juicy hamburgers with barbecue sauce, ice-cream and cake and especially ice-cream and cake with cookies and candy. Oh boy, he really missed those! Despite all the exciting things the Jungle had to offer, despite everything, he was sad! But one thing was really missing, that was hot dogs, he just could not live without them, so he made a promise to figure out how to make fire so he could cook and have one. After all it can't be hard! Just because these people are clueless, doesn't mean he has to forget how easy it is get a hot dog, and how delicious it is to eat one!  He wished for a hot dogs and to have hot dinners, but these cavemen people were living in the stone age, and he wanted to show them what a hot meal was!

Was it his hunger, hunger for hot dogs. His hunger for hot-dogs and hamburgers on the grill, or was it pure circumstantial thunder luck, but what ever it was, he was in the past and the past won't last, if you have a programmer mind of the future in time, there. So what does a person who inherited the talent of a programmers mind do in the world, 2 million years ago? He takes that mind and bust out mediocredcy into magically of whizary! Thats what he does!
Such was the Baby Jessi's goal to unfold that way, he put his programmers mind to work, to work hard on the problem. He dreamed of making his dreams come to reality, thats what programmer magicians do, their genes hold the truth of magic true, and on earth there is nothing, they when they put their minds to it, they cannot do!

Now it was true, Baby Jessi was small, But his eyes big, sharp, and ambition tall, and could see deep, where others saw shallow, his mommy taught he, special child be, and now 2 million years ago, manifest he at five years old be! Ah, yes The Universe be strange. It can re-arrange, witness thee, the boy, yes true, dilated time true, wild tribe him adopted, called him The Wander Luster Traveler Without Mother.
Baby Jessi, because, they were nice to him, he wished to return the favor, and improve the lives being that he came from the future and knew how to make their lives better, by making their lives better he would achieve making his own life better, it was a win win situation for them both he thought.
These Neanderthals ate food uncooked cause fire did not exist, nor was it in their knowledge to bring it to be, that was their destiny, not his, it was a fallacy, but not for the baby magical programmer, Baby Jessi!
The little boy remembered youtube and films about how to rub wood together to make fire, so wood rub, to make fire seemed simple enough, so he set out his little programmer brain to rain down ideas, and wasn't easy, but over time, and months, he pursued his magical initiative programmers abilities to perfectionate his quest in making fire. And it took many months and many failures, many disappointments, but one day he rubbed the wood together in just the right magical way and he did it. He came with a lit smoking twig, and carried it on a stick into encampment, shock the wild people be, took him to their king to see, and shock his eyes too!  He lit the  a small porous twig and walked in the center of the the tribe to show the elders, who at first were at first, were  frightened by what he had, for only the Thunder Gods could make, " haghag," or hot fire as it was called by them. They knew that then Gods of the sky made thunder bolts, and to them the Gods of Magic of Thunder could make fire only, so to see it on a stick in the hands of a baby was very frightening to them! It was shocking to the elders of the tribe who were trembling in fear of him!  The little boy smiled and said, let me show you how to do it great King Hairscary, and he bent down to the ground and took his little fingers and gathered up some dry grass, and placed it under some big stones, and placed a skull-pot on top, and put some chunks of meat in, and onions and red and blue berries in it. And lit the fire under it, and it began to cook the meat, and after a while the meat smelled sweet, and its aroma filled the jungle air making everyone hungry, who had a nose, and the people rose and gathered around forming a big crowd around him, till all the eyes of the tribe were on him. WHO HIM? WHO HIM? Him, Baby Jessi, thats who him is!
And so, he took a twig and jabbed it into the meat, and took a bite, and it tasted nice, and he smiled, and turned to the kind King Hairscary, who never walks on the ground, and said, here you want to taste it, and the King Hairscary, who never walks on the ground, got down from the bed of timbers his slaves were holding for him, and walked on the ground, over to the little Baby Jessi, and took the meat and tasted it, and chewed it, and then smiled and said, "Wow! Huvk no bif gunga zasi mogojim ba samba! " Which meant, cool! And, so from that day Baby Jessi, was no longer an outcast child in the eyes of the tribe, but a member with honors! And they all wanted his software, in other worlds his technology and wanted to him to teach them!
So this was heavy for Baby Jessi, so in his cave, that night he decided to summand the Magical Forces of Mathematics and the Goddesses of Magical Winds of Time, an he waved his little arms around, around and around in front of the little yellow fire he had made in the center of his cave and said, me hear me numbers, numbers on the wall, numbers, numbers on the wall. Who shall be, when he grows up, the greatest programmer of them all? And slowly the winds blew out side the cave, then they blew stronger, and stronger and came inside the cave and said, you will be the greatest programer of all.  And he fell down to his knees, and held up his hands, as the winds flew around and around in the cave blowing his hair around with such fury, then in an instant it left and all was quiet and still as before. The boy fell asleep smiling knowing he has always a Guarding Angel, looking over him. But unknown to him, the blue Medicine man and his followers were spying on him, and reported the magic actions, they saw to the King Hairscary, saying the boy controls the winds, but they were quiet, and conjured thoughts and strategies between them, but first, they wanted the fire magic, but will the little boy teach?  
Well the night was long, morning came, and it was a new time! The Drums of the jungle were beating out messages like crazy, about the magical boy, Bunga, Bunga,  Bunga, boom, The drum beats told the story, telling the miracle of thunder sticks of fire, from the hands of a baby : Bunga, Bunga, Bunga, BOOM, All day and all night, and when morning came, there was a crowd standing outside of his cave, and they were staring quite frightened of him now!  He looked at them and they were here asking him, to teach them. And he smiled knowing what he knows, its concepts could change mankind's prehistoric destiny. Unknown to him the old world, owed so much to him, if not for him, the old world of the past, might have stayed in darkness forever and ever everlast!

The fractal forums, the possibilities are infinite!

© Intermind Weavers 2012 all rights reserved. Said text works are not for redistribution or utilization without express permission of author.

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The tweets of Madcow Sammy

Hi y'all, Madcow Sammy, here!
Madcow Lady Ga Ga, Just called me to tell me the news. We done heard the bird and the bird, is the mailman on Little Jerry's Cow farm, and in the mail we done got a letter, seems like the movie director guy, whats his name? Tauruss, Madcow Sammy, his name is Tauruss! Oh yea, thanks Madcow baby, yea, like I was  saying, the director, the movie director fellar, Master Tauruss 66 just up and got another Hollywood award or something. No, silly, what you on?  It's that brainy club thing, the Fractal Forums contest award for 2012 for his film, you remember the one you woke me up to see at 2 AM, in the morning! Oh, oh, that right, yes, what was the name of that again Honey? Follow me! Follow you why? Where we going? Don't get funny, with me Madcow Sammy! Funny, what ever do you mean honey queen, you say you want me to follow you, and all I am asking is where to, honey bunny? Now Madcow sammy, I swear I gone slap your butt with a truck, if you don't stop!
Well, just dropping you a tweet, from all the farm animals here on the farm, we like to offer you our most sincere congratulations, to Master Tauruss 66, its well deserved.
And a happy salute to all the contestants and competitors, y'all keep it up, you here! All the farm animals love you, and are rooting for you!

from : Madcow Sammy and Madcow Lady Ga Ga with love!

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thanks sammy for the kind words, appreciate it a lot. and i agree with you:
And a happy salute to all the contestants and competitors, y'all keep it up, you here! All the farm animals love you, and are rooting for you!

 drinking beer together

when life offers you a lemon, get yourself some salt and tequila!
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Tribute to Master Jesse stories inspired to honor him and his contributions, SEE REPLY#17
see it here reply#17>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/15/

Insist we do a tribute to another prestigious mighty Master, Jesse  : The Programmer Magician

The Scary Jesse Chronicles

We dedicate these Baby Jesse, stories in appreciation of and to honor this Fractal Artist named Jesse, a master developer of the Mandelbulb 3D application program, and also in honor of contributors, Daniel White and Paul Nylander’s Mandelbulb work.

The Scary Jesse Chronicles series motif, is an expression of the [ Erudition Gene ] construct. Or, what could be called more simply, " The DNA, algorithmic destiny, some people are born to do great things construct!" And functions on the premise, that the inheritor of the alfa [ Erudition Gene ] DNA genomes-lines, will contribute great things to society, since the beginning of society! And in these stories, we attempt to demonstrate examples of great things the Master Jesse, has done throughout history since the dawn of mankind.

We follow as baby Jesse, goes on these fascinating journeys and horrific adventures, as he gets lost in a mysterious fractal rabbit hole, that leads him, way back to the caveman times, his trials and confrontations with cannibals, and demons, black fractal magic, and spirits, both good and bad, and what its like to grow up, when he was just a little boy!  

                         THE SCARY JESSE CHRONICLES


Chapter 1 tribute to Master Jesse see it here = REPLY#17>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg38808/#msg38808
Chapter 2 Stories it here = REPLY#98>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg48373/#msg48373
Chapter 3 see it here = REPLY#102>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg48949/#msg48949
Chapter 4 see it here = REPLY#106>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg49239/#msg49239
Chapter 5 see it here = REPLY#109>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg49532/#msg49532
Chapter 6 see it here = REPLY#114>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg49938/#msg49938
Chapter 7 see it here = REPLY#115>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg50145/#msg50145
Chapter 8 see it here = REPLY#118>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg50741/#msg50741
Chapter 9 see it here = REPLY#119>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg50935/#msg50935

The Scary Jesse Chronicles

Chapter 5

The father of his friend Icumi, came forward and said, my daddy asks me to ask you if you would teach me, and I want you to teach me how to do it too Baby Jessi? Baby Jessi, will you show me how?
Sure, it's not easy though, but I'll give you and idea Icumi, just watch me, OK? OK, Baby Jessi I am watching! So Baby Jessi, invented fire, 2 million years ago, he showed the people his programming magic, and said, well he said , its not easy, but it looks easy, but it is hard, but the most important thing is to believe you can do it, if you believe you can do it you will do it
, here he said watch me!
So, Baby Jessi took out some dry wood from his big, "askaty," bag, and spread the dry wood strips out on a flat rock, saying to Icumi, whose his eyes widen curiously watching and following Baby Jessi's every move like cat hunting a mouse. It is important, commented Baby Jessi, very important, not to let your wood lay on the ground. Keep it up off the ground, because the rains wet the ground, and the ground holds water, and moisture is in it and your wood can absorb the water from the ground and it won't burn. So, you must keep your wood up off of it, and it should be, very dry, very very very dry, other wise it won't work! Water powers and Fire powers don't mix, said Baby Jessi! But dry powers and wood powers will mix and strike a fire just like this! So he gathered the wood and showed them to them.  Baby Jessi, showed them what he had done, was to take small tree branch and carved it with a sharp edge rock to make it look like small pole, as straight as can be!  You made a tube like this a spindle stick, that was round and smooth and dry with a small round tip to it. Then, he showed them, a flat thin block of flat wood block, with a hold in it the same size as the tip of the wooden tube or spindle stick! the exact same size. Then, he took the wooden tube and placed its tiny round tip into the same size hole, that he made in the block of wood that he had carved. Once it fit in snugly, he took it in his two palms of his hands, and place his foot down on the block of wood on the ground to hold the block still and steady, so it wouldn't move! Then, he began to rub his palms together with the tube between his two palms. He started rubbing back and forth, back and forth slowly, casually without and any pressure or haste. He said, you first start off slow, using the slow stokes rubbing your palms. The first thing you want to do is, simply to get your wood to warmed up, after it is warmed up nicely, then you can start to speed it up to get it hotter, and hotter till it spits ashes out on the bottom, and you take the black hot ashes and blow on it onto dry bush, and the bush will catch on fire.  So, thats what Baby jessi, was doing,  he was rubbing slowly like he said, rubbing his palms back and forth, back and forth, with the tube between his hands, and rubbing and rubbing, after a while, he started rubbing his palms faster and faster, and in a little while, low and behold! The tip of the stick began to smoke, and soon hot ashes, black steaming hot coal ashes formed at the tip of the stick, and he took a stick to scrap it up onto a thin piece of blue smooth shale rock and placed the hot ashes onto a very dry bush of leaves he had, and blew air on it hard, and be blew harder and just like he said, the bush burst into flames, and yellow fire light came out! And crowd went wild, applauding and yelling and screaming for joy, jumping up and down and then they started singing mother Jungle chants, " ho hompa ho hompa ho hommmpa hompa !" " ho hompa ho hompa ho hommmpa bompa !" " ho hompa ho hompa ho hommmpa hompa bumpa hop bumpa !"

The Jungle people were celebrating and singing up a storm, and they made such a ruckus that the breezes carried their songs and chants along into the winds of time, an the winds of time got whiff of the smoke and the joke was a baby had done it, made fire, and the baby was Baby Jessi! ,and so one wild wind, said to the other winds : wem nit iie ss o no? doihn erjkicki n vutaxim jul what do you know? I got to tell mati mati and so the winds blew in from the east, and blew in from the west, and to learn like the rest that a child from the future had come to past, and alast, thunder wonders in higher fires he sure did had made. And the jungles of the world would never be the same and people sang in the jungles of doom! They sang and sang :" ho hompa ho hompa ho hommmpa hompa !" " ho hompa ho hompa ho hommmpa bompa !" " ho hompa ho hompa ho hommmpa hompa bumpa hop bumpa !" They celebrated for two days and two nights and the king who never walked on the ground got down and offered his crown to the boy as a gift, and put Baby Jessi on his slaves thrown and let him ride on his floating chair so he would not have to walk on the ground, but Baby Jessi didn't care about pomp and glory he wanted to eat Hot Dogs! So thats what he ask the King for and after teaching some of workers how to make fire they made him some Hot-dogs and Baby Jessi was so happy! But now the blue medicine man became jealous of Baby Jessi magic and made a plan!

[ 2 ]

Plans made by man spears steering in the mind at first theories burst, but nature intervenes behind the scenes and turns them into sand. So, be it was the heart of green the blue man medicine man, he now had! He called to the winds, he called to brothers in sin and his magic piers appeared, and meeting them it was for inline the tune set to hum drums the minds mantra : There was the Good. Theres was not so Good.  And theres worse of the Good. He called to them spirits all, cause he felt the Wander Luster child, Baby Jessi, from somewhere else tall, was displacing him, making him look bad, in the eyes of the King Hailscary of wild wilderness, who was so impressed with their tribes, Baby guest, Baby Jessi, to make Haghag, for only until his arrival, The Thunder Gods could only make Haghag, but for a baby to make fire, for a baby to do it was so embarrassing for the blue medicine man. He felt so depressed about it, and he knew when the mind is distracted like this, and worrying it was no good. One cannot think straight, so he devised to surmount this disorder of the path anyway being interfered with, so he could once again restore his leadership prowess and respect in his leaders eyes!

Why did it have to be a baby, to discover Haghag? Why could it not be him the medicine Hunkamarhat?  Hunkamarhat, the blue one had painted his skin blue with Subolac violets juice, so that the gods would see he was pure, and he had done great deeds for the king, but all this was being overlooked by the Haghag the baby made. So, in his heart grew the disgruntlement ‪destabilizing role‬ that this unwanted truth surveillance of which was denied by him but could not be dismissed, because the invention was not a small feat but a huge achievement. Its just he wished he was the one to make fire and not the baby! And this unwanted truth twisted his good heart and turned it evil with hostility toward Baby Jessi. It fed into the collusion with a blackhearted power of the mindkind raw hides painted in green eviousness of jealousy, where the Yin and Yang Anti-kersaliens brothers of the dark fathoms, where the under god of teeth, the mighty hundred foot alligator, King Thuczkahboom realms is!  For samples were on the broader border of life, and other ones on the border of death. It was said : he who goes into the water and use the secret call to wake up the spirit of the great alligator, King Thuczkahboom risks not coming back! But, The blue Medicine man had made the alligator his pet and he and he was good friends and with that he took the power imparted by the zhabasiiiss weeds. A hallucinatory herb, from,"Fairomba," the silver potted garden in the Arise valley. He was able to suspend his breath and talk under water to the mighty beast spirit. And told him what to do! But as the other members of the medicine mans inner circle arrived, Bushnhaa, his friend, also a Medicine man of the dark medicines, reminded him, that although the big beast was his pet today, some times a pet turns on his master and bites him either physically or spiritually and brings his demise. Remember, said Bushnhaa, historical occurrences is no accurate predictor of future behaviors or occurrences and the beast has its own mind today tomorrow and who knows what it is thinking?
Ya ha,ha, laughed the medicine Hunkamarhat. And, so on a secret section of the Jungle, despite the warnings of the medicine man,  Bushnhaa, the meeting was held. First there was the Medicine man himself  Hunkamarhat, wise in the ways of the herbs, and its secret health benefits, cures and also very very wise in its lethalicality in potions of toxicity and ambient poisons, that some of which were so dangerous, the smell of the aroma alone could kill. He knew how to detoxify the Hemsim bug, one of the most poisonous insects that ever lived. It was large and blue like him, but had two big yellow circles on its big eight inch wings, that resemble eyes. And today, the medicine man, Hunkamarhat, had two dead ones, decorating his hair on top of his red head mask, which he wore today to celebrate the meeting of," The Minds of Doom Goers," as this group of eight members of Medicine men, called them selves.

Words would flow out fast when one inhales the aroma of the Zhabasiiiss weeds leaves out of grand Oder of the holy leaves, one would speak as if standing in another dimension and so this plant was sought after by the Medicine men, to impart wisdom and prompt predictions of things to come, so they hoped to influence coming times!

So it was, out of minds hidden, today they will speak of a day like a stereotypical type threat this baby wrought upon them. But, these men, were they assuming the boy to have more power than he actually had, and by the act of focusing so much of the attention on the child, was this act if and by itself alone, in a way that was making the threat of power from the boy, self fulfilling? Well, soon the practitioners of the ancient Jungle Voodoo medicine all had arrived, both male and female were ready to indulge in dark knowledge colloquies, they came to share thoughts on the subject about the Wander Luster child without a mother, Baby Jessi, who invented Haghag, and to speak their piece of mind about it and the future it would define and influence.
One after another, after another arrived and when all came, they took up the scared holy root Zhabasiiiss  and crushed it in a skull pot and sniffed it by rolling it up like small tubes of leaves and sniffing it like glue. The leaves were now all rolled and slowly the magic of the herb ascended and descended onto the power to see the beyond and speak its tongues of mysteries in the cave they were in. But was there a spirit, in the hiddenness of time, monitoring their conversation, or because they were worrying, by the act of worrying about that more, and more of rooms space takers of the mind of the brain that makes them begin to think, and sound less competent, before the powers that be hidden, no one can see only the medicine men can see and the invisible monitors too.

"Spirits have stereo types and gender disparities too, both ever so often  morph to form something in the order of a strange combination of lines of existence outside of mere human kinds contemplation, and today was that day.

The medicine man hunkamarhat, and his followers, took the dried out holy green yellow herbs they carried in a pouch, and rubbing their nostrils in it, sniffed it several times, letting its powerful aroma sink in to their minds, and what the chemical mind altering contents of the chemical mixtures in the leave does conjuredm up was to is raise the a natural path involving, first all the principles of natural medicine applied them using specific secret herbs of the Jungle of doom, to increase good feelings, which we know as mammalian hormone molecules that acts primarily as a nuero modulator in the brain and among other things it allows freely its ability to secrete oxytocin that increases the boundary of trust in others.  And, more importantly, supposedly it allows trust with those from beyond to talk with the living being! The aromas increase stimulation and highness feeling and behaviors the oxytocin levels in the hypothalamus regions of the brain expand to reactivate where there was nothing before visually, to now see Revelations about things to come to past. And one rises in sensitivity to the point where one can speak without speaking and be understood with body language alone! It was said a medicine man
with one finger could tell a story just with that finger movements alone.

Now, when all had sniffed the mind power plant, and were mentally well endowed in the holy spirit, and had they're sensing powers enhanced, they went out of the cave, now and made their way down a winding narrow trail over looking a steep cliff. At the bottom of which, they could see a beautiful lake that was both part lake and a stream.
They walked down to the lake of death, know as Zapesha. It was here in this fractal cave within caves there was this dark world mystical stream, in which the alligator King Thuczkahboom resided and came when called! Now, first they performed the ritual of continum sessions of humming and chantings to please the gods, and to gently and respectfully, let him know his friends have come to visit and wished to speak with him, and wished him no harm. The water was blue and beautiful and it was deep and cold and you could see its bottom clearly and it was really beautiful. It had a white sandy bottom down below and round looking black things here and there dotting its surface, that looked like turtles. It had rocklike shoals that were laced with light green stringy long leaf vines, and white knobby postmarked corals, and all manner of colorful gold fish the size of a horse were busy darting up down, this way and that in it's moving currants, and had bubbles rising up to its surface popping and making circles in the water that grew wider and wider, and an occasional little fish would jump out into the air.

But now that the humming of the chants of the medicine men had started, a sudden change took place! And this change took over and the water suddenly became clouded, and dark and darker, and black, and doomy! Soon strange scary awful loud bouncy sounds were heard coming from deep under the water way down below. As if something big and awful was coming! Now a friend of the medicine man, came out of the jungle bringing into the cave little Baby Jessi, to meet with the Medicine men, And the blue medicine man, said to Baby Jessi he wanted him to get in the water so he could catch a little lucky fishes that would bring him luck! So baby Jessi, ran trustingly and walked in the shallow part of the lake and the Medicine man told Baby Jessi to lay down in the water, relax on his back and try to float like wood and look up to the sky and just relax nice and easy. Let his body float, so Baby Jessi laid back and was floating in the water as best he could, watching the ceiling of the cave and how the high lights would bounce on the ceiling forming interesting fractal patterns, when suddenly all the water around him got suddenly sucked into a hugh mouth the size of a mountain! It happened so fast that Baby Jessi gasped shocked, and found himself alast inside the stomach of a big something! And was black inside, but the thing had its mouth open, so baby saw that it was like long black and red tunnel leading to the open mouth of the thing and outside was the water and if he get back to the water he could climb out and run!.
He wanted so badly to get out, and to get to freedom, for it was scary and awful in here! The boys foot was walking on something that felt wet and mushy like a tongue, a big, big long, fat wide tongue. He wanted freedom, he got up in its stomach and being scared ran. He ran and ran and ran throughout the stomach and was heading for where he could see light and the open mouth, where the teeth were! The teeth looked like giant black knives sticking down. There were hundreds on top and more teeth on the bottom! So he moved as fast as he could to get out before the mouth slammed shut!
But all of a sudden, as he was racing out, he heard a voice inside called and say hello! But he could hear wet slouchy footsteps running in the blackness of the stomach too. and he didn't know what exactly to do! Baby Jessi, heard the voice and it sounded like a young boys voice, and sounded like someone he knew! It sounded like him too. So he stopped running and slowed down and looked around to look and he didn't see any little boy, but he heard the foot steps and the foot steps were running faster and faster and he could not understand, but in his little mind, he could feel that the person running out was his shadow, or his other self, and it was leaving him behind while it, his shadow escaped, suddenly to his surprise, the big mouth slammed shut trapping him inside! Help, he cried out in the blackness : oh Mommy, Oh Mommy, Baby Jessi screamed, Oh Mommy Mommy I did it again. I trusted an old person,
Oh, Mommy how will I get out? And the baby cried and cried and he cried! And just when he thought things couldn't get any worse, it got worse! The stomach started to secrete juices to digest him so it could extract essential nutriments from him, and break him down chemically into a liquid! Oh no nooooo!

[ 3 ]

Well, it was looking kind of like this was the end of Baby Jessi,  right?  Being inside the stomach of an Giant beast, and his stomach eating you up, right? Any bodies hope would be dashed and permanently plummeted, but Baby Jessi, was still despite every thing spunky, he felt his hands around in the dark as the digestive juices oozed out of the walls of the stomach, and he wiped them from his hand, now as you know digestive juice in regular animals are strong, but in giant beast that rips into huge beasts, and eat them. Their digestive juices are particularly super strong! So, what Baby Jessi, who was blessed with a small but nevertheless a cranium phrenological chock with exceptional abilities, what he did was to try something new, and think outside of the box!
And you know you, he can't be counted out even in this deplorable spot, and even baby Jessi would admit, the spot he was in,  would make a beating heart stop, would make anyone to start thinking of buckling under and giving up, and throwing in the towel, right? After all, these are dire, dismal and unprecedented situations, right? But, Baby Jessi, he knew the Medicine men had something to do with this, cause he was the one who told him to get in the water in the first place, and he didn't warn him of the dangers of the water, and he didn't try to help him or at least call out to him once to watch out! He and the rest didn't even lift a finger to help him!
So he must have planned this so that Baby Jessi would die and be eaten up! He didn't know why? He never did any thing bad to the Medicine man. He never was disrespectful! Why would he send for me, get someone to bring me all the way out here in the this fractal cave, asked Baby Jessi, and put me in jeopardy?
So, what else could he do but use his programmers noodle, and think, and think hard and fast! He went in to his little programmers mind and first assessed the layout complexity, and did a thorough methodical analyzation of the situation, surmized his resources and recourses and improvised!

In to his mind, he tried hard to get the spirit of the beast to hear his call, and tell him he was innocent as can be, and he was tricked into coming inside him, and called to the beast thing to stop flooding his stomach with toxic juices that would eat Baby Jessi face off, But that mental psychological suggestive communications idea wasn't working!

So, next, he had to act quickly, by looking around for a tool, a sharp tool. He found searching around in the dark a sharp bone! And he began grabbing the sharp bone of an dead animal,  who was dissolved by the juices and was still in the process of being digested even more cause these juices can eat bones too!
So he grabbed the sharp bone and chopped open a hole in the stomach of the beast thing, and sliced into the soft belly of the beast, and dug a hole in the wall of the stomach big enough so he could crawl through it! And he crawled into an adjacent wing, big artery vein, and sliced a doorway in it, and slipped inside the big giant vein, and he began to hold his breath real tight, and swim in the artery till he arrived at a curious section of the artery that, when he opened his eyes he could see a slight color variation in the different color on the walls of the interior of the vein, meaning that where it was a dark red that was normal, but where there was a light reddish orange toned color to the wall of the vein, that meant it was neared to the outside! And that was a good thing!

So, he was in it, and it looked like it had light in side it, possibly day light, meaning outside light was coming in!

So, Baby Jessi, figured the vein must be leading back to the mouth of the thing, and if he chopped a hole in it, he could get back into the mouth, and if the mouth stayed opening enough, he could make running jump and dive out into the water and swim back to the shore and escape! Seemed like a good plan, right?
So, the boy, took the sharp bone and sliced a hole in the thin walled vein membrane, and squeezed through but, he was right the light that was coming was day light, but it wasn't coming into the mouth of the big awful beast thing, but its nostrils! To be more specific his nose! He had unknowing descended down through the beasts's equivalent of the Ethrmoid sinuses track, leading to the nose!
Now, heres where things started to get interesting, now if you ever had dealings with being inside a nose, being inside a nose can be slightly challenging!

A nose, in the context of epidermis structurality has chambers of the nasal septum and the inferior turbinate, and a myriad  of vexing nasal modalities, besides one of which is, there is thick secretions, in the nasal polyp and masses of gelatinous tissue which these sinuses are usually empty except for a thin layer of mucus. But this beast had thick layers that where very, very hard for Baby Jessi to navigate!
The inside of the nose has multiple section in red and off orange ridges called turbinates. Normally these structures help humidify and filter air. The nose is divided in the center by a thin wall, called the septum, but this beast had five walls and one wall was blue and the bone was right there hard as can be, so Baby jessi would cling to it trying his darnest to get out to the front, so he look out!
Most of the sinuses drain into the nose through a small channel or drainage pathway called the middle meatus, and luckily for Baby Jessi thats where he crawled out through to get into the big awful nose! Now this experience was to say the least taxing! It was discomforting and making the cheeks of Baby Jessi very red and itchy! His forehead was hurting and around is eyes too! And he felt the onset of a headache! Beside all this, the nose had snot in it!
And, well this beast thing had lots of that! And around the walls of the wet warm nostrils, there was a waxy material and millions of nose hairs to keep things from going into his nose, so this posed a problem, and more! To get to go through the tunnel of the nose hole, he had to first struggle to climb through all these thick black nose hairs, that looked and resembled awful barb wire! You can just imagine how he felt inside alone in a strange nose!
What if the beast thing sneezed? Or it blowed its nose? Yes, so many question for a little boy to ponder! It was hell on earth to get pass them, but once he did that, when he was approaching the outer ring of the nose where the beast would breath through, it was there, that there was another unforeseen obstacle? Just on the outside of the nose, there was families of tiny insects and giant flies too, the size of motorcycles, flying and buzzing around! So Baby Jessi took the sharp bone tool, and had to start fighting them, using it like knife and killing them, and he remembered his Mommy saying ,
"Thous shall not kill," but this was something a boys got to do!

[ 4 ]

Flies were coming at him going, Buzzzz Buzz! And they would go buzz, buzz and they were flying all around his head! Then one came at him, that was actually the size of small truck, and tried to pick him up, "Help," Baby Jessi yelled!  So, he was fighting a furious battle killing off the flies inside the nose, trying to get to front of the nose so he could jump out into the water down below. So it wasn't easy because he had fresh warm snot on him and that only attracted the insects more! Also he was fighting for his life, he was swinging the bone and jabbing them and sticking it into them left and right!  "Take this, here you want some of me, that this," he scream ! Well, finally, he got to the edge of the nose, it was like looking out through a round window onto the world. Baby Jessi smiled for now he would be able gulp down a breath of clean fresh air into his lungs. Thing were starting to look up! All he had to do was run and dive out! But first, he examined the big nose holes of the thing, and he peeked out the big nose hole with buggers on top of his head, and he could look out and down there on the shore of the lake was the Medicine men chanting and dancing around way down near the lake waters edge! And thats when Baby Jessi got an idea to see if he could turn the tables on them and scare them. He started to change the sound of his voice, so they wouldn't recognize it and he called out to them," you are all bad, men bad men bad men!" Well, when the Medicine men heard that, they didn't know what to think? They could not see baby Jessi in the beast nose, and beside that he was covered in icky stuff pooh stuff! Was the beast talking to them, telling them they were bad or what?

The fractal forums, the possibilities are infinite!

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Continuation tribute to the Master Buddhi
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Stories inspired by his work ; entitled " Mandelbox In The Water  " rendered and created by Master Buddhi in the year 2011 on Earth!

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Fractal Extreme Nightmare Horror Stories

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Comments" section.




[ 8-20 ]

I love Clorox bleach, drink it every day,
I love Clorox bleach, drink it every day,
I love Clorox bleach it cleans and cleanses, every, every, everything away, every, every, everything away, everything away.
I love Clorox bleach, drink it every day, it purifies, circumcises dirt and makes it go away.
I love Clorox bleach, drink it every may, pour in a glass as you wipe your ass, it will make go away!
I love Clorox bleach, just think it what it can do, first you're here , than you're not, I love it a lot.  
I love Clorox bleach it cleans and polishes cleanses all of my Mercedes benz'es, all of my Mercedes-Benz'es.
I love Clorox bleach, drink it every day,
I love Clorox bleach, drink it every day,
I love Clorox bleach it cleans and cleanses, every, every, everything away, every, every, everything away, everything away. Tra, la,la,la!

Yes, the Earth is dirty, for what ever it's worth It's, full of it, and people, too! Big ones, and tiny ones living in a shoe! Most are dirty, Yes it's true. Got to bathe, day and night too! But, if you have to clean them, don't do as she do! Don't do as she do!
Oh, the Earth, full of dirt, thinks this girl today, her twisted mind, a master piece that likes to play!  She can't help her self. It is so much fun! To see humans on the run! No. Whisperers inside her head, long dead, tells her, "I must purify today, I must purify today, cleaning is my joy and motto, I got to buy a bottle, a big, big bottle of Clorox Bleach, she sings wide eyed and happily, the witch of death, a young pretty lady, name Shady, aka Miss LoveJoy.

Now every body sing out loud together! one, two , three,   .   .   .

You better watch out, you better not cry, you'll see a pretty girl washing out your eyes! Miss love Joy is coming,    .    .   . to town!
She knows, . . . where you sleep, she knows you don't like to brush your teeth, somebody close to you, told her you're a creep!
So for heaven sake, hold a lighted stick of dynamite, in your hand when you go to sleep!
Close the bathroom door, when you go, for heaven sake, so she don't take a peek!
Holy Mackerel, she's so Fractal. She bust you axle, and suck out your teeth!

She'll wash 'em clean one at a time,

Take them for walk on main street, to the basket ball court, and see if she can get them in! When you see a pretty girl, think again, but be careful what you think.
She doesn't like people who stink! She'll try to clean you!  And be extra careful, what you wish for, it just might not come true, the way you want it to. Remember Nicky, the guy with two fishes, sticking out of his eyes!
Now the hit woman killer, for that is her job, she will kill you for money, this chick thinks it's so funny. She kills for money, don't want to do anything else! To do anything  else, she thinks is ridiculously, says the deadeye, cold blooded lady. Her heart, if she has one, sure in hell, doesn't come from the sky above, dam if anybody alive can tell me, why they call her Miss Love!
Now her task for day done, it's time for some fun, she calmly now goes to steady the helicopter, she knows how to drive it very well indeed, that was a trick she pulled back there on poor old St. Nick! She intentionally tip the ship, tipped it over to make him loose his grip. After all fingers can slip! It was part of her master plan?Na! She loved the man!  Those who ordered the hit on this man, The corporatocracy, didn't want a scientist like him to be allowed to invent a cure for cancer, oh no, what cure? There isn't no cure and wont be for a very, very long time. Big Pharmaceutical Corporatocracy and big insurance say Miss Love, They don't like to sing," the I got a cure for cancer song," no, no, no, corporatocracy don't like me to sing that, and I can sing it good, hear me, that's that, but I got to sing that, AMY Winehouse song : cause that's what big pharma wants me to sing," I ain't going to rehab judge no, no  nooo." Let me sing it again, sings Miss Love . .  . As she pours a big glass of red wine, and remembers Miss Amy wine. Miss Love is almost ready to head back to civilization, she sits back relaxes as she sings :
" They tried to make me go to rehab but I said 'no, no, no'
Yes I've been black but when I come back you'll know, know, know!
I ain't got the time, and if my daddy thinks I'm fine, he wait till I cum!
He's tried to make me go to rehab but I won't go go go !" That's what the Big the Pharmaceutical Corporatocracy, wants me to sing, but that's the past. I got to get back doing my own thing, and get back and get paid, babe. She, reaches down and pickup her clip board, and scans down the list scratches out the done items, on her list od 2 do's, with a red felt pen, she likes red, it's her favorite color! It's the color of blood!
She checks her list of specs specified in the report, she's has (1 ) camera video proof of how and where he died,( 2 ) two time, sensitive bombs placed,( 3 )hungry cannibal fish ( 4 ) brief case gone. all checked √
Miss Love rocks back and forth, in the chair listening to her music, all the while, thinks to herself flatteringly : Boy this, this job, beautifully executed, if I do say so myself! It was flawless, cos I am lawless!  Miss Love Fatima! Girl,  I am truly a great professional killer! All that's left now is call my bosses, tell them the job is done, then go home and get paid. Miss love thinking every thing is over.

Now She makes sure the door and windows are closed tight, then turns, all this time, she has had two of her dear, little toy pets hidden in the bulk boards of the ship, so she goes about to let them out to play!
 And, she opens up the bird cage holding her white feathered pet carrier pigeon named, Little Caesar, and he hops on her finger and poses like show girl model!
She puckers up, and kisses him on his beak and breasts feeds him, She pets him and lets fly in the cockpit of the chopper, he's been hidden away for the whole length of the trip, and he's tripping! He's been bored and now, is happy to get out! She opens the dog case and lets out her pet Chihuahua Dog, noodles and lets him run around for little while too. She take deep breath every thing is going as planed, She feels she can relax, she remembers her boyfriends letter marked urgent!  

She's put the ship on autopilot and rips open the letter it reads :

Hi, baby sorry, bad news! The organization has betrayed you, they didn't fill the helicopter full of gasoline so you must not get in it, it will go down. You told them you could get rid of the guy by 6, it won't last you until then get it? 6 o'clock, so thats all the gas they put in it, It will run out of gas and you'll never make it back home! So, to hell with them! Don't do the job, instead meet me , you know where. We'll flee this goddam country for some where's its safe.
Don't try to call me the phones, emails, tweeter, computer Skype are tapped, nothing, destroy this letter too! They , probably one of your handlers contacts want you dead, mad serious! Come to me my love, quickly. Love you forever!
 Its very important, come quickly my love, don't hesitate . The clock is ticking. Signed, Mark Antonio.


While there reading, this, she falls back shocked, she looks at the clock.

Five minutes to 6! With which she looks at gas gage, it reads that it is empty.

She running of fumes, then pow, comes a strange sound as the ship

The ship has no more gas, gasps on its last fumes as the clock strikes 6 o'clock death hour for Miss love, but all power to her, she won't give up without a fight.

In moment like this , it feel like betrayal ands death has won, like its all over, might as crawl up into ball and cry, but the power of The Buddhi Castles, gives power where there is none, give strength to powerless,  and makes the strong stronger, and enables the love of evil life, not to succumb over destiny's fates o dark colored hates!

The mighty EC135, is just about six feet above the water hovering, but, it is mighty no more, and falls down like a baby that cannot walk, and suddenly it drops down, hits the water with no warning, the blades crack off loudly, slashes and crashes through the waters shattering them fast. With waters now blistering, surfaced, ruptured, its big long broken blades strewn around twisting this way and that, hit the flat water shaking it out like mat, spiting and splashing up big sprays over the water. The water flies in the air every where, as a lady screams. Help, help on no! Miss love , her yes wide, scans assessing everything while the chopper she in, suddenly  hits down, next, a big boom drops, crashes, in her head the fear of looming death, she screams, while in her mind, thinking the evility queen she is, she thinks , its just another game of crime, thinking they can do to me, what I do to them, and their debate to illuminate, but says she :  Oh no not, me, not The Shady Lady!
TIME : time to die.
The lights go out, she gets out of seat , feels her self, she still alive, unhurt.
TIME : time to die,no.
She looks around as the helicopter submerges, water squirts, squirts in the door, like powerful thin streams of water looking something ,kind of like the power washers use to hose down the street of a big city, those ribbons of water spraying in the through the cracks and seams of the door, pour in, filling every thing. Seems, seam seeps, is it time?
TIME : time to die, no?
The dog little tiny, Noodles is going crazy all over the place, running back and forth, and jumping up to the window, as he see the fish circling in the water outside. He doesn't know what this all means ? Bbarking, the bird too, julius Caesar, is going nuts flying wildly all over the cabin of big air ship. Miss Love, she bounces up grabs it, quickly puts the panicky bird in a black plastic bag, stuffs it up under her shirt, and ties a belt around it, so it won't get away. Sorry little Caesar, trust me, she exclaims to the pidgin, whispering to it softly, lovingly.
She spins around assessing her fate. No time left. This is it, either she drowns and gets eaten by the same piranhas, that ate Nicky, or put a bullet in her head to end this hateful day?
The plexiglass windows thankfully didn't crack. Its still holding the water back. The helicopter, it's floating with luck, not on fire yet? But, she looks out at the split scene in front of her.
Out through the plexiglass windshield of the ship, it  looks like a very, very bad movie, picture, a window, top half you see the sky, bottom half you're under water, the piranhas fish smiling! You can see half the water below and half the water above, so its half and half! In one half of the window she can see out at the water of the lake full with squealing piranha fish snaring at the ship, you are able to see half above the water, and half below under water, she sees straight on par with the water line edge up and under it, all leading to maximum death.

Their can be little doubt, this woman will meet her fate, the  same fate she mercilessly dished out to this poor trusting man, a good man, any preacher who prays will pray for his soul, but this woman, no, her no! And what she sees is madness gone diabolically wrong! The beasts, the little tiny and big beasts at least a thousand strong. Of these little sea dam full killer piranha fishy creatures smiling evil-ly, are looking at her, mouth hungry for her, and waiting to eat her body patiently, waiting to get into the helicopter, it , it un-fortunately won't take long, the helicopter ship is sinking, how long can it stay afoot she asks her self?
TIME : time to die, no?
What does this distressed maiden wish for but to escape but there is no escaping death?
The ship starts to sink, sinking ever so down slowly, slowly deeper, as she begins to
take on more deadly water from the Sea of The Buddhi Castles. She scream, oh no no this goddam place is, this chopper will be end. It's going to be her coffin.
TIME :  under water time is death time, no!

Then, "I iricckk ka b klunk," a strange, strange noise emanates loudly from the bowels of the ships machinery! Clunk, clunky  clunk! As suddenly on the windshield appears floating like its still alive, none other then the half eaten skeleton of Nicky! OMG, he looks bad! Screams out Miss Love, OMG!

His skeleton hand banging on the windshield of the ship ,Let me in, let me goddam you woman, let me in!  Banging with his fist, continually, he wants to get in,

TIME : What time is it? Revenge time, NO, NO, No, no, nonoooooooooooooooo.
She screams out.

Her eyes wide open, popping out of her head in disbelief, she imagines him talking in her head, I am not dead till you are sweetie! She screams NO, NO, no, nooooooooooooo.

TIME : Time to die, no!

The bag I got to get the bag, next got to calm, got to be calm, what is the buddhi rule, if I can get my thoughts to gather, and think back, what were they oh yes, yes, the rules of the Buddhi :
My rule, time coming not a worry, time now in hurry furry, history not a worry, only, The SHADY LADY lives to rule, rule in the present time in crime. OK.
The woman turns, runs to the back of the ship, unlatches a large compartment in the wall, it falls, opening up another secret compartment, holding a cool jet pack extra vehicular gadget : big shiny contraption propelled by jets of escaping gas, a perfect technology just right for a contingency like the like of which Miss love finds her self trapped in now!
           She grabs it, pulls it out, drags it to the front. Now the big chopper ship is laying on one side, this is a good lucky position, it allows her to push open the right door, she ties her belt around her waist, with her bag hanging down from it and slips herself into the large ladder like built gizmo, of the jet pack rocket engine, and attaches it to her back. Its plenty heavy for her, she struggles, but manages that. Now, prepared, she calls out to pet loves ones hidden in the ship. She calls  to noodles, but he pays her no mind, he busy swimming and barking at the piranhas as the water rushes in. Luckily the interior of the chopper cabin is still  the free of Piranha fish. The evil Piranha fish, they're just out side around the ships door periphery, snapping with hungry jaws baring the thousands of sharp white teeth at her, she looks at one of the sun of bitches, it jumps up at her and bites in to a lock of gold blond hair, cutting into it like spit, she dismisses it, no time.
TIME : time now, death time , no?
With the door open, she climbs out, and places her feet just so, trying to keep her balance and equilibrium just right so she doesn't fall over into the water of death.
In to me, come, inky tiny, tiny, washing hungrily, fishes says, the waters of the buddhi, vibrating alive, the creatures jive dive, alive and like bees thieves gleefully together, in a bee hive push, rush o the waters mothers of deaths babies rabies, surfaces frencied, hungry, their opening and closing, their gapping, laws jaws of death, reeking with bad breath in unison. Smacking their teeth together as if about to eat nacho cheeses, don'y we'e deserve a little bite all right?  
       They scatter, batter, and come again, they know her, well, they too, come from hell?
One little fishy, went looking at her eye socket, puffs out his cheeks, he by no means is meek, and sticks out his dead red blood tongue at her face in haste, as he smells her! She, the womens fragrance smells good! She belongs in the water with me, says the waters of the Buddhi!
The water, the water, full with piranhas begins to boil with them, as they, swim around her, around and around waiting for her, around and around, and around, ha, ha, ha, waiting for her, to tip over, so they can begin sin!
Clench their teeth, then opening jaws together, teeth so sharp they can cut through bone or stone. She looks at their teeth and for brief a instant, she believes they are, they are dancing and wiggling in their mouths!
Nasching teeth, snapping, niched at the bitch! Teeth clenching, wiggling them in and out of dreamlike composure, little teeth biting in destruction under hunger for flesh, demon or otherwise, biting, barking, their sharp pointy teeth that has never been washed except with the blood of Nicky, who watches smiling, floating along, at their sides wide. Teeth shine like lights in their mouths tonight, her very last night!
    They look at her, lusting to eat her bodies soft fine flesh, they make barking sounds with they're mouths, as they're opening and closing, snapping at her as they circle around the doomed sinking chopper and the woman from hell!
They sounds out  rhythms, choppy chop, chopishss chopisk choppisk cice cice chopiss, cice, cice, ice, chop, snap, chop, snap, snap!
She knows that if, if she, if she can maintain her balance, theres a little chance she'll live a few more minutes, and put off for a little while the oncoming disaster!
She straightens up and fixes the Jet pack on her back, straps it, tightens the rocket belt tightly!
Pulls them tight, she reaches the interface controls and it comes to life, as the buttons indicators light up, problem is, the dam things, needs to warm up a second or two!
        And any second now, it's warming up, got to wait a-minute for this things to start, she admits a split second now seems like time has stopped, it seems to take for hours in stead of seconds , she waits,
    She thinks to her self, they want me dead? Why dag-git, I didn't check the gas in my tank my self, foolish me, trusted, that guy, hope I don't pay for that mistake with my life. Dam, this back pack rocket engine thing, is taking for ever to warmup, she says to her self, in a hurry to get the hell out of there, but time has stopped. She remembers, when she asked him, the under-cover guard, in the golfing outfit at the airport, if the ship was ready, he said yes to me, meaning the gas tank, was filled up, but he lied, he was in on this, dammit Ok! She thought, I gotta get out of this. She franticly looks around, can't swim through an ocean full of piranhas, no, no way. Can't, do anything but die, time now, death time, no?
She's left standing there on the edge of the doorway, the doorway to hell, this her ship the beautiful  EC135, was fixed to kill her with not enough gas! No, not enough gas to last me, Oh hell, what a brilliant trick, they got me! But I am fighting back, all I need is for this stupid rocket to work.
But time has stood still, moves indeed slower giving her inter dimensional time, to think and ponder deeply. Her mind thoughts get suddenly interrupted as The chopper is shaking, and listing more to the left, making strange sounds over the whole area. The water is buzzing with the teethy fish, flipping up and over.  The baby ones, are more crazy than the big ones, they swim and jump out this way and that, with mouths open flying up at her face to eat her flesh. She bats one away, then another and another, they see its, its dinner time and they are not going away! A few jump out of the water, fly up and bite into her carry on bag, and hang there with their teeth impaling it. They hang on to it looking like some vile decorations from hell! Another, one a tiny one, with big evil eyes looks at her, smiles, and on jumps out heading for her head. She scream bloody murder, ducks down, as it grabs her by the hair and dangles on it like a death time decoration sensation, smelling the coming of her fleshy end. It waits, there waiting to take a bite.

TIME : Now death time, no?

She looks, sees the pharaohs piranhas looking back up at her, they're around the door opening and are snapping at her feet, one snaps and digs its teeth in the heel of her shoe. Her knee jerk reaction, was to lift her foot and stump it dead. The water rises up to the very edge of the door. Her tiny white dog Noodles swims around barking at the deadly big fish at the edge of the door frame where the water is! She calls to the cute little pet dog, Noodles, "Oh Noodles, come to me, now baby. Come to mommy," it does not listen to her, but keeps barking. One fish swims up to the edge of the doors edge, looks at it barking, it jumps up at it and swallows it whole, like a can of Cambells Chicken noodle soup, he is gone! Noodles is gone, oh no, yells out Miss Love, shocked!

TIME : Time death time no?

She screams, three more jump out flying up at her eyes, she bats them away, screams Help, No,NO, then the bones of Nicky floats up and raps his arm around the door of the doomed chopper.
He open up the bible in his right hand, reads as passage from the book of karma, and a strange voice is heard. The buddhi speaks trough him and says beware, One who takes pleasure in pursuing worldly aims and sense pleasures, we lose thinking and reason to think through issues of greed and death shall be your final seed. What thous seed sow so shall your life go.
TIME : What time is it? Death time no?
No, way. No way yells Miss Love. Miss Love presses the button again and again on the jets interface, till finally : Her, goddam machine turns on, and fires up raising her up in the air!
She holds on for dear life, banking and navigating upwards through the air up an away from the ship as it goes under!
She finally smiles, nervous, but alive, scared but strong, laughing as she flies up and away, she looks down below at the waters as she's up about two thousand feet ,now!!

TIME : Time now?

Time, not to die, she says, but time to finish business, no loose threads, she pressed the red button markedxoo1, on a tiny device on her arm and detonates the corpse of Mr. Nicky, and his red thick bible still stuck like glue in his hand.
BOOMMMM! Goes a loud explosion accompanied with awesome white yellow flash of light, as the shock waves reverberate, in out and out of the waters down below.
She presses another button marked xooo2t, detonating the Torpedo bomb down below, BOOOMMMM, boom boom, another loud tumultuous explosion, rocks the atmosphere and everything
blows where the chopper went down! She pulls out her cam and shoots with one hand, video proof time, again, let it rain, Amen.
Now she navigates the jet pack rocket belt to the top of The Buddhi Castles Mountain tops and lands.
She breathes in deep breaths of fresh air. Tries to relax a bit.  She thinks about who in the organization might have wanted her dead, and it comes to confront, head on, the realization, that it's got to be her handlers, but which one ? A handler, embeded inside," SWIFT."  How to break, the law, without braking it. But thats for the next chapter! But, first things first, she must survive, then, she will go revenge hunting. Right now, she can barely think straight, that genesis for now is hard, very, very hard to define and decipher. She promises her self : that If she lives, he will die, but for now, she must adapt, live with it and move on and be strong.  She, tries to calm her nerves, calm down. Then, it dawned on her again, and she thinks why not ? Why not take another look at the letter.
She takes out the letter, and reads it again, she read again the line, Don't try to call me, the phones, emails, tweeter, computer Skype are tapped. Destroy this letter too! And she pulls out from her bosom the bag, with the pigeon, little Caesar. And writes out a little message, and raps it around the leg of her bird with a rubber band, kisses it and pulls out a handkerchief  belonging to her lover, Antonio, and lets him, little Caesars smell it.
And, now she says, "listen little Caesar, go to him! Bring him, go back home, back to your nest, do it for mommy! Go my love. Bring him to me! Bring him back to mommy go."
And with that said, she throws the white messenger pigeon into the air.  It fly up free, up high in the winds in which, lies her future destiny!
She watches it as it disappears into the blue. And remembers what she wrote in the note : Dear sweet Antonio, thanks for your letter, you wrote, hope you got my message too. Here's where I am, at top The Buddhi Castles south eastern side, use these map code coordinates, take a helicopter and come for me, my love.
 I'll be here waiting, love.  
                                 I love you, Lovekilljoy!

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The night holds fractals fright! Precariously perched in a lurch, some one is coming, some one bad!

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[ 9 ]

We interrupt this tribute to bring you a special song :

We ordered this LYRIC construct with proactive  Eseinterstellarmusicality about Miss LoveKilljoy. To be sung onto or dubbed on top of said, music the Programmer Magician placed onto video clip, entitled    
[ " Mandelbox In The Water " ]   It is Miss Love singing in harmony to the story, hope you enjoy.

Music construction  Facilitated by Miami Night garth Johnson and Justin Johnson, onto of which we suggest + plus song lyric added accompaniment by arrangement by
Intermind Weavers. © 2012 all rights received


It is best to have a professional singer sing along with the movie in low voiced synchronized rhythmic set toned harmonies!
starts the movie and 4, 3, 2 ,1
SINGER : Starts singing as the music plays in the background, start singing very slowly [ the first line of the song is whispered ! ]

Year  I tried many a times to deal with the killer in me.
Men, men they did me wrong true.                                        Now I do them wrong to!
True.               I, I love em  AND    AND I leave um         They call me courtney blue,    I do I do what I got to
bad murderer,          thats me baby.                              bad murderer thats me.
I might be smiling but thats not what I am bout.
turn him out.
gone get rid of that mannnnn,                                       he ain't gone know what hit him brother, turn him out.
he don't know what I am really bout, he don't know hey hey.  you don't know what you don't know. turn him. turn him out.
don't no what I am bout.
turn him out,
turn him out,
turn him out turn him out yea yea say.
turn him out,
turn him out
boy I found out seems thats what I am really about.
True.                        I ,I love em  AND    AND I leave um
bad       murderer thats me baby.                                bad murderer thats me.
year  i tried ,      i trieddddddd                                    many a times to deal with the killer in me
I might be smiling but thats not what I am about.

I might be smiling but thats not what I am bout.
 turn him out ,I might be smiling but thats not what I am bout,
 turn him out
gone rid of that man, he ain't gone what hit him brother, turn him out.
he don't know what I am really bout, he don't know.
hey hey .                                                                 You don't know what you don't know. turn him turn him out.
don't no what I am bout.

gone get rid of that man,                                         He ain't gone know what hit him brother, turn him out.
he don't know what I am really bout, he don't know.
hey hey.                                                                  You don't know what you don't know. turn him turn him out
don't no what I am bout.
True.                        I love em  AND    AND I leave um.
I love em  AND    AND I leave um.
I love em  AND    AND I leave um.
I love em  AND    AND I leave um.
I do I do what I got to
I do I do what I got to

© Intermind Weavers 2012 all rights reserved. Said text works are not for redistribution or utilization without express permission of author.

What, The cinematic wonder movie director Master buddhi, aka Mr. Krzysztof Marczak, created, was more than what, any discerning competent movie guru could expect! The effort was an awesome fractal extravaganza, befitting the Fractal Forums Art of Award of Excellence, for the one of the best fractal films of the early Twenty-First Century!  The surprises, of which are many in the film, tip toe in at first, then begin to run full throttle to the heights , reaching the stature of making the movie you made to belong in the Academy of The Royal Fractal Forums Gallery of Architectology! Congratulations and thank you sincerely, from The Weavers!

Given to you the command to walk force inside the force in peace


Thanks again!

Assessment        :  Architectural Fractologist :
Recommendation :  O
Commendation    :  Space Techno Artistry pièce de résistance [ FRACTAL FORUM SPACE ART AWARD ]

Creator, !  Ecrof si ni ouy!

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[  Ergo fractal may come to reside within it self, in comfortable self similarities of it self, unchallenged by time and thus fractalized eternally into similar self infinities indefinitely.  ]

The Fractal Forum the possibilities are infinite

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              Continuation tribute to the Master Tauruss66
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Stories from THE FRACTAL FORUM CELEBRITY NEWS  inspired by his work ; entitled, " SLURP " rendered and created by Master Tauruss66 in the year 2011 on Earth!

Table of Contents
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The Tweets of Madcow Sammy



Chapter 13

[ 1 ]

It was early still in the morning, theres was about, a little more than a hundred twenty people in the camp, now. The kids were already up,  but lots of adult folks was still sleeping, some didn't sleep but cried all night, some were in shock, others were drowning their pain and lost in liquor and drugs, either way he came walking around where they were sleeping and waking them up, he was now with one thing on his mind, and that was laying down his new laws.

BR, knew what he had to do. The man. He knew. His words were going to make some people blue. And he might even have to kill a few!
He had to give these people, he saved, hope. Hope was something hard for him to give. neither he nor they could barely cope. Hope was hard, a hard thing to believe in!

But he had to give it!

He knows his head was bad, but today, he has to straighten up and think straight, make sense, other wise. Every body, including him is going to die! All these people he saved need to eat, and food in the boat gone be sour sweet, and about to run out!  He was born and raised in a democracy to be free, free to think, speak and pee! But since he's the one that knows how to survive, it can't be run like a democracy right now!

He's going to have to act like a king! And they not gone understand that!

He's always been, bad, But now. He's gone be bad, might even have to kill some people, to do good, long term!
He knows nobody gone understand him, but he's got to do what a man like him, got to do!
Big rex, walked close to the campers resting on the ground, and thought to himself : I have to tell them what to do, and when to do it. He's going to have to explain to them why he's going be a dictator!

Well, walking into the camp that day, BR checked out all the people that were laying on blankets on the ground, half awake, with a leery eye on him.

Then, he raised up his voice and spoke loud so everybody could hear him!

Listen up wake up! Pay attention! Like told y'all before, My name is Big Rex. or BR, I can't say good morning, to you, knowing in my heart, it's not a good morning for anybody! I am a tad cranky. Year that's true!  I seen better days! And so have you!

I know y'all, been crying, and didn't get no sleep last night! Ya, see, what I said is true!
The world done gone and exploded. Exploded in two! One Earth up above your head, and one where you're laying on the ground! Ain't, no more world! As we known it!

As you can tell by all the destruction, you can see, everywhere, all around, all the people are dead!

No. It can't be! Y'all say? But, you see it wit', your own eyes! Wo, wo. No!  But hell, this is it. This is our world today!

I been born, and raised in the streets, never had nothing, now I got less! And this world as it is,  gives me head ache, and a major bad attitude problem!

Now life as we all knows it. Is gone! Gone, gone! Gone be bad!
It's too much for ya. It hurts so bad.  And you and your baby say, why?
And things, been down, and it was too much for you, and, and that's why, oh year, you know what? I gotta talk, talk to you today.  

And I know if somebody ask ya, what's wrong with ya boy? You gonna say I lost everything. It hurts so bad. It's too much for me to say good by, to the world, I know! I, like you, I been, walking the back streets of my mind, and crying! Crying over it! Oh year, but folks please listen . I gotta tell ya, we can't, I say we can't say good bye, can't give up!

 Now what I going to say, you ain't gone like. So I know y'all just woke up, and all! But I am gone be responsible or all y'all. And gone keep saying that cause that's true!
I am gone tell you like it is. We got so much folks here. Kids and old folks, and all! Lotta mouths to feed!

We need laws. We need order! I am gone tell you what to do. And you gone do what I say! If you don't listen I gone put your ass back in the bottom of the boat! I can't deal with problems! I got so many already! Don't make any for me! I gotta enough! Just trust me and do what I say!
Oldsters, take forever, when we’re in a hurry. Do your part as best you can! Don't make me kill anybody!

Maybe later we'll have a democracy, but not now! This is not a democracy. So I tell ya what I want, he said.  
I ain't got enough of nothing, to give you.

Shelter, if it rains!  I got a cave near by that's big enough.

Food, I got scraps from the boat!

Clothes we rob suitcases out of the boat!

Schools? I am the schools, I'll teach ya, how to survive! But, if, if you get bad grades, this teacher will kill ya!

Doctors we're lucky, two of the passengers are Doctors!
We got one Obstetrician, that's good news for the ladies!
So we got two Doctors. They don't speak a lot of english. They speak Chinese, and our devices, translators watches, can translate for now, but the batteries are running low. I am saying that, just so you know!

So listen up, stop crying and listen up cause I am only going to say this once!
Y'all, not gone like what I gotta say today, but what I got to say. I got to say!

[ 2 ]



All you men! I need men to be warriors, he suddenly announced to the crowd!

I need you. I need you, BR, said again, loudly, prancing around with his hands behind his back, like lumbering bear on attack!
He was being very emotionally angry about something, so much so it looked like smoke was rising from the top of his cowboy hat! BR, was grimacing, his eyes alight, an angry, but what he was about to say to them, was going to be like a bombshell, hitting everybody like stunning, shockwave, right between the eyes!

I need fighters willing to die, defending us against  them. See, before I found you! Before I came down into the boat, I realized I was not the only one to survived in this god forsaken world! Oh no!
There others, others, who turned into cannibals, ragged disgraceful, defeated in spirit, disadvantaged in the mind,

men who were losers! I saw them, I saw them! And I hated them!
They were a tribe! Yes, others, there are others, who survived too! Who want to eat you! That, now roam the earth hunting to kill anybody they find to eat them!
We need warriors!

I saw them, you see before the upper earth, went up higher, it was closer. I don't where they came from. Upper or lower earth?
All I know, we got to be prepared! All I know, we got to be prepared, he yelled out this time, louder, this time he said in a guttorial way, emphasizing his point!

I need you to understand that the blue cannibals, i saw, might find my camp full of people, and attack. You wouldn't like that!

They have a strange Oder that I can smell. I saw them, I saw them. Some are running with spears, and are naked! Hunger is core reason for this contagion, to do this! It spreads! It's starts and we are all programmed to be afraid of certain primal fears, staving to death is one of our main fears! it can turn us from human, back to beast!
Fear is one of the most  potent contagion's, that is highly contagious! This fear of going hungry, is a self fulfilling prophesy. It's, here with us, he said pointing to his temple, his head, since the beginning of time,   .   .   . he said!

It's what drives men, sane men, teachers, and professors, poor and rich alike, to this abominable shame! I saw a disproportional amount of teenager boys and girls, running with them. Hungry!
They turned on each other, and they are a danger!
These ragged groups of men turned cannibals, who paint their bodies with blue oils that came out of the earth.  I am positive they don't know I am here. They didn't see me spying on them. They don't know I am here! But, if one of those devils, returns back, they might find out, out that I brought you up, out the boat! And there lots of people to eat here!
They'll come back!

That, they'll know we are here! If they know we are here,  and come. That's why I want an army , an army to fight. If they ever come this way again we will fight them. We will be ready!

 So!  I know you just got out of the boat and are weak, but I will feed you, make you strong!
Hear my words, Do you know, now why I want warriors! Do I get men who, who want to be warriors? Do I get men ready to fight? Do I get you to be with me in our hour, when we are most vulnerable?
Who amongst you, who will join me to build an army? Big Rex, asked turning his head and scanning the width and breath of the people before him!

If you willing to be a warrior, tell me, let me know now! Who? Raise your hands, he demanded, raising up his hands high in the air! And soon, others raised clenched fists. They raised their hands! Well, the hands went up. The crowd didn't hesitate. Even women, and girls wanted to fight!

Now listen! Year, I am different than you! I dress like one of them old time cowboys, I like it, that's just my style, doesn't mean I am wild.
Do not dismiss this, I know I yanked you from this, death, to survive, but now to hear that you might hunted, for your flesh, it's nut! But, I did not promise you paradise, did I? But, life and, life is what it is! This!
You can cry later,   .   .   . now, I need you to learn to be fighters, soldiers, to guard and protect the females here with us!  Without them, our specie dies. All you women, got to be pregnant soon! Yes you heard me, time is both a friend and our enemy! I have a friend her name is Sally! What I have learned, is the position you were born into!
 Is not the position where you gonna die! So If, mind you, I say, If, we all still alive, next year, we got new babies! Lots of babies next year! Lots of them! We gotta double our population quick! And if sex is the trick, we got the stick!
Before the world blew up, we had it good! Dam right said BR, in a low voice under his breath, as if he was talking to himself!

I think y'all all agree? We had cool places, like restaurants, saloons, pubs, coffee shops, that were chock-full of prime people-watching opportunities, but no more! Ladies and gents, what you see is what you get!

So, ladies don't wait for mister, Right. He ain't coming! He's most likely dead! Take what you can get! There're good men here! Our future depends on it! And we depend on you! So women, You want to talk to me? Talk to me!

[ 3 ]

Next! Workers!

I need workers. Not bench, warmers! Workers, is what I need. Yes indeed! Workers, willing to play an organized, central role, in trying to do farming, Yes sir! There's lots of tomato seeds, and other seeds, corn, potatoes, and vegetables we got out of the boat, so planting seeds every day, will make this camp a better place for everyone. So all you men, if you cannot become a warrior, and don't think you want to work, listen up! Don't be a jerk! No women for you, or worse, if you don't work, forget about it! You want a woman? You talk to me first, if I say so. Then it is so!  I'am going to be their protector!  You don't like what I am saying, you don't like my laws! You think it got flaws! Then go back, go back down, from out where I took ya! You heard me!  Get yer,  dam ass, back into the bottom of that boat. If that's what you prefer! I can arrange that, easy for ya! One, two, three!  See me!

You got a complaint? Tell me about it! If, your thinking of leaving the camp, the answer is no! Run-aways, will be hunted down and caught, and be en-slaved! You heard me! No rights! None!  Think about it! I swear, if you are not with me, you're against me!
Like I said before,   .   .   . I am gone be responsible for you. You gone be responsible to respect and help me anyway you can, by the same token, no way should you take me for granted or underestimate me!
I saved you, and I can un-save you!
Y'all life is gone get better, but it got to get worse first! This ain't no free lunch! We got to learn to be better than damage goods. It's gone be a marriage, between you and me to stay alive you see, trust me! My name is BIg  Rex, BR, and like I said, but unless I tell you otherwise, when you address me, call me boss! Boss, wit a capital B! If anybody got a problem with that, I'll kill' em!
This here is my camp.  You in it! I put ya in it! This is my Bumble Bugga land! Me? I like honey, I like Honey bees! I like bugs. And, I call my camp, Bumble Bee City. So, that's it! Now you know! Now you know where the hell you are!
Listen up, I welcome you! At the same time, I swear, if you cause me any problems. I'll put you back in the boat!
Now, open your ears! No, you are not gone sit around crying all day! Life is all you got. It's all you gonna have! Don't make me take it away from you! Listen to me! I want you to trust me. Listen to me!
I'll make you survive! You gonna look around, and get depressed. And think you can not live like this. You can't survive! I'll make you survive!

[ 4 ]

Big Rex spoke on a lot of topics, and then he said. Ah' year. Something I wanted to mention, in this meeting!

What I want you to know, is,  .  .  . I can get y'all  Virtual Reality stuff, like glasses, so you can remember how the old Earth was. No internet, needed just mind power stuff!   So talk to me if you're interested.
 I know some of y'all still got money in your wallets So, if you have lost as much as I have, but don't want to give in, and give up! Maybe, If you like to go VR, and see how things used to be. Maybe you'll do it, just bring back good time memories, or other people might need it, for Post traumatic stress disorders, therapy!  Any how, if interested. See me after the meeting!

So, it was, .  .   . Yet, for reasons outside of our comprehension, destinies intervention,
 It must have read, his mind, greedy, to exploit, the frailties of the bugs he dragged out of the bottom of the ship. BR, told the bugs he was the big Boss! And, he took out of boat something he kept secret about. But, now, he lays his secret cards on the table, at the meeting! He wants to let the people get access to see the Earth world, the cities, the stories, and places before the world was destroyed! BR, has VR, glasses that he will let them use, for cash, gold, and jewelry! But no credit cards!

BR, he found some VR, glasses aboard the ship in suitcases. And they were in good condition too! No internet needed, just your mind power!

You know the type!  You know the type, invented a long long time ago. The VR, glasses with recumbent AR,  that work powered by the minds signals.

BR, wanted the bugs to pay up, if they want to use his toys, that will be allowing folks to revisit the world, that they lost! How much is it worth it to you? To see it again, he asked himself  Seems like he's showing he's an entrepreneur! Albeit a crazy one!

For those few minutes of VR, memories, of happiness he wants you pay him.  How? With, money or what ever you got for sale? What is it about Big Rex? These people just came out of that boat! They are mentally distraught, beaten , exhausted, depressed, and bewildered, but yet, he shows no love or empathy for them. He says he does, but by his actions it's obvious, he's not  concerned!

He's got access to the hardware, cause he can go down searching in the boat, whenever he wants!

You can't go in the boat unless he says so! So, BR, lets teenagers working for him, go down searching for VR glasses and other bidirectionally mind powered,
optical cross-link technology, offline
glasses, along with any interfaces, that they can retrieve! This, he said they can do, as long as it's not ruined by water, or fire, he will give them prizes!

After all, these ship's passengers, they were very affluent people, and had lots gadgets, lots of devices, and VR, contact lens, and VR glasses, and one of the compelling features of the application it works on is your natural brainwave operating system. And it's like you're dreaming,  the action of dreaming, and imagining creates biological brain patterns movements, that can be tracked.
Yep, Even though you're are not really using your eyes, or ears, or arms or legs in real reality, only in Virtual reality!
 And, so, it's those, signals created, that can be harvested, retrieved as data and read, and tricking your mind into thinking you are someplace real, when you are not!  Y'all been using this stuff in games! So y'all know how it works!

It works easily, with today's technology, using interpretive, connectivity signals, it gets powered by, and from your brain, and turns the glasses on, and lets you passengers, see, and virtually visit popular scenes, cities, and famous tourists attractions, and iconic places, they are headed for, before they arrive.
Now, I ask you! Wouldn't you want to see the world as it was, before it got destroyed?
BR, turn smart salesmen? Is his behavior understandable? Or do you think he should bypass the opportunity to make money?

When he was a kid, he sold drugs, and a guy that used to buy from him, was a wealthy man, a rich investor, who was a scientist, that spent an afternoon chatting with him. And that was the first time, he got introduced to cognitive nuero science, in physics! The man got high, really high, and to see and to hear this old man, acting so funny, BR, secretly recorded what he was saying. He still has the audio, tape files on his phone files, some where!

Anyhow, the old man, was funny! And he was drinking too! And the old guy, was happily rapping to him about brain waves, and something he called event resolution imaging, and a lot of other technical stuff like : ways to put people under his control by using VR, glasses! He said,  he was studying semi classical quantum mechanics, how brain waves could be used to encode information, and he thought he could make codes, to control brain activity, and thoughts!
And the scientist talked and talked and making funny jokes as he kept rapping, about how to do all this stuff!
BR, he didn't understand anything, but he was impressed about VR, and what it meant! And what if you could control people?

So, when he came across by accident, some VR, glasses in the boat, it was a big deal. A winner in his mind. He thought, at some point, he would turn these VR, glasses into cash!
Begs the question, do you like,   .   .  . like you, and like you, dare be greedy too, if given the opportunity?

Now, what he didn't tell anybody, was because of the circumstances he finds himself in, he thought, it might be a good thing to go looking to see if he can locate those old tapes files! And listen to those old recordings now, to see if he could learn how to control these peoples minds, using those instructions, he has! But that's for a later time! He had let his mind drift, but now he's back paying attention, and stopped meandering around, and stood stiffly in front of the people and said loudly, like some type of army commander!


It's time to lock and load, survival classes are mandatory, after breakfast starting today.  Dinner is at 6 pm  I expect volunteers to cook and hand out the food, each day sign up
or don't expect to eat!

Judy and Saddie and Barni, and Beth Thomson, or Tee, had stayed on the hill hanging out BS'ing about everything under the sun and what's on their and other people minds, and basically didn't get back to the camp till late, It was something after one o'clock in the afternoon, when they got back toasted, and walking funny! It was at that time they were looking for a little hot coffee, and that's when they met up with this guy making some at the camp. The guys name was Baxter and he told them about the meeting he went to that morning, cause BR, said he wanted folks to attend survival classes, he was gone give after breakfast! So anyway Baxter went. And said it was kind of cool. The old guy, he called BR old, since he, Baxter, was a real young guy, just seventeen. Well he told them that BR, wanted the women to take on the responsibility to repopulate the world,

He said all reproductive girls and women of all ages, need to get pregnant in a month!

And that the guys needed to become fit, and do exercises to become strong, and ready to become soldiers to defend the camp, and enforce discipline. Sounds like he thinks we are a country or something? It was kind of neat, and all the stuff he said. He sounded like a preacher one minute, and a soldier the next. He was using a bunch of extension cords down linked to the boat, to the computer screen, he brought out of the ship. And with just battery power, he was able to show us some pictures, using recumbent networking gestural I/O with flawless G speak gesture recognition hardware. He's quite a cowboy, and I was listening to him, he appears to trying to hide the fact, that he knows a lot, and to me he was appearing to be humble. Fact is he seems crazy some times, but still he got a quite a head on his shoulders.
Baxter smiling and nodding his head, said he is looking forward to the next meeting. And that he thought, BR was a real hard core type man. That he knew a lot of the things about living outdoors, and he took them to a cave he knew about. He called it a cavern, and well, he took us all. All of us were able to fit in it, cause it was huge and deep with high ceilings. And guess what he said excitedly? Its got water, water in it, but, but it's boiling hot coming out of the earth! But BR, he said in time it would get cold and we could use it to bathe in it
. Judy listened to him. The young mans eyes were bright, and he spoke admiringly and enthusiastically about BR.  BR said, he'd a figure out a way to  make sure prizes are given to people who excelled as fighters and warriors. And said, the kid excitedly, later this month after we get all organized and stuff, he would make another expedition to try to get some bikes, Harley Davidson bikes the Captain told him were down there in the ship. And that would be so cool, and he said, if they are successful in finding them. And if they are successful in getting them out, cause they are heavy, and it would need a lot of guys to try to do it, you know get them up and out. Well, he said he would let the strongest man and the first woman to get pregnant ride them.

[ 5 ]

How cool is that, gives us something to look forward to, right, asked the kid, brite eyed, and enthusiastically?

Later that day, BR, was passing the time, obsessively, trying to get his screen up, he was having a hard time getting his eye scan password recognized, and was sitting on a rock just outside his tent, the sun was baring down on him and he turned around to get into shade, when he spotted someone approaching.

 Year, year I remember you boy, said BR, checking the kid walking towards him. He, took off his old cowboy hat, using it as a fan, looked down at his shadow on the ground, and said to it in faint whisper, wassup? Wassup with this bugga, I wonder wassup?

It was the same teen, who seemed mesmerized by the weird man's personality and self assured-ness. But, for the boy, he was the opposite, maybe on the outside he looked cheerful, or tried to, but on the inside, he was hiding his sorrow and his deep pain.

He stood there, and he looked so, so weak, the breeze that was blowing, looked like it was going to make him fall over, as he pondered to himself, what do I do now?

He was Theo Baxter, a mixed Mexican American, who was barely seventeen, long black hair, thin like a match, and had something he wanted to ask BR, but was ashamed to. He thought, to himself, it's a crazy question, I want to ask! But this is the man in charge so why not? What is the worse that can happen? He gets angry? He makes fun of me?  He laughs at me. I won't know unless I ask him? And  who knows, maybe he's lonely too? Maybe he can be somebody I can turn to. He's a little bit like my dad; If my dad was alive, he always knew what to do! I can't change this world, but maybe this crazy-man can, and maybe I can help him do it!

The boy was looking sad, and pitiful down at the ground, but now got the courage to raise his two eyes up. And he looked at BR, and very slowly, hesitantly let the words form in his lips, and spoke them out :  I know you have so much to do, sir. And I need to, I need to, I need to talk to you sir!
 Call me Boss, said BR, as he sat there curiously checking out the kid!

I lost my dad. I was wondering if you, if, well, er,  I was wondering if you could adopt me as your son? And I, well, do you think you could treat me as your son? I have no one, and I feel dead inside, like my heart is not there anymore! And you, your words this morning, are like sunshine to me!

BR, sat up straight backed and stoic, looking dumbfounded, like somebody just hit him!

What? What, said BR, shocked, shocked by the request, he knew his head was not the best, but this was off the wall, he had to stall, had to think!

As he suddenly looked up and did a double blink, stared at the boy, who had tears in his eyes now, and said : Boy, before I got y'all out, I rescued just two people, Jonathan, and the crazy captain, but now I got all these people it will be hard! See, people like somebody to lead them.

Sometimes they gone like me sometimes not! Problem is death come hunting me,  
And I am born to float, I got enemies I gotta smoke! Find good buggars, good buggars to be with me, is hard, see charlie! The bad bastards gotta groke!  And it's hard to be rock steady, back to back ready, if I had a little son like you! Hell. You know I am a killer right?

Yes, sir!
Yes, Boss, repeated BR, reminding him, again!
You still want me to be your daddy?
Yes, Boss!

There are men in this camp, I don't know who they are,  who would like this daddy of yours dead, take over so they can be Boss. Find them!
You mingle with them, be friends, keep your eyes spying on them for me, and on everybody, boy! Boy, if you come across folks thinking to get me, tell me!

And you give me time, to get to know you, and trust ya, and we'll see? In the mean time, if you got some problems you need direction with, talk, come see me. But don't tell anybody that you're my son, and keep secret, what I said to you! You think you can do that?
Yes Boss,
What's your name son?
Baxter, Alejandro, Theo Baxter! Then, without saying another word, BR, smiled blinking at him, then stretched out his fist, making it like those hand puppets! And made like a ventriloquist, and made his voice change, sounding funny, and come out the character on his fist, and told him ;  
Ultra shine, Ultra shine, there is no two of a kind! I am one of kind Baxter boy! Guns are my toys! I'll kill ya in a minute! Don't cross me! Ha, ha, ha,  .   .   .  Gone tell," Sally," bout you, now go, get some shut eye son, and I 'll see later!

[ 6 ]

So, after listening carefully to the young teenager, named Baxter, talk about the meetings, and BR's survival classes. Judy's take away was intellectually, it was about stuff she had learned way back in college :
Family construction, and reproduction issues, and nascent communal institutional initiatives, and incentive group manipulation. Wow! She thought to her self : it's all obvious to me, he laid-out a matrix, for all foundational concerns and considerations, which are the precursors, to re-establishing a new world order! And a new world order, all under this madman's control. And all this positive thinking coming from a wild eyed country bumpkin with a cowboy hat, boots, guns and personality disorders! Things just didn't add up, she thought. She regretted missing the meeting. But  remained conflicted more-so now, that he was publicly emphasizing what, in his opinion : It's a woman's duty to get pregnant. And being one, his words were especially poignant and insightful, and begged the question, were her assertions, that he is mad possibly somewhere in-between right and wrong, and she asked herself, if that is true, what the hell does that mean?  

What the hell? What the hell does that uneducated, ill informed, pin brained, naive madman, unconversant with proper protocols mean?
He said, that all reproductive girls and women of all ages, need to what? Need to get pregnant by the end of the month?
Who does this poor excuse for a man think he is? Sex? No! Non compliancy, is all he is going to get from me!

But, she acknowledged, before he came out and declared what he did, about what we females must comply with, it was all speculatory at best.  But, now despite all the good things he said, this obligatory pregnancy law, I am morally outraged!  It freaks me out!  
Confounding me?
Suddenly, she be came solemn, and melancholy, as her mind shifted to her family, and not just what would her future be like, but her past, her families deaths. She wished so desperately to see her brother, Charles, who was her brother but, not just a brother, but someone she could confide, and understood her. It was he, who she loved best out all her brothers and sisters. He was the one who always showered her with advice, she thought about her mother Sagas Saintclare, and her pop, teddy as she called him ; Theodore Saintclair. It was difficult to nearly impossible to fit in her mind, that they were gone. They were the corner stone, upon which her life revolved. She missed all them so very much and slowly she passed the time thinking about them, and how they met their end. Something she'll never know, but wanted to! She could not help thinking about it, and it evoked a keen sense of sadness and regret. She cried a lot about it.

But, that was nothing, nothing, in comparison to being forced to become a mother, not for love, but posterity! Preposterous! When I see him, I am going to slap his face! Madman!

[ 7 ]

Mean while in a different time and place BR was informed that the Captain had gone totally bizarro crazy again trying jump in the fire again!
The people were wandering around in the cavern looking at the boiling water, with their flashlights flaring all around exploring the cave, when a man came in, walk up to BR, and whispered something in his ear. Boss, you told me to keep eye on him. Year, well he's out of it! Shit, really? Yep! It's happen again. He done it again, I don't know what you want to do about that! You want to check him out, Boss? Ok, BR, replied frustrated, so, BR and the man left.  So, back at the camp the two men arrived and sure enough BR, saw it was the captain going crazy! Seems like your day of reckoning has arrived, said BR, to the old Captain, who looked like a looney toon! Jonathan, year Boss! You, you, you said he tried to kill himself, five times in the last hour? Year, Boss. Captain is that true? The captain wasn't looking at BR, or listening, and was ranting uncontrollably. And when BR, questioned him, he rapidly started shaking his head back and forth, and around, like he was trying to shake his head off his neck!
And said to BR : Why sopbonngut ban lacky me, goodu. me that me memory you thank you mom mommy, ye, you saved me?
And so hearing that set BR, off, getting in to the act of craziness too, which he knows how to play it, as if it is real!

 And BR, got down on the ground, drop to his knees, raised his hands up to the sky, and acted like he was talking to the sun up in the sky! And replied emotionally and with plenty of vigor in his voice. and began to yell :
Oh hear me my my son, Oh hear me! My son of a gun! HOWOOOOoooo. DID you not hear the word, thou shall upon body harm not? Did you, you harm your self my boy? Son of god, did you, my fellow brother? BR, asked him, almost with tears in his eyes! Did you try to jump in the fire again Captain?
"Me, yes I got to escape! I got to escape! I got to escape!  Ahhh ag cough escape!  I me I, mommy I rouf rouf!" The Captain started to howl like an old wolf Dog! Howell hooo rouf ohow oooooOOOO!
Did you try to jump in the fire again Captain? Answer me, for God is talking through the sky above and he wants to know boy, did You?
I got to escape! I got to escape!  Ahhh ag!
But, let no one criticize the good or bad I do, cause you not no what is true! And bare pain or carry my distain upon the land, and you did. Yes, you my son did you? Didn't you? Answer God Captain didn't you? Say yes lord!
No me me got stop me got to escape.
NO! Did I hear you say no! God thy lord no! Did you try to commit suicide by jumping in the fire?
Me I me want escape.
Did thou one you do something bad, Captain? Tell the truth, lord thy god, you said to him no? Did you insult Thy God by saying no to his commandments, was it not your command to obey his word? Was it not your command to follow his word, and what did'ith thous do? Tell ME? Tell ME, go ahead admit your sins?
Speak Captain speak!

Oh no, Me,  I just want it to stop, I talking in my head I can't, I cant make it stop got to escape! The people in my head!
Tell me did you break the lords commandments? Tell me, go ahead speak, Captain speak!
Me no know I got to get out!
Out, out did I hear you? God made the world and put you in it! If he didn't want you to be in it, he would put you out himself!  And how ungrateful you be, insult him you to him thee, you say you want to leave, OUT! You want to get out, how many good righteous souls want to get in and you want out, shame on you! Captain shame on you. May the lord, thy god forgive you not. For disgraced his body thous has done, child of the lord.  For verse 15 :" What then? Shall we sin because we are not not under the law, but under grace? God Forbid, for the hearers of the law are not just before God, but the doer's of the law, shall be justified." There, brother, there is no getting out! None!
Me got to get out.
Get out to out my heaven, get out escape out to my heaven, to my heaven mine no! No in to hell maybe, into hell maybe, but the lord says no to you for you are a sinner, and we don't like you anymore. I to you see you have been a eater meat, you drink, you disrespected my holidays nor moon nor god rest in peace tombs shall upon you shine, many have resurrected, many have dis affected many wrote the shortening of days and the shortening of hours and the, the of minutes cut in half like sliced bread, still only one crumb is left said the lord, but the time has come, prepare your self, Pray!

Me, me pray Mommy?

Thats right say onto me mommy, and repeat after me boy say:

Mommy I have been a bad boy!

Mommy I have been a bad boy,repeated the Captain.

Well guess what? Guess asked BR. You must go into grave. The time is at hand to die! And BR rose up, and jumped in the air and pulled out his gun from its holster and aimed at the man's head and came walking over to him, and then stopped, put his gun away back in his holster, and said to him whispering,
You tell me? Tell me? Why did you jump in the fire, is it that you love Satin, my lord, Gods enemy? BR, face changed and flashed full of anger and hate and jump at him and grabbed him by the neck and started to choke him you said, NO! You said no to no to the lord! Then he spat in his face and released his neck, got to his feet and kicked the Captain in the chest. He looked up to the heavens and raised up his both arms to heavens. And said something to the sun up in the sky, and walked around the captain who was now looking back at him totally shocked. Then BR, walked over to Jonathan who was also looking wide eyed and was shocked. And in a low voice, as natural and calm as can be, he said to Jonathan, you know Jonathan to your point, I think you're right he is nuts.
Ye, er um er um  yes, yes, Boss, said Jonathan, amazed and stutteringly. I know, See, Boss I told you, I told you he's nuts!   We can't control him, he's a goner! Ok, I don't got time for this shit, snapped BR. And I know there are no hospitals doctors or mental institutions for the boy, so I got to put him down! What? What, asks Jonathan shocked! You heard me, Jonathan.  The man is a dead man walking. Only thing to do is put him out of his misery. Well, I don't know I thought maybe since he thinks you're his mother, you might calm him down, Boss? No, put him down, thats whats needed here! Think about that, HMmnn, come to think of it, we gone need a cemetery, a cemetery is what this place needs to bury its future dead people. Remind me about it later Jonathan asked BR, off handedly. We gone take him after I shoot him, to big a chasm in a cliff, I found a while back. It's about twenty feet deep, and about mile from the camp. We can throw his body down there, or if thats to far, since we don't got no transportation, perhaps we could dig a hole and bury him close by, a ways from the camp. Either way his body is already in the ground! BR, lit a cigarette, inhaled and blew the smoke out, and said as he raised his gun and put it to the Captain head,  time to go bye-bye Captain! He put his finger on the trigger to pull it to kill him, when just then the Captain looked at him in his eyes while the gun was pointed at his forehead, and smiled and said,

nice Mommy! Nice Mommy nice Mommy! Thanks,

he said again and smiled and closed his eyes to receive the bullet, and it was then BR, realized thats why, the Captain was causing such a ruckus, so I would do what he wanted to do, and that was to help him kill himself, and he said sorry, you don't get it. Not to day big fellar! What, said Jonathan? He wanted me to kill him, Jonathan. But, looky looky a brand new cookie, Lucky for him I know a little trick, I learned back when I was in the special services! What, I don't get it, Boss? Few do, Jonathan, especially guys like you, dude! You're not suppose to! Now listen up.  Heres what I want you to do, and since the people are away, and the camp is empty this is the perfect time to pull this off! No witnesses to interfere. We got to do this quick, see that speaker box, over there, he said pointing, crack it open and take the magnetic speakers and bring it to me quick, I am gone get the defibrillator while you do that. But, why Boss, don't ask me nothing. Just do it, said BR! So, the two men went about getting these things and then came back to where the Captain was tied up to a pole and BR, said to the Captain laying on the ground, Mommy needs you be a nice boy, as he pulled out a rag and rapt it around the Captain head and duck-taped around it, so it wouldn't fall off then he got the Captain to stand up and and walked over to the metal hull of the boat and grabbed the rope and slammed the man's skull into it again and again at full force, bam, bam, bam! Then grabbed his neck and forced his head straight into the metal bashing his forehead up against it, POW! He slammed the man's forehead into the metal wall several times un-mercifully, bam bam bam, till the Captain fell backwards unconscious! OK, quick take the speakers and you placed one on that side of his temple and I'll put the other one the other side and we'll duck tape it up with the duck tape real nice! Ok, Boss but, Shit shut the hell up, Jonathan, I don't time for your questions. Just do it. Then BR, took the Defibrillator and gave the man several electrical shocks to the head!  He did it, again and again jolting it several times more and said to the Captain as the man woke up. Good morning, son! Hi, it's me. This is your mother talking to you son! Your mother, I want to welcome you home son, you gone be all right. I know your head is hurting now but the pain will stop.  Son I am your mother. And as your mother you must obey me and do every thing I say Other wise Mommy will get angry! Do every thing I say, cause I am your mommy? You, do every thing I say, cause I am your Mommy. Do every thing I say, cause I am your mommy?

Yes, yes, yes mommy!

Now, son, stay quiet a little while and drink this, he said giving him a drink of water, and telling him, this is hot mineral water from the center of the world!  It will make your mind feel peaceful and if you get into a fight, bullets won't hurt you, unless I say so, and you will be happy and I will take care of you! Do you understand Captain my son?

Yes, Mommy you will take care of me,

Yes son I will. You will make sure nobody tries to hurt mommy, if anybody tries to hurt mommy you kill them got it?

Yes, Mommy, I will kill them.

Good, now you just stay here quiet resting OK?


And the men got up and walked a few feet away from the captain who laid befuddled on the ground sleeping and Jonathan said, Boss whats happening? BR, didn't answer, but smiled. He raised his hands up and lit a cigarette and walked back to the camp and took out a bottle of Barcardi Rum, twisted off the cap, threw some on his hands to wipe off the Captains blood. And then opened a can of coke and mixed it in the bottle of rum and took a swig, and said, ahh, good, he said after tasting it.  You want ? He said holding out the bottle to Jonathan meaning if he wanted a taste? Jonathan, shook his head meaning no, but then confused, took it quickly and drank some. What did you do? Don't worry, he's back!  The Captain is back! He won't be back the same as he was before. But at least I didn't have to shoot the boy!

[ 8 ]

A little later, we see the Captain being placed on the ground, next to a chair, and in the chair is BR, who is wrapping a wire around the Captains head! After removing the Duck tape, and, now he's fixing in place, these two speakers, right atop the Captains head. One speaker, covering over one of his ears, and one speaker is covering the other!  Like they were headphones, and BR, strapped them on to him, tight, with wires, and tightened them up so they wouldn't come off. Then he gave a sign to the Captain, not to move and that he would be right back. BR went to his tent, and de-activated a secret string to a live grenade, he had as booby trap in case of a thief might get ideas, took a key and unlocked his shotgun from a big metal box, holding the rest of his gun collection, and chained it!  And then, the rest of his secreted purported contents back, and covered them over. He re-set his hand-grenade trip cord device, to blow up anybody stupid enough, who'd try to steal his stuff!

And, then he came back over, smiling like nice mother to his child, and gave the big shot gun to the Captain, saying kill anybody, who I tell you to. Yes, Mommy! Nodded the captain smiling. Good boy, you and me, gone get along just fine! Here, son, he said, pulling out a small bottle of rum and handing it to him, relax and bit, and have some? Why don't you come with me to the cave, that's where the folks are, come on Captain, you too Jonathan and the three men left.

[ 9 ]

Earlier, Baxter a teenager attaining the meeting commented, my parents taught me the value of minding my own business. And saving some of my allowance for a raining day and woking at a job as waiter in a restaurant help me, greatly in getting to know how the world worked, now when my parents have passed away in this catastrophe.  I feel lost, but when, when I am somehow listening to BR.  He makes me feel incredibly different, like we have chance, A chance! A chance at starting over! You know what I mean, he said, to his friend, a another little kid his age named, Bobby. Well, the boy shook his head, and pushed his hair out of face, and said Bobby, I don't think he's that cool, cool at all cause, he wants us to do what he saysI He wants to be Boss!  And he is my father! And he doesn't want anybody, anybody to have a say nothing. Who the hell he thinks he is anyway. BR, is the boss, plain and simple! Bobby, think about it! If it weren't for that old dude, we wouldn't be here now!  And Baxter went to make some some coffee, and sat down thinking about all he heard BR say, the more he thought about it, the more he felt optimistic about everybody's future. Later, he laid back and got some shut eye, and then heard a wind in the distance starting to blow, a faint odd sound, like a cat blowing in the wind sounding like " meowoooooduck,   meowoooooduck,  meowoooooooooooduck!"

[ 10 ]
Later, the afternoon came riding in ever so slowly, chipping away at the long empty hours in the day, and slowly the desperate parties in the group began finding their niches, and making their friends and little associations with each other, and slowly all of them everybody, was coming to the realization that they, and they alone are the ones left in the world. And slowly they started to feel the beginning of group identification as, survivors, albeit by the urgings of BR. The children of which, there were an assortment of boys and girls, varying in ages from : three years old to seventeen years old, who were eager, and their temperament rotated back and forth constantly, between feeling happy, sad, and inquisitive, and in disbelief that their parents weren't ever coming back! They were sad without them.  And they felt a great over bearing punishing lost in their hearts with out them, some kids were getting bogged down deep in depression.  So it was a happy surprise to them, when  BR, came out gather the kids over around him, to show them a game he called, fate! " kill the bad times." He brought out a big pot of kitchen knives and gave it the big kids and told them to trying throwing it at a tree! And that the tree was their bad times! And they should throw the knife at the tree, for punishment for bringing them sadness, and bad times on them. Well,BR started the thing off! And low and behold BR, he pulled out a big kitchen knife from the pot, and blindfolded himself, and threw a knife and stuck it into the tree to the amazement of the kids and adults alike!

 The kids, now took to the idea like glue, of course they were told not to use blind folds, but they, heard from BR , that it was a way, to get rid of your bad feeling and let out your sadness and frustration, and help them forget!

 And he told them it would make them feel better. Soon, practically all the kids, save for the babies had a kitchen knife in their hands throwing at the tree! He would allow three throws, then blow a whistle and the kids would run and retrieve the knives and do all over again. He put one kid named, Baxter and an adult woman name Koto, in charge so the kids had someone older guiding them and making sure they wind up killing each other, then he left. The day was long, long, lots of time on people hands, BR thought to himself he definitely would have to figure a way to change that, " Idle hands hath time to sin!"

Now later that day, BR sent The Captain to get him some hot water from the caves to make the coffee for everybody. He gave him some heavy rope and tied the empty water cooler jug with it around the handle, so he could drop it in the streaming boiling hot water, and pull it out, and cap it, and drag it to the camp, so they could start to make some hot coffee for every body as was custom. Well, the captain left around two pm in the afternoon and it should take him ten minutes to do it so he sent him to fetch it.

So, the guy was walking through the encampment, and on his way he went over to the mens section of the camp where BR
said the men had to be separated from the women. BR had told them, at first the arrangement, was going to be, that all the folks that in the beginning so everybody felt comfortable, that the folks on the left side is for men, and the right side of the camp is women and the middle is kids and the backside is for married couples and folks who wanted to live together as couples. It was simple solution and it was working. Later he order the woman be guarded by himself and then some others, to keep a eye of them, and security!
And so while the Captain was passing through, he met up with some of the men folk!

A Latino, guy by the name of Bennymoray and another one, a big black dude, named Dizzy and one more a man, named Garfield, and couple of others, who were drinking and playing cards and they started up a conversation with the old man, but  making fun of him, and sounding up on how he looks! They laughed at him, with those radio speakers taped to his head with duct tape! And why was he was wearing them, and why his face was all swollen up! And the captain was in no mood to talk about anything about what happen to him, when all of sudden Bennymoray wrestled the shot gun from him, and pushed him to the ground.

And  Bennymoray, laughed and said, well look it here y'all, guess what? Guess what we got? ha, ha, ha.
It seems, we got the gun now! Don't it boys, asked Bennymoray, a  shiny haired, Puerto rican dude with a thin black mustache, and a cigarette dangling from his lips! He smiled shaking his head up and down gesturing proudly with the big shotgun in his hands rubbing its shiny surface, as it glistened in the sunlight.

He walked over to the Captain laying now on his back looking up to him. It was hard for the Captain to see his face in the glare of the noondays bright sun, but he could hear him well enough, and what he was saying wasn't good. He said, times funny! There is a time and place, and a place and time to die!  The men were all concerned, this was happening fast, it this guy wanted to kill BR,  and with BR, out of the way, and dead, would that mean, chaos would take over?

Or was the idea of this camp, a lost cause from the outset!
Does a man with a gun and no vision, better than a man who is crazy, but crazy in a good way, with a gun and a vision? There wasn't anytime to think, and sure was no time to debate it! As the three guys rose up macho style and walked stepping aside to discuss privately, what they want to do now that they had BR shotgun! Was it a good thing? Time would tell! Listen Garyfield, said we got to do this right the first time! Cause this BR [ BLEEP ] plays stupid, but that's bullshit, he's getto slick man. You got knock him out first! Kill his ass, dig it? We go shoot him in the back, then break into tent get his other weapons and everything is cool, we home free, homey!

Solid, smiled Bennymoray, agreeing, and then Dizzy, the big black dude, came up with this plan, what about this?
 I  split now, you dudes, wait here, till he comes looking for Captain shithead, and you confront him here, by then, it would of given me a chance to get a weapon out of his tent! Bet? I know he got lots of shit in there, knives too! This way you cover him in the front when he comes, you bull shit him, waste some Bull shitting,  small talk, and I will attack him from behind, he's dead meat You know wha I'm saying bro? Bennymoray, nodding his head, in agreement, said smiling, sweet! Sweet and neat Dizzy! I like it Dizzy! If this shit works out, you gone be my main man, Homey! And we get some booty time tonight, Ha, ha, ha. Whether the girls like it or not, we got the guns!  ha, ha, ha!
Then an older grey hair Irish dude name Mikey, who had worked as engineer on the boat joined them saying, I don't like taking orders from no stupid ass Mexican crack pot, and that's all BR, is! And now that we got his [ BLEEPING ] shotgun, we should take over!
Hell year, said Bennymoray, who out of y'all is with me, cause this ain't no bullshit! I am serious as heart attack! I am down with with you baby, said Dizzy, who was a big muscular man as tall as the sky and weighing a ton too! Dizzy, who also was a musician punk rocker, covered head to toe in tattoos, and Garfield, who was a fat looking Eskimo Indian chain smoker from Alaska, with shifty black eyes like a flea at sea! Shit, lets take over this mother [ BLEEP ] said his buddy Mikey!  Count me in said, Mikey!

Time for fun. Ha, ha, ha ! Then suddenly, Now you don't want to do that. The boss said he'd get angry, said the captain getting to his feet, but then Mikey hit him in the head with the water cooler jug bottle, BAMM! Making him fall backwards! Ha, ha, ha! They all laughed. Well, perhaps if we shoot your boss, your stupid beautiful person boss will get real angry and drop dead, ha, ha, ha! If you hurt the boss I will have to kill you!

Ha, ha, ha, you crazy[ BLEEPING ] Captain hasn't anybody told you yet?  You are messed [ BLEEP ] up, dude! ha, ha, ha! The men broke out laughing together! I am gone tell the boss, year you go do that old man, ha, ha, ha! But stay here a minute, Check it out Dude, stay here, or  I 'll put a bullet hole in you the size of house!  Dizzy, said Bennymoray, you wait, time yourself perfectly. I am gone to send Garyfield, Mr. G, better yet, one of those kids?  He looked around and pointed to one, and yelled,  Hey you, punk, come over here, he said pointing to the youth named Baxter, who was watching, scared.

Come boy! Baxter came closer and looked up at this tall, tall big man, who told him angrily! Go tell the Boss, go find and tell BR, to come over here, that the captain has fallen ill, gotten sick, understand? Baxter, was frightened,  and obeyed and ran to find BR, to tell him!  And Dizzy, then said, listen, while BR's walking over here toward us. Me? I'll  go and take a knife, cut into his tent, and see if I can find another gun and then come up behind him, and we got him covered, front and back and Bam! It'll be easy street, sweet! Ha, ha, ha,  .   . But, wait Bennymoray, said.  Listen I want to be the one who kills him, not you, dude! I want it baby cause I took the gun from that dude, not you see! Year, I can dig it, OK? OK, lets do do Dizzy! Cool homey! ha, ha, ha!
So it was that second day, what every Leader, Prime Minister, King, Dictator or President or Ship Captain fears, BR had a rebellion brewing on his hands, as his rule was coming to a final close, as the men planned in advance his bloody demise!
 So, back at his camp tent, BR, was happily chewing on one of his special hamburgers, he made for himself from the freezer. He had just put some barbecue sauce on it, and was about to take another bite, when Baxter came, and said, they took your shotgun, from the captain, and wanted me to come tell you the captain had fallen down sick!

And you should come quickly! But Boss, I got to tell you, it's a trap, they got your gun! What? Year, so you better be ready! What, where? Over there, Baxter pointed to over there in the mens section near the cave! Shit, Ok, come on you take me to him boy, you show me!

BR followed the teenager, concerned, because this was the first time he had let his prized shotgun, he nicked name," tits" out of his site in a long, long time!
As he was walking he saw some body laying on the ground and there was  a couple of men sitting in the chairs soaking up the sun and drinking, every thing looked normal, only thing the Captain didn't have his tits. As he and the the boy walked closer to the Captain, a voice came from the side as a man was hiding with the shotgun under a large red blanket with bags and packages on top to make it look normal, but it wasn't.  It was a trap, just like Baxter warned him. The strange man sprang up from the ground, quickly tossing aside the blank ket, smiling, telling him,  don't move, don't even blink or I will shoot you ass mother [ BLEEPER ]
put you hands up high or die! Now! BR, raised his hands, and said dinner is at six, I expect volunteers, to help give out the food, or don't expect to eat my meat! You get your own!
Listen screwball! You ain't in no Goddam position to tell us shit no more! Turn around. BR, turned calmly around still chewing on his on one of his meat burgers! He loves his meat burgers! And looked down at the Captain and said, son why are you on the ground? Sorry Mommy, the men hit me and took your gun you gave me and pushed me away, and I fell down. and,  .   .   .  Wait, Wait, look at what's at stake? interrupted BR, angrily, did you say, what I think you said, you said they took my gun away, from you. Did you fight to get it back? No Mommy, cause they got it and they were pointing it at me. So, what? Did I not say, did I not say to you, that no harm shall come'ith to a child of the lord?  BR, smiled and shaked his head side to side, and asked gently and calmly. Did you ask them to give you my gun back? No, Mommy! Why? Well, Mommy they were making fun of me, and they had the gun! So what, I gave you water from the power of the lord, did I not? Yes Mommy! And I told no bullets would harm you unless I said so. Did I not? Yes Mommy! And you have been a bad boy son! Yes, Mommy! Now come with me! You are going get back up on your feet, and be very politely nice, and ask those sinners, to please give you my give gun back, Yes Mommy! So, BR and the Captain looked at the smiling man aiming the tits at them, and the Captain walks up to the man with the bosses shotgun, and says,
Could you please give me the gun? Please?

[ 11 ]

Ha, ha, ha, you are crazy Captain! Ha,ha,ha! Hasn't anybody told you that yet, ha, ha, ha! Or is that too deep an idea for you grasp? ha, ha, ha! The men broke out laughing together! I am gone tell my mommy! Year you go do that old man, ha, ha, ha! So while the men were making jokes and drinking and disrespecting you, said BR, did you ask them to give you my gun back? Yes, Mommy?

Ha ha, ha, sure! BR, your jerky Captain,  he asked for it but he ain't getting it. Ha, ha, ha,ha! What I am gone give him is a big bullet in the ass! Ha, ha, ha!
Suddenly far away in the distance, Boom, boom a loud sound of hand grenade rocks the air, signaling to BR, that someone has snuck into his booby trapped tent after his guns! Captain yells to BR, did you hear that Mommy? Mommy, Mommy, BR, interrupts the Captain, saying little dear son, my dear child, your mommy put a pistol, a small hand pistol in your right hand pocket, boy! I didn't tell before, but I am telling you now! Now, I want to ask that man with my gun, politely, once more, one more time, to give you back the shotgun gun and if says no or tries to shoot you. I want to kill him, take out the gun, and shoot him once in the head. Do you understand me my son? Yes, Mommy, So the Captain smiles at Bennymoray, and bows politely like a little child, and says, excuse me sir, may I have the gun please? Ha, ha, ha sure take this, and the man aimed the gun at the Captain and pulled the trigger, laughing but the gun went
" click,"
But it was empty. So the Captain reached into his pocket and pulled out the pistol and began shooting the man," Pow, bam, Pow bam, Pow Pow, bam, Pow Pow, Pow, bam! " God dam you! What is wrong with my poor child, yelled BR, running up to him yelling angrily at him, and as ran he picks up a frying pan laying on the table and begins hitting him up side the head with frying pan! Kung, bong! konk! Did, I say, Didn't I say didn't I say use one bullet? Why did you do that? You done emptied out the whole Goddam gun, I said shoot him in the head once. Dam bullets, we only got a limited supply boy! Bullets don't grow on trees, bullets don't grow on trees, do you hear me boy? "Bullets don't grow, on trees," interrupted the Captain looking very sad, and rubbing his head which hurting something awful! You done be using up my bullets like we got more! Oh sorry boss I can go dig them out of his head if you want? Oh dear, heavenly, Father. Please forgive us this afternoon for sinning, and forgive me for striking my dear son, my little Captain in the head with this pot, my dear son, my fellow human being! I lost my temper dear father, please forgive me, BR, said crying and dropping to his knees and kissing the ground as the big crowd gathered around them totally shocked! Jonathan, yelled the Boss, Jonathan? Yes, Boss, answered Jonathan anxiously. Boy, go fetch us some shovels about six, quick so we can start digging a grave for this misguided youth holey boy! He is so holey, who gave in to bad temptations of Satan our enemy. We must bury this lost soul on the spot, now! Now, do y'all hear!

Can I, I say can I get a witness?  Can I get a witness to help me bury this poor unfortunate young nice man, who just happened to make mistake? This poor beloved misguided man. Who will take up a shovel with me, in this hour of sadness, and extreme lost! Well, said the Captain looking sad, I'll help Mommy! Anyone else? Year, you can count me in, said, baxter one of the teenagers running up into the crowd! And after the shovels got there, and the man who went to fetch BR,
suddenly Garfield, the unscrupulous cohort of the late Bennymoray volunteered too! And so did his sneaky engineer dude, Mikey, looking sad, trying to brown nose BR and both pretending to have no knowledge of the death plots connivery they made against him!

[ 12 ]

We open the eulogy with a few words about what the dearly departed brother, who lived through hard times only to pass on, whether it was weakness to succumb to the temptation of the world, or was it in the lifetime of inert twisted crime we will never know?  I am touched as such as father, as mother, as son, as daughter, would be because he was part of the our very own Bumble Bee City, survivors community.

He was one of us. And to his friends and ours his good buddy who is laying in a coma, His friend Dizzy, who is now practical a zoombie. He can't think for him self no more, he got a bad blow to his head in an accident in my tent! But luckily he is alive! But, he must be told what to do, such is the ways of revenge of the lord! We are not who, to judge his ways, but to accept his day, and we accept that we are all sinners, and today we offer up  Bennymoray, whense he came our dearly departed Bennymoray, He meant to me a chance to give him an opportunity! He served and could become better!  He meant to me, a chance to see the promise, we know he will be happy where he is going, Amen! OH  father forgive us our transgressions, Amen!
Now, I brought my guitar and I am just gone sing a little song to him to send him merrily on his way! So BR, picked up his guitar and the crowd watched and listened in as he serenaded the departed brother at the funeral. We don't don't knowooooo, he sang, what we don't knowooooo!
Tell me why, tell me, tell me why, this had to be, We don't don't knowooooo, what we don't knowooooo!
my mother nature, you, you can't be.
oh tell me why, this had to be!
oh tell me why, why, why
 this had to be! We don't don't knowooooo, what we don't knowooooo! And the little boy Baxter started sing along! We don't don't knowooooo, what we don't knowooooo!
Then the two little doggies, that BR, had saved from the boat, and who were now his, pets, started to sing along too, one he named Biggy, and the other he named Smally and they joined in singing along : how oooooOOOOOOO! how oooOOOOOOOO! Rouf, rouf! Then the Captain started to bark, rouf, rouf  ROOOOOooooo and so it went. It was so beautiful! As slowly the afternoon ended.
But earlier it was emergency call! Four women and two men were summoned to the shadows behind the boat to save someone!

[ 13 ]

The sun was bearing down around them, and the situation was bad, and the idea was to use the coolness of the big boats long casting shadow, as a place they could gather in the cool shade, and work out of the bright sun.
The wind was blowing dust, and there was a makeshift emergency room situation happening!
There, was for a floor, the earth to walk on, no walls,
there was for a ceiling, the sky up above,
there was for air conditioning, there was the breeze!
There were several large flatten rocks, that would serve as tables for now! One, was a large grayish blue one, that was pretty smooth and semi flat, and on it was a giant big black man, who was laying on it very badly injured and bleeding bad too! The others, around him, were there trying to care for him, to save his life, they had washed their hands and apparently had some medical knowledge but no tools, just kitchen knives and needles and thread and several white bedsheets and a water cooler jug of hot water and one large pot. They got the call to come, all they were told was someone was wounded and they all had heard the big explosion earlier, but didn't know what had happened till now! The casualty was grave, and caused by an army grenade ordinances set in a booby trap, and now those gathered, had only one thing on their minds : try to save a person.

CHAPTER 14    REPLY# 112>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg49904/#msg49904

Hi! It's me , Madcow sammy, OMG,  talk about folks with a problem, if they don't got a problem, they gone have a problem! But besides that, these folks, if they only knew whats in the dinner, they might be inclined to pass! I think all o them got a big surprise coming!  Believe that!! I know I would, I'd skip eating big time! And the folks in that boat needs to get their heads examined quick! They got issues. I know BR and The Captain do! These guys are unbelievable!  Wow,
Luckily my Iphone alarm, went off again, and woke me up! " Oh Boy! " Anyway, I really got to consult Toni, cause this is too much! I got to tweet him, anyhow, I just got another tweet! It's my girl, Madcow Lady Ga Ga again! Oh how cool! Got to fly bye! Stay tuned, this is just the beginning!   I got to run now, bye, adios, adieu, A plus tard Mes amis, abschied, Wiedersehen, 這麼長時間現在,我們看到你很快 !,告別 ,작별, 別れ ,Прощай ,الوداع ,veda , addio ,Żegnaj, bye bye, to da loo!

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             Continuation tribute to the Master Tauruss66
Table of Contents
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The Tweets of Madcow Sammy



Chapter 14

OMG !这是可怕的 !发生了什么事?看看别担心。只是他按住。我们必须制止流血,现在的白色绷带给我。没想到任何东西像这样,你的家伙是?我是医生陈 谁  你吗?你是一名医生吗?我希望,我只是一名护士。我的名字是茱蒂,我们需要医疗用品 !我们的需要和我们有什么是两个不同的东西,看看是否你可以对他倒一些水?他的名字是什么?他们叫他眩晕 !
OMG!  This is terrible! What happened? Look don't worry. Just hold him down . Give me the white sheet Mao, we must stop the bleeding, now.

Hi! Judy said , I am a nurse can I help you guys, they told me to come over right away? Sure, thanks take this towel will you? Sure!  What happened to him? Grenade incident! What? What type?   Fragmentation hand grenade! He got concussion to the head, multiple blows to his skull and fragments all over. I don't think he'll make it!  The penetration of flying rocks, metals missiles into soft tissue and bone is extensive, leading us to think the disposition of patient will be severe retardation if, if he lives!  He was lucky! I agree says Miss Sumatra, he didn't get the full brunt of the blast luckily, otherwise he'd be dead already. This is true, still, said Mr, Chan, we might have to amputate his ears and . . Might?  No way we got cut them off too! His thing too! Yes! Castration or die!
It took time, and the gossip was BR, had his tent booby trapped, so it was definitely an off limits area to avoid. And, everybody especially the children, were told by the adults, don't even think of going near it. BR's, attitude was aloft and un-apologetic. And although disconcerting, he was the steward of the inhabitants of this camp, and their immediate communal future, and he seemed to have an answer for everything, and this to everyone was uncanny. Big Dizzy, who survived the grenade explosion, did live barely! And, he was retarded, and BR, took to him and used him as a slave, and after he recovered from the operation, his head was no good. So BR, took the big man's head, and rammed his head several times unmercifully into a rock wall real hard, just like he did the Captain head, and he used the defibrillators  electricity on his brain several times too, making the giant black man extra stupid and zombie like! Then he tied two magnetic radio speakers on his head covering his ears like giant headphones too! He looked like he was listening to Music,  just like he did on the Captain, and he told him he was his Mommy and the giant man called Dizzy, believed him, and started calling BR, Mommy! And he hypnotized him, telling him to shoot anybody who would not listen to BR!
Now, not only that but, after dinner, came the dark, and he confronted the other two men, Garyfiel and Mikey who were partners in the plan to kill him. He wasn't going to let that slide, cause he got wind of their role in the scheme to kill him too! And he wasn't too pleased. It was just after eight o'clock, and he saw the men sitting together drinking and he said to Jonathan, boy, you see the those two guys , he said pointing to them you bring these two guns and place them in their belts and tell them not to touch them, cause i'll shoot them. Tell them I challenge them to a cowboy duel. The choice I give them is to be my slaves or die, cause if not, I will pull my trigger and shoot them both dead. They are to get up on their feet and face me near the campfire, not try to run and don't shoot before the they hear the count of three,  you are to count to three, here me Jonathan? Year Boss, I hear you! Tell them, other wise I will shoot them now!
So that night in the center of the camp by firelight, the three men stood their ground. You two men's choice is to be a slave or be dead, wait till I count to three then fire, whispered Jonathan into each mans ears, then he walked away and he said out loud shoot at the count of three or  say now you are a slave.  The air was cool, still and quiet, as the people looked on in the campfire light. It was an old, cowboy scene right out of the old time, western movies, only thing was this was now and was real. BR, stood stoically, on one side of the camp some hundred and fifty feet away from them, looking at them, with his old black google glasses on, a freshly rolled weed, dangling from the left side of his lips!  Black leather gloves, on his hands, and had his two guns in his holsters, dangling at his side.  And the other two men had their guns stuck in their belts, where Jonathan told them, not to touch it. And you can bet dollars, for donuts, they were scared and shaking in their smelly socks on the rocks! If you can think about this scene, some people see poorly in the dark. Maybe, they would have a better chance if it was high noon and bright sun light out, not black night out. A part of that transition the men had, was to confront their personal fears, and their private thoughts, before Jonathan started to count. BR, told him to take his time, and count slow. The minutes passed slowly Jonathan was in no rush. And the men standing uneasy, on the opposite side of the campfire, looking at BR, facing them, started to sweat.
Now, it is true, time is funny. It is a finite commodity, when you are a man facing the reality of death any minute now. You suddenly think faster, your mind, your memories zoom into focus instantly. And you think about a myriad of things in an instant too : like a man has a long winding road to travel in life, and sometimes he makes good decisions, and sometimes he makes bad decisions. But even the good decision are subject to fate, fate, can twist a mans luck, buckle it up crush it up like a old dried out nut! But, yes, even the good, who can make bad good and the good bad act sad act of god, can do that just like that! Hard, hard to even begin to understand some men! Each person has his own ways of thinking, and his own individual's emotions that inevitably, sometime gets in the way, make them do bad things that way. Making it harder, and clouding his mind, hindering his ability to be kind! Result, he makes a incorrect decision and is faced with the consequences of his actions! Result, no happy ever after ending. These two guys, these two men, facing BR, Garfield and Mikey, they didn't know what to think, and had many, many misconceptions.
Misconceptions, they had to work through, but there wasn't time. There was time, and there wasn't time. Did BR, posses such extraordinary shooting skills, that he could shoot them both dead at such a great distance?
Who was this guy?
Why, did he have his Google glasses on? Was he using magnification zoom mode? Did their guns have bullets in it that he gave them?
What the hell is the risk reward ratio? What the hell did he mean slave?

All these preponderance's gyrating, generating, obtuse, diabolically opposed musings, based in a dark unforeseeable future awaiting them, was zooming toward them at the speed of light, at the count of three. It sounds so innocent, one, two, three, so simple a concept, yet so complex? Simple is treacherously complex?  
Mikey, thinks to himself, this shit can't,  cannot be happening?
I get out of a boat, where I faced certain death, to face certain death again, out side of a boat to face a gun? Seems like this is just not my God dam day! The bastard is too Goddam ornery, to put bullets in the german luger, he sent me, so if I pull it out, its empty anyway? So he'll just blow my head off anyway, and laugh! Beside that, I don't even know how to shoot straight. So this shit is no good anyway. I lost this game. I am a loser! if I want to live. I better make a run for it!
Garfield, who was standing a few feet to his right, was nervous too, and the sweat was pouring off on him. His heart was pounded hard in his chest hard, as he could feel the weight of the eyes of all the people in the crowd looking at him.  Wondering, what the hell will he do. Will he say he is willing to be a slave?

Will he run, shoot, die?

He wanted to cry, but his fears of hearing the count that Jonathan, will make any second now, sent shivers up his spine, so hard man, it was a crime! He began to tremble, his nerves couldn't take the overload! He fears made him shake big time! It's like the last call to get aboard the last train, that's about to depart for the last time! Miss it, and you're dead! Catch it, and your dead! He was squinting his eyes, best he could, trying to focus on the man called BR, standing across from him some hundreds of feet away! BR, he looked so small in the distance, but the bullet in his gun could traverse that, in a blink of an eye! He thought to himself : What won't don't kill you, will only make you stronger! The world splitting apart in two, didn't kill me. Being trapped in that boat, with nothing to eat, didn't kill me.

And, shit, if I  try to shoot him, that [ BLEEPING ] man, won't kill me, or will he? BR, he will kill me! I got a feeling, and it is bad! Looks like this is the end of the road! That canard that BR, is crazy, is true, crazy like a fox. He has liked killed me already in my mind. I can feel it.
I feel he will if?

[ 2 ]

The long terrible night is filled with strife, as all eyes witness BR exact justice from the two men, who planed his demise. But, there are eyes that hold no interest, ignoring the spectacle they choose to be apart and alone!
As opposed to the suggestion of being a part of the proceedings, they opted instead to be alone by themselves, quiet partying somewhere.
Who are they?  Tenika, is a pretty singer wannabe, dressed sexy, wearing a huge amount of light, blue eye shadow, and had her lips painted a deep luscious fire hydrant red! He's tall and slender, vivacious looking like a female dawning a black shiny wig, with two white locks of hair, one on each side of her head, giving her an overly decorative look! It was long and hanging down her right shoulder, and decorating her earlobes were a gold, thin, wide circular ear rings, in her ears, and in her nose, she had a silver nose ring, for good measure rounding off her special to cool for school girl, look! She looks bright eyed, and has a white tee shirt on, sporting a cheeky pop 70'ties, icon picture of rebellious black fist on it. Her blue jeans are tight, too tight, showing off her surgically enhanced bottom. Generally speaking, off hand it would difficult to guess she a transvestite!

And  Bobby Ritter,  his star struct lover! He got a thin black mustache over cupid like lips! His hair cut,' mohawk style' with the sides of head clean shaven. A tattoo of Putin, on his ass! He is a taller man slender gentleman, with a wild big jawed look about him.
He has big teethy smile, and possesses a long tongue, which he flashes more often then not when he laughs! He dressed in red, wearing a red shirt and black jeans, a black belt with silvers diamonds disco style on it straddles his waist.
And, on his feet, he wears, what looks like women's sneakers with red socks. Around his neck a daintily placed red handkerchief. He smirks as he chain smokes and on his wrist he wears no less than, twelve stolen watches from dead people he took  from the boat. He got a system apparently that means something, at least to him anyway, six gold watches on his left arm , and six silver ones on his right! His fingers are bedecked with stolen rings! One for each finger ! He nods his head as the digital player belts out romantic soul singer music by the late Teddy Pendagrass!
The two homosexual lovers,  are drug swallower's, who now are engaging in love and care nort, to see the drama playing out between BR, and his adversaries! They are distressed,  for both of them, because they must face their personal love tragedy. They were both cocaine traffickers,  had confiscated the valuable drug property worth millions before the old world ended!
Both had smuggled suitcases full of the drug onto the boat. Both have issues, among them being that they contracted HIV AIDs, also both are addicts, now with no access to HIV medication existing on earth anymore, they face certain death, and a painful death at that. Besides that, the cocaine that they do have is now,
 the last cocaine on earth. There is no more when its gone! They cannot obtain wealth from it, no longer, and so the two lovers feel deeply depressed, in the pain of their situation! But alast these two "The Age of Aquarius" followers smile despite the odds! They face the greatest battle of their lives, and most certainly a battle they will lose! They are in the nearby cave, sitting in the dark laying on blankets trying to strategize what their next step should be. They feel they won't fit in, they ponder suicide, perhaps to OD, on coke! So many things to consider, beset by their fears, they consume the drug now in secrecy, trying to forget their fate, and fine hallucinatory escape! They embrace.

Turn up Pendergrass music baby, make that shit loud! Let it fill this dam cave, and make it come alive! Child, this is our own private discothèque in here! ha , ha, ha! He laughs, putting his hands up and snapping his fingers in sync ostentatiously with the music, he is definitely in-tuned! He reaches into her pink hand bag, and pulls out a yellow can of lemon scented room fresheners and laughs as he playfully sprays it around, and around in the air to the beat of the music! and Meanwhile, Tenika sticks her fingers in her hair and pushes it back briskly, smiling and pleased within her self, she snuggles up close to her man.
I got the touch, give me some coke! You know you hooked on that shit? I see it-  I use it- I abuse it- I don't lose it, I smuggle that shit in the crack in my butt every time, now the world ended, it's all mine, all that coke just for me and you, ha , ha ,ha! I smuggle a couple of suitcases full of that shit. Its still good in they boat, we can go get it when the time is right. In the meantime we got plenty here, ha , ha , ha! This, got to be the last coke on earth baby! Year sweetheart, and its all ours, can you believe it! WOW! Who the [ BLEEP ] knows? What about the other earth hanging up in the sky? What about the other earthy? Year what about those dudes? You think dudes are up there too? Who the [ BLEEP ] knows man? If they need some smack, we will sell it to them, but, it's gone cost their ass an arm and leg!
Ha, ha , ha! Yo, baby! No lie! ha , ha, ha!
Now lets be real for second,
OK, lets!

You know, that I know BR, don't know shit about our blow, right?
Right! And that jive ass turkey don't need to know, less he gone buy some! No, baby, it ain't - it ain't like that! Baby, it ain't like that but!
But shit!
Now hold on hole! HOLD on hole!
But what!
But, sugar, there may come a day, understand, see! There may come a day, when we could use this shit, as leverage to get our selves out of jam understand!
In case we get jammed up!  
Dig it! I, ah , ah I see, year I dig, I can dig it!
I know where you coming from stinko! I love you!
Ditto, but, listen for second .
Now! Hear me out baby!
We got to be cool,
exactly we got to be cool, man !
Right, but for now he don't got to know shit!
Right  there you go, now look, check this out, let say we get in trouble with the dude, we can bribe the turkey dig it? Right I got it. You are so [BLEEPING ] smart, you know you should be his partner! Wait, shit did I say that? I take that back, ha ,ha ,ha!
No that's cool! No wait, my mistake I take that back! You belong to me, I rather shoot your ass, then give your ass up! Now, ha, ha, ha !
Child you know BR is full of it. He's got the whole camp checking that BS out! I don't need to see that bull shit. I got my own problems.
BR, he's a bitch, I am a bitch, and the, only difference is, he got a gun, honey bun,  and I don't!
Well we gone change that shit!

I hope he does shoot them turkeys man!  Twice! No. wait, three times! Oh! You men, are all the same! All you think about is making violence!
Tell me bout it honey! Violence and booty! year, ! Goody, goody! Here snort this! Sniff, sniff, shit man, wow, hymn good smacks it up good in my nose, hole, baby! Right! Sniff, sniff! Snort, snort, hey stay still for a second! Calm down Dam it, let me put it up your nose! Open up! Mommy's coming! Ha, ha, ha! You know, you know really, we don't got it so bad? We got each other! Shit year, those people, those bucket-headed people at the camp, will never have love like ours! Shit no! Ha, ha, ha! We are smoking! We are smoking like in Hoboken! We are smoking like in ho bo ken! ha, ha, ha, ha!
Got that right!
Now honey, what we gone tell them?
What the [ BLEEP ] do you mean?
What we gone tell them who we are? Well we are man and wife what the [ BLEEP ] else?
No, I means who we are? You know who we are? We don't want to say we dope pushers selling cocaine do we? No how about we tell them, we are actors, out of work actors? No, cause then they gone want to know if we know important people and we don't know shit! year, they might ask what movie we stared in and shit? Right! We can say we are lawyers, shit year I am the judge, gone give your ass $200 hundred dollar fine penalty for jay walking ha, ha, ha ! No make that three hundred years! You will let me out for good behavior? If you kiss me , sure, ha, ha , ha!
How about we tell them we are hair stylists, you know ? Wow, thats cool, I can open up an all male barber shop and do the guys hair, and you can be my assistant, Oh honey I like that idea, but seriously you know I think it would be fun!

But still,  you know Tenika, we gone have a hard time fitting into this little bullshit city they trying to make. Yep! Got that right! What do you think? Should we run away! You mean leave? Hole, we don't got to move out of the stupid little camp city. If we do?  Which would be extra sad! Cause their ain't no more [ BLEEPING ] cities on earth! Ha, ha,,ha! It would sad because crazy as BR, is, I love this stupid ass city they are making here!  I love the people, I love the insane Captain and the new nut case , whats his name! OH, shit, you man Dizzy? Year he's cool crazy! Love to go to bed with that big boy, but they cut his,' ding a link off!'  Ha, ha, ha! Castrated his ass ! Oh ow! OW,OW! Shit!  You know that hurts Ha, ha,ha! God Dam child you are nasty! Look whose talking! Look whose talking! Look who the [  BLEEP ] is talking! You wrote the book! Oh shut you ass! ... There are so many places to hide! We don't got to stay with them. We could run away and start our own city! You know what I am saying baby? Look'it here! We could check the landscape out and fine some idyllic spot to relax and chill out, You dig it, baby? Our own city! What the [BLEEPING ] name will we give it? Up you Butt City! Ha, ha, ha! You are terrible! Terrible! Look whose talking?
That sounds good! I like it!
Where were you when they tried to shoot BR?
What [ BLEEP ] you want to know for?
Just keeping an eye on you, want to know you know, your where abouts, baby?
What the hell for?
Make sure you ain't two timing me!

Girl please stop the BS, please!
Hearing that you love me is all I want to hear, so stop questioning me, OK!
You know this blow is good! The best! Yo, wow no shit, give some more baby. What the [ BLEEP ] you doing? You lumpy jumping up all over the joint like you ants in your ass! Stop jumping all over the place and act nice, baby! Chill! Hell no, we can make love later, all you gone do is smudge my make up! Lets let the sexy wildness hang on out! BS, come lets listen to greatest singer there ever was! Lets dance! Dance? Dancing in a cave? This ain't no cave! This is the old studio 54! And who you? I am the DJ, cracky wacky, ha, ha, ha! Wow, I feel pregnant! Hole, now I know you high! Put on so more Pendagrass and shut the hell up! Oh, hell yes, I'm still jealous! Zip it! Zip it up! Up yours!
Ha, ha, ha!

[ 3 ]

Meanwhile we listen in on a conversation two other men are having in the dark.
Garfield, says angrily, what [BLEEP ] SHIT [ BLEEPING ] SHIT happened? I am, what? What?  A goddam slave now? That's what! Shit, I should of let the son of bitch kill me! Well, why you crying now, said Mikey? Why, didn't you keep your trap shut, and shoot the [ BLEEPING ] bastard?
Looks who's talking? Just look whose talking, shit? Just before the GODDAM, count of three, you yelled," I'll be your slave!"
You too!
SO shit [BLEEPING ] now we are [ BLEEPING ] slaves now, that's what!
What the hell did we agree to? To be his slaves! Well, the thorny ass issue, about being slave is this, he said Mikey, meaning he's chained up, he looked angrily, as was holding up his wrist in then air to the moon, both of which are chained! The moon was out bright, and when he put up his hands the light of the moon reflected off of it.
I will remember this god dam night forever, dam what a [BLEEPING ] coward I am!
You know, Garfield, I gone miss my life! I miss my life do you hear? Sure enough do, partner I do too! But, I never had much of life to miss, see look! What the? What the hell is wrong with ? What is that ? What that you showing me? You, you got a hole in stomach?
Its not a hole! You never seen this before? Hell no! What is that? Well, you see before, well, before the world ended, I was in a bad accident and ever since I am required to wear a colostomy bag!
What the hell you telling me? What the hell is colostomy bag? Well I can't shit the regular way so I shit in a bag! The name of the bag is a colostomy, awesome dude! I can't believe it. GodDam,  holy shit! Shit is the word! Life is a bitch! During the splitting of the worlds I lost all my bags and medicines and body swaps and glues for the bag and stuff! So now, when I got to go, I just go! Sorry I got to go now "
"poop!" "poop!"

Holy shit! OMG! You? Oh My god, If I was seeing this with my own eyes I wouldn't believe this shit!
I don't, I don't know what to think anymore? You don't?  Now I don't?  WOW! Thats heavy man! Heavy, heavy, heavy shit, man! WOW! I got to hand it to you man, that;s heavy man, that's a heavy ass burden! Why didn't you let BR, shoot you? That way, at least, you wouldn't have put up with that crap?
What ?
What you saying I ain't allowed to live?
You don't want me to be alive?
I don't got a right to live?
No, I didn't say that. I meant . .
What the hell did you mean? Are you saying, that you wish I was dead?
That I ain't worth shit?
Is that . . is that . . is that, what you got the Goddam nerve to tell me?
No, no nooo boy!
Why, you lousy no good, prejudice son of bitch take that, said, Garyfiel throwing a lump of poop! Thats not right, you got me all wrong dude!  Now, hold on man, you gone get your ass kicked, if you don't stop!  We, er, um, we, we,  wait stop now, calm down,  just calm down, lets talk about this!
Yes, talk!
What . .  why should we fight each other for?
Don't we got enough problems all ready?
You are prejudice?
No I ain't!
I love Blacks, Whites, Mexicans, Talibans, Chinese,  gays, all kind of folks and , and now I love people who got? What . . you got?  How do you call it again?
Look, lets not talk about it!  I had to let you know cause, since we gone be slave-mates, and are chained together. You gone know when I got to go to toilet thats all! And well you should know I got a problem!
So many, So many billions of people died in the world, in a way you could say we got it better then them. You could say it, but don't count on me for saying that or agreeing with you! Are we really better off then them? No matter what I thinks the answer is got to be yes! Year, I hope you're right! Still in the eyes of a lot of folks we are cowards.
Let me tell you something.
I don't give a shit what folks think!
You know, not since the beginning of times, there was no shame in surviving! I bet BR, would preach that, people get into a fights with their neighbors and some folks would chicken out, and live to see another day! And others, the brave ones, would be heroes, true, but honored true! And all! But bottom line is they would dead! So, the way I look at it, we are OK! We live to fight another day, brother, believe you that! The upshot is we are all alive. The down shot is look at the position we are in? Year, but the real up shot is, we are still alive!
Look, listen to me I am older than you! Check this idea out! BR, this man is as cold blood as they come, the reason, he made us his slaves instead of killing us, was to make himself look like a nice kind hearted dude in the eyes of them people here in the camp, that's all! Do you really think, I say do you really, really think? Do you really think, if the people were not here, he would let us live? Well, do you? Hell no! Hell no! This a political move, a GODDAM public relation move on his part, that's all!
He wants to make himself appear to be kind, when in fact he 's not! He is not kind at all, shit! Kind my ass! I know the [ BLEEPING ] son of bitch! BR, don't  fool me for instant!
Now, what I am not saying we're lucky, in comparison, when you check out what happen to the big black dude! Who Dizzy? Hell year, Dizzy! He's got the shit knocked out of him, and they cut his thing off with a kitchen knife to boot! Now you know, that was hurting something awful, so it could have been you or me, if we had thought about going to his tent, it would of exploded on us too, and who knows what would of happen to us? We might be dead! Castrations hurts like a mother, tell you that much! Well, shucks it ain't over till the fat lady sings! We shit, we bungled everything real good unfortunately! The fat lady is singing like a [ BLEEPING] red robin! ha, ha, ha!

[ 4 ]

Meanwhile way over in the ladies section of the Camp :
a young lady named Judy ponders secret thoughts :
Are all your marbles in your head? Are the things you are thinking about, the things you should be thinking about? Is that just you ? Love is missing. Strange how the mind works amidst all this pain, grief and death? I need the strong shoulders of man to lean on to hold on to, and to feel him, to love him, the needs of him caressing me.  Time is passing and then I am needing a man but, I am like that but that's not all. I am not alone!

The advantage of being a person who is nice and quiet and unassuming decent are many, but it's pretense gets, gets exhausting at some point, when your biology kicks! And you need a man on you! Especially when you can't sleep and have abundant time on your idle hands! Idle minds unwinds  the seams of invisible straight jackets brackets linings that hold us in our place in the rat race, we called life.
Tonight, I felt his eyes on me. I don't know why?
It was while he standing across the campfire, I saw him standing with his guns at his side, standing in front of those two guys who wanted to have him killed.  
Much to my surprise, I felt his eyes on me while he was planing to kill those men tonight! I noticed, he looked at me while jonathan, was counting to three! Why would he? I was close enough to see his eyes flash a glance at me, whilst calculating at the same time, the distance of the two men, so he could blast them! Was he trying to say good by to me, in case he dies in the gun battle? Or was it, he's so dam cocky and macho, he was showing off  that he could? He could flirt and duel to the death at the same time? BR, I got you on my mind! Philosophically, I think that he thinks all of this, its like being instances, of being in a world, transcending thought passing into desires, mixed with will and obsessive determination, hidden under the cloak of the pretentious  facade of a cowboy confused! I believe, he believes to degree, that he is actually part of our spirit to be, to be here in this camp! Ironically, we are here because of him! What prevails, is the insight to and by him, to feel that we are all connected in away! I am assuming this of course! I have had no deep talk with him at all! Although, I wish this with all my heart. He didn't tell me this, but something tells this is how he is! I remember the other morning. The other morning, when he was talking to us early that morning on top of the hill! He ran through a series of personalities so easily, so effortlessly, the mere accumulation of facts in each of his personas defies the concept of pretense and makes me think he is what he is. Many real personalities in one, is such a single phenomenon a formation of biological knowledge or a mind whose imagination is so lucid it burst from his head making real what is not, and is that really possible? During the duel in the camp tonight! It was so funny! It was like a play, like it wasn't real, but of course it was! I did not detect any fear!  

He wasn't scared at all. He was enjoying the moment!

The young lady goes on thinking to her self letting her mind meander and ever so slowly falls to sleep dreaming of the madman called BR. She ponders what it would be like to, love a man who appears to be able to channel and covers strange lines structures of existence of other people, that appear to be in this world and at the same time beyond it, is that possible? The phenomenon of many men in one is ensconced and virtuality expressed in many people through out history and time, and these expressions manifest in different configurations, irrespective of the century, fractal time, and place, when trans spatializaton existential- analytical beings in the world and out of it occurs, the modes of expression and the behavior in them in many cases are designated and labeled as manic, in which, the speaker by bio design, manifests the ability to have many lives applied as self descriptions of ones selfs life. In the realm of subjectivity nothing is left to chance, and Mother Nature not to be out moded or done, backs this up by bringing up the heavy artillery, influencing the stubbornly dictatorial person to be struck down to size, at the behest and whims of that which is greater than he :  Mother Nature herself!  She can employ something as simple as a common cold, or an upset stomach, to bring him to his knees! But, but, but, it's early, the true games have not even begun, as the night breezes blow and a strange call is heard riding the wind currents in the cool refreshing night air,
But, Judy pays no attention, she is in slumberland barely, and Judy's mind went on churning over the details of what she learned about BR, and she remembered :

[ 5 ]

Earlier :
When Judy, first heard about the survival classes BR, had given that morning, she wanted to learn more, she didn't go cause she was out side the camp gossiping with a bunch of her new friends and missed it. And she asked around, and happened to run into a woman who went, and she and the lady had talked. Her name was Margaret Scubas, a stout, brown haired, older woman who wore glasses, with big nose and tiny eyes and a wonderful compelling smile, she had a straight forward personality, but all the while, had a sweetie pie disposition! She was dressed in a white shoulder to floor dress, covering everything. She had flowers, plastic ones in her hair! She said, despite it being plastic, it made her feel hopeful! Scubas said, she was from France originally, and took the cruise ship ride, to have some peace and quiet, but things turned out terribly bad. Anyway, she sighed, and recounted what she recalled at the meeting that morning :
 I was seated on the ground, she said flatly. It was uncomfortable and the sun was out and the meeting set up, was simple you know. Just some chairs that they got from the boat and blankets, and a large gold colored theater curtains spread all out on the ground with stones on them, so they wouldn't get blow over by the wind.
BR, started exactly at 10:30 a.m. in the morning! He was cheerful, bright and chipper and smiled at us, almost every body in the camp showed up, cause he said it was important and mandatory that we come.  I got to say, I was still grieving and depressed about what happened to us, but nevertheless I went, and it was all right! They had a big bowl of coffee in a pot, and they filled out cups and some kids served them out to people. It was nice considering! BR, was dressed in jeans with his two gun holster slung around his waist as usual.  And, surprisingly, he was looking clean for a change. You hardly could recognized him, or anybody for that reason, considering, because we all had been so smelly, filthy dirty in the boat. So now that were out, all washed up and dressed, perfumed, we all looked so different, thank god. Ha, ha,,ha! She laughed Well, she sighed again, for a moment, then continued. He wore a white shirt, opened at the collar and the mans got chest hair you could plant crops in,she looked at me being a woman I could understand her, then she said a girl could go swimming in it and drown, ha, ha, ha! She laughed jokingly! Black hairs too! And, he had on gold necklaces and one necklace, of what she described as beads and teeth. It was hard to tell at the distance I was, she said pausing.  But, and you could tell the man had just washed his hair, cause he had it slicked back under his gosh awful cowboy hat, which I wish he would have took off, but he didn't. Other wise he looked, OK!
His hair was still wet, and he had on his hud, you know those google glasses. You could tell his mind was all business, as he spoke about the situation we all faced.
He spoke in a southern drawl accent.

Y'all, all y'all, been blessed to be alive today. Thank the lord! And to those that passed. I hope you join me. Lets bow our heads in respect, and have a moment of silence in their honor and out of deep respect for them. BR, stood tilting his head down eyes closed, and that gesture set the mood for solemnity of the meeting. Then he walked over to the big screened computer he dragged out of the ship and despite we not having internet access, he was mesmerizing us all with his knowledge about a new way of controlling software interfaces -- by waving your hands and making gestures with his hands at one point for just for fun. He used his nose shaking it in the air, in front of the computer screen, it so funny I died laughing! It was hilarious! Nevertheless I think he is mad, just not all the time? I think he's a part timer! I remembered what she said.  That he is a part timer madman, how interesting I thought, anyway she continued :   He had extensions cords crisscrossing the floors, all the way back to the ship and although the internet was down, the laptop was hooked to a large screened  TV, and had a voice and body recognition program on and he would make hand gestures controlling the inter-active program! And, as he spoke, he emphasized the point :  about the importance for everyone here, to make an effort to be strong in order to survive, that hard hungry days were still ahead, and," we," as he would say, we got to be disciplined!

She said, he said it in such a way, it made you believe everything he was saying! He want us to promote self respect for each other, and defend each others rights, and grow to love and be willing to defend to the death this camp site! He wanted the men to fall in line and become strong warriors, who could defend the camp no matter what!  That they should learn to box, learn the arts of self defense and learn how to throw knives! And, he admitted, he said, that all though he would be a dictator, he had the best interest of the camp at heart! And, it was necessary to get us through these bad times to a better life in the future, and what he needed, was our cooperation for his vision of us surviving to succeed. He showed us some pictures he had taken that morning, showing the landscape around us, and how terrible, and bleak it was, and what to expect when go exploring it for our selves!
Then, surprisingly he said he wanted volunteers, to form brigades to get little stones, small rocks and pebbles, to put them into bags.  And another group to collect fine sand, and put those into bags. He said, We need to learn how to construct things. We don't got nothing. But that don't mean we gone stay that way! Only way to make a house is to make it. So we gone learn how to!
By learning how to make bricks, so we need bags of sand and stone, that's why I am asking folks to chip in time and gather them up! So, we could build houses, that would with stand the rains and the winds storms that sure as your born, will one day come! We need sewers and sanitation facilities. And any you folks have backgrounds in any specialty, well please step up and let me know, so we can start coordinating, as of today!
It's not up to Government. Governments are dead! Its up to you and me!  The crowd applauded! I mean, I even clapped my hands too! She said, smiling, beaming at me at me directly in my eyes!

[ 6 ]

BR, said, "It was amazing how far we had fallen. But that don't compare to how far we gonna to rise!"

Again the people were mesmerized, enthusiastically, applauding his speech! We have to start basically from scratch, he said, and he wanted the men to form brigades to design a large hall to store our things in! And each person, should contribute time to build a house, and that if we each helped the next person, together, we all will eventually have a home, to call our own. He said something, I found very insightful, she said, pausing, and then after a long silence she said!

BR, said we will have to pay for things with money, but the money will be sometimes be bartering for good and services. We have two people, here he said, who are doctors, to see them, you can pay them, by helping them build their houses, or working for them or barter what you can.

That's my idea, what's called Big Rex Care! no, co-pays! We have one or two nurses! And, a  few ladies willing to work and become nurses aids.  They can be compensated the same way, if they want to help you when your sick!  But for now, I want the worker teams, assigned on mandatory work crews each day working on house building details! The house can only be, as I said before, it's got to be constructed and approved by me, or one of my construction detail captains.
Any way, I was told to come check out a big big surprise, by Jeffrey. And, If you guys didn't hear about it already, old Jeffrey done found guess what?  Grass, man no not weed! real green grass! A place where grass is growing! Yep,  great day in the morning, that is good, dam good news! The crowd clapped and sighs were heard, as people got their hopes up!
BR, said smiling, so farmers, or farmer wanna-bees, if you want to be farmer come talk to me!  Also I want to tell y'all .

Maybe, some of you, you have learned or heard that I done organized worker crews to search far out from camp, for anything alive!

They'll come a day when animals come back. We don't got, none now to be fearful of, but that don't mean, critters like wolves aren't coming back. So, for the safety of our city, and like I said, I am naming our camp, Bumble Bee City! A wall, I we build a wall, to keep bad critters, is a good plan. Something in the future we gotta do!
The people in the meeting looked impressed with what he was saying!

I want everybody to know I have organized a group of workers, to go on journeys, exploratory journeys, to search high and low, for vehicles , old cars, car and rocket parts! We haven't heard back, from them but we hope too, soon! And we hope they have good news!

I am personally gone lead an expedition soon. I'll be gone, for a while, and gonna take a lot men folk, with me! My, warrior captains will be left in charge!
I am not gone speak on the details now, but I tell y'all later! I repeat I don't want, anybody leaving the camp going exploring, unless a warrior, camp councilor, or me, approves it! Now how bout we change the subject for a minute?

[ 7 ]

What do you think of your flag you had? You remember from your country? What, what it meant to you? Well, every nation is represented by a flag. It all started with the introduction of the cloth, called silk. You paint on it. You wave it! You hold it high in the sky. You fly your battle flag high. Then, was it not true? The Chinese did it, then the English, the Crusaders, the Muslims, The Jewish Star of David, the Africans, The green flag of Saudi Arabia, National Flag of the Philippines, The flag of Russia has three equal bands of power, and the Red white and blue of the USA, the Jamaicans too, billions of people, billions, too much to mention, through the heraldry, symbolically! What does it, tell me? What does it say, say to the people? It is theirs, to which, in protection of their honor, they are willing to die for it! willing to spill their blood!  Symbol? Yes, said he, shaking his head looking at them,  emphasizing it deadly seriously, right in their eyes!

You children listening along to me, pay attention! Learn this! Vexillology, is a word, that means the study of flags symbolism, and the usage of flags! All people need one! Us? Yes us? As survivors of death, I think we deserve one! Don't you? Don't you, he asked, his voice blasting, staring with his eyes all aglow, at not just the children, but all the people looking at him! Stressing the point, and it was not something they could to hear just yet, but still, just imagine, on thinking about it? But they nodded their heads, and they came around, and agreed! And without saying a word, beamed proudly! The crazy man had insight, vision and a creed!

BIg, Rex said : The flag's power of unification, is in the eyes of the beholder!Then, he bent down a pulled out of a bag on the floor, something! And he raised it high, and showed it to them! They didn't know what it was! Then BR, said : I have made the design of The Bumble Bee City Flag! He held up, this white cloth high, and pointed to the red stinger of a Bumble Bee, shaped like a lightening bolt, and said : The red stinger of the Bumble Bee, says to any potential foe, we will fight back, will all our might! The BBC, pay attention to me, we pledge allegiance to thee, BBC!
I pledge allegiance to the flag of Bumble Bee City, and to do what we will, to make this city strong and pretty!  
I pledge allegiance to defend it, with law and order. I pledge allegiance to the proud, to the brave, to the people that survived, to make way for the children of tomorrow, and today!
And those of us, who stand here today, we are here for one another, till death do us part.
And, we pledge as members of Bumble Bee City,  and it's citizenry, to fight to the death against those who would wish us harm, and will fight to the death to guarantee this camp, our City, Bumble Bee City! Will be here  for its children, and its children's, children.  To this our cause, we do so, pledge to the end!

[ 8 ]

BIg Rex, took time out, took a moment, and looked very pensive, as if, he was thinking about something serious, to himself.  And he thought,
I recall. Yep, I remember, when I was alone, before I found all these people. I made myself a promise! Yes, I did!
Sometime back, when I was about to go into the boat, the first time! I had climbed up and was first going inside just to see if I could find some clothes and water, and food for me!
I, I was er, standing holding on the top railings, on the highest point on the ship! and well, I, I remember, looking all around! And, I looked out at the scenery, and Goddam it! It was, it was awesome! To my back, I saw in the distance, there was what?  Another, another ship, too, another, another ship, wow! It blew my mind! I said to myself, Wow! This one, was one of those big jumbo mega storage ships, too! Huge! It was breath taking to look at. This thing, was so big. It looked like a skyscraper building all shiny and brite, lying on it's side, out there in the desert!! It's, was big, big, big! The kind, that carries supplies, It was a container supply ship, yep! That's what was sitting out here in the desert! It was dry all around, except for where it was, was wet. Cos' water was leaking out of it! I think, if I recall, from my younger days, when I rode the seas too! It's called a reefer. Yep, not the kind I smoke! No sir, the kind that that brings food to folks. One of these days, I remember saying,   .   .   . I'am gonna visit her, maybe sooner than later, see if she got food?

Who knows? And, I swear, if I remember correctly, the boat looked like it was in plenty good condition!
Well, sir, thought Big Rex, talking for a moment, to himself.

 Things turning out not to scabby for me! I ain't dead, and the people I got, ain't dying yet, and they listening to me, too! Holy moley , buckle my shoe! What is a cowboy, gone do?
 I got the men folk, wanting to be warriors, backing me too, and for the most part, the other people in the camp, support me.
 But, I ain't no fool, that could turn on a dime! Fickle people be, it they don't got nothing, nothing to eat, ya see. They gone come to kill me, and eat, each other, brother!

I better find some. All the can food I found, in the boat, so far,   .   .   .  Should last six months with luck. After that what?

Now, I remember, before I climbed down in that boat, I remember,  I stood, I stood up looking at the scenery, on top of the captains boat, and looked out and saw it Did it have food we could use?
Only way to find that out, was to check it out!  And Goddam it, that;s just what I'm fixing to do!
And now, and now was the time. Everything, I had everything in my favor! I had the back to my winds! People were willing to do what I say! So, I gave it some heavy thought, that day!

 And, I needed lots of help, I mean that, boy! Maybe it look like I had it together, but brother! That was the farthest thing from the truth! I was just improvising! So I called the guys together, all o them! Using a list of men that signed up to be warriors. See! And, I told them we need to get ready, that we be leaving on an expedition to investigate the surrounding country side, to make sure it was safe!
And were gone take food and supplies with us, and to be ready! I met with a lot of men. I met one guy, in particular, who looked mean and loathsome, scary army boss, type guy, that I liked! I needed someone strong, to help me keep my men in line! His name is Ro'Nine.  When I met him, i looked up cause he was tall, and he, he looked down and thanked me for saving him!  

Ro'Nine, was a tall, heavy set super black man, who looked twenty years old, but really was a bout seventy, and strong looking, shiny muscles, hard as nails type personality, could shoot an eyelash off a fly! He only had one eye, was missing some teeth, but could punch hole in the wall, with no trouble at all! Just the boy I need, when I needed him!
Ro'Nine, and I seemed to get along, and he told me he that his genetic status was, he was a black Crispr designer baby! That he had wealthy parents, that choose a bunch a cool traits for him. He said they wanted him to be super strong and muscle bound, and he really liked that.

Ro'Nine told me, his mom wanted a handsome looking son, and made his face look like a celebrity, and gave him a combination of red and zebra striped skin, and choose long blond hair for him.  Ro'Nine admitted to me, he didn't like the crazy zebra skin tone too much, but he liked that he looked unique, and women, he said smiling, found him attractive! And besides, now a-days, that, lots of parents want their kids to look really good, but different. It's the style trending today! At least, maybe that's the way it was before the end of the world?

And shucks, I done seen dudes, and gals too, that got florescent green skin, and red hair too. Uck ka book ca boo, ha, ha, ha! So year, lots of these Crispr, folks walking around nowadays, and since the buggas on that cruise ship had money, you know they were designed up too! Walking around looking like they teenagers, when they way over a hundred!
Some buggers, I saw, look like comic con characters, straight out of them, super old time comic books.
 But, shit! So what? WTF?
Me, I was not so lucky! I came from po' folks, POOR! So I ain't got no Crispr shit in me. But WTF!  I think I am doing just mother [ bleeping ] find, as a po' son of bitch!
So I didn't think nothing about his looks! Me? What I wanted, and needed was his strength, cause I wanted him to keep my soldiers in line, and disciplined! And he had such a big muscle bound body, he sure in hell appeared to fill that build. And according to what this big Bugga, told me, he was a man, who spoke several languages, and thought of himself, as no non sense type of dude, who served as an officer, fifteen years, in GPF! The Global Protection forces, before the world got blown up. The dude, was as a cool as ice, knew his shit too! I felt confident he could definitely help me organize a competent team, I could lead to take over that ship.
And with luck, for me if it had food, like I think it does, my worries, about not being able to feed all these people would be over!  I told Jonathan to come, and gave him a list of people and equipment I needed.

Yes, Boss,
he said coming toward me,
I need about forty warriors , I am leaving soon as I can to go on a mission. Don't tell them nothing, just that it's expedition party going exploring, and we need to be armed cause their, might be cannibal tribes outside the camp, and we should be prepared for any eventuality, Got that?

Er, yes Boss, what time?
Soon as I get what I need out of the boat!
Tell dizzy, and the captain, to get one of the gas tanks, and one of the generators and bring them out to the center of the camp. Oh year, We gone need, explosives, and some tiny drones, to check and scout forward areas positions, make sure the batteries are charged first! Don't forget!
 Yes, Boss!

Now, you got any questions? The Captain knows where in the boat, we might get some! But remember I got his keys, so see me if you need to!  
And , … Oh, year, that's right, said Jonathan.

Get the boys to get cables! You know, those CCTV, old cables lines, they use to use before things went wireless, they got them old lines still installed up in the ceilings of the boat, tell them to cut a lot of them out. And get lots of it, cos I gone need it, to use as rope. Oh, year, wait I almost forgot, bring out some chains too! And you remember, that I found a box of padlocks, there, in my tent. Bring them out too!

And listen, those nasty old crooked son of bitches, that tried to shoot me!  Get my slaves, Garfield and Mikey working on that, lickity split! Understand me?  If they give you any lip! Tell Dizzy, his mommy, said to beat them in the head!

Yes, Boss, replied Jonathan, writing all this down on his recorder phone!
Anything else Boss, asked Jonathan?
Can't think of anything else, right now, but get those things moving. Right away, repeated BR! Jonathan turned and retreated down the road.
 So, Big Rex, now alone, said thinking to himself, I spent a good bit of time planning all this, and when I had what I thought I needed, I told Jonathan, he be in charge while I was gone!

[ 9 ]

 So time passed, and next morning, everything was done!
And soon after that, it was about eight in the morning. So, when I got every body together, and everything together, we left Bumble Bee City, my city, my camp. And, we headed out.
  I took to walking with the men, and had Baxter, and his teenage buddies, with strong backs, dragging the all heavy gas canisters, and welding and soldering irons, and had big guys dragging generators, which luckily had big rubber tires, and dragged those suckers, across the desert toward that, there boat.
 Now, what happen was I took the folks out and knew what direction to take, cos, I had taken a picture before, so I knew how to get there, by looking at the landscape.
 We moved across the hills and sand dunes, forty men strong, like a black swarm of bees or dots, each dot was a man! For protection, we had spears, pipes, hammers, and couple of guns from the boat! And had food and lots of equipment too! We knew, nothing, bout that ship! But I knew. I knew what I had to do.

 Well, sir, it at first looked small to us, when we saw it, off far away in the distance, you see!
And when we approached her, and looked up at the huge ship!  It must of been, must have been a mile long and a couple of football fields wide.
 Boy, looking at that got to me, my, boy, that boy was big! Now, took out my phone, zoomed my camera in, didn't see nobody, up there, didn't see nothing. Took out the camera drone, sent that bad boy up to see what it could see!

And, shit! It was awesome, the ships surface was a reck, boy, talk about a messed dump! Garbage and stinking fish bodies all, all over the place!

After checking the boat out, good, we saw that on the lower side windows of the ship each window, had water, lots of water was leaking out!
 And in the lower section of boat windows, in that section, it was just pouring out, like a fire hydrant, fast. So that told BR, that the ship was flooded. It was full, of water in it, and it was slowly leaking out. Maybe it would take a year for all that water to leak out! Who knew?

And it was obvious, this ship, was in the ocean before, and somehow got thrown in air and landed here!  The soft sands cushioned it, it was soft, and it landed here somehow intact, little damage! I check out the rim, the ships railings, and asked Ro'Nine to check it too. Where were all the sailors, the people?
The boat sat flat on the surface of the sand, it was big, no jive! It was bold. And stood out, with the sun shining on her shiny side. And, what do you know? ha, ha, ha,  
What the boat had painted on the side? Was the words," Flowers," no jive! Now that was ironic. I love bees, and what do bees love?

Were, any folks alive on board? I certainly didn't see none, looking up at the boat from down there, next to it, standing the sands!  It took us a long ass time to get there. Tell ya that much! But we took water. Jugs of water! We had lots water to drink, and before sunset, we arrived!

 But, it didn't take long, for me, and everybody else, wanting to climb up! See what was what?

So, what we did was to throw up rope ladders with a hook, climbed up, and once we got over the ships railings, we realized it could only be a miracle what we saw! We saw, dead dauphins, and a [ BLEEPING ] big ass whale, and a huge [ bleeping ] octopus too, that had washed up on board.

And when we tried to get into the ship, it was blocked with all kinds of trees, and debris and stones the size of cars, and wings of birds, and missing legs of animals and when I tried to get down into the boat myself, there was this one large metal door, with lots iron beams leaning up on it. The other doors leading into the boat were blocked completely but this one, I felt we had good chance of moving the stuff out of the way and getting in.

I wanted to open it. So,  I got the men to pull the beams out, and about twenty men, pushed the door back. Well, people was inside.
Oh my God,   .   .   .
Yep, you heard me, more bugs, thought BR to himself!! There was not many alive, out of about five hundred, we found some alive. we found a hundred and ten.   Fifty women and sixty men. I was happy? No not at all, people? People was not my first priority! Food, food was! If I find a boat with two million people, and ain't no food, to feed them, what good is that? Eating each other up like rats! No thanks, spare me that! I'll pass, said Br, shaking his head in disgust!

Food was what I needed! I took a couple of men, down into the boat, it was like dark inside, we hears water banking up against the walls, as we swam in!

Let me tell you it was spooky! It was like entering a big cathedral of death, it was full of water, but, we saw lots of boxes floating on top, but the majority of the boxes of can foods was sitting on the bottom.
 And the boat was full of containers, thousands of them, when we opened them up it was all kinds of packaged can food, most of it undamaged, and good to eat! I sighed a sigh of relief. There were all kinds of stuff inside, beside food, furniture, and all manor of things!  I tell, ya, I don't know how to sing, but I felt like it now. It's good, good feeling I had!
Year we saw a lot of bodies, that done swelled up like balloons, but we held our noses, We knew what to do! Wasn't the first time we saw that kind of stuff! Just took it in stride, we were professional survivors from Bumble Bee City!
 ha, ha, ha,   .   .  .  Feeling the way I did at that moment, made me realize I was sad before, anxious before, stressed out, but not anymore! I had a little peace about me now! Felt like my head was screwed on  just a little bit better now!

[ 10 ]

But then, the men called me, they found this here, robot that worked on the ship as security, and it was buried under a ton of stuff, but was armed and even though it couldn't get out, It,
It was threatening us, to get off the boat or it will shoot us! It was covered under a ton of debris, but it was programed to do what, it was programmed to do! We laughed, and laughed, in no way,  we weren't going to be afraid of that thing! It was stuck, and buried! It was buried under mountains of junk! It only had one arm and a head sticking out of all that garbage on top of it! And the only way it could get out was unless we dug it out, and I wasn't in a rush to do that!

So, year, bad news, sure, but I didn't want it to hurt no body, and I didn't want it to be destroyed! See this fish, bad boy that he was! I could use a robot! Shucks man, we ain't got none!

And he's still working! Maybe as we go along, we find lots more! Who knows maybe a lot of robots survived too! Something I didn't think about too, tell y'all the truth! Year, our Earth blew apart and burned, but robots don't burn, or get heart burn! Might be a lot of these iron buckets heads, hidden, and buried all of over the Goddam place! Now this boy, this metal head,
I don't want him to be dead! We could disassemble that boy, learn what technology he got!
 I wanted to use him! Use him a lot! Sure, I had dynamite, I could blow it up with, but that's not no good! See, robots are usually made today, to run on atomic energy chips!  If I get it reprogrammed, and get the sucker to, work for us? Dude, Wow, this cowboy, wo! Boy could pickup tons of stuff.  Boy, it don't rust, it don't get tired, and cain't be retired, unless you blow its head off!

Something I sure in hell, didn't want to do, right now! So, I thought about it, and among the campers, who did I knew, knew how to program too? Felix? Year! Felix was the man!
I called Felix! Felix, said he was a robot engineer programing specialist. I told him, to knock the boy out, and reprogram his brain, to work for me. Thing is if the boy, can't be programed or buckle under, than I'll blow him up! I could use a big iron boy, 12 feet tall, who works twenty-four seven and don't complain, or cry, or need shut eye! Oh, me. Oh my! Year! Could use a lot of them bucket heads! Shit! Sure could! Sure could, knock on wood, boy!

[ 11 ]


In the meantime, I went to the front of the ship, to get away and be alone and have sometime to think! My life was just spinning out of control, things happened to fast, said BR!
There are days when all I like doing is sitting in the afternoon rays of the setting sun, and have nothing to do, but fry bugs in my frying pan! Is that asking too much! I don't think I am asking for too much! Bugs!

I like the sound it makes when it is frying in the bottom of a hot pot. I like the sizzle it makes as its heats up super hot, and pops! I like the sound it makes when you fry bugs, and it ups, and flip flops, in the pot!

 You know what? Kind of, well, .  .   .  It reminds me how, how, when I first started thinking, thinking about the world, said BR, letting his mind wander back in time.
I, had, I had gone through many stages in my life. I was born poor, no inheritance, nothing backing me,   .   .  . . What's more, I was raised in the west, in a town they called, Snowflake, up there in Arizona. When, I say when, I was a youth! There was no jobs for young boys like me, didn't have great schooling, or opportunities, seemed like you had to know, know somebody, to get a job! If you didn't know nobody, got treated like a slob!  And saw the wrong ends of the stick! And that stick. Boy, let'me, tell ya,  got a lotta ends of that can stick, that can stick you in your heart, and pin you down for a life time!
The government failed that town, and a lotta others, so me I, sold drugs, you see!

Later I went into the services, got out, still was unemployed, the system was working, but not for me! Then I made a  deal, made some big drug cash, took, my stash, on a luxury bus trip that went bad, and crashed!
MY girl, who was with me, had to drag me out of a river, but I hit my head, went crazy, and now as a wanderer, I am who I am! Bad head and all! I got a thing for bugs, because, deep down in the perspective of somebody living in huge system, that's not working! America was great! Great! But only for few! Not, for me and you! That's what it all felt like, to me, at that time. A little bug! A little bug! A little bug being fried in a frying pan. No way out! And nobody gives a shit!

Then, suddenly, his thoughts got interrupted, when, a chick, a beautiful girl walked up behind him, her name was Kitty, she was tanned, voluptuous, and gorgeous! And she had just been saved, and just gotten out of the boat, and had asked who was the leader, and they told her, it was him, and he was down here, in the front of the boat, and she came to say thank you!

Hy, my name is Kitty, she looked up to him and said with a gentle voice! She had been sitting for days in water in a black room full of dead people all this time, and she would of drowned and died, if BR, didn't come! As the folks were pulled out of the bottom of dank stale waters of the boat, they all had to wash themselves off in special room they set up!
She's wet to the bone!

Her body and breasts were clearly visible through the soaked, clinging wet clothes she had on. She looked at him, he turned, and saw her, looked her in her eyes, which were big, black and mysteriously sexy to him. And she said,

I asked your men, stranger, who, just who, is responsible for getting us out? They pointed to you. Told me to leave you alone, not to come. But I ran away, and came anyway! I want, she said pausing, as if to cry, in mid sentence, I wanted to see, and thank you, personally!

I owe you, the only thing I've got, my life. If there is anything I can do, just ask me too, she said, lowering her voice, and bowing her head down, and as she began to weep!

Big Rex, looked down at the girl before him, and took a step to get closer! Took his finger and wiped away her tears!

And he liked what he saw! What he saw was young fresh and raw, and as a man he was admiring her, and he smiled and she smiled back, their eyes locked in a fixed hypnotic romantic gaze! They seemed, to instantly have a chemical attraction to each other, and hit it off without doing much talking. As if it was meant to be! And he reached his hand out to her, her body was warm, hot! She let her eyes look down on it, and slowly reached out to touched it, with her finger, then took it, and raised it up, and placed it up over her heart, he pulled her to him and he embraced her, and she slowly opened her lips and kissed, and then kissed him harder, some more!  

And he drew her behind a nearby wall, so nobody else could see, and they made love instantly, right then and there! In the open air, he ran his fingers through her long hair, and he pressed down, she moaned, making that special sound women make, when they moan in ecstasy!
She kissed the strangers ears, and his ears went from tan to an almost a tone red; as the blood  seemed to pulse in him faster and faster. all thoughts , and other actions canceled, as he as covering her over with his body gyrating, summoning a rage to love like wild beast, to come out, and he surrendered his passions, holding down staying in a love lock embrace holding pattern. He swerves into her nest, she moans, she digs her nails into his back, a body without rest, craving to be fondled and caressed! They move jerkily powerfully, there is no brake pedal? His love explodes! Spent, he weakens his grip, it's the end of the love trip! They are tired, but happy.

But it was enough? Was it enough for him? Was it enough for her? She doesn't even know his name?

[ 12 ]

  Yes, thought the woman, gazing at this man, who saved her!
Who spontaneously, passionately loved her, no talk, but just with his lust and looks, took her. Kitty pondered to her self :

I would not under normal circumstances get ravaged willingly to this stranger, but, I gave into him, his eyes, his looks, like a wild thing, he took me, and I wanted him too! I won't lie to myself!
It's like I felt like, I had just come back from the dead! And to prove, I am alive. I loved, revived and did it happily!
He looks like a wild thing, his big Maine of black hair flying in wind above me, his magnetism touched me! His eyes looking into mine, as if this is the way it is to be! And I had no choice in the matter!

I wanted to tame him. I guess I am being naive, I guess I am being foolish. But that's how I feel. That's how I feel!

 I don't know what to do next? Is there a next? When you give you body? Your, love?
When you give in and, and don't utter the," L "word?
Here I lay in his arms, I look onto his big frame, his body, on me, and can see.

He is exhausted, his blood pulses rapidly through his muscles  his big arms, since he got into me. I can hear him, I see him breathing heavily. And, I am not ashamed, all this and I didn't stop!

He didn't stop, we couldn't stop! We didn't want to stop mutually! And now I have him in me. And I don't know his name. I know he is the leader that came and open the doors to my freedom. He and his men saved the people who are alive inside! I know I gave him all, but yet, I don't know his name?

How, for the love of the heaven can I, who I am, have done this? I confess, it's beyond me. I am scientist, I am realist, I am supposed to be intelligent woman, yet, here I am, acting like a teenage school girl, giving her virginity away to a boy!

 I could hear him, breathing trying to catch his breath, after ramming me hard with his love.
I could hear imaginary words, from him telling me how much he loves my body, how much he adores me, how much, he loves me. There's the "L " word, I have not heard. But, truth is, is this was an all of sudden type thing, type of experience. That's all! By both of us, that I assume, it's a surprise to him and as well as myself.

I took his head, in my hands and raised it up off of my breast, and asked the question,
I should have asked before?

What is you name?
My name is Man! I am a man. I am a man with many personalities.  I cannot lie to you. Strange, I don't even know you! But I must tell you the truth. Now, I just feel like I was born to come out now. My name is Strawberry Lord!  There it was. A confession, a moment in time, when honesty is the priority! True, it is that Big Rex, sometimes, when he has sex, when he is having sex, it changes his personality, letting another one rise to the surface. And so she doesn't know. This is just one of his many personalities!

She looks at his face. She see's it has been roasted by the sun and is tanned, and has tiny fine lines, of one who has seen the passage of time, and has experienced a lot in life! She knows nothing about him, and wants to know all! But what Kitty does know, the world has ended a little while ago, and drowning in this ship was her biggest fear, up until a little while ago too. But now, the sun has come out, and the Strawberry Lord has come.

Can I? Can I know you, she said trembling under his weight on her, what do you do, she asked,  Mister Strawberry Lord?

Strawberry Lord, makes love to you, that's what he does, he said and kissed me all over hungrily! As If he wanted to eat me!  And I was quiet. And I kissed him back, and I felt him rise up and come again! And I moaned, smiled and was happy to be alive, and when he came, I said in his ear : Lord,   .   .   .  Amen!

So we stayed there hugging each other, and comforting each other, for a long time, in a world that time forgot!!

And I noticed something strange about him. There, on the floor, where he had thrown off his clothes, he was wearing these clothes: Old cowboy boots! A holster with two pistols! A cowboy hat full of bullet holes! These old style blue jeans, which she hadn't seen in years, only in old magazines! ! It had no rips, no tears, no painted raindrops on it! It was plain dark blue, slim jeans too! It reminded me of the clothes cowboys wore along time ago. And I don't know, he seemed mentally, like he was here, and at the same time, far away, someplace else! He seemed like everything was new to him. He looked at me, his body, his feet, and even raised up his hands, and looked at his fingers, like it was the first time he saw them! It was so strange! He was like a new born baby, somehow? But he was a man!

I thought he would be telling me a lot of things, so many things!  About why he was here, and what had happened. But instead he, he was the one asking questions! Lord, started asking me all manor of things

Like he just woke up,  and was becoming aware of his surroundings as though, as if, like, like he just awoke out of a dream, and was trying to get his bearings! I thought it was so, so odd. So strange!
He asked me, like a little boy,   .   .  . what had happened to the world?  I told him, I am trying to figure that one out, my self?
He asked me, how did the boat get here? I don't know? We were inside, and everything was going great. We were, supposed to be heading to Europe, when it seems we got caught in, a humongous tornado and the boat got picked up, and was flying around and around, and we blacked out, and I don't remember anything.
When I regained consciousness, there was no light, it was dark! It was black! I could hear the rushing of water everywhere! I was laying flat on my back, and the water was running inside the boat, I got frightened, and,  and I screamed, but couldn't see anything,  I felt something next to me, in the water touching me. I felt it! It was a something small, cold and wet and had long hair! It a small person, my figures accidentally touched its eyes, they were open, and cold! And I felt it, and figured out it was a child. I got really scared,

I reached up out of the water, and I felt pipes in the ceiling, and grabbed them, and pulled my self up and held on for dear life, as the water kept rising, and rising inside the boat. My mind was recalling everything that had happened, when suddenly, he spoke interrupting my thoughts, and said : I am glad you made it, said Mister lord!
I am glad too? And you?  Me? Yes, you? The man in me? You? He laid his head on my chest, and sighed deeply, and said : This is going to sound strange. Kitty sighed, smiled, and said to him, Strawberry, I am accustomed to strange, my Lord!
Sometimes I just don't know, he said?

What I want to know, is will you help me?
Haven't I helped you enough, replied kitty smirking and petting his hair?

Lord, smiles and kissed her on her nipple and said, yes!
But first, let me ask you. What were you doing on the boat? Me? Yes!
I worked on it! I am technician, or at least I was! I, I've been working on genomes! Genomes? You mean Genomes, Yes! I laughed, at him, the look on his face told me he was really surprised, Ha, ha, ha. See, the firm I was with worked clandestinely on a number of methodologies, which many governments banned, so we did it off shore, secretly! On, the open seas. I am not shy! I am a bit daring, so, I do what I please! Wow, Me too, I am a bit daring too! Seem we have that in common?
So what exactly were you mad scientists doing?

It's a secret!  Oh! A secret! Oh, I love secrets, he said grinning and smiling !

And the ship, let you? This ships, owners made some agreement, and we were allowed to do our experiments, out of a special laboratory constructed in one of the many containers they transported around the world.
In our laboratory, my colleagues and I did the work inside, unhindered! I don't know if they are still alive, I hope so? I really am worried! And hope they got out!
I hope also, said Lord!

Kitty looking anxious and worried said,  .   . I don't know if they still inside the boat?

I'm sorry! I If they are not. Kitty, I offer my condolences for what it's worth!
But, what you're telling me is you are in the field of molecular biology, correct? What kind, he asked? I am a Genetic and Genomic Scientist! You? You're an accomplished young lady, he said smiling at her, approvingly!
She listened, said nothing in response, but, looked down, and smiled a little bit, than tossed her gaze back up into his eyes, which were staring down at her, like she and he, were the only ones in the whole world!

[ 13 ]

Listen, I've got a lot of men on board, they are my warriors! They call me Boss, and Big Rex, Kitty!
They call you Boss? Yes, Kitty. It's facets of me, sides of me.  At a time like, this, after making love, to you, you in time, no doubt will learn the different sides of me!  It's just nick names of the personalities, coming out of my mind! I understand not from whence they come, but they do! I tell you this, cause I want you to know me! And not be afraid of me! My warrior chief is Ronine! I am going to tell my man to take care of you, Kitty!

See to your needs, and make sure you're OK? All right? I like you! And want you to know, I am interested in seeing that, one day when the ship has dried out, and all cleaned up and sanitized, you can go and salvage your work and possibly continue. Right, now, I think no convincing argument is needed, for you to understand,  we have to be, we have to be, just grateful to be alive!  What can you tell me about this ship? Do you know who the captain is? Yes, his name is Captain Kraft. I don't know where he is, or if he's alive!  Do they have a digital signal system, and communications center, and where is it?
Yes, on the second floor in the back! How about radar? Yes, of course!
Drones reconnaissance facilities? Everything, it's in the back, second floor also, she said. But nothing's working now!
Yes, I know! Now, is temporary, the future is permanently in front, and always will be! That's what I am thinking about!

Everything, now is fractally chaotic! This time, pours down on us, not pleasantries, no, no. no,  kitty! Not pleasantries, like sun showers, but oppressive thunder showers of fire! Forcing me, forcing us, to choose to be beasts, instead of educated and civil. I won't quibble with you kitty! I need you to trust in me, despite what, others say about me, or in time, what your eyes see! The storms, the earthquakes, the demons, from someplace have been aroused, and come here, to destroyed our world with a catastrophe!
I am the Lord. I, I will bring order, out of chaos!  Somethings I'll do, Kitty, somethings and laws I will have enacted, you are not going to like! I have to bring and create order where there is none! People will get hurt, who don't listen to the lord!  But, I consider you my woman now, and from me, you will have nothing to fear! I'll tell the men to make sure you get respect, and are OK! I want you. And I want you to help me. I know the ship is flooded now! But it will be dry one day!

I want you to make er, a list! Year, a list, and keep a list of everybody, who got out alive. I want to know, what technical value do they have, if any? Tell me all about the history of this ship, any information about the engines, cause if it is possible, I will want to get them to give us light, electricity! I need to know where the freezers are, and supply rooms!

I need people, Kitty! I can't do this alone! I need people like you, and doctors too, and specialists, and coders in particular.

Kitty, Now I have little time.
I have to leave.  There're no phones, there's no way to talk to you! So, I will send you love letters like in old fashion days!
I have to depart sweetheart! Now, Is there anything you want?  Kitty took her hand and beckoned him closer and kissed him on the lips a good bye kiss. And asked, when are you coming back, my lord?  I'll write. Whole tight, woman!
Listen I am the law, and I am not a one woman man! I am telling you  upfront, so you understand! The man will come again, Kitty, I promise!

Now, what I want is for you, is for you to get healthy, and get a lots of sleep! Bye, pretty Kitty, he said getting dressed silently, fixing his shirt in his pants, and turned away and walked all the way back to the middle of the big ship, and disappeared amongst his soldiers! But, peace is not something that stays, and now he leads two lives, and establishes the other boat named Flowers, the new home of the Bumble Bees! When he will make that change, he doesn't know? He tells the people who he got out the ship, they are his prisoners, and if they want to eat, they must work cleaning all the dead bodies out of the boat, so one day they, they can move in!  He sets up a open container, where they are to throw the bodies and burn them, and incinerate them! He leaves most of the men there to guard the food, and see that his orders are carried out.

MEANWHILE : He returns back to Bumble Bee City!

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Hi guys, Miss Love, here;s looking at you! Thanks for chilling out, while I was away working, so much to update you guys on, tweet you later! lol, Love!
Love@ Dam Dang girl, haven't heard a word, you doing the hermit thing?
Jackie@ Shit no, just chilling that's all, had a rough time, last gig, sucked!
Love@ No, tell me you got off?
Jackie@ I alway get off bitch, but this bee, OMG, stung me in my ass!
Love@ What happened?
Jackie@ Guess what? They doubled crossed my ass, they put the fix on my chopper, so it would run out of gas crash kill me after I killed Nicky, you know that scientist dude, who found a cure for cancer! My target, this way they get him knocked off, the target, and me, the one who killed the sun of bitch, so they don't have to pay me, and then claim the big bucks, from the SWIFT's organizations higher ups, cutting me out, bitch, that's what happened, shit man!
Love@ Love, OMG,  ta sucks! That shit is so heavy! It didn't work cause if it did, shit I wouldn't be able to tweet your ass, so how did you escape, how did you do it?
Jackie@ Listen, my ass is so upset, right now, I am see,n red, I can't hardy talk. All I can tell you is I am OK, no thanks to them! Contact you later, let me update the others too, and warn them, later, cool! Bye!
Laticha@ Hi, baby check it out, it's me, my love, bitch you won't believe what went down on my last gig? It was rigged! They had the balls to hit me!
Love@ Hi, am I reading this shit, right? Who tried to hit you?
Laticha@ Some dude working under the table as handler at SWiFT!
LOVE@ Shit, thats sucks, man, dam! That's unbelievable, are you alright, sweet heart? Whassup' with them, did they try to shoot you?
Laticha@ No, the bastards, planed to have me die by not filling up my gas tank in my chopper, so I would run out of fuel and crash my ass, hoping the ship would explode and no more me, thats what went down!
LOVE@ Holy shit, that's unreal, but why would they want you dead if all you are doing is working for them? I don't get it? But your still alive. So how did you beat the trick, honey are you OK?  
Laticha@ Year, I escaped but just by the skin of my teeth, honey! Look I'll lay the whole story on you later, got to tweet every body warn them, follow me to get the latest, look, we gone switch to encode mode 323x so that our messages can't be read, got it? Do it now 323x cause, I'll tweet you later but encrypted cool?
LOVE@ Sure babe, I understand, but tell me, tell me how did you escape?
Laticha@ I tell you later, follow me on twitter! Abschied alter Hut!
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Qswaldo@ Ich brauche Sie, um jemanden töten zu helfen!
LOVE@ Was?
Qswaldo@Ich bekam ein Problem. Und Sie sind von Pakistan! Sie sind ein Experte auf den Dialekten!! Ich will einen Dude finden!
Qswaldo sind ein kluger Kerl, Baby!

LOVE@ Ich werde den Dude, aber, "Baby" finden ich will etwas Liebe?
Qswaldo@ Sind Sie ein guter kleiner Junge?
LOVE@ Ich bin sehr schlecht Baby, du weißt es, auch! Du und ich? Ich möchte Ihr Baby Lippen küssen. Oh Kurs werde ich Ihnen helfen! schicken Sie die Details Ok per Email? Sprechen Sie später!
Qswaldo@ Sie sind ein kranker erotischer Junge. aber, kam ich, um Ihnen zu erzählen. jemand versuchte, mich zu töten. Also, ich brauche ernsthaft Ihre Hilfe OK?
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Die große Liebe trifft man - wenn überhaupt - nur einmal im Leben.

Bob@ Bob warum nicht? Ich brauche, um zu entspannen und ich liebe große Männer! Tut mir leid, ich dir meine Adresse nicht geben kann. Es ist ein Geheimnis, Sie können mich abholen, das Restaurant, wo wir uns trafen, OK?
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OO9@ Wissen Sie was, wenn Sie es tun können früher ich können Sie Geld bezahlen, OK!
John@ Wo Sie jetzt sind?
Love@ Hallo, Liebe, bin ich hier in Freudenstadt!  Freudenstadt inmitten des nördlichen Schwarzwaldes gelegen, ist nicht nur der ideale Ausgangspunkt für kleine und große Entdeckertouren in sehenswerte Schwarzwaldstädtchen! Wo die Hölle Sie ist?
John@Hallo, Schatz, Blick, brauche ich Ihre Liebe, ich brauche Ihre Hilfe auch! Aber ich versuche auch, einen Mann zu verfolgen, der versuchte, mich zu töten. wann können wir uns treffen?

LOVE@ Oh mein Gott! Sind Sie ganz richtig? Schau mal, ich bin heute und morgen, wie über Sonntagsmittag nach fünf Uhr beschäftigt?
John@ Am Sonntagsmittag nach fünf Uhr? ist kühler Schatz, Sie dann sehen, ich Sie anrufen werden, um OK zu bestätigen?
Tinamary@ Ich werde nach Deutschland an diesem Sonntag gehen, bitte sorgt sich um meinen Goldfisch Sie! ich fand ein tot in th Wasser neulich Ich werde Sie anrufen, um mit Ihnen zu bestätigen
später OK? Auf Wiedersehen Auf Wiedersehen!

x21x@Das ist schlecht!
x22x@Welche Nachrichten!
x21x@Der Klub!
x22x@Welcher Klub?
x21x@Wir bedauern, Sie zu informieren.
x21x@Sie werden vermisst!
x22x@ No!
x21x@Sie haben den Steuerentkommen-Geldmarkt effizient gestartet. Sie sind wesentlich aber,  Sie müssen Sie Position aufgeben.
x21x@Jemand ist nachdem Sie?
x21x@Und, wenn Sie bleiben, werden Sie uns ganz in Mühe mit Ihnen bekommen?
x22x@No! No, no!
x21x@Also, unternehmen Sie Schritte, um Ihre Teilnahme aufzugeben. Verwaltung hatte eine Treffen? Sie, sind unglücklicherweise nicht mehr verantwortlich?
o2o2@ Hallo Schätzchen, ich kante Gespräch zu Ihnen jetzt. Tun Sie gerade, was ich sage. Ich, geschäftlich abreisend. Es Gerüchte, dass Sie hören werden, sind sie alle Lügen durch das Disgruntalled-Interesse, versuchend, mich zu zerstören. Ich liebe Sie und die Kinder! Das ist alles, dass Sie wissen müssen! Und sagen Sie den Kindern, ich liebe sie. Ich gegangen eine lange Zeit. Ich werde mich in den kommenden Monaten in Verbindung setzen! schade, Aber ist das, wie es sein muss!
Arzt, Merswettheim@ Arzt, Merswettheim, ist meine Textzahl x21x! Sie wissen, wer ich bin! Ich hoffe, dass Sie mir eine Bevorzugung gewähren werden, ich habe einen wichtigen Freund, der plastische Chirurgie sofort braucht. Ein neues Gesicht! Stellen Sie bitte sich bereit! Sagen Sie nichts darüber! Anruf oder Text ich sofort! Text ich x21x, bald wie möglich!
Arzt, Merswettheim@Ich verstehe! Wahr! Eine eherne Idee, das ist fett! Es ist notwendig! Wann können Sie starten Arzt?
x221x@Ich verstehe! Ich habe eine geheime Office können Sie kommen mir sie!
an einem kleinen Wasserkraftwerk am Senkelbach in Augsburg.

Arzt, Merswettheim@Wann?
x22x@Vielleicht in ein oder zwei Monate. Ich bin sehr beschäftigt!
Arzt, Merswettheim@Hören Sie mir zu! Hören Sie gut zu! Ich werde Sie wieder, Arzt nicht fragen! Dies ist eine Frage des Lebens und Todes zu mir, und Leben und Tod zu Ihnen! Jetzt frage ich Sie jetzt den Sie mich verstehen? Wann können Sie anfangen?
x22x@We verwendet die aktuellsten Werkzeuge in der Diagnose und der Behandlung für Sie von unserem Gebiet, über das Land und um die Welt, aber ich muss meine Mannschaft zusammen, vielleicht morgen erhalten?
Arzt Merswettheim@Welche Zeit Arzt?

Arzt, Merswettheim@6 :45 ist?

Arzt, Merswettheim@ ich werde erklären, dass dieses draußen für Sie verfälschen! Der Betrieb ist nicht für einen Freund von meinem, als ich Sie erzählt habe. Es ist für mich! Ich will nicht erkannt werden. Einige Leute wollen mich Verstorbene, dieses Gesicht, das ich hat, ist mein Todesurteil, will ich es von einem weißen Gesicht zu einem schwarzen Gesicht ändern! Ein Schwarz? Ja Afrikaner!

Herr Nice Nett, x21x, @Interessant? Ich habe den Arzt gewusst, der chirurgisch eine Frau gemacht hat, aussieht wie die Finsternis

Ägyptische Königin Nefertiti. Er hat ihr das Gesicht gegeben aber hat weiß verlassen enthäutet! Siehe, dass es here>http://www.oddee.com/item_96941.aspx ich nicht weiß, wie Sie danach Süden Afrikaner machen, ist Es nicht meine medizinische Spezialität! Aber ich kann Ihnen eine dunkle Änderung nördlich Afrikaner wie ein Ägypter geben oder anschauen Sie mit einen dunklen Taliban kann ändern! Oder, aber ich kann Sie der moderne Chinese
hat sich geneigt reizendes Augeaussehen so niemand wird identifizieren Sie ändern! Dieses, das ich machen kann!

Insofern die Haut,

Ansprüche afrikanische Hautalter anmutiger als sein kaukasisches Gegenstück, ist wahr, weil schwarze Haut mehr Melanin hat, und neigt dazu, sie jünger länger auf der Außenseite anzuschauen, ich kann hat vollendet dass mit gemeinsamen Methoden wie Melaninanregung für zu blass Flecke, hat den Arzt gesagt! Ich werde Sie, Herr nett, ich habe einen Künstler zeigen, einen Entwurf einer chirurgischen Künstlers Entwurfs Symbolik zu machen, damit Sie eine Idee erhalten können, wie Sie herauskommen dürften!

Arzt, Merswettheim@  Gut! Gut! Jetzt ich will Sie, zu wissen, Arzt Merswettheim, Wenn etwas schief geht, Meine Wache wird Sie töten, damit sich vergewissert, dass Sie mich lebend behalten, Zu Verfälschen! Ja ja, selbstverständlich Sie, Sie. Sie können mir vertrauen, Herr Nett!

Arzt, Merswettheim @ Gut! dann bis 6:45 am.

Herr Nice Nett, x21x, @6:45 IST, JA HERR. NETT! Kommen Sie in! Kommen Sie zum geheimen Krankenhaus, einzuchecken und wird bewertet und wird bearbeitet, isst nichts für den restlichen Tag nur Wasser. Irgendwann vor Mittag werden wir beginnen! Ich sichere zu, dass jedes Ding fein sein wird, werden Sie sehr eigenartig in Erscheinung sein! Sehr vorzüglich! nur entspannt, erhält einen guten Nacht Rest, Herrn Nice,nett!

LOVE@ Bonjour ma chère. Bonjour ma chère ce moi votre garçon amant chaud ANTONIO, heh heh ha, ha, ha!
Comment faites-vous sans mon corps ?
Son juste à droite, à droite ?
Je travaille dur tous les jours juste pour obtenir tous mes muscles. Mon muscles d'amour forts pour toi mon amour.
J'espère que tu faites bien, ha, ha, ha !
Je veux ton corps maintenant, pas demain dammit. J'ai eu à le faire. Sinon, si je vais mourront de bébé !
En hiver j'ai besoin de la chaleur de notre corps. À lété me besoin elle aussi ! Tout au long de lannée. Chaud !
Venez à moi, très bientôt, veuillez.
Je ne veux pas vivre sans votre corps ! OMG, a obtenu de le faire !

ANTONIO@ le bien-aimé de Regard, être patient! Je suis arrivé pour piloter en Allemagne ce week-end dimanche pour affaires! Aujourdhui et demain, je dois visiter le Moyen-Orient, pour affaires! Je vous téléphonerai quand je récupère, au revoir mon bien-aimé!
King Hussein@ King Hussein blessed be your memory. Long do I to be graced with your shadow on my person, How are you?
Love@ I am well my child, most cordial hello, praise be thanks to Allah on high from your humble King Hussein. My eyes need to see you, my hands need to hold all of you again, you are the treasure of my humble heart, you are my most precious flower, you, my reason to live, is to see you in my arms. My dearest fearless feather of the greatest flying white sweet doves. It is always a pleasure to hear from you my love. Miss Lovekilljoy.
King Hussein@ blessed be your highness, the ancient shifting sandy beaches of your beloved country, always attracts me, as do you too, of course. Busy, I know you must be, still I wish you to grant me an audience with you, if possible.
LOVE@ But space I will make in my life to see you. I will stop the sun from rising, turn out the light of the moon for you, just to be with you for a night. I' am ecstatic you tweeted me. But of course, come to me and it shall be done.
King Hussein@King Hussein you are as always most gracious and most generous. I hear you named a room in your southern shore palace after me, let me express again once more, my sincere gratitude your majesty! I' am honored. I must cry for help on your mighty shoulders, my King!
Let me explain, as you know. I am a girl of the world.  I love hard and fight harder true too!
You know all there is to know, so you know doubt have heard of SWIFT? Well, I am employed agent soldier of fortune of theirs. Recently I have been wronged, double crossed by another agent, a handler for the organization who works there. I don't know his name and wish you to help me to discern his identification.
He is the one working on a case. A special case identified as involving a scientist. A scientist, whose Nick name was Nicky. Nicky, is who claimed to have found a cure for cancer. Anyway, the handler agent tried to have me killed while I was working on this case. I wish to find him and get my revenge. For he tried to have me killed in a helicopter accident. The trick was to not fill up my helicopter gas tank, and cause it to crash killing me. Luckily, for me, I escaped. Now I want revenge. If you should be able to get his identification for me, it would make me most happy. I in turn would make you most happy anyway I can. Tweet me if you learn anything. I will tweet you next weekend. Till then, God be with you great esteemed one, and Thank you!
LOVE@ I will move heaven and earth for you, this handler will be found. We will speak soon, I promise you.

LOVE@, Hi this is Roge! We got a deal on Sipompas Organic Cherries at last! Guess what, you will get a free sample on us in the mail, give me some feed back, please! Let us know you're feeling about its taste, chow love! Hope to hear back from you soon! By the way, I got engaged!
Love@ Hi Love, this is Laticha again, just tweeting to let you know I'am at Billy's Cuts, getting my hair done, I should be out by six! Meet at Charles place afterwards! Call me if you can't make it. Bye!
LOVE@ This is Robert from Everest, your Ipad is fixed. We think this encryption upgrade you will really like! You can pick it up any time, but bring your receipt, OK! Thanks! Robert Edgar!
LOVE@ Dear Lovekilljoy, we are returning an answer to your request concerning secret members, and yes, we regret we are unable to divulge agents to you as a matter of policy . We respectfully understand you think you have legitimate reasons, but in short :  considerations of privacy are vintage established protocols to which adherence to contractual assignments we must respect!
All complaints replete with all the failings that one might think an agent might possess, may be just a misunderstanding, and as a business, we cannot express favoritism neither pros or cons. Sorry, we don't buy into your complaints. And find your alleged accusations an example of your narrow clumsiness, and invective flawed mentality. I am left with the feeling that the ambitious scope of your unfounded complaints, has been betrayed by the lack of proof! Please in the future do not proceed with your puerile inquiry it would not advantageous. We will not respond to you again on this matter!

LOVE@ This is billy, hope you doing fine! Oh by they way, my birthday will be here soon, I'll be seventeen! Wow, I am getting old! You know I like video games see ya!

The night holds fractals fright! Precariously perched in a lurch, some one is coming, some one bad!

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Tribute to Master Jesse stories inspired to honor him and his contributions, SEE REPLY#17
see it here reply#17>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/15/

Insist we do a tribute to another prestigious mighty Master, Jessi  : The Programmer Magician

For instantaneous locations of Art and Film Reviews by All Masters featured go to see REPLY#12 in the  " huge lack of comments" section

The Scary Jesse Chronicles

We dedicate these Baby Jesse, stories in appreciation of and to honor this Fractal Artist named Jesse, a master developer of the Mandelbulb 3D application program, and also in honor of contributors, Daniel White and Paul Nylander’s Mandelbulb work.

The Scary Jesse Chronicles series motif, is an expression of the [ Erudition Gene ] construct. Or, what could be called more simply, " The DNA, algorithmic destiny, some people are born to do great things construct!" And functions on the premise, that the inheritor of the alfa [ Erudition Gene ] DNA genomes-lines, will contribute great things to society, since the beginning of society! And in these stories, we attempt to demonstrate examples of great things the Master Jesse, has done throughout history since the dawn of mankind.

We follow as baby Jesse, goes on these fascinating journeys and horrific adventures, as he gets lost in a mysterious fractal rabbit hole, that leads him, way back to the caveman times, his trials and confrontations with cannibals, and demons, black fractal magic, and spirits, both good and bad, and what its like to grow up, when he was just a little boy!  

                         THE SCARY JESSE CHRONICLES


Chapter 1 tribute to Master Jesse see it here = REPLY#17>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg38808/#msg38808
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Chapter 9 see it here = REPLY#119>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg50935/#msg50935

The Scary Jesse Chronicles

Chapter 6


They didn't know, but thats when the Medicine men got angry and they snorted more Zhabasiiiss weeds leaves, and then the blue medicine man raised his hands in the air and the air suddenly crackled with loud blasting thunder wonder, and the air darkened and walls of the fractal caves within caves shook, and shook hard! All things changed as magic rearranged raining down hard in on this very moment in the moment of time x time, and Baby Jessi watched as the winds began to blow and he didn't know what the heck to do? But what ever was happening outside, he knew he had to jump out of the nose now or loose the opportunity come what may! So looked down and he could see the water of the lake was about a hundred feet down below, so he breathed in several deep gulps of air, held his breath and ran and dives out of the nose, but before he could pass through, the big nasty beast, started to breathe in, and inhale air, and that powerful gust of wind was strong and powerful, enough, that it sucked Baby Jessi right up back, back, back into the nose and down into the corridors of the beast things lungs, again! Now ain't this revolting development thought Baby Jessi. How, oh how will I get out?

[ 2 ]
The start of Baby Jessi's time in here was indeed, treacherously horrifying for him, and plenty scary too! Oh boo hoo, cried Baby Jessi, not knowing what to do! Luckily the air was fresh, because the beast was gulping and breathing in the air from out side by the super tons, and happily Baby Jessi, could breathe in the air that rushes into the lungs by the powerful inhalations of the mighty beast, that were like gigantic wind storms, that blew for a long lonnggg minute or two! All the air winds were going in one direction inwards, then when the lung sac was fully expanded like a huge red balloon, it would start to collapse and get small and exhale! The boy soon found by grabbing on the blubbery walls of the lungs, he could steady himself and get his equilibrium back and start to think and figure out what to do next!  And it dawned on him, as he spotted a large light wing of a fly! That the giant wing, was one that had belonged to a giant fly that had died, and the wing while floating in the air got sucked into the beasts mouth, and flowed in the air down its throat and down and around and around in the giant animals lungs, where baby Jessi noticed it! Once the action of the lungs started to exhale, the large flat scaly wing began moving upwards in a draft of air, and it rose up in the air and turned around in the winds getting ready to ride the wind currents right back outside! So Baby Jessi, who was very small compared to its giant size, decided to go for a ride on it, thinking quickly, that it might lead to hid freedom. So, he jumped on it! Grabbing his tiny little fingers into its crevices and the grooves of the wing to hold on tight,  and he rode it back out the mouth of the beast as it exhaled in a jiffy. Baby Jessi flew out of the mouth of the beast like a rocket, atop the twirling transparent wing of a fly, and once outside the wing dithered high in the air, floating in the air, but with the weight of baby Jessi, holding on to it, it started to descend and Baby Jessi looked down as it was suddenly caught up in the mighty thunderstorms that was now raging out side, caused by the Medicine men! Baby Jessi had, many misconceptions about where the winds would take him, but the wind's knew what they were doing. He held on for dear life, crying out to himself and trying to speak to his mother, saying, "Oh Mommy, oh mommy I am out!

I am out, I am free! Can you see me? Oh Mommy, I promise never to trust or to listen to an old person ever again.

Ever, ever! Old people are bad!" It ain't over till it's over, and the winds were still strong and blowing and blew him faraway and they took him to another section of the Jungles of Doom, in a land called Muzmucjoo'o'ka, which was the land of the mightiest Fophism'octians! The Fophism'octians, were in a parallel world thousand of years ahead of their Neanderthals brother visible human species.  

They were a secret semi human race, who lived on the earth by day and under the earth by night, but were invisible to human eyes, but they are visible to each other, die to their eyes which have like a flies eyes, and a person could see them if you had  structures called ommatidia like adult housefly, which has about 3,000 ommatidia in each eye in fractal hexagonal patterns.
 Eyes like that, could trap and bend light channels rays of light, and therefore the intensity of the image on the retina is greatly enhanced allowing them to see many things, but the Fophism'octians, not only have these fly eye attributes, but others too, that inculcate into their matrix, allowing them to see objects that other wise would be invisible! And since Baby Jessi was riding this giant wing that was a large concave, transparent shaped, and its molecular structure was bending light like a prism, thus allowing him to be able to look through it! It was structured in such a way, that the big wing of the fly, he was flying on, he could look through the wing when he put his eyes up close to it, and use it as like glasses,  and by doing so, he was able to see them.

[ 3 ]

The people, could fly and their flight ability was base on mind over matter, re-constituted mental, matter to light energy propulsion, that defied gravitational forces almost completely. And there were so many of them in the air, instead of walking on the ground, that the air looked like swarms of birds flying, clouding out the sunlight like clouds. It was truly amazing and when Baby Jessi, first witnessed it, he was stunned! And he didn't even move for about ten minutes, and was barely even breathing, he thought it was so strange to see! It was unbelievable!
The air traffic was horrendous, but miraculously they wouldn't crash into each other! They also had ground vehicles to transports good and services, and also had flying vehicles similar to zooming buses, that carried thousands of people!
They, as a people, were really tall and muscular
and down right really giant sized you could say, and Baby Jessi thought that the rainbow colored people, looked better than regular people!
And the men and women resembled a sub specie of thin bodied humans, with the astounding ability to drop their temperature and molecularly freeze themselves, excreting a calcium based, thick outer shell over their body exoskeleton wise, when necessary to either protect themselves, and or to hibernate, going without food for long periods of time.
They would do this transformation, close to, or right up against next to a large boulder, sticking out of the earth, or a mountain of stone, and would get rid of their rainbow skin colors, void the brighter colored rainbow colors, for drab blackish grey colors, to blend their outer shells textures in camouflage mode, so that they appeared to be at first glance, part of the rocky stone surface.
When times were safe, and they wanted to, they would thaw out, and the shell would split open like a cardboard box, or an  egg shell, and they would emerge like new, and continue their life's journey!
And as was stated before they had special eyes with fly eye attributes, and others too, that inculcate into their core DNA, matrix, allowing them to see objects that otherwise would be invisible and go undetected!
But, Baby Jessi knew nothing of this or them, or who they feared, or whether they had predators after them, or, that's why they morphed into stone.
To him it was all a big bad dumb mystery!  

Over the thousands upon thousands of centuries, however, these people, their knowledge about the trials and tribulations of life, was like a huge data base archive!  And, all of this, was not known to Baby Jessi. He as a child of just a few years had been through so much already, he was born extremely intelligent, but still, it was all to often way to much for him to know, comprehend or even try to understand!

He knew they looked nice, and he liked the skin tight clothes they wore, little knowing that these clothes, were self generated by chemical excretions out growths of their skin pores, that made it fit them perfectly. The mucus would ooze out and form a rubber layer of skin and that's was their clothes!
They have the ability to shed the shoes, they secreted into existence, and allow for the natural hairy, sticky powerful adhesive to their feet, and once exposed, they are able to walk on a ceiling, inside a house upside down. Their special feet enable them to land on smooth surfaces, and not slide off. They were all this time, were living on earth but invisible to regular man people because of the inferior vision eye capacities! They could see you, but you could not see them, they knew about you, and looked down on Neanderthal human brothers, as the lowest of animals forms, although we were related to them, by being a sub derivative hybrid specie, albeit evolving slower than they were!

Later on Jessi, learned more about them, and learned that these people had a strange religion, that worshiped the holy," Mitpoztocs," or giant frogs. They would paint the frogs in rainbow colors, to to look like them, and apply a specially concocted ointment, on them and dance and chant, around them, till the frogs spoke, speaking to the winds, and when they spoke, it caused the skies to rain hard, fast, and wild, like a big monsoon storm! And in the monsoon, the spirit of rain and thunder, came under above and through and sprayed power rains on good spirits and the good hearted!  Baby noticed a young boy playing near by, had spotter him and came over to look and play with him! The boy was smiling and pointed to the big wing and asked, in his native tongue, "photheypomoupo?" The boy walked over to where the fly wing was and looked at Baby Jessi and Baby Jessi didn't know why but he got a voice in english out of mind of the boy penetrating a translation into his mind giving him insight and understanding, even though the little boy wasn't speaking english, but Baby Jessi mentally could understand him. The mind of the boy was asking, " photheypomoupo," which meant, if he could climb up on it? Baby Jessi, nodded his head up and down smiling saying sure, " its easy," and climbed up in the center of the wing with the boy. They both seem happy and amused to be in each other company, and the boy was just about getting comfortable siting on the wing, when suddenly the wing got caught in a gust of wind from nowhere, and it slowly floated up taking both of them upwards for a ride, but a ride to where ? But another wind swung around and around with Baby Jessi and the boy on it! The winds blew stronger and the wing twisted around like in a super fast tornado and Baby Jessi and the other kid was in holding for dear life! They held on, and they were getting oh so dizzy, and dizzier till

A bolt of lightening came out of nowhere struck the air just above the wing forming a volt bubble around them seizing reality and changing their bodies merging them into one, and that one into an energy pretense, the pretense energy transformed into single person being with super powers! Baby Jessi was not the same any more and the wing floated back down to earth with only one person on board! that person was Baby jessi!
Down, down it came as the sky open up and it began to rain red rain! And in the rain as it came down and hit his skin, the rain sizzled and crackled with electricity and Baby Jessi didn't have clue what was going on but he knew that his mind was filling up with memories that was not his, he saw faces of people and cities and flying ships and rockets landing taking off, and cities raising up and fires raging and trees growing, and a barrage of thousands of images flashed by, it was so fast and just too much, it was incomprehensible and suddenly his mind seized up with turbo power, and this surge of power made him pass out! He didn't know what it was all about!

But when he woke up, he was so, so scared, for he didn't know where he was? he didn't know what happened to the boy, all he knew was he happy he was alright! He didn't know anything about this place at all! The only thing he recognized was the giant fly wing, that he rode to get here. He also remembered looking to see the strange invisible people. He took a piece of the wing and broke off several chips off it and placed them all in his askaty bag! Then he broke off too small pieces and put them on to his right eye and to his surprise he could see them , but then he took off the wing chip off his eyes, and when the wind chip was away they disappeared, he couldn't see them, but he knew they there, and he thought, to himself why don't I try to see them! I can't see them, but I should be able to! Let me close my eyes and wish I could. And, he closed his little eyes, and wished he could and he tried again, and when he opened his eyes, this time, he could see them and he so happy and he smiled.

Now, just a word to any children reading this. There may be some very young children reading along with us today. So, be ready, the next sentence or two might be a little hard to understand. So, asks your parents to help you to understand. If they're not around, just skip it and go down to section [ 5 ], anyway what it all means is, Baby Jessi is mixed with the invisible boy and is stronger than he was before, and he can now, do all kinds of cool stuff!

[ 4 ]
What had happen during the initial thunder event, that merged the boys, in the process extends to huge sparks or streamers in lightning discharges propagated by this is the formation of millions of electron avalanches, created in the high potential gradient, ahead of the streamers' advancing tips, of the lightening that effectuated the impact of time x time bubble transformation seed, that caught the boys, and twisted their individual gene code legacy adjustibilities, of genome trauf interchangeably, as them as targets, resulting in side effects which were spontaneous and undefinable! Once begun, avalanches are often intensified by the creation of photoelectrons, as a result of ultraviolet radiation, emitted by the excited medium's atoms in the aft-tip region, which have inter frequencies co-mergent tendencies inculcated in their spontaneous existences, in its existence, subject to matter bio and subconscious sequestration induce changes to beings in the frequency vicinity!

[ 4.1 ]
What, stimulative effects, changes had happened was his mind, unbeknownst to him, squirreled away into his old primal brain he inherited, with its set of DNA, had fused in the lightening storm thunder strike, with the other boy he was with, and both his mind and the invisible child's mind, their minds frequencies got jolted fusing their minds together, into one, and absorbing the weight of the moment in time x time and crisscrossed eroding his ignorance barriers, and fertilizing it with the other boys conceptualized mind conceptualizations, proportioning it with the other kids insights, communal data memory base, employing now his experiences, as secret benefactor incorporated inside the mind of the mind of Baby Jessi, endowing it now, combinatorially with unique superior powers!

[ 4.2 ]
Inculcated into the DNA of both bodies mergerments, re establishment of radicals, much of this DNA often appears to possess no known biological fractal function, and is sometimes more likely will be referred to as "junk DNA". However, many types of noncoding DNA sequences do have known biological functions, and during interfacing combinatorial merger of coding expressions, including the transcriptional and translational regulation of protein-coding of sequences newer adjustibilities code, underlining fundamentals expressions occurred!  These random fractal sequences, can be defined as sudden and spontaneous changes in the cell, that  lead to other noncoding sequences redetermining undetermined, functions! One of which, was the re-bio-design of his optical lens, which iterated like the common household fly, compound eye structure, replicating the entire configuration by re-bio-chemicalization, through natural bio chemical low-temperature atomic layer deposition processes. Baby Jessi's, his eyes looked human, but could change, if he needed to see things outside of the human range.

[ 4.3 ]
These, transformatic modulations, reverse engineering and intra structuralizing to format the distinct functions such as : specialized dynamic optimization of core bodily energy sources from

Carbohydrate, protein, fats and alcohol, but adding a heightened right mix of these four nutrients due to the merger with the Fophism'octians, child's superior biology will allowed the bodies, now to function at a high state of speeds in all areas of energy release! Medium intensity exercise increases the use of muscle glycogen and plasma glucose and this in-turn as the intensity of the release due to the designated exercise increases manifestingly reverting to the bio facilities of the core attributes of the Fophism'octians!  The body needs when doing extreme exercises make it necessary to shift the primary energy sources as the amount of energy being metabolized from fats is insufficient to meet the body's needs. Additional nuanced alcohol, in hesitance of an attractor facilitator for more capacity for alcohol, which is in play, is not a major contributor of energy during exercise, but it does provide him now with additional calories which are then stored and used as fuel back up for release.  This high rate energy release facility speeds up substantially modulating optimizing activities, be it walking, running, sports or all kinds of interfacing physical engagements. Thus ;  this means that sometimes the individual possessing these metabolic improvements can he if wishes, move faster than human eye can see, thus invisible! How will these new abilities affect Baby Jessi?  

[ 4.4 ]
Theoretically :  We think it is important to note :  When you don't know the rules of the game you just stop playing, but this is a biological non cyclical situation, and mathematically a binary operation is commutative, if the changing order of the operands does not change the results, but insertion of physicality relationships here relatively-bio factors basically look the same, but when combinatorially combined, the results may look the same visually, but the inherent internal molecular and subconscious properties, and attributes don't give the same results! Combinatorial analysis head count front subconsciously, is a huge responsibility, which takes  a toll on entities around one, with the other, which in turn takes a toll on those in the trenches of top down bio subconsciousness redistributive multiplexed demo, alter ego stellar performancers in their totality! Is it no wonder then : entity one fluxes paused, as secondary alter ego of the entity two [ the other child's mind ] shall present alter ego challenges, in the new body of Baby Jessi, who although looks basically the same, and, who is now, the main one entity receivership owner, of all the combined attributes!

Some things are made to appear invisible, because they don't reflect light, that can be detected by the human eye. Visible light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum, which encompasses all so called known up until your now, frequencies, or such as electromagnetic radiation gives off from an object emitting, or absorption, extends from ranges of low frequencies, used for radio communication, to short-wave wavelength high frequency, gamma radiation capable of covering miles to atom size things and is infinite and fractally continuous!

[ 4.5 ]
Why was it naturism predication to cloak the rainbow colored peoples with rainbow colored skin that don't reflect light, and make it their birth right?
Invisibility is the state of an object that cannot be seen. And said object, whether live or non living, in this state is said to be invisible, the source emitting the light reflects off the surface of the object in question, by light in the visible spectrum from a source reflecting off their surfaces and hitting the viewer's eye, the most natural form of invisibility is an object that neither reflects nor absorbs light that is, it allows light to pass through it. This state is called transparency, and is seen in many naturally occurrances in many materials, although its hard to substantiate a naturally occurring material, that is totally transparent, thus invisible! But, that verifiable sparsity does not preclude their existence!
Visibility also depends on the instruments or eyes of the observer used. The  most desired form of camouflage is invisibility, often considered the frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum such as radio, infrared, ultra violet, etc, but regarding the abilities of or lack of, let us focus here on the human eyes, for a second! Definitely, the human eye has a finite speed at which it can resolve movements of all kinds. The film projector is based on this idea. By showing a series of sequential still images at speeds faster than 1/14 of a second produces the illusion of smooth motion.  If You flip through the pages of a book of images, it would seem to animate them!

[ 4.6 ]
The rule was that an object travels more than 500 times it's body length every second, the human eye will render things passing out of the field of vision, thus invisible! But consider to the new merged bodies vision structurality, and the inherent optical abilities of it to calculate, out, how fast the image of the object moves across the retina and correlate that with data about the eye's "refresh rates" as it passes through! Now add complexity you, when considering time x time ten dimensions accidentation, when the person is casually sitting and or standing still or sleeping, but still cannot be detected by the human eye? The souls of The Universe has topical engagement arrangements derangements of how functions, function will be to it's soul, sole prerogative! To follow the unfollowable is desirable!
Admirerable winker, thous be profound deeper, thinker seeker be you!  Behold morph not, think lot : Concentrate thee, child of the world into the dark, alone, you must be, answer will come to thee! Door shut Mind open! The confine that binds, will be broken! Before you think, there those who have thunken, late be you!
[ 4.7 ]
Thus eyes: Going beyond that range it substantially fails to detect many things out side its scope of abilities, and that a bullet clearly goes over the 500 x limit, and is invisible to the human eye, again this does not preclude its existence and the impact side effects that one felt,  if it impacts you, despite being invisible, to the naked human eye!

Baby Jessi's  : His,  new eye dynamics, enabling sight enhancements, eyes visually are responsive now to ultraviolet light, and its sensory cells each of which have different sensitivities to the various parts of the color spectrum, are particularly sensitive to UV light. These cells have a secondary and unique photopigment that reacts to the light in the UV range (300 to 400 nm), which benefits will be stunning!
Facilitating, not just vision improvement but, other body recursively contributions endowments, facilitating the ability to replicate a bio-mental-logical structures multiplied, and effective fabrication path that follows exhibitional natural proclivities, then redistribute nuanced abilities enhancement modification bio-ly measured, this combined with other physicality upgrades to the core body ecosystems with its physical properties! Luckily anticipated bacteria contribute also, with each bacteria capable of few mental wired instinct activity, reflecting and highlighting also, their limited subconsciousness with which do play a role in the cosmic thought totality of the being, they are inhabiting in their digestive and bowel tracks. These beings, benefit from their bacterial form beings, that contracts and manage themselves and the lead risk, nutritional volatility challenges, and prolong long range sustainability factors!

Including new additional acquisition of bacterial functionality, beneficially performing digestive complicated purification transactions, that plays a role in the hibernational body stasis, and exoskeleton emergence in emergencies! This plus, advanced displays of upgraded units incorporating importantly other participants : distances via multiple nuances senses attractors developing, such as nasal, visual, audio, reproductively, kinetically, compound statistical brain model, interfacial laterally assigning bio-molecules! And, then, charging, them not just at the cell levels! Cells, which is too large to discuss on the quantum level, but nevertheless discussable, when in the context ; also scaled down nano vectors descendant, all the way down to sensitive area recently defined as the quantum rings, that show unique electronic, magnetic and optical properties, with unique properties, facilitating them as an attractive adaptation for internal, external use, in various mental applications : such as magnetic memory used in systems for quantum computers brain adaptations.  

[ 4.8 ]
However, these nuances and their Capacity utilization in a controlled fashion, would not be easy!  And one could easily say, the new components in Baby Jessi's head were harvesting discerning betas mode variants, laden with circuits processing true, but in need of debugging! Nevertheless, ready or not, Baby Jessi was a new boy! He was now, " Power man boy!"  And the first thing Baby Jessi tried to do and say was," I am going to try to see the invisible people." So, he concentrated and something in hue see structure, modulated splitting divisorially and sub nugget octagalizing it's his internal optics and suddenly he was able to see the invisible people, but now they were no longer invisible to him. He took the wing chip, he was using to see them originally, and put it away in his askaty bag, for safe keeping. For now to see them he didn't need it any longer!

[ 4.9 ]
What had occurred was when the two bodies Baby Jessi and the other invisible child's body had merged together,  it was both a physical and contextual mental agglomeration plus subconscious mergerment, being that his intellectual arc of Fophism'octians were advanced, and so knowledgeable : that one of their children was mentally more smarted then the adult human male knowledge wise! So, dealing with Baby Jessi, now, it was like dealing with an adult man! So Baby Jessi, had now a adult brain in a child's body. He also had super strength and flying capabilities too! The ironic factor was he hadn't a clue, and hadn't caught on to this yet and still didn't know what to do, and true to himself honestly, was still acting like a child, but this mental status, would so change eventually, and he would discover these new powers, by trial and error, interestingly! In affect he was indeed," A Power Man Boy!" and didn't know it!
[ 4.10 ]
At some point in the future when, if and when he gets angry, he will find amongst his list of special abilities, is the power to throw thunder bolts from his finger tips, another miraculous mergerment of the thunder event, that initialized these gamma ray forces chemical mutations in him biologically!

[ 4.11 ]
The Fophism'octians were lovers of fenugreek, and consumed the special herb plant with their meals all the time! Since ancient times, and they took it internally as a remedy for gastrointestinal and respiratory ills and externally to treat wounds, skin irritation and pain. Since their skin was alway changing and had many excretional processes when they morphed in to stone. They like to eat fenugreek either whole and chew them like peanuts or ground up and mixed into a  big puffy breads know as wodeobs! Or, another way they would eat the plant was to soak the seeds in water in fish soups. It was a delicious threat and even in today two million years later, modern world people know of and eat fenugreek! It is much sought after!
Of course Baby Jessi, was back in that world like a true baby child, he was totally clue less. To give you an idea of the depth of his ignorance about things, you would have to compare Baby Jessi, to a baby fish. If you were a baby fish and emerged out of egg and had no mother around, just as in the situation like Baby Jessi, who has no mother now, around at his side to guide him. How would you know you were a fish? How would you know what fish do? How do you learn to swim? How do fish learn to swim?
Interesting how mother nature plays her games! There indeed are differences between our brains and those of fish, in so far as learning basic motor skills. If we are a baby fish, constraining our scope of understanding is the fact that we have no prior knowledge to know how to swim. Neither boy or fish know how to swim at birth. They have to learn. The fish doesn't have to learn, but relies on what it inherits in its hardwire activity code functionality expressions, in his code, that automatically tells him, he should shake his appendages, and that would result in propulsion through the water, up, down, forward!
The fish doesn't have to worry about the problem of learning how to breathe, because that is involuntary, just like in the boy, he doesn't have to learn to breathe either, so to live they will do involuntarily. But, now comes hard wired dependence of inherited genomic code fallout distributing free data based knowledge facilitators, to designate, likes and dislikes preferences, regarding what food the fish should eat for the fish, what food to eat for the boy as a human, what actions, what friends to take and what places to go to, all these both mental, biological proclivities automatically kick in.
But happens when you are a mutant? Baby Jessi is a mutant!
But, baby Jessi has a problem. He, has inherited not just his own natural hardwire code human behaviors spectrum. But, now with the thunder event fusion molecularly plus the fusion of the invisible boys, advanced biology and mentality and recourses, there is the hidden factor. OH OH! The alter ego of the invisible boys mentality?
Baby Jessi, will he on accessing the other child memory data base, and the conflicting stewardship of the foreign emergent emotionality and obtuse subconsciousnesses, get Baby Jessi confused to the point of going insane?

You never know how good you have it till you lose it!

He is still conflicted about going into the fractal dimensions, but does bravely go where no man has gone before!

[ 5 ]

So it was a nice sunny day, the clouds went away, in the land called Muzmucjoo'o'ka, where the the rainbow people lived. Things were nice, and Baby Jessi was nice and happy, he had gotten out of the nose. And he was happy to be in this different place, and finally be able to see the rainbow folks, with his own eyes, not using the fly wings as special glasses anymore!  And, he hoped, he would meet nice, very young people here, in this new land. But, he couldn't help himself!  He had hatred now, of all old people, and wanted to hurt them badly, because they always waound up hurting him, telling him what to do, or wanting to beat or kill him! To him, old people were bad and one day he would tell his Mommy!
He was some distance away from rainbow people, and was sitting under a big bushy tree in the cool shadows! He felt safe at last, so, he took a moment to pull out his diary from his askaty bag, and update his chronicles about his journey.
He had a lot to write about!

The fractal forums, the possibilities are infinite!

© Intermind Weavers 2012 all rights reserved. Said text works are not for redistribution or utilization without express permission of author.

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Tribute to Master Jesse stories inspired to honor him and his contributions, SEE REPLY#17
see it here reply#17

Insist we do a tribute to another prestigious mighty Master, Jesse  : The Programmer Magician

For instantaneous locations of Art and Film Reviews by All Masters featured go to see REPLY#12 in the  " huge lack of comments" section
The Scary Jesse Chronicles

We dedicate these Baby Jesse, stories in appreciation of and to honor this Fractal Artist named Jesse, a master developer of the Mandelbulb 3D application program, and also in honor of contributors, Daniel White and Paul Nylander’s Mandelbulb work.

The Scary Jesse Chronicles series motif, is an expression of the [ Erudition Gene ] construct. Or, what could be called more simply, " The DNA, algorithmic destiny, some people are born to do great things construct!" And functions on the premise, that the inheritor of the alfa [ Erudition Gene ] DNA genomes-lines, will contribute great things to society, since the beginning of society! And in these stories, we attempt to demonstrate examples of great things the Master Jesse, has done throughout history since the dawn of mankind.

We follow as baby Jesse, goes on these fascinating journeys and horrific adventures, as he gets lost in a mysterious fractal rabbit hole, that leads him, way back to the caveman times, his trials and confrontations with cannibals, and demons, black fractal magic, and spirits, both good and bad, and what its like to grow up, when he was just a little boy!  

                         THE SCARY JESSE CHRONICLES


Chapter 1 tribute to Master Jesse see it here = REPLY#17>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg38808/#msg38808
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The Scary Jesse Chronicles

Chapter 7

So, there came a day, when the Blue Medicine man made ready to make the journey, to go to see the tribes high fractal priest Oracle, Tuzhunka, to ask her help, to let him know if Baby Jessi was dead inside the beast? For he knew in his heart, that the trap he set for him worked. He had seen him in the water with his own two eyes, being sucked into the monster alive! But, something in the Jungle of Dooms winds, was telling him the boy was still alive! How could this be? How? He did not understand. And he wasn't sleeping well, and felt concerned, but didn't know why? In the blue medicines mind, there were, he imagined loose strange ideas, and a lot of dark bad emotional capabilities that he was unable to express. But, he felt sure it would become a lot harder for him, if he didn't come to see the Tuzhunka, and seek out the facts that rule the hidden aspects of the world of the beyond! The blue medicine man, needed to get a better understanding of his minds opposing individual's emotions!  He was often extremely adept logically, and very precise, and although his medicine and black magic was powerful, he was conflicted!  The penalty of the error of not asking for her help, might mean the end of his survivability? What he wanted to know was, what really was his inner minds thinking, about what the external body language of the jungle environment was telling him about everything. He felt a disturbance in the force, that was changing his heart and soul-frequencies, and although he could not understand it.

He felt challenged!

He dreamt he saw the boy alive, alive and flying at top lighting bolts! How can a baby who is dead be alive?

The question burned into his soul. Burned in to his soul. Burned deep! He must find the answer! Only Tuzhunka knows! He was worried, very worried, knowing that a child, a mere boy, whose magic enabled him to create," haghag," might be able to make dead men walk, and create an army! An army of the dead, fled high these thoughts from the sky into his minds eye, and into the Blue Medicines mans head.
Words tell of a coming. Gotten and passed down from the ancient ones, through ancestors gone, the words of the elders, blessed be their heart, souls, spirit minds, for all time,
"O O Ohyoooa sha bee um tuchungumaba vat ris vucka !" Traditions, long through generations, told of an small odd creature, who would come and undo the Voodoo in the Jungles of Doom? Could this be it? This child, if alive?  Thus, anchored, this preoccupation, thought grew raw, was it the fear of the child he saw? Powerful was he? No, not nearly. Powerful as the Blue Medicine man, no,  can't be? But, thought, the Medicine Hunkamarhat, his fears, was based in losing face, without a trace, with his king! King Hailscary of wild wilderness, and his stature, as magic man, being replace by a baby disgraced, felt he, jealousy ate his face-hearty, his worry was being shoved to the sidelines, of the tribe, being over taken by the tribes adoration of the child, who made Haghag.  As mighty was his Black Magic was, he only had hatred for the child's competition, if he still was alive, his decision : kill the baby. Kill the baby for sure dead, cutting off Baby Jessi head? Nothing less would do!  Nothing!

Nort worth more score, occupied his thought galore, only he must be certain the child is dead, he said! So obsessed vexed, he gathered his men, "The Minds of Doom Goers, " and other fellow sorcerers, and a hundred warriors, and they prepared for a looming treacherous journey, to the bad lands, in the center of which was the holy cemetery, home of the Oracle of the three eyes!  He ordered, " Shumalas water Buffalo beast," the size of houses , and upon their backs they packed supplies, dried foods and carried water proof, "hotaci intestinal bags," of water and tributes, and two little girls as sacrifices, to give to appease the Tuzhunka! Once prepared, they bad farewell to their families, and they went secretly slipping out of the confines of the tribe dwellings, out into the night into the Jungle of Doom! And by day break, they had made their way north, and prepared to cross into the land of," The Northern Dry-thirsts," ruled by The Buki'cu-Buonians, a blood thirsty wild bunch of vampire desert tribesmen, that make this land their home, to which they attack all intruders.
The men knew they were being watched, for the desert, when one puts his foot on the dry white shifting sands dunes, a foot print is left there, for all eyes to see. The caravan proceeded cautiously, spears one in each hand at the ready. They saw what looked a shoal of big trees, and went there, to rest before continuing on. The spot had a little spring, with some damp spots, appearing to be watering holes. Some of the men washed  the sweat from their bodies, and taking a break, engaged in entertaining themselves, joking, telling tales, and  singing songs of doom, and wishing harm on the little child's Baby Jessi's, memory! Just as a black crow flew over being, chased by a vulture the size of a airplane, there came tremors in the sands, underneath them, and here and there, hidden in the sands popped out heads! It was the vampires, they knew the men would go to the watering hole, and laid in wait for them, hiding burying themselves up in the sands, to pop out later, at the right time! And, they pushed aside the sands on them, and ran yelling, and screaming chants of death, and had, small brown notched wooden, sharp pointed spears, with bleached out white little,"
baby skulls," on them! A fierce horrifying battle ensued, as they charged, some engaged in sticking the spears manually into their adversaries bodies, while others tossed, and threw it into the eyes of the on-comers, while still others wrestled with the creatures, but the attackers were no match for the trained warriors of the Blue Medicine man, Hunkamarhat, who had blessed them with the aroma of, " nufo," to give them magical speeds, so that their arms would move swift and kill quickly!  
Suddenly, a purple colored longhaired vampire creature, seven feet tall, or more, roared as he charged! Raahhh rahhhha! ROORa Raahhh rahhhha! Raahhh rahhhha!  He was, big, big, like a corsetglla beast, with long purple hairy arms, that could reach several feet in front of him! He ran fast, agile like nasty, killer, black cat, and came charging, jumping up and down, his big lipped purple bulldog head, with his mouth open, and one could easily make out, he had more sharp white pointy teeth in it, than his mouth could hold! And he jumpped up on to one of the warriors, and was just about to bite the warriors head clean off his neck, when suddenly, POW! A SHARP SPEAR, Piercing his head on the left, flew in his left ear!  Pow! Blood  spattering, spurting out, like a sewer lines filthy mind! Red guts stuff rough, all splashing out of his head! His eyes, got big, instantly turning from white to red! One at once, could see in the brite sunlight, his blood spraying out of his ear with the spear stuck in there! The blood, quickly dripping down, to the ground! He raise his twisted ugly head,  trying to pull the dam spear out, and he still had his mighty mouth open, and screamed,
" Yoaaaiiiiheis , yoaaaiiiiheis." When, just then, "POWTHUBKET," came the sound hitting him in head, as he again received another blow to his head, as one more spear jabbed into his skull, through in his right ear this time! Now, he had two spears sticking out of either side of his skull, and he screamed bloody murder, ran around in a tight circle, trying his darnest to pull the spears out, then, suddenly, he tumbled over face forward and fell down into the sands dead! The red liquid blood, rushed out of his head, and as quickly as it came out it, it was absorbed up into the dry white sands of the hot desert, which was thirsty for it! The fight was vicious, and two men got their blood sucked out of them and died, but the other warriors, they manage to beat back the attacking creatures, who retreated back under the sands!

The safari, continued, and by after noon, they had reached, " Tusmobica," land of, " Fu Fu Bu, "
Now it is known, that the known is sometimes unknown, depending on the time. Here in these lands, strange occurrences, had happened. And although the lands was rich in vegetation, it was poisoned by its keeper! The master, Fu Fu Bu, who wore A deceitful disguise to hide his real self! To see him you see his disguise that made him look attractive! and he could look younger when he wanted to, under the sun, he sat on the ground with his legs folded and his hands resting on his two knees, like as if he were in a prayer mode or a meditative trance! He was chinese, a race of prestige, which at that time had invented a secret magic drug of the mind, that allowed a select few in of the elite upper classes to do experiments on the lower classes. One such lower class man, was him, the Master, who had come! He calmly sat meditating, quiet, still like black bat made of stone, for neither an eyelash did he move! Using his minds bat like resonance detector, to sees all things around him. So, he knew in advance, the safari was headed his way, that day!
Strange, one could see in his white robes the shapes of the clouds in the sky, were moving on it! How the clouds could be moving on his shirt, no one knew, but his shirt was so clean, there was not one spec of dirt! Often, people who hearts are filthy, on the inside, pretend by wearing spotless clothes on the outside, to be pure and to give that first impression, to fool and conquer the unsuspecting!  His skin was not brown but tinted yellow white, and he ate white rice, with every bite. His eyes was nice and beautiful and brite like stars. Upon his charming well handsome head, was his black long straight hair, which was thick, like heavy wirer, that no knife could cut! His hair reached the ground it was so long, and spread around him, almost resembling the fractal roots of a tree, like web was he. And a black belt, around his waist wore he, and a strange shiny metal sharp weapon that he had, which came from space, a place not of this time, laid before him horizontally at his knees, to do with, what he pleased. For this man was a time traverser, or
, " FU FU BU!"

Now, the Blue Medicine man, knew here, he would have to go personally,  he could not send a missionary, to talk, for this man whose magic was powerful, his, " Maniac to-ho-co," magic was famous, and was bad. And in battles of, " The path," it takes a bad pather to fight a bad pather!

The scene took place in the open, under a beautiful setting sun in the sky, below which was an a garden overflowing with flowers, big petaled flowers, surrounding a beautiful, green, lush garden area, with blue colored stones on the grounds of the grass! The rocks were placed mathematically apart, every seven feet, in lines of a cycle, in the center of which a man, called," The Landlord of Above-below," sat waiting!  His slave was, a small little girl head, who was Chinese, happy and did what she pleased, and cute as can be, but all you could see, of her was her head. No neck, body had she! She had beautiful black shiny hair adorned with large racy ornamental hair-pins of silver and gold, each one had a large shape at its end, that formed a symbol, some of the symbols, were symbols of good. Some in her hair were omens, of turbulence and uncertainty. She wore white makeup on her pretty little face and had the reddish of lips, cute, cute she, as a button as can be! Beautiful like a goddess filagree, she floated out of a flower like a bee, slowly out of a strange eternity, out of the garden, and flew over to where the men where camped, and said, "Hello, my name is Quo jello! You what want you?" Hello, Quo jello, pleased to meet you, spoke Bushnhaa, the friend of the Blue Medicine man, hunkamarhat! We come seeking no harm to you, Quo Jello, or your Magical Master, the landlord of Above-below, we wish only to pass through your land. We want to visit, The Oracle Tuzhunka. Speak to him! We ask humbly, only permission to pass, through here, without stopping, or disturbing nothing, or no one! Please asked, Bushnhaa, softly, and bowing his head to the little head.  The pretty chinese girl, head bowed and turned away with a smile, and slowly floated three or four inches above the short green manicured grass, saying, " Way wait, you here, please! Will return me shortly, indeed please!"
And, she floated in the direction of," the Landlord of Above-below, the Fu Fu Bu," himself, who was sitting emotionless, some far distance away, plain as day, observing all, quietly. She arrived and conferred with the landlord of above-below, in secret conversation, and returned back to them promptly, as she promised. She floated close to them some eight feet away, bowed her little floating head, and closing her little eyes, said, sadly must report, the Landlord of Above-below said no! No, and you must go! We will count to one thousand, said he. He will count to one thousand, no more! And, if by then,  and your time is up, and you are still here, you never will leave here alive! So sorry, goodbye! She said.
Wait, Hooomba shtimaaarah hyarazira czatechooomra whop srhachirarommm, said Bushnhaa, in the tongue talk of deep black magic speak, that cracks of blood! And as he spoke the air awoke, and he said, tell him again we are his friend, we must go through, go please, Quo Jello! But, Quo Jello, did not, paid him no mind , but lowly turned her head once, counting the seconds away, two, three, four, five . . . . Now, The warriors were now fidgety, anxious to kill him, for he was insulting their honor! The resulting impacts, intersect, The Blue Medicines man pride, and he in no way, would permit himself to be publicly vilified. And he asked, how can one, stand the might of one hundred or more men, with the power of the medicine men amongst them, to? But, this was not the outcome Hunkamarhat wanted. He did not want a confrontation! But, it was unavoidable! He and his men would not retreat in shame. So, he, dismounted the water buffalo, and walked across the yard, and approached the man personally, and said, dead you will be, if you block us on our mission, missionary.  And the Landlord from above-below replied without blinking or looking at him or opening his mouth, I will not block you, I will kill you, for you are on my land. My land is in my private mind space, this land space dwelling is in my head, which holds my mind! Is in my mind the place you think you can intrude, bringing your smells, your sand from the desert hells, in here, where I am aware. Get out of my mind, don't be foolish you still have time! But, the Blue Medicine man, stood standing looking down at the man seated on the ground in front of him, and said, I need to cross, otherwise I will have make a long detour around your territory, would take much time, Time, your time is getting shorter foolish one. Why waste it! I waste what I wish, and what wish is you to be gone, or allow us to pass peacefully. The decision is yours when the girl finishes countering, it will your time to decide! We will not go anywhere, but wait till the girl is finished and when she has reached one thousand, then we will cross your land by force if need be, and send back you into eternity, he said turning and walking back to his men!

What did the strange foreigner, say, asked Bushnhaa. Nothing, nothing that  I didn't expect! I did not expect a good answer, in our favor, said the Blue Medicine man, angry, breathy heavily! He looked at his friend  Bushnhaa, directly in his two eyes, and said the man, he said," go away, or he will kill us , " ha, ha, ha! Apparently he foolishly thinks we are mere men. But you and I, walk with the power of the underworld. He will regret his words, and will feel our might! We move soon, and we will pass through by force, tell the men to be ready, by when, the girls head revolves for the thousand'th time, it will be time to charge!

[ 2 ]

And so that day, in a land far way, war was in play!
What is it about the emotions? Emotions cannot to touched, you cannot see them, could you? You could see how it reflects of the faces of men and women, but it is not an object you can hold in your hand.
It is like so many things men die for, is all in ones head. Regardless if you wind up dead because of it! Here we have a man, who through failure to resist the temptations of jealousy, engulfs himself in the jealousies green ink, the fantasy of believing he alone is above all else, a green velour dress of jealousy, against Baby Jessi, will down him, threaten his demise, inadvertently fetched by himself, the Blue Medicine man did, by trespassing on a time travelers id, opens a gate, that just might zeal his fate, for who knows who between the two powers, who will win?  People are noisy about gossip, suspicions confessions, attract attentions, but, to be humble as a quality goes unappreciated, Un-noticed by men and women! there is something about fighting and war, for all the wrong reasons, revelations elaborate heightening the excitement of confrontations, but why, is it like this? Is it a farcety played out in the core central being of humanity, to be inhuman, to fellow humanity, ponders the minds of both opposing men! Knowing it is wrong, yet they do it anyway?

Questions to be answered by the Oracle, no doubt someday? In the mean time he meditates away, thinking.

Is the human race a nutcase, apoplectic lover, specter of a poor informed god? He sat meditating waiting, disturbing no one, till into land came man,  thinking to himself these questions, he found intriguingly stupefying his sensibilities! If right and wrong, but nevertheless, defend his best, he would destroy the disturbers of his calm. For he thought, The Fractal Law warning is truth : Beware of the disturber of your calm, he come'ith unexpectedly expectedly, to disturb your calm, pay him no heed less he threatens your seed, then and only then, destroy him who violates you!

Such passion crossed his mind in time, wondering with his eyes closed meditating in control. He didn't fling evil or beckon its coming, was coming it as an inevitability? Engrossed since the beginning of time, as a thing, meshed in the working prerogative, indulged in by man to man? Now thought he, deeply, isn't it a shame, so far has he traveled, throughout time, only to come to understand and learn that what ever the time, man does crime after crime anytime upon his fellow man. He showed no emotion, as the countdown continued. He bided his time. For he felt these experiences through time, was more than justification for his own evil crimes!

But where from comes, and who is the FU FU BU? He calls himself the Landlord of the Above below, but who is he really? Was he nice man ? Hardly, paradoxically he was the opposite! He wore a false disguise to fool you! See if you you if see me can do, laughed he? ha, ha, ha! Has he demolished,  one reality to substitute it for another in his mind in time!
His real name is Xang Chang Tung tung, was tall muscular. But you would know it from the disguise he wore. He was really a mean looking man with bald head, and a dense black bushy beard, and mustache, and his eyes stark and all staring into you, cutting you in halves! His ears, looked slightly pointy with a slight curve to them, as if he could hear, more than you could ever be able too! Almost animal like! He wore a gold zhetababer earring encrusted with a diamond in his right ear, and had a scar down his left side of his neck! When he talked, you could easily tell that his teeth were extra large, and the corner ones slightly vampire pointy. He was massive and strong looking, intimidating!  And he was born into a very poor Chinese family. But, although, his humble good parents, offered a good up-bringing to him, and did their very best to teach right from wrong, it was all for nort! For he was destined to shame his poor parents, his school and his town, for it soon was obvious he had an evil streak in him, and he committed the atrocity of massacring hundreds of children, for this, he was committed to an insane asylum for life.
He definitely was a warped threat to society, and in his heart, held malice, and loathing for his fellow man! His was a disturbed mind, with an unexplainable inborn genetic hatred, compounded with a belligerent uncontrollable temper, a temper so vile, he kills!
 In a daily walk in the woods before they put him away, he would pull the legs off frogs, and the tails off cats, and gouge eyes, out of the head of dogs! He'd eat butterflies that flew to close! Blood is the thing he loved most! In the asylum, during his stay in confinement, because of his wildness, he got attacked by other inmates, and suffered a traumatic brain injury, and wound up in a coma, where the doctors experimented on him, injecting with Sebizhakithol 190, and other Nuero inhibitors! Because he was in a coma, they could know, that it and other combinations of experimental drugs, had miraculous effects, not to cure as they wish, but stunning mind affects, side affects  garnering him with special insights and enabling him to transverse time mentally!
The doctors experimented with him with different drugs, his coma grew worse, and he was thought to brain lost, but he was somewhere, out side but outside inside his mind in space-time!

And somehow his mentality, slipped into an out of body experience! Criss-crossing over the borders, of undefined time x times ten dimensional accidentation, where now, we witness him, see him, in another space, another time, and find him playing mind games with his dream life, and these people, these natives backward people, of the Jungle of Doom! Somehow they have entered his mind space, and interfered into his mind, for which he promises to punish them. He plans a harsh reprisal, against The blue Medicine mans people, which will be in character with the mean, dangerous person, that he really is! What will happen , who knows? Who knows? When men of magic, are confronted with a man of warped evil surreality enrapt in mind altered states of mind power! Do you hear, do you, hear strange sounds?  Rugs, on the mind grounds, tremble in life knifes harvest darkness, forever weather, gloom bound, hugged tight, from by Jungles of Doom! Can we get a winner! Sinner?  Oh, yes, yes! This confrontation will have no salvation! None! Oh, hide your , eyes for he who has a weak stomach, should not look! But close the book, close the book and walk away, as the little girls head goes counting away !
986 . . 987 . . 988 . . 989 . .

He ponders, confused and disturbed, unstable, as he recalls, he was in a coma somewhere in some time, in some year!  And on top of that, he acknowledged, he is in an altered life, that has become twisted, so very twisted! He soul searches, and ponders about his participation, in this out of body experience! And he believes in his inter-time mind space wall travels, he is trapped there permanently! The feeling he gets are in a dire straight, and is overcoming all of him mentally!  But he welcomes the delusion of grandeur of this dreaming, because he feels here, in here, in this place in his mind, he is powerful! He feels what he had missed in his real existence, which was respect, power and freedom, to be! Here in his imagination he has chosen to live as the powerful Fu FU BU! The Landlord of Above and below!

Daring himself, to do evil and strangely in character for him, he finds that he is learning to savor, and enjoy it here, where he raised the bar on murder to an art form! The sense of power is corrupting him! It's overwhelming him! Now, its too much! It's getting to the point, that in this place, in this space in his mind, he is at, he thinks by just closing his thoughts, and merely wishing, he can manipulate reality, using his imagination! He doesn't understand why, but it seems to work! He doing just that manipulating life with the power of his mind! What ever he thinks, actually happens. Amazing! He can destroy adversaries, and make new adversaries, because to him,  he is inside a game! He plays the game using his minds powers, todo anything he wishes to! His imagination, says that the land is has visited in his mind, is his! He conjures up, mischievous deeds to actuate and destroy the reality of the Blue medicine man, who he believes is just a figment of his imagination, in a dream virtual world, and the Blue Medicine man is not real, and if he is, he will soon be dead!

Everybody is in the game too, trapped inside too! But, this game somehow, has translated it self in an altered state reality in another time and place! But, he doesn't understand that, it is really happening, just that it is really happening, but in another time!  It is the game of life played, out inside, his head, whether or not he is asleep, and experiencing an out of body experience, out of the range of normal thought. It matters to him not! Its out side his understanding. The minds secrets, the last and first dark frontiers do what they wish, how and when they wish, irregardless of human understanding.
He doesn't know he is dreaming, and while in his dream he has powers to twist and stretch surrealities reality, he can do anything anyway he wants!
His mind, is his mind! Empowered through the use of drugs! It is nevertheless, intersecting all times, irrespective of whether it is forward time, or backward projection times.  And his awfully dangerous mind mentally, is encapsulated inside a mind thought bubble wall disc, floating randomly through out  time!

To tranquilize himself, he seeks to relax and be calm!
Calm and a peace, to meditate without haste! When he first smelled and saw raw, pleasantness of this time slot, forgot everything he did and landed here, thinking it be a Shangri-La! No prisons, no guards chaining him to walls beating him, no degrading, no imposing their laws on him. Here he makes his own laws!

With the weariness in his mind of constant bickering of his fellow men, he thought he had escaped to peace! He sought refuge away out of his time, to come here! He squeezed the time, wheezing it, nudging it gently to accommodate, infiltrate his mind gap, wanting only to sit and fondle gently his synapse, and contemplate here, in this land, he confiscated calling it his own, defending it, with his minds powers! But this dream saga, should last for eternity, but alast, it would not be! Categorical phenomenology, demands it seems, there is no peace here! Peace is mans illusion! Subsequently he prepares his mind for the eventuality of the coming conflict.  It is not for one, nor for other, to attempt to measure reactions, with or without satisfaction, in the minds of men, which turmoils emphasis is to destabilize their desired illusion prize of peace! For there is none! The consequence of perceived argumentative energy, deduced from the basic interactions with ones fellow specie with another, cause in it self friction thus conflict! Thus war? To resolve a conflict, theoretically : one would postulate, and say simple things this like this, in a way to diffuse a situation, for example, we respectfully agree to disagree, but it unfortunately might sound good, but alast few times does it work in real time up to date time reality!
But, rather renders interactive personality disturbances in experiencing life in time, thus war! The consequence is flowing back in the stream of time, comparable to streams, where fish swim freely backwards!
The Fu Fu BU, landlord of above-below, time traveler, will he return to his time,  finding that peace is a farce and only wishing revenge there, or will he stay here, and forfeit the lives of these men confronting him, dismiss them with abandon, and continue his meditations or make war in this time too? Konstruktive-genetic Betrachtung?

Later as the hour approaches he hears sounds, and wonders what these fleas are thinking!  996 . .997 . .

[ 3 ]
Surprise him!
The magic blue medicine man, Hunkamarhat.  He has the where with all to do just that!

The moment of death comes and the Followers of Hunkamarhat, the Blue medicine mans men, begin to chant the junction of death songs, to invoke upon them power from zikeksi underworld : the reality malitity succombs and dark Pathers spit to unleash the wrought forces of Nortocons!
The Blue Medicine man sees it's a forgone conclusion, he must curse the worse, and bring forth the bad!  Saying, "Porking cooked perspicuously, his sadness, based in madness, ready for the challenge speak I" and he raised his up his arms, and waves his hands as if he was waving to some body up in the sky to notice him, and joined in the haunting chants  :

 Dark Gods  . . . Dark Gods  . . . Dark Gods  . . .Dark Gods  . . .Dark Gods  . . .Dark Gods  . . .  darks    dark lark  . . . hark . . . . Vork, nor sunba, hat nokbapahim, do vail foonzvos,  Zimba Vork . .Zimba Vork . .Zimba Vork . .Zimba Vork . . Vorkimba tuba hez sumicvs digada slo yeh yeh so so so  os os os  korV abmiZ . . . doom doomba . . korV abmiZ . . . doom doomba . .korV abmiZ . . . doom doomba . . and all sudden the girls head said 1000 and all of sudden, a huge explosion in minds of men, as the little chinese girls pretty floating head, her head opened up its mouth, and a tongue sticks out. But, this tongue is like no other brother, for it was a sword that was short at first, but then grew, longer, longer and longer! It gets bigger and sharper than a crazar razor, then when, when we see that, the other rocks come alive too, that were in the garden too, that were placed and even seven feet apart, they too turn into little chinese girls head, pretty as can be too, and open their mouths,  out comes the knife tongues, and all together, in unison, the girls heads swing around, and around, rotating faster, and faster, slicing all whom are standing on the ground, like a lawn mower, the warriors got caught off guard, and are shocked, as they see their brothers legs get hack off at the angles, sliced,  diced, like salami! What, blood splashes out, the big beast buffalo too, that were carrying the provisions, suddenly tumble over, their angles cut off, with no feet, fall on the grass suffering, the cut of death! The warriors quickly seize the opportunity to save themselves by jumping on to beast's big body! There were seventeen of them, so many warriors were able to save their lives and jumped onto them, desperately trying to save themselves from the rotating knifes, spinning ever faster! Now, the magicians of the Jungle, The Blue Medicine mans friend,  Bushnhaa, used the black magic, to levitate him self and escape the slicing knives, and, The Blue Medicine man saw then, the power of the, FU Fu BU, and was taken aback, for never in his life, had he seen this before, it was pure gore! Not to be out done, he conjured up, then liquidity volatility, of," bloacl backa junctions function," and raised his arms up, to the sky, and brought forth his vengeance first  :

He said, . .  dead aromas samora  lliw etautca gnirb pu yllauqe eht ssik fo htaed hated on no you uoy BU FU FU, and then the dark pathers burst from the air seen disciplines, and what once was wasn't anymore!

Then, he hypnotized the world around this places vicinity, the world inside the realms vicinity, of his outer minds, convincing them in time in kind, convoluting unresolved its thoughts stations, waiting tis of life strife, fraught at once, the mighty forces in a bunch, hidden right under your noses rose up visually like death thorned roses, in our unholy skies-above, they did, they did! Responded they did, like waves slaves, to the black powers from above and below, of the Sicvacka's minds dimensions, in the magi fractalic blow out realms of sin!
We observe, the  Voodoo Pather, he himself, he the blue skin one, begins to glow, as flowing out from him, we sense the powers weighing in O, the air thickens, the winds blows, the border of reality shook as we knew it, the impossible happens, even though, even though, it is impossible, darkness comes in the day time, like a crime, as he comes joining in the fray, as we see his face grow in anger this way, this way, this day black, racked with sin, as he waves his arms in the air, clenching his hands like a lion in viciousness there, and throws out electrical nasties forces down at the, FU FU BU, seated calmly on the ground! Cara rowwwwwwiiiiiiiioiooooooooio smack! Fires pack lights to the ground around him, but ducked Fu Fu Bu did escaping it! Laughing HA, HA, HA ! He smirking, lurking, he walks without walking, zooms up in the air to confront him, The blue Medicine man there! "Boom cracka toa, " boom sounds rock, the night as they fight, fight in the night, then in the next second disappeared then, " Boomm cracka toa," another big orange flash in the sky sounding like the biggest fire cracker ever, ever to confront you eye! Then a few yards away from that one. " Boom boomm cracka toa," another  big one rocks the heavens, shaking the ear drums, of both man and beast!  Then on the ground, the Blue Medicine man, walks out of nowhere, whispers to his men, "Come we must run while we can, and cross the territory to go to Oracle!"   But how, great one, How can, can you be in two places at once, up in the sky and down here with us, mighty one? asked his disciple. It's the old Jungle of Doom, three coconut trick, ha , ha, ha ! THE FU FU BU, he see three coconots, right? but which one am in? HA, HA, HA!  He's fighting my ghost's double, its a magical illusion he is battling, not me, but he will wise up, hurry we must run, before he catches on! Come all! Come, listen up, brave warriors!  We are moving, he said and with a wave of magical hand he stopped, in their tracks the rotating girls heads, come he encouraged all of them, and the warriors ran hopping over the heads of the little girls who looked on stupefied and scared, as the warriors safari, disappeared safely over the horizon!

Now, hours later the sky looked normal, and blue night cleared moon light fared, and it was then, they passed secretly down in the valley, and slowly made there way under, the bridge of no return! They delivered tribute to, "
The Goddess Everyellowmoor," keeper of the Sun of Burns! And, after a long travel, at long last they arrived, and came to the Holy Cemetery of Wassdhimpanga'ho! And dug up Tuzhunka!

 4 ]
The drummers sat down and began chanting : Igkakoc -Igkakoc-Igkakoc woona -Igkakoc-Igkakoc-Igkakoc woona. Igkakoc sang he, and the blue medicine waves powers green yellowish dust of the tree of life, onto the white sun dried out skull and bobo bones of Tuzhunka, and fell to his knees, dropping his head to the ground reflecting in deep respect and in deep prayer!  The sounds of the drums beat rose in volume then went silent. But the chanting continued passionately : Igkakoc -Igkakoc-Igkakoc woona -Igkakoc-Igkakoc-Igkakoc woona. slowly, he sensed the earth begin to tremble, the sky flipped to night, dark light ripped and a thunder crack shook the heaven, as the great Tuzhunka resurrected. Crack, a bolt of lightening shot down from the heavens to the ground into the skulls eye sockets of The Tuzhunka, a giant puff of white foggy smoke blocked out everything, and when the smoked cleared, a beautiful woman came out walking, smiling, and greeting The Blue Medicine man. She would signal to him to relax and be calm by nodding her head, and she spend time with him, and he be sometimes kneeling and sometime sitting looking at her as she speaks. She would walk slowly around  and around telling him things only an oracle would know, but  first, when hey met, she greeted him :

[ 5 ]
Medicine Hunkamarhat! Good of you to visit me again, Medicine Hunkamarhat, Its been a good long while, how are you and your family, my sun son? The blue medicine man Hunkamarhat, rose bowing his head several times before the wise Oracle, and crossed his arms placing the palms of his hands on his shoulders, in a sign of deep respect, and looked at her, and replied, yes, great One, Tuzhunka, it has been a while. But I am here now, here and respectfully in need of your vision. As tribute, I humble beg you, to accept me bringing two slave girls, to accompany you in the here after.  To walk with, and be house keepers for you in the underworld. I hope you will be pleased, Great One, and find them worthy, Great one!

Thank you, gracious of you to be so thoughtful Medicine man Hunkamarhat., I truly appreciate that, she said glancing at the children smiling kindly, opening her arms up to them.

And she said to them, Hi, there little ones, cherry pies in the sky, you are so cute, come to me little ones come, I won't hurt you, she said, but  the children were greatly frightened of her, and began to cry and screamed and tried to pull away from their guards! But, she waved her hands, saying, be calm, little treats, its Ok! Why don't just relax! Look she said, pointing in the air behind her, why don't you go play with the other children, she said, as she waved the back of her hand again, she wiped away a veil, opening a pathway, making appear a pretty enticing playground full of happy children playing, and the two little girls, felt much better, and timidly began walking in and were quiet at last!

Children are such a blessing, thank you so much, blue medicine man, Hunkamarhat. Thank you again, so much! So much is given, much you seek, speak to me medicine man Hunkamarhat? Thank you great one, said the Blue Medicine man looking down, not daring to look her in the eyes! Great Tuzhunka, I come with a troubled heart. Ancient elders of historiographers record in stone, and verbally, from one generation to the next! Tradition tells of a little creature, who comes, to undo the path of the Jungle of Doom,  along with sacred early oracular statements from Domatuk supreme! Also, to support these truths, the treasured carvings of her symbols at her archaeological site!

And what I want, said the medicine,
but then the voice of the Tuzhunka, interrupted him, finishing his sentence, . . . .  

What you want to know is, . . . is it he, yes it is he!.  And yes, he be alive, as we speak he flies, but he had no malice toward you before!

You disturbed his peace, not he yours! You were the one who tried to have him eaten alive by your magical pet beast!

If you had left him alone, be nothing to worry your bone! For his little heart was not black, and humble be he.

No malice harvest wasn't, but, remembers you he does now, with abundant mockery for your trickery and crockery.  Now, he doesn't like old people, and will trust them no more!

To have a chance to kill him, send a child young, to lure him into another trap for fun, perhaps you will be successful, perhaps you will not, make some candies, sweeten them with the a special plant, called," Fenugreek."

He doesn't know it yet, but he will like its taste! Now tell me how do you feel? I feel uneasy, Great one.  A question, a question, disturbs me, and  I seek an answer. Yes, she interrupted him again.

How can a child, who is dead be alive?  

A child is not dead, less the dead, say he is dead, and the dead say he is not dead, but alive ! Why great one? There my sun son, are little things in all us who are born, that live inside of us, and make it possible for us to live.

Power is in them to decide who lives and who dies! Them, so small, You will never see them at all! Small things called Bacteria



is or as in the future some in sometime will say, the people in the world of Bacterium.

Hawkhidraocks, that eat what you eat inside of you!  They are not just one or two, but trillions inside you. Inside you alone, my sun son, they make their home! They are in numbers so great trillions upon trillions live in you and in all us including the Boy, my sun son! Powerless they are not! Supremely simple they are! In their simplicity complexity manifest, but simplicity is the hardest power to fathom because in it' simplicity lies the home frictions electricity vexed. The it of time it is it, and it knows all the writing on the wall!

Number is what they have.

Numbers numbers on the wall, who is the smartest of them all?


Smart their lot. They are in your gut and your stomach. Their power is in their utility of their energy. The grid of their energy is based in electricity power supreme. They have the power of," Haghag." " Haghag," even when it is not seen it is there. Such is the power of the


They have so much power, trillions upon trillions of them are in all of us, and when they agree what should and should not be, they change Destiny. They move," The Path," Yes, you heard me right, my sun son! They move," The Path." Because you do not see them, does not mean you should count them out as not being there. Power have they, over, what we do, and what we say!

Hawkhidocks power sways!

Hawkhidrocks, with their minds in kind, know who is, who is not, who amongst us will defy," Fractal Laws Lot!"
Who should die and who should not! Who should die and who should not! Who should die and who should not!

Hawkhidocks power!

Fractals Laws rulers, of the lot!

Fractals Laws rulers, of the lot!

Aggregate demand man can't understand!

In the lot, a lottery was played winner in spades, was chosen frozen alive in times eye down from sky fly he. The boy! He who flies in the skies! The child was given a talent. A talent Great One? Yes, Hunkamarhat, my  sun son, a talent! What is this talent of which you speak, Great One? Creativity. Creativity, what is creativity Great One? It is given to you by that which is simple.  By that which is complex. By that which is vexed electricity hexed quested! It lets you create a path in the paths gate to escape death. The boys convergence rate fate allowed him to use creativity to escape out of your trap, my sun son! Yes, no way should he be alive, he should be dead, but the dead said he is not, Fractal Law ruler of the lot, said he is not! Creativity broke the lot and he is not.  


And when they decide to defy the Fractal Law of life and death, nothing is left, my sun son! And what is, will not die, Creativity upon it will rely.  Creativity is the boys salvation, that is
how, can a baby who is dead, be alive!

[ 6 ]

I give many secrets to you my sun son! In and out of life everything conceivable exist, doubled headed people live in their world as you in yours, they live on an island just off the coast of the Dalandmolan. When you seek wisdom and need it, speak with them, mention my name, the Oracle said smiling!
Words are funny, great Medicine man Hunkamarhat, my sun son! They were made to describe things. Life, is one thing, death is another. But, both are the same, in so far as they are phases, like seasons : Summer, followed by Winter? You may not see them together, but they are there as one word weather, weather is forever! Weather is it is hot or not, or spring flower mild? Weather you understand weather or not! Seasons live forever! Life and Death are seasons, and are forever too, thats all! You cannot have one without the other. Only superficiality, temporal flesh is what you see. You see its all in your mind you see, its the mind realms of the Divine. Life Death, they happen only to the mesh of flesh. They don't happen to the soul.  The soul strays true, does stupidness too, very true, I know this and at some point so will you!  But it stays too, with the mind, that does not die in time! Sometimes, the soul of a souls spirit, guides one to survive in life, where one, normally, one would and should die. The child, this child, you speak of, is such a one, you wish him dead, but he has another soul in his head, two, guiding him, thats the only reason he is not dead! It's and his creativity. Thats why he is not dead! Magical guidance in his head, comes to him just like that, thats why he should have died in the belly of your pet, but did not. So, remember, when your paths meet again, and cross, he is, but he is not one, but two, you will have to be smarted than, not one, but two! He breaks mathematical fractal laws true : in the child's case, one and one is one! But normally it is two! You will have to try harder to be better than you! Other wise he will beat you! Ha, ha, ha!

One thing is for certain, certainty, and if you cannot have that, place your trust in your gut feelings and Hawkhidocks! intuition, and the treasures of our ancestors ancient fractal blood wisdoms, embodied in the elders memories, inside of thee! Elders memories, lie in the bubbles in your blood, ancestral intuitions do not die when you die, they are passed on and can be tapped by you, if you refuse to die, by telling your flesh not to die, you acknowledge death is a joke, a yoke around your neck, a lie, born free to walk in the sky thee. Cut your self look, at the bubbles in your blood, red, red bubbles. Lick a pricked finger, and see, my sun son. Be quiet, be quiet and listen hard! They'll speak to you, if you seek! They may not always be right, but at least they do not lie to you. It is hard for the root of the tree to harm its own branches you see, pray be the blood honest that runs in thee, Medicine man Hunkamarhat!  And trust in them alone to lead you home!

Fear not, go to the mountain top, where there is quietness, It's not your fault your brain is divided into two parts true! A left and a right, thus your people are divided, a left and right, a good and a evil, people fight and kill on sight, the left, on the left  and on the right on the right, don't you see cursed by destiny you be, by the demon of pro divisions fractality! What is the purpose of this flaw? What is the Supreme Goddesses Mother Natures plan Medicine man? Few Medicine men alive, alive, know, or so, inquire might understand ,"Aggregate demand man can't understand!" The Supreme Goddesses Mother Natures Fractal magic plan? Fess up, and be man enough to admit you don't know, Medicine man? She laughed at him, from the dead,
Ha, ha, ha! Ha, ha, ha! The Supreme Goddess Mother Nature, why she has done this to you, given you instead one smooth whole brain, one that is divided in two? Ha, ha, ha ! To pit one side against the other purposely ? Brother against brother? Sister against sister? Or dare any Voodoo Magic Medicine Healer, to predict her purpose, and let alone speak the secret out ? Afraid of the truth? Because it might reduce your clout, not be the truth you thought you knew, or want to hear? Medicine man of the cloth, trembling at that thought in fear? Don't find it pretty to learn a new truth anew, even if it is the right one, its truth frightens you? You should not be frightened, you, who dare come to me to talk to the dead! We spit in your face the truth, like hot lead! Yes, it will burn you! The truth will set you free, of jealousy and envy! Hurt you, Do you to hear the truth? The truth hurts because it's supposed to! Ha, ha, ha! Ha, ha, ha !

The Fractal Forums, the possibilities are infinite!

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Chapter 15

[ 1 ]

 Another lady attended the next meeting, and was telling judy about it! And what BR, said was amazing. He addressed the crowd, and looked the same but sounded odd. He said :

My philosophy, is simply to be guided by the birds and the bees.

And, if you know me, you know, I said it before, and I'll say it again. I like bugs, all kind of buggers! See I got a special kindred with 'em. See, the world blew up, everybody died, but me and bugs are still alive, he laughed, ha, ha, ha, ha,   .   .  .

I get a kick checkin' out the honey bees!
They are free like me, they fly all around, and do what they please, and if you don't like it, they'll sting you!  See, the honey bees have a hive, a kingdom. In that kingdom they have Queen bees. Queen bees, to make babies. In Bumble Bee City, we go with the flow, no more, no less, we go with the best!
Bees? They have workers, worker bees, bees to go out each day and collect nectar to make honey.
They have warrior bees to protect the Queen and the Queens babies.
I like it! I like what they do! I like how it works too! If, it can work for them, it can work for us. I've studied the Bumble bee. And I think the Bumble bee has studied me, they certainly have been around longer than I, and that is not a lie!
I've studied the Bees, and they do fine! They don't have to learn to fly, they been doing that since they are knee high!  If they can do it, certainly, we as people, can do it a thousand times better!

BR, said, or was it BR, or who, was it the Lord talking? We don't know? But who ever he was , he said :

Women to me are like Queen bees, and our Queen bees, must think about increasing our population, instantly! Time, waits for no women or no man!  Time is important, no joke! Something to understand!

If I could have the ear of all, I would say this :
If you are you, citizenry of Bumble Bee City? Hear me!
We need babies, babies! And like no other time, in human history, especially now, in our time of maximum misery, we do need kids! Lots and lots of them!
So, it was; later, it was he, who ever he was, that addressed the meeting, and told the crowd inside this:

So, if you a Worker, if you are a Worker on one of my brigades! I respect you! It is an honorable position, and if you work hard in spades, and helped construct something, we need.  And you showed me, what you have done, what you have done! I will grant you time, to spend time, with not, just  one woman, but two women.  Give you all the privacy you need to get the job done! Come the end of the year. I want to see babies, babies, that's all!

If you are gay, and can't help us, that way, speak to me in private!

It's OK, for a man, whether he be Worker, or a Warrior, to have time visiting more than one woman. All the women are allowed to have visitors in their compound. And if two women want to share the same man, when he comes to their section of the hive, I see no problem with that, if you get my permission first!

We need the seeds, to plant in the green garden, Ladies! I mince no words! So few are us! So fragile are we, one mighty disease or plague upon visiting us, would wipe us out in one stroke, over night! No medicines have I to offer you! I am like the Lord telling you this! I, the Strawberry Lord, cannot help you, if that befalls us!
Our flaws must be proclaimed, in this meeting. I do so speak, before I declared you bugs, it's a pejorative, which includes my self, thinking, as I do from the perspective of how petty and insignificant as a people we are!

Now, My warriors have told me, there was a murder while I was away! While I was away there was a murder? I don't like to hear that!
 Yes, it will happen, many of you are suffering, and it is understandable. You will get stressed out! Get agitated and strike out. But we are one here, it doesn't pay to get into an altercation with your neighbors! But, if you know you are not thinking right, come speak to me. Speak with someone! We will help, but don't get in to arguments with each other, that can lead to a fight, that gets out of control!

I have the woman's compound under surveillance, but the other sections of the camp, where the boys and men are, well we can't watch everybody there! There are no more surveillance cameras! No more Police! You men. You men, he yelled, must police your selves, and show restraint!
The woman are under the control of the Lord alone! I will watch them! And who trespasses, will be a slave!

That's, exactly what I heard him say! I heard the man! I heard him with my own hears, not second hand talk, I heard him and he said : Anyone can discuss these things, or have objections, he said, they can feel free to see him in private!
So listening, and checking him out, and taking it in the context in the time we're living in, we weren't exactly pleased, but! Why did he say Lord? What did that man mean by that?
It was very interesting meeting, and I think it helped everybody and me, to get to know him in a different light. He certainly sounded different, not so Honky tonky cowboyish, a little more refined! It was hard to believe it was Big Rex, speaking! His accent was gone! He walked differently, and sounded funny, like, like, it wasn't him! But, we got to know and meet each other too, briefly! All in all, she said, I came away a little scared, but not as scared about him, or our future as I was before, the lady said to Judy, in a soft low, under the breath, contemplative tone! Then, Judy, let her head sink down, looking at the ground, as if depressed, no more direct eye contact, with the woman! She let all that she had heard, sink in deeply! It was confusing! And she looked lost, uncertainty she had crossed, and it shown on her expression, without another word being uttered by her!

[ 2 ]

So, to be sure, Judy made it her business, to be at the next meeting, and she thought it was like going to school. But, the man she called BR, that she knew, when she first met him that morning, back on the hill, he showed off that he had many personalities, but now, he hadn't changed! BR, still spoke in his southern cowboy drawl! Anyway, BR, was teaching us what to do, and do what ever it took, if we get in trouble outside the camp alone, and to have survival options!

 It was especial interesting, the part where he talked about food! BR, said, before the crowd, who listen attentively to his every word :
Now, y'all, got to know, what y'all got to know! What we don't got, and what we got!
One thing we don't got, is unlimited food. SO!
So, that no way, means we got to resign our selves to future food shortages, as an eventuality! There's options, not the best, nothing you all, gone to cheer about, but, nevertheless options! We got learn how to farm by growing stuff! We gone learn a lot of things. Days will come, we gone have to do without. Day will come we gone have to eat stuff, we are not accustomed to eat. Mind y'all, the list is long, destroyed world wide and permanently gone, there ain't no grocery stores, no more, no Mc'Donalds, no more Whole-foods Supermarkets, no more Russian stuff, like 12 Mesyatsev, no Ebay, no Alibaba, NO! No more Amazon! We my dear folks, are toast!

We're are back, let, er, um,  let me tell you something, like it or not, we're way, way, back. Back in pre-historic times, ancient times, food wise! Year, we got the boat supplies, but that's not gone last forever!
Let me tell you something, you're not the person you was! And, sure as you standing there, the person you are now, you're not gone be, a few months from now! Cause we got to do, what we got to do, anyway, we can, cos' we got to do it!

Survive, survive. Wass'up with that? That's the bottom line, that's gotta be on your mind!

There, is a time, a time for every thing! Like now, shucks! There's a time to learn to survive eating stuff. Stuff like what? Well, stuff like, like, crickets, put a little chocolate on that cricket, and fry that bad boy up, nice a crunchy!
You got ants, worms, snakes, birds, and bugs and critters, and other things! Shucks, Y'all, I know,   .   .   .  This at first, you hearing it, might be, just a wee bit, a little revolting. Like, hey, totally crazy! But, hold on now! See, our primitive ancestors , and jungle dudes! They done done it! That's why we alive to day! And now we in primitive times!  Just cos' you not accustom to it! Now, imagine, if it's gone save your life! If you find a bug, eat the sucker! You heard the old saying : If it don't kill you, it will make you stronger, get it ? So, I'd like y'all, children, and moms and dads, to be brave cowboys and cowgirls! Start off, with eating super tiny barely visible bugs! Super tiny, like a tiny, tiny spec, after your put that in your mouth, you'll notice, you can't taste it because it's so small. You'll learn it can't kill you. Over time you'll get your mind acclimated to it!
A group of teens siting in the front, were giggling, and in the group was the boy, Baxter, who asked : Boss, whats that?
What's what? Acclimated, asked Baxter, smiling ear to ear, cause he never heard of anybody eating bugs before?

For you, and you children listening, acclimated simply means you'll get use to it! You will get use to it, and it will come as being the natural thing to eat, and you'll graduate, to eat some bigger stuff, and you be doing good. See, someday you might have to make a long journey all by yourself, you might get lost! And rather get sick and die of hunger, you eat what you can for now, understand me? What ever it is to get by, cos :

The main thing is to survive, fishy! If you don't got no fish, you eat a bug! You eat a slug! You eat a snake, you eat anything alive, to stay alive. Get it? Don't forget it!  Anything! I need all of y'all alive! he said looking around at the faces in the audience, dead seriously!

[ 3 ]


BR, we see him someplace else, chatting with Dizzy.
Now, Dizzy, had survived the blast of the explosion rather well, and although he was now retarded, he nevertheless was recovering quickly from his burns, but, he had gotten his chest scorched, pretty bad! And it was badly scorched and skin got stripped off his chest, leaving a good amount of his under skin exposed, forming a big white x, mark across the black skin of his big chest, giving him an  appearance, some folks, found a little ominous! He was a changed man, he was unresponsive, depressed, and had fallen in the dark part of his personalities, suffering from dementia and childlike retardism!
BR, saw this, and took him aside in his office cave, and had a long patient talk with the boy!
BR, got to explaining to him, basic stuff, intensify his ego, telling him, that he is his mother, and he must do what his mommy says, generally brain washing what was left of his brain, so he'd be BR's, servant!
BR, thought damaged goods or not, he could mold the boy over time, and eventually, rely on his strengths! He figured Dizzy's mind was the same a person who had a bad bout of tantrum insanity! What happens to a person ending and coming out of a tantrum insanity? What would they feel, isolation? They would feel the need for someone to console him, and, so BR, tried to console the boy! He put his hands on his shoulder, and rubbed it, and tried to inspire the man, to be more of a man, and get up his ego back up!  
Boy, he said smiling and looking at him in his eyes, there's good days, and there are bad days! Now, you and me, gone have some good days, but you got look on the bright side! You got be horny ! Its gone take awhile, but, yes, I know they done cut it! But you can dream boy! Ha, ha, ha, you can dream! Reach for the stars, I am convinced better days are coming! You just do what I say, when I say it and you'll be fine! Ok, answered Dizzy! No, not OK, say OK, Mommy! "Ok, Mommy!" That's better now, you know what I really would like to do, is fix your brain! Put some computer parts in the brain grid, to see how it works! Maybe, after the camp is organized, and running by it self, and I have some free time, we'll begin the experiments! OK? OK, mommy!  

Later in the day, we see BR alone!

BR, was outside,  looking like a loner! His cowboy hat, pulled down to keep the sun out of his eyes! He was just sitting on a boulder, busying his hands, with a large white towel, and wiping down the dust off his pistols and the barrels of his rifles, and checking them out. He had taken inventory of his Amo, and concluded he was in short supply, worrying his eye!

He had been alone up there, for a good, good while! He was probably thinking and conjuring up some gosh awful plan he had in mind!

He looked like a rough cowboy dude in a bad mood in the outbacks of a bad day in may!

It was a beautiful day, the high for the day was 83º degrees, according to a thermometer he took out, from the boat!

It was a little past 3 o'clock in the after noon, and the sun could be seen shiny and brite, if you looked out way beyond the periphery of the upper Earth and the lower Earth, in the distance, and it was real beautiful like!

In the distance down below some bodies foot steps could be heard as it nears, as it walked on dry leaves down below making sounds.
Then, suddenly, a voice said
Hi! Hi, came a sweet sounding female voice, that would melt a man's heart and jump start him to boot!

It was Saddie, she said hi, in a kind of sing song-ish way, real friendly like! It was that girl, Saddie, that girl he remembered, he saw down in the dark of the boat before! Hard to imagine it, cause right now, she looked like one heck of a bodacious lady, compare to the wet dirty dis-shevel depressed expressionless being, in the dark, when he first saw her!

The aspect and look on her face today, was ripe full healthy complexioned, and her temperament and mood vital and happy, enjoying herself and full of life!

It got a rise out of him seeing her now!

It would be difficult to remember her, as one of the girls, who was so terribly depressed back then, she was planning to commit suicide, with the other girl, named, Judy, by holding her nostrils! Of course, that was then, and this is she, now. The difference was like night and day, and her attractiveness, she possessed now, by no means, certainly didn't go un-noticed by BR!

She looked too good to die, thought BR! Now, after a few days out of that boat, and having time to gain her life's stride and with her self esteem back! She approached him from the back, and walked up to him smiling like he was an old friend from way back! She saw, BR, seated by his lonesome, alone wiping his guns, in the sun! Polishing them up! And it attracted her! She approached real lady like, like a woman checking him out! She looked by the way she was moving her hips, and batting her eyelids, she was a woman wanting something! Could it be him? But, that said, she wasn't wearing much, a tight black bluejeans, a white blouse showing a spot of cleavage, not much, but just enough, to get his attention! Whether that was her intention or not, who knows?  She arrived at his side and she stood over him, watching him, and her shadow covered him, so that they were not bother by the light of the sun, but could see each other clear as a bell!

When he raised his head up to look at her his eyes glanced at her face then down slowly scanned her breast, then continued, and sank down to her feet then back up to her eyes again, and she felt them on her, studying her! She didn't know what he was thinking, but what ever it was, she had her own agenda, women always do, sometimes!
She, placed her hand on her hips, looked deep into his eyes, and smiled, looking at him as his eyes met hers, she said it again
, hi, big guy!

And the cowboy pushed his old dark leather Cowboy hat back on his head, as he heard her, and twisted around, cocked his neck back, and around to look real good at her! He, took a second or two, before he said anything, and thought before he replied, thinking about this lady, who was saying such a sweet breathy hello!
The sound of her, left good feelings in him, down below and on top his mind got up, his voice rough but soft, as he said, top of the day, anyway to you, young lady. You and me, we haven't talked in a while? Don't blame me, you been a busy man! BR, nodded his head in agreement, and turned his head smiling, and resumed picking up the long barrel of the rifle, he called ,' Tits,'  and wiped it rubbing it faster like it was important, when it wasn't. Was she making him, a touch nervous, who knows?

He recognized her right a way, but, he lied and made believe he for got her name and asked her,  What your name again, sorry I forgot!
Saddie, you met me before as saddie, but my spiritual name, my friends call me is Good-sky, see I am part indian! Well, shucks, shot my mouth, hi, saddie and hell,  hello sky good doog! What you speak backwards? When I see a pretty lady, as charming as you, I don't know what gets into me? You been in the right world? Who knows?

She blushed, her emotions mixed, switched the topic, quickly and blurted out, less her intentions be known, and said casually as she tossed her head back to the sky and said,

"It looks like its gone rain? "

YEP, Year it do, said BR, in a whisper looking up at her tremendous female torso. Gosh, he said looking at it, we sure can use it! I know I could, he said looking at her breast!
We haven't seen a drop, this will be the first rain we got too!
Oh, my! Right you are BR!
This will be a cause for a celebration if it happens, he said as he casually put out his palm of his hand, up to her for her to smack it! It what's culturally done in America called, "Give me five," So he said to her ,"give me five on that Good-sky, " he said smiling! And, so she did smiling, she slapped his open palm of his hand hard, SMACK, and they smiled and laughed, ha, ha, ha,  together, too!

How many times when I see it raining, I think this is the last thing I want to see!
What, why is that ?
Rain ..
Whys that?
It bugs me?
Cause  that means the sun ain't out!
Well you can't have both?
Oh, no sometimes you can!
When the rain rains, when the suns out, too!

Oh, hell year, haven't you ever heard of  Sun showers! sun showers, is what its all about!
Hey, you know, you got a smart head on your shoulders, I didn't think of that, and you know what else?


What's that?

When, I was just a snot nosed kid, I used to run in the rain and I was the happiest I could ever be!
Why BR? ha, ha, ha, he laughed out loud real hard, as old memories flooded his head!  Cause my teacher, when I was in school, she, told me that when it rains, it doubly strengthens the brain, and my brain was so stupid when I was in school, so, I thought the best thing I could do was to play in the rain and drown my self in it! ha, ha, ha!

I played in it as much as I could! Ha, ha, ha!

I thought, if I walked in the rain, I'd get smart! Ha, ha, ha, ah, I bet you were kind of smart just didn't know it?

Hell, Saddie, re, um, Good sky lady, hell no! When I was a little boy I was so stupid, what when I heard a radio playing I thought the maker of the radio, open it up, and put little people inside who could sing and talk, ha, ha, ha, oh, yep, now you see, how I was a big dummy, but thats the way it  was! ha, ha, ha! You certainly look nice when you laugh today, Saddie! Gosh, darn it, won't you give me some of what you got?
It's not for men! Well, then recommend something! You can do some push-ups! I like to see men do push ups! That'll perk you up! I like being perked up too, ha, ha, ha, You got a nice smile too! Wow, thanks, why all the compliments, not that I am complaining?

Well, after a bit of time we see and appreciate things we didn't notice before, he said looking at her!

Besides, You deserve it Saddie, er, um, sky, er um Good sky!


You see, where I come from, throwing flowers with pretty words, is the way to a girls heart.
So, you want a way to get in?
If you let me?

Again , she blinked, and jump quickly to switch the subject and said hurriedly,
BR, er, um, er um, I came by cause we are out of coffee, wonder if you could get some! Sure can, when you need it? Now, ha, ha, ha!

Anything for you, said BR, smiling , just give a little while to finish up with my pistols, and fetch it for you!

But, listen how about a date, later so we can finish this conversation?
Surely, you can join me, and have a cup of coffee with me, in the cave, beyond, the office I made in the cave, there are various smaller caves there, with no ceilings just large holds in the ceilings, thats opened to the sky! The sun shines in real cool like!  I invite to have coffee there with me, and check it out with me too? Sounds interesting, OK!
Cool! Its a date, I'll come and get you, he said, to her smirking up at her, as she turned, blinked at him, smiling, knowing they both got something going on together, and she started back down the surface of the boulder. She, could feel his eyes on her, and when she got down maybe forty feet away, she turned and caught him still eyeing her, she smiled and waved, then kept on walking. "Was it in their minds their tingling feelings of attraction, for to be, joint feelings, the mind must know the vision sought, and the body touched, so to us, its not imaginary but real, and it takes two to make it real, so that both minds can feel the attractions zeal!"

[4 ]

Well, said BR, I was relaxing and was shining my rifle, when I saw my man Jonathan, walking towards me again, and the boy had a worried look on his face.

What brings you boy?

 Boss, said Jonathan with a heavy heart, looking very serious, and the by the tone of his voice, you could tell something awful had happened!
Boss, I got to tell you, The men, the crew that you sent out, looking for car parts, they died! They're all dead. All of them except for one. A man called Terrance . He is the only one alive, but he's hurt and I don't think he's has long to live. He wants to talk to you. And I don't think he's got much time boss! You better come right away!

Where is he?
 Just on the outskirts of camp, Boss!
Tell me what happened. He says were not alone. There's bad people out there. But according to him, they're not human.
 So, BR, left right away. Jonathan took him to the man, BR, saw Terrance, who was badly beaten, a had big scratches, and bruises, on his head, and was dying, laying on the ground and BR, bent down and asked. Tell me boy, who did this?
The Ice-wholers. Ice-wholers? That's the name we call them.
Terrance said coughing, he could barely speak, and knew he was not long for this world, and needed to warn BR.
You got know, you got to know! We are not alone. No, no we are not alone! We got company!
What, what are you saying boy?
Me, cough, me, me and the men were walking, searching for metal, and there was earthquake, a big sinkhole open up, we fell into a whole maybe twenty feet or thirty feet deep.
Down in whole, we found underground, there was giant walls of mountains of ice. They are like icebergs, icebergs under ground icebergs, hidden under ground, that must have come up to the surface when the earth split apart. It was covered over with sand, before.

It was big whole we fell into and couldn't climb out. We were trapped.

As the sun rose up, it heated up the ice, we saw bodies in the ice, it was  people, a race of man, that we thought must be ancient kind of Neanderthals or something! They looked like plants, a race of plant men. They, were frozen, and now once the ice melted they came back to life, and they when they stood up, they were huge, three times my size, they wanted to eat us for food, and had swords and they took us one by one, and threw us, as high as they could in the air, and when we fell back down, they held up the pointy swords, so we would fall on it!

We'd fall on their swords and they cut us up and eat us, I was the last one left, they had killed all the others.

 They, they grabbed me, one big monster man, bigger than the others, he grabbed and swang me around and around and, and let me go, and swung me up high in the air, so high. I am a small man, and don't weigh much, and I was thrown up higher than the edge of the whole, out of the whole, and I thought, I must escape. Now, I am a sky diver, I knew what to do, so I open my jacket and used it to catch the air and instead of falling down, I maneuvered the air so I flew sideways to get to the edge of the ice whole, and I grabbed some old tree roots, and, and held on, and climbed out, and that saved my life.

I ran, I thought they were going get out and come to get me, but, then, and then, and then, suddenly there was another earthquake, and cover ed up the whole back up! I fell down, and I realized, I was safe for now, and made my way all the way back here, and your men found me, he said. BR, looked disturbed, the news was not at all what he had expected. The men closed his eyes, and said, you got to know you got to know, we are not alone!
His last words! We are not alone!

Now, after he died, when they searched the mans clothing, they found he had drugs and had been drinking, and now they thought maybe the man was hallucinating, and imagining all this.
 Everybody was very skeptical, and BR, ordered Garfield and Mikey his slaves to bury the man!  


And so, a little later, he gathered up his guns, and return them to his secret place!  He, now went into the deep back section of the cave, and climbed up the wooden stair case, he had built and unlocked, the metal door, and rolled back the corrugated door, he stole out of the boat, and went inside, and about five minutes or so later, he brought out several boxes of a coffee called, 'Chock full of Nuts,' brand of coffee, and carried the boxes with the help of his side kicks, the Captain and Dizzy,
back to the part of the cave they used as the kitchen, section, and left them there.

[ 5 ]


Meanwhile we check out what's happening at Tenika's brand new make shift, Hair Salon, called the," JumbaLiar Hair Salon!"

The salon was open now, tenika was trilled! And it's open from noon time till after dinner time! And was composed of seven beat up old geo adjustable, modulator, chairs, they got out of the boat, spray painted pink! The chairs were in such bad condition, that they sprayed it pink, so it wouldn't look so bad!

And they had a big thick, plain colored dark green rug, placed on the sandy rocky ground outside, inside a rickety blue plastic tent, supported on four metal poles, that are slightly leaning to the left, that her husband, Bobbie Ritter tore out of the boat!
Plus, she had a series of long orange extension cords, connected to a generator, she/he, got permission from BR, to use so they could turn on their radio, their computer screen showing old movies, and eight tiny hair dryers, they dragged out of the boat!

And, for air conditioning, there was a small black wired fan that rotated from right to left! And several old time, old styled, chinese fans, she cut out of cardboard, she made herself, so people could fan themselves

In the corner of the tent on a table, were, a bunch of old Ipads charging! And VR, kits charging up too, so her costumers can them put on. And she stole out of the boat, several nuero interface modulators, the type you can strap on, too! For those girls, who want to get their brains charged up!

She got out of the boat lots of talking books, and lots of these old style Apple and Google eyes glasses to listen to, and read stuff!

 And Tenika, had a suitcase full of hair products! All kinds! She has hair sprays, bottles of expensive shampoos, deep cleaning oils, and all kind of motorized vibrators, you can charge up, for rent!
And a whole box, of scented soaps and boxes of finger nail polishes, and paste on nails, paste on eye lashes, paste on eyebrows, paste on nipples, all colors and sizes. And she had a fake paste on big butt, for rent, for woman physically challenged in the behind! She had hair wigs too, every color including blue! And also for sale, she had a panty the size of elephant too!
Plus, A metal bronze brush to clean the dirt from under finger nails! She stole out of the boat, brushes, scissors, combs, and on a white oval table, in the center of the green rug, she has nail files, made out of metal so when she can reuse them by washing them! Plus, when her clients need to go, she's got toilet paper! They got an out-house, made out plywood, its private hole in the ground, just a short walk, perhaps about, two hundred feet away behind a boulder!

We listen in on a conversation :
Tenika the proprietor, is speaking, as she attends her new costumers!

Edgar told me! Me!
I, girl,  I am telling you, he left that bitch!


Easy come, easy go!
Clothes on, clothes off, that's the way it goes!
Really I thought they made a good fit! Fit, Anything can fit!

When you got viagra, or any of those sex pills!
But you need more than a fit to keep a couple together!

What about mike? I heard he was seeing Margi, but he so fat! Honey, whats fat got to do with it?
Long as he can move it! Hell year, as long as he can stick it in, in? Ha, ha, ha! Tell me about it! Fat, don't hinder nothing. What about that fat bad soul singer from long ago! Whats his name?  Who? That singer, whats his name,  the big fat black dude, that use to belt out love songs in a deep, deep voice that was soft a silk? He voice would melt your panties off! You talking about, Barry White? Year, him, Great american singer, cool!
Year, but, but,
That was a thousand years ago, a long, time ago! Year, true, but I heard of his songs, before he kicked the bucket! He was fat, but he didn't have any trouble getting women!
But, say, you know whose cool! BR! Oh, shit! But, but he nuts retorts, one customer with her head hidden under a white, over sized towel, waiting patiently hoping to get deep rub massage?
Nuts he got, but he's the one running the show!
Rumors has it, that crazy cowboy,  he has two ships now! No?
And, check this out! Its called Flowers!
What's called Flower!
Honey, thats the name of his new boat!
It's a fix er upper!  
And they fixing her up, and fixing, to move into that boat, too, honey!

You heard me! Shit! Girl, please! How you know?
Cause I don't know, but they say they gone make a new city out of it, so we can all live in it, and its bigger than our boat, and got containers of food!

More containers of food, than you got hairs on your bald head honey, ha, ha, ha, ha ,  .  .


And they found people on that boat, and all are his prisoners and got clean up everything!
How many people? I don't know, what I do know, he said all the women belong to him, and if a man wants a woman he's got to work for Big Rex! Or no sex!
And he's in charge of who gets sex!
Who the hell is he? He is Big Rex!


Well, he is not in charge of me, said Tenika, angrily as she washed one ladies hair, pulling on it and yanking it around to dry out the water in it!
Ow, yelled the lady! What the hells wrong with you?

Oh, sorry honey! I got carried away, apologized Tenika smiling! and then standing in the center of her salon, swinging a wet towel around, snapped,
No, Man! I say no Man!  But my Goddam, man owns me, honey!

Year! Hey you know what? I think he's gay!


What's wrong with that?
No, no what I mean, I haven't seen the guy with any women! So I am just saying he might be gay! And what the hell is wrong with being gay?
Tenika, up yours OK!
Look, chill it, I didn't say anything is wrong being gay! Who you telling to chill it ? Ha, ha, ha !
Stop the bullshit! Did you hear about Edgar?
Whose Edgar, don't know him! He's cool! And, girl please, talk about handsome OMG! The dude, looks like a movie star, lordy me he is handsome! No shit? For real! So, let me tell you what went down! He brought this blond chick here, the other day!
He, says, hey you, he says to me, heres my girl!
And he told me to fix her up!
So I looked around at this handsome guy, and then at this wash out stringy looking kid, he was calling his girl! She looks like preppy college girl, you she came in you know how teenage girls got this style of walking around in their panties, nowadays?


What was her problem?
Bitch was sick! She strode in with a bad social skills, and she had a bad case of acne that made her look like she had lumpy bumpy Alligator skin on a good day! Don't want to know, what she looked like on a bad day!
Plus bitch had a bad, bad attitude!

Hey, I said to my self, looking at that face, dam, shit, this girl needs plastic surgery, how the hell can I fix her up?
Ha, ha, ha! But I didn't tell him that, of course! Oh no, Ha, ha, ha!  So, er, um,  So, I says to him you, you got money? No, but I can do some carpentry work for you in exchange! I am a good carpenter! Whats it gone cost? Well, I said I'll tell you. Let me, first, take a look at her and ask her what she needs first, OK, I told him!
So, honey,  I said to the woman, what you need? So, she says to me, I want my hair washed, and cut, plus, a shape face message with lanolin and egg whites, then she asks, you got a hair dryer, shit yes, I said sit you butt in that chair over there!
So, I did the job, best I could, considering what I had to deal with! Ha, ha, ha! And then when its time to get paid, the carpenter boy friend backs out of the deal, tryomg to tell me, me, telling me he's broke up! Cause while she was getting her hair done he found another chick, I say what? Ain't, this a bitch!

OMG, exclaims, Sherry listening! Then, the other women laughs, ha, ha, ha!
So, what happened?
So, the man is standing in front of me, is telling me this boat load of crap, right!
Me, I am, I am saying to my self, please lord, help me keep my cool!
Cause you got to know I got temper management issues, sugar! Ha, ha, ha!

Well! Go on! What happened next? Well, shut up, let me finish! So, So, he runs this shit by me, right, that he's got a new girl friend, and he's not got nothing to do with the old one, I worked on! That she is on her own! So, I said, listened, and said : I don't give mother [ BLEEP ] about your new girl friend! You still owe me from the old girl sitting in my chair, now!
You, gone pay her bill, now, so far as I am concern she is still your girl friend?
Oh no she's not, so the his girl sitting in my chair, gets pissed off, gets up and start kicking him and she spitting on him! So, all hell breaks out now! These guys are fighting an carrying on!

No, really?  
So, So, So, that's when my hubby Ritter came by, and step into the fray! He heard what was going down, so he yells at him. Now, do you want to get your ass kicked, or are you gone pay up, cause now we want cash! To hell with the carpentry!
So what happened, asked the woman from under the towel?
Well, Margi, the other chick, that was doing the nails! She jump up and rushed over and whispered in my ears, that we could certainly use a wooden floor instead of this rug, we are standing on!
Now truth, be told. I am tired of this stupid studio rug, we got, cause it is so lumpy! Beside I can't stand the color green!

So that got my ass, thinking! So I calmed down and signaled to my honey, Ritter to chill, out, and leave, and let me handle it! So, he slipped-out, and walked out to the side!

And er, um, so, so I said, er, um, oh, you know what? What? We do need a wooden floor for the salon, can you help? So the dude, looks down at the floor, and looked at me, than back down at the floor. And he decides to measure it!
But, he don't, got no measuring tape to measure with. Can you imagine a carpenter dude, with no tape measure?
OMG! ha, ha, ha!
So, guess what? What? He gone do it with his feet, now, guess what?
The dude, don't got no shoes, OK! Ha, ha, ha!

But, I say to my self, well, hey let him do his thing, so I am watching the dude carefully like cat watches a mouse!

So, he does it, by putting one foot in front of the other, and measuring saying one, two, three feet etc! And, honey, let me tell you, he figures it out correctly! Its twenty eight feet, long, and eighteen feet wide, which is correct!
I knew that shit!
So, I said to my self, well at least he's not stupid, cause shit, I could have told him that the rug is twenty eight feet by eight teen feet, if only the dude had only asked!
Well, he says smiling, he don't see why he couldn't put in a nice floor for me. So, he says, he told me he would speak to BR, for permission, to rip out some nice planks from the boat, and he could sand them up, and when their cut to size and cleaned up and shiny, he'd bring them over and install them! So what happen? Nothing, honey child, that was two days ago! I am still waiting! I ain't heard from the man! What is this handsome guys name?   Bonaparte! Bonaparte? Thats right handsome name, and one hell of a hunk! He's handsome?

Got that right! Looks like Di Caprio when is was yound decades back! but cuter! Oh lordy hows his butt? Tight!

Ain't that right?

And his got a body to die for! He has no trouble getting ladies! I tell you that much!
I could use Bonaparte! We all could use Bonaparte ha, ha, ha!   I'll  pay him, ha, ha, ja! Me Too! Oh, ha, ha!

I need a man, says, the girl from under the big white towel! It's been so long!

I hear you!
The woman under the towel thinking to herself suddenly, says to herself, regrettably shocked that she would dare utter the dismal truth, to her self let alone verbally in the company of desperate strangers, caught in a bad dream! But she did, she says to her, I did! How, and why would I say that?  My upbringing taught me better!

My lord, did I really say that in public, "I need a man," thought the girl from under the big white towel! My previous life, imbued with select privileged companions and gentry of impeccable taste, and partaker of the swank island corners of life, with distinctive ambiance, and as such a girl, such as me, coming from the upper classes, before the end of the world!

Now, I must face the stark fact. That, the life I was born into is not my destiny any more– my decisions are! But, what I do, is shaped by what is, and here I am amidst a class I have little in common with! But that concept must be tossed, because here on this life-raft of life, we are all equally adrift on a new unknown journey, where it will lead, dare no one to venture to guess, let alone me, for I am as clueless as the rest of the people here!
The voice we here is from the lady under the towel in the salon waiting to get her face moisturized by Tenika.
Her name is Judy! Her whole name, is Champagne, Judicandiana banoli Dastrami, was born August 21, 2025, and was a designer DNA, baby, She had wealthy parents who desired to used a genome editing technique called CRISPR to rid their child of the possibility of hereditary diseases! and her parents chose how they wanted her to look! It's something poor people cannot afford!  You could be, superior, money thats all it takes A fact no one talks of, but everyone knows!

She was known by her wealthy family name, Judicandiana, daughter of a prominent Connecticut hedge fund creator, known as the Dikcons! She was raised and grew up in a wealthy neighborhood called Forest Hills in Toronto, Descending from Italian and more instant Canadian roots, she was the younger of five children. A fashion student enthusiast, and studied nursing therapies! Her affluent upbringing provided her with many benefits, the most preponderate was a well grounded education and head and philosophy that was well grounded, but here, now in this world,  it is like having someone come up from behind and knock you off balance? All that she was accustomed to went away that day the world ended. Her world, now alone, surrounded by strangers she must live, live to survive! Here her new friends, now are these people not by choice, but necessity, she peeks out from under the towel listening to the very loud gross foul mouth, babbling of the gossiper queen, Tenika! A drop out kid of the  pop culture. She opened a salon and doesn't try to aim to appear cultured. Tenika, she doesn't know what the word means, thinks Judy critically! You, she thinks, you can just look at her or him, she's got so much, much make up on, not knowing that you are not putting on make-up for a stage performance. The folks in this camp, aren’t looking at you from the second balcony! They are standing close to you, and your makeup should be subtle, not tribal thick wick, and lordy me,  not tabloid tacky! But, what lady, who, to her, would reveal that? Certainly not Me! Oh course the martini shakers are going to love her, his, drama, and innuendoes, preposterously represented street level diatribes, with details worthy of a slum book! But, I take no comfort in morbid loose details of the sordid twisted tales about the faults of others, when each and every one of us, owns a closet full or secrets, we would rather not talk about!

Judy, goes on thinking! I don't fit in here, thank God! But left to breathe, or die, I am here in this place! "This garbage dump of a thing she dares call a Hair salon,"
I come, because none other exist!

Other wise I wouldn't be caught dead in here or in her presence!
Nevertheless, I am out of my class, and off my game, and the fact, my revelation about me needing a man, is said, and out there!

I didn't mean to reveal it!

I hope it is forgotten soon quickly, and nothing bad comes out of it!
Still, am I so different ? A ladies biological needs, on some level are the same despite your upbringing?
Still, I shouldn't have voiced my inner thoughts openly like that, she ponders disconcertingly to herself.

Men, I  for one, don't know why that crazy BR, keeps popping up, in my head? It is a mystery to me? He is a mystery to me! I owe him my life, for saving me, crazy or not! He's crazy, sometimes, sometimes not! But still men, they usually give you an unbelievable amount of joy! Believe it! It is real. But only for a season. For as much joy they give you, they spike it with pain also, for some reason! Not that we women are no better! Chicken little cried the skies falling, and the world ended, but, not our inner longings needs, to be stroked, kissed, that will always be, despite the sky falling above thee!

Life's relationships that last a long time, are rare and each teach you, if you are lucky, lifetime lessons!

I wonder whether I should wait for him to court me? I have to wait, it's lady like! I got my pride, still I don't know? In my former life, with so many elite fish in the sea, who the hell would think of him! He'd be the last person I would consider for marriage, perhaps a one night-er, if no one knew about it? But here and now in my new reality, he's got the power here over my destiny!
And ever since I was a little girl, I was always attracted to powerful men! He might not have been powerful in my life before the world split apart, but he sure is in my life now, and I just want to take and dump my inhibitions and just go stalk him, make my feelings known! But, I wasn't that type of girl before. So although I want to, its hard to get over me as I was before, and just do what my instincts tells me to do! But here in my mind, to myself, I admit I want him, I crave him!

"Explorers on safaris for love, must enjoy it more, if they have had none for a long time"

Hi! It's me , Madcow sammy, OMG,  talk about folks with a problem, if they don't got a problem, they gone have a problem! But besides that, these folks, if they only knew whats in the dinner, they might be inclined to pass! I think all o them got a big surprise coming!  Believe that!! I know I would, I'd skip eating big time! And the folks that was in that boat needs to get their heads examined quick! They got issues. I know BR and The Captain do! These guys are unbelievable!  Wow,
Luckily my Iphone alarm, went off again, and woke me up! " Oh Boy! " Anyway, I really got to consult Toni, cause this is too much! I got to tweet him, anyhow, I just got another tweet! It's my girl, Madcow Lady Ga Ga again! Oh how cool! Got to fly bye! Stay tuned, this is just the beginning!   I got to run now, bye, adios, adieu, A plus tard Mes amis, abschied, Wiedersehen, 這麼長時間現在,我們看到你很快 !,告別 ,작별, 別れ ,Прощай ,الوداع ,veda , addio ,Żegnaj, bye bye, to da loo!

link chapter 16 see it here> http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg51313/#msg51313

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The films has brute force, lost in the power of fractality visually, the programmer, yes, he hit it out of the ball park with this beauty! Check it out will you? You gone love it!  It may be a fractaltoidic  set up to him, but, hey, what we see is his minds intervention in to his reality, bursting for legacy eternity wise to ours! It to us, represents the unit of the outer universes manifestations, of a birth Galaxy, replete with majesty, mathematicities constrained in the force of gravitation, spinning around slowly, we zoom in it to see its magnificence ! It holds myriads, of planets, orbiting around suns, orbiting around conceptualization of orbits, stringing together the idea of the concept of institutional galaxy construction, as a orbiting geometrousity-construct, as one unit, in one space, in your mind to mankind, held tight, subjugated to the  power of natures might. WOW! Nope! This pic is not for the lame, both the plain insane hover here, depict you did," the id, " of times orbiting fractal races in unauthorized minds spaces! Got to see it again, we recommend it once more my friend, blue colors galore, check it out worth your time and more!

see it here > <a href="http://www.youtube.com/v/ZT058fJQ4tQ&rel=1&fs=1&hd=1" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/v/ZT058fJQ4tQ&rel=1&fs=1&hd=1</a>

The stage upon which the creator designed, and designated fractoidic actors, is comprised of a foggy world construct, inside of which, we see a conglomeration of tightly packed, multi colored spheres, in different sizes, and different disguises,  in a fully functioning, visual fracto ecosystem habitat, interconnecting with each other, through curved lines of his own design, from the confines of his mind!

Later towards the end of the  film, he magnifies, an amazing resemblance, to the structurality Construct, found in the real life, in the design of the French Eiffel Towers of 1889.

Going so far, as to do a duplication, of the exact color, of the original wrought iron, of the original Eiffel Tower's metal, heightening this other alternate reality! Amazing!

And, although dexterity possesses he, the fractals have their way to interplay!  He allows us to see, what he sees! Grateful are we, to witness their majesty, as he makes history with his new programs showing their ability! He can do this, because, not only was he blessed with the talents to create, but has access to a mental gate, to anticipate visions, of what can be done under then sun, with a touch of agility programming ability! And trust for us, it is a pleasure to accompany him, in his investigations!  Please he, and we be, ecstatic automatically.

Thank you, we do Master!

Diagnosis Criteria : Compositionality  : sphere centrist balanced :
: Data :  A fractal simulator translator generator : responsive to the feel and the look of mathematicity's children fractal citizens in and out of 3D, and matching 4D dimensions, alternate capacities realities! : Data : Bending the envelope : Data : Synthesizationalizing  : [ one reality substituted for another ] equal to a lego set for the mind as a toy for mankind : Data : Impressive! : Data : do more! : Data :  in the future humans will be synthesizing humans : Data : We welcome you Master! :  Data : keep up the good work ! Ready or not future time is coming! : What we love about your work is it teachability to know the flow of what is and what is not, for example the geometrosity looks real," but a real," in a alternate sense of real reality fractacality, combining signals of different frequencies, extrapolating in and out of surreal worlds . Congratulations, we are pleased!

Supremacy of the components represented transports us for a visit amongst structural multifaceted interconnected nodes in the form of globes. It is said, that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, behold the beholder is us, Thank you Master!

Here is what we think : [ KleinianDreamH264 ] Your film fractally, to us, depicts not just the concept of outer space galaxies, but mini worlds, like nano sized spores! Little round fractal colonies of spores! Spores, are funny, their outer white shells shields hold strong, over time by biological fractal design, in kind providing environmental existence, and the ability in life to intertwine! They are here and yet not. Do they see ? Do they ponder wonder and especiate? Looking at your clip. We feel yes!

Compare and contrast, by comparison, The algorithm 3D apps. that flows here, "ON," the FF! Here is our perspective : Master, modality of the negative eternality appearance arguments positively for applications conceptualized by you, as a valid utility construct, and by fertilizing betas, its future is secured by placing access on the edge of time here on the FF.com! It along with others shall prosper! Be patient Master!


GO ye forth in The Force and prosper!

Diagnosis  Criteria : Data : Analyzation to be continued!

Opinions cheerfully expressed, whether in consensus or in disagreement, help understanding and collaboration with one another! Peace Be with you.

[  Ergo fractal may come to reside within it self, in comfortable self similarities of it self, unchallenged by time and thus fractalized eternally into similar self infinities indefinitely.  ]

Sides fo SHL fo rouy erutuf uoy t'nod tnaw ot wonk ?

The Fractal Forums  the possibilities are infinite

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Tribute to Master Jesse stories inspired to honor him and his contributions, SEE REPLY#17
see it here reply#17>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/15/

Insist we do a tribute to another prestigious mighty Master, Jesse  : The Programmer Magician

For instantaneous locations of Art and Film Reviews by All Masters featured go to see REPLY#12 in the  " huge lack of comments" section

The Scary Jesse Chronicles

We dedicate these Baby Jesse, stories in appreciation of and to honor this Fractal Artist named Jesse, a master developer of the Mandelbulb 3D application program, and also in honor of contributors, Daniel White and Paul Nylander’s Mandelbulb work.

The Scary Jesse Chronicles series motif, is an expression of the [ Erudition Gene ] construct. Or, what could be called more simply, " The DNA, algorithmic destiny, some people are born to do great things construct!" And functions on the premise, that the inheritor of the alfa [ Erudition Gene ] DNA genomes-lines, will contribute great things to society, since the beginning of society! And in these stories, we attempt to demonstrate examples of great things the Master Jesse, has done throughout history since the dawn of mankind.

We follow as baby Jesse, goes on these fascinating journeys and horrific adventures, as he gets lost in a mysterious fractal rabbit hole, that leads him, way back to the caveman times, his trials and confrontations with cannibals, and demons, black fractal magic, and spirits, both good and bad, and what its like to grow up, when he was just a little boy!  

                         THE SCARY JESSE CHRONICLES


Chapter 1 tribute to Master Jesse see it here = REPLY#17>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg38808/#msg38808
Chapter 2 Stories it here = REPLY#98>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg48373/#msg48373
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Chapter 7 see it here = REPLY#115>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg50145/#msg50145
Chapter 8 see it here = REPLY#118>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg50741/#msg50741
Chapter 9 see it here = REPLY#119>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg50935/#msg50935

The Scary Jesse Chronicles

Chapter 8

Now I have explained, all that I am going to explain, come back again some time, won't you? My bones will be here! It's always good to see someone alive, she said, as the air suddenly turned thick, with opaque, white fog, falling over the place, with haste, and she was gone! Crack, roared thunder, the skull appeared and a thunder bolt zoomed up, and out of its eyes sockets, and flew back into the nights sky lighting it, as it flashed it by! And all returned to normal, and there you go, all was quiet again.

But,  later, when he returned to the Jungle of Doom, the Blue Medicine man, Hunkamarhat, took advantage, and a nasty plan laid he!

"Humda icta twooi Laochnerera zppazootaahtuni vac'oak nee ti? Neeti tu ahh! bimne suto tsuto, baffa iloahoutita!"
So, it was when alone by himself, the Medicine Man Hunkamarhat, thought he did, he needed a kid, a child thought he, another bebe " ho hompa ho hompa ho hommmpa homp ," ha, ha ,ha!  Sure! Ha, ha, ha! He laughed! I will get child, thought he, a child, child. yes,yes!

The Oracle, recommended :  If I wanted to kill him, to trap the bastard, using another child as bate, to decapitate his fate, ha, ha, ha !
I know what I will do, ha, ha, ha  I will kill him, trick him I will, doing just what the Oracle said, lure and trap him with a child of his age, so it will be, I will try it and see! Warned me she did. I must be better than me. What does she mean? What, the hell does she mean? We will see, said the blue Medicine man, Hunkamarhat! He gathered his friends, and said to Bushnhaa, we need a boy to go and find the beast child Baby Jessi, and invite him to play stupid baby games, that stupid kids love to play, then slay him we will do, today, ha, ha, ha !
Problem was he didn't know were the hell Baby Jessi was?
So he asked, Bushnhaa, to accompany him to the village of," Unfrewfla," to seek out another holy one, a seer and shaman lady. He would ask her to locate the where about of the strange little boy! So, later, they left to speak with she who goes by the name of Ronarirufa, the all seeing eye. They found the place where she dwelled behind the mountain range at the edge of the Jungle of Doom!  The tent where she worked, was a large, tepee like structure, and its frame was made of wooden beams pointing to the sky and rapt tight, with Givaloa'shiks skins, to keep out the rains! The first thing you noticed in the fascinating abode, was the smell of Tukitubam, a special love aroma made from a special potion!
Inside the tent, the walls were painted, in light shades of sky blue, and had drawings of the Merixa Poincaré map, that shows charts written in blood, indicating all possible trajectories a person might be going. The star of four travelers, and a drawing of the sun was also painted on the back section, which she sat under it!. On the floor along, and the walls were, tessellations of fossilized hard as rock, "Tot  Toe Madunga dog eyeballs," which were decorated with mosaics, some where painted, and some were natural. All around were large and round smooth stones, that resembled giant sized beach pebbles, and were use as seats, and where painted in darker shades of navy blue. And a long Ibarconi lizard, name," Wa wa," hung from the ceiling, sticking out his tongue catching spiders! Some of which, grew up to eight inches long. Some of the spiders, where home grown, and bred to be used to be mixed in special potions of love, and to act as a kind of viagra, for primitive man, and sold well, and which were the old ladies exotic specialty! She had a good head for business, indeed, despite her age! In the center of the structure, suspended, and hung on a vines, were a dried out women's head, with its lips open instead of sewn shut as usual! This is so, if its spirit wants to talk, it won't hurt! She had many dogs, several where large and moved when she moved. One bird sat up on a beam, he was a vulture with yellow eyes, that followed you, and watched you. Ronarirufa, the all seeing eye, was a nice old lady, but she used a brand of hair grease for her hair, made of,
" Viv tock atoo," that attracted flies to her hair, so whenever you saw her, flies were always buzzing around her head there!  She, was an old lady, perhaps a hundred or so, her nose was long but had a scar on it and pitted, and one nostril was bigger than the other, and moved when she breathed, this was because these people were raised without haghag, and were accustomed to snort herbs in their nostrils, instead of smoking them. So after constant usage, their nostrils grew distorted! Now that Baby Jessi, had invented Haghag, beside snorting herbs, they would finally learn to smoke them too! This would revolutionize the black magic industry!  Ronarirufa, the all seeing eye, she was wrinkled, and had worry lines on her forehead. She was toothless, and her children would chew the food for her, then feed her with it, this is an old custom, older than time! Her face was like, Noomiran leather skin, her eyebrows were thick and white, she wore a beaded blue tunic, with two hard rock white eggs on strings dangling in front of her privates, for decorations. Her head was kind of  small, and her ears hung over to the side, with age! She had no earrings in them, but the holes, where they use to be, could easily be seen, cause they were large. On top of her hair, she had a skull of crocodile painted blue as a decoration. Her hair was long to the floor, covering up her nakedness, bare foot, and agile, she got up off her chair, and approached the two Medicine men entering her abode, extending out her arms! You could see the nails on her hands where long, maybe four inches long, and was painted blue, just like her toe nails, which was also, very long. she smiled, nodding her head several times, as she recognized them coming in, saying :

Greetings great, Eye, said, Hunkamarhat, as he entered, smiling, graciously at the small, blue, haired old lady, standing front of him greeting him, in front of a brown carved trunk of the Vitoto beast! Ronarirufa, smiled back, her eyes twinkling in her eye sockets, like rockets, bowing her head, and replied, greetings Hunkamarhat, what do I owe this honored visit, high priest, from of the Jungle Of Doom Pathers?  Great lady, I need you to use your blind eyes, to locate the where about's of a beast child, pretending to be nice! His name is Baby Jessi! Ah, yes, I have seen him, and heard his name, he made Haghag! Please, I am trying to forget that! er um um, Do, do you know where he is? No! Could you know? Maybe! In exchange for this, said the Blue Medicine man, placing before her a lump of gold dust! Trying to persuade me?
ha, ha, ha!  OK, here, said Hunkamarhat exasperated, I got some potions of Mushafabzao' oimba, he said, handing her a bag containing a magic potion, to make people fall in love all night! Ok, deal! She smiled, agreeing, and she turned away, and walked to the center of her tent, and said, give me a little time to snort Svhiwa, and consult with them, spirits! Oh, of course, great one, can I have some? On the table, look in the green askaty bag! OH, yes, thanks, he said smelling the herb, then snorted some in both nostrils! Soon the old woman started snorting some special herbs inhalant substances, glues and plant saps, producing intoxicating affects, that wake up the dead, read the thoughts in the minds of men and women, and can see and speak through another's, such was her mind in kind! It's commonly known amongst the magic Voodoo Pathers, as

 She slowly very slowly, started dancing around in a circle, raising up her feet and stomping them down making the dust rise up like clouds! She was banging and stomping her feet on the dusty floor of her tent, as fif'gimcu her drummer friend, and one of her sons, Pico, beat the holy rhythms on their drums, to take away her mentally,  invoking the spirits! She screamed, as they entered her body! And then, she returned calmly, possessed for certain, and she looked at him, but she was not she, but a spirit, that was now inside her, an it said, "Ti Tiumanhavmba, dis Unssazara'ho no, fabzao' oom, us varigufatud Vacjip plaock'la! azara' ssedho no, fabzao!
 Oh,  Thank you, said the Blue Medicine man, as he got to his feet and started bowing to the eye's spirit, bowing in deep respect, with his hands covering his eyes, which were peeking out, looking down at his feet, as he walked out backward away from her, he and Bushnhaa, both left, walking out backwards, out of her tent. Then, he and Bushnhaa, returned home and made plans to lay a trap for Baby Jessi, now that they knew where he was located, he is a good as dead, they thought smiling!

Meanwhile, we pass along, and return to see where Baby Jessi is! He still seated under the Zicza shady bush tree, in the land of the Rainbow people, he was finishing writing his journal for today. He was happy and content, he missed his family very much, of course, but, what he was happy about, was he got away from being inside that stomach! And escaping out of that nose! Earlier, he found some puddles of water next to a stream and washed himself off good! Especially his face and hair, which now was plastered down, because it was sticky and icky! He wanted to find someone to talk to, and was feeling a little lonely when just then, when he was just about to get up, he saw another little kid, walking and skipping by and playing as he ran, and looking his way! He waved at him, and Baby Jessi, didn't wave back, but, got up shyly and smiled at him, cause he didn't know who the little boy was! This boy was not one of the rainbow children.  His skin was not rainbow colored. His skin was painted blue, meaning he's from the Jungle of Doom people! Any way he was content and put away his stuff into his askaty bag. The boy was playing with Rutbrink, that's a two headed broom, used to clean caves with. You sweep the floors with one side, and sweep the ceiling with the other part to get rid of spider webs, but this boy was using it to have fun, beating water puddles, smacking it against the surface of the water, pow pow pow! Splashing the water on himself, and having lots of fun getting wet! Oh boy! Ha, ha, ha! And he looked like he was having good fun too, ha , ha, ha, and thats what attracted Baby Jessi! He was nice to, he got," fenugreek candies," and gave him some and BABY JESSI,  took some and said, " wow, I love it! Taste good!
HMMmm good"
The happy kid ran away down the lane, jumping up and down having fun. And little by little, Baby Jessi follows along, till they come to large fountain, with a funny horrible group of statues of mud stone ugly men standing in it with knives clubs and hammers.  Thats odd, thought baby Jessi?  Strange ? At first, he was scared of the statues, but the other little kid wasn't paying the statues of mud stone, no mind! He was as happy as can be, jumping, jumping and playing having lots of good fun, in the cold water of the fountain, running around the stone mud statues, like they weren't there, so he decide to climb into the fountain with him, and play too! Ha, ha, ha ! Wooo ha, ha, ha! The statues, were just silly looking scary statues, no need to be scared of them, the other kid, he's not paying them any attention, so I won't either, thought Baby Jessi! Oh, boy wwoooo wow! WOW! HA, HA, WOW SUCH FUN! The water is so cold ha, Ha, heh heeh heh heh! Oh boy, this is nice, good heh, ha, berrrr . .coooolddd it's freezing ha, ha, ha Oh boy! Baby Jessi jumped into water and hit it with his two hands! Wham, wham, wham ha, ha, yip PEEEE! Hey, hi! Who are you? Me? ha, ha, ha, I heh ha, ha, Me Baby Jessi, ha, ha, ha, heh, oh ha ha, this ha, ha, this is fun!  yes, but, but, it's cold! cold! Ha, ha, LOOK, the water! Look at the water coming down see, WHAT? What, asked Baby Jessi, smiling happily! LOOK SAID THE BOY POINTING OVER, THERE, AT SOMETHING! Look at it! It's a lucky Rainbow Baby Jessi, LOOK! See it , LOOK! Baby Jessi, he opened his eyes wide and looked where the boy was pointing, but, he kept looking for the lucky rainbows, because he never seen them before, when he suddenly got a bad feeling, a bad, bad feeling!

Thanks, to new eerie strange altered mind mental rangers, now in his head,  that had sensed the eminent dangers, triggered a signal in him, to look up at the Statues of mud men quick, just in time, to catch them move! It was a trick, a lie, a foul nasty deception, the mud on them  was to make them look like Statues, when they were not! It's a disguise to hide, and shield them from detection, those evil ones, bent on killing him were inside the mud and now moving!

[ 2 ]

They're Moving? Yaaaaa yaaaa oh noooooo, no! Mommy, mommy, screamed, Baby Jessi scared, as the Statues came alive, attacking him with knives, clubs, and hammers! In his time, just in time, with time no time to think, no time for him to think only act! And act he did, with, lightening, lightening speeds! So he ducked, flipped, skipped and mightily jumped out of the way, just in time, as the big hammers came down just missing his eye! BOOM BOOM, went the hammer! Swishhhhhhhh, swish! SWISH, SWISH! Is the sounds the big sharp knife, made as it brushed against his ears missing it by nothing and nicking it! He jumped back with all his might he did, and unbelievably, he jumped back with so much power, it took him air born he'd become, taking flight flying out backwards, out of the water fountain! He knew not, how! All, he wanted was to escape, but somehow when he jumped, he jumped so hard he flew, flew, flew flying he was! Yes, he's flying, He was flying rocketing through the air, and when, he looked back down, where an instant ago, he was with the little boy in the water fountain, it was way down below, and just a small dot on the landscape, as he zoomed through the heavens, no time to slow down, he wanted to keep on going and he did! And he smiled and breathed a big sigh of relief! And, he caught his breath again, and wondered was that, or wasn't that something? He could not, he couldn't, he couldn't understand it! Something, something  told him to look around, and if he hadn't, he wouldn't be around, for sure as the sun is in the sky, he would die!  But, that was then, and this was now, now, on top of that, he now had to face the fact that he was flying! He didn't know how, or why, it was tremulously over whelming for him, and everything was all happening so fast, and now this Baby Jessi, he is in the air flying like he belonged there! He did feel uneasy. Scared he might fall, lose his balance! It was so scary! What would happen, if he did start to fall, or make mistake or something?  Real scary thoughts shook him to the core and more. For a second, he didn't want to look down, he looked up straight instead, and saw the horizon, and the curvature of the world, and he thought it was the most beautiful thing he ever saw in his life! It was magnificent. Oh, Mommy, will I have things to tell you when I get back, thought Baby Jessi, with a big excited smile on his face, as he streaked across the heavens, peeking at outer space! He, thought something, something strange was happening, but he could put his finger on it. Hard to put it into words, hard to express. He was undergoing changes while in flight! He felt good and not good, odd and strange all at the same time, and while he had his arms extended out in front of his head using them like steering wheels of a bicycle or something to steer himself so he wouldn't fall! His muscles in him got tense, and hot, as he began to feel himself change. He felt different. He felt like he changing. He started to feel a new perspective of his life, as if he was getting old in his head, becoming older fast, suddenly things he thought before, were hard, suddenly seemed easily to understand, it was strange! Was it from the point of view of child, or from the point of view of a man, he couldn't understand, what was happening inside of him?

What do you do with your feelings of a child, when suddenly find yourself suddenly in a the body of a child, but with mature mind, and thinking like adult, are those old feeling's of childhood, phases of behavior to be tossed out and discarded, or do you hold to them, treasure them, like sacred memories you never want to forget?

The little child's mind suddenly floods with thoughts! Thoughts and thoughts, but from whence, they come uncontrollably, he knows not! It like life, is out of scope!

His little head, it is inundated with new feelings, strange beguiling, tingling feelings, beginning to initiate, coming alive, in his little body!
For example, Just like when one turns on a new system, for the first time, it is not used, it experiences a slow bumpy start, then from that first slow start test, then with use, and familiarity, and more  trial and error attempts, one gets the knack of it, it becomes easier, this was what flying was like, the feeling of it was reeling inside his mind!

All these new revelations into a babies head, feelings, awarenesses, are  coming into his head all at once. All at once!

His head hurts! He feels dizzy, dizzier than he ever felt before and more!

All this is occurring in flight while the  boy is flying on his own, at obscene speeds, out of his control. He streaks through the air over the Jungles of Doom!

Somehow he manages to maintain his equilibrium, and keeps flying while in his head, there is now a war of a different kind, manifesting, taking over his personality!

It's happening, it is happening, the affect of the thunder event that engulfed him, it's beginning, it is beginning, to change him from child to power boy man!  Thundertronic collaborations, test birth flirt mini mind, transposing homeomorphic manifestations of the nature of a baby, to a man!
One in life never really is in control of ones life, you may think you are in-control, that illusion is shatterable instantaneously!

Baby Jessi's, mind. Baby Jessi's mind, Baby jessi's mind is keyed up, its capacity massively increases in understanding and magnitude!

His minds internal deep thinking, minds thinking, morph sublime in areas, both good, kind, and the darkside unkind, from light to dark, as in all creatures responses of fight instinctuations,  fixed human animal behaviors, revelations bombards him psychologically, and goes forth out of his control! His head feels light. He feels scared. A tear rolls down his cheek, as he flies veering in a new direction, streaking through the air he do, who knows, perhaps he might black out and fall?

The brain he has : It's, unfortunately getting to much power, too much frequency, fluxed overloaded, to survive, to survive his brain must unleash energy resources, manifested in his dually cores DNA, the atomic standards centrality thought processing goes awol, destabilizing it!  Will he survive? After all a human babies head was not meant for this! No way!

The fact : that this is a new time x time, ten dimensional subconscious accidentation, dwelling in an area of the unknown, is understandably baffling! The huge perspectives, intra intellectuality disparities, immense pressures, as well as other irrationalities manifesting inside, the insides, in his little head, makes it feel like, it will explode! Will he be dead? Who knows?

So much, so much, so much data flowing in instantaneously, from unknowns in the deeper deep mind of a baby, a little babies brain, what will happen?
Producing good results? Or horrible twisted ones, it is not known? Will baby Jessi, turn into a monster?
Will he lose his innocents?
Will he trip, flip and go over into the mouth of the darkside irretrievably?
Will he reach his minds highest level, it has ever been, due to the fact that in the new change in his minds confines, it becomes under the aura of the strange alter ego, which is being incorporated into his primal, old inherited DNA, plus his new mentality, is being, and undergoing involuntary upgrades, where he notices one minute  he is thinking, as he is supposed to, as a child one minute, and the next minute, he switches and his maturity levels zooms ahead, and he is enabled to think as an adult! These combobulations, trigger chemicals projection physically, changing him from one boy, to a new improved person in the form of a boy! Nature is superimposing on him, the decisive endowments of thunderistic capabilities, which is making an experiment out of him, by design, the likes of which, the final results will be unknown!  But can he be stable mentally physically, as person, when invading his thoughts, are the thoughts intruding from the invisible boy, he merged with, and he is possessed by, feelings he feels emerging now, are enabling new sensations, and new feelings empowering his mind, and affecting his judgments, for now for better or for worse? He has two thought wave signals frequencies,  affording him access to experiences gleaned from the wisdoms, and data base memories of another! All these transformations, are relegating him, to have a superior level, central higher mental concentration direction, inline with the potentialities, and static electrical electromagnetic power manipulations, that transcend his little being, translating him, molecularly with the recognition biologically of being, none other than a super being!  With all these changes spontaneously happening, so quickly in him, the only thing missing to develop, and come into being is his ego, and those subconscious sensibilities, which make the man, the man! Mother nature is pushing the envelope with him, will he be the predator or the prey?

Will his kind, empathetic, loving personality, modulate, participate, fluctuate, and open strange black gates, and stick he in his tiny little finger in and participate, like that of a good child will he be, only in time we will see?

Oh powers! Powers speak'ith, thee, war horse secrecy, options thous are, behest natures quest, less guess he, prescription wealthy? What has'ith thee in store, What has'ith thee in store, waiting for little Baby Jessi?

Baby Jessi, still flying at super sonic speeds now approaches apexes circles the air above the ionic sphere of the Jungles of Doom!

The boys mind, sparked nuanced capacity, and it evolves,

endowing him to inherit instantaneously a phenomenal academic pedigree, from the rainbow child's mind, with intellectual heft, figuratively allowing him to out think his jealous foes down below.

And it adapt's making it useable for a slew of new purposes, crossing the borderless border, that confines the times of minds and men,  and surges here within them, with facts, with distinctions of numbers, numbers, numbers on the walls, numbers, numbers on the walls of his, yes it is,  of his little mind, which now is a huge mind, huge for Baby jessi! The seams of his brains skull physicality, as it gets more frequency power, is warping the seams of his skull! Will his brain burst out, only time will tell, for now Baby Jessi, has now evolved, and is still doing so, even more so now!

 But, many, many unknowns interplay here, just like one has to take into account planetary alignment, when dealing with other areas of science, when it comes to the realms in the subconciosology of the mind, to merge and mesh them just right, depends on intangible unprecedented factors hard to quantify! Will the outcome be a sane mentally healthy outcome or will it not? And what about his abilities, like his chameleonoic ability, to be a child or man?
One thing is for sure, He is no longer : THE BABY JESSI YOU KNEW!
Just imagine if you had another mind inside your mind, but not just that, the differences in subtle details, culturally, physically, and mental perceptions interpretations, translated in all tight data spreads, merging into you all at once!? His brain, Contains exponentiation, multiplication, division, adding and subtracting, mathematicities spatial hypothetical congregations that are spewing rebelliously now violent integers, up to dancing in the vacuums, in the fractalized profundity, of his head, with the  ideas, capabilities, unique wisdoms, that Baby Jessi never, never, never knew he had!

This rare orbital combinatoriality, conscious and subconscious awareness from baby to the adult brain shift level in his head, is terribly confusing to him, as you must imagine. All of this, has no-on, off switch. And it's the confluences of all these pockets of dynamic strengths, and troffs, that will, by necessity, leave much scientific alignments to be desire, but life can't wait, Baby Jessi's minds gate is open!
He can feel conflicted in several states of consciousness, more complex then the next!
Does he think like a child?
Does he trust himself? Does he trust his mind? Is his mind his mind?
Does he think like a man, does he do both? And if capable to access the maturity of an adult brain, what will be the impedous of his behavior, revenge or empathy? The beauty of life, is time is always changing, moving, evolving, never the same time twice, except for baby Jessi? Can Baby Jessi be Baby Jessi and a adult man at the same time? The Powers of Thunder Wonders are manifesting! Throughout time thousands have gotten touched by thunder, few have lived to manifest in the glory of electromagnetic powers! He will not be the first nor the last, but his age is putting that plausible possibility in doubt! His cerebellum is oscillating in his skull!
Wonder ever you, the power magic thunder can do, to a mind in time, we will see BABY JESSI, turn into PowerBoyman he?
Such are the conflicts, he alone must sort out, these mind, subconscious, inter brain dilemmas overwhelm him. Its weight is too much to much to absorb in one gulp! All this brute force power brain changes in his head, is happening so fast, his heavy brain weighs more than lead! At first it scares little Baby Jessi, he feel things. He feels new sensations, sensation not of boy, but of man, maturity sensations which change him, upon him land! And without understanding a thing, Baby Jessi's body power and brain becomes easily converted into subconscious behavioral formulas, that contain increases, in his awareness, that he is becoming stronger exponentially, second by second. his little baby finger tips get red, get hot, get burning, and suddenly bursting forth from them is wonder thunder, scorching the heaven as he zooms through the air,  from down below a crowd gathers, to see the spectacle! Is it a meteor. it must be? Is it a falling star crossing the night sky, it must be? No, it is not. Its Baby Jessi, Powerboy!

But, as he feels this strangeness happening in his mind and body, his childlike fears disappears, and are replaced with confidence, that, he can stand up for himself, and if need be, know and realize these feelings of increasing brute force power, make him feel secure and sure of himself and free. No longer does he need to cry out for help to his Mommy! No, he grew out of that  mentality now quickie, and understands now, and now feels independence, as his mind suddenly morphs into adulthood.    
All these surges of states of knowledge, flowing into his little mind expands it spontaneously, into a big mind, a bigger mind, getting it bigger and bigger, as he taps into natures thunder wonder! Will he use these powers and abilities for good or will he use it for evil?

Will he be become a righteous hero, and protector of good, against evil, or a will Baby Jessi, become a GOD!

[ 3 ]

How does it feel flying and what's it like ?
Well, it started when he wanted to get away from the mud statues! When he jumped to get out of the way, he in-advertently, by jumping away trying to escape, he used so much energy, he got air born, and now miraculously is zooming, flying through the air! And, as he does so, thoughts about flying, flashed into this little child's head, for he never flew before! He finds the air flowing over his skin, akin, to being like a fish in water! It's a kind of like swimming, in that he notices the air, or water pressure is heavier, as you fly downward, and lighter as you fly up! If you can imagine you are him, You would be amazed, if you just keep you hands together, to form a knife shape with your fingers, as you cut through the air! That simple hand formation increases your speed two fold !
It speeds up your thrust substantially, slicing through the air with the greatest of ease! You're stunned, how by just something as simple, as keeping your legs straight, and closed, and your angles held tightly together, how this also increases your speed! Speed," WOW, THINKS," Baby Jessi, as he is now flying for the first time in his life, for the very first time! It so crazy, but real! No, not dreaming, no not trying to, but doing, actually doing it! Flying through time and space, ha, ha, ha! He laughs to himself on the inside with his mouth closed, cause, as he quickly has learned, if he laughs normally, the air flow zooming around the contours of his face, would affect the aero dynamics, of his speed attainment, and he does not want to do anything to slow him down, not for a second! This is way to much fun, ha, ha, ha, he thinks to himself smiling and laughing! And, right now, this feeling, this feeling is just so cool, so good, the feeling of flying is just so cool, so cool, it's amazing! It tickles ha, ha, ha, the air ha, ha ! The air, woooooo, wow! It's going up my nose and WOW, OH BOY! Ha, ha, ha! Its sounds like the grand canyon in my ears too! OH WOW! If my Mommy, could only see me now! Flying! Ha, ha, ha!

And right now, more than anything else in the whole wide world, he wants to just learn to fly! To fly in the sky ha, ha, ha! Oh my! Ha, ha, ha! ZOOM . . . Zoooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm om onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnmmmm!
So we see him, now, happier than he ever, ever was in his life! His brain and mind, interfused molecularly percentiles, actuating on high voltages frequencies intelligencies, inside his zones of his altered mind states, he, of course, without even knowing he is doing it, jolted his mind, and absorbs the influx of new imported data sets, concurrently, and no longer will he have to function as a child, with low proficiency, but now using enhanced power extracted mental syndromes data utilization circuitry, from the entity in his head, mediates the newly acquisition-ed power modularity data of it's environmental sustainability, to become transformed into his new self!
"Powerboy!" Now, zooming in the air, over the time scales of mere seconds, he moves his hands, with his palms flat and pointed, like little wings, throughout the air, to bank the air, and without having a clue, what he is doing, or how he is flying, he gets accustomed to shift, and swing his bodies momentum, to press and compress the air in the z, direction of absolute vorticity, of the air mass, he is flying through, accelerating him self even faster, and faster still yet! He is so excited, his little heart is beating so rapidly, as so many mentality changes are concurrently
taking place, as the mind of the child's gets downloads from the other mentality in his head, his brain compresses to quickly, and is in extreme pressure, and duress! His brain suddenly capitulates, and goes into, vortex circuitrial mentality trauf, and he passes out, in mid air at full velocity, and falls, free falling downward, apparently he blacked out!  He has evolve so well up till now! It looked like his body could tolerate the huge biological transformation changes!  His brain, and subconscious mind, had been exerting itself striving very hard, making every effort to adapt to the invisibles child mind, and the thunder atomic data, providing general information regarding transfer of circuitial electrical data course equivalencies, quickly biologically, but!

Alast, its all over! Now, what we saw was Mothers Natures re- defining what is possible. The minds faculties and phenomena, that were occurring in his brain, are apparently inexplicable by any other means other than fractal natural laws! Mother Natures little experimentation, was suddenly about to end in disaster! His head couldn't take the deployment stress overloads! Now, as he starts to fall to his death! Zooming straight down now, this is horrible way to die! Downward, air trajectory erratic, increasing speed heading for the face of rocky plateau, where he no doubt will smash into it!
That will be his final end, and it's such a shame. We miss him already! He will perish and die alone in a world, all by him self two million years ago, and never knew what hit him! He was a good boy, and honest kid, brilliant to! And he was blessing!  A nice personality, and fun to be around!   But, thats the way the cookie crumbles, too bad! Zoom! Funny, though, many times in life, we think we are going to die, someday, when we are very, very old, resigned to be quiet in our favorite bed, propped up on our pillow all warm and comfy, in our beds watching youtube! But, for him it will be his skull crunching into an immovable object, and his brains, blood and guts, splashing over the place! POW! He unfortunately, is fractally unconsciousness now, falling like rag doll, and when he was little, he used to love rag dolls, too! In fact, when was just a little boy of three, way back, back on earth, in the twentieth century, he had three : The Hulk, Miss Piggy, and Elmo! He used to get the Hulk, angry and beat up Elmo! He'd take the Hulks arm, and bash Elmo, in his nose, POW! POW! Boom! POW Ow! OW! Oh, shucks stop! Who says so? I do! Oh, year take that, POW, POW! And, Miss piggy, oh course, being quite the girl, would get frustrated at the boys, and yelled : "would you stupid jackasses, stop fighting and be nice," and Elmo would punch her in the nose, POW! Yes, yes, so many lovely baby time, memories he had:

He remembered his mother, yelling at him, when was two years old, to eat his," Original Shredded Wheat Cereal," for breakfast, that it is a smart selection, because it is low in saturated fat, contains 0 trans fat and 0 cholesterol, and is a high source of this and that, but he hated it! Such is life!  So many of childhood memories all for nort, he lived to the ripe old age of five years old! Or so it seems in his dreams, as he speeds throughout the air toward the mountain of stone, that will crush his bone!

Distance to impact : less the one minute, descending down, to ten thousand feet, five thousand, four thousand, three thousand then, suddenly from the opposite direction zooming up to intercept him is, "Ham and Cheese," the rainbow kids, who are a two headed conjoined twins flying up to save him and catch him just in the nick of time! Hi, I am Ham,  and I am Cheese are you all right? Oh, boy he doesn't look all right, Ham? Year Cheese, lets fly him down and lay on the ground and see if we save him, quick! So, Ham and Cheese flew the body of Baby Jessi, down and took him home to their parents.

What is that? Vardue, Vardue, yelled the mother Miriami, calling out to her husband Vardue, to stop what he is doing and come. Come dear, she yelled again to him, look what the children brought home for dinner!

 [ 4 ]

Meanwhile far away, back in, The Jungles of Doom,
The Blue medicine man, was feeling blue, really blue, dejected, angry, confused, he doesn't do failure very well, and abhors criticism, and gets really embarrassed big time, when his magic doesn't work in front of people! Makes him cry sometimes! How would feel if your magic did not work?
Why has he failed? How could the child tell his mud statues disguise in the fountain, was faked? What, how and why? Usually his plans and black magic power worked, but why are they failing him so embarrassingly now, in front of his followers making him look, like cheap skate, has been! An over the hill Medicine man, ready to kick the bucket dude, without any good powerful magic left? Why?
He got depressed, and was in the dumps! The Blue Medicine man was blue! Yet again, he was trumped by the child. Wild with rage he was, for being upstaged, in the smarts by a little tiny child, whose lucky luck, was off they charts!
The kid, had escaped certain death again, and true, flew he did, with the power of an eagle in high flight, what, what, oh, what gives him this might, puzzled the Blue Medicine man, and from his friends, no answer came ?
What do we do, Hunkamarhat? He has laughed the last laugh at us, what do we do great one? Yes, asked, Larxarka modoon, another Medicine chieftain, worried about, what they will say, when they find out about this, in the tribe, rumors and gossip, will spread quick! If you men, don't say anything, no one will know, said the Blue Medicine, Hunkamarhat!
 Me, no know, what to do? The Oracle, she, she warned me, to be better than me, or he would beat me! I guess I didn't know how! But, neither did I know, the Baby Jessi child could fall into a trap, and get out of a trap just like that? As, if that was not enough, fly off in a huff! High in the sky? What powers has he in his eyes? What do you think about that? It is obvious, he is the devil. Thats why he laughs at us great one!  No, he is not the devil, but, I think, we don't know anything about him! We are just learning!
Perhaps we, of him, know not, what we do know about, are the walkers of the underworld! There is the place, where both the Bat people dead, and alive fly, so why can't I? What say you, Hunkamarhat? I have a heavy heart, I have been shamed, disgraced lost face, not just with you, but my self! Prefer, I death, or switch places with the Bat people, and gain the power to fly, faster than him, and kill him!

No, Hunkamarhat. This is no way for you great one? My head upset, need calm. I will go to prayers, cave, " Buck din donga ding," to seek out the spirits scholarship, and pray to show me the path, but, for now I wish to die! Come! So, it was a disheartened Blue Medicine man, Hunkamarhat, he along with his followers, took the long trek to the holy cave, in the mountains!  There they prayed to the seven gods, and The Blue Medicine man asked for redemption, and help to become, as the Oracle said, "Better than himself." He knew, of evil spirits that could fly.
And he wanted to be like them, and they join in prayer in ritual singing his name," Chaahogta," to grant passage of the underworld spirits. To rise up, and commune in peace with them, in solidarity! But, the Blue Medicine man, was distraught, and solicited the evil one, to come forth, and penetrate his body, so he could fly and revenge him self, on the boy, where ever he be! And suddenly there was aloud ringing in his hears, as the force of darkness acknowledge his request, and hummed in his ears! The ringing sounded like a strange humming, that was oscillating rapidly :  " whomingwhommmmmwhomningg," and then stopped and it was gone! There are many Spirits, in the under world, but they're, are there, and you are here!  I am going where the chilly winds do blow, and ghost take one in tow, and die fly I across the sky in a blink of an eye!
So Hunkamarhat prayed to be like him, prayed to be with him and sold his soul!
One thing is to ask their blessings, it quite another to ask them to come inside one! Think you? What understand you, Hunkamarhat?  All the brave talk could not hide the defeat in his face, or his sad resolve, he was lost, sad and looked it. It was his pride that was killing him bit by bit, consuming him up! Bushnhaa pated the seat beside him, making him understand he wanted him to sit near. But, sat down, but Hunkamarhat dared not look in his eyes, he didn't want to hear the truth his good friend would say! All he wanted was power! He wanted to die or get power! He took out some zhabasiiiss weeds, leaves to sniff and snort, and soon he felt relaxed, and saw the writings on the wall! He shifted on his seat, and crossed his legs, then uncrossed them, he was solemn and undecided. You could see he was thinking deeply! Then, he broke his silence and turned without looking into his eyes and said, Bushnhaa!  Listen good friend, I rather seek the bad spirit, and let it pass into me, and me into it. I will be better than me, and be able to fly and from the sky fly and make the boy die, Baby Jessi must die! So say I!
Than, I will help! But, what happens great one, if one, it possesses you, it hangs your kindness, and tosses your good heart and brings a bad one, and changes your personality grossly to where you are not? Your heart is good, but it is bad, badder than us! Hunkamarhat, sighed audibly, and raised his eye brows and shrugged : This is what ever it is to be, shall be, said The Blue Medicine man Hunkamarhat!  

Bushnhaa could feel himself shriveled up and see he was not himself, and was surprised, he let his emotions get the best of him! Look at me, what happens if he hangs you, Hunkamarhat? What happen if he changes you and you are not you?
If I am not me, my dear friend Bushnhaa, first let me finish my mission of revenge and stomp on Baby Jessi's body, then be you to put me in a trance, and do an exorcism to remove the evil one from my soul, so I can return to be me! So, I say, I agree, for your sake I hope you succeed and I succeed! The men shook hands, their way, by each clasping the other forearm and shaking it as their custom! Bushnhaa smiled but , Hunkamarhat almost smiled! You know Bushnhaa, said  Hunkamarhat, leaning over and whispering, he had crunched down on his seat, so his mouth was level with his ears, so no others could here his speech! You are a good friend, you're with me in my hour of stress, and spiritual need. Grateful me! Grateful, me also, great one! Blessed, I am, to have such an understanding friend as you! Thank you! Your tongue to me speaks thrushes of truth, as mine to yours great one! I will, no matter what the future brings have your memory in permanently resident in here, said Bushnhaa, pointing to and tapping his chest where his heart is! Know, I will try to live up to your trust great one! So after much prayers and offerings and sacrifices, fruits special holy tree bark saps, with special aromas to please the gods and the spirit world, they snorted the remains of an ancestor, known for scholarship, and waited for the other members to come, so they can start the singing, and start the ritual of futkodamic! About an hour later, about twenty drummers dressed in full regalia of white and black feathers of the de Reicreofojewka fir bird.

 And the tribesmen arrived, and beat out fractals, drum beats iterating wildly in full ranges of crescendos, and the blue Medicine humbled himself and they placed him in a special tent, walled of from the rest of the cave, to allow for some many privacy and began washing off of Hunkamarhat, the blue paints of his skin from the Subolac violets juice, and slowly off came all the blue stains! They washed him cleaned to purify him, as was their religion! Then came a nude woman holding a naked toddler in her arms, a boy so that his new innocent spirit, will pass into Hunkamarhats body to keep him pure, in trouble times ahead! Afterwards they prayed as they now, painted him, with his body one half white, and one half black! Signifying, he now one part death and one part life! One half dead and one part alive! And ready him to be possessed by the under-worlder that is coming! After that another woman, brought out a large basket of drugged salamanders, and they cut open their bellies and wiped the contents in the hair of Hunkamarhat, till it was thick with it, and it looked like yellow glue! The special aroma sunk in to head, into brain drunkening him, to the point he was limp and dizzy! They, then laid him out on th ground, on a bed of pebbles, and placed his arms folded on his chest, and closed his eyes. Then six, seven tribesmen dug out a grave, and lower him inside, and covered his body with layers upon layers of leaves, followed by one layer of white flowers, followed by a layer of leaves as was their custom! This ceremony was the "zibonalarmiumbo," or, " the right of passage to the spirit world." the idea was they put you in the hole and place fresh meat of a live beast on top, if the animals of the jungle eat only the beast, then you are good to receive th spirit, it they eat you and the meat you are not worthy! A simple ceremony, and if you are not eaten, you must wait till morning to be taken out by th tribesmen, in another ceremony called," Irk-bu-sahta", or," Resurrection."
So, they proceeded and did as planned, they killed a wilder-beast, and dropped it in the grave on top of the hole, and bad him farewell, and many good byes, till morning! During the night beasts will come to feast. Hunkamarhat will be safe, if the spirits, choose to spare his life, and protect him. If he survives a spirit will arrive, and possess his mind, and he will be he, no more, but another! The drummers, they serenaded him with drums pounding and chants as they slowly retreated, back into the Jungle of Doom! :
Come, done come done come beast come!
Badinage badinage badinage badinage!
AH aee ah aye ee a Come done come done come beast come!
AH aee ah aye ee a Come done come done come beast come!
AH aee ah aye ee a Come done come done come beast come!
Badinage badinage badinage badinage!

And so things went rolling right along, till :
Meanwhile, he bravely lays in the bottom of the hole, sweating buckets of sweat, trembling at his life's bet, will die fry, or fly in the sky, find Baby Jessi and pluck out his eye?

It's the middle of the night! The night is full of sounds of night, crickets, saying : " cricket, cricket, cricket!" The constancy of the annoying sounds of the crickets is accompanied by the other critters, both big and small, gentle and vicious, hungry and starving, far, and near! The Blue Medicine Hunkamarhat, hears all the sounds, it torments his two ears there, in the dark alone terrifying, and scarring his bones!  What is hard? Waiting is the hard part! Waiting, waiting . .  death is the start, passing is the goal, being ghost possessed, his mission!

Being killed might happen too, either way, one way or another this day will end!
And perhaps him too, has prepared mentally, for that eventuality! No man or woman lives for ever. It is, but not the how, but when, and tonight is as good as any, thinks the Blue Medicine man, Hunkamarhat to himself alone, in the hole on the precipice of the underworld leading to the unknown! Wait, what beating heart adaptations, innovations avocations olds!

He hurled his hands up to face, and scratched his nose, cause it was itching, as a ant crawled up it! And on top of that, the place stunk! And way on top, of him, that wilder-beast, they threw on top of the hole! The retched funk of the animals orifices gases was oozing out real smelly like, in the night air there!

He shook his head, opened his eyes and it was so black, and began to ramble, insanely talking to himself, since there no one else to speak to, and this might be the last time, he speaks!
This not bravery, on the part of me, you see, this is my destiny! I am but man, man from the land. Land I come, land I go! My life tragedy, stem from that baby! He created," Haghag," instead of me, and it will live in infamy, his name will be remembered not me, my jealousy no, it can't be! But it is. I am shamed! It has driven me crazy! I have by him been out done! By creating, Haghag," he has made me look small, not tall! " But, when I tried to revenge my self, and kill him. These tribulations of adversity, confound the spirit powers in me, as they left me, abandoned! I failed not once but twice, like death on cold ice, it has done me in sin! He has insulted me, so deeply, I wish to be die dead fried dead friend!


         The Fractal Forums, the possibilities are infinite!

Chapter 9 see it here = REPLY#119>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg50935/#msg50935

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Tribute to Master jesse stories inspired to honor him and his contributions, SEE REPLY#17
see it here reply#17>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/15/

Insist we do a tribute to another prestigious mighty Master, Jesse  : The Programmer Magician

For instantaneous locations of Art and Film Reviews by All Masters featured go to see REPLY#12 in the  " huge lack of comments" section
The Scary Jesse Chronicles

We dedicate these Baby Jesse, stories in appreciation of and to honor this Fractal Artist named Jesse, a master developer of the Mandelbulb 3D application program, and also in honor of contributors, Daniel White and Paul Nylander’s Mandelbulb work.

The Scary Jesse Chronicles series motif, is an expression of the [ Erudition Gene ] construct. Or, what could be called more simply, " The DNA, algorithmic destiny, some people are born to do great things construct!" And functions on the premise, that the inheritor of the alfa [ Erudition Gene ] DNA genomes-lines, will contribute great things to society, since the beginning of society! And in these stories, we attempt to demonstrate examples of great things the Master Jesse, has done throughout history since the dawn of mankind.

We follow as baby Jesse, goes on these fascinating journeys and horrific adventures, as he gets lost in a mysterious fractal rabbit hole, that leads him, way back to the caveman times, his trials and confrontations with cannibals, and demons, black fractal magic, and spirits, both good and bad, and what its like to grow up, when he just a little boy!  

                         THE SCARY JESSE CHRONICLES


Chapter 1 tribute to Master Jesse see it here = REPLY#17>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg38808/#msg38808
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Chapter 9 see it here = REPLY#119>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg50935/#msg50935

The Scary Jesse Chronicles

Chapter 9

 Now, listen do I? Do I, Do I, Do I, Do I, why sky come'ith he? Crossed I be, this destiny ? Dark larks looms in the Jungle of dooms? So vexed then pharmacy chemicals of jungle-icity, has wrought foul child down upon me, disturbing my fame! De butchering me! Moment, what? What hear I ? In here, my ears one two, night fright too!  Is it the swerves, curves, of bad thoughts, diverging the feeling of fragile, in me or nerves?
Nothing, nothing in me wrong, strong? No scared, am I ? Why? Wide eyed wait me I?

To die with honor this way, is better to live in shame walking the Jungles of Doom that way, as a has been! A loser! I wait here alone in my little hole! I wait here in my grave! Which? I know not, for in matters of Destiny, better it is not to see the depth of my own hypocrisy, and controversy of its gravity! Go I know where not!

 Wait I for the beast in my jungle, eat 'ith me, enjoy flesh of me? Or ghost in me, destiny will see!  Its taking so long waiting in pain, going insane what why? Come do it! Come do it!  Come do it! Do it take no longer! Is death ashamed of me too! What say'ith you? "Main di'iz hooka vend so' ity winyna dendra betray jiu foonerhindrac?" So be! So!

Wait, wait my beating heart, fearful, am I? So, the man in his tomb grossly turns, this way and that, trying to be comfortable, in an uncomfortable place in time! He chats with his soul, out of control, not knowing, from what minute to the next, bet adaptation, innovations zigzagging through fractal patterns, flashing obtusely, in the chilling winds of darkness, and blight, hoping for freedom evil might, to come at last!
Men, yes, men and women, do strange things! And the funny thing is, intelligent man do stupid things, even though they are intelligent! Why is this? But, no answer comes from the abyss! He yells, from under the ground sound: Universe curse, grant me my wish! Be my death wish, crisp!
Oh night, sound sounds in ground be me without liberty, with ant and bugs crawling all over me! Yes, fool be you and me! I can feel the glory, of the gory, for door open it for me to enter, will you come along?  For here, I am amongst the places, where the dead live! Here crooked twisting cocked spirits domain are game! Very game, indeed! What are you doing in here? What?

I can feel the soil! I can feel the good earth dirt! Full of spirits! Spirits are the assemblages, of after thoughts, of previous entities, devoid of bones, vehicles of fleshes fractal mesh, restless without home, or domes, in times space time, alone time, because of a life of fractal crime! They are thought to be, and in some cases, are clean slated, but as in all things, and all ecosystems, there's exceptions, some think, and live to evil to die! So, true it is some people are so bad, they defy die, death why? Only god knows!
May gods of earth, sea, and animals, and seasons, see the where with all of my reasons : Grant me, passage, safe paths devoid of rathe's, too turbulent for me to control! Ancestors! Oh, mighties hear me! I will lean over backwards, do one's damnedest, do one's darnedest, to move heaven and earth, to bust Baby Jesse's chops!

I call on the Spirits to me enter, for I amongst the ready! I thought I was ready, and smart amongst my people, but the truth be told, things I knew not, so much I know, but even all that, I what, know is nothing, for example when, when I try to kill a buffalo, his skin is so hard and thick I must stab him, several times and still nothing! He turns and chases me! Embarrassing! I, ask all the brothers and sisters, in me that I never ever knew I had, the Oracle said I have brothers and sisters called, Hawkhidocks!

Hawkhidocks, in unlimited amounts in me my body, and they are alive, living quietly in me! To you, if you can hear me help me, guide me in my hour of fear, in here in the underworld, may you grant me safe passage too! I trust you! For what will happen to me, will happen to you too! What? Whats that ? I wait, I wait my  . .Fate? Ya yaaaaaaa  something is out side? Something, a thing has come and found the meat above my head dead!
What is it above my grave? A Loin Lion? A Asultong? A Bamix? Who knows, perhaps if I stop thinking, perhaps if I stop breathing, perhaps if I stop being, peace will I have? If I could stop this. I would, I can hear them growling, roaring, growling, ripping out chucks of hot red flesh! Have you ever heard anything like it when the lion jabs his teeth in to a big bodies flesh! It makes a horrible sound, crunch, like death kissing the ground eating the world and you in it too!
 ROARRRRRRAAAH! What? Why, am I feeling funny, something is not right, my head feels strange, am I deranged ? Why, am I confused,  YAW YAaaaa, I wish to wait no more! Will you eat me too, do it die I ?


Well, so the story goes the man in the hole, prayed for death!

True, too, the night was dragging on, when the beasts many came in flamed hungry too!
One by one found the carcass of the ceremony and ate with pleasure and feasted hearty!
They ripped open the wilder beast, belly, and removed its heart with a tug!
Drank its blood, like drinking from a mug!
And rejoiced, when full, ripped out big huge chunks, and carried off legs, necks and ribs loaded with meat, to bring to their children to feed on!

They, when done ran off with them, parts leaving trails of blood on the jungles grounds in the black night, on the Jungles terrains grounds making horrible sounds!

And the man, in the depth of the hole, they left alone! All alone!
And, meanwhile, in the bottom of the hole. The blood of the beast above, dripped down below, below, through the leaves, running downward on to him, in his face! Drip, drip, drip came the blood drops, dripping on him," pity pater, pity pater, pity pater," on the man still alive down below! And why, is he alive? A spirit saw him and filled, knew his purpose, and crossed the barrier of your reality, to anothers brothers into him filling him, and he who was possessed with another, screamed YOWwwwwwwwwya ahhhhhhh! The scream for nort, was short, followed by silence! He, the Blue Medicine man was  himself no more. When, and how many times does the occasion arise, when perhaps you are angry, and, so mad you do something really crazy, in the spur of the moment! Then, later, regret you did it, what you did! Oh, what came over you and made you do it? Was, this or that, immaturity me, matter of fact, and you tell yourself, I don't know? I don't know what got into me? What made me do that, what got into me?

Well! Well! What happens, there is a zone void in the parameters of the inside periphery of the subconscious mind, that is subject to Magic's power of words, and thoughts are the conduits and portal door swing open to the boundless confines of infiniteness realms of the unknown! When all kinds of spirits dwell, and in a fraction, of a fraction of a second, one will enter you, take you over and you did it, just like that! Now, when in the area  of subjecting your self voluntarily, to allow an unknown Spirit to come into you, it is not you, thinking! But another you will to do, that which under normal thinking circumstances you would by no means do, do, do  do it, do doooo it! And so vulnerable, any adroit spirit demonically inclined Spirit, can take advantage of you, and do it!  So, was one, an variant force called Sentinel 523, saw he, the Blue Medicine man and into him, jump, jumped in quickly! Dan, Dan, Dannnnnnnn! Doom, DOOOOM! DOOOOOOM!  But! But was a creature like no other, and thugs this thing, was not born of flesh,  not alive, but made alive in code, an," AI, Manifestinies in the power of the underworlds " force bold, set free in another time line out of the bowels of vexed twisted destinies! He comes, he comes, beware! B         W        A         R         E!

The world was he, in its dark dynasty. There is much to fear now! The Blue Medicine man wanted to make himself better, but better for the worse? Curse? For there is much to fear, now not just for Baby Jesse, for all things living! Here comes Sentinel 523, destroyer of thee!

It is the exquisite hour of resurrection! Reincarnation : "humid vafatr ulichom emote nod nwod-smiled" and smiled back like a heart attack, for this was the second divided by two, one for me and one for you! Fear in here places unknown you, venture from your home out cedar side dome, of your zone of comfortability, here inside the silly side of me! Brave be thee?

Now, we must make note, that this jet black circumstance, just doesn't, just happen here, and now, in The Jungle of Doom! But, through out time modern or other wise! It was true, that ,"Diabolical invasion," was not the sole providence of those by fate born in the backwards wild bush in the jungles of primitive man! Oh, no! Dare not you feel superior, far detached matched! But also,  far and wide, also let it be noted, in the future time, two million years in the future, around the seventeenth century, they were host to the peaks of accusations in France's witch craft hunts, and during many time frames not just in France, but other places too, numbers of cases immersed by those who deal with the paranormal Spirits belief, especially priest and nuns, of that era! see it here >http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aix-en-Provence_possessions   And, Spirit possession is a paranormal occurrence, self is supplanted by other self, and other disincarnate, or other entities, take control of a human body like yours! And you are not you! Any more!
The concept of Spiritual possession exists in many religions, too, including :

African, Asia, Christianity, Buddhism, Haitian, Wick, even in the Hebrew Bible, magic was widely practiced in the late Second temple period.
see it here >http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spirit_possession
The Tandtric Buddhist scriptures, depiction of others called  "Seizers,"   or Possessor take on the form of your pet, and speak to you direct!
Taoism and other East-Asian religions, there is what is called shamanism, and shinto, and some Japanese religions, featured mediums channeling and empower the weapons of the Samurai, so it too would be unstoppable, and cut off the head in a flash!
In Sudan and many African societies and cultures, there is no other than the [ sear ] cults, where Muslim women are taken over!
In Haitian,' Vodou,' and  some Spirits comes known as the [ lwa ],  or also called,' Chwal,' or the "Horse of the Spirit." it comes and takes over, and rover be he, by spirituality by electricity. They describe this as a beautiful force energy flowing as if they were being electrocuted!

Bali of indonesia they too like the tribes of the Jungles of Doom, pass in trances, called,' Asnghyang,' sacred states, and Catholic doctrine details for the plight of the fallen angels, doing with you what they wish! In other words  : Its not you, so you are not to blame? Or are you?
The Minds door opens under the influence of chemicals taken externally, sniffed, snorted, smoked, or wiping gently special ointments on the skin, from magic trees hidden in deep forest, secreted! If not externally, than internally brain self created, especial people most susceptible to being possessed, are individuals with weak boundaries, and low self-esteem, sad ones, negative thinkers or non thinkers or little thinkers, almost certainly with dysfunctional ego involvement in manifestations of this phenomenon! You hear,  through fear, depression, obsession created in the brains sectors minds chemical creators, allowing for the closing of the eyes, and  in  an instantaneous sliver sleep of a half second, to be being possessed! Like the rest! Thus the animal shapes of death, unrest entering the you, you are, to un you totally!


The next day the tribesmen, as was custom returned beating their drums to honor him, and seek peace and to see if the Blue Medicines was alive, so they could perform the rest of the special religious ceremony to remove him from that place, to bring him into the suns day light of the world! But, when they went to the hole, the hole was empty! Dead empty! He was not killed, not eaten, not dead, but of his own accord gone!

This was strange! Strange indeed! All know, that if you do the rules of the ceremony, and you survive the night, you are to wait for the arrival of the tribesmen, to free you, lift you out of the graves hole, and bring you to the surface! But, the hole, it was empty! How strange thought Bushnhaa, friend of Hunkamarhat, the Blue Medicine man!
If hunkamarhat the blue Medicine man, was not discovered by the hungry animals predators, he was supposed to stay in the hole and wait! Why he did not? Bushnhaa got in the hole looking for clues! He found none! No mans blood, no human bones, no human head, thus concluded, Hunkamarhat, he was not dead! this was bad news for waiting in the hole was a duty, and waiting in the hole live or dead, was only one component of the broader details, of the holy traditions of darkness rituals, of the median from the Jungles of Doom, had to carry out! No, something was not right here! Heres a breach of the times continuum, framework model influencing specimens, formatted order, arrangements in the underworld, had not exerted protocols, the repercussions of which, could be a bad omen, the likes of which would darken the sun for generations! For one does not play with the Dark powers! Bushnhaa, sat down looking for clues, with his eyes wide open, his arms crossed, examining the ground around the hole!  He found human finger prints, and foot steps,just about his size, leading away from the edge of the hole, with blood stains on the bottom of its heels! Was this hunkamarhats, or his other self brother, marked possessed, was his only guess? This thing in him, did not allow him to follow the ritual rules, it must consider us fools, and ran away with him! What sin? Hunkamarhat, could he be possessed by, and not remember the ritual rules of whom he is, or who we be? Oh my great one, mystery?  He took the prerogative to leave the hole? I know him. i know my friend too well, this he would not do voluntarily! No, this wasn't like him at all! he would do a lot of things, but not this! If he was of sane mind he would not have gone. Something was wrong! Some is really wrong! Where be he, where?

But the Medicine man, Bushnhaa was right! Hunkamarhat, the Blue Medicine man, he was taken over by a pather from the dark, and it was bad, and this Spirit man, cared nort, for following Hunkamarhats, desire for revenge on Baby Jessi, or following traditions rules, or anything else, its main concern was, it was free in a body, and it was going to use that body to suit himself eternally! Dark deed indulgences embodiments unforeseen consequences in the darkness of time!

And so, the search drew to a close, the hole was empty and the Blue Medicine man was gone! Where nobody knows, the drummers, said farewell to him, and turned their procession around as they headed back into the Jungles of Doom! And they beat the big drums, as they moved along and departed.
: BOOM, boom backa boom, BOOM, boom backa boom, BOOM, boom backa boom, BOOM, boom backa boom, BOOM, boom backa boom,

[ 2 ]

Meanwhile : Baby Jesse was going through strange experiences too!

Now, Baby Jesse got saved by Ham and Cheese, who took him home, and he rested up and awoke after they took care of him.

Baby Jesse, was a indeed, stranger flying through the skies above land called Muzmucjoo'o'ka, where the the rainbow people lived!

And, the son of Vardue and Mariami, Ham and cheese, took Baby Jesse home, and his parents were amazed to see him!

Never had they ever seen the likes of him, so small tiny, and funny looking!

They had heard of rumors that the Jungles, had all types of wild tribes of people in it, that were backward and barbaric, and now they had one in their house, the only think in common with them was, he like them could fly, and it was really interesting!

He was a small tiny baby boy no more five or six years old they thought, and a strange one in their midst!

The parents of Ham and Cheese, Vardue and Mariami were a little cautious at first when they brought inn him and laid the unconscious child down in their living room!

Not knowing what  exactly to expect, but, he was after all just a little boy! So, they soon realized, he had to be harmless, and after all their son, had saved the kids life! So, they put aside their concerns about him, and cared for him! The mother washed him, and put cool towel packs of water, on him cause he had a high fever, and his head seem awfully hot for some unknown reason! When the wet towels were placed on his forehead steam rose from it! What had happen to him, unknown to them was Baby Jesse mind got hurt during Electro recycling transmissions to bio deployment thunderistical maneuvers, and if, its true that the earth has the ability to heal itself! The minds, has the ability to heal itself also! All was needed was time for his mind to be resynchronized, so this situation was a blessing in disguise in more ways than one! It not only saved baby Jesse life, but both, gave his mind a break to rest, get revitalized, and re orchestrated the continuity of evolution of his mind intra-structuralities! It was wondrous!

The parents and the kid, they all were really surprised as they examined him! They didn't understand the steam rising from him! And, were extremely curious about him, and could wait for him to recover so they ask questions to see what they could learn about him and his folks!

The wanted to know who were his people?

They put him in a bed, made of material fashion from some kind of rubber derivatives, used to relax the body and especially the mind.

And, it wasn't soon after, that he came to, and they nurtured him back to health by letting him rest, and feeding him with strained juices and special plants soups known to rejuvenate the nervous system, and rebalance the equilibrium core centers of the mind responsible for aeronautic flying!

And, about two hours later, he did recover and was greeted warmly, followed by a deluged of questions. Most of which centered,  around, who he was, and why his skin wasn't Rainbow colored, and why he flying erratically in the air, and why he passed out while flying?

He took his time drinking the juices, and it made him feel much better! And after sleeping a little bit, He felt up to talking, and he explained to them as best he could, he was lost from another time, he didn't tell them anything about his real world he came from, he didn't tell about his real father, or mother, nothing about his parents, or any other many family members!  That was something, he didn't want them to know about, because, just like the tribes in the Jungle of Doom, he did not know how they would take it, or how they would react to it!

And he didn't trust old people no longer, anyways! Not even these two people who appeared to very kind and nice, and their strange two headed son who was helping him too! He had gotten burned too often, by people who acted nice and kind, but turned around, and tried to harm him and kill him!  So he shied away from talking freely to them although he was dying in need, to talk with someone, but, that would have to wait till he got back to his Mommy, and Daddy!

So, he only wanted to talk to them about the tribe he lived with the Jungle, and he talked about the Blue Medicine Man, he met, and he talked about when he first learned about the Rainbow people, and how surprised he was to see them flying like birds in the sky, the first time he saw them!

He told them, he didn't know what exactly had happen, but one day he was with a Rainbow child, on a flight through the air on flying wing of a fly, and it got struck by a lightening bolt and the boy was gone, and he passed out, and when he opened his eyes he didn't see him and more, and ever since then, he was feeling strange with his head hurting and feeling funny, and changing, and now, suddenly, he too can fly!

He didn't know why?

But, he doesn't understand, how it all a happened!

They had so many questions, some they asked a couple times over and over, which had to go unanswered, simply because Baby Jesse, could not express the science of how things happened. He hadn't a clue!

But, he did express his happiness and gratitude to their son, Ham and Cheese, for seeing that he was falling and coming to his rescue.

Now, Baby Jesse had never seen a conjoined twin before, and it is said to be a rare phenomenon, where there is fission, in which the fertilized egg splits partially! It was rare, indeed, but it happens in regular people and in Rainbow people too!  Seem, the estimated guess, was that the occurrence was, to range from one in 100,000 baby births! Conjoined twins share a single common placenta, and often had jubilant personalities despite their condition!  Ham and cheese are dicephalic parapagus twins, meaning that they are conjoined twins of whom each has a separate head, but whose bodies are joined. They are highly symmetric, giving the children the appearance of having just a single body, with several vital organs doubled up, each twin having a separate heart, stomach, spine and spinal cord. Since time on earth began their have been millions of them and in some cases whole families who lived on isolated islands and couldn't believe their were people with just one head till they saw them with their own four eyes! The oracle told many secrets to the blue medicine man, one secret was about ,"The Land of Doublebility majesty," known, where they live and one day either she or he will speak and tell one where to go to find them! Two million years into the future in the twenty first century they two live happily with their TV, show, proudly and exist see some here >http://articles.nydailynews.com/2012-08-09/news/33122293_1_brittany-hensel-twins-reality-show

It was, to Baby Jesse, "These Extraordinary Twins"  was the strangest thing in the world to him. It excited his child like imagination, he had seen movies on youtube about hobbits, and goblins, and witches, and unicorns, and now, this was just so much fun, to see a child next to him like this, it was like being inside a dream world! Great he thought! I got to put all this in my chronicles! WOW! I can fly, and look who catches me when I fall! Ham and cheese! WOW!


But,  the boy with the two heads, was older than him! He was 11 years old and tall to, maybe 4 feet tall, weighing around a hundred pounds, at least, and had two natural arms and legs just like Baby Jesse! His skin was basically light blues, pinks, and oranges and yellows. Almost all of his face was pink, his neck yellow, and his rest of him was a combination of blues! And, see them be able to walk up and down the walls and ceilings of their home, was just so awesome! It was mind blowing! Baby Jesse's eyes were just popping out of his head! Gosh, he wish to himself I wish I were just like them!

The skin tight rubbery clothes they wore, were self generated by chemical excretions out of the pores in their skin, and had matching clothes colors and harmony and always perfect!  He was cool, thought Baby Jesse, smiling and fully beaming at him happily!

They were conjoined twins with one body but two heads, and,boy did he seemed happy, a boy as can be! The boy, said he was into Music and took out," Anunfe," which was a long five foot black flute, and he was showing Baby Jesse, how to play it.

Baby, Jesse, was invited to to stay with for the night or longer if he liked, and after dinner, the boys, went outside of the Evarlar, or house as they called it was rubberized dome welded to rocklike disk foundation, and they stayed outside the house just hanging around talking! And, Baby Jesse learned a lot. He felt a kinship, with them since he knew how to fly, and they thought that since he had gotten the ability to fly just a little while ago, what had happened was he probably got confused flying high up, in the wind currents for the first time!

But, although that was true, to an extent, Baby Jesse knew it was something much dangerous than that!

Something in his head was hurting him, making it difficult to keep his eyes open and to think straight!  Something in his brain was happening but he was clueless, it was just happening!

But, he didn't know how to express himself, to them, about it! He did have the words not the understanding!

So, he tried not to talk about that to much!

What, did happen was they were real nice, and Ham and Cheese, as each head was called, took the time to show him how to fly!

And, the first thing they suggested to him was, to first clear the head of any personal stuff, and as they repeated to him time after time,
To concentrate to accelerate!
To concentrate to accelerate!
To concentrate to accelerate!
The kid showed how he flew, and flew slowly about four feet off the ground to show him how the mind over matter forces worked, and Baby Jesse watched!

And then he tried, he lost control and applied to much power, and zoomed up a hundred feet or so in an instant!

He flew back down and said he was sorry! He needed, more time to get it right!
They asked why he did it? And, he said he didn't know, that it just happened!
And, what seemed be happening was, Baby Jesse, was so keyed up with thunder power, that what ever he did, it was over the top! Too, much! He needed to cool it, just he didn't know how!
He imaged he wanted to fly four feet, and he would fly fifty or a hundred feet up in the air! So, with the help of Ham and Cheese, he learned to calm himself down by saying a little mantra, they used to relax them selves, and it seemed to work for him too!
To concentrate to accelerate, breath in, out, relax and smoothly elevate!
To concentrate to accelerate, breath in, out, relax and smoothly elevate!
To concentrate to accelerate, breath in, out, relax and smoothly elevate!

He needed to gain control of his strength, in more ways than one, because, later, when they running around having fun playing tag, they would chase him, but he would zoom away so fast, it was like they were standing still and not moving!  He had so much power! So much he was liking it about himself, and it felt good! He liked feeling strong! He could see the bigger boys, Ham and Cheese, being impressed, and he moved faster than them! They were clueless, and Baby Jesse, didn't want to admit it, but so was he too!

And, not only that, when he accidentally tripped and fell down on a rock while they playing around, "the rock broke in pieces!" When he and the boys saw that, they all said, what?
Can't be, but thats what happened!

Baby Jesse was strong!

He was eating his Fenugreek candies! Was that what was making him strong?

He could run faster than them. Fly faster than them. Jump higher and faster than them. And he moved at lightening speeds, and it made him blur and disappear!

He took another bite of his fenugreek candy, smiling proudly! HMMMnn, GOOD!

Now, the boys told their parents about how this boy was so strong, that when he fell on a rock, he broke the rock! And the family had never seen a human like this before!

This was strange, and stranger still was, can peoples who were sharing the same earth, but not the same visual occupational space unseenly? This was uncanny!
So, pondering about things like these, naturally one might ask : How do two different peoples invisible and non visible, living on earth, not see each other, or question? "You cannot see me, and I can't see you, and what you do and make and build on earth, I cannot see it?

Now, we must note, there may some very tiny kids and other youngsters reading along with us today, and the next sentence or two, might be a little hard! So get help from your parents if they are around to help you understand it, or otherwise, just skip it, and continue down below to section [ 4 ] ! What it means, Baby Jessi got a gift called IDX2, and what that means is lots of cool stuff Baby Jessi is gonna do, change bad peoples  thoughts and weapons into kisses and hugs of love! And him the power to fight them from the heaven above!

[ 3 ]
Now the questions are many, and so are the answers! One simple explanation is, The aura emanation time frequencies, are out of scope of their human senses ranges to detect them!
Just like if you take a simple example regarding sound waves, a Elephant makes rumbles sounds so low, its out of range of the human ear but yet to them, it can be heard for miles away! It is out of human audio scope ranges!

Elephants rumble to communicate, these vibrations through their nose's trunk, are sent way across in the distant landscapes, that other elephants can feel through the bottoms of their feet. But until recently, no one knew how they made their distinctive thundering sounds. Were they purring like cats, or were their voices just very low? The vibration itself, however, happens passively, without any muscular control, as soon we start to push air up through our throats. Its the same for them! The propagation of very low frequency sound varies with atmospheric conditions, which change on a diurnal schedule. On a typical dry season evening in the savannah a temperature inversion forms, potentially increasing the listening area of elephants as much as ten-fold -- from 30 km2 at midday to 300 km2 in the same evening see it here >http://www.birds.cornell.edu/brp/elephant/sections/dictionary/infrasound.html
Elephants make rumbles the same way people talk or sing, by blowing air past their long vocal folds and simply letting them vibrate! These frequencies are out of human audio scope!

Like wise, when it comes to," The Propagation of Time shift, and the frequencies displacement passing throughout them," the corresponding phenomena times singularities functions, to specific zones levels of existences, occupying spaces on the intra-time space, which is stratified in different time node models levels in the diversity of types of time in, The Universes, albeit a few lists, out of thousands of categories are , Earth Parallel time, Earth parallel time, but earth time distinctial, Fractal mechanical independencial, Fluid, Elastic, Fabrical, and Anti Time, After Time, Spiritual time zones, and No time, bent time, bent time twisted but retrievable orientiontational, Black matter time, White time, or as it otherwise referred to as " Ghost time," Electromagnetic time, mind times, animal time, Black hole times categories!

And, these times sensitivities, are accessible to those with time observances proclivities, receptors recipients, existing in or in the vicinity of that nominal scaled frequency!
For instance, sun shadow time!
Measurement of time by concept is a tool used to identify one time period section, from another time period section! For instance, the sun casting shadows measurement on the earth in the morning, will be necessarily be different to those casting shadows measurement in the afternoon!

[ 3.1 ]

But, beside the observations of suns, shadow movement measurement of primitive man, there are tools of measurement of the forces of nature, that are,' Fractal Oscillative Functions,' or FOF, that refer to Harmonic vibrations bifurcating fractally discreet atom modularities constants, comprising agglomerate structures existing on the same point inside each sharing the same point in space with each other, but fractally separate by time only, and co-existing as parallel universes existence, in that of planetary systems which are derivatives from a nominal celestial universe template, and one of whose myriad of differences, is the time change of difference from our earth, would be the planet orbits matrix might be somewhat faster rotation on its axis, or slightly closer or farther to the sun. Thus, it would take a shorter time period, to orbit around it, and any live being, inhabiting on such a rapidly orbiting planet, would devise a measurement of the suns shadow movement, vastly different, than current Earth Humans observing the suns casting shadows on earth today!
Now, the Rainbow peoples, are out of scope of humans eye to be seen. But, also their Earth in turn, is time wise out of sync with ours!
So, that it appears, without traces, or tell tales signs of human existence on it, because you see no signs of cities, structure etc, and appears to them as barren, and untouched similar, to when long long ago, way back when man reached the Planet Mars a long time ago!

The exact same scenario! And so far as they can perceive, we do not exist, and for us they so not exist, despite the fact we do!

"Separate, but Separate, and Equal and Equal, totally independently Existingly!
But, because of their minds advance capabilities, they trans traverse from their own parallel world, to earth world, and on real Earth, although they could not be physically seen, their possessions, houses, vehicles etc, could,  and all who ventured to close or into the lands were immediately killed! Baby Jesse would be the exception because he could fly in!

[ 3.2 ]
But, besides these realities, besides these, there where other astounding ones, that would blow anyones mind!

For instance, way back when Baby Jessi, got caught up in the electricity of the thunder bubble event, when he was with the other invisible boy flying on a fly wing, well, that time when he merged with the other boys mind, and body, and soul, and with thunder powers overviewing the totality of its control. That moment, that second, that super tiny sliver, slice of finite fractal time, in time changed him it did. He took on thunders abilities into the center of his, " Id!"
And since thunder can occur in any place, on any world, and parallel worlds are of course, no exception!

And, because it can cross boundaries into one world into the another, it is a cross boundary world atmospheric enabler! And this electrical ability, made the electricity in Baby Jessie's body super energized, giving him, also the ability to be a cross boundary world crosser too! Or, in other words what is referred to as a," Cross-zoner!"   that is also the genesis of the nickname, called for short," a Z,er!" Or, Technically a, " TIET zoner." A TIET Zoner, [ Time ÷ Time I= intra E = existence T =time zone ] Time divided by time, intra existences, time zones,  is time occurring simultaneously on two points occupying the same space on one point in space dimensionally separated by time!    So, a," Z'er," entity, or person, like Baby Jesse, will be : Can see humans, on Earth in their times zones, and equally can see into other worlds, like the Rainbow peoples world, in their parallel Earth, in their intra times zones Too!
But, this strange phenomenon, is an extremely rare occurrence amongst humans, and an even rarer occurrence amongst that of a very young human boy, that could survive the effects of the electro biological merge-ment changes and its symptoms in his body, let alone in his mind and live to survive!
But fortunately, very fortunately, for Baby Jessi, not only did he survive the mental transformations of this ordeal, on his [ anandamide ] neurons receptors, in his baby brain-centers, and these receptors are found with the greatest brain fiber grid density, in the brain responsible for things, such as time discernment perception, and memory, the body's movement and alignment of movement coordination, and equilibrium balance, and critical thinking! But : He is doing nominally fair, considering!

Now, what happened to him, all these areas were affected, when he blacked out during his time in the thunder Bubble, but also he survived them, and not only that, the turbulent, violent tumultuous affects on his mind zones time zones!

[ 3.3 ]

Referring to such, as labels ordinarily given to his conscious, preconscious, subconscious and a little studied area referred to as ,"The spiritual bio diversity intuitive subconsciousness." The resultant changes concentrated into his intuitions spiritual abilities. His spirit evolved, thanks to contact with the power of Mother natures electrical thunder bursts bubbles emanating un nominal electrical charges, elevating his ," ID" to the level of a being endowed with," IDX2!"  

Idx2,  is

IDX2, "The ID, time drift to the second power," which is an unknown science to visible humans, and refers to the ID, or altered ego, affectation of the D =  time DRIFT , drifting time,  or , " adrift time," of what is called," loose time modifiable as you wish it time,"  and is an instinct Rainbow peoples mind tool, and is one of their advance technology innate evolutionized traits, defined as in action function in a field, that defines and describes the distance of any variant speeding or non speeding point, in space to the surface of a chosen object! So, this tool of the mind, allows you to get lots of spatial topographical descriptions of data sets, regarding an approaching object or thoughts shape in space, and time, in real life time, in the mind, to execute the object to be modified, by IDX2, mind projection fields and inversely change them !  It allows wishing dream status probabilities, to alter real reality, to wished reality, outside of the dream status, thus, it is said to have good parallelism solution, relative to the IDx2 feebleousity construct, morphology! It can make you if you are an enemy that is strong, into an feeble weakling, thus it is a mental mind feebleousity construct power tool!
Utilizing.' Mind over matter,' " disciplinary object architecture re-creation feebleization," what that implies and does is, it renders objects born of hostility, to change, and become in a distorted form as benign objects, empathy - icalities! Exemplified, when applied by a certified mind practitioner of IDX2, can computationally in five milliseconds or less, can make bullets turn into water droplets, or knifes into flower petals, or anger into happiness. It is a powerful tool, the secretive invisible people have developed while they were on Earth, and since it was in the invisible boy, who merged with Baby Jessi, in the thunder event, it downloads system ecosystems biologically wide, into Baby Jessi system, and is neural-chemically released, to activate on and when, the child, Baby Jessi, gets angered or frightened! it is a powerful precipice ego booster, thats inundates ones mind, with nuanced chemicals adrenalineated endorphins, to reach ones heights of euphoria, while at the same time mediating conflicts resolutions, in favor of the IDX2 practitioner! The performance of this, depends on, and is contingent on a secondary and th third-ciary variable factors
 Such as for example:  the nominal force, and negative or positive status and stability of the mind of the feelings, in the IDX2 practitioner, at the time of activation and mentality launch!

[ 3.4 ]
For Baby Jesse, this military capability makes him very privileged indeed!
Still, it is not known, whether his body can withstand the Minds to brain oscilative functions of IDX2 powers? Hopefully he can! He is so young! If he actuates successfully his ID  along with his IDX2 powers astounding things will happen!
Few peoples know what manifestation it can execute, but only time will tell whether he can dominate these super abilities for the first time!

[ 4 ]

It was a good while later that he was feeling not just better, but emotionally perky, bolstered by his awareness now, of some of his new abilities giving him adroit confidence!

But boys will be boys! And Ham and cheese were feeling mischievous too! So, their parents let them go out into the backyard to play! Ham and cheese, wanted to play their favor mind over matter game, and wanted to show off their ability to little Baby Jesse, who they knew was a dumbo!

They wanted to play ball, no not that kind of ball, but mind ball!  The ball can be real or anything, but in this case they were using a big round rock two feet wide, weighing hundred of pounds or more, as a ball!

So, Ham and Cheese invited Baby Jesse to play the sport called,
" Knockey!" Basically, the way you play, Knockey, is by using your mind to pick up the rock and throw it to another ball mounted on a wheel to make it spin! Hit it three times, you win a point! Nine times and you win the game!

The Knockey ball game, was a ball attached to a long metals pole, on a spinning wheel, with a ball on either end, with a funny smiley faces, on its brite orange surface!

Baby Jesse, watched them play, and thought it would fun, but was clueless, but game! But, he didn't understand how to use his mind and all that stuff yet! They let him try, and laughed at him, cause he couldn't get the knack of it, and kept losing! He couldn't pick up the rock using his thoughts! So, he thought instead of using his mind, he would do a little cheating! So, he grabbed the rockball, in both hands and threw it at the other ball trying to score a point, but they called him out on it, and laughed some more, ha, ha, ha!

But again, that didn't work, so he cheated some more, he realized he had the gift of power and, mach 20 speeds, so took the rock faster than the eye could see hit the ball and raced back with it, and pretended he used his mind, and was sitting down all the time, when he was not, but again he got called out again as cheating! Baby Jesse is cheating, Baby Jesse is cheating, ha, ha, ha! He tried, but he couldn't  fool Ham and cheese, who were sharp as a tack! There was no fooling them, although they were nevertheless, shocked, and very impressed, to see the boy move so fast it blurred their eyes! But, still a cheat was cheat fast or not! Ha, ha, ha, they bursted out laughing! Baby Jesse, couldn't understand why he was not able to do it, and was feeling sad and getting frustrated more and more about him self! He was feeling confident about himself a minute ago, he had so much strength power, but not the right kind apparently, down  he felt he, now, a world of worry, wanted to cry he? Feeling rebuffed, blue, he was lost! Feeling blue cause he could do what he wanted too!

He remembered the song they taught him before, how to calm himself and think, think hard, so, he tried!
He tried to discipline himself, and put everything out of his head, and focused his mind brimming with one thing, to do a strong focus on the rock-ball laying at his feet. He stared long and hard at it! He stared and stared, and said, to himself,' stupid ball, why don't you do what I say?'

Nothing, was happening!

Nothing, but it was just like picking up anything . You just pick it up, how hard can that be, only thing is you do it with your mentality, oh for baby Jesse, what mystery? He knew he was in new areas, for his Daddy, His Daddy  never taught him baseball fully, and never showed him how to use his head, to pick up rocks instead! And, have to say, none of his friends, never did what he was trying to do either! Why could Ham and cheese do, what he could not do? He felt blue! He was feeling envious too! A tiny mystery involving the self, the will, the skill, the competitive high was almost at his grasps in his eye, then in a moment of frustration and sudden outburst of anger, he took his fist and rammed down into the rock and smashed it! POW! The boys laughed ha, ha, ha! But, inside Ham and Cheese's mind,
they had begrudging admiration for not just what he just did, but were amazed at the amount of power this little boy displayed! Boy, Ham, whispered to Cheese, what you think, I would not like him to hit me? Me, either, whispered Cheese back into his brother's Hams ear! Best we best, not push him too, hard, the kid is scary strong, too much!

Predating this event they were mocking him as little boys do, taunting him, but now, they would have to think twice, they didn't know what to do?

But, Cheese still wanted to put him down, and sang a stupid song wrong,
you can't do it, you can't do it, you can't do it! la, la, la, laaa! ha, ha, ha!
Baby Jesse, wanted to cry! Why, oh why couldn't he do this stupid thing!  Then a sweet as honey voice, coming from behind, said, Baby Jesse, do you mind if I sit here, Baby Jesse?
Baby Jesse, turned and looked and saw an angel! It was the sister of Ham and cheese, Miss Mustard! She was eight years old and was the prettiest girl in the world Baby Jesse had ever seen! He suddenly felt feelings, he never felt before, like some thing was pulling at his heart, which started beating fast! He was so delighted to see her!
Her eyes were blue and brite, her smile was like a sonata gorgeous glorious, and her smile drove him wild! Her body was there! And he didn't know to look or stare!

Hi, I am Mustard! Hello Mustard! Is your name really mustard, asked baby jesse? Year, but my friends call me Mussy, my brothers are giving you grief?  She asked him, in a calming voice that soothed his ears, it wiped away the thought of tears! He forgot all things, his head cleared, as he looked at the beautiful girl standing there!
She sat down and crossed her legs making her self comfortable so close to him! Her long yellow hair blew in the air, she pushed it away out of her face, and toyed with it as smiled at him! I saw you, I was in the house! Why did hit the rock! Thats was ours, we play with it all the time, just because you don't like it you shouldn't destroy it! Baby Jesse, was taken aback, he hadn't thought of it like that! He apologized and told them he was sorry. And the girl looked into his eyes confusing him with a strange feeling even more! She said I'll get another one, if you let me play? Sure, said, baby Jesse! Then, Mustard got to her feet, and looked around at a hill full of stones, and picked one and using her mind lifted the stone up and made it come to her, and she got it up off the ground, then she looked at the knockey orange ball, about twenty feet away, and squinted her eyes taking aim at it! Taking good patient aim, like a marksman, and leaning over, as Baby Jesse watched! She, nodded her head to the rock, which was about three feet wide, and it rose up vertically to the level of her eyes. Then she blinked, and it zoomed,
POW!  Hitting the target, WOW! WOW OH WOW! Baby Jesse exclaimed excitedly smiling, your good! Thanks, now listen! You mind if I give you some advise. My brothers know this is not a game for beginners, and they had to practice it a lot, a lot to learn how to do it!  So, don't let them get you to hot and bothered, and angry, it will take a trick to do it! A trick? A trick asked Baby Jesse, curiously? See, you must use your thoughts only. Check it out! Its simple! Use these words to give an idea how to do it!

The fractal forums, the possibilities are infinite!

link chapter ten >

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