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it was a great time but no longer maintainable by c.Kleinhuis contact him for any data retrieval,
thanks and see you perhaps in 10 years again

this forum will stay online for reference
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Author Topic: A huge lack of comments  (Read 132043 times)
Description: are we getting complacent
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« Reply #45 on: March 07, 2012, 12:38:29 AM »

Taurus - I often use such phrases because I really can't think of anything else to say.  You're another one who deserves many comments but "Beautiful work!" is NEVER BS coming from me.  I have to be very selective over what I comment on and anything I say, I mean even if it's only the most simplistic of praises.  Try not to be too cynical about such.  I for one, really do love your work!
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« Reply #46 on: March 07, 2012, 08:57:36 AM »

Taurus - I often use such phrases because I really can't think of anything else to say.  You're another one who deserves many comments but "Beautiful work!" is NEVER BS coming from me.  I have to be very selective over what I comment on and anything I say, I mean even if it's only the most simplistic of praises.  Try not to be too cynical about such.  I for one, really do love your work!

this was never meant for you erisian. i don't even complain about such phrases. it is getting suspicious, when i read the same phrase from the same person on ten randomly opened images...  grin

when life offers you a lemon, get yourself some salt and tequila!
« Reply #47 on: March 07, 2012, 12:19:01 PM »

I wasn't taking things personally, I was using me as an example.  I see your point though - it could get a little too self-similar!   cheesy
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« Reply #48 on: March 17, 2012, 01:37:06 AM »


                             TRIBUTE TO MASTER BUDDHI PART #1

For instantaneous locations of Art and Film Reviews by All Masters featured go to see REPLY#12 in the  " huge lack of comments" section

Please Note, Fractal Forums members : If the VIDEO you want to look at is not visible on your computer screen : It's because in 2015 the Flash Video player does not support youtube videos anymore.
: if the video STILL does not DISPLAY OR PLAY, THEN PLEASE SIMPLY CHANGE AND USE ANOTHER BROWSER that are updated SUCH AS  Opera, Fire fox, OR Internet explorer, and others too,  to see the rest of the forum videos.

Another solution would be first downloading and installing the latest video player on your own individual computer, in 2017 shockwave video player was available here for example : https://get.adobe.com/shockwave/thankyou/?installer=Shockwave_12.2.5.195_Full_(OS_X_10.6_and_above)  

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Update 7/10/17

2017 The website Fractal forums.com has announced they will close soon and will be read only, So as a reminder, there is the possibility some links for texts, and pictures and videos might be broken and not be working anymore. To avoid this possibility and to continue reading uninterrupted go now to our websites https://badpersonalities.wordpress.com/      or   https://badpersonalities.blogspot.com/

CHAPTER   ACT 1 REPLY# 71>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg45466/#msg45466
CHAPTER   ACT 2 REPLY# 71>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg45466/#msg45466
CHAPTER   ACT 3 REPLY# 72>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg45466/#msg45466
CHAPTER   ACT 4 REPLY# 72>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg45466/#msg45466
CHAPTER   ACT 5 REPLY# 72>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg45466/#msg45466
CHAPTER   ACT 6 REPLY# 73>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg46473/#msg46473



We dedicate these stories and plays in appreciation of and to honor this Fractal Artist named BuddhI =alias Krzysztof Marczak, a master creator of the 3D Mandelbulber application program in the year 2011.

The Miss LoveKillJoy Deaf series motif, is an expression of exposing para-normal killer masterminds, psycho story telling, about the motivations of a beautiful female paid killer, and her love of the gruesome, grisly, gory, morbid, and totally unearthly, fascination with the Fractal art of killing, equating it to highest fine art processes, in evil.

 We follow her as some kind of Fractal witch, with other worldly para-normal body changing capabilities, and examine her thinking, behind her motivations for the love of the macabre, and dwell in the details of her adventures, and every day life of a famous top paid assassin, and the circumstances of her life, her loves, and struggles.

And when things don't go as planed, her backup, is to secretly transform herself into an alternate cerebral fractal demons from other dimensions, to help in her kill missions here on earth.

The Author Intermind Weavers, pseudonym, nom de plume, Tweets of Madcow Sammy,  was a contributing Fractal Art Reviewer on the site formerly known as The Fractal Forums.com., and it is our hope, these stories will result in happy reading for you.

[ 8-8 ]

Fractal Extreme Nightmare Horror Stories

CHAPTER 1 = REPLY# 75>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg47113/#msg47113
CHAPTER 2 = REPLY# 76>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg47324/#msg47324
CHAPTER 3 = REPLY# 97>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg48242/#msg48242
CHAPTER 4 = REPLY# 103>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg49236/#msg49236
CHAPTER 5 = REPLY# 105>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg49236/#msg49236
CHAPTER 6 = REPLY# 110>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg49533/#msg49533
CHAPTER 7 = REPLY# 113 http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg49905/#msg49905      

                                      More commentaries in

                             Professor BUDDI , Programmer, Master Magician too!
      Master of Air, Light, Water, Sight, Creator of " Mandelbox and Flying Lights and The Mandelbox in water"

Today we like to honor this Artist  :  BuddhI = Krzysztof Marczak creator of the 3D Mandelbulber application program : Magician Programmer

Greetings and Salutations,
Greetings and Salutations,
Greetings and Salutations to you Master BUDDHI

films 1: " Mandelbox and Flying Lights "



                                     TABLE OF CONTENTS

Warning : some dialogue scenes contain graphic descriptions, that may be inappropriate to expose to young children and the emotionally fragile.

1 FRACTOLOGIC FRACTAL FORUM FILM REVIEW : The intro to the analysis of the works of the buddhi Movie / films 1: Intro film entitled   " Mandelbox and Flying Lights "

SEE IT HERE> <a href="https://www.youtube.com/v/Tj6rip3G62Y&rel=1&fs=1&hd=1" target="_blank">https://www.youtube.com/v/Tj6rip3G62Y&rel=1&fs=1&hd=1</a>

3 [ " Mandelbox and Flying Lights " ] BREAK DOWNS
4 [ 4A & 4B ] Here we are going to offer our interpretations, based on the altered states concepts of the films, in the sense of  adding proxy characters intermixed  with a story line concepts expanding the lens of elasticity abstracticity :  An abstraction bifurcated in two interpretive analysis analogies constructs !
[ 4A ] A boxing analogy feature representing the inherent combative nature the lights secretly have!
[ 4B ] A Intermind Weavers play, interpreting fictitious characters living in the Fractal World in the    Buddhi movies, that live, love, and die! Chapter 1
5 Tributes parts :  Fractalverbalicityempowerments. For Magician Programmers only
6 FRACTOLOGIC FRACTAL FORUM FILM REVIEW : Intro film entitled " Mandelbox In The Water  " rendered and created by Master Buddhi in the year 2011 on Earth!
7 BRAKE DOWN : Version [ 1 ] composed for [ first ] for the benefit of Master Buddhi and current Architectologist Fractologist, with keen observableatorial acumen.
8 BRAKE DOWN : Version [ 2 ] composed for [ second ] for the benefit of the Master Buddhi , his followers and the General public.
9 Tribute part : Song intentional compiled in a Interstalyricmusicality Lyric construct : To be sung onto or dubbed on top of said, music The Master Buddhi  placed onto video clip, entitled    [ " Mandelbox In The Water. " [ Music credits : Facilitated by Miami Night garth Johnson and Justin Johnson, ]

© Intermind Weavers 2012 all rights reserved. Said text works are not for redistribution or utilization without express permission of author.

[ 1 ]

       Before hand, lets tell you right up front, this flick, it's not just for the those hip members of the club at Fractal Forums.com, fractal enthusiasts, but its bandwidth, appeals to the world wide hip audiences hungry, to experience the cutting edge of technology too! The music is classy sazzy classical, while the vistas and perspectives are flamboyant, capturing every bodies interest as if by a spell!
Need a vacation, watch this movie!
Do you, yes you happen to belong, to the ninety nine percent of the good folks on earth, who are missing out big time, on what the new world of Fractal Movies are all about, no problem, watch this movie!
Hey, you think you are an artist, sorry you need to watch this movie!
Hey you thought you were a film director, sorry you need to watch this movie!

What it focuses on, is the striking fracto locality, in new dimensions of altered visual imagery states, it's hot in techno fractal color! The scenes in slow motion, that give us the feeling we are in search of some mystic fugitive lurking inside a new world you did not have a clue existed, namely, year, you guess it, inside a Fractal Geometrosity! Say, what, you never heard of it cause the guy just discovered it, hello!
So, what the hell is fractal, hello, its nothing but a thing that looks the same at any levels, buddy!
Whilst  shucks, man I said thats sounds crazy, true but, what you get to see is always glamorous, always stunning views, journeys the movie director Buddhi, takes us through, in to a new unbelievable world, and when he gets there , year, he and the audiences know about it!
     We ride as if in a helicopter, wide eyed in amazement of the vast architectural wonders of the world, the fractal world, that never seises to blow our minds!
We are proud to present the introduction after which we will start the movie :


When we go to see the movie by Master Buddhi from the very first frame and image he displays :
The first picture is clear!
What we harvest from this pictoriality, is the great sense of pride the Artist takes in his work, Here, now and forever, he taps in to the gifts he was born with, and out this box, a genetic treasurer trove of intellectual goodies! He focuses on taking us on a little helicopter ride into his fractal world! He invites everybody to come aboard!   We mount into his mighty ship, as he presses a bunch of strange looking fractal buttons and yells out, this is your captain speaking, all aboard, we are leaving the terminal, next stop, is a secret! Passengers are advised to fasten their seat belts, and turn off you're ipads, and cell phones , no drinking of alcoholic beverages allowed.  The time is now, we sit back, anxious, we are in the presence of the Master Buddhi himself. We are excited, this is so exciting! Oh boy! It's wonderful. We sit there squirming in our seats like a spoiled child,  We understand what he is capable of doing, magician programmers can bend the contours of fractal space time like pretzel! The power of the force is contained wholly within the organ on which it acts. In your time, it acts on the programmer!
Empirical evidence suggests we should trust in nothing, but it is incumbent on us to trust that the force will guide him! We know that a good fractal knows that in order to win you got to be able to lose and handle it! We relinquishment our self now, calmly, take a deep breath sit back, relax and place our fate in the hands of this Magician Programmer extraodinaire. He is our pilot on this trip! But where oh where is the mysterious one going to take us? When you combine one-dimensional time and three-dimensional space it adds up to a four-dimensional anomaly called space-time, is that our final the destination ? If it is what happens if somehow this helicopter gets lost, will the time coordinates x,y,z,t  be able to locate us ? Will the space police come in time to our rescue?
With so many numbers in his head, perhaps he might input the eigenvalue of an equilibrium, passing through zero, instead and we wind up dead? Errors, no man is immune to them. True be it not, human faults we tolerate not, but our own we forgive, not others! Why is this ? It is up to him to decide and set the course of this helicopter ride. Will he set a course and zoom into the center of the embedded julia set or won't he? Fractals are funny don't you think? They have been around before time. Whats old is new again, was it not Sir Thomas Brown in his Religio of 1943 who said " Now besides these particular and divided spirits there may be a universal and common spirit to the whole world, it was the opinion of Plato, and yet of the Hermeticall Philosophers." Did you ever come to a fork in the road of life and had to decide which course to take? Is it a fork in the road, is that where we are? Will the helicopter pilot set a course on OMG, to the a qualitative or topological structure of a family of the mandelbox, or will he take us to the moon, sun, or the belly of the beast in the another kind box that rocks? Will we wind up in a box? Perhaps in the movie in the corner, in frame, such and such, he will stop the movie, to a particular frame, and point his finger and shows us the philosophers stone?
Alchemical writers assign a long history and anonymously claim that he who acquired the knowledge of the stone, gets it directly from the force. Is the force driving the helicopter, or is the helicopter driving the force ? We know not where we go, and that in it self, we find so titillating! Perhaps we in our falsity of expectation, set to high, are setting our selves up to be disappointed, even so this is trilling! I am praying we can say: veni, vidi, vici, I came, I saw, I conquered, but who knows how this trip into the mind of man will turn out? Boy, we love to have our private (PCAST) to advise whether this trip is a good or bad idea!  
We feel numb and mumble, girneys till!
Oh, oh, suddenly, we hear it, we hear the hum of the motors igniting! We feel an endorphin rush of exhilaration, we try to explain it to ourselves, to calm our mind, but we can't explain it, but we can barely contain the excitement ! The big vibrations of the engines, shakes the walls of the ship as it begins to rock us! Without thinking, we, we quickly look out the window, the sun is shining brite. We cover our eyes with our hands, shielding from them from the brite rays of the sun!
We nervously look out at mother earth once more, as a lonely tear runs down our cheek, as we wave to it, good bye and say fare well, farewell, adios amigos, Abschied, wenn wir zurόckkommen, wissen wir nicht, Lebewohl, tous au revoir, さようならみんな, 大家再见
So, you what, you got to see the movie, so without further ado, Heres the film entitled : " Mandelbox and Flying Lights " rendered and created on Earth by director Master buddhi, aka Mr. Krzysztof Marczak,!
Technically >M-set of a rotated Mandelbox.

NOTE , NOTE! if you have difficulty seeing this film on the forum  just type in the title [ " Mandelbox and Flying Lights " ] on google and it will display flawlessly. Enjoy!

see it here> forum connection :



[ 2 ]

First before we begin, we would like to offer our Endorsement of the 3D Mandelbulber application program : Evaluation : The Weavers Recommendation : We highly recommend this product!
[ 1 ] what we think : First the product : The 3D mandelbulber application is a superior product! Why? The confabrication is user friendly, displays the interfaces fields as laid out which are formal, straight forward and offers arrays of preset formulas to use along with the ability to save : light settings, fractal investigative results, color constructs, personally contrived nuanced formulas, images, movie settings, backgrounds, water and volumetric settings, optimized minimums in rendering times resulting in ultra imagery quality, suitable for the most demanding Architectologist Fractologist! This excellent program created by Master Buddhi, displays dexterity in a myriad of features in the application program, offering a formidable feature rich interfaces full of sharp high tuned, bug free components, lending them to what ever the desire of the interest of the emergent : Mathematicians, Artists, Graphic designers, Video Photographers, and Programmers, wishes to accomplish!
3D Mandelbulber facilitates execution allowing for straight forward workflows and due to the ease of the application, one can conduct coordinatudinal triangulations within the fractolocality under investigation!  You can conduct also exploratory experimentations without losing time, the tools inherent in the programs major features are applicable to professional realization of the highest qualitative visual workflows demands! It has unlimited undo commands, error free rectification, alternate repertoires of color facilitated schematics to change instantaneously the color of said fractolocality being explored, with multi tonal variations and awesome rotative ease in twisting around, tilting, zooming, towards, zooming through, and instantaneous  resets abilities at long distance ranges, to regroup, and group think an idea!
It is without a doubt a superior product, for both industrious beginning designers, and seasoned professionals : Offering inherent deep coloratorial schematic feelings in the color palettes. Heightening the quality level attainable for ones iconic shadow to color shadows, clarity delineations, in pictorial representations.

The spectrum of steering facilities to manipulate the image plane, by tilting for both forward and reverse and side view rotations, are undeniable exemplary! And we might note : incrementally updating for free currently as of January 2012, achieving higher and  higher levels of superiority!  As demonstrated in the above, fore-mention movie constructs previously displayed. Camera tool sets, adroit in their capacity to dof, refocus, with astute refocusing capabilities, which can be customized to the liking of participating Fractal Artist.
Inputs to immerse image with fog are excellent. And views are flexible optimized, along with the usual fish eye manipulative offerings.
Inputs to conjure light modes of 1, Light transport algorithms generate realistic images by simulating the emission and scattering of light in an artificial environment.
2 illumnatory beam placement and modulated shadows are optimal.
And we enjoy with great pleasure, the touchscreen mode, using the cursor to PIN point where the light should be designated! This is a joy, a great feature if not the best, as it is offered to the user! It also offers a rendering window, that gives multi- opportunities to see approximate results, before going into heavy duty rendering processes, as to how the approximation image construct will come out!
It allows for shadow directions calculations, and offering one, the ability to dictate according to his her own numeric calculations, the very precise light altitudes, to object trajectories with stretchable shadows customized with exact and precise placements, where and how the designer wants them, this again, said is an excellent application of the highest order!
Currently, available for free download   see it here > http://sourceforge.net/projects/mandelbulber/

CONCEPT CONSTRUCTION : VIEWER IMMERSION : [ viewer experiences stimulative ergonomic immersion psychologically thanks to the deeply personal and pointing camera skill sets the artist reveals in his fracto artistic project! ]
 : This movie We suggest, is best enjoyed with a fine but light dinner and generous flavored wines with the reddest of cherries, or something you really enjoy, and of course someone you love, a fiance, a lover, some one you would like to cuddle up with! This artistic techno piece, took a year of work, he did for you with passion and pride. He made it for you to enjoy, so for this  moment in time we hope you enjoy it, replay it, savor it,

[ 3 ]
Now. Let us begin : First : [ " Mandelbox and Flying Lights " ]


Notice this before we begin : The artist, Magician, programmer : He utilizing his domain preeminence skill sets to display :
[ 1 ] A large screen in a large mega sized proportionality format, to inaugurate the showcasing of his exhibition of his movie, to us the public! We might have notice few others in the Fractal Forums have acquired this acumen to display their movie screen sizes so LARGE in this way!
[ 2 ] Inordinate level of picture quality, and flawless running of the film despite its large size! When you go on to " you tube," and you click to make the picture large, you hit the fit screen button, it will fill your screen like a cinema!
scene construct :
What we see is frame number 1: Represented by an image depicting the realistic looking structural components of a fractal contrived, using his formulaic mathematical swagger intensities in the realms of mathematicity, to produce the image construct, in 3D using the mandelbulber application program, for which he is the progenitor!
[ 3] Stop, will you please! Before activating the movie, Look at the artistic quality of this picture ! Take a brief moment to examine this first frame the way a master architect would! Or pretend you're a neural surgeon and this is your patient, you need to familiarize your self with the object in question before proceeding.
Notice, a deliberate intentional effort, by the artist programmer, to form a cohesive balanced composition, which shows a central point of view of the main object close up and personal to the viewer, behold before our eyes multitudes of isomorphic structures, some with brash bold curvature shapes and some small, with minute  definitionalities  we label geometrosities, and here are thousands of them and the sheer numbers of them here, amazes us to no end! We are befuddled , enticed, and magnetized to stare, in pure wonderment!

The immediate object in the center of the picture frame, is defined and surrounded by the illumnatory lightbulbs, placed with great care, not haphazardly : ones located precisely on the upper right and left crest of the central object module, we see in the center of the picture frame, resembling slices through a major hemisphere geometrousity! If it where not for these lights specific localizations, definition of the geometrousity would be difficult to ascertain, if not impossible, due to the choice by the Master in this case, to eliminate all activated lights, save for the light bulbs currently lit up in the front, and displayed in the composition, which if you check the background you'll see a [ v ] motive light configuration, it is also lit modestly by a faint complimentary lights in dull tonalities, off white pale blue tinged color fog inputs, put they're placed with care to represent the backgrounds perspective! This perspective view of the component of the fractal, allow the spectator to bear witness to the enormity and extreme length, approximation, possibly ten miles long and breath ten miles wide of this fracto locality, here displayed before us!
Visualize before we start, what we are observing! The concept before we begin, is to imagine a large rectangle solid floor plane! This plane is the base upon secondary and tertiary topographical mutational structures are seen exhibiting self similarities ! This base floor plane is what the fractal objects sit on. The isomorphic objects possesses hyperbolic rounded shapes when placed close to each other you will notice they form a [ v ] motif, which is a significant fact, because if you look they are almost every where!  The bottom floor structure, it looks self similar to the ceiling floor structure above, in many respects visually, and in its content of self similar architectural isomorphic structures mathematically! The color of the fractal is a mixture of dark muted green χ by modifications resembling distressed veneers, which when the light hits it, it becomes visible and it turns to gold!
scene construct : Duration 3:29 minutes.
Let us initiate the movie.
[ seconds into the scene at 0:01 ] We see the aforementioned image, switches instantaneously to a swivel rotation of the image, to the left along, a downward trajectory with the two lights now, clearly visible one on the left in blue white light, separating to one on the right in sunlight white lights, they quickly proceed to take up their roles as sight seeing tour guides, as if we were on a tour bus visiting New York City, or Paris, or where ever. But this city is in the world of the fourth dimension, in the underworld realms in the forbidden regions, outside of the time continuum, and space! Along with initiation of the movie, very soft piano tonalities are heard marshaling perpetual harmonious pleasantries to our minds ear, through audio fractal musicality, represented by classical syncopations! We for all intentional purposes, feel like the artist driving this helicopter, has a swivel camera with unrestrained view ranges, and he presses his foot gently on this flying machine carrying us up, at a slow speed of, approximately fifty miles and hour. He turns the steering wheel again, using the cylic control, to the blades on the left and right sides of the chopper, and, pow, we jump, zoom in full motion all most immediately, as we see the floor plane begins rising up very fast, indeed up toward us, in a rush! As to make us think we're going to get crushed!
[ Seconds into the scene at 0:03 ] We observe the floor plane rising up and aligns it self with a modicum of conservative flight control, as it reaches 180Ί degrees then . .
[ Seconds into the scene at 0:06 ] We see our chopper flip around in a heart beat, rotated, quickly in a blink of an eye, the floor plane rose up to the left at a 45Ί degree angle. And we have moved into and high up above the floor plane, looking down insanely at the distances down below, the screen is illuminated now by the slightly chilling light, coming from the blue light shining down on the thousands of modules, stratified constructions pertuberations, that comprise the fracto locality, with rows and rows of geometrousities, all perfectly aligned, as if they are participants in a huge military show parade! We can't help but to look at the center of the picture frame, and see a big happy go lucky smile on the face of a rounded metal actor construction in the parade line, looking gleefully up at us, as if asking who do you be tiny flee?
We are shy but so what. I feel, I tossing my timidness to the winds we begin to converse with the interesting thingy from a different universe, praise be you noble one! Welcome this be, in the realms of acientasity fractmoduleacity distant traveler, what be you? I, why I be simple a person, a seeker! What seek'ith you? I seek the peace. Peace seeker, you are to wait here, while I pause in peace, while I  see if your peace is the same as our peace! I heard his words, I knew not what meant, but still curious be I  be, and did as told by he, did I, wait, and after a time, I noticed the ship, the air, the reality of all that I knew was frozen in time, the ship too! I hesitated troubled, whether I had done right to speak with this stranger, living in side the mandelbox movie created by Buddhi. Minutes turned to hours, and then the thingy with the big smile came alive to me, and said, sorry come back when you have grown up. And its smile turned to a frowned. I felt numb, and look down to the ground, looked away, as if to say to my self, well at least I did try.  I did not feel mad, I did not feel bad, I did not feel sad, I felt relived in a way, cause such a meeting was not planned, and seemed scary to me. He is so big, and I be so, small an all. So I said than thank you for taking your time to consider me worthy, I shall do my best to grow up wise, but without wisdom, like I know you possess. It will be hard for me! Good bye I said, and I fixed my head, and was about to come out the trance, that befallen me when all of sudden, I looked, turned back to look at the picture, and to my surprise it had its smile back on its face. I looked in the picture and saw it blinked at me, and it said wait, help I will. Come back when you can little one and see me later! Oh, yes, I exclaimed with a happy frame in my head, said I am to my self, I am addicted to want to be liked, and acceptance, it, is like a cheery pie to me! Be back I will said I, smiling happily. Will you still be here, asked I?  You have my address, you have the seconds count, and the frame number, in the movie to find me! This is my address! Then I breathed in and then breathed out, got back my consciousness, and felt a good feeling about everything, and what I was about momentarily, whereabouts in my mind  I should be.  When I got back to my own reality, I  slowly began to hear the fizzing whip of the big motors, of the big chopper carrying me. I could hear them clearer now, the powerful twirling big blades of the helicopter, yelling loudly, as they sliced cutting the air whizzing fizzing whip wap pa wap, vap vap pa, went the spinning sharp rotor blades, whipping hard the air above around and around! Then I knew, we were flying up hot fast, and away and breathed easy, knowing in my mind I would return another day!  Happy in the knowledge this happy face thingy from fractal space, upon me shall bestow wisdom! I looked around this way, anxious to get back and with that, and unsurprisingly spotted the light of the blue light, was still chilling looking at me, while the light bulb on the right corner, was warming to my body and soul. The aggregating tension between the feelings of these lights conveys in the mind, excitement of being in space racing in place, without fear of time! Counter balancing this optical sensual perceived dynamic tension of lights, is the underlying tranquilly produced by hearing the soul soothing classical musicality softly playing in the background, as if saying to us air travelers on this helicopter ride, not to worry your on gods side!
[ Seconds into the scene at 0:09 ] We inflate, rotate to the left like on a roller coaster ride, don't but jump into the center deep up close and we realize all of the structure actors are really smiling happily at us. Hello, hello, we're are glad you are hear, they seemed to say, we glanced away, in doubt and but it seem it is true, they want to make us feel welcome, with their big smiley face grins! Wow, they appear to be enjoying the music as much as we do, its a happy time for us both. You who, guess whats, over head in front of us, we got a breathless perspective view, of the fog blue tying its shoe, look silly but right, this place is about ten miles long, or more seems about right, love we do the blue fog hazy white!
[ Seconds into the scene at 0:12 ] We quickly shift to the left canyon delight, and gosh, wow, look at this will you. In front of us, an actor structure, with a big smile on the front of his face, surprisingly, and one on the back of his head too. This guy, got to be one happy guy! He appears to be saying, Hi, y'all, nice to see you! The brite light continues to accompany us, and shines on the structures baring witness to their immense size, and myriad of self similarities on their surfaces, with-high relief round shaped nodes patterns, scribing circular crevices demarcating lines decorating them. To the left bottom of the picture frame, we see long lines of parallel runways running off, in the distance ending in a perspective that ends with a cliff. A big drop, A drop off to where? You don't want to know, one of the many floors below? Could be I hope? Hope this helicopter got gas!
Cause I don't got no parachute, didn't think I would need one?
The detail, we see on the floor plane is astounding, they are a perfectly clear testament, to the raw tenacity, of this Master Artist to capture patterns in 3d specs, even thought the choreography of camera is rotating around quickly, no distortion or blurs in the film, only clarity on the level of super perfection is observed.
[ Seconds into the scene at 0:20 ] We zoom around a corner to check out whats happening, two light bulbs checking us out as we peek down the long corridor leading to outer space ace, boy I am sure glad we are in this chopper, I'd sure hate to have to walk all of that!
From this vantage point, the perspective is utterly amazing! The colors of the fog make this scene absolutely fabulous and delightful to see!
             We see the lights got smaller, but still they're in unison compositionally, and speaking of them, it is a revelation, to see the mind to brain to formula dexterity, needed to conceive of, and place them in synchronized harmoniousness with the ebb and flow of the trajectory lines, of the lights palpitating restlessly, undulating in waves seemingly to have an auto consciousness about them, as if they too, are getting one heck of a good time going on this trip too, through all the palaces of the mighty gods of space, built for their eyes only!  One must ponder, the class of mind this Master Artist, Magician Programmer, possesses, to be able to calibrate his brain frequencies, in harmony with the light trajectories frequencies. Actuating, an auto immersion consolidation, of two physicalites bonded in to one, ultilizing the 3D Mandelbulber application program, as a mere tool to accomplish, these mind over matter feats! It is truly astonishing, what Master Buddhi is perpetrating with the skill sets of a surgeon! He appears to give the light regional self determinism, using anthropomorphism in animating their cross constellative existence warranting, rightfully so, that their movements are so graceful that it's true, they too have a life of their own. Whether its true, they are anthropomorphic deities or not, we salute you! Bravo Master Buddhi, in this it is true in light trajectory controls through 4d space, no artist living or dead can do it better, congratulations!
[ Seconds into the scene at 0:29 ] Our ride got our mind fried, as in pure  smoothaliciousness, in gracefulosity, we flow in the air and awestruck in wonderment at the artist camera skills, to achieve this! We flew in like sin, and find our selves in the outside looking in, checking out a plateau on the conner of a big multifaceted gold colored geomonstrosity, spit back out of eternity, and wow, by being inside the hive of fractalversities where rationality and this artists mans ability, to focused the brain to mind and mind to brain acuity, refute the tribes, who dare say it cannot be done. What we are doing? Well, to those outside the Fractal Forums, heres the living proof, that one of the Masters of the Twenty First Century is Master Buddhi, and is to be found live, and in living color, right here, on the fractal forum of emergent time continuums, where the cutting edge, is born, on the very cutting edge of new art ages, where the spanking new technologies do dwells! Questions, on how precise are his movements, of his light, and whether the movement has a definite beginning and end, and whether they are synchronized to his souls, and minds subsconcious feelings, whether the outside environment, mental and social states, affects the performance of his artistic skill fractal mentality, no one will ever know! The rumors run rampant, that there are those of the Fractal Forums, who live in parallel universes, a place apart mentally, from earths mentality! This movie shows to you another reality, within a reality of his reality!

[ Seconds into the scene at 0:53 ] We zoom around, boundless in rotation, dips and witness the collision of the two lights kissing, this a great picture, truly beautiful and romantic!
[ Seconds into the scene at 1:05 ] Astonishing imagery, long distant perspectives causing extraordinary confluence of events, in the deepness of the picture, as it relates to tapping into the long subconscious assets of the minds ability to see, ponder, and wonder about, is this the time to want to burst out of us, ourselves and to fly, free and deep into the perspective glories of this movies, other worldly realities!
[ Seconds into the scene at 2:11 ] Kissing on set is allowed in space, as the two tour guides go at wildly, despite us looking on, and the music plays on and on!
[ Seconds into the scene at 2:44 ] The camera got to give it props, it stops, gives us a tremendous perspective shot, showing the ceiling floor levels, and the absolutely stunning expanse of this fractal space, we see a crevice, a slice so nice, like it was gods device, dividing in half this fractal paradise! The balls of light hesitate. Blue on the left. Redish white on the right, in syncopation with the music ripe! Here you can see the similarity of the ground floor to the top floor, stop! And see for a second, way off on your right hand side, far off in the distance an anomaly of a floating structures, independently floating in the air, on their own in their own space, winking at you and saying, you ain't seen nothing yet!
[ Seconds into the scene at 2:54 ] What you see is the big [ v ] image structure, and We look now, its upper levels of the perimeter of this special space, top floor can't ask for more, as the music score plays on.
[ Seconds into the scene at 3:09 ] We enter the sub level, beveled next to the upper floor structurality, in the who knows what locality and we see an orange foundational mountain structurality, right there on the left side of the picture frame, Looking dignified but obsoletely ancient, as the two light bulb cross eyes staring back at us, as wondering whats up with us, if we can say, year, had a nice trip or what?
 The camera, as always rotating smoothly, tuning around and around, this way and that, while our eyes glance up at the ceiling, high above our head. And the music wines down mystically.
[ Seconds into the scene at 3:14 ] The floor jumps, swish quick and  pulls away, as if to say goodbye, come back again, another day, as the two happy go lucky big lights jump and bump, this way around that, up in front of our face, putting their big spot light on us! We cuss! On us, saying peek a boo I see you!
This image shows a dynamic structure zooming out toward the left of picture frame, the two lights aligned in the center are clearly focusing on us, HELLO, are we being asked to become one of them, dare we ? Are we brave enough ? And in the looming gigantic background composed of a huge orange toned geometrousity, surrounding all, making us believe we are in the center of an enormous temple, tall, enthralled to be so happy and so free on the outskirts eternity !
[ seconds into the scene at 3:28 ] The helicopter pilot pulls back the steering, using the cylic control to steer and change the angle of attack of the blades, on the left and right sides of the chopper, to go in reverse quick verse and we spiral up and fly away ,up, up,  we go faster, the air zooming around as what once look big, now looks small, then looks tiny, Wow, oh wow . . . OOooooo. What an adrenaline rush to see this, OMG. Wow!
Finally we get farther and farther away, able to see finally the truth in its totality of the locality, is bared before our eyes, yes,  to ponder, wonder, in the somberness of fractalized zone forming a humongous geomonstrousity, resembling a floating metropolis, resembling a giant  hydro electrical plant, resembling a floating death camp, resembling a four sided structure, mega floored, mega dimensioned verticalized, horizontalized duality, squared like a floating big sin city, looking pretty, in another conscious place, saying to us, friend, why don't you stay, sure, you can stay, stay with us, stay don't, don't go, we, we have a special, a very nice, a very special luxury suite just for little old you, you can't leave! We listen, smile politely, but bolt for the door, as the helicopter zooms us away quickly, you can hear us saying, with a big old smile on our faces, see you later alligator! THE END        

                            Space sweet, let it come, let it go!

© Intermind Weavers 2012 all rights reserved. Said text works are not for redistribution or utilization without express permission of author.


What, The cinematic wonder movie director Master buddhi, aka Mr. Krzysztof Marczak, created, was more than what, any discerning competent movie guru could expect! The effort was an awesome fractal extravaganza, befitting the Fractal Forums Art of Award of Excellence, for the one of the best fractal films of the early Twenty-First Century!  The surprises, of which are many in the film, tip toe in at first, then begin to run full throttle to the heights , reaching the stature of making the movie you made to belong in the Academy of The Royal Fractal Forums Gallery of Architectology! Congratulations and thank you sincerely

               Given to you the command to walk force inside the force in peace

                                            Master BUDDHI
                                             Thanks again!

Assessment        :  Architectural Fractologist :
Recommendation :  O
Commendation    :  Space Techno Artistry piθce de rιsistance [ FRACTAL FORUM SPACE ART AWARD ]

Creator, !  Ecrof si ni ouy!

Opinions cheerfully expressed, whether in consensus or in disagreement, help understanding and collaboration with one another! Peace Be with you.

[  Ergo fractal may come to reside within it self, in comfortable self similarities of it self, unchallenged by time and thus fractalized eternally into similar self infinities indefinitely.  ]

                           The fractal forums the possibilities are infinite

to continue  with tribute see it here > reply #71 >http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg45466/#msg45466

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« Reply #49 on: March 17, 2012, 10:22:41 AM »

Wow O.o
Way too much to read up on it...
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« Reply #50 on: March 20, 2012, 03:35:38 AM »

Continuation tribute to the Master tauruss 66
« as reference see Reply #30 on: January 11, 2012, 03:13:07 AM »
For instantaneous locations of Art and Film Reviews by All Masters featured go to see REPLY#12 in the  " huge lack of comments" section

The Tweets of Madcow Sammy

Hi guys Madcow sammy, Did you, did you see the new movie? Wow, I told you so! We, Madcow Lady Ga Ga and I got floored! Can't even snore in this movie! I'll say honey, so cool! I was telling the girls about this feller. Who, the director? Year! He just released it! Oh, Master tauruss 66, called the movie ," Follow Me," and guess what? What ? It rocks, NO? Yep, check it out, We did, and it smacks us, up side the head, dead cool. Hey margarita come here, check this out, Meow, Que? I turned on the TV in the cow barn. Really! Yep, when we heard about it come on! What channel 2? No! I forget now, I said and just then I heard, "its on Vemeo.com," yelled out to me, Penelopee, the cow, smiling and saying," Its on now Sammy! " COOL!

The movie starts off by opening up in what looks like some happy fractal weed growing in the back yard in fractal space. Then, BOOM, check it out, its got cool James bond, like music playing in the background! Wow, hip, its hip, OMG, It's so cool! We  zoom in like sin, with light bulbs! All hot and warmy, and water that resembles our old fishing hole! OMG, you right, you are so right!  It looks like our river, out back, near the farm! So, as the movie, takes us along, and we go faster, as we hop in and out of big and tiny holds in the fractal dike, opening our eyes wide, with delight!
            And by the time we reach at frame 0: 33 in to the movie, we see a big old green spider, sitting on the left, waiting to catch somebody, hope it ain't me! And on the right, we see a big volcano, playing the piano. Then quickly, we see the cameras flip, as the thingy goes inside out, and on frame 0: 58, in to the movie, we see, something, What? I don't know, but, its having a bad hair day, looks like those bull moose, we had living out here, a long time ago, back in the ice ages!  
Honey, with big long antlers ready to stick you! Did you see this? Hey Sammy, look yelled Madcow Lady Gaga, do you see it? Whats that baby? There it is on frame 1: 01 in to the movie, " a picture of a two headed Siberian bull moose, Largest dam, subspecies and largest darn big headed deer on earth!"  Oh, year, girl you got the goods on me, if you didn't  call my attention to it, I'd missed it! How did he do that Sammy? How the I hell, am I suppose to know? I see it, its got one head looking back as it floats and swims in the Buddhi water, and then its, another big head looking to the front! Hey Penelopee, What, Madcow Sammy? Check out those antlers, I know you would like to have a pair! Year they'd look good on me, I must say!
Check those antlers you guys!  Where? On frame 1: 01! WOW!

Yep, by golly, the artist, must know that bull moose! I think I will contact him, l am going to  tweet  that sucker, and invite him, the two headed bull moose, to come live on the farm with us!
Hey that'll be cool! Great idea dear, replied, Madcow Lady Ga Ga giggling happily and grooving to the music!
Well sir, the film, went on merrily along, and sure enough, at the end the artist zoomed right into the sun, all the way in. We got sunned tanned, wow, triple nippled, and then the movie ended! Say, what? Replay please! I want  to see more. Why didn't that boy make it longer, Madcow sammy? Well, them Hollywood stuff, it cost a lot of money to make movies you know, a long rendering time too! I don't know, but next time he calls me,
I'll ask him!
 That MASTER TORSTEN STIER, nicked named, he goes by is Master Tauruss 66, that guy is really something else, lets have a down home cow party to celebrate him! Why? To celebrate it? Yep! OK! Tell all the farm animals, we gone party to celebrate his movie! OMG, really? Sure! Break out the booze! And call all the cows we gone party!
Your just in time, to join us , will ya, we gonna have an Arizona down home style cow party, to celebrate Master Taurus 66 new movie, Follow Me! And  Your invited to join on in and sing! Come on now, listen to that hot music! Check out the dancing COWS MAN! Can you imagine them dancing all around! And sing along :
Do the cow wiggle, cow wiggle! Do the cow wiggle, Do the cow wiggle, Shake your cow body down!  Shake your cow body down to the ground!  Oh year shake your milk with a pickle, don't be fickle,  Do the cow wiggle, get on down with cow party wiggle, year, year, hey take this, dude! What, what's that? What's with you man? You never been to a cow party? Well, theres all ways a first time in fractal space, the Possibilities Are Infinite. WOW! We gone party tonight, Yee hawww! Come on, COWS, clap your huffs, we gone puff some stuff! Time to have some cow fun, come on stomp your feet, and dance to the beat! Yee Pi eye a eye ohhhh!

HOLY COW! Did Ya, Did you see that cow down that vat of Russian Vodka? Wow thasss Awesome! Man, Thassss her thirty fifth barrel! Man, CHECK HER OUT! Unbelievable! She's smoking! year, year man! Boy, she is rocking, oh oh, man look! LOOK Oh no! Hey Cooky, cooky over here! Oh high Madcow Sammy, whats up? THIS PARTY IS SO RIGA MORTHIS BABY! Dass what I say, rigga mortis coool! Cooky, why don't you show us what you can do! OK, Watch this honey! HOLY COW!  Holy cowssss . . .
Unbelievable, She just did five tumblesaults, one right after another, and landed on the point of her tail! wow! Thats rocks man! Awesome stuff, man, give me a glass! I want a little of some of what you gots!

That's a cool, Cow bell man! Thanks, well sir we partied hardy till next morning, and didn't go home till the sun came up! And must have replayed the movie, Follow Me, a million times!

Oh, oh shucks, just when we having fun. Got another tweet, got to go, bye,  adios, adieu, abschied, Wiedersehen, 告別 ,告别 ,작별, 別れ ,Прощай ,الوداع ,veda , addio ,Żegnaj, bye bye, to da loo! too da loo!

© Intermind Weavers 2012 all rights reserved. Said text works are not for redistribution or utilization without express permission of author.
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thanks weavers. nice to be in the show   A Beer Cup

be aware that this is a preview, the final one still might take some time  grin

oh by the way the cool james bond like music is cut together from a special remix of "7 seconds" by Youssou N’Dour and Nehneh Cherry.
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when life offers you a lemon, get yourself some salt and tequila!
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Just floating around

« Reply #52 on: March 22, 2012, 10:04:15 AM »

It's funny how 44 people can view my image yet not one of them comment.  And I know darn well that they are saving the image and using it for wallpaper.
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profile.php?id=1339106810 @taurus_arts_66
« Reply #53 on: March 22, 2012, 01:28:33 PM »

And I know darn well that they are saving the image and using it for wallpaper.

do they? how do you know?

be aware that the number of views means all accesses incl. every web crawler/bot.

when life offers you a lemon, get yourself some salt and tequila!
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« Reply #54 on: March 22, 2012, 03:03:15 PM »

It's funny how 44 people can view my image yet not one of them comment.  And I know darn well that they are saving the image and using it for wallpaper.

Also, many more people look than actually rate or comment.

If you want feedback, it is your responsibility to ask for it - nobody is obligated to give it either way, but asking always helps a lot   afro

The only other option is to create such stunning work that it motivates people to comment merely because it is so glorious   kiss

Life is complex - It has real and imaginary components.

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« Reply #55 on: March 23, 2012, 06:54:39 PM »

The only other option is to create such stunning work that it motivates people to comment merely because it is so glorious   kiss

Dunno if I'm doing this quote business right so I hope this comes out right.  Just wanted to say that the standard of work in the galleries is so high that often, good isn't good enough.  Many of my own works that I once thought good haven't been commented on because they're nothing outstanding compared to many other pieces that people put up but my motive is not to score points but to share my work so I am not too disappointed when there are no comments.
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« Reply #56 on: March 23, 2012, 08:40:25 PM »

The only other option is to create such stunning work that it motivates people to comment merely because it is so glorious

An alternate strategy is to do work so crappy the that viewers cannot help but complain.
« Reply #57 on: March 23, 2012, 08:42:09 PM »

An alternate strategy is to do work so crappy the that viewers cannot help but complain.

Now there's an idea!
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« Reply #58 on: March 23, 2012, 08:52:00 PM »

I think it's quite natural. The users here are expecting images the world has never seen before. Should they comment every image if they're just looking for the unbelievable/unknown?

I've learned so much by my mistakes that I'm planing to do some more.
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« Reply #59 on: March 23, 2012, 09:35:35 PM »

An alternate strategy is to do work so crappy the that viewers cannot help but complain.


That's *my* Schtick!

Getcher own   cop

bubble gum


Life is complex - It has real and imaginary components.

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