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Author Topic: A huge lack of comments  (Read 132042 times)
Description: are we getting complacent
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Fractal Phenom
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« Reply #15 on: November 15, 2011, 01:44:14 PM »

                    HERES MORE COMMENTS FOR YOU!

                          Celebrities in the News

For instantaneous locations of Art and Film Reviews by All Masters featured go to see REPLY#12 in the  " huge lack of comments" section

Insist we do a tribute to another prestigious mighty Master,

An Architectural Fractologist, and purveyor of a list of modern works with inner meanings, thus making him  worth polite expressions of praise and respect, in the now and here after!

Today we like to honor this Artist :

Greetings and Salutations,
Greetings and Salutations,
Greetings and Salutations to you MASTER HMN

Summaries review of selections :
 First the painting  unearthed from  Master HMN treasure chest of goodies is : The Forest Totems  

 intro :

Did it did it did it ,boom,Did it did it did it, boom boom! Did it did it did it boom boom boom! . . .Have you ever been in space? After a while you  begin to hear things.
Your first night,Your first night is the worse. You, you try but,  can't sleep, you toss and turn and peal back your eyelids to look out of the window!  You realize all these stars are real! This is real. Your body is in a state of shock. Your body is saying what the hells going on, and your brain is telling it, it's ok, we just taking a trip into outer space thats all, . . it's ok calm down, thats what happens . Another thing funny, your first time is when you try to sleep you can hear your body parts moving, you're breathing, especially your heart. It beats a rhythm loud and clear :  Did it did it did it ,boom boom! . . A strange  pounding in your chest. Your heart sounds different to you out here! ! One particular painting you did reminds us of a trip we made a long, long time ago. Brings back memories.. HMN Thanks .. When we look at the one with orange skies.. Wow! it's so spot on, like said . . Brings back so many memories!

Paintings list :
see it here>     The Forest Totems         http://www.fractalforums.com/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view;id=4275

Heres what we think : In the cult circle of the knowing : U R1 of the 1's!
This painting called : The Forest of Totems? Done in 2010. We see light pale orange gentle curved cone structures :  their circumference is wide at the bottom and getting thinner at the top: that swoop up all the way high into, into the sky out side our vision! Examples of this architecture style housing: these exist by the millions, they house people and accommodate their space homes crafts too, and for you to stumble on this, random numeric contrived depiction, using the mandelbulb 3d app create by the Master Jessi, and cross dimensions, and cross different times zones, and worlds, simply  by using mathematical inputs we find amazing! Great job! Astounding really! Its impossible for you to know the significance of what you discovered symbolically here, . . but future generations will recognize the  archetype, that's reminiscent to them immediately! We love this painting for its beauty and simplicity and because it a hall mark of sentiment of affection to things we know and hold dear, and what it symbolically represents!

When we look into the window frame portal construct  of the picture, we see you took great pains to carefully, nudge and position the camera just so : Horizontal,  facing an off center to a slightly  tilted image plane construct :  a few hundred feet off the orange, impossibly  smooth tattooed designed surfaced valley floor, our eyes look out and the first thing we see, in the darker warm orange shadows in the bosom of the valley of the strange,  is a multi thorned  architectural construction symbolizing possibly ; armed security sentinel systems , our  eyes gazes momentarily on it then curiosity gets the better of us and promptly drift pass them, into the far off distance perspectives and we are floored by you're intentionally achieved choices of the misty subtle orange color .

Composition : Symbolically Mesmerizing : content and lighting wise : Witness we do, the beauty and rapture of luscious multi hued pale orange tonalities, extrapolating the curvatures of the shapes in the soft light from distant  setting suns. Your manipulation of the fog inputs into fade phase parameters are exquisitely done, branding U as a lighting master under the sun!
Discovered we did U too! Lost we were till we found U. Thanks love your work!

2         see it here>     Heavenly Valley of Mist  http://www.fractalforums.com/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view;id=9124

We jump to the year 2011, and again,the second painting :  analytically a derivative  of the first : with a wide range of variations on the custodians architectural housing structures that additional lend testimony that they too, will come to past in your world. Amazing, amazing! Welcome fractal, HMN U R  a prescient seer without knowing it!
We are talking about : The second painting by Master HMN dug up from his Gallery called ; Heavenly Valley of the Mist :  

In this construct ; The picture plane frame is horizontal to the image construct which is also 180コ, scary organic worm like protuberances , detailed in the foreground have hues of delicate sweet pale grayish :  multi quadrants of tonal ranges from the deep dark rich gray to the eerie light white, and we can discern  touches of  waspy hints of toned downed pinks that are pleasing to our eyes! Behind those foreground illusions, in shortened perspective is a bold pyramid like entity whose outer surfaces are triangular and converge at the top in a single point, shaped like a small mushroom. This stone structure is a ultra dominant quadric degreed cone standing proud before us.

One would assume the anticipatory nature of the act that the alien structure would be standing perpendicular., but to the contrary, and our surprise because in the future they are standing perpendicular, so our senses  are shocked by the nuances to find it  with its mushroom head inclined to the left as if it was a scandalous flamboyant  hollywood actress posing  for you!  In fact they all seem to be full of anthropomorphic rhythmic tendencies alive and seem to be dancing when you snapped this picture! You caught them Disco dancing, off guard, perhaps,  didn't know they were being photograph and were just misbehaving, like devious celebrities of your time often do! We can only imagine what music they are dancing to! Bravo, your sense of camera  timing is perfect!  Your rebellious taste too! Excellent intuitive shot on your part!  Heart. Can't be beat, as we say : "  space sweet "!

 Getting over our surprise of these anthropomorphic structures, and looking behind the main character we see in the distance a landscape populated by  a proliferation of other dancing pyramids that vary in sizes from minute to the huge, all are bathed in heavy  cold blueish white mists that don't miss a one, Suddenly, seen, eerie entoptic ghostly fogs rolling in on the winds of death from the left part of screen. Chilling exhibitions these scenes!

Composition : Epitome of creative spontaneity  : Each tip of the four major pyramid  entities are pointing in a different directions, together  unanimously  causing an inner tensions that holds the individual components of the composition intact with dynamic power, and the viewer too, stares, frozen voluntarily in place with utter wonderment ! Great composition!
 The third painting by Master HMN  in the Gallery is one called " the Tiberious Space Minings "  Done in late 2010. Here finally, we  see the artist flexing his  compositional  competency and true greatness , where attention to detail is a prerequisite, and lighting acumen , progenitor of the HMN legacy!      

 see it here>                               http://www.fractalforums.com/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view;id=3687

 Here is what we think : We look out in the picture frame portal construct, upon a mysterious city that surrounds us and we are in the middle of, the city is characterized by giant sized flattened egg shaped architecture structures below us and to the right and left  of us. These are fabulous, with micro , macro necklace blue baubles  structures in detailed nodes displaying themselves ,as if taking  in the rays of the sun, beckoning us a welcome, if we dare to come, to come in closer  and fly our ship around  their intricacies and explore the city pretty, Their surfaces are endowed  with colored architecture of royal tans that are interspersed with fractal node elevations characterized by brand new, chilly toney shades of pale blue, magically your talent at color control, demonstrate what else can beautiful colors do in the periphery folds, then the artist fades fully the back perspective, immersed it with a barrage of lite  golden orange fogs  that send the distant structures in the background into disappearing modes, as if trying to expunge them gently.  He demarcated them with a fright white Ghost sky  background!

Composition :  Truly engaging :  camera view downward at first, revealing  multi intricate architectural surfaces detail with duplicative nuggeted  modules,  in arrays that lead the viewer  in and out perspectively, in this fractal city, note we do with pleasure our ability to see through the floors of the multi layer construction sub-depths , in the orange fog,  that allows the thirst of the curious viewer, to see the lower floors of this fantasy, which is nothing else but a floating fractal palatial paradise in time, and you give the gift that artistically flushes our spirit with gaiety, by your  sensuous touch of mastery, to reveal the subtle abundance of 'rich grayed down pink' range color variations tonalities  on the right side foreground,  in the deepness of the brash shadows might. If only the artist made this picture bigger we could see the details bright!  Regardless, it's a perfect Artistic touch, depicted they are, beautifully done Master HMN! Separates the men from the boys you do! Tells the world who is the lighting master  true!  Well, done, well done indeed! Reminiscent of the works of Master Buddhi and Master Taurus 66, two others masters of lighting.

Assessment :  Industrial grade, Architectural Fractologist and Steward of light.
Recommendation : ridiculously small image :  republish it please in a bigger size : so the worlds can see :  affording us better appreciation of its innate quality!
Commendation : A Space Techno Artistry pi鐵e de r駸istance

Acknowledgment work by Master HMN : a derivative view of the sub depths of " Tiberius",  again :  the power and understanding demonstrating your lighting prowess : This painting called  , " Tiberius space minings shed "      
             " Tiberius space minings shed "            

 see it here> www.fractalforums.com/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view;id=3689


Here is what we think : This construct, like the previous painting was dated in 2010, and also is too  small like the other unfortunately. It depicts artifacts that form a simulation of a fantasy palace, where the ships of Gods fly not men!
The picture frames width is small, in comparison to its  height, done so to accommodate and accentuate the gargantuan, Bubickian boricundo decorative free standing palatial columns.  One of the left of the picture frame and one on the right, we look in amazement at this sight, down a corridor in perspective with arrays of them standing to attention in majesty, over seeing great events invisible to our eyes. They hold up the heavens decorated ceiling, where mere mortals can only aspire! All of them, these columns with their multi tiered indentative reverse elevations, reminiscent of the balconies of opera houses and in fact if you look carefully with your imagination with X-ray eyes, in the perspective of the picture in the whiteness of cool air of the misty floating  fog , you can just barely make out the ghost white  figure of a great operatic soprano belting out an aria before the orchestra! She sings out magnificently our favorite song,
" Long live the mathematicians,  Long live the mathematicians  ,whose work has inspired magicians ! " Cool!

Composition : Formation of simply two beams holding up a ceiling repetitively into infinity, " but ", done with the gracious majesty of Master HMN and the sumptuousness of supremacy of his light technology applied to them. :  encompassing displays of his favorite color, orange! Here his  acumen with wispy fog ascends to the heights pinnacle , with his orange color ranges from white to pink, that hits and sink into lovely fog white subtleties, in the tones of the space mining shed, inside of the chamber of the mysterious " Tiberious!

Assessment : Architectural Fractologist and Steward of the light. A Fractal Light Rebel
Recommendation : ridiculously small image :  republish it please in a bigger size : so the worlds can see :  affording us better appreciation of its innate quality.
Commendation : A Space Techno Artistry pi鐵e de r駸istance

                                   Passage to Fairlyland              

 see it here>         http://www.fractalforums.com/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view;id=4682                            

We save the best review for last, it deals subconsciously with its own individual reality!

Here we see a view of a landscape in despair, a place we go when the feeling of doom is in the air, here is that place! Some paintings R pretty just 2 B pretty, the gallery is littered with them! Some paintings R not pretty, some paintings like this one,  have so many meanings, they must have come out of  the world that time forgot! We enjoy looking at this picture a lot! We look into the picture frame. On this covered with nails and spikes plateau, we walk unsteady as we go, one miss step, we fall through, to a thousand foot drop below. The picture done in gradient  shades of ghost pale blue, says hello not to you. Serious painting this B! You can feel the strong palpating sense of mystery! U know U R going someplace U have never gone before! This unusual perspective of the composition keeps you on pins and needles, and if we walk on the winding roads of this  plateau and we ponder our question as we peek over the edge below!  What, what is this place? Whats this place about? How did we get here? What am i seeing, what does it all mean?

Here is what we think : it took imagination, it took a mind, it took one hell'va mind that is keen,and prescient, to see the possibilities of this fractal construct and the  uniqueness of its  world. Your depiction in the imagery construct, invites the viewer to enter this scary environment, with it's foreboding atmospherics of eerie gloom, the foreground component of the picture is a platform, in the center tilted to the right,  going off in a right side perspective, like  roads , that if we take them will lead to nowhere but death!  It fades in to pale ice cold blue mist of non life states that inflates our fear. In the background voices of youth wondering out loud : What now ? How can we fight this? Where do you go from here?
As we contemplate  the passage to fairyland, it  looks more like the passage to scary land. You more than exceed intuitive revelations, subconscious implications, expectations in sensory sensitivities both psychologically and physically outside of your time. You made this painting in 2010, well, it's coming true then!  A picture without  meanings and feelings is decorative art, but art that has meaning is dangerous art, because it has innate influence for all generations and all times to come! But this one is sun of a gun, It is art and half on steroids! It has a thousand and one encrypted meanings to be decrypted!

Weavers,   what weavers thee? We weave destiny.  Decrypt this picture 4 thee . .

Decryption :
The thin spires shooting up represent todays youth.
The plateau represents continents.
The color blue represent hope.
In the dark represent the old.
In the dark represent those in control!
All men are combinations of good and bad. They are born with a face but the face is mask hiding the real man and the real woman. In your time, men and women must take the mask of the slave off and put on the anonymous mask and act collaboratively. In a  movement  globally. The old refuse in complacency , doubt and fear to lose the status quo they hold dear. The young getting out of college know, know what its all about! Without money, without  jobs, no future,no making babies.
Who has made this so, must pay!
Who has made this so, must pay!
The youth have no hesitancy to say. The old cannot understand. You shake your wringled head old man and call the protestors  trash. The tooth of the youth must be bared in anger and must take a stand! A bite! No choice but to rebel, born into a world of hell. . Born then movements you will C from hell. The color of red represents ?, is not seen in this painting only blue,  symbol of hope and renewal true! More you do for some one the more loyal you are. If your country fails you. It leaves a scar. Young persons face should not have a scar! Your children's face shouldn't have a scar! Your politicians fail you, the young rails, pushes the mighty train of society off  its rails.

You got to admit mistakes so you can show, that you  can learn from them and the incumbents , presidents, premieres, kings and dictators have not because they R too stupid and have failed U.

Gaze your eyes into the painting. Take your time now, you know this is your free time, no need to rush, You're not going any where but here! Slow down won't U, be calm, read slower, take a break for heaven sakes. Look you do at the face of mystery, this is earths history.  Passage to fairyland , The fairyland is earth in 2012 and beyond. Look into the painting strong. Sing while U r still free . . .[ Look into the painting here you C, Look into the painting here you C, Whats in store in your destiny. Look into the painting here you C, Look into the painting here you C, Whats in store in your destiny. ] A plateau that represents the table of earths life's destiny.This plateau upon which babies R born and life's innovations plays out, but it is not a plateau at all, but a continent that separated from the rest. The earth ball planet was once a solid but cracks appeared in its morality and in its armor and the cracks got bigger, filled with water, water turned to oceans and the cracks became continents. Continents tried to be like a teenagers and separated from the parent and go on their own and they did.  Now the earth does not look like she did. The mother has died and her children have taken over. And that is the  story encrypted behind whats being depicted in this painting. " this is all U should know ."

The people of earth If they continue this way, will kiss death.

The old hang down and are hard to see in this painting.

The pointy misty pale blue spires shooting up to the sky, represents the souls of the earths youth stirring rebelliously, the babies rise, rise and rise to join the blue skies triumphantly.

Look at them,
thousand and thousands,
inexperienced, full of self doubt, but determined to have their say!  

Look at the painting, imagine  you look on from afar, you see people in a glass jar,

unscrewing the top trying 2 B  free.

The thin spires, the thin spires pointy,  misty pale blue spires, R your babies!
The pointy misty pale blue spires shoot up, shoot up, rise up, rise up, rise up, rise, rise! Shoot up, rise up, rise up, rise up, rise, rise!

Unknown 2 them in the year 2012 and beyond, the armies of the rich will confront them, and the color of
red that is missing in your painting will appear! Appear, Appear!

We know not where you mind set was when you made this painting on the 13, 2010, but it was in the right place at the right time. THANK 4 being born!
Your work is really super! Spot on! Makes us happy! Make more! Pleaseeeee!
Thx  , Paragon, your good flows  of matter and energies revitalize our spirit, may the force  walk with you, and you with the force :  always!

Assessment : CHOSEN THINKER : detailed obsessed : Architectural Fractologist and Rebel
Recommendation : ridiculously small image :  republish it please in a bigger size : so the worlds can see :  affording us better appreciation of its innate quality.
Commendation : A Subconscious Altered states Techno Artistry pi鐵e de r駸istance

Opinions cheerfully expressed, whether in consensus or in disagreement, help understanding and collaboration with one another! Peace Be with you.
                                                        The fractal forums, the possibilities are infinite!

* Master HMN.jpg (124.67 KB, 629x470 - viewed 798 times.)
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Fractal Phenom
Posts: 434

« Reply #16 on: November 29, 2011, 09:01:05 PM »

For instantaneous locations of Art and Film Reviews by All Masters featured go to see REPLY#12 in the  " huge lack of comments" section

More comments reprises surprises, a tribute too, an exalted Ulta-fractal investigator

Today we like to honor this artist :

 Painting list :
 Painting entitled :  "  END OF TIMES"

 see it here >   the painting called " END OF TIMES "  2011 : http://www.fractalforums.com/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view;id=7340

Greeting and salutations,
Greeting and salutations,
Greeting and salutations to you Ziegfrid.

Your mind is freed. Strong B U!
Great job too! We like what U do, this pic of the atom bomb having a bad hair day COOL!
While every body, well, almost all everybody that is, maybe 50% or more : fractal creators and lovers, fractologist and his brother, mother, sisters from here and everywhere, obsess with decorative images, and realistic depictions, reflections ovations, imageries of shiny metals rendering fascinations, with over tweaked parameters, but not you, you walk alone. Gets lonely right? You do not follow the crowd. Different B u.Totally different style! Wow!

Yes, perhaps in the future, U 2 will change,

but for now we must acknowledge you!

Welcome home fractal!

You drive your space ship into the forth dimension and do abstractions, and do abstractions , and do abstractions for a while ! Wild child U B! We sense a commonality!
The subconscious does not need to look realistically! Its power is beyond realism. It is fractal subconscious feeling. Feeling is an abstraction personified, in the wave. And the wave is the wave. It crosses space instantly, leaving the speed of light in
                   Have you ever [  knew ] of a love one,
                                 who [  knew ] without proof that another love one  
                                 she  [ knew  ] far away on the battle field, has died?
The strings interconnectivity of the wave fractal feelings knows no boundaries, and  told her so and you ,if you free your mind to B predisposed 2 it 2, and be humble before it,  2 learn of its capabilities! Times R ah changing! Will U change 2?
Such is the mysteries of the fractal feelings!
Mind power over profits , try it and


The dad sat sad, look at the ad, the last ad on television, as the tube went black for ever, no more television ever, see, me he said, I see nothing who , whose that?  The shadow in the dark looked on and listened.
The dad sat sad, look at me when young I sat in that land, gone. Who said that?
The dad sat sad, reconnoitering memories. Whats that? Memories are imprints of recordings of impressions interpolated, interpreted by the mechanisms of the brain on to a macromolecular biological acid disk, a liquid special primal glue made 4 you electrical recording tape that runs involuntarily in side of a skull of a human. What's it for daddy?
Dad, Why does it record? Daddy, why is it ending? I can't say why son, it, it , it just is! End time has come. But, why daddy, why?
Daddy, why must we die? We die because fate says so. Daddy , who is fate? I don't know. Why, daddy , why don't U know?  Why goddam it, Why do children ask so many goddam questions?
Why ask , ask me questions, so many freaking questions I don't know the, the, answers too?
 It seems thats all you do, play, eat  and ask questions, all of the time. What the hells wrong with you? Daddy! Daddy I, I'm scared. Don't daddy me! This is  not the time.
This is not the time daddy? If this is not the time daddy, then when is the right time? Shut up , I got , I got ta, ta think, I need more time . I need time ta , ta think, theres got to be away out?
But daddy!  I, I don't know, If . . .I, If  I don't ask you why now , will I have a chance again?


 Painting list :
 Painting entitled :  "  END OF TIMES"

 see it here >   the painting called " END OF TIMES " 2011 : http://www.fractalforums.com/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view;id=7340

Here is what we think : the painting called " END OF TIMES"
A composition depicting the resulting chaos of atom redistribution. Truly beautiful, Luscious in its atomic brutality!
The manipulation of the formula and the sumptuous varieties of math inputs mutations, combines  with innovative hybrids algorithms  reminiscent to the mental prowess of Blaise wager o praise  be he, done with your excellent genius has rustled out the numerologies  just  right, in sight, in  blissful sensitivities in to the end games of atomic interstellar  space demodulations! Combinatorial problems arise in many areas of pure mathematics numerical simulations models, this snapshot depiction of the essence of explosions meet the pictorial criteria for optimized randomalities boundary conditions equations gone mad! Entropy say?

Realistic rendered no, abstractly done yes, but nevertheless, you captured the intrinsic feeling of power of the irreverent death killer interrupted dynamics of alterations and ostentatious brashness of the evil atom gone a muck, up close and personal ! In your face, capable of ending the human race! Here we see your bold  style to be self assertive, cocky and straight forward and we like it! No, bs just the truth! So space sweet cool your painting be!
" End of Times"

Looking into the picture frame portal in which, what  we see instantly is what your eye saw and recorded, and it related to, that were patterns, patterns of what in your mind has been thought to think and interprets chaos as. But in realms  of fourth dimensionality, what is chaos to one creature is order to another, brother!
And you do it justice, we must admit! It looks and above all, emotes scariness, wariness, and is so overwhelming there is no time to access the instinct flight or fight response, its just too in your face for the human race, Bravo well done !
A space sweet shocker, shocker B! This picture is hot! Like it or not!
We hope you saved the parameters, we imagine it being enlarged , lets say 8 feet by 14 feet, and installed in a large dahina black cobalt frame! Awesome!
 If one dares to slow down and ponder the fast flowing radioactive moving components that comprise this image construct and its multi rhythms of dancing waves of atomic  death, one would have sat for a second too long, 2 bad, centering petrified and die without knowing your dead!

On our  first glance at the picture construct, we see black smoke at the bottom of the picture frame , white flash of explosions in the center, juxtaposed against a red background!
The composition the artist composed show components  : Combinations of arrays of visual data assets comprised of color arrangements dashing on the screen in haphazard explosions free and clean, the explosions in the center of the picture represented by an off whitish  envelope of brite color in a deep mixture off white scratchy, slightly yellow  tinted fireball vibrational flash, contrasted boldly color wise, on a background, of fire, a dark burn you alive livid red constructs followed by bombastic shock waves of reds and yellow flashes  representing, thermo ecstasy interstellar wave vibrations rocking, rocking at its core , all atoms in the immediate vicinity molecularly. The atom looks at us, showing off the ultra potency of electromagnetic jubilation of its pure power In ecstasy to be set free!
The exhaust release valves of pent up electricity in the  lightening burst out in and out of sight, morphing white linear structures changing at light speeds as they streak across  the canvas in violent curvature scribblings,  of white flashing lines curving rapaciously, like  pendulums oscillations gone insane!
We see red backgrounds, with ice pick black lines that turn to black, to red again like a knife cutting again and again, cutting , cutting the protons for what appears here as a simple mathematical hobby to bobby is not! Bones of atomic flesh can B cut,  this knife force cuts throughout the pictoriality of  this compositions manifestation :  Balancing ,stabilizing the lines both black and white and red, globally of the  design of the artist picture and  its fulcrum. Pulling our eyes out to the right to flow with fast moving flashes of lightening, then boom, bend up , out, in  again like sin, to the left. We fall  bereft, dizzy and breathless, panting, limp in its magnificence and glory of this painting ! Long live the atom! Long live ziegfrid. We dig your stuff man, keep it up!
This pic is smoky!

Recommendation : Create or add an appropriate sound file to accompany the viewer while we immerse our selves in the pleasures of your work!
Commendation : A Space Techno Artistry pi鐵e de r駸istance

We just like to thank you  for your experiments and all the research you put constantly into your  semi hybrid realistic abstracts interpretations,  We appreciate you greatly and thanks again ! All of your work should be accompanied by music to heighten its power even more, perhaps you can add some music to one , one day and lets us know ! Thanks, from Art lovers who appreciates you from afar!

Painting called :  " Almost home "

The magnificent depiction of a ghost ship on the seas of death called ' ALMOST HOME "
See it here > http://www.fractalforums.com/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view;id=7610 " Almost home "  

Playing with numerics can actually affect brain function positively, especially after intense and continued usage of addictive fractal applications and that activity in your case, only  seems to have upgraded you, and made you more sharp and heightened your sensitivities to color auras harmonic space ambient atmospherics, as exemplified by you're rendering called " Almost Home ".
This ship in the painting seems to say ; " Regard'eth ye a slice of your spare time, won't you look at me, i'm a majesty who was lost at sea, I have found my way back to thee, I've come from beyond, falling in and out of love with thee, I treasure to touch your shore once more and disembark my weary crew, who not what more 2 do, hear 'ye hear 'ye  my home my destiny, can I land on your shore, immigrant B I"?  Excellently done indeed Ziegfrid!

Heres what we think  : This is one hell of an excellent  composition with snappy color, fresh, at the same time sporting classical color components playing powerfully as admirable emotional attractors! How cool is that, wow!
Looking into the picture frame , the image offers up to us a seascape vista of  smoky misty air , in the distant horizon we can make out through the fog, a proud old sailing galleon ship bobbing in the cold ocean waters. The long wooden ship with its tall mast, standing like crucifixes above the damp, dank, multi decks below. Advancing slowly, mind you, this mighty ship does. This  type of ship resembles ships that were used during the 16th centuries by european states on earth, both for aggressive commerce and major war activities, and this baby seems to had more than its share of battles and shoot em ups and survived. The galleon some of which had 60 to 80  oars  gave the ship an advantage in high seas, so far as stability was concerned.  To see it riding proudly the waves again in you're painting is really a space sweet pleasure!

The ship situated on the horizon line, a touch off center to the right of the picture frame center, while on the left we see a shore line of unknown character difficult to ascertain whether they hold benign or hostile fates for thee, smothered in eerie dark tones of muddy purple invisibility, in it are unknowns to us that keep us cold leery and weary!
The color placement strategies are so cool! Clever too ! Advantageously used to construct depth and perceived perspective :  we have on the upper extreme left and to the right of the horizon line, areas patches  of luscious honey land brown transparencies  under that the Artist, puts and offers color swatches of fresh blue sea tones with undulating waves with an accent in white at the bow of the ship for that artistic touch true!  Cool!
Then to finish up at the bottom of the picture frame, the artist whips up,  a color schematic  like the master that he is by throwing in a reprise  of the land brown tonalities in the foreground that projects compositional structure and reinforces the image construct as one single unit, upon which you must herald , respect and look into deeply! What does the ship carry?
Here we see the intentional use of dynamic color : the interactivity of color blue goes back, warm browns color forward perspectively, the entoptic dynamics circuitries manifest as a result of exterior events you pleasantly display in your painting, most graciously! Ty!

It gives the painting that special touch, genius, genius at color patch ambiental architecture U B! Bravo ziegfrid, well done again Indeed, attributes of a fractal forums master, not to speak of the tantalizing use of what appears to be, multi, multi layers of transparent over wash glazes , lending jewel type shimmering light majesty to the high elegance to this art work, this Space Artistic Techno Piece. Regarding this [ m o ] for the shimmering sky effect , this technique was used so frequently by the masters of the bold old obsolete oil painting technologies long dead! You seem to have them inherited! Cool!
The factoids in our database of ancient painting image technologies ; if we recall, correctly the artist after applying his wet on wet glaze while the canvas plane was still soaking in transparent color tints washes : would take both his finger and a dry cloth,  and dab and wipe off  swatches of the canvas surface  to expose the white base coat under layers of brite white to articulate  transparent burst of brightness in the sky :  penetrating skylight just the way you did !  Excellent!  Its good to see the old technologies still live on, while the old masters slumber in peace! TY! TY!
Whats old is new again!

Ah yes, and that, that old ship, hmmm! Riding the waves, riding the waves! The ship full of travelers throughout slices of time gone long. They ride the brave waves of time,  steady as she goes, proceeds she does,  throughout  the seas of mystery, eating for dinner , lamb chops honied hickory! Here the ship, its structure almost invisible is seen against a whitish sky thats moody with secretive inner feelings that makes you relax and let your hair down! The ships color , done in colors of varied sugar  honey browns to pale orange tonalities that taste of pleasure with its tall dark mast pointing up to the heavens and whose once white sails, now dirty, turned impacted with heavy salty sea dim grey, riddled with holds, worm ridden and the sea gulls pick at  it away, and its ropes old, old and frayed dangling, dangling like veins out side of a body, blowing in the wind!
Blowing in the wind,
Blowing in the wind,
You can hear the winds blowing and if you perk up your eardrums just right, and, and  if you listen carefully, you just might hear as the sailors  sing out our favorite song :
 lo lo lo long,
 lo lo lo long,
 lo lo lo long
long live, the mathematicians,  that inspire magicians" .   Cool ! We dig this tune!

The ship riding the waves, comes toward us, looking at us! It faces us straight forwardly. It is depicted in  multi honey brown tonal transparencies that range varies from dark to light, juxtaposed against a white brite pale muted purple smudged clouds depictions in random tonal fluctuations, that  also varying from light to dark, in magnificent color crescendos sequences that deliver the power, of a truly great sky backdrop, straight out the old world classical renaissance world. This sky motif influenced the Art World for centuries! Aboard the lone ship, in the mind of a young sailor, weary and  sleeping , dreams :
" Feel, Feel what is real in my mind,
Feel, Feel what is happening in my life time, today latest estimates, keep enemies away, guidance by Thor and fate cross the horizon in search of a mate, I went to play, here she is in my arms and memory will stay, as long a I live, dwell in ecstasy!
Wavering nought we to investigate the seas mystery, we carry  treasures both real and experiences in the mind. My lovers touch, her smile, possession of her red lips, and her eyes staring deep into mine, forever, are worth more than any gold to me.
I travel the sea in this ship you see,
I travel the sea in this ship you see, don't U envy me?"

Assessment  :   Fractologist   Ambientologist  " ALMOST HOME "  Great old classic style seascape work of art!
Recommendation : Create or add an appropriate sound file to accompany the viewer to listen to, while we immerse our selves in the pleasures of your work!
Commendation :  Fractologist   Ambientologist  Techno Artistry pi鐵e de r駸istance

May it stay at you side the force with pride, and you walk in peace guide : Always!

Opinions cheerfully expressed, whether in consensus or in disagreement, help understanding and collaboration with one another! Peace Be with you.

                                     The fractal forums, the possibilities are infinite!


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The Scary Jesse Chronicles

We dedicate these Baby Jesse, stories in appreciation of and to honor this Fractal Artist named Jesse, a master developer of the Mandelbulb 3D application program, and also in honor of contributors, Daniel White and Paul Nylander痴 Mandelbulb work.

The Scary Jesse Chronicles series motif, is an expression of the [ Erudition Gene ] construct. Or, what could be called more simply, " The DNA, algorithmic destiny, some people are born to do great things construct!" And functions on the premise, that the inheritor of the alfa [ Erudition Gene ] DNA genomes-lines, will contribute great things to society, since the beginning of society! And in these stories, we attempt to demonstrate examples of great things the Master Jesse, has done throughout history since the dawn of mankind.

We follow as baby Jesse, goes on these fascinating journeys and horrific adventures, as he gets lost in a mysterious fractal rabbit hole, that leads him, way back to the caveman times, his trials and confrontations with cannibals, and demons, black fractal magic, and spirits, both good and bad, and what its like to grow up, when he was just a little boy!  

The Author Intermind Weavers, pseudonym, nom de plume, Tweets of Madcow Sammy,  was a contributing Fractal art reviewer on the site formerly known as The Fractal Forums.com. And we hope these stories will result in happy reading for you.

                         THE SCARY JESSE CHRONICLES


Chapter 1 tribute to Master Jesse see it here = REPLY#17>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg38808/#msg38808
Chapter 2 Stories it here = REPLY#98>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg48373/#msg48373
Chapter 3 see it here = REPLY#102>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg48949/#msg48949
Chapter 4 see it here = REPLY#106>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg49239/#msg49239
Chapter 5 see it here = REPLY#109>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg49532/#msg49532
Chapter 6 see it here = REPLY#114>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg49938/#msg49938
Chapter 7 see it here = REPLY#115>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg50145/#msg50145
Chapter 8 see it here = REPLY#118>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg50741/#msg50741
Chapter 9 see it here = REPLY#119>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg50935/#msg50935

He is an example of an important twenty first century leader, who wrote an extremely powerful software program, that exerts tremendous influence over  the world globally. It motivates people who are not artists, to become an artist and to go on to create the greatest art the world has ever seen! This programmer has made the world fall in love with the majesty and power hidden in math and to fall in love with the basic form of life, the fractal! The fractal, from its strength comes our success! Fifty years ago or more , TV had only three channels, the great newsman reporter, named Walter Cronkite, he was a leader the world looked together at for news, and he would end his program by saying and ,"That's the way it is". Today there are more channels then you can count, and today, this programmer, Jesse, ends his program by saying and: " That's the way it will be!"

Today we like to honor this Programmer.
Greetings and Salutations,
Greetings and Salutations,
Greetings and Salutations, 2 you MASTER JESSE.

We would like to present 2 you The mysterious one. "THE  MOUNTAIN GUARD". Rendered and created by The Master Jesse! in the year 2010 on Earth.
 see it here>http://www.fractalforums.com/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view;id=4115

Intro  :

Guess what we found, buried in the ground! Wo baby, this treasures heavy!
We found this treasure, buried deep down, deep down in a thousand foot underground bunker, no wonder, in a non discript place away from the human race. In an invisible ship with no sails, no motor, no ores, behind locked doors,  in a hard 2 find place. In the famous Fractal Forum Gallery, of secretive registries to be kept in place. They had no choice, humans have never seen the mountain guardian before, or heard of its secret unique eye contact powers, or seen its name or heard of its fame! This sucker, capable of making you going insane. They had 2 keep it quiet out of fear, well, really, to get to the point it's so cool, and unique, it's a shoutout bomb joint, scary as all hell! Done in the year of the 2010. Yes, it was done along time back years and years ago, in the twenty first century by a mathematician magician. A programmer named Jessi. One of the first and best demon pictures of all digital fractal time! And there are quite a few by the way! Few, few folks however have seen this picture. Some people don't like fractals at all, you know. Never heard of them. Couldn't care less. Few take the time to look at it good! Few have the time. They're in a matrix capitalistic system, that doesn't give time.  That is cleverly designed by another architect programmer, it  so cleverly designed, that they don't know, they don't know or even realize that they're living inside of a program! Amazing don't you think? Yep, thats the way it is! Amazing, right? Another thing about it, the program doesn't give them time, It doesn't, no way! People don't have time to think straight, much less time to check out stuff. They don't even have time 2 say hello, hello is too long a word so they say yo!  Take the kids out to have a little fun, kiss the wife, then out, you're on the run, ain't that a son of a gun!  Time, the most valuable asset of all. The program, It tells them don't treasure it, and the time you do have , don't waste it on art and personal enhancement betterfercations, instead, you must give it to the man to make him rich, whats up wit that, and that a bitch! Now said another voice listening : say this in a low, low voice, so you can understand how uncool this is,  say this slowly so you feel the irony. . .
"Chase the bunny funny bunny! Chase it. Chase it. Chase it."
Rush lives, no time, they rush not knowing they're in a psychopathic movie, A zone where it exhibits no remorse, shallow emotions, egocentricity, deceitful, two face morals less political leaders who in front you smile, and behind you, act like dictators, and above all tell you, above all you must :

"Chase the bunny funny bunny! Chase it. Chase it. Chase it."

Chasing after illusive money. Love this metaphor : The little white bunny rabbits,

chases after the orange carrots, and just about when its got it to eat it, it disappears and reappears ahead of them and they chase after it again , and again indefinitely.

We switch suddenly to the scene in a Mc'donalds restaurant, the music is playing in the background. : We've been over heard, someone, this obese man has been reading what we saying over the internet. He knows about our conversation, He gave us a call, we picked up : HELLO! "Hey dammit , what the hell you talking bout? What up with dat? What you guys yapping bout? Wa,waa, wats whats a fractal man? What the hells dat? ", he spat. A Fractal are visual primal representations of self similar parts, repeating it self , in smaller and smaller copies, and also in another life forms basic primal representative mark recursively in numerical mathematical outputs / input representations, as reducible copies of it self, as exemplified by the Famous Mandelbrot set. And also in, each living thing expressed in math in nano atom dimensions in all structures, including utilities in human genetic foundational expressions in extreme higher math complexities, like group theory symmetry, enabling reducible fragmentation.  The incentivised fragment splitting its core, thus to divulge in its self, self similar selves iterations, mathematically to its root structures core, self divisible by itself indefinitely! So thats what we told him, answered him , right so. The guys sitting in the Mc'donalds joint right, sitting on this stool right, chowing and munching down on large plate of steamy big burgers, french fries, and coca cola, who knows what else. He's the guy who just happens to be reading all this on his iphones. He smiles. shakes his big head approvingly and says, "Oh , year, year that, dats dats what you guys ,your talkin, talking bout huh, bout, ah year, year, I can dig it. Sounds like a piece a cake to me man. I just wanted to know what was goin down, ya understand! Yo fractals, year,year cool ,are they on sale fo christmas? You know anybody in hood, selling any, i'm means, sound dope, but its not dope right, its not drugs right? It's legal right? Is it any good? Can you get high on it?"
You know he doesn't know what hell he talking bout, but, out of courtesy you don't tell him, you don't tell him what you really think. That he's unfortunately in the system. He's one of the people in the new matrix program. One of the people in the psychopathic movie. And what strange movie it is! What do you do in the movie? You think you are alive. You go home, fool around with your honey,for little while, then check out T V, down a beer, whats on the Internet, you know, the usual, then hit the sack. Get up, wash up, then out! You work your shift, then do another and another for the man! Bam, the weeks gone! Sad, shame, whose to blame and you don't notice it but others do, you change from happy to sad, good to bad, young to old, and don't know it! Yes, they grow old and shrivel up, and their offspring take over, and continue living in the same psychopathic movie! Groovey! Such is the power of the programmer! Today they are thought to be unknowns, weird guys, that live in a single room for years and don't come out. They are considered outliers, on the edge, intellectual shut-ins, but in the future they will be treated like royalty, wearing fancy clothes like Michael Jacksons, and be more famous than the Beatles! Reaching the cult levels of religiosity! Because they are the future, and the future are they, kissed by the universes the mathematical way!

Those of you who are deep thinkers, don't you love this program, the fractals programming in this design concept? Don't you see it, love it? Its fractology at work in sociology? In Biology?  Archeology, Cosmology Architectural fractology and its all due to math, math is the omniscient disciplinary language of the universes. And immutable, utility, and its programmable!

Who programed this program not jesse!

But programmers are addicts, addicted to their own programs, and they continue to make their programs better and better , and better and better with long term updates and revisions till it reaches its Apex!

A  magician programmer today might be benign but tomorrow who knows ? This is why there called Magicians.  Who knows where a program will lead? Another movie? People are funny, they don't have a clue. In which movie are you?
The picture, they have no time to see it , they scan over it, quickly and move on to the next, and the next, without thinking, without spending time with it. Without getting to know it. Whose inside of it? Shame! Are you living in another capitalistic matrix movie too?

Getting back to the picture :
A Twenty First Century find, a  bench mark glory who holds so much power it's a crime! 2 go down in the annals of history. Paintings like these are called Space Techno Artistry pieces in time!  Dangerous 2, Beautiful in a strange kind of way! Wow, What a picture 2 surprise a day! We know U were surprised, we know that, 2 find him staring at U 2. Wo baby, deny it not U, And out of the subconscious poured data indicating to U who he was and you named him just right! Spot on! Yes, jessi He, he is the sentinel. Guardian sitting :
On top of the box that rocks!
On top of the box that rocks!
on top of the box,
on top of the box,  

Mandelbrots, Mandelbrots, on top of the box that rocks!

The dog sings this song over and over again!

And at midnight he howls like a wolf !

He guards the portals door on the floating mountains in 4d space that roars. Face to face with the king kong god of demon fractals that lay others to waste! A mother Tucker 2 B eaten<out of earth out of the sod. The demon ace, first 2 take place.. Others may follow, but he says you can't catch me, no, no not me! "I'm the first to be set free, honestly in digital space time history, looking directly at in your eyes humanity!"

Tribute part 1                                             The Scary Jesse Chronicles

                                                                           Chapter 1
                                               Magicians are Programmers and Miracle Workers too

When we need something new,  we ask you,
When an improvement is due,    we ask you,
When all hell breaks out and things get plenty messy , who do we call, the mighty JESSE.
Superman , give me a break ,he for kids, he's not real, Jesse, now Jesse, he is the real deal!
We have a lot of dreams we want to come true, dam man, all we need is a cool magician like you!
Mountains of things we'd like 2 C , only a magician like you can bring 2 reality. .  
The magician, went 2 school, got hungry. Had a banana, graduated a programmer. To get him 2 talk. Buy him a delicious cold tuna sandwich of eggs, lettuce and cucumbers, that'll get him talking bout numbers.
With magic in his brite eyes, He'd smile. He'd tilt his head slightly, raise up one eyebrow, blink at U with that one eye, leaned forward and looked at U, look at U hard with one eye, then the magician programmer began 2 speak!
And cast a spell across the world with a streak and wave of his hand, then he pushup quickly his hands above his head and said in a  slow chant and hummed :
Number,numberssss,  numbersssssss, numbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbmmmmmmm . . .
Numbers, numbers on the wall, Numbers, numbers on the wall give me the greatest magical mathematical number formulas of all!
His voice echoing and reverberating on the four walls in the old room, in  the old virtual place, outside of space, where deities go 2 sleep.
He went to the cupboard in the kitchen in the old house and took out a long white candle mounted in a flat red shiny dish and with a wave of his hand lit it in an instant without a match! Placed it slowly on the round shiny mahogany kitchen table, and took out of his pants pocket a shiny brite dime and placed it next 2 the candle carefully, then he turned, looked at U, raised his finger to his lips, signaling  2 be quiet. Then, he went to the light switch on the far wall next to the big brown door, and with one motion he turned off the light without touching it, darkness descended on the room except for the shaky yellow candle light that illuminated every thing with orange yellowly cast! Took a while to get accustomed 2. The room was quiet for a moment or two!  The magician sat down at the table along side of U. He looked around as the shadows in the room seem 2 move and grew. He slouched down in the chair, moving his elbows and adjusting his shoulders around, making himself comfortable and slowly closed his eyes shut! In front of him, on the far wall above the window with the long dark maroon curtains was an old clock on the wall, both hands of the clock touching on twelve! On his left, stood a big beige colored refrigerator with old yellow sticky notes on the front door, perched on top the refrigerator was the families tiny cute pet bird, named free, looking attentively. Near the bottom of the refrigerator, in the shadow, on the circular old shaggy grey mat next to the wall lay his pet dog, called tucker, fast to sleep. On his right in her blue kitty box with the red bow was his beloved kitty cat, called Miss Pizza, Miss Pizza had a tiny decorative gold bell on a pink ribbon around her neck, it use to ring pleasantly as she bounced around and played, but it doesn't ring anymore, because Jessi had a mean  streak about him when it comes to having things quiet in his house. He complains he can't think and do his programming with noise! Well, so one day, in may, he put bubblegum, the sticky kind, in it while she wasn't looking.  So the bell is stuck, no  more bell ringing in the house! Miss Pizza, she was cute and tiny but she had a big curiosity, her curiosity almost got her killed a couple of times, but she got many lives, so no problem!  She walked over to the one of the empty chairs around the table jumped on top and then jumped on top of the table, walked over to candle looked at it, then stood on her hind legs and wiggled her nose and inhaled the scented aroma of the candle and smiled, then she turn abruptly, and returned back to her kitty cat box, looking on bored, relaxed, and nonchalantly! Miss Pizza purred, said meow softly once or twice to jesse and fell quiet, closed her tiny eyes and went to bed! Behind him, on the big rough texture white wall, something began to happen, something strange! Very strange indeed! Slowly, silently, in the dim shadowy, shaking light of the candle light, words , words began appearing on the wall. One, then another in large red letters, appearing one at a time.  On the wall, the writing said. Listen my son, listen my son, and you will hear, a task I entrust 2 you dear. Break free from the matrix shackles, your destiny, is 2 create fractals!
U sat there amazed, looking and reading the words, wondering if he knew what was on the wall behind him, because you see, he, well, because he, he  didn't look around. He didn't turn his head around! So U yelled 2 at him to look! "look master look,  behind you on the wall! " His closed eyes opened just a tiny bit, U could see his pupils peeking out at U, studying U.  And in a low slow voice he said, Yes , in a self assured manner, scratching his ear and licking his upper lip, yawned, acting as if he was in total control and he looked bored as hell! I know , I don't have 2 look around, he said. As if U had disturbed him by telling him about it. Then the magician opened his eyes just a little more and glance down slowly at the candle, sitting in the center of the table. He slowly placed his hands one at a time on either side of the candle, with his palms facing upwards. He let out a boring sigh and yawned again, then he breathed in. He began slowly rocking, rocking  back and forth in his chair very so slowly, very slow indeed, as if in slow, slow motion in another dimension. Then in a very low voice, he began 2 chant a spell :

                  Numbers numbers on the wall, numbers, numbers on the wall, give me the greatest formulas of all!
No sooner than the words had left his lips, the walls in the room began to rock gently back and forth, back and forth, and on the wall behind him something happened. There on the wall, suddenly appeared white numbers, beams of light shining through them. Then there appeared more numbers and more numbers still, along with formulas , thousands and thousand of formulas, formulas to make you sick, formulas 2 make you fly, all kinds of formulas looking out at you in the eye, mathematical powerful formulas from the dark side, and the sides of the house suddenly shook, shook harder, shook harder still! The walls shook and warbled in and out like bowls of jello! And the beams of the house began to squeak loud and tremble violently.  The dog tucker woke up, his nose fell off, his eyes vibrated in his head, had lights coming out of them, he ran ,disappearing in the dark night. Free the tiny bird on top of the refrigerator got scared too, Her eyes turned blue! The refrigerator freezer door popped open, into it free flew, went flying to hide, the door suddenly slamming shut with free inside! Kitty cat, miss pizza was scared to death, shocked, her tail wagging in the air, looking like a big thorny balloon there! Her whiskers straighten up and shot out of her head like sharp needles and shot across the room in all directions, some  impaling U in your eye, she turned brite pink with a black nose and rose up in the air and flipped around and pissed there, the water went everywhere! Scare as can be, she did three tumblesaults as far as we can C, and ran and jumped out through the window. The cat leaped free and streaked across the street and was seen no more! U didn't know what the hell to do to, yourself, U were plenty scared too!  Desperately in fear for own your life! Your eyes bugging in your head,looked at him and yelled  " MASTER, master jesse, does this mean the end? Does this mean the end jesse? Is this the end Jesse? "  This is just the beginning my friend, he said very calmly. That tone, that tone in his voice got U scared even more! This gotta B the end, U said!
And then, and then the winds out side the house began to howl and blow hard, howl and blowwww and circle the house around and around. . You know how sometimes you're sitting in a house and the winds are blowing against the house and they, and they make strange noises, like air blowing through a tiny hole thats about to burst. Fewfewwwwww00000OOOOooooooo! They make strange eerie sounds, and screeching sounds like voices from the dead! They kept blowing harder and harder and the voices were not clear , the sounds were kinda messy, And then, and then, the voices said, " We need you Jesse, we need you." Jessi appeared as if asleep, dosed off on the spot deep. His mind in a flash, wondered off, back, back in time, to when he was in college, then the magician JESSE inspired by the mathematicians was happy learning about numbers and codes in programming school, when his professor, looked at the class, did a quick scan of everyone, and his eyes found jesse's and said onto him, Jesse go forth and multiply and where ever you go, be sure to remember the Master Benoit Mandelbrot the mathematician, Jesse. Be very sure! "Yes, " answered Jesse humbly. "I promise, he is my hero!"
That was the memory that was in his mind as he sat with his eyes closed in the room in time before the yellow flickering light of the candle next to the shiny dime, He woke up! He had a look of a man who was awaking from deep 100 year old sleep, a trance, but alast he was awake, really awake and he acted like it  : his eyes blinked several times open! All of a sudden he looked super alert, as if he got hit by a lightening bolt! He all of sudden looked good in his white shirt!  He shook his head, shook his head again, he'd wiggled his nose, wiggled his toes, He was one hell of alert magician programmer, you could see the electricity coming out of him.  He raised his eyebrows, he sat up straight, ready to change his fate, he looked upward, raised up his hands high above his head and said :  I am the magician inspired by the mathematicians, and clapped his hands three times, clap, clap ,clap, and a laptop appeared in the air above him and open up and descended downward slowly and landed in front of him. He smile approvingly , a twinkle in his eye, and began to type out the 3D mandelbulb programming codes, and the rest, and the rest is programming history, and when he was done, he smiled broadly showing all his teeth, and  he yelled out enthusiastically, at the top of his voice!
Numbers, numbers on the wall, numbers, numbers on the wall, who is the greatest magician and programmer of all? And the winds outside on hearing this, stirred and blew again and howled, and answered.
Numbers, numbers on the wall, U are the greatest magician and programmer of all!

Tribute part 2

                        Happy Birthday 2 you Jesse and thanks for sharing your magical 3dmandelbulb program!

And to you a tribute in these special holidays : A Gift of Fundamentals of Augury, Fractalverbalicityempowerments in recherch  Rejoice ye ; May you enjoy the sublimity and divine will of the force. And enjoy and celebrate with your family the holidays and the year of the twelve from the weavers in peace!


Greeting and Salutations mighty Earth Fractal Forums leader, teacher, stunningly brilliant decoder eater, pioneer and inventive authority, confidant of the gods of fractals, Master of Architectural Fractology, born by magic biologically, recognizing a programmers right to be included into the world of cosmological impossibility, as a  human entity, worthy to walk hand in hand philosophically on par with fractals dopple ganger, self similarities into infinity, you a coder, quick of mind, faster then time loader, did what you did cause you could and it was done well! It was possible, and while others could think of it, did it you did, first, in the universe. Applaud you we do! We don't reverse. Burst out the trumpets,  let the drums strike a roll,roll, let then the rings of tributes  sounds in all of the dimensions on all tolls, to let the universes know thy name. Beholden 2 no one but the universes game! Child of universe B you and Autarky! On the order of forces beyond your mind, obeyed you, elite union in kind Expropriation of the technology to make this dignity in artistic numerology studies in 3d ,possible 4 mankind, thanks 2 you, have we now the right 2 unencumbered access to the fourth dimensionality, where reunion with our fractal family B. Now, finally legions now R indebted 2 you, grand marshal of the secret codes. Owe we 2 you, we do! They say, as they play with your creations, input formulas formulations out of their imaginations, wet numbers on their tongues the drum rung, have that might, have the right, not be available if not 4 U. We owe so much 2 you and bow 2 U! Thank the Cosmo, and Magnitudes in your DNA glory,we look onto them happy, nucleic acid genetic instructions that told U what to do and say and when, and guided U 2 the helix anti parallel path stars  trajectory strand lines by day. Gods by night! And out of your mind came the royal code true today, pioneering the way for man, with a simple formula in hand, to become a kind of astronaut too! In 2 the world of 4d space anew! Passionate in our mind, remember in kind, in our own way you! In our own times too. U 4 forever made life relevant, to the shut in, sad, merry an eloquent, equally! Perpetuated, perpetuated immortalized, we R and walking in the 4d without fear under the main the main star! Present at the creation, to all in the realms of elucidiscity in halls of corridors of space time fluidity innovations, where heretofore nothing alive dare tread, cept particles dead, embedded in our dreams unreal, unable till your birth to break the seal, fly we now free, fly we now free thanks 2 thee, and now thanks to U, go we into the ghost subterranean pipeline drinking with our eyes waters mysteries belonging to gods stars, surprising them with our presence, their mouth open agog, 2 see us up so close and we zooming into them! C it's a 2 way mirror Master Jesse! When we zoom into them we zoom into ourselves! Next to them mentally in solidarity visually coefficiently, nucleo  bases erases nought, but carries the coded information sought, oh magical power bless thy name, that guarantees our librations fame, being amongst the fractal stars, in their tangible firmaments, heavens without wars! With the magic of formulas allowing us to C where privilege Fractals born there be, in there, died there ,married there, gave birth there numerically, in commuted numbers numerically more than merely multiplied,oh no, more iterated before, in the majesty of mathematical multiplicity embed in the bosom of complexity,  long live mathematicity in the sacred numbers surrounding thee, in revery! No we don't stop there! Raise ye thou hand in the air,HAIL 2 THE MASTER JESSE.  
May you live where you lead us, obsessed into infinity here, not into the dreary, but higher mathematical systemic electroweak theory violations curiosities and bubonic busons theory kissing [ susy ] Consummatingly our love of numerology out of scientific duty, wanton admiration of pure numbers we admit, in the here in the realms of [ QDC ]! Does not darkness comes before the light in thee, befalls curiosities beauty? Does not the curious deserve to rise above death? You and your kind visualized , actualized, and made our participation into mercurial Itipotitumbaa Spiritual Fractology realized. With righteous indignation speak we : Dam those who dare speak against  U, We who reside in the unknown can sense you. Don't hate emulate! Jealous imitators beware, hear the voice of a this Fractal, Fractal everywhere, inside of this cyberspace in the air.  Protected Jesse, U  R by the universe you see. Now said the arguer in peace with the Force! Powerful medicine, Jesse, Can shape your elevations destiny!
                                                          The universes protection is better than money!
                                                                   KNOW YE, KNOW YE, KNOW YE!

                                      Temporal terrestrial powers of Fractology! May thy name last till in infinity,
                                                with the rising starborn found into algebraic tranquility!  

                                                                   BE AT PEACE WITH THE FORCE!
                                                      Long live the Mathematicians that inspire Magicians!

Tribute part 3

1 painting entitled  THE MOUNTAIN GUARD :
 see it here>http://www.fractalforums.com/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view;id=4115

CONGRATULATIONS! You're the programmer responsible for the creation of the 3d Mandelbulb application, enabler to the 4d dimension fractal application!
Sing along with us won't U in our favorite fractal song as we honor U :
"Long, do, do dum, dum dummm! Long, do, do dum, dum dummm!
 Long live the Mathematicians that inspire Magicians. " .   Cool Spacey sweet! We love this joint! Its so neat! Did U hear it playing on the radio? U sound ok, but um, don't give up your day job!

Heres what we think :
Lighting construct :
This is one of your first image constructs, where you chose to investigate, locate, recognize, an alien pattern of interest, in which the participation of a designated fractal entity was spotted, sought after,magnified, zoomed into to be examined by human eyes close up. The composition decompiled and reverse engineered, illustrates in depth of viewer to object ratio proximity of a environment appearing to be 5000 feet inside the picture frame construct portal. The environment is lit by a  supplied light parameter placement source trajectory calculation : indicating that proxy sunlight direction approximation emanating outside from the left side of the picture frame, with deconstruction calculation estimators indicating that the  : [ sun was shining with incoming light trajectories on object at a 71コ angle ] . Time of day : light intensity approximation : A plausibly probability of a existing hypothetical day in which the atmospheric elements components displayed would lead one to deconstruct the day to be one : described as : cloudy overhang conditions permuting factorial openings in the upper hemisphere to allow a few sun beams to break through the cloud and shine below to illuminate objects with soft intensity on its surface. According to the orbital sun location approximation sensed, the time of day is calculated to be 10 minutes to three o'clock fractal time! The light is soft, yet strong enough to perpetuate self delineation of the objects so they can seen with intense clarity.

object construct :
Object construct badlands topography ; location in the mental construct an imaginary zone in the valley of the unknown. : we appear to be on the edge of ridge of the bulb peeking over at approximate viewer to object elevation relation > looking down with eye line to object calculation of an angle of 171コ. OBJECT PASSIVE : Compose  of Detritus material and variant stone and bone components that are digitally translated and fractalized, loose granularities of minor ground sediments / philosophically indicating paradoxically that this very area was below see level at one time but now is dried out / representing sand modules framed in harden boundaries of densities identified as porous stones permeable to fluids elements : But in reality, that look like the boundary wall of the squares front wall surrounding edge construction, delineating the fundamental walls of the square box.
The boundary wall color composition is depicted in distressed faded light whitish lime colored tones, perfect example of skull coloring and thus the main entity located in the center of the composition appears to be a skull, and it's coloring reflect that accordingly. The texture of the material in the eyes of a paleontologist : looks like what dried out prehistoric large carnivorous dinosaur fossil bones would look like. Age of bone approximation calculation : Age determination rate of decay in  this structure cannot be done with the radiometric dating method to determine because of a lack of isotopes with half life designations, applicable to fractal examination because presently applications existing on earth don't allow for touching or walking on the fractal surface, that'll come later, the rocks in the picture are comparable to earths and thats a U-Pb discordia age of 3.56 billion years old. Now this approximation begs to ask fundamental questions [ 1 ] does the element of fractal rain and sunshine deteriorate the surfaces, does earth quakes occur that would shake the stones around on the surface during this long time period, thus knocking the skull over, no! Because these are mental constructs existing outside of time and physical cosmology, not subject to atmospheric intervention of climate or life or death but are immortal! Numbers can't die! What you see here you see is spiritual icons gods in the world of high maths relating and interpolating with your psychic impression wise! In the case of the icon in the center of the picture construct it has psychokinesis influence that act as a stimuli. The interpretations of that influence and how it relates to the viewer will be in the eye of the beholder only. What he/she thinks regarding its effect on him/her is personal and speculative! Under the auspices of divination, the skull is that of bird dog, named tucker, tuckers are famous. Dogs often accompanied certain tribes along with hawk birds, to be used to help the fighter and as a last food resource. Considered tuckers when things get rough!. Tucker birddog devouring went on for years, centuries, thousand of years ago, since primitive, primal times were common place amongst devout god warriors and battle hardened spearmen, swordmens, fighters when faced with death because there was no food, the tucker would be cannibalized. Tucker eating cultures are not as prevalent, but still dog eating is still apart of life, and will always be! They're delicious! In your picture we see one staring out at us, formulaically contemplating the gods when he was a proud companion and pet, and the numerous times he  saved our lives by keeping adversaries and nasty killers at bay.  Auspice eyes was always searching the sky for birds to show them the flight path to paradise and new lands of peace and honey. Interesting in your picture the eyes inside the skull of the tucker reveal volumes of ancient history and above and combined with his head is a bird.  Truly fascinating, Great unique find! Fascinating!

Descriptions interpretations construct  :
What we see when we look into the picture is a white skull of a dog that appears to be half dog half bird because it looks like a bird is on top of the skull merged with it somehow. The composition is based on a bleak powerful meeting between the viewer and an eye to eye, face to face with a skull. In that in it we see the artist taste for simplicity and starkness and we love it.  Because it cuts to the chase directly, and we can't help but focus on the beguiling stare of the eyes in the dogs head, looking at us along with the tiny wide eyed bird on top of the skull. Generally speaking the location of the placement of the skull in the center achieves the artist goal of focusing our eyes on it as the main object of attention. The lighting arrangement adds to the attention grabbing effect, and the backdrop color is a real knockout attention getter too! Its composed of earth tones in what can only be identified as deep lovely combinations of mocha and cayenne browns. Not too saturated! Not to sweet just right. You know:  The Goldy Locks combination, half and half. Its placement behind the skull solidifies the dynamic bold contrasting relationship of object to us, and us to the object. The excellent Dof accompanied by nuances of a light mist in the upper background section of the composition adding realism to the piece. Thus raising its quality level of the totality of the coloring harmonics composed in the piece to the stature of a Space Artistic Techno piece.  Bravo! Well done indeed, we like this baby! Now check out the area near the bottom of the picture frame. Its composed of the structural components parts of the peripheral wall. The structure uses the [ V ] motif arrogate arrays of duplicity decoratively done to point the eyes upward and increases the delicate tension of starkness to keep up eye to eye contact and scream at us not to dare move, less the dogs eyes blink, and we don't see it, and miss that action which would be so devastating!  So we stay glued watching these eyes in a trance and in wonderment!  Great job, Master Jessi. Keep it up! Hope theres more jewels like this baby coming at a theater near you!
Now where to place this in the home? This picture, enlarged and framed, lets say six feet by six feet would be about right! This picture goes over well not so much with the ladies, in ladies dining room, kitchen or bedroom no! This is definitely a mans man pic!  A picture destined to reside in the mans part of the house, and on his trophy wall or den or entertainment room.  The type of man who'd just love this is a warrior type, soldier type, special forces, tucker eaters, the security secret forces hard as nails, macho man type of guys. Good luck, Hope you make a sale soon! Any thoughtful lady of means, can purchase it and give it as holiday gift to a lover! Its all about advertising! Sincerely we love it! It's so cool! Make more please! And thanks for all your persistent studies and innovations!

Tribute part 4
Topic refers to the painting entitled  [ The Mountain Guard ] a rendering by Master Jesse  Nov 5 2010.

Speculative : Presence ?

A child commented " Its pretty,but I think something lives is in It."
Quite often we see fractals in the gallery, Resembling demons. We're sure you have seen one or two! And sometimes we see some fractals that seem to be accompanied by infiltrated or possessed other worldly presences. We don't know why, we just sense them! In your picture we sense a presence inside the entity and we can sense it powerfully. As often happens subconsciously below the radar of awareness of scientist, inventors, creators of the apps and formulas creators, when they are involved in fractal studies, fractal investigations, when exploring the modalities, mathematical inputs in the realms of 3, 4 , 5 and 6 dimensions, this act alone brings out its indigenous beings and demons, coming forth in pictures we make contrived and pass through electronically through the contact our fingers makes, touching the keyboard configurations, or what ever interface being utilized, in your time eras accordingly.  Thus, it comes out onto the computer screen or 3d immersive s screens or 3d holographic system screens, both exterior pupilary caps or brain inserted devices or otherwise : sudden appearances on the screens of demon like faces or the sensing of other worldly forces could be unsettling, for the new world fractal investigators and looker on's! To see them for the first time or sense them, unsettling yes, but its nothing more than the minds interpolation with the brains neurotransmitters impulses, extracting genetic ancient hard wire imprints triggers, in the sublime areas of the brain, that store, adaptive primal instinct data track link, centers, of the  hypothalamus or primal brain, central primal reactive reflex storage bins, areas, whose gene DNA infrastructure that makes people who they are manifested and address both macro and granular systems of complexity in the stimuli and instigate primal instinctive, flight or fight responses automatically,  And is conducive to the female context input, output ,switching on the a myriad of juices of hormones including oxytocin, endorphin, adrenalin and prolactin to help activate the mental processes, and specialized interventional environment for labour, allowing a positive and successful procreation birth experience 2 be applicable when necessary, pertaining dually for both male and female creation processes, and this zone of creation, inherently, turns on/ off  and promulgates, over-arousals emanations impulses, facilitating conversely accession of repressed memories, primal icons triggers, transfigured into entities, capable of overriding the known primal defense constant coefficients in the brains systems infrastructure, and affecting our inquisitive guessing of numbers to create our formulas by inspirational inputs coming involuntarily in the center of our minds outside of our control,and seize on them to try, hoping the incoming data sets composed of numbers will contextual results will satisfy our needs to do just that, satisfy our needs and that of the source where from the numbers originated from!  
And because we R fractals of our predilection 2 our selfs causes an addiction to the process complexity and our relentless pursuit motivated by a genetic animal cannibalistic primal triggers which we voluntarily succumb to willingly to obsess to perfectionize the outcome visually according to a divine matrix guiding our choices in the refinement of the image construct to conform to primal instructions of [ 0 ] its coordinate location in the x,y,z axis environment [ 1 ] how it looks [ 2 ] the color of it [3 ] divinity imprints to be embodied ] [ 4 ] how the visual is to B address and presented! [ 5 ] our willingness to take credit for its creation and our willingness 2 mentally defend its territory because to us, the pictoriality of the existence of the fractal, is not dead but alive in its environment in its own world and exploitable and explorable at will by us when and  where we choose.  .

SO, THEN : our formula creation, resulting in making the alleged entities presence known, electronically, and our private, demons shown. The brine percolated juices of the brain, rejoices in things it can understand, and accept, and determine as real but sudden demons and sensing of such, like demon like, image exposures, displeasures confusingly the brains circuitry neurotransmitters , sense of stability, and interprets them, as an affront or an infringement of, what the brain standard systems workings, construct matrix, considers, understands and comes to accept as normal sustainability of  known reality expectations markers, and normal human brains contents templates concepts of what it should or what should not B determine by it, as real. Causality of entwined electrical circuitry impulse conflicts occurs, especially doing fractal explorations over extended periods without resting the eyes and brain properly! Fractal exploration side effects are that it is addictive. Thus to some, the realization of something outside of  normal [ mind you, normal differs from one  individual to the next and one hybrid specie to the next whether it is synthetic or not ] if the normal is interpreted as abnormal, it effectuates a disbalancing of our tranquility and faith in our self assuredness, causing a myriad of collateral consequences in our equilibrium clock block zone of the brain, throwing our thinking off course and off balance. And in many cases in  Psychological Fractal Medicine, we see patients often exhibiting behavioral symptoms characterized by deep paranoias and assertions of impending bad fortunes aimed directly at them. One shouldn't allow the brain to control your mind, [ you ] should control both, enough to know that the brain is just a machine, a computational device, like any other, piece of hardware, albeit, it just happens it's biologically contrived and in your head, nevertheless it's a machine. It needs improvement! It is subject occasionally 2 circuitry degradation by comic rays and mal functions like any other machine. Infallibility of machinery, don't bet on it! Many of U have brains, and U know something is wrong with it, but you don't tell anybody, you try 2 get over playing cool, and hope you won't B found out! The older U get, more degrading the unit becomes, until hiding its decline is a waste of time. And of course, if your honest about it, U acknowledge you have plenty of friends that U know R totally nuts. You turn on the TV, and see politicians and when they talk they display extreme intelligence and actually believe the nonsense there talking about, nevertheless, intelligent or not, U hate 2 admit it but U know they're nuts! But unfortunately U live in a century where it can't be fixed. U can't get your brain fixed! The technology isn't available yet. So its best that you take the demon images and mystic sensing of presences in fractology in stride, chill out, and accept them as normal because they are. And if you think, theres a problem studying fractals prone to other worldly, spiritual presences, and widespread demonic appearances now, U'r in for future surprises!  Just wait till the third , fourth and fifth generation of apps begin 2 appear with advance attributes unimaginable 2 u now!
It's going 2 B an exciting time 4 U if U'r around! There will B more and more scary demons and presences that R really scary and will rock your socks off visually and audio wise, because soon audio contact will B the next big thing 4 sure! A number of your secretive ff members are on this case, with lips shut. These phenomenons, they have 2 be accepted as your outliers counterparts, as a normal, a part of any experience in 4d or any higher dimension, because they just R. [ powers of feelings or presences, or demonic images or soon voices , emanating from fractals R your companions, ] so , simply put, one should get over it. Now a word to the many hidden Mensa members and physicist and closeted geniuses reading along with us today, we understand the strict training adherence to pedagogical empirical modalities that permeate professions like yours, respectfully restraining U with guidelines of mental behavioral conduct matrix, with which U and your peers function under, never less the future is coming at U. Not all is provable in life. Actually there R times when we all just have trust intuitively and experiment hopefully 4 the best. So suggest we do make room to elasticized your mental boundaries to stretch a lot and accept the inevitable coming of [ new fractal horizons collateral consequences ]:[ If you play with fractal fire U going 2 get burnt! ] additionally sounds corny but what the hell, might as well say it, cause it's the truth : [ U go where no man has gone before ] Thus the arrival of unexpected unknowns because nothing can stop them, nothing! An unknown is called an unknown 4 a good reason, and ,instead, lighten up and think of taking stock of the fact, we would all do well to rethink our fractal beliefs parameters, in that,  in our mere thinking, that we R in control at all times, when in fact empirically we're not! Whether we are a great nation or a single individual. Not in control and never will B! No way! Not in control of our destiny!

[ The answer to the who done it, is, within the genetics inherited in the brain with a little help of JESSI ] It is an altered state manifestation coming through one of the specialized chambers of the mind of the artist, Programmer involuntarily, and totally unknown to him, that made him predisposed and was interpolated subconsciously as a internal mental terminal transport input/ output manifestation, that commandeers convergences, helping conjure up the formula imagery concept motif construct it self, befitting a self temple worthy, and made self eligible, to a visiting self spiritual fractal force, it self, [ Ergo fractal may come to reside within it self, in comfortable self similarities of it self, unchallenged by time and thus fractalized eternally into similar self infinities indefinitely.
                               [ U reven nwo eht latcarf , U tsuj ekat erac fo ti rof eht txen noitareneg ! ]

Assessment        :  Programming Plenipotentiary and  Architectural Fractologist : Audacious Rebel : Autarky  
Recommendation :  O
Commendation    :  Space Techno Artistry pi鐵e de r駸istance

 Twenty First century! Enabler, Force walker! Creator, gene designation endowed with touch of force! Go ye in peace and harmony!         Ecrof si ni ouy!

Opinions cheerfully expressed, whether in consensus or in disagreement, help understanding and collaboration with one another! Peace Be with you.

[  Ergo fractal may come to reside within it self, in comfortable self similarities of it self, unchallenged by time and thus fractalized eternally into similar self infinities indefinitely.  ]

                                               The Fractal Forums, the possibilities are infinite!


* Master JESSI.jpg (232.88 KB, 629x470 - viewed 866 times.)
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At the borders...

100008697663777 @bib993
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Exec summary please ? cheesy

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i guess this thread would better be named "a lack of huge comments"   grin

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rolling on floor laughing , rolling on floor laughing , rolling on floor laughing , weavers, you are the best, might want to review the ff calendar 2012 !?


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U can't get your brain fixed! The technology isn't available yet.

Brain takes the shape of whatever is practiced repeatedly.  If it's repeated craving, it takes the shape of craving.  If it's repeated poise, it takes the shape of poise.  So I think the technology is available.  smiley

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Huge thanks, weavers, master of words, sharer of truth and worth, entlighting the dark, praised thy you!  A Beer Cup
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Catch him if you can? Another mighty Fractal Forums Master : that exerts tremendous influence over the world globally.

Greetings and Salutations
Greetings and Salutations
Greetings and Salutations to you again, Master Kraftwerk

We would like to present 2 you The mysterious jewelry. " THE STONE EYE OF MEDUSA ". Rendered and created by The Master KRAFTWERK! In the year 2011 on earth.

See it here > http://www.fractalforums.com/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view;id=9605


AH, Great distinguished Maestro, lay your fingers on the keyboard keys and play us and show us, the art of your fractalicious painting expertise!
The invisible pretty fractal girls hidden in the shadows in the picture, blinks at you and flirt, Master Kraftwerk  Don't blame them. You possess The Midas touch, don't blush! Master Kraftwerk! Your Space Artistic Techno Pieces are legendary, engineered 2 amaze, here, there or betwixt or in  any sanctuary!  And you do it with such ease to amaze, your tonal demeanor Un phased!
CONGRATULATIONS! Again, another oscillating system! This Christmas gift is so precious, thank you so much, allowing the world to see it, generous you be , not selfish, willing to open your treasure chest and display away, your finest jewelry! Thank you!  From the bottom of our heart, thank you! The simplicity arrangement of a proud Daddy on the right and his bride on his left with a bun in the oven , beaming at her little baby proudly, as it takes its first step, and tries, and tries, and tries to swim, in the warm waters,  just off the coral reef bottoms oceans of sublime time, inside a tiny abode, deep in your mind. Oh glory, oh glory this Christmas holy story, that makes our heart skip a beat! Hold on hold on to it's feeling of pleasure we cannot , because alast, like life, it is a fleeting treat , you'll only see once in a place you happened by to meet!
                                      That place is the place called : The Fractal Forums of 4d Space!

Oh space sweet it be. Magnificence this, not in stages, oh no! Not all, but, a work of art , pure and simple for all the ages! Privileged fractal people, looking aesthetically fashionable inside your picture!

                                The Stoned Eye of Medusa, one of the greatest works of art in the world !  

Heres what we think :
 We feel, as does the master Artist, that created it, that we are on the bottom of an ocean, watching the inhabitants, who appear congenial, benign and sociable. The global ambient color reflect, what you might expect an ocean bottom to appear to be, bottom colorations reflecting low to no color grey blued intensities manifestations : Alluring, yes, quite the best, but at the same time rockingly mysterious, with a subtle touch of unknown danger by a stranger, the creature she be, new to the eyes of humanity, lord knows the secrets she holds, wonder if, if we act nicely,  she'd tell us some? yes, It does takes fortitude, for the artist, to go down this deep, and go eyeball to eyeball with this creature, he is brave , personne' courageous, better him than we! It gets dangerous down there in the deep, dark, don't you C?  Don't you think?

The composition uses a [ v ] motif. On the left : The artist zoomed in on a unit, he wanted us to see up close and personal, happy we are that he did, cause he used a magnifying glass embedded in the 3dmandelbulb application, that hides no details , no obscuration allowed. A attribute, all Architectologist and doctors lust after, with joy , the artist seems to say : vous satisfaire est noter prioriteエ, and we like that consideration!  The unit,  construction of which is an array of circular units resembling refine tiny tube like reflective pelvis bones , the array is a four prong arrangement, composed of a circle on top, bottom, right, and left with a geometric unifying , decorative nuggeted, mutative hexigonic joint, in its center, this construction, a powerful skeleton that is alive, with its tilted head leaning toward the left of the picture frame. The creature lets dub her a female :  revels in her orthodoxy,  in her delicate refined undisputed  beauty! On the right we see its male, counterpart, using a basic triangle construct : with an out cutted hexagon shaped center, we can see through, According to fractal cannon laws, in this particular fractal specie the act of intercourse, the males reproductive organ is left in the female, correlatingly , as human man males leave their sperm in the female, we can sense, a disturbance in the force, human males cringing on hearing this revelation, no need, to feel silly empathy, you see this is standard , the male's penis dis engagement leaves a hexagonic shape cut out in the fractal males topography, but , worry not, it will self generate throughout the process of fractal algorithmic doudosityopa- multiplicity, and is painless and spot on time for the next mating season! Thus, ergo conforming to pedantic one :  fractal law, go forth and multiply!
The common denominator , life is non linier  but cyclical, where self fractal invention of self must be  done over, and over again into infinity! The males disability is sanctioned : the well-observed inverse relationship between disability and social contact. Contact will be consummated eventually! Regarding the triangles males extremities,  the points of the triangle resembling tiny rosebuds, the rose buds is where the end ergonomically tactile function reside in!  We observe rose bud locations on the triangle :

One the left and one on the right but its bottom one is chained to a stem curvature with  a puffy pearl balls, of which originates interconnectivity's for energies interchange between the soil and the entity,  after which continuing down the stalk which halves into tentacles which fractaliciously halves again and again till it begins to resemble  entrails ending in a base plane that looks like the bottom of grayed out fractal soil! Mysterious, yes we see the mysterious fractal ocean four million fathoms below the sea, only a powerful fractal can survive under that type of water pressure you see! We see on the upper left of the picture frame above the mother, Small round, grey colored, disk shaped little fishes darting around in the current of time, the water is a darkish drab republican aqua marine blue ranging from almost black to lack luster pale blue. You know what its like to walk on the bottom of the ocean and see these creatures popping up out of the  fractal mud checking you out?
The  forms continue along the bottom of the picture frame. An infectiously fun pictoriality! This is what a iconic [ v motif ] balanced composition looks like where the components look different but weigh the same composition and art wise, has thous seen nought such fractal deities before, doubtfully less U run with um, we put nothing pass U, We wake up discomfortless, asking to see more of Master Kraftwerk secrets! Something to think about! Does this fractal have a spout? Mouth? If thous need to ask, ye can't afford it! Ye can't afford to know! Before you let the topic of rosebud pods go, lets us bring to your attention the supreme artistry of this master artist as he contrives a light intensity that if you observe in the tiny  soft looking rose buds on the baby triangle in the mothers busom you will observe, the light penetrating the rosebud translucency, indicative that this is a baby born recently,  now my friend that is Master Kraftwerk artistry! Raise your hands and applaud him graciously please!

The back ground modules are in dof ranges with diffused dull intensity of blue light ranges fluctuating from clear to soft blurred constructions : some resembling octopus  like arm arrays wiggling around searching for you or somebody! On the right theres a construction on top of which, we see what appears to a human eyelids construct with an eyeball in it, behind that, there appears to be a short abrupt winding staircase off to the right, leading up to the right of the picture frame, just under the large triangle in grey, where it leads, you don't want to know !
 Lighting construct ;
The lighting construct ; Coming in from the left of the picture frame,  light supplied at downward trajectory at a 65 コ degree angle in soft but vivid clarity descending and immersing the objects, unifying the frontal entities in the compositional construct ,solidifying the composition as a unit,  Empowering its pictoriality as a work of worth, timeless in the realms of sublimeness!  NOW said the artist, catch me if you can! As he went and did his magic with light : notice : the viewer will, On the big triangle on the right next to the right side of the picture frame,

we are please and helped by the vitality, of this picture that makes changes in the world globally, those look on quietly we know you are not dead, exposure to this pair of fractals will make imprints in your head, in the design of your time piece, to see more, works stay tuned!
The ultra beautiful kisses of  highlights the Artist places artfully on the three small round triangles shapes, that are colored whitish grey  surrounding the hexagon cut out shape of the triangle, Are they not beautiful? The highlights gives realism in perpetuity, and then some, what a stroke of genius,  Bravo , great ! the Light trajectory of the highlights is coming up from the bottom right at an 69コ degrees angle approximately and makes the three shapes look like pearls with a mushroom, luster and appearing to resemble the markings texture of the human brain itself! Insane but gorgeously inventive, to height of ecstasy  it does flirt, this is the majesty of Master kraftwerk! Who got the artistic eye? Master Kraftwerk, got the eye! The eye, The magic of the artistic eye can be taught, for a reasonable fee, give him a call and you will see! Be generous, Ask is this work is for sale, Don't look on dead , support this med, support the artist, look what you'll get in perpetuity!

Another joy to see his artistry is the painting called the " HEXAGONIC EDGING ",  A Delicacy, fine food for the connoisseurs eye! Try it and see!

see it here > http://www.fractalforums.com/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view;id=8501

Assessment        :  Architectural Fractologist : GIVER : not sure what his next step will be
Recommendation :  O
Commendation    :  Space Techno Artistry pi鐵e de r駸istance [ FRACTAL FORUM SPACE ART AWARD ]

  Creator, !  Ecrof si ni ouy!

Opinions cheerfully expressed, whether in consensus or in disagreement, help understanding and collaboration with one another! Peace Be with you.

[  Ergo fractal may come to reside within it self, in comfortable self similarities of it self, unchallenged by time and thus fractalized eternally into similar self infinities indefinitely.  ]

                                               The fractal forums, the possibilities are infinite!


* Master Kraftwerk.jpg (144.92 KB, 629x470 - viewed 817 times.)
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Weavers, what can I say, I am not nearly as good as you on high resolution sentence renderings.
I am amazed by your detailed analasys, I thank you for letting me know exactly what you see in this piece. I think I have to add "The Poet" to my triptych some day...
Keep up the good work!

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                                    More commentaries in the Fractal Forum Celebrity News

                                        RCPage Master of Light, Creator of " THE VAULT-1 "

Today we like to honor this Artist  :  

Greetings and Salutations,
Greetings and Salutations,
Greetings and Salutations to you Master RCPage

We would like to present to you The magnificent bank. " VAULT-1". Rendered and created by The Master RCPage! in the year 2011 on earth.
 see it here>http://www.fractalforums.com/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view;id=9479

intro :

 MIND YOU a surface is a surface, same as a face, a face of a young girl without make up, is just a plain stupid face surface! Nothing special in the eyes of a young man, until, until she pulls the gold casing holding a tube of blood luscious red lipstick out! She twist off the top and twist out a rising tube of lipstick called " RED BLACK HOLE POWER!" She takes out her mirror and puckers up her plumply lips, and paints them painstakingly, tenderly, lovingly! She  presses them together with a little wiggle and stands back and admires them, she continues until she feels proud, she opens her mouth pouts, sexy like, then smiles. Then satisfied , she puts the lipstick away, and pulls out her eyeliner mascara, and continues painting her eyebrows, sharp exquisite method of madness lines making her more and more attractive! Then she drops the eyeliner, back in her pocket book nonchalantly and now comes out the powder puff. She powders her cheeks briskly, with flare and gusto! Then with a touch of drama, while batting her eyelids. She smiles while practicing her sexy voice lines:
" Hello, big daddy, you got something nice for mommy ? "
Satisfied with her look, she tops it off with her secret weapon perfume called, " Take No Prisoners."  Now her weapons of mass destruction are at the ready! She approaches the male target of her choice and zeros on him : She is powerful, so powerful, she can take a cherry and toss it threw the walls of a battle ship!
She's transformed strong, stupefying the man, he flips flabbergasted, overwhelming his logic. Despite his superior super duper, phd IQ, he acts like a jackass, and when she uses her sexy voice and says :
" Hello, big daddy, you got something nice for mommy ? "
The male flips out , his eyeballs bugging out his head!  She seduced him all right, he didn't even have chance. She leaves him limp on the floor begging 4 more and her slave forever! So the intelligent man becomes a nucklehead! Reduced to the mentality of a five year old! He has succumbed to the illusionary charms of a female. Charms that were painted on! Poor fool!  He failed himself as an intellect miserably, he didn't demand empirical proof of her power he just melted like butter on toast and she ate him alive!
    So to a surface, a surface is just a stupid surface without makeup, no matter what, until it is kissed by the magic of the LIPSTICK of light. Here the  application of lighting to that surface touches it, at which time it becomes transformed strong, stupefying the viewer, stupefying us. We flip flabbergasted, the light in our eyes overwhelms our logic , Despite our superior super duperIQ,  we capitulate to the captivating visual experience, such is the power, the Master Artist RCPage light technologies is capable of exercising, and charming our eyes with! We witness his work and we too, R stupefied by the majesty of his lighting acumen! The technology he displays in the VAULT-1 is beauty on the level of medication to the soul and effervescent pleasant joy to the eyes! THANK YOU Master RCPage, making all this possible and sharing! Your works are all  the rage!


Immediate and enthusiastic applause , clap, clap clap, echoes bouncing off the palace walls, this magnificent palace you travel to snap this picture of the vault behind which lies mysteries of the age, is that not so RCPage, grateful we B  U share this ARCHITECTURE jewelry on the fractal forums stage! Call it what you will, We can hear break in masters, swiftly coming, the hunters, bad bandits, grave robbers,  and evil eye shadowy ones approaching, tools, and nasty armaments in hand, readying their explosives to blow open this dam Vault door, blow it to smithereens, but know U what we do , this vault was here in your untouchable dimension, before U were born, U just now discovered it, and a great discovery it is!
It was here before we knew it was here,  before the petty robbers were called Cons, Before they had moms, before they were created, before the earth existed, before our star had light, before we know how to turn out the light, and this vault shall exist after we are gone in all of its magnificence and might one day open, who alive can say, no one, only the RCPage, and he's not giving the secret away!
And the combination is his life's algorithm, he shares not, nor  the parameters with no one! Quiet he B! Secretive guy U see ! He's got to be, he holds the vaults  key!
 Seven days a week it took your circuitry to mentally fore-fill your passion to build, and build U, and build U you did, one hell of ' va building. One hell of ' va artistic architectural structure, composed of multi nuggeted, positive and low bas-relief indentations, multi level elevations, a wondrous example of Architectural fractology in the first order ,specifically, and  without speculations!
Congratulations! And our sincere thank you for your time and for all the research and feverish mathematical inputs, the expedited results of which leaves us speechless, and thank you for your intense focus, intellect, and your patience to address calmly the delicate lighting, you know we love it when it is expertly done, and U do it to death! And we appreciate it so much, you did it with love, nothing rushed!
Your choices of coloring and the Exquisiteness of the elastic tonal ranges U employed are unquestionably astounding and beautiful.
Arise U do, in your technological era , in your age RCPage!  Your time has come!


Heres what we think : This is a dazzling architectural construction that you have put multiple times in production , great, simple yet with PCPage  illuminatorial lighting powers, and technological prowess, becomes  mind intriguing in its beauty. The artist intentional presentation of the parts, the artist wishes us to see and appreciate, facilitates captivation in this joyest architectural fantasy, tons of fun visually for the eye, and soul!
We C light pale blue tints, faint love purple hints, palpitating RCPage orange, helping tell the reservoir of stories yet untold!
Well, done RCPage!

COMPOSITION : The structural components in the composition : are straight forward : A symmetrical composition for the most part, with one or two asymmetric regions located in the main center rectangle. : The computer model in the painting shows a balanced image construct : demonstrating what appears to be, an ancient stereotypical religiosity edifice of undetermined earth bound tribal lineages. Nevertheless it imbues to the viewer to have inculcated reverence to an amorphous undetermined power , within and behind the confines of the VAULT structure. There something about this image thats attracting us. This picture , we sense a presence, something godlike? Spiritual like, something mystifying, something alive?
We can openly speculate what this power is, the seeming presence of an unknown entity emanating from the totality of the air volume from the vault, but we see it not, cause its cloaked in a supernatural invisibility outside of our eyes ability, but not, but not our minds  sensitivity ability, to feel it,  to know it. It is there, regardless of a lack of empirical proof to prove this to be true, somethings human science, currently fails 2 empower us, 2 do, miserably!
                         We are aware that in our brains dark closets, yes, yes, we bring along lots and lots of naive, immature, scary [  peek a boo ] child like baggage with us unconsciously > In the case of this painting  :  the Vault piece , a presence of some kind of surreal invisible presence is sensed strongly, and attracts Master RCPage to depict the structures they populate, patiently and frequently. You know you are not alone viewing the construct, when U are! But it's such a pleasure 2 create them that he can't resist making them and we can't resist admiring the beauty of them forever!

The image construct : On the surface of it, the picture shows a formidable, massive rigid structure, of architectural perfections : resembling an inner shrine within a religious temple, an enormous compound context, To give U just an idea of its size of this mental matrix context birthed, out of mathematical formulas inputs : see the tiny white square in the center of the picture with that white light on it. Well, its debatable, but elasticity in the space could be this, the dimensions of that tiny white square is a mile  by a mile, now thats big as U want 2 B baby! So it gives U an idea of what we are seeing and what we're dealing with, and the power of the electronic presence in the picture! The temple : with towering sculpted surfaces, decorative pillars, within which, that resembles what RCPage's unknowingly, unconsciously sense are flying saucers space crafts configurations, that come out of his mentality and manifest themselves physically , if U are rushed, not relaxed, and not concentrating, U 2 might over look their presence too! A wise trick is to hide something right in front of your eyes and you won't see it, interesting?  [ three big ones on the left of the picture frame embedded in the first column, directly displayed one above the other and on the right a similar arrangement of duplicative displays ] Two rotative search lights can be seen on top of each of the flying saucers, but at this distance they appear to look like two tiny eyes on top of each of the ships! funny right!
       As if theres a message somewhere right? Flying saucers embedded in the walls, all over the place, is somebody trying 2 tell U something?  . . Hello ! Hello! Yes, yes, yes we Know! We know! Also arrays of multi faceted rectangular series of ancient looking details, surrounding more smaller collections of rectangles each of which is more ornate and  beautiful than the next, beguiling ones eye as it finally comes to rest, overwhelmed by this edifice, found out of its digital cage, floating in space in the mind of RCPage! Beautiful art work, indeed Love it! Space sweet discreet! Thanks again, Wow!

The artist gives us several spotlights colorings, intensities, or lack there off to ponder their placement and the resulting illuminatory features that grace the surfaceiality normalities of this vault depiction.
Lighting : first lets deconstruct the components of the edifice in digestible visual sections and for now,  focus our attention the center section of the image where you see the main rectangle with the approximate dimensions of nine miles wide by nine miles high in to which you see a luscious elasticities of tones of orange ranges in varying intensity!
If  observing object unlit then imagine checking out the center rectangle on the bottom frame structure, ok, now the placement of the spotlight at the center of the  point where the frame is mitered at 45コ angles on the corners and extends out to the other side of the picture frame the next miter cut of 45コ but in this case the extenuation shoots out to the center of the frame and is mitered again at 90コ in its center, most point closes to the observer  { exactly in front of him/her! but the frame is pulled out forward towards the observer. Where you see the top point of the tip [ the color of which is the pale faded out gold colored triangle located in the center bottom  ] it is here the artist placed a lamp, guessed correctly about the measure the luminous flux per unit needed, turned on the beam to focus hitting the inner top portion of the top of the rectangle ceiling, thus you see the top section drowning in soft edged wavelength weighted white light! the collateral consequences of which are the resulting shadows  small at the bottom and  passing over, or disregarding the structure in preterition, as the eye progresses glancing upwards, however we witness, the increase in darks shadows and the delineation of the edifices decorations to reveal its dynamic fractal geometry profile!  And such a profile it is! Love it!
It's an Architectural fractologist dream! It's so bad we could scream!
    Now here is where the Master RCPage' flexes his mighty lighting muscles, heres where the magic begins, the beam on the light, hits the ceiling and bounces back down causing reverse shadows,  delicate and awesome in its discreet flavors of illuminance emittance harmonic combinatorial lighting exquisities! So, you know your bad! You absolutely,blow away the art connoisseurs with this! We are blown away! What else can we say, offering this simple ovation to you! Thank you , Thank you!  Beautiful, Fractaliciously ambitious ! We love it! Great exercise in Fractal Artistry of the highest algorithmic order!  A DELICACY, Little blessings we appreciate like this, thx! A feast for the eye of the art lovers of any dimension! You sit at the table with the likes of Beethoven my friend! Congrats! A thousand times over, you are a very, very special lighting master!

P U Z Z L E  : process> Question .
A puzzle means there is something we don't understand. Counterintuitive things. Something that U laid down, to which we frowned :  not process> Question the white square photo-shoped or not? It looks beautiful, could you take a picture of it enlarged it and publish it large sized in the gallery, so we could appreciate its beauty close up? We love a mystery RCPage, engage! If you care to comment on its existence feel free to!
Now we proceed with our main inquiry  :
P U Z Z L E  : process> Question .
Focus U will in the center of the picture, notice the main rectangle?
Why is the top half of the center orange rectangle different then the bottom half ? The plane components are different : It is composed of a sacred orange triangle on the bottom, a pretentious ostentatious orange window frame on top with a white square inside of it that is illuminated : not a symmetrical  structure but combinatorial includes asymmetrical components. Question > Shouldn't a structure that is 99% symmetrical be completely symmetrical as expected or is there a bug in the formula ?
Bug classifications : A Mandelbug (named after fractal innovator Benot Mandelbrot) is a computer bug whose causes are so complex that its behavior appears chaotic. Bit rot bug ? Heisenbugs ? A Schroedinbug? Lady bug? Waterbug? Bed bug ? RCPage bug? RCPage bug : a nervous bug with issues, that eats and drinks and looks human, goes crazy fooling around with mathematical inputs, all hours of the night and day incessantly and can't get away, and is a bonafide registered member of the infamous fractal forums! A loose knit, tiny insular international renegade group, composed of outliers Physicists, rogue Mathematicians, Mensa members, Deviants, Geniuses, Philosophers, Architects, assortments of mad Programmers and elite mad Artists, under the sneaky, watchful eyes of the : FBI, CIA, KBG, RAW, ISI, Chinese Secret Services, Narcs cartels, Taliban, Strange Folks, Shadow governments, Bots, and free radical elements up to no good!
Interesting, very interesting indeed! Hmmmm. Hope you have a sense of humor and can take a joke too! HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU!

Assessment        :  Architectural Fractologist and Lightologist illuminatus : detailed obsessed  
Recommendation : Solve this puzzle of the first painting called Vault -1, could U, by republishing the image but enlarging just the perfect white square so we can see what mysteries unfurls there? Speaking of unfurling, The flags of magnificent colors done by you go through the casing of the colors as you our company commander departs.
Commendation    :  Fractologist   Ambientologist  Techno Artistry pi鐵e de r駸istance



We would like to present to you The space colony prison. " VAULT-18". Rendered and created by The Master RCPage! in the year 2011 on earth.

see it here>http://www.fractalforums.com/gallery/vault-18/msg39127/

intro ;

No, no, why?  Did you see him shopping? That car as brand new as his old one, old man.  Why am I balled? Hell man , wat's, watt's up, with you dude? Wat's you looking at me fo? Don't look at me man,  the barber did it, the barber did a job on your ass!  No, how much is that shovel? It's not fo sale dude! I'm going to shovel it up! He exclaimed delusionally, as his hair lay on the prisons barber shops floor in side the vault. It would seem,  bubble , pictures coming from the hubble, good shot, hot rocks in the universes sky? No, no ,wake up dude , you know you on, on somethin, smokin, or dreaming, what you see is what it is man, his hair  lay inside the vault, and he bends down and grabs some hairs up and frantically places some back on his ball head, it falls back like dried up feathers to the prison floor dead, the crazy mans face turned red, Suddenly,crying, his time done, he yells, let me out of this place, out, out help me god dammit help me, let me out, his voice cracking, choking, his voice echoing along the iron walls, as the other inmates in the crazy house dis him, laugh , and spit on him! The Artist decided  to open up the vault door, a little more, so we could savor a peek! So we can seek, whats in it!  Open it, open it lets us in! Or lets us out, I been in here so long, I don't know whats life's bout! Why the hell am I here? Did I commit a sin? Is thats why I'm in? Are we not human, are we not worthy or you don't consider us devout? We demand you let us out! We demand you let us out!  Open it to see another, free life outside of the vaults prison, the inmates run free, in liberty glad to see what a free way day lay, say it can't be, out of the vault looking in,  It's so good to be free! Are you sure, halt? Halt, yelled the robot officer , a cigarette dangling from his lips, his eyes staring out,  out at you, hidden behind black sunglasses, gun in hand, I'm da man! I'am da man , he said, smirking, with one mean ass looking grin on his  face! You ain't going nowhere brother!
Inside the mother vault was more vaults pretty brite and gleaming. Should be, we'd wash um down, daily! A full colored spectrum, sheen, was it vault number vault 18? : vault number 18? : vault number 18? Lying in front of your eyes in between, a brawled occurred, eyeballs plucked out lying in the dark unseen, a undivinity like environment previously unseen, Looking at the pictures center, and dead center in the colors of heat mean, the decorative shield grill holding the quadrant of fire , and us, where the like of us are not allowed to think much less bid on a chance to escape? Who said so? He did! No way, way! Not me, where constitutes the scene , this, in the mind of a stiff, who refuses, the call, plaster his heart with life's whiff, on a wall and happy, sappy , pappy no dogs, pets or kids allowed in this here prison! U free freak? Freak you too, man! If you think U'r alive, look into me said the picture, look into me said the picture, look into me said the picture.
Wicker victor, in a day of rapture But you responded in a huff, yo, know, what? I ain't got time fo dis, piss! Man I really got better things ta do Man! Not any longer from here you will not pass, in contrast glance we do at this extraordinary vault, a frosty first glance we feel like we're looking down into, flying into, a prison behind the walls , thousand of images of prisoners , falling unblocked ones in orange colored smoky smocks, our numbers printed in block letters across our chest in black! It reads : [ Prison block section 18, shoot first ask questions later ]. We've been locked away, long f**ing time! Barefoot, no socks, the floor cold as hell, as we unbelievably, march out of this hell! Free at last , free at last, thank god almighty we're free at last! Did you, did you see um ? Thousands of um! The thousands of inmates, the black ones, white out ones, fat ones, old and young ones, women ones and the inbetweennnnnnnns ones? Dey we'rent in-between when dey came in! But dey are now and dey free now too! Did ya, did ya see the legless ones, oh hell yes, they run the fastest, out of this morass in space, a one way ticket? NO ! You don't need no dam ticket , dude you gotta free pass! This is Vault -18 in the outer space prison colony, and da DOORS OPEN AT LAST FINALLY!

Heres what we think :

What we harvest visually here is the conceptuality of a sanatorium opprobrium prisoners, pretextuality superimposed, on top of this revolutionary image construct, depicting what could be the frontal view of an edifice of a space prison hub station like vault structure. The Master RCPages ideas about his vault motif series, agglomerates to its apex in this visualization of a death on wheel place beneath fluidity's window of thought, about contents of the vault, beings, humans many of them in disgraced space. Lost criminal souls, a factuality that will come to pass in time, with the human race, sending for economical reasons, prisoners to serve their time in outer space, under the tenure of robotic solutions! Evolution of which is in the planning stages!

When we open our eyes and look at the [ vault 18 ], our first thought is the awesomality structurality of this thing he puts forth before our eyes, seeing its size and magnificence leaves us utterly breathless, astounded boundlessly , this he does using his fluidity in mathematicity and supremacy of the 3D mandelbulb program, and we fall to the floor, overwhelmed by his formulaic fractal sweet as can be Artistry! Bravo Master RCPage, U DA RAGE!

 We see this entrance to a space portal bedecked with decorative embellishments, entrance to the portals, the security clearance of which we don't know whether we have, but with joy we gaze into the true sacred fathoms of this fractalized environment. We are looking into an armory like space structure, the experience is like that of one, that looks like a fortress, intimidating, mysterious and foreboding.
If, then option : a law enforcement center that looks like it has been here since time began and then some.
The overall basic color tone of the picture, hits us in the face right away, it's a death cold gray, numbing in its austerity, unsatisfying, and unwelcoming, we know we have overstepped our bounds and are witnessing  the exterior of an eye opening comportment anger management mental facility in outer space! SHOCKINGLY, We from our perspective as a viewer, don't know whether we are looking out throughout the window of a space ship in safety or are floating in the air outside some where, will gravity drag us in? We feel funny as we begin to spin in, twirling around as we go in, down and around drawing us  down, the gravitational force drawing us now powerfully out of control we, we are going down, down . . . Into the picture!
 that leaves us in awe and in levels of bafflement, there are four easily spotted constructions along the picture frame, one on the top,left,right, and bottom we exercise our eyes to focus in the center of the picture and see the reddish yellow light shinning through a square that looks like an image vector illustration of seamless mendhi  or vector hand designed henna-heart floral patterns in this center panel with a yellow light behind it, silhouetting the decoration!
Clever mathematical distribution of entities located at 45コ degree angles from the center of picture where we see the mendhi fire gate door construct, they are awesome in appearance and these entities look like the face of Donald duck in a souped up football helmet! You see his two black eyes and large duck like mouth, he has two large square shaped gray eyebrows and on top of his ,over embellished ray beam proof helmet is a vertical tower, this entity is the centurion commanding an overview, guarding against the possibility of approaching infiltrators ability to try to rescue the inmates that dwell in this prison system vault!
We would be remiss if we did not congratulate you on the clever misbalancing of the picture frame horizontality, normally the brain, would if it had the ability to control all events , would be urging you to have the bottom picture frame plane at a flat 180コ degree angle, but you chose to leave it at a 182 コ degree angle! This decision is fabulous, because in real life nothing is perfect, and in fact by doing  so it adds an equilibrium optical tension between the viewers pupils and the image construct, hence, then we are on alert to the experience even more, attuned even more then usual, cool!  way cool, love the eye tension, its like buying an ice-cream cone and putting it to your mouth, but instead of eating it, you watch and let the sun melt it, the sensation of mental alteration point inputs, are awesome! So the picture appears a little off balanced, great tension eye ergonomics , so cool! Astounding Master RCPage, beautiful concept wise! We love your tricks!

From the left of the picture frame at a lighting trajectory of 180コ degrees, Light softly flows almost in-perceptively in gray tones of bleakality except for the center  of the picture , the ingenious firelight ranges of orange harmonics that kiss our eyes and breathe life in to us and comes riding to the rescue to save us spiritually! Bravo RCPage , they don't say you're the rage for nothing!


RCPage works in his studio in the wee hours of the night, adorning his studio walls with dozens of his paintings , he is brave , he ventures into the grid lock obscure collaboration in dimensional fractals essentially translating his all important ideas and thoughts into user friendly formulas, his formulas translated into electrical inputs into his 3D mandelbulb program, which in turn, translates throughout its independent programmed intelligence his activities into digital paintings of intimate photographic quality, born in mystery and macro investigations, into the locked vaults secrets of fractal infinities! He invites you come along in to this picture called VAULT-18
This picture means that the magnitude of its square shaped motif can take on only certain discrete values of self similar square structures throughout the picture construct, lets first see with open eyes what we are witnessing. We see a wall comprised of  squares.  to simply facilitate the deconstruction of the image construct, lets utilize as a crutch, for simplicity sake the picture frame which the artist fabricated, it is a square , the bottom frame of which : if we go to the center of the bottom frame, we fine a rectangle configuration construct, in the middle of the frame line with the approximate dimension of 2 miles wide  by four miles high, at the top of this rectangle configuration construct, we see a head face icon ,seated atop a variant form Tetrahedron , the head face icon has configuration that resembles a gray colored cloth flatten side head turban or Kuffiyya, , under which peering out at us are his two black eyes under that we can visually discern a human skeletal bone nose construction, under which is located a open mouth with teeth in it, the teeth are composed of one vertical tooth and one horizontal tooth , encased in a muzzle, signifying that this is a muzzle placed on the mouth of a very evil vulgar man>thus then, interestingly we can see two teeth growing out from under the creatures chin, the double teeth are stabbed in a circular flatten disk to the side of which is a apparition of a pair of dopplegangers : two round headed balls with two tiny black eyeballs mysteriously staring out at our every eye movement as we proceed analyzing  the image construct!
If this, then observe the icon face man's eyes have horses blinders on each side of his eyes restraining him from looking sideways, thus this means then, therefore he can only keep his black watching eyes on us, the intruder, in his pictoriality fracto locality. He considers our presence a defacto invasion of his sentinel privacy!  If, then Under the chin of said entity, described as : this prisoner statue man icon is 7 co-mingling triangle football,or flying saucer shaped units attached to the line crest of the  Tetrahedron trianglelized wall structures signifying  the coming of creation of space ports, not one but seven in rapid succession, and below that we see four large immense triangles signifying the four quarters of the century in which new shuttles will do battle in space and the possibility of one or more destruction of said space ports. Running along the sides of the triangles are seven smaller triangle units multiplied by the four units of seven equaling =28 days add on the addition total of 7 units multiplied on the bottom of the four triangles gives us 28 additional days, together signifies 56 days before the coming! The number 56 confers compatableistical harmony but due to the nature of the brain configuration of man as currently constructed this seems a paradox, a conundrum only science will eventually rectify! If, then 2012 is a zone in that it is a leap year, and has 366 days some of which will be quite turbulent and earth changing! Musical chairs played out globally protests oriental wise you ain't seen nothing yet! On the light  happy side of things, Beware on the 29th of february a female of mystical attributes baring a tattoo of a green colored fractal, will approach and ask for thy hand in matrimony. Bird populations will become disoriented as electro magnetic variances play havoc, tipping their navigational systems into chaos , they will charge at planes, and charge at the cement sidewalks thinking they have the power to fly through them! A bird will befriend you! It will be the reincarnation of a love one passed, it will be a happy time! when you see this bird, make sure to take time out of your busy day to receive it, and not to dismiss it , the lost will be yours if you do! It will carry a message!
if, then no more : options : close :
and so continuing with the picture analyzation ; as we see in these zones this manifested, the self receptive use of this major rectangle construct model, used again on the bottom, the left, the right and top frame without variations, signifying the 224th day of the year of the 12 should be watched! The 224th day august 11 a hot day like no other! Interestingly It takes 224.7 Earth days for Venus to orbit the sun, and 243 Earth days for Venus to do a spin once on its axis. That means that the day on Venus is 19 days longer than the year. In this picture construct the data relates to interpretation of a disruption in the gravitation magnetic forces altering the flow of time climatically of earth! Hence if, then a augmentation of cannibalism tendency in populations of polar bears and others as resources decline. NO don't look at your watch my friend, this is not about time in your concept of time as you think of it! This is fractals time! What we see is an array of rectangle units on the top, bottom, left and right inside a linier square configuration, and when we look into the center of the picture frame we see a grid of decorative iron works through which we see a ball of fire light illuminating from behind a grid , signifying the bars on a jail gate, access to the entrance of this gate is remediated by concentration of your mental prowess to perceive and manifest your entity inside of it. But what is the prize inside? Is it worth the effort mentally? Is it knowledge that will rid ourselves of our ignorance or is a spiritual divinity held in this place as his abode, and not wishing to be perturbed by the lowly likes of us? Is it a good divinity or gainsay contradictory one? Only fractals time will tell!
Enjoy the holidays
Enjoy the holidays
Enjoy the holidays! Gaze in peace always from the weavers! Thanks again ,we love your work, In the year of the 12, Can you exhibit more .Please ?

 Our time grows pressed and we must take off again, in the mean time : admirers of RCPage : Its' time to celebrate the holidays , and wouldn't it be nice to buy one of Master RCPages works as a Holiday gift for that special honey?
REGARDING :  those who would like to purchase works by RCPage : Give him a buzz! They make great gifts! Thinking of purchasing this and others , you should see some more of his stuff and contact him right away!
painting called VAULT      see it here > http://www.fractalforums.com/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view;id=9472
Painting called VAULT 10  see it here > http://www.fractalforums.com/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view;id=9488

Assessment        :  Architectural Fractologist and Lightologist illuminatus : detailed obsessed  
Recommendation :  O
Commendation    :  Fractologist   Ambientologist  Techno Artistry pi鐵e de r駸istance [ Fractal Forums Art Award ]

WOW! Grateful B we 2 know and treasure beauty your paintings bring 2 the Twenty-First century! Thank you RCPage, May the  force B with U in your age!

Opinions cheerfully expressed, whether in consensus or in disagreement, help understanding and collaboration with one another! Peace Be with you.

[  Ergo fractal may come to reside within it self, in comfortable self similarities of it self, unchallenged by time and thus fractalized eternally into similar self infinities indefinitely.  ]

                           The fractal forums, the possibilities are infinite!


* Master RCPage.jpg (160.6 KB, 629x470 - viewed 696 times.)
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                             Teena and Wendyvainity
                Celebrities : 3D INNOVATORS AND EMANCIPATORS

Today we would like to honor these Artists :

Please Note, Fractal Forums members : If the VIDEO you want to look at is not visible on your computer screen : It's because in 2015 the Flash Video player does not support youtube videos anymore.
: if the video STILL does not DISPLAY OR PLAY, THEN PLEASE SIMPLY CHANGE AND USE ANOTHER BROWSER that are updated SUCH AS  Opera, Fire fox, OR Internet explorer, and others too,  to see the rest of the forum videos.

Another solution would be first downloading and installing the latest video player on your own individual computer, in 2017 shockwave video player was available here for example : https://get.adobe.com/shockwave/thankyou/?installer=Shockwave_12.2.5.195_Full_(OS_X_10.6_and_above)  

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Update 7/10/17

Greetings and Salutations,
Greetings and Salutations,
Greetings and Salutations to you :  wendyvainity and to you Teena

1 fractal video

into :
Hi wendyvainity :
Animator vital crusader doer of mandelbulb insanity. You got the balls  racked in a triangle at the foot of the table with the 8-ball in the center of the triangle, the first ball of the rack a Mandelbulb  gold in the sack, followed by brown, silver, purple, dull dark red and blue, who knew,  on the footspot, a stripe ball in one corner of the rack and a solid ball in the other corner. The object mesh no can do idea is a goner! Wow girl you know how to play billiard good, just  like a good lady billiard player should! Behold, the lady has legally pocketed any object ball on the break. We watch in the hall as her shot causes an earth quake! The balls rise and fall, causing shadows on the grass walls on time in kind, as breathless we wonder what next to anticipate! No referee official to watch this game  needed, but Socratesse succeeded all the same, the behind the eight ball no more but in front! The eight ball wins the game! Team Mandelbulb goes insane, score tied, the team catches the ball , runs and scores as fractal lovers go wild!
What happened in the poolhall that night, it was one hell of a sight, the air was tense, the cigarette smoke smokier than usual!
 Seven Billiard balls mandelbulbs set in poolroom hall in fairy land movie.  Watch very carefully with both eyes her movie. Miss Wendy animator player lets cleverly the balls fall, she maneuvers the spotlights on them, she ups the anti to her fancy, she turns up the intensity to 100 and wow, spot on, every thing looks great now! You're a player the game later, You use not the pool halls long white stick to shoot but your fingers to boot, electronic inputs in betwixt on the computer keyboard game, put men to shame, girls got the fame! In the year of the 11, things will never be the same! One more, one more obstacle mystery died and gone to heaven! Grateful be we, to  see you and you and you : minds working collaboratively! This is what democracy looks like!
Run south, now that the secrets out, Beamer Voxel Apple Cleaner child name Teena, The idea lady, capable of driving you crazy and leaving you in the dust, and calmly makes an apple pie mixes up the batter good, and puts you in the crust, hmmmmm taste good, she smiles a pretty smile!
Smiled for long while on the conundrum she did,she smiles and smiled until it was a conundrum no more! Heart felt thanks 2 U galore! Congratulations! Teena!

In the federation of archivable films information, we love you're presentation wendy its a sensation :  demo : called Mandy Bulb.wmv done in the year 2011 on earth.
see it here> [ reply#56 ]     http://www.fractalforums.com/mandelbulb-3d/voxel-image-stack-and-then-what/msg39368/

Heres what we think : The pretexutality conception construct ;

Pretext : A well conceptualize animation visual construct ; time restriction 40 seconds of none ended action of objects in perpetual motion but synchronized ; scene opens in a grotto comprised of a shallow pond were we can look into the water construct and see out the bottom of which, rises up seven rock beauties  symbolizing the wonder a child enjoys when finding in the water a treasure to behold conceptually and  philosophically : rising now we witness the bulbs colorings at  first  in subtle murky translucencies rising in actions,  they rise like the  phoenix bird rises again : [  A dead idea born anew of fractal objects in 3d films a dream of many, the idea not exactly new , but the how,and where with all, who knew ] : if then proceeds, whereas : Mandelbulb configurations constructions behind which you placed a color map, texture gray Green lush strands of grass, stones on the ponds shore and commendations to you for the idea of placing the gold colored fall, fallen leaves concept signifying an idea that object to mesh realization could not be done was just that a fallacy in worthless jewelry ; if, then, proceed : the music plays  but to our surprise and dismay its music not :
But data speech mechanical agent only an artificial intelligent agent could mutually comfortably understand, enjoy we do regardless of the fact the words suffer from a time delayed, and  if the technology is in its infancy, so what! If you take the time to adjust your eardrums, the words provide a link to a tutorial in sync for all to see!

Our eyes glaze as  seven balls begin to rise out of the shallow water and rise up toward the top picture frame, the  eyeball to object movement concentration mesmerizing, their ascension magically done with a touch of spice!  As they discombobulate into oblivion at frame 0.06.
Next scene at data count frame of 0: 07. We see the seven  billiard balls descending down from heaven slowly making a touch down in frame 40 where they proceed to self destruct, and dissipate, obliterating each other, gone from view. But just a word of ovation we like the way you made the balls fall forward the timing synchronization was cool! They came down as if bowing to us, nice touch,love it much! Thought it was cool! Way to go wendy thanks so much, the colorings rich and the shadow below a niche, we do thank you for your selfless donation of your time, this above all we appreciate!  We do, especially with such short notice in the fall, holiday season true, but you came through, we owe U, THANKS AGAIN, become a member won't U! We love to see more of your work especially in the line of fractal investigations, again ovations and special salutations, here hoping to see more of your work miss wendyvainity, doer, and worker in the realms of Fractal insanity!

Teena : Make loopy application :
the if, then whereas : option ; comment : proceed : the XD 2.4 RENDERING PRESENTATION YOU REFFERED TO IN [ REPLY #64 ] UNDER THREADED DOCUMENTATION ENTITLED :  Re : Voxel Image stack and then what?

see it here> http://www.fractalforums.com/mandelbulb-3d/voxel-image-stack-and-then-what/60/


Here's what we think : Composition composed of a tubeberlar construct under the influence of magnetic flows pulling the molecular components from it base circular base circle tube base foundation, into object elasticized vein structures manipulations resembling the in affect what happens in a weightless floating outer space environment where the liquids of certain Visceral organs hold structural integrity while appearing to emanate  vein like noodles hot in the pot, appeasing to the eyes, smells good too! Looks like melted butter squeezed out of toothbrush tube! Love the utilization, freshness which is in itself undifferentiated and formless and which, as the subject of change and development, receives form and becomes substance thanks to the mathematical formulas whose bidding is under your control!

Color construct : Keeping inline with the female chef in you, you choose Helmanss hot mustard color for the squeeze out tubular floating orbiting components,  which happily zig to the right, left up, down and around,  in front of the large circular in the background and then ziggle, wiggle around till we fall dizzy watching them. With this silly putty elastic "Make loopy ,"application what can one expect? Great rendering love shadow crisp, well delineated.
Thanks so much its a great piece! On the serious side, the loops correlates to civilization, the loop says : we are directionless, it is not my business, we all want to live but somebody's got to give, mankind cannot continue to despise and create havoc with one another brother, too much introspective me-ness and less -togetherness what direction shall the loopy take. What direction shall the loopy take. Watch the loopy choose our fate. Boggles the mind as you watch it curving this way and that, right? In its struggles to ascertain which direction to go in! Reminds you of yourself? Right ? The basic wave of aspirations create inventions of kindness in men. women  and children, we are not chattel created solely to goto battle , but ascend the barricaded mountain devoid of misery, our home with humanity,kindness,gentleness in our heart, listen not to these who will tell you otherwise!
Be wary of the goose steppers inclinations in you , restrain, restrain restrain!

LIGHTING CONSTRUCT ; light trajectory infiltrating inward from the right of the picture frame illuminating the loopy at a 120コ degree angle . encasing the ambient magnificent mustard gold tonal ranges from deep gold black to sunbrite yellow, the left of the  construction the loops appear ,  how we  should say, " er " pardon the pun, well done in the oven seeming to appear to have lost most of its life giving vital liquids and moisture, almost dried out and in some cases if the viewer focuses  on the extreme left of the construct, some tubes appear to be dried out and fragile brittle! But beautiful all the same. But isn't  not funny : Ergo what is in the light side of the force is always pretty in appearance compared to the darkside, shadowy side of the force, but this is not always true :  Beware of appearances , appearances can be deceiving :  A pretty face does not mean a pretty person!

Assessment : wendyvanity : Cool Animator illustrator Demo donator
Assessment :  Teena : Innovator investigator supporter donator
Recommendation : regarding the film : Do more but with real scintillating music this time! No matter what anybody says!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU BOTH! and may the force be with you!

Quote : How true it is from the mouth of Sockratease : " Great Fun awaits these   things in the future"

 It's a day great in history, end of the inoperability of  3d obj. mesh transportability! With the downfall of this mystery, great way to start the year off, Thanks to you genius Fractal Forums members all!  Progress is so beautiful! From this day forward in the year of the 11.        

                                           The door is finally open, Let the games begin!


see it here > http://www.fractalforums.com/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view;id=9696

Let the games begin! First out the box, jessi out in front, He's a fox, who else can tie the score, as the Fractal Forums crowd goes wild in the sky box, looking, yellin ,lets see more! Whose out, whose in, as new history scores begins, hit him in the head thats what hes for, Progress is so beautiful, anxiously we want to see more!
 Wow, competition rocking, crowd turns their eyes to the darkside of The Fractal Forums stadium stage, a mighty warrior out of secret molecules decloaks allows the people to see his might, oh boy, this gonna be a big fight, he picks up da bat, swings dat, and the score currently is Jessi, 50, sockratease 20, wendyivainty 40, teena an honorable mention you can feel the tension as it builds in da air every where, as the big time players make deer mooo'ves! Up next da blob, decloaking, he walks to the plate, casting a long black shadow on the baseball field, he see the pitcher, throws the ball, MANDELBULB BALL, Its bad, two hundred miles an hour fast ball, wow baby ! POW! He hits it out, he its out  of da ball park, Da crowd goes wild!

Da crowd yells and screams, goes mad, it so bad, wanna bees cry, sigh, dey nat in deer race, oh my!
Blob blinks, he knows he's cool! He puts em, down some, swings his mighty bat, rata tat tat!  Spits out a pict, Mandelbulb  cold  in da northpole, hangin, out it wit Santa, taken ah swim , in his skinneys , water looks cool on ah roll! Ripples lumpy, Crowd loves it and goes bunkers but it, but oh , oh da  black umpire opens up his mouth and yells you're out, only animations allowed! Blob strikes out!
see it here> thread Re: Voxel Image stack and then what? scroll down to REPLY#79
Blob, pissed, says ok, ok, maybe I didn't make a stupid movie,  but I can make da greatest 3D mandelbulb still pictures swimming in da water porter! Master Jessi says, oh year!  Who dat talkin fat!,take dat ,he not only knows how  ta make Mandelbulb 3D movies but he also  makes bomb bad still pictures too!, he spits out one just fo you!
Ah cute blue ocean in motion wit a tree floatin in it!
The crowd roars as da game gets hot, Jessi says common blob dude, show me watt more ya got?
see it here>thread Re: Voxel Image stack and then What? scroll down to REPLY #86
Blob getting really pissed now thinking he gone send dis dude to da funeral home in da sky, wit blue flowers wit a note, saying adios to you where you going you gonna need a coat!
see it here> thread Re: Voxel Image stack and then What? scroll down to REPLY #87

No time to bicker now as dis here lady walks onto da green stadium grass getting ready to go bat!
Oh oh, whose dat, at bat, none odder, dan bad teena, puts her foot on da baseball mound swings a home run fo fun. Crowd jumps up and down applauding, but oh oh, its da bad umpire again, the umpire says sorry honey, it ain't funny, only animations allowed, Teena strikes out! Teena fina did ah pic, wit ah chic on sumptin, flying higher dan a kite in da sky, checkin out a Mandelbulb, hiding in da grass, alast the scene is summer time sweet , it so neat, but its not an animation 2 qualify, tweet tweet!
see it here> tread Re: Voxel image stack and then what? scroll down to REPLY#82

Meaner Teena says , hell wit dat umpire, what he know? Doesn't  have to be animations, i'll show watt I show!  I say stills are just fine and i'm gonna give that Blob a piece of mind, she gets up slowly but surely off bench and marches back in the baseball stadium  mad as hell, and determined, as the crowd gives her a wild ovation, cheering loudly and wildly! The crowd rocks as she steps up to the plate, then, pow, she hit da glass mandelbulb agin so hard it begins to see ufo visions in space.

See it here> tread  Re : Voxel image and then what? REPLY #89
Her pic ball in da water checkin out ufo high in da sky! Gets kicked by da umpire who calls it, Teena strikes out.

Fractal Forum crowd in da stadium goes mad, and  begins ta chant We want a home run, home run and da pressure mounts  as nodder champion woks in  to da brite sunshine in da Fractal Forums baseball stadium. He's short and slim wit a pretty grin, look left, right then  spins his head 360 degrees, he takes his position as he pleases , He pulls his baseball cap low over his black eyes, squints and raises da bat, sweat dripping from his forehead, as da eyes od  der world checksum him out, He breathes deep, the pitchers throws da mandelbulb ball fast ball ands POW! He swings, its ah doozy , its rising , it going up ,up holy moley, he smacks it out of da ball park too, but umpire says your through too, only animations will do! Bib strikes out!

See it here> tread  Re : Voxel image and then what? REPLY #88
bib spit out a pic wit not just one sticky tree in da water but more dan three!
Oh o wat da we see, sockratease oh here he be!
The stadium starts to cheer, as dey next batter comes near, he's not too tall and not too fat, and Fractal Forum crowds love em like dat!  He's just right and crowd loves  watt he's got, Sock, Sock da crowd chants his famous name! Dey cheers as sock da  fractal baseball player walks out hot on to da field!  
He strolls out tipping his baseball hat and waving to da fans, as the crowds dances in da stands,
Dey grows anxious as dey stare down from the sky box, as sock, makes his way to deer plate! A fan yells, go get em sock, we cain't wait, Da sun high in da sky shines down hot as da sock bakes! Umpire snarls out at him, Wat U got? Sockratrease ain't saying, as he approaches da plate on time , not late, his aluminum bat self made, He stands strong looks long as, da pitchers looks at him back, pitchers spits to da left, signals to da catcher in mode bold cold code, dan suddenly faster dan da eye can see he lets da mandelbulb ball sail fast free! Will the Sock hit it or miss it? Will da pitcher strike out da sock?
Ain't nobody gonna strike out da sock, no body, yells  sockratease . Here comes da pitch and boom , he smack it , it's going up, the crowd roars dancing in the stadium as the Mandelbulb ball streaks up by the Sock!  Socks says I'm da man, AH KNOWS watt ah got!
The crowd loves it and goes nuts and  he hits ah home run, son as gun lays down his goodies : Watt he got? Sock got, a pic and what every body waited for wit anticipation an animation worthy of ovation, Da umpires mouth is shut, as he looks at watt socks got! Not just a good movie, but great pic too! A still, shows a scene in a fancy restaurant ,showing 3 plates or dishes , on da left a tiny gray Mandelbulb sitting pretty in a white dinner plate, in da center of da pic a pair of antelopes horns wit a fancy mandelbulb gold colored clock, on da right a loopy tubey in erpple purple sittin in a plate too, looking brand new, Da movie you gotta see, The sock made a flick showing psychedelic fascinations right  out of socks imagination, crowds cheers, applause, da crowd can't get enough, as the sock shows his stuff,
 Da baseball game score is blown wide open just as sockratease was hopin, his score creeps up, score currently Sockratease 42, wendy vanity 40, Jessy 50, where dis hot game will go, nobody knows! See wat he's got!

see it here> <a href="http://www.youtube.com/v/PzlClSkRUNA&rel=1&fs=1&hd=1" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/v/PzlClSkRUNA&rel=1&fs=1&hd=1</a>!

score currently Sockratease 42, wendy vanity 40, Jessy 50,

Suddenly da sun went behind a cloud as the crowd went wild, heres comes a nod der fella,  a shadowy cloud blew in wit a cold wind and mysterious player woks in on ta baseball field, oh this game is hot, to hot to trot! Sthings are fluid!  Dis baseball player dressed in pinstripes, woks, and woks n ta spot light shinin down on da plate, umpire watching, pitcher pitchen, the ball is thrown da player cold, says wooo ,but he doesn't have a bat? Strike one just like dat, player blinks looks down den up, chewing on his tobackey, spits in da air and pulls out of his fair back pocket

ah inflateable brown colored bat, just like dat!

Da umpire didn't see dat luckily!

The pitcher wines up his arm alarm, wines it around , throws it close to da ground and holy cow, would ya believe  it, pitched high, he bats it, in da sky, the crowd roars oh my, yelling we want more, and Umpire mouth is shut,as he scratches his but, he don't know much, about dis batter , Whitaker known as bad dude who bites pit bulls fo fun, one son of gun, and Watts U got asked the umpire in a huff as Whitaker shows his bad  animation is hot stuff, a dancing ladies earring, blue on her good side and silver on her backside flying in da middle  of deer screen he makes ahh hit and scores, deer  score right now,  Sockratease 42, wendyvainty 40 , jessi 50 and whitaker 5, he full o' jive, but he says warning, dis ain't nut thanggg, I'll be back! I'll be back !Just y'all vvawait!
see it here> Tread: Voxel image stack and then what? scroll down to REPLY# 97

see it here > <a href="http://www.youtube.com/v/yRfCPoI2RX8&rel=1&fs=1&hd=1" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/v/yRfCPoI2RX8&rel=1&fs=1&hd=1</a>
Sockratease 42, wendyvainty 40 , jessi 50 and whitaker 5,
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/v/yRfCPoI2RX8&rel=1&fs=1&hd=1" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/v/yRfCPoI2RX8&rel=1&fs=1&hd=1</a>

Who dat wok'can past da Fractal Forums Team? Its none od der, dan da Fractal Forums queen, back to try ta get over on dey stupid Umpire again!  Can she ? We'll see, as Teena tips toes quickly out in da front of the batters plate, does a funny tumblesaute on der plate now ready as freddy she eyes da incoming fast ball!  Wait, trying ta hide from da Umpires Crossed eyes, Da girl puts on a hurting  on dat bat , and as the pitch is thrown, she is on her own smack, smack, smack ,ha, ha, ha!
She flats punts it too, but da Umpire upper jaws drops open wide shownin,  his missing teeth an yells your through too, Teena stikes out! A still picture won't do! Girls burning ships on firer be shootan at ah ufo higher!
see it here> thread Re: Voxel image stack and then what? REPLY #99

Wooooooo! Da temperature on the horizon was a rising as the shadow of ah new player walks, walks and walks some more, toward da the base ball plate, he is  not ya typical type of player, oh nooo, this be, the crowd quiet, till one drunk yells who da hell are you? The baseball player reaches ever so slowly into his pocket and pulls out a black squirrel with a dog tag around its tiny neck reads da name "Don Whitaker-rocket " on it, and lets it run free! Suddenly da crowd recognizes whose he, he smiles pulls out of his od der pocket his baseball bat and hat, the tension not too mention was a getting hotter, as the pitcher watched this boys every move! Stinking to himself :  I will strike dis boy out, that is exactly what I Stinks! I stinks the time has, come for this bony to go back homey, no way he can't hit no home run, dan, dan,  instantly he threw it, faster dan a human eye could see, the mandelbulb fastball, the batter, quietly as death raised up da bat faster than hot lighting was bitting, and pow, pow powwow hit that mother out, saying, see this is watt life's bout! The crowds reaction was fascination, let out a big ass roar, cheer' and, was it what they were anticipating?
 Wo boy, let it be told, up she rose, up she flew up, up., up den down she came and the pitcher caught it! Fool ya didn't I boy? The nasty picky pitcher smiled an smirked like da badass jerk he be! Foul ball, yells out da umpire nasty! Da man cain't under stand this pitcher man, but he's squints his eyes and gets ready for the next pitch and da picky pitcher, pitches and oh boy! This time da boy hits, its  out of the ballpark, gone, oh year it's a home rummmm! Da crowd yells hooray! Da umpire snarls at him asking, hum Watt ya got? I got animation, answered DonWhitaker僕ooking him with da face of a happy  baker, politely!
He drew a line in da sand! Made a tutorial to show he was da man!
he makes a hit and scores! The  score right now,  Sockratease 42, wendyvainty 40 , jessi 50 and whitaker 45,
thread ; Objects made with M3D Voxel Stacks
The man went to school, he ain't no fool, and spit in da umpires face, he had animation called 3d fractal ZBrush Turntables, he had fun cavorting in the sun, in the animation he had a mandelbulb ball rotating round and round ,next minute it turns into a ear of dark green pig, next, it turns into a nobby ball, snowflake tall, green potato chips, shiny bronze pill, insect made of lettuce leaves, next one, this is what your brain looks like on cheese, finally it fades into the darkness as the umpire jealously yelled, so what? What else ya got?
see it here>http://www.fractalforums.com/movies-showcase-(rate-my-movie)/objects-made-with-with-m3d-voxel-stacks/msg41238/

Let the games begin! First out the box, Jessi out in front, He's a fox, But, it is he too, who must obey the base ball games law, only movies, will the umpire accept so you won't break the law!
but jessi says watch me, I can pull a fast one, I'll used my magic powers, and tell the umpire, this still picture called ,"Displacement " is really a movie and he magically believe me, and I raise my score galore, ha aha, aha ha !
But, the sneaky dog umpire, saw jessi coming, and raised up his," anti magic shield" and Jessi's magic failed, Strike OUT! Yelled out, the fat Umpire, smiling, as Jessi crawled off the baseball-field! Score, stays the same, till somebody brings in a 3d voxel cool movie, who, oh who will that someone be?
Displacement by jessi, 123 see it here >http://www.fractalforums.com/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view;id=10542
SCORE : Sockratease 42, wendyvainty 40 , jessi 50 and whitaker 45,

The score, is almost tied, as the Fractal Forums crowd goes wild in the sky box, looking, yellin ,lets see more! Whose out, whose in, as new history scores begins, hit him in the head thats what he's for, Progress is so beautiful, anxiously we want to see more! seems, it creams it, DarkBeams it do he do, lets say hey as the umpired snarls ,"So what?". "What else t you got?" Score gets almost tied now that Darkbeam tried! Cool work emancipated orangalities amorphesities femalities entitled ,"Alexander horned sphere."
see it here> <a href="http://www.youtube.com/v/Pe2mnrLUYFU&rel=1&fs=1&hd=1" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/v/Pe2mnrLUYFU&rel=1&fs=1&hd=1</a>
SCORE : Sockratease 42, wendyvainty 40 , jessi 50 and whitaker 45, DarkBeam 48

The game was called off, but the baseball fans revolted, and said no, and so the game was on again and a shadow came onto the field of dreams, umpire said what you got? The pitcher pitched the ball, and it was none other than a baseball player with the nick name sin-ru, who stepped up to the plate in red, white and blue! smiled and said hi mates!
Then it got quiet, and he blinked as the knuckle  ball was thrown by the pitcher and bow, pow he hit the ball, a knuckle n ballot of the ballpark, was not alarm! and umpire said so what!

SCORE : Sockratease 42, wendyvainty 40 , jessi 50 and whitaker 45, DarkBeam 48, sion_ru 49.50

see it here > <a href="http://www.youtube.com/v/Q4c9-LRISsQ&rel=1&fs=1&hd=1" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/v/Q4c9-LRISsQ&rel=1&fs=1&hd=1</a>


SION-RU, a Baseball player who came out of the blue!
He was outside, but not anymore, onto the stadium field of dreams he walked, the Baseball fans at first new him not, but when he got to the plate, he made a home run hit, that was fun, and Umpire yelled : So what, what else do you got?

but his play was knowledge based, and generous too, For he teaches, few baseball players are professors pedagogically inclined too, and he is winner!
[ Seconds into scene at 0:28 ] He shows a atom core mandelbrot geometrousity, inside a transparent glass like liquid shield, and shows how to make the shield discombobulate and structurally self destroy it self, and uses a carousal effect making it go rotating around and around, then
[ Seconds into scene at 1:00 ] He goes into a zone of blue colored mentalized structuralities, manifesting in the moon light of universe, where abundances of stars flirt, with the moon light as a backdrop!

The team owner, George Steinbrenner, who rebuilt the New York Yankees into a sports empire wants to hire him for the yankees,
want to learn see his work!

See his work : <a href="http://www.youtube.com/v/reCXsppsAfA&rel=1&fs=1&hd=1" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/v/reCXsppsAfA&rel=1&fs=1&hd=1</a>!

SCORE : Sockratease 42, wendyvainty 40 , jessi 50 and whitaker 45, DarkBeam 48, sion_ru 49.51.001

Weavers , Weavers what weavers thee?

We who speak silly flibbertigibbet can speak serious too,  We speak to humanities selected powerful few!

To the clueless reader of this, who don't understand, worry not dear reader you are innocent man, we don't speak to you. But there those who do! It is to them we speak to! Pre embryonic states. Story that yet to be told, enfold emergent cloaked, because thou art not ready! Now when we grow up we'd remember our virtuous pure innocents!

Now its fun time play, play, play and we are in kindergarden yes its true, but a word to those watching us outside of the ff Anew, we can sense you!

If ye want to complain about what assets is 3dmandelbulb attainable, weary thou, of the mandelbulb!

It was its own fracto locality environment perturbed , penetrated, thous humans hasth, breached, it did not breached yours, thus then causality rally dictated its freedom lust cause? Mathematically of course? Inauguration of any magistrate, decisions made within the people痴 assembly neural chemically , required a positive auspicium pray not vitiate, known prone the use of auspices as a means to decipher the will of the universes culture ,wisdoms of the earths not taught, past forgotten rotten must be, consuls  Lex Ogulnia updated to fractal jurisdiction benediction positively reality of the now, no need of a king Hortensius like return but burn questions of doubt what thy world is about? And can dumb down civilizations acknowledge fractal laws or decipher, the universalities contained similar stipulations Less commit thous the same mistake not once, twice but trice? 15th parallel bovid meridian universes fate?

Will man not learn or fail to discern, who he is and his responsibility to his mates?

The perception of the world is in a mess,blame the politicians is the easy way out you guess! Who elected or allowed them and their dictator brethren to rise and to be, was Y O U! If the truth hurts it should! Its karma manifested into Other worldliness, otherness connotes proprietary reality looking wakening in on us. Tongue-tied, into the brain encased higher fidelities, in higher logarithms  exponent functions of the trillion neurons, plus trillions of synapses, in the billions of cells of the brain form neural circuits, that generate an organism's perception of the world ,thats all it is a perception, you know this and so do we.

That is why we're here you see. What you try to do about it, is what we watch to see! Its called, less you forget : the brain is a simulator, a unique fractal self similar contained brain universe, explains things not in words humans speak, but in many respects, in its own magic speak. Decrypted says simply from the dark side of the force stay away!

It's here you mustsant play!

Earthly  Pharmaceutical Military Complex medical licensed and unlicensed practitioners best heed this warning : Ignorance of The Universal Fractal Laws, is no excuse, no longing! Simulate, simulate bakers man, be careful what you simulate man, man man!

[Scientists, We speak to you directly now, for it is your hands the world must place its trust! You will be approached with unlimited money, we understand you must earn a living but don't sellout mankind for this giving! One thing is to let the cat out of the box, it's quite another to put it back in! Curiosity killed the cat! The cat only has a limited amount of lives!

Somebodies, don't understand the implications of your actions, are your best globalwelfare set aside by power and money? To pursue, involuntary psychedelic stimuli sanctioned by a few, unsantioned by the worlds many?
And speaking of Corporatocracies : Corporatocracies are not only fragile greedasotically but emotionally compromised. Out of both of your babies front teeth in these new areas of psychological pursuits : Curiosity and Exploratory acumen of

[ 1 ] the brain imprint and wireless neural body to body transportation and

[ 2 ] Phantom pain redistribution technologies. ]
Yes, be it known onto you, when we leave , we will still be here! You watch us and we watch you! Play the game on the good side and mankind will come out a winner!

We end our visit now, but we'll be back!



Opinions cheerfully expressed, whether in consensus or in disagreement, help understanding and collaboration with one another! Peace Be with you.

[  Ergo fractal may come to reside within it self, in comfortable self similarities of it self, unchallenged by time and thus fractalized eternally into similar self infinities indefinitely.  ]

                                       The fractal forums the possibilities are infinite


* Wendyvanity Mandy Bulb.wmv.jpg (153.22 KB, 629x470 - viewed 686 times.)

* Teena Gold Loopy.jpg (140.68 KB, 629x470 - viewed 703 times.)

* Master Jessi painting called ,%22displacement%22.jpg (69.32 KB, 341x254 - viewed 1280 times.)
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 shocked Wow, Len, so I am not the only person left on this planet who is still stuck using dialup? That amazes me... I am still as excited as a kid about all things Fractal, but alas, I am also one of those people hampered by their equipment...

I have also been looking into the possibility of making animations, even small ones, but with a limited computer memory and a system that is just plain slow, I'm not sure I could ever achieve my goals...which do tend to be beyond my means... I'm OK with stills, but as I learn more, I feel I'm ready for a bit more power...

Like Taurus, speech is not my fave means of expression either, which is why my website efforts show a real lack of wordy posts...mostly what I do there is show my artwork. I just got back from being AWOL for quite a while, so the idea of frequent commenting is somewhat overwhelming just now... I'm just so "WOW, that's awesome!" about 'most everything I see around the forum, as I realize everyone here is way more knowledgeable and talented than I am... Usually I'm just struck by the beauty (in my humble opinion anyway) and left without any adequate words... Those 3D landscapes and cityscapes, e.g., yowzah, I could never come anywhere close to something like this!!

I conceived and developed a new geometry of nature and implemented its use in a number of diverse fields. It describes many of the irregular and fragmented patterns around us, and leads to full-fledged theories, by identifying a family of shapes I call fractals.

Benoit Mandelbrot
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                                                                     More commentaries in
                                                           THE FRACTAL FORUM CELEBRITY NEWS

Please Note, Fractal Forums members : If the VIDEO you want to look at is not visible on your computer screen : It's because in 2015 the Flash Video player does not support youtube videos anymore.
: if the video STILL does not DISPLAY OR PLAY, THEN PLEASE SIMPLY CHANGE AND USE ANOTHER BROWSER that are updated SUCH AS  Opera, Fire fox, OR Internet explorer, and others too,  to see the rest of the forum videos.

Another solution would be first downloading and installing the latest video player on your own individual computer, in 2017 shockwave video player was available here for example : https://get.adobe.com/shockwave/thankyou/?installer=Shockwave_12.2.5.195_Full_(OS_X_10.6_and_above)  

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Update 7/10/17

                       BIB993 Master of Light, Creator of " Weird planet II and CPU 3D Fractal Zoom- Spiral Motions "

Today we like to honor this Artist  :  

Greetings and Salutations,
Greetings and Salutations,
Greetings and Salutations to you Master BIB993

films 1:

This flick is about the mysteries of The Fractal that baffle the souls and minds of men : It's a charge, offers great kicks, blasting off at a theater near you! A Space riders Delight! One you don't want to miss for its atmosphere and mind altering run in the 4d fun :
We like to present to you the film entitled
: " Weird Planet II " created and rendered  by the Master BIB993 in the year 2011 on Earth!

Technically >M-set of a rotated Mandelbox.

NOTE , NOTE! if you have difficulty seeing this film on the forum  just type in the title [  Weird Planet II ] on google and it will display flawlessly enjoy!

see it here>                    http://www.fractalforums.com/movies-showcase-(rate-my-movie)/weird-planet-ii/

see it here youtube >       <a href="http://www.youtube.com/v/APsLfpfDGOI&rel=1&fs=1&hd=1" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/v/APsLfpfDGOI&rel=1&fs=1&hd=1</a>                

PLOT COMPOSITION : The plot theme is that of a flight into the bosom, unfathomable depths of the 3d Mandelbulb
looking on a planet where only deities tread, looking pretty in the designation of a fracto locality on the outskirts of space in fractal time! Its does this with music in the background, as we do lot of spins twirls back flips and subtle soft landings in the world that only ultra high algorithmic mathematical formulas can create! These secret formulas are in the traditions of great cuisine and chefs through out the world , held close to the vest of the artist, it's his personal treasure, they are called Parameters. Some artist give their parameters away,  others would kill to keep them secret ! If you were a Architectologist  Fractologist what would you do? The formula that the Master Bib used is slick and mysterfying
! Hope you enjoy it too! This is what democracy looks like high on math! Enjoy!


CONCEPT CONSTRUCTION ; VIEWER IMMERSION ; viewer experiences stimulative ergonomic immersion psychologically projecting himself visually forward around , down and zooming in a  spinning planet ground on the beaches playground o the gods!   And this holy sand where for the life of man, no human foot prints can be found, not a one! Oh glory be the story, when we too can say we have landed and stepped there too and utter proudly :

"that's one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind."

Historic, ambitious dream, to walk on this land out of the mind of Master Fractal Forum Artist BIB993 he be an artist, investigator, fractal art maker instigator, elevator world creator sayer and inker of words yet languages can nought pronounce but pounced Master BIB996 did,  not in words but in deeds with pictures creating the ultimate mind to eye space trip, quips a god on seeing his movie, where oh where think be he to invade without assign nest our land setting aside for basking, did he not see the sign that read no trespassing?  Woo, said BIB993. Please excuse me! The language of the gods is unfamiliar to me, please excuse ME! That said he went on filming and  thanks to his bravery, we sit here today, watching in awe this film in all its glory, beacon dear heart , notice this, the mans excellent taste of music too! His skill rose to the occasion  selecting the setting of the tone with the right music not the wrong, gone strong it will, in the hearts and minds and souls of men forever. In syncopation of the sound with image on the fly creating a treasure in ones eye! Now and forever then let its freedom ring as the movie lets us in backward in reverse, upward and around to the full musicality accompaniment of dazzling crescendos of tone setting music by classical masters with ambiance and  hypnotic symphonic wizardry, with chilling vocals beaconing us to come on along and sing along if we dare we stare in amazement at this unfurling picture story, this way and that, as we fall helplessly off into the fractal depths of this mysterious movie! Its a trip and a half worth taking, and one you will remember and we highly recommend it and offer a well deserved applause, we humbly offer to the Artist BIB993 for not only making it, but making it possible for us to witness it!

It was a day like no other, just another flick we thought at first but no! As the fractal VIDEO SHOW, began ,the beginning of the music the sounds and images rushed into our head and said welcome into a world like no other brother, hooked we had no choice to open up wide our eyes as  we flew inside, no place to die or hide, everything swirling around flashes of white light.  Our first thought woo is me! Can i believe what my own eyes see, it this possible? No,no way,  immediately we  begun to spin and found our selves being drawn in to the world of Maestro Bib993, Artists extrodinaire, creator of fractalious movie creations in 4th dimensional architectural elevations, worth all your ovations with flair, assemblages in omega fluctuations outputs out of our higher sense, thrust frontward and back, like a heart attack we watched in awe, the unfurling of the film and its musical score!
 Boom the roar of the drums, music score another boom that shakes the room, sitting on the edge our eyes watching out for more, each frame a killer!
As the door breached wider open we the viewer were allowed to enter, timid at first we watched the world of his world a master full stimulations drawing us in down in the pores of these monuments, down in the pores of this thing with valleys and crevices that sing, and tombs that go deep down in. We feel like we are in the center of a whirlwind composed of hot steam but its not, its walls talls, plateaus floors that drop down and under! A wonder! A tripping, not fibbing we fall down, down down, gasping for air in the pleasure of visual ecstasy in this,  place this master artist has taken us there, then,up, then back. Then we drop into a twist and fall upward two miles a second like looking down at heaven, this place as the music goes on and on, as we are forced by the might of great imagery to hold out our breath and spiral around out of control, we spin two hundred times around, around
and land on the tongue of a 3D mountain.
 This is food for the eyes of the wise to become wiser, learning things this new mans world as the artist lets go of our hand. We bemoan, scared year, frighten ,think so, retreat no, we slide into the magical picture alone below, we fall following the trajectory of the flying eye into this world becoming wiser and designation, we yell out in anticipation, ovation spacitation flactalation spiral sensation, help we wish not, we experience the floatations  and when we hear music and voices of the choir, Its the zod of the Gods, we gasp speechless and thunderstruck, its so over our head we fall out of bed and time, we experience this world going in and of it higher and higher! The choir could be heard in perfect accompaniment as the opening beginning of the movie spaced onto the screen in a burst of light clues our eyes to its might sight with delight, stood we did paralyzed, yes, able to think right for our selves, no, unable or unwilling to let go of what little sanity we had, oh no, in front amazement this other worlds doors! The film cunningly design shows its fulcrum,  threw us awesome, opened to its cinematic doors and we the viewer are floored and amazed by its totality, otherworldliness, reality stupefied we eye all, till breathless again we fall!
Now we feel as if we find ourselves feeling as though we are inside the movies parts, in his mind danger ridden dark arts, on a wild unstoppable wild ride, no guide, right left above and every where swirl around first the monuments of gold colored stones, a million miles high, it  flies past we appear to be flying upward and looking backward at the same time, a nice artistic trick by the master climatic artist Master BIB993. He does what magicians always do, with a wave of his hands the islands of monuments spin around thus then it is his art, his command!  The excitement slows down only and when he says so, then spins like a top, this the magic bib got, we fall into the depth of the movie free in a world apart, then pow we  slow down in slow motion as our head  spirals around a thousand times and lands gently on the tongue of the gods of stone seated on a throne! Wow! We demand a replay please?


[ The films Idea or construction of the film concept is called its pretexturality and was use to ] [ Utilize the 3D Mandelbulb program to create ]
 an interesting looking Fractal monumental entity for the purpose of exploratory zoomadic investigations by the 3D Architectologist Artist researcher!
The resultant efforts achieved were to fluctuate it, in  and out, with magnetic multitudenal rotations with sub routines with adroit rotational variances in full zoomibility fluxes oscillating  fast enough to cause vibrational optimality optical impulses in the brain of the viewer witnessing the film to its neurotransmitters with light visual engagements transferred visually through the use of the film or video or digitals video engagements with the viewers cortex assorting all imagery audio data sets, igniting harmonic optical illusions in wavevonic circuitries facilitating iterative simulations of said impulses of the brain of the viewer thus registering reactions of feelings of falling backward and frontwards and being intermixed reactively in the zooms oweing to intentional contrived multi velocities due to the spirals in the film.
The viewer becomes mesmerize transfixed, especially if said viewer is a witness of said visual event for the first time in his or her life!
                                                  Film duration 3:34 seconds
BRAKE DOWN : Analysis :
Film opens : First frame with a burst of sposmatic yellow flash! Musicality ensues : Five warning notes is heard, sounding like this :dan,dan , dan, dan dan! We know trouble is coming!
Portal opens door over horizon spits us out onto the  planet scape, pushed inward!
We gasp at seeing the impossible, the impossible attacks us. We want to run no option! scene gets realer, feeler!
Circumferential magnetism take over, our jaw drops in awe.
Manifestation experience as our mind to brain falls back in dis belief,

[ in frame count in seconds : 0:06 second into film ] We see a landscape like no other , a beach with no ocean but the ocean of space, sands with no people the amorphous entities the size of buildings rise up to the sky, we swivel around then to take a good look and begin writing a book! Dam sam, it it, is it looking at me? Or am I looking at it?
[ In frame count in seconds : 0:30 ] we see in the front of screen a pyramid riddled with holds where the dead warriors sleep in above ground catacombs,their time of battles done, they're buried but not dead from the black hole they start staring out at us as us stare at them!
[ In frame count in seconds : 0:47 ] We see a black pine apple with mysterious power rising up in the sky it looks at us and we at it, then pow,it turns its back on us we are not worthy to look into eyes, we feel shamed it rushes away saying go away! The music pauses on the singing of  La, La, La,  Alelouya!
[ in frame count in seconds : 1:13 ] a black crescent moon is seeing it self chained down to the ground by a nasty chain, It is juxtaposed against a purple colored light with might that makes it resemble a child flying a cosmic kite in frame 1:20 it turns into the bumpy acned breast nipple, signifying we are but little  babies in need of nurturing! It then, turns as the movie starts again, It begins to discombobulate but quickly regains its composure! And proceeds to morph back into the black crescent moon [ in frame second 1:38 ]the trumpets roar for more the ladies  in the choir in the background vocal sing louder ah ah ahhhhhhhh la la la laaaaa la Alelouya!
[ in frame count in seconds : 1:55 ] the crescent moon rotates in slow motion and shape shifts into a black shiny row boat and moves towards us as if  saying come aboard small friend, don't be afraid we welcome you to come in, fearful we say no and let it go watching as it disappears again merging with the sand back in the bosom that time forgot leaving with our lives and grateful we be to see its majesty!
[ in frame count in seconds : 2:00 ] we are flung backward as the land from under us leaves us behind twirls in to ball doll and spins toward the left, a series of hot pancakes flipping over flies over toward the left landing temptingly before our eyes in
[ frame count in seconds  2:12 ] indication that its true, the gods wish to feed us so we can come live with them again we refuse fearful of that which we might lose! Then to our surprise  . .They turn its back on us again, insulted at our refusal of its camaraderie and begins to depart , its movement is classical high art and musicality rally in masterfully sassiness as the choir chimes in !
[ in frame count in seconds : 2:23 ] They move away now we can see the planet is not a planet but a manifestation of cosmicality in the realm of another reality we pause stare ask our selves from where this thing appears in the rear of mans mind in kind we witness a light as heaven nice day with amorphous entity of plenty in front of our eyes, it is colored in saturated yellow toned cone structures with black foam bubbling on top of it, It's morphing enjoy its brief stay with us as it turns away, as if saying we'll be back another day as it slowly goes away  but it sticks out its big bad yellow tongue wags it  then proceeds to disappear

[frame count in second 2:23 ] A lady sings a fine  Alelouya as it proceeds to turn into the  shape of a human heart with whole in its left ventricle pounding mightily as it bads us farewell The heart is the symbol of love, it loves us and wants us to visit again!
[ frame count in seconds 2:43 ]
[ in frame count in seconds : 3:19 ]
The world turns turns around and around into a round ball entity slowly rises up to the sky its an eyeball observing us, it falls down to right of the screen in a ball of white light leaving us immobilized and brain inert, lighted headed we cain't breathe, we give our selves C P R  and dizzy headedly watch in amazement this falling star as the choir sings and the musics pour in reminding us this is not the end, this is only the beginning, pleased enthused we suck in air we are breathing again, again alive and aware, thanks the heavens for letting us see this art, the glory of time and gustatory exteroceptors gods given that made it possible to witness all of this. Oh pray tell may we enjoy this mark in honor and remembrance of A.C. Clarke! Go ye mathematician in the firmaments in peace! The film comes to a dramatic conclusion at [  frame count in seconds 3:34] as singers sing Amen, amen! THE END

What we see is 1 :
oscillating in rapid succession begins a transactional stimulus of wide ranging visual stimulations with tactile electronic pulses to brain to mind causing minute transitory psychosis stimuli in the realms of psychedelic pattern transfers causing a harmonious stimulatingly gratifying hypnotic impulses in the lining of the optical nerve of the viewer as the viewer imagines him/ herself seemingly falls into the pictures depth which in turn immobilizes his / her essences temporarily in delusions of chaotic ecstasy enhancing the brain to mind interface agreeably thus providing entertainment to the mind to brain construct as defined by interchanging pictoriality fracto localities displays and their self similarity which, then emerge and, then morphs and re emerges self similarly endlessly causing employment of neural chemical releases that gratify enjoyment and bewilderment centers in the mind of the viewer. These pictoriality arrangements constitutes the pattern of self similar shapes continuing till these arrays in the numbers composing the formula initiating a subtle changes in the iteration redistribution of the construct image wise to enable them to ascend to other mental stimulations levels, in the mind, thus making the viewer observer experience sensations of beautification, in the magnificent visual assemblages of images flashing before him in quick succession in arrays of self similar manifestations rendering happy pleasant experiences in the mind of the viewer participant and augmenting his Primal curiosity! We say Primal because said fractal is at the root human to, and we too have self similar fractals in our DNA as well as our nervous systems Syncopated bipedal makeup for locomotion as well as other struturalities!
The affect is overwhelming for the viewer be it him/her momentarily, The viewer is baffled why he/ her is bewilder by this unique  presentation albeit not unique but such rapid amorphous movements with functional biological purpose in minute structures are happening billions of times cellularly in the blood stream of humans on the subatomic levels ! Math is math it is the supreme power large or small!
The effect is well designed by the artist and its  affect stimulative and successful as thought from the mind to provinces of  the brain to its extreme Mandelbulb manipulations, as these images idea concepts get translated again and again into input interfaces with the 3D Mandelbuld program as its outputs displays are executed!
The film is comprise of a M set Mandedlbox structures in the center of the screen,
that bolt to and fro, its construction shows for the most part combinatorial symmetrical arrangements, these then burst fort toward the viewer in rapid succession in harmonious structurality and if well render by the Artist therapist who has studied well and is an experienced Certified Fractal Forums Fractal Architectologist with a don for rendering acumen, it is seen in all of its beauty with unrestrained clarity.

What we see  2 :
We move to morphed complexes as mathematical algorithm strikes hyperbolic-breathtakingly celestial images of giant monuments whiz pass us some heading for us!
The artist injects color theme definities describes
[ a] light gold sub tonalities , light blue accents , pale blue pale faded orange juxtapose dead white background construct, manifestation continues out coming toward observer, impression bewilderment on secondary optical impute in the cortex, mind to brain component adapting and pre-conceptualizing the thought patterns mental conceptions, recourses  electrical stimuli the artist mind configurations themes chaos is inverting intentionally with volatility patterns connection flux digital realizations , contracting and expanding and zooming in and zooming out, in detailed emergent optics ,pupil dilates trembling as our inner cellular constructs get inundated vitreous gels get heated up as the temperature is raised, spits upside down reverse mirror image constructs for analysis and retina gestation packages up in the nerve fibers, bundles patternized pixel colorized fracto image impression data sets for transportation into the optic nerve pathways to the brain to mind interface laced with joy at seeing this toy to the eye on the fly we tremble with excitement addicted as endorphins flushes and increase availability of peptides heightening alertness, and strengthening our resolve in us now to learn and see more of the glory movie which gets translated from his brain to ours digitalized in the visual film displayed,  
detailed emergent as logarithm fluxes Vector Magnitudenally, undulates iteratively as the artist goes ahead intentionally adding more power augments inputs to deep drive camera into its hidden puddles of fracto localities in the inner sanctum of the fractal
[ state ], resulting in  states of beautiful chaos prefacing executive monument stone like mountains heaving to and fro, clearly in full resolution, structures keep their integrity,  despite twist and turns backwards and forward movements, immersion of zoom manifestation outputs continue along state as we zoom entering into deeper and deeper levels of the zoom. [artist who is in total control in others words he is in the drivers seat color and lighting wise, [ lets expand on this technology for the clarification of the first time fractal viewer] [  in other words to give you an idea of what is happening  outside of your purview the 3d mandelbulb movie format operates in and outside the mind of the artists, he gives the car gas, the gas we speak of is his secret mathematical formula into 3D Mandelbulb application program, then he activates a steering wheel in the program and away he goes driving it just the way the viewer see it, but all these things the viewer sees he saw first, and it is he that choses which corner to turn left on and which street to stop on and when to put the car in reverse, and when to slow it down and how many turns the roller coaster is to make, get it ! ] Good lets continue with the analysis, its beautiful to be inside his head isn't it!
The Artist here shows a proclivity to enhance utilizations of pale orange to gold, the purpose are unknown, orange choices of color them concept wise are unknown all we know is its looks awesome! Color harmony effect connective, proceeding with analyzation, the background shows emergent development of structural inner circle circumferences, now entering inner space states that disappear as the wall of orbit recursive points crash out of view,  as we jump in the squares changing display subtle weak tonalities of grayed down orange hints of tints from orange to white and all the while brite is the fact that the great music is just a roaring ingeniously in the background like the crown jewel of artistry, bravo MASTER BIB, we love your crib! The music seems bewitched in that its sounds seem to have affix them selves so well to the accompaniment of the movie  as it goes loud and soft as the images go big and small in harmony, it goes in then out and in again fluxing the optical circuits teasing masterful optic anti Syncopation constructions in the reverse planes to the optical and audio recording constructs blending the experience within the eye and ear before being transferred as data 3dm sets to the brain for further analyzing, then covered, we switch to mental adaptation in the mind lending credence endomorphic activity defined by the mind as pleasing as the film proceeds, in out recede themes input in the program begin to manifest outside and inside the chambers of the upper exteriorities of sensations feelings centers of the  mind constructing a final result of audio and eyeball happiness to the max, good job bib! yo da man! THANK you bib, this distraction to our satisfaction, a discreet interaction opening up our future dialectic about the astonishing trajectory of fractal art to come! Thank you again, please show more!

FF TREAD SEE IT HERE > http://www.fractalforums.com/movies-showcase-(rate-my-movie)/weird-planet-ii/


Film 2

This flick is about the fly over view of a hot planet but this is no ordinary planet, nope, this bad boy is one of  upcoming type of robotize planets that are set to function in outer space for the benefit of earth inhabitants because the fuels that is lets loose in the atmosphere are deleterious to humans physiology, thus this technology is  relegated to space outpost production!
: The film rocks with catchy rock beat, that grabs you by the seat, real neat  aerial shots!  Check it out and enjoy the high dive spins into the center of industrial secret joint, don't point, just enjoy the trip!  Its hot off the rocket at a theater near you! Another  Space riders Delight! Circuit board lovers got you covered this time :

We like to present to you the film entitled : " CPU 3D Fractal Zoom- Spiral Motions " created and rendered  by the Master BIB993 in the year 2012 on earth!
Technical construct make up is called a : M-set of a rotated Mandelbox >SierpHilbert + _reciprocalX2

NOTE, NOTE! if you have difficulty seeing this film on the forum  just type in the title [ CPU 3D Fractal Zoom- Spiral Motions  ] on google and it will display flawlessly enjoy!

see it here >                           <a href="http://www.youtube.com/v/hNeMM9itRVA&rel=1&fs=1&hd=1" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/v/hNeMM9itRVA&rel=1&fs=1&hd=1</a>


PLOT COMPOSITION : The plot theme is that of investigative high aerial flight around a metal fabricated planet by a un named corporatocratic mischievous enterprise!, We take a long slow motion glide down , knowing we as intruders are hoping we don't get shot down, but bravely  we proceed with cunning as we fly our ship down, down to the secret core in the dark of mankind special off limits places in the oasis of the hidden and the forbidden in the bads boys wild side businesses they don't want you to see, take a trip, we must admit it's  a joy ride for nosey investigators be they small fry and old in the tooth alike, cheers! Another aspect of  depths of the 3d Mandelbulb industrialized world of outer space, looking on a planet where only black market bigwigs dare to tread, it looks pretty when you're high up in the air, but if you dare set your ship down there and land it would be the last time man!
Its just one more example of yet another one of those persona non grata fracto localities on the outskirts of space in fractal time! But the flight swings hot, thanks to great down beats , treats, music rocking sweet in the background as we do lot of rotative swings! Do we land ? Well, we won't tell you that buddy. What do you think? Watch the flick and see! This movie is done with the 3D Mandelbulb application and a bunch of his top secret formulas that are something else, and that Master BiB993 got the stack! Hows about that , now lets check out this bad flick!
And rackkum back like a heart attack!


 You work in sanitation, but your out of work cause you turned down an invitation to go to work in an outer space sanitation recycling facility, thats where the jobs are so you feel funny, no money so you turn the tube on and input the new job local, where they want to send you. This film pops up! You want to see whats its like. What you see right off the bat, it's a cool looking habitat, but no women, long hours and  millions of miles from home, you'll be an old man with a balled dome by the time you return back to earth, if you ever do. So you sit back on your fat butt, on your comfy couch and, pop open a beer and sit there and watch!

The film opens up and you check out what looks like a shiny circuit board, changes to satellite view!

[ in frame count in seconds : 0:05 seconds into film ] we see the picture begin to rotate in a left counter clock wise trajectory, why you don't know, you see the roof of a giant factory. its colored light beige and opposite that one below is another roof factory in shiny ague dull down blue, curiously you see four [ x ] marks the spot signs , you don't know if thats a good sign or bad, don't see signs of people, you don't see clouds and you don't even see birds flying over head, no birds ,no clouds, wow, something is up? You think to your self, thats not good! Don't see any horses or cows no nothing alive. That don't look good. Hell, this joint must be bad news! I keep searching, but all these goddam buildings don't have any dam windows.! Now whats that suppose ta mean? I never worked in a place that don't got windows! Holy cow, I just noticed they don't have no doors neither! Now how da hell an I am suppose ta get in! Oh, oh, I get it!  Once inside they ain't never gonna let you out, well hell man! I ain't gonna go work fo these crooks! They can keep that job!

[ in frame count in seconds : 0:11 seconds into film ] We begin to descend downward, we see array of roofs and for a minute you think that its like looking at an airport runway and we going to land but no! The happy upbeat beats of the music takes on a somber scary note of impending malevolence! You take another sip of your drink, then another swig, wipe your lips, the beer needs some ice, but your hesitant to get up! You want to see this joint!
[ in frame count in seconds : 0:17 seconds into film ] we see a frame that contains  a rectangle to focus the eye into buckling down and to chose a magic pattern, the pattern is the fractalcality dynamic mobilization identifying core construct composed of an spacial entity of simplified components represented by, in this first instance a abstract modulated capitol letter, the [ E ] but the capitol letter E is written backwards, The E represents the first letter of the origin of the planet where the author originated from namely Earth,
[ in frame count in seconds : 0:23 seconds into film ] We see the same E but upside down
[ in frame count in seconds : 0:32 seconds into film ] we see the E in the upper right corner of the screen at a great distance
[ in frame count in seconds : 0:34 seconds into film ] The E in the focused rectangle off center to the middle right of the screen, now notice the inner workings of the his inner cortex entering in over drive as he initiates syncopated functionality with his controlled descent factor calibrated both in descent, oh  lets pick a descent mode identifier of one mile per second descent and rotation index of 360コ degrees per second, with clever optics nerve electrical impulses to neural transitational encoding, from the equibrilbrionic chambers in his cortex on Earth reality to Fractal reality chaos space locality, with prescience efficiency coordinitudenly rotatatively, as the numeric driven descent continues :
[ in frame count in seconds : 0:37 seconds into film ] the E on the lower left of the screen
[ in frame count in seconds : 0:43 seconds into film ] off middle  to
[ in frame count in seconds : 0:49 seconds into film ] to
[ in frame count in seconds : 0:53 seconds into film ] to
[ in frame count in seconds : 0:59 seconds into film ] in the center of the screen, this identification of the descent patterns signifies many altered states within the frame work of mind to brain, to exteriorities, to manifestation in the universe of observable moments of mathematical intrigue, to the essence of orderer of disorder. A attribute the brain is capable of with ease due its processing power, which of course makes the brain one the Greatests Machines on Earth! What a shame we don't use it appropriately enough or don't appreciate it due to flaws in the brains human memory storage components thus  : We fail to learn from the hard bloody lessons of wars of the past and fail miserably to evolve from the primitive to superlative logically? Never the less as you can imagine this process of focus and refocusing continues throughout the film construct. We return now to the basic plot of film animation matrix : We go back to the sanitation job hunter full of self doubt , asking un answerable questions about his economic survival as the corporatocracy gets over big time on jehovah!
[ in frame count in seconds : 0:34 seconds into film ] The music tempo sounds happy again, lifting your mood, hopefully it's not as bad as you might wonder, thinks the sanitation worker! What you see is buildings, thousands and thousands beautiful of factories but what, but what the hell does all of this mean ? What do all these buildings mean? I don't see no people?
Whats happening here is the Artist is secretly telling his story, just like a spider catches a fly, and he doesn't pounce till the unsuspecting bug reaches the center of the spiders web! And we watch in utter amazement as we go in gliding down on the winds of slow-motion time, we feel like we're seated inside a drone spying from the sky! Great work Master BIB993, love the controlled suspense!

Great color contrast revelations and perspectives to sharp black and white deliniations, with off brite tonal variations, that hold the composition intact even though it is spinning in mid air, every where !
[ in frame count in seconds : 0:38 seconds into film ] We see the artist placing a thin white outline of a rectangle to help put a frame around the area he intends to maneuver the camera to reach into!  Its done with such visual ease, giving the wrong perception to the novice viewer that this camera manipulation is a piece of cake! When it fact it takes years of trial and error to achieve this level of artistic mastery and sophistication mentally along with input dexterity at the helm of the electronic 3D Mandelbulb program to input the coordinates just right to hit the nail on the head dead!
He scores a knock out punch for technological know how as the film continues, the music playing an important psychological role in setting the tone of the viewers mind set getting in the right modality concentrative wise, in the context of brain to eye, eye to image data sets being receive in syncopation!
 Just a word of note in 0:38 ,Look at the encroachment of the applicational inputs of blue mist fog on the left of picture frame lending to tensing of drama augmentation, blue is placed to calm and sooth the beast as he is led in to the slaughter! Cool!
[ in frame count in seconds : 2:21 seconds into film ] We see the images fading in final cut in white the tones fade to light gray to light blue then disappears from view. Now we can finish that beer, nice job Master BIB993 !

[ The films Idea or construction of the film concept is called its pretexturality and was use to ] [ Utilize the 3D Mandelbulb program to create ]
A high sky aerial view of industrial complex using the M set mandelbox, the inputs calculated in certain numeric rotations at a  probabillistical speed of  { x } frames per second to achieve the Zightgeist momentum speed, favored by the Artist to render his formula correctly!


May we recommend  one more zoom trips made entitled " Trip Trough a hybrid  Boxes "
[ " http://www.fractalforums.com/movies-showcase-(rate-my-movie)/a-trip-through-the-boxes/  " ] created and rendered by BIB993 in the year 2011 on Earth!

May we recommend  one of the better Fender Benders imageries perspectivities, called such in the context of interstellar warfare, in that  when your SPACE SHIP is so bad it can crash into another enemies SPACE SHIP just for fun and destroy it , your SPACE SHIP is called a Fender Bender ! See a picture of this power and caliber wise! One of the best fractolic horizontalities the world has ever witnessed, originating out of the " CPU 3D Fractal Zoom- Spiral Motions " Thank you a million times over, MASTER BIB993, great land of tis of thee to thee we do bow!

See it here > http://www.fractalforums.com/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view;id=9683

We would be remiss if we failed to mention with ovation his " JEWEL "
see it here > the painting called BPL12 a lushious baby for the eyes of the queen unseen :

Hail Sail upon the see another painting, you this must see called : " In the Cave of the Beast "
see it here >http://www.fractalforums.com/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view;id=10791

Walk in walk in peace with force Master BIB993!

Opinions cheerfully expressed, whether in consensus or in disagreement, help understanding and collaboration with one another! Peace Be with you.

[  Ergo fractal may come to reside within it self, in comfortable self similarities of it self, unchallenged by time and thus fractalized eternally into similar self infinities indefinitely.  ]

                                               The fractal forums, the possibilities are infinite!


* Master BIB993 Weird Planet II.jpg (90.3 KB, 629x470 - viewed 797 times.)

* Master BIB993 Fab X2100.jpg (200.47 KB, 629x470 - viewed 628 times.)

* Master Bib993 In The Cave of the Beast.jpg (100.1 KB, 481x322 - viewed 1183 times.)
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