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Almost home
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Description: Entirely done in UltraFractal 5.04
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Filesize: 289.68kB
Height: 768 Width: 1024
Keywords: Art fractal Ultrafractal abstract sail ship pirates sunset island beach Caribbean 
Posted by: ziegfrid December 03, 2012, 09:26:35 AM

Rating: **** by 4 members.

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December 02, 2011, 08:28:32 AM
Wow that is an amazing piece on his work! cheesy
Fractal Phenom
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November 29, 2011, 09:08:29 PM
Greeting and salutations,
Greeting and salutations,
Greeting and salutations to you Ziegfrid

Painting called :  " Almost home "

The magnificent depiction of a ghost ship on the seas of death called ' ALMOST HOME "
See it here >  " Almost home "  http://www.fractalforums.com/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view;id=7610

Playing with numerics can actually affect brain function positively, especially after intense and continued usage of addictive fractal applications and that activity in your case, only  seems to have upgraded you, and made you more sharp and heightened your sensitivities to color auras harmonic space ambient atmospherics, as exemplified by you're rendering called " Almost Home ".
This ship in the painting seems to say ; " Regard'eth ye a slice of your spare time, won't you look at me, i'm a majesty who was lost at sea, I have found my way back to thee, I've come from beyond, falling in and out of love with thee, I treasure to touch your shore once more and disembark my weary crew, who not what more 2 do, hear 'ye hear 'ye  my home my destiny, can I land on your shore, immigrant B I"?  Excellently done indeed Ziegfrid!

Heres what we think  : This is one hell of an excellent  composition with snappy color, fresh, at the same time sporting classical color components playing powerfully as admirable emotional attractors! How cool is that, wow!
Looking into the picture frame , the image offers up to us a seascape vista of  smoky misty air , in the distant horizon we can make out through the fog, a proud old sailing galleon ship bobbing in the cold ocean waters. The long wooden ship with its tall mast, standing like crucifixes above the damp, dank, multi decks below. Advancing slowly, mind you, this mighty ship does. This  type of ship resembles ships that were used during the 16th centuries by european states on earth, both for aggressive commerce and major war activities, and this baby seems to had more than its share of battles and shoot em ups and survived. The galleon some of which had 60 to 80  oars  gave the ship an advantage in high seas, so far as stability was concerned.  To see it riding proudly the waves again in you're painting is really a space sweet pleasure!

The ship situated on the horizon line, a touch off center to the right of the picture frame center, while on the left we see a shore line of unknown character difficult to ascertain whether they hold benign or hostile fates for thee, smothered in eerie dark tones of muddy purple invisibility, in it are unknowns to us that keep us cold leery and weary!
The color placement strategies are so cool! Clever too ! Advantageously used to construct depth and perceived perspective :  we have on the upper extreme left and to the right of the horizon line, areas patches  of luscious honey land brown transparencies  under that the Artist, puts and offers color swatches of fresh blue sea tones with undulating waves with an accent in white at the bow of the ship for that artistic touch true!  Cool!
Then to finish up at the bottom of the picture frame, the artist whips up,  a color schematic  like the master that he is by throwing in a reprise  of the land brown tonalities in the foreground that projects compositional structure and reinforces the image construct as one single unit, upon which you must herald , respect and look into deeply! What does the ship carry?
Here we see the intentional use of dynamic color : the interactivity of color blue goes back, warm browns color forward perspectively, the entoptic dynamics circuitries manifest as a result of exterior events you pleasantly display in your painting, most graciously! Ty!

It gives the painting that special touch, genius, genius at color patch ambiental architecture U B! Bravo ziegfrid, well done again Indeed, attributes of a fractal forums master, not to speak of the tantalizing use of what appears to be, multi, multi layers of transparent over wash glazes , lending jewel type shimmering light majesty to the high elegance to this art work, this Space Artistic Techno Piece. Regarding this [ m o ] for the shimmering sky effect , this technique was used so frequently by the masters of the bold old obsolete oil painting technologies long dead! You seem to have them inherited! Cool!
The factoids in our database of ancient painting image technologies ; if we recall, correctly the artist after applying his wet on wet glaze while the canvas plane was still soaking in transparent color tints washes : would take both his finger and a dry cloth,  and dab and wipe off  swatches of the canvas surface  to expose the white base coat under layers of brite white to articulate  transparent burst of brightness in the sky :  penetrating skylight just the way you did !  Excellent!  Its good to see the old technologies still live on, while the old masters slumber in peace! TY! TY!
Whats old is new again!

Ah yes, and that, that old ship, hmmm! Riding the waves, riding the waves! The ship full of travelers throughout slices of time gone long. They ride the brave waves of time,  steady as she goes, proceeds she does,  throughout  the seas of mystery, eating for dinner , lamb chops honied hickory! Here the ship, its structure almost invisible is seen against a whitish sky thats moody with secretive inner feelings that you make you relax and let your hair down! The ships color , done in colors of varied sugar  honey browns to pale orange tonalities that taste of pleasure with its tall dark mast pointing up to the heavens and whose once white sails, now dirty, turned impacted with heavy salty sea dim grey, riddled with holds, worm ridden and the sea gulls pick at  it away, and its ropes old, old and frayed dangling, dangling like veins out side of a body, blowing in the wind!
Blowing in the wind,
Blowing in the wind,
You can hear the winds blowing and if you perk up your eardrums just right, and, and  if you listen carefully, you just might hear as the sailors  sing out our favorite song :
 lo lo lo long,
 lo lo lo long,
 lo lo lo long
long live, the mathematicians,  that inspire magicians" .   Cool ! We dig this tune!

The ship riding the waves, comes toward us, looking at us! It faces us straight forwardly. It is depicted in  multi honey brown tonal transparencies that range varies from dark to light, juxtaposed against a white brite pale muted purple smudged clouds depictions in random tonal fluctuations, that  also varying from light to dark, in magnificent color crescendos sequences that deliver the power, of a truly great sky backdrop, straight out the old world classical renaissance world. This sky motif influenced the Art World for centuries! Aboard the lone ship, in the mind of a young sailor, weary and  sleeping , dreams :
" Feel, Feel what is real in my mind,
Feel, Feel what is happening in my life time, today latest estimates, keep enemies away, guidance by Thor and fate cross the horizon in search of a mate, I went to play, here she is in my arms and memory will stay, as long a I live, dwell in ecstasy!
Wavering nought we to investigate the seas mystery, we carry  treasures both real and experiences in the mind. My lovers touch, her smile, possession of her red lips, and her eyes staring deep into mine, forever, are worth more than any gold to me.
I travel the sea in this ship you see,
I travel the sea in this ship you see, don't U envy me?"

Assessment  :   Fractalologist   Ambientologist  " ALMOST HOME "  Great old classic style seascape work of art!
Recommendation : Create or add an appropriate sound file to accompany the viewer to listen to, while we immerse our selves in the pleasures of your work!
Commendation :  Fractalologist   Ambientologist  Techno Artistry pièce de résistance

May it stay at you side the force with pride, and you walk in peace guide : Always!

Opinions cheerfully expressed, whether in consensus or in disagreement, help  understanding and collaboration with one another! Peace Be with you.
                               The fractal forums, the possibilities are infinite!

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