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Description:  sleepy; yawning; tired
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Filesize: 263.22kB
Height: 180 Width: 240
Keywords: bulb ani 
Posted by: Jesse December 29, 2011, 12:21:26 AM

Rating: ***** by 4 members.

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Fractal Bachius
Posts: 611

No Matter where you go there you are

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December 31, 2011, 03:29:20 AM
Poor critter must be gettin one helluva headache by now, cool stuff Jesse
Fractal Phenom
Posts: 434

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December 29, 2011, 03:11:34 PM
CHECK IT OUT ! The games have begun!
Fractal Phenom
Posts: 434

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December 29, 2011, 12:51:00 AM



Let the games begin! First out the box, jessi out in front, He's a fox, who else can tie the score, as the Fractal Forums crowd goes wild in the sky box, looking, yellin ,lets see more! Whose out, whose in, as new history scores begins, hit him in the head thats what hes for, Progress is so beautiful, anxiously we want to see more!
 Wow, competition rocking, crowd turns their eyes to the darkside of The Fractal Forums stadium stage, a mighty warrior out of secret molecules decloaks allows the people to see his might, oh boy, this gonna be a big fight, he picks up da bat, swings dat, and the score currently is Jessi, 50, sockratease 20, wendyivainty 40, teena an honorable mention you can feel the tension as it builds in da air every where, as the big time players make deer mooo'ves! Up next da blob, decloaking, he walks to the plate, casting a long black shadow on the baseball field, he see the pitcher, throws the ball, MANDELBULB BALL, Its bad, two hundred miles an hour fast ball, wow baby ! POW! He hits it out, he its out  of da ball park, Da crowd goes wild!

Da crowd yells and screams, goes mad, it so bad, wanna bees cry, sigh, dey nat in deer race, oh my!
Blob blinks, he knows he's cool! He puts em, down some, swings his mighty bat, rata tat tat!  Spits out a pict, Mandelbulb  cold  in da northpole, hangin, out it wit Santa, taken ah swim , in his skinneys , water looks cool on ah roll! Ripples lumpy, Crowd loves it and goes bunkers but it, but oh , oh da  black umpire opens up his mouth and yells you're out, only animations allowed! Blob strikes out!
see it here> thread Re: Voxel Image stack and then what? scroll down to REPLY#79
Blob, pissed, says ok, ok, maybe I didn't make a stupid movie,  but I can make da greatest 3D mandelbulb still pictures swimming in da water porter! Master Jessi says, oh year!  Who dat talkin fat!,take dat ,he not only knows how  ta make Mandelbulb 3D movies but he also  makes bomb bad still pictures too!, he spits out one just fo you!
Ah cute blue ocean in motion wit a tree floatin in it!
The crowd roars as da game gets hot, Jessi says common blob dude, show me watt more ya got?
see it here>thread Re: Voxel Image stack and then What? scroll down to REPLY #86
Blob getting really pissed now thinking he gone send dis dude to da funeral home in da sky, wit blue flowers wit a note, saying adios to you where you going you gonna need ah coat!
see it here> thread Re: Voxel Image stack and then What? scroll down to REPLY #87

No time to bicker now as dis here lady walks onto da green stadium grass getting ready to go bat! Oh oh, whose dat, at bat, none odder, dan bad teena, puts her foot on da baseball mound swings a home run fo fun. Crowd jumps up and down applauding, but oh oh, its da bad umpire again, the umpire says sorry honey, it ain't funny, only animations allowed, Teena strikes out! Teena fina did ah pic, wit ah chic on sumptin, flying higher dan a kite in da sky, checkin out a Mandelbulb, hiding in da grass, alast the scene is summer time sweet , it so neat, but its not an animation 2 qualify, tweet tweet!

see it here> tread Re: Voxel image stack and then what? scroll down to REPLY#82

Meaner Teena says , hell wit dat umpire, what he know? Doesn't  have to be animations, i'll show watt I show!  I say stills are just fine and i'm gonna give that Blob a piece of mind, she gets up slowly but surely off bench and marches back in the baseball stadium  mad as hell, and determined, as the crowd gives her a wild ovation, cheering loudly and wildly! The crowd rocks as she steps up to the plate, then, pow, she hit da glass mandelbulb agin so hard it begins to see ufo visions in space.

See it here> tread  Re : Voxel image and then what? REPLY #89
Her pic ball in da water checkin out ufo high in da sky! Gets kicked by da umpire who calls it, Teena strikes out.

Fractal Forum crowd in da stadium goes mad, and  begins ta chant We want a home run, home run and da pressure mounts  as nodder champion woks in  to da brite sunshine in da Fractal Forums baseball stadium. He's short and slim wit a pretty grin, look left, right then  spins his head 360 degrees, he takes his position as he pleases , He pulls his baseball cap low over his black eyes, squints and raises da bat, sweat dripping from his forehead, as da eyes od  der world checksum him out, He breathes deep, the pitchers throws da mandelbulb ball fast ball ands POW! He swings, its ah doozy , its rising , it going up ,up holy moley, he smacks it out of da ball park too, but umpire says your through too, only animations will do! Bib strikes out!

See it here> tread  Re : Voxel image and then what? REPLY #88
bib spit out a pic wit not just one sticky tree in da water but more dan three!
Oh o wat da we see, sockratease oh here he be!
The stadium starts to cheer, as dey next batter comes near, he's not too tall and not too fat, and Fractal Forum crowds love em like dat!  He's just right and crowd loves  watt he's got, Sock, Sock da crowd chants his famous name! Dey cheers as sock da  fractal baseball player walks out hot on to da field!   
He strolls out tipping his baseball hat and waving to da fans, as the crowds dances in da stands,
Dey grows anxious as dey stare down from the sky box, as sock, makes his way to deer plate! A fan yells, go get em sock, we cain't wait, Da sun high in da sky shines down hot as da sock bakes! Umpire snarls out at him, Wat U got? Sockratrease ain't saying, as he approaches da plate on time , not late, his aluminum bat self made, He stands strong looks long as, da pitchers looks at him back, pitchers spits to da left, signals to da catcher in mode bold cold code, dan suddenly faster dan da eye can see he lets da mandelbulb ball sail fast free! Will the Sock hit it or miss it? Will da pitcher strike out da sock?
Ain't nobody gonna strike out da sock, no body, yells  sockratease . Here comes da pitch and boom , he smack it , it's going up, the crowd roars dancing in the stadium as the Mandelbulb ball streaks up by the Sock!  Socks says I'm da man, AH KNOWS watt ah got!
The crowd loves it and goes nuts and  he hits ah home run, son as gun lays down his goodies : Watt he got? Sock got, a pic and what every body waited for wit anticipation an animation worthy of ovation, Da umpires mouth is shut, as he looks at watt socks got! Not just a good movie, but great pic too! A still, shows a scene in a fancy restaurant ,showing 3 plates or dishes , on da left a tiny gray Mandelbulb sitting pretty in a white dinner plate, in da center of da pic a pair of antelopes horns wit a fancy mandelbulb gold colored clock, on da right a loopy tubey in erpple purple sittin in a plate too, looking brand new, Da movie you gotta see, The sock made a flick showing psychedelic fascinations right  out of socks imagination, crowds cheers, applause, da crowd can't get enough, as the sock shows his stuff,
 Da baseball game score is blown wide open just as sockratease was hopin, his score creeps up, score currently Sockratease 42, wendy vanity 40, Jessy 50, where dis hot game will go, nobody knows! See wat he's got!
see it here> http://www.fractalforums.com/3d-art/3d-models-from-mandelbulb-3d/msg39576/

Suddenly da sun went behind a cloud as the crowd went wild, heres comes a nod der fella,  a shadowy cloud blew in wit a cold wind and mysterious player woks in on ta baseball field, oh this game is hot, to hot to trot! Sthings are fluid!  Dis baseball player dressed in pinstripes, woks, and woks n ta spot light shinin down on da plate, umpire watching, pitcher pitchen, the ball is thrown da player cold, says wooo ,but he doesn't have a bat? Strike one just like dat, player blinks looks down den up, chewing on his tobackey, spits in da air and pulls out of his fair back pocket ah inflateable brown colored bat, just like dat! Da umpire didn't see dat luckily! The pitcher wines up his arm alarm, wines it around , throws it close to da ground and holy cow, would ya believe  it, pitched high, he bats it, in da sky, the crowd roars oh my, yelling we want more, and Umpire mouth is shut,as he scratches his but, he don't know much, about dis batter , Whitaker known as bad dude who bites pit bulls fo fun, one son of gun, and Watts U got asked the umpire in a huff as Whitaker shows his bad  animation is hot stuff, a dancing ladies earring, blue on her good side and silver on her backside flying in da middle  of deer screen he makes ahh hit and scores, deer  score right now,  Sockratease 42, wendyvainty 40 , jessi 50 and whitaker 5, he full o' jive, but he says warning, dis ain't nut thanggg, i'll be back! Just y'all vvawait!
see it here> Tread: Voxel image stack and then what? scroll down to REPLY# 97

Who dat wok'can past da Fractal Forums Team? Its none od der, dan da Fractal Forums queen, back to try ta get over on dey stupid Umpire again!  Can she ? We'll see, as Teena tips toes quickly out in da front of the batters plate, does a funny tumblesaute on der plate now ready as freddy she eyes da incoming fast ball!  Wait, trying ta hide from da Umpires Crossed eyes, Da girl puts on a hurting  on dat bat , and as the pitch is thrown, she is on her own smack, She flats punts it too, but da Umpire upper jaws drop open wide shownin,  his missing teeth an yells your through too, Teena stikes out! A still picture won't do! Girls burning ships on firer be shootan at ah ufo higher!
see it here> thread Re: Voxel image stack and then what? REPLY #99


David Makin
Global Moderator
Fractal Senior
Posts: 2286

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December 29, 2011, 12:28:28 AM
OK - that's Brian just about covered - now we just need the rest of the characters from The Magic Roundabout playing soccer with a 'bulb cheesy

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