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Garra del DiabloFab X1200Pewter metalwork 2
Fab X1200
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Description: http://www.fractalforums.com/movies-showcase-(rate-my-movie)/cpu-zoom-spiral-motion!/msg39714/#msg39714
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/v/hNeMM9itRVA&rel=1&fs=1&hd=1" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/v/hNeMM9itRVA&rel=1&fs=1&hd=1</a>

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Keywords: Mandelbulb3D 
Posted by: bib December 27, 2011, 01:16:24 PM

Rating: ***** by 12 members.

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guru meditator

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January 06, 2012, 11:25:46 PM
5 stars for me. The video, above all  smiley
Global Moderator
Fractal Senior
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At the borders...

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January 05, 2012, 08:05:02 AM
Added link to video  Azn
Global Moderator
Fractal Senior
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At the borders...

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January 03, 2012, 09:33:55 AM
Thanks Madman. Inside yes, but not Mixpinski. This is a SierpHilbert + _reciprocalX2
I have started to explore Inside Mixpinski but could not find anything really worth yet.
Fractal Molossus
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January 02, 2012, 08:19:41 PM
Very nice, bib! Inside Mixpinski?
Global Moderator
Fractal Senior
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At the borders...

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December 31, 2011, 09:52:31 AM
Thanks Tahyon! Stay tuned for the upcoming zoom in 1080p 2x2 AA!  afro
Posts: 168

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December 28, 2011, 03:50:53 PM
Awesome work bro !! A Beer Cup
Global Moderator
Fractal Senior
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At the borders...

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December 28, 2011, 11:12:04 AM
Thanks guys for the nice comments  embarrass
Posts: 78

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December 27, 2011, 09:31:40 PM
this is amazing, a industrial fractal
David Makin
Global Moderator
Fractal Senior
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December 27, 2011, 08:46:42 PM
10/5 !!
Global Moderator
Fractal Senior
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Fragments of the fractal -like the tip of it

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December 27, 2011, 04:55:45 PM
Fantastic Jeremie
Fractal Supremo
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December 27, 2011, 03:55:55 PM
cool industial estate!  A Beer Cup
Fractal Phenom
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December 27, 2011, 03:12:13 PM
Greetings and Salutations,
Greetings and Salutations,
Greetings and Salutations, to you Master BIB993

This flick is about the fly over view of a hot planet but this is no ordinary planet, nope, this bad boy is one of  upcoming type of robotize planets that are set to function in outer space for the benefit of earth inhabitants because the fuels that is lets loose in the atmosphere are deleterious to humans physiology, thus this technology is  relegated to space outpost production!
: The film rocks with catchy rock beat, that grabs you by the seat, real neat  aerial shots!  Check it out and enjoy the high dive spins into the center of industrial secret joint, don't point, just enjoy the trip!  Its hot off the rocket at a theater near you! Another  Space riders Delight! Circuit board lovers got you covered this time :

We like to present to you the film entitled : " CPU 3D Fractal Zoom- Spiral Motions " created and rendered  by the Master BIB993 in the year 2012 on earth!
Technical construct make up is called a : M-set of a rotated Mandelbox >SierpHilbert + _reciprocalX2
NOTE, NOTE! if you have difficulty seeing this film on the forum  just type in the title [ CPU 3D Fractal Zoom- Spiral Motions  ] on google and it will display flawlessly enjoy!

see it here >   http://www.fractalforums.com/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view;id=9683                        

PLOT COMPOSITION : The plot theme is that of investigative high aerial flight around a metal fabricated planet by a un named corporatocratic mischievous enterprise!, We take a long slow motion glide down , knowing we as intruders are hoping we don't get shot down, but bravely  we proceed with cunning as we fly our ship down, down to the secret core in the dark of mankind special off limits places in the oasis of the hidden and the forbidden in the bads boys wild side businesses they don't want you to see, take a trip, we must admit it's  a joy ride for nosey investigators be they small fry and old in the tooth alike, cheers! Another aspect of  depths of the 3d Mandelbulb industrialized world of outer space, looking on a planet where only black market bigwigs dare to tread, it looks pretty when you're high up in the air, but if you dare set your ship down there and land it would be the last time man!
Its just one more example of yet another one of those persona non grata fracto localities on the outskirts of space in fractal time! But the flight swings hot, thanks to great down beats , treats, music rocking sweet in the background as we do lot of rotative swings! Do we land ? Well, we won't tell you that buddy. What do you think? Watch the flick and see! This movie is done with the 3D Mandelbulb application and a bunch of his top secret formulas that are something else, and that Master BiB993 got the stack! Hows about that , now lets check out this bad flick! And rackkum back like a heart attack!


 You work in sanitation, but your out of work cause you turned down an invitation to go to work in an outer space sanitation recycling facility, thats where the jobs are so you feel funny, no money so you turn the tube on and input the new job local, where they want to send you. This film pops up! You want to see whats its like. What you see right off the bat, it's a cool looking habitat, but no women, long hours and  millions of miles from home, you'll be an old man with a balled dome by the time you return back to earth, if you ever do. So you sit back on your fat butt, on your comfy couch and, pop open a beer and sit there and watch!

The film opens up and you check out what looks like a shiny circuit board, changes to satellite view!
[ in frame count in seconds : 0:05 seconds into film ] we see the picture begin to rotate in a left counter clock wise trajectory, why you don't know, you see the roof of a giant factory. its colored light beige and opposite that one below is another roof factory in shiny ague dull down blue, curiously you see four [ x ] marks the spot signs , you don't know if thats a good sign or bad, don't see signs of people, you don't see clouds and you don't even see birds flying over head, no birds ,no clouds, wow, something is up? You think to your self, thats not good! Don't see any horses or cows no nothing alive. That don't look good. Hell, this joint must be bad news! I keep searching, but all these goddam buildings don't have any dam windows.! Now whats that suppose ta mean? I never worked in a place that don't got windows! Holy cow, I just noticed they don't have no doors neither! Now how da hell an I am suppose ta get in! Oh, oh, I get it!  Once inside they ain't never gonna let you out, well hell man! I ain't gonna go work for these crooks! They can keep that job!

[ in frame count in seconds : 0:11 seconds into film ] We begin to descend downward, we see array of roofs and for a minute you think that its like looking at an airport runway and we going to land but no! The happy upbeat beats of the music takes on a somber scary note of impending malevolence! You take another sip of your drink, then another swig, wipe your lips, the beer needs some ice, but your hesitant to get up! You want to see this joint!
[ in frame count in seconds : 0:17 seconds into film ] we see a frame that contains  a rectangle to focus the eye into buckling down and to chose a magic pattern, the pattern is the fractalcality dynamic mobilization identifying core construct composed of an spacial entity of simplified components represented by, in this first instance a abstract modulated capitol letter, the [ E ] but the capitol letter E is written backwards, The E represents the first letter of the origin of the planet where the author originated from namely Earth,
[ in frame count in seconds : 0:23 seconds into film ] We see the same E but upside down
[ in frame count in seconds : 0:32 seconds into film ] we see the E in the upper right corner of the screen at a great distance
[ in frame count in seconds : 0:34 seconds into film ] The E in the focused rectangle off center to the middle right of the screen, now notice the inner workings of the his inner cortex entering in over drive as he initiates syncopated functionality with his controlled descent factor calibrated both in descent, oh  lets pick a descent mode identifier of one mile per second descent and rotation index of 360コ degrees per second, with clever optics nerve electrical impulses to neural transitational encoding, from the equibrilbrionic chambers in his cortex on Earth reality to Fractal reality chaos space locality, with prescience efficiency coordinitudenly rotatatively, as the numeric driven descent continues :
[ in frame count in seconds : 0:37 seconds into film ] the E on the lower left of the screen
[ in frame count in seconds : 0:43 seconds into film ] off middle  to
[ in frame count in seconds : 0:49 seconds into film ] to
[ in frame count in seconds : 0:53 seconds into film ] to
[ in frame count in seconds : 0:59 seconds into film ] in the center of the screen, this identification of the descent patterns signifies many altered states within the frame work of mind to brain, to exteriorities, to manifestation in the universe of observable moments of mathematical intrigue, to the essence of orderer of disorder. A attribute the brain is capable of with ease due its processing power, which of course makes the brain one the Greatests Machines on Earth! What a shame we don't use it appropriately enough or don't appreciate it due to flaws in the brains human memory storage components thus  : We fail to learn from the hard bloody lessons of wars of the past and fail miserably to evolve from the primitive to superlative logically? Nevertheless as you can imagine this process of focus and refocusing continues throughout the film construct. We return now to the basic plot of film animation matrix : We go back to the sanitation job hunter full of self doubt , asking un answerable questions about his economic survival as the corporatocracy gets over big time on jehovah!
[ in frame count in seconds : 0:34 seconds into film ] The music tempo sounds happy again, lifting your mood, hopefully it's not as bad as you might wonder, thinks the sanitation worker! What you see is buildings, thousands and thousands beautiful of factories but what, but what the hell does all of this mean ? What do all these buildings mean? I don't see no people?
Whats happening here is the Artist is secretly telling his story, just like a spider catches a fly, and he doesn't pounce till the unsuspecting bug reaches the center of the spiders web! And we watch in utter amazement as we go in gliding down on the winds of slow-motion time, we feel like we're seated inside a drone spying from the sky! Great work Master BIB993, love the controlled suspense!
Great color contrast revelations and perspectives to sharp black and white deliniations, with off brite tonal variations, that hold the composition intact even though it is spinning in mid air, every where !
[ in frame count in seconds : 0:38 seconds into film ] We see the artist placing a thin white outline of a rectangle to help put a frame around the area he intends to maneuver the camera to reach into!  Its done with such visual ease, giving the wrong perception to the novice viewer that this camera manipulation is a piece of cake! When it fact it takes years of trial and error to achieve this level of artistic mastery and sophistication mentally along with input dexterity at the helm of the electronic 3D Mandelbulb program to input the coordinates just right to hit the nail on the head dead!
He scores a knock out punch for technological know how as the film continues, the music playing an important psychological role in setting the tone of the viewers mind set getting in the right modality concentrative wise, in the context of brain to eye, eye to image data sets being receive in syncopation!
 Just a word of note in 0:38 ,Look at the encroachment of the applicational inputs of blue mist fog on the left of picture frame lending to tensing of drama augmentation, blue is placed to calm and sooth the beast as he is led in to the slaughter! Cool!
[ in frame count in seconds : 2:21 seconds into film ] We see the images fading in final cut in white the tones fade to light gray to light blue then disappears from view. Now we can finish that beer, nice job Master BIB993 !

[ The films Idea or construction of the film concept is called its pretexturality and was use to ] [ Utilize the 3D Mandelbulb program to create ]
A high sky aerial view of industrial complex using the M set mandelbox, the inputs calculated in certain numeric rotations at a  probabillistical speed of  { x } frames per second to achieve the Zightgeist momentum speed, favored by the Artist to render his formula correctly!


May we recommend  one more zoom trips made entitled " Trip Trough a hybrid  Boxes "
[ " http://www.fractalforums.com/movies-showcase-(rate-my-movie)/a-trip-through-the-boxes/  " ] created and rendered by BIB993 in the year 2011 on Earth!

May we recommend  one of the better Fender Benders imageries perspectivities, called such in the context of interstellar warfare, in that  when your SPACE SHIP is so bad it can crash into another enemies SPACE SHIP just for fun and destroy it , your SPACE SHIP is called a Fender Bender ! See a picture of this power and caliber wise! One of the best fractolic horizontalities the world has ever witnessed, originating out of the " CPU 3D Fractal Zoom- Spiral Motions " Thank you a million times over, MASTER BIB993, great land of tis of thee to thee we do bow!

See it here > http://www.fractalforums.com/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view;id=9683

We would be remiss if we failed to mention with ovation his " JEWEL "
see it here > the painting called BPL12 a lushious baby for the eyes of the queen unseen :

Walk in walk in peace with force Master BIB993!

Opinions cheerfully expressed, whether in consensus or in disagreement, help understanding and collaboration with one another! Peace Be with you.

[  Ergo fractal may come to reside within it self, in comfortable self similarities of it self, unchallenged by time and thus fractalized eternally into similar self infinities indefinitely.  ]

                                               The fractal forums, the possibilities are infinite!


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