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sierpinski rotboxthe mountain guardphantastic planet
the mountain guard
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Description: I am the old mountain guard, forgot what i should tell you... just treat the
mountain like you wanted to be, respect and so, is it ok for you?
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Filesize: 483.79kB
Height: 837 Width: 1116
Posted by: Jesse November 05, 2010, 11:13:29 PM

Rating: ***** by 8 members.

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December 13, 2011, 06:06:35 AM
Greetings and Salutations,
Greetings and Salutations,
Greetings and Salutations, 2 you MASTER JESSI.

We would like to present 2 you The mysterious one. "THE  MOUNTAIN GUARD". Rendered and created by The Master Jessi! in the year 2010 on earth.
 see it here>http://www.fractalforums.com/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view;id=4115

Intro  :

Guess what we found, buried in the ground! Wo baby, this treasures heavy!
We found this treasure, buried deep down, deep down in a thousand foot underground bunker, no wonder, in a non discript place away from the human race. In an invisible ship with no sails, no motor, no ores, behind locked doors,  in a hard 2 find place. In the famous Fractal Forum Gallery, of secretive registries to be kept in place. They had no choice, humans have never seen the mountain guardian before, or heard of its secret unique eye contact powers, or seen its name or heard of its fame! This sucker, capable of making you going insane. They had 2 keep it quiet out of fear, well, really, to get to the point it's so cool, and unique, it's a shoutout bomb joint, scary as all hell! Done in the year of the 2010. Yes, it was done along time back years and years ago, in the twenty first century by a mathematician magician. A programmer named Jessi. One of the first and best demon pictures of all digital fractal time! And there are quite a few by the way! Few, few folks however have seen this picture. Some people don't like fractals at all, you know. Never heard of them. Couldn't care less. Few take the time to look at it good! Few have the time. They're in a matrix capitalistic system, that doesn't give time.  That is cleverly designed by another architect programmer, it  so cleverly designed, that they don't know, they don't know or even realize that they're living inside of a program! Amazing don't you think? Yep, thats the way it is! Amazing, right? Another thing about it, the program doesn't give them time, It doesn't, no way! People don't have time to think straight, much less time to check out stuff.  They don't even have time 2 say hello, hello is too long a word so they say yo!  Take the kids out to have a little fun, kiss the wife, then out, you're on the run, ain't that a son of a gun!  Time, the most valuable asset of all. The program, It tells them don't treasure it, and the time you do have , don't waste it on art and personal enhancement betterfercations, instead, you must give it to the man to make him rich, whats up wit that, and that a bitch! Now said another voice listening : say this in a low, low voice, so you can understand how uncool this is,  say this slowly so you feel the irony. . .
"Chase the bunny funny bunny! Chase it. Chase it. Chase it."
Rush lives, no time, they rush not knowing they're in a psychopathic movie, A zone where it exhibits no remorse, shallow emotions, egocentricity, deceitful, two face morals less political leaders who in front you smile, and behind you, act like dictators, and above all tell you, above all you must :
"Chase the bunny funny bunny! Chase it. Chase it. Chase it."
Chasing after illusive money. Love this metaphor : The little white bunny rabbits, chases after the orange carrots, and just about when its got it to eat it, it disappears and reappears ahead of them and they chase after it again , and again indefinitely. We switch suddenly to the scene in a Mc'donalds restaurant, the music is playing in the background. : We've been over heard, someone, this obese man has been reading what we saying over the internet. He knows about our conversation, He gave us a call, we picked up : HELLO! "Hey dammit , what the hell you talking bout? What up with dat? What you guys yapping bout? Wa,waa, wats whats a fractal man? What the hells dat? ", he spat. A Fractal are visual primal representations of self similar parts, repeating it self , in smaller and smaller copies, and also in another life forms basic primal representative mark recursively in numerical mathematical outputs / input representations, as reducible copies of it self, as exemplified by the Famous Mandelbrot set. And also in, each living thing expressed in math in nano atom dimensions in all structures, including utilities in human genetic foundational expressions in extreme higher math complexities, like group theory symmetry, enabling reducible fragmentation.  The incentivised fragment splitting its core, thus to divulge in its self, self similar selves iterations, mathematically to its root structures core, self divisible by itself indefinitely! So thats what we told him, answered him , right so. The guys sitting in the Mc'donalds joint right, sitting on this stool right, chowing and munching down on large plate of steamy big burgers, french fries, and coca cola, who knows what else. He's the guy who just happens to be reading all this on his iphones. He smiles. shakes his big head approvingly and says, "Oh , year, year that, dats dats what you guys ,your talkin, talking bout huh, bout, ah year, year, I can dig it. Sounds like a piece a cake to me man. I just wanted to know what was goin down, ya understand! Yo fractals, year,year cool ,are they on sale fo christmas? You know anybody in hood, selling any, i'm means, sound dope, but its not dope right, its not drugs right? It's legal right? Is it any good? Can you get high on it?"
You know he doesn't know what hell he talking bout, but, out of courtesy you don't tell him, you don't tell him what you really think. That he's unfortunately in the system. He's one of the people in the new matrix program. One of the people in the psychopathic movie. And what strange movie it is! What do you do in the movie? You think you are alive. You go home, fool around with your honey,for little while, then check out T V, down a beer, whats on the Internet, you know, the usual, then hit the sack. Get up, wash up, then out! You work your shift, then do another and another for the man! Bam, the weeks gone! Sad, shame, whose to blame and you don't notice it but others do, you change from happy to sad, good to bad, young to old, and don't know it! Yes, they grow old and shrivel up, and their offspring take over, and continue living in the same psychopathic movie! Groovey! Such is the power of the programmer! Today they are thought to be unknowns, weird guys, that live in a single room for years and don't come out. They are considered outliers, on the edge, intellectual shut-ins, but in the future they will be treated like royalty, wearing fancy clothes like Michael Jacksons, and be more famous than the Beatles! Reaching the cult levels of religiosity! Because they are the future, and the future are they, kissed by the universes the mathematical way!

Those of you who are deep thinkers, don't you love this program, the fractals programming in this design concept? Don't you see it, love it? Its fractology at work in sociology? In Biology?  Archeology, Cosmology Architectural fractology and its all due to math, math is the omniscient disciplinary language of the universes. And immutable, utility, and its programmable!
Who programed this program not jessi! But programmers are addicts, addicted to their own programs, and they continue to make their programs better and better , and better and better with long term updates and revisions till it reaches its Apex! A  magician programmer today might be benign but tomorrow who knows ? This is why there called Magicians.  Who knows where a program will lead? Another movie? People are funny, they don't have a clue. In which movie are you?
The picture, they have no time to see it , they scan over it, quickly and move on to the next, and the next, without thinking, without spending time with it. Without getting to know it. Whose inside of it? Shame! Are you living in another capitalistic matrix movie too?

Getting back to the picture :
A Twenty First Century find, a  bench mark glory who holds so much power it's a crime! 2 go down in the annals of history. Paintings like these a called Space Techno Artistry pieces in time!  Dangerous 2, Beautiful in a strange kind of way! Wow, What a picture 2 surprise a day! We know U were surprised, we know that, 2 find him staring at U 2. Wo baby, deny it not U, And out of the subconscious poured data indicating to U who he was and you named him just right! Spot on! Yes, jessi He, he is the sentinel. Guardian sitting :
On top of the box that rocks!
On top of the box that rocks!
on top of the box,
on top of the box,  
Mandelbrots, Mandelbrots, on top of the box that rocks! The dog sings this song over and over again! And at midnight he howls like a wolf ! He guards the portals door on the floating mountains in 4d space that roars. Face to face with the king kong god of demon fractals that lay others to waste! A mother Tucker 2 B eaten<out of earth out of the sod. The demon ace, first 2 take place.. Others may follow, but he says you can't catch me, no, no not me! "I'm the first to be set free, honestly in digital space time history, looking directly at in your eyes humanity!"

Tribute part 1                                             The Scary Jessi Chronicles

                                                                           Chapter 1
                                               Magicians are Programmers and Miracle Workers too

When we need something new,  we ask you,
When an improvement is due,    we ask you,
When all hell breaks out and things get plenty messy , who do we call, the mighty JESSI.
Superman , give me a break ,he for kids, he's not real, Jessi, now Jessi, he is the real deal!
We have a lot of dreams we want to come true, dam man, all we need is a cool magician like you!
Mountains of things we'd like 2 C , only a magician like you can bring 2 reality. .  
The magician, went 2 school, got hungry. Had a banana, graduated a programmer. To get him 2 talk. Buy him a delicious cold tuna sandwich of eggs, lettuce and cucumbers, that'll get him talking bout numbers.
With magic in his brite eyes, He'd smile. He'd tilt his head slightly, raise up one eyebrow, blink at U with that one eye, leaned forward and looked at U, look at U hard with one eye, then the magician programmer began 2 speak!
And cast a spell across the world with a streak and wave of his hand, then he pushup quickly his hands above his head and said in a  slow chant and hummed :
Number,numberssss,  numbersssssss, numbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbmmmmmmm . . .
Numbers, numbers on the wall, Numbers, numbers on the wall give me the greatest magical mathematical number formulas of all!
His voice echoing and reverberating on the four walls in the old room, in  the old virtual place, outside of space, where deities go 2 sleep.
He went to the cupboard in the kitchen in the old house and took out a long white candle mounted in a flat red shiny dish and with a wave of his hand lit it in an instant without a match! Placed it slowly on the round shiny mahogany kitchen table, and took out of his pants pocket a shiny brite dime and placed it next 2 the candle carefully, then he turned, looked at U, raised his finger to his lips, signaling  2 be quiet. Then, he went to the light switch on the far wall next to the big brown door, and with one motion he turned off the light without touching it, darkness descended on the room except for the shaky yellow candle light that illuminated every thing with orange yellowly cast! Took a while to get accustomed 2. The room was quiet for a moment or two!  The magician sat down at the table along side of U. He looked around as the shadows in the room seem 2 move and grew. He slouched down in the chair, moving his elbows and adjusting his shoulders around, making himself comfortable and slowly closed his eyes shut! In front of him, on the far wall above the window with the long dark maroon curtains was an old clock on the wall, both hands of the clock touching on twelve! On his left, stood a big beige colored refrigerator with old yellow sticky notes on the front door, perched on top the refrigerator was the families tiny cute pet bird, named free, looking attentively. Near the bottom of the refrigerator, in the shadow, on the circular old shaggy grey mat next to the wall lay his pet dog, called tucker, fast to sleep. On his right in her blue kitty box with the red bow was his beloved kitty cat, called Miss Pizza, Miss Pizza had a tiny decorative gold bell on a pink ribbon around her neck, it use to ring pleasantly as she bounced around and played, but it doesn't ring anymore, because Jessi had a mean  streak about him when it comes to having things quiet in his house. He complains he can't think and do his programming with noise! Well, so one day, in may, he put bubblegum, the sticky kind, in it while she wasn't looking.  So the bell is stuck, no  more bell ringing in the house! Miss Pizza, she was cute and tiny but she had a big curiosity, her curiosity almost got her killed a couple of times, but she got many lives, so no problem!  she walked over to the one of the empty chairs around the table jumped on top and then jumped on top of the table, walked over to candle looked at it, then stood on her hind legs and wiggled her nose and inhaled the scented aroma of the candle and smiled, then she turn abruptly, and returned back to her kitty cat box, looking on bored, relaxed, and nonchalantly! Miss Pizza purred, said meow softly once or twice to jessi and fell quiet, closed her tiny eyes and went to bed! Behind him, on the big rough texture white wall, something began to happen, something strange! Very strange indeed! Slowly, silently, in the dim shadowy, shaking light of the candle light, words , words began appearing on the wall. One, then another in large red letters, appearing one at a time.  On the wall, the writing said. Listen my son, listen my son, and you will hear, a task I entrust 2 you dear. Break free from the matrix shackles, your destiny, is 2 create fractals!
U sat there amazed, looking and reading the words, wondering if he knew what was on the wall behind him, because you see, he, well, because he, he  didn't look around. He didn't turn his head around! So U yelled 2 at him to look! "look master look,  behind you on the wall! " His closed his eyes opened just a tiny bit, U could see his pupils peeking out at U, studying U.  And in a low slow voice he said, Yes , in a self assured manner, scratching his ear and licking his upper lip, yawned, acting as if he was in total control and he looked bored as hell! I know , I don't have 2 look around, he said. As if U had disturbed him by telling him about it. Then the magician opened his eyes just a little more and glance down slowly at the candle, sitting in the center of the table. He slowly placed his hands one at a time on either side of the candle, with his palms facing upwards. He let out a boring sigh and yawned again, then he breathed in. He began slowly rocking, rocking  back and forth in his chair very so slowly, very slow indeed, as if in slow, slow motion in another dimension. Then in a very low voice, he began 2 chant a spell :

                  Numbers numbers on the wall, numbers, numbers on the wall, give me the greatest formulas of all!
No sooner than the words had left his lips, the walls in the room began to rock gently back and forth, back and forth, and on the wall behind him something happened. There on the wall, suddenly appeared white numbers, beams of light shining through them. Then there appeared more numbers and more numbers still, along with formulas , thousands and thousand of formulas, formulas to make you sick, formulas 2 make you fly, all kinds of formulas looking out at you in the eye, mathematical powerful formulas from the dark side, and the sides of the house suddenly shook, shook harder, shook harder still! The walls shook and warbled in and out like bowls of jello! And the beams of the house began to squeak loud and tremble violently.  The dog tucker woke up, his nose fell off, his eyes vibrated in his head, had lights coming out of them, he ran ,disappearing in the dark night. Free the tiny bird on top of the refrigerator got scared too, Her eyes turned blue! The refrigerator freezer door popped open, into it free flew, went flying to hide, the door suddenly slamming shut with free inside! Kitty cat, miss pizza was scared to death, shocked, her tail wagging in the air, looking like a big thorny balloon there! Her whiskers straighten up and shot out of her head like sharp needles and shot across the room in all directions, some  impaling U in your eye, she turned brite pink with a black nose and rose up in the air and flipped around and pissed there, the water went everywhere! Scare as can be, she did three tumblesaults as far as we can C, and ran and jumped out through the window. The cat leaped free and streaked across the street and was seen no more! U didn't know what the hell to do to, yourself, U were plenty scared too!  Desperately in fear for own your life! Your eyes bugging in your head,looked at him and yelled  " MASTER, master jessi, does this mean the end? Does this mean the end jessi? Is this the end Jessi? "  This is just the beginning my friend, he said very calmly. That tone, that tone in his voice got U scared even more! This gotta B the end, U said.
And then, and then the winds out side the house began to howl and blow hard, howl and blowwww and circle the house around and around. . You know how sometimes you're sitting in a house and the winds are blowing against the house and they, and they make strange noises, like air blowing through a tiny hole thats about to burst. Fewfewwwwww00000OOOOooooooo! They make strange eerie sounds, and screeching sounds like voices from the dead! They kept blowing harder and harder and the voices were not clear , the sounds were kinda messy, And then, and then, the voices said, " We need you Jessi, we need you." Jessi appeared as if asleep, dosed off on the spot deep. His mind in a flash, wondered off, back, back in time, to when he was in college, then the magician JESSI inspired by the mathematicians was happy learning about numbers and codes in programming school, when his professor, looked at the class, did a quick scan of everyone,  and his eyes found jessi's and said onto him, Jessi go forth and multiply and where ever you go, be sure to remember the Master Benoit Mandelbrot the mathematician, Jessi. Be very sure! "Yes, " answered Jessi humbly. "I promise, he is my hero!"
That was the memory that was in his mind as he sat with his eyes closed in the room in time before the yellow flickering light of the candle next to the shiny dime, He woke up! He had a look of a man who was awaking from deep 100 year old sleep, a trance, but alast he was awake, really awake and he acted like it  : his eyes blinked several times open! All of a sudden he looked super alert, as if he got hit by a lightening bolt! He all of sudden looked good in his white shirt!  He shook his head, shook his head again, he'd wiggled his nose, wiggled his toes, He was one hell of alert magician programmer, you could see the electricity coming out of him.  He raised his eyebrows, he sat up straight, ready to change his fate, he looked upward, raised up his hands high above his head and said :  I am the magician inspired by the mathematicians, and clapped his hands three times, clap, clap ,clap, and a laptop appeared in the air above him and open up and descended downward slowly and landed in front of him. He smile approvingly , a twinkle in his eye, and began to type out the 3D mandelbulb programming codes, and the rest, and the rest is programming history, and when he was done, he smiled broadly showing all his teeth, and  he yelled out enthusiastically, at the top of his voice!
Numbers, numbers on the wall, numbers, numbers on the wall, who is the greatest magician and programmer of all? And the winds outside on hearing this, stirred and blew again and howled, and answered. Numbers, numbers on the wall, U are the greatest magician and programmer of all!

Tribute part 2

                        Happy Birthday 2 you Jessi and thanks for sharing your magical 3dmandelbulb program!

And to you a tribute in these special holidays : A Gift of Fundamentals of Augury, Fractalverbalicityempowerments in recherché  Rejoice ye ; May you enjoy the sublimity and divine will of the force. And enjoy and celebrate with your family the holidays and the year of the twelve from the weavers in peace!


Greeting and Salutations mighty earth fractal forums leader, teacher, stunningly brilliant decoder eater, pioneer and inventive authority, confidant of the gods of fractals, Master of Architectural Fractology, born by magic biologically, recognizing a programmers right to be included into the world of cosmological impossibility, as a  human entity, worthy to walk hand in hand philosophically on par with fractals dopple ganger, self similarities into infinity, you a coder, quick of mind, faster then time loader, did what you did cause you could and it was done well! It was possible, and while others could think of it, did it you did, first, in the universe. Applaud you we do! We don't reverse. Burst out the trumpets,  let the drums strike a roll,roll, let then the rings of tributes  sounds in all of the dimensions on all tolls, to let the universes know thy name. Beholden 2 no one but the universes game! Child of universe B you and Autarky! On the order of forces beyond your mind, obeyed you, elite union in kind Expropriation of the technology to make this dignity in artistic numerology studies in 3d ,possible 4 mankind, thanks 2 you, have we now the right 2 unencumbered access to the fourth dimensionality, where reunion with our fractal family B. Now, finally legions now R indebted 2 you, grand marshal of the secret codes. Owe we 2 you, we do! They say, as they play with your creations, input formulas formulations out of their imaginations, wet numbers on their tongues the drum rung, have that might, have the right, not be available if not 4 U. We owe so much 2 you and bow 2 U! Thank the Cosmo, and Magnitudes in your DNA glory,we look onto them happy, nucleic acid genetic instructions that told U what to do and say and when, and guided U 2 the helix anti parallel path stars  trajectory strand lines by day. Gods by night! And out of your mind came the royal code true today, pioneering the way for man, with a simple formula in hand, to become a kind of astronaut too! In 2 the world of 4d space anew! Passionate in our mind, remember in kind, in our own way you! In our own times too. U 4 forever made life relevant, to the shut in, sad, merry an eloquent, equally! Perpetuated, perpetuated immortalized, we R and walking in the 4d without fear under the main the main star! Present at the creation, to all in the realms of elucidiscity in halls of corridors of space time fluidity innovations, where heretofore nothing alive dare tread, cept particles dead, embedded in our dreams unreal, unable till your birth to break the seal, fly we now free, fly we now free thanks 2 thee, and now thanks to U, go we into the ghost subterranean pipeline drinking with our eyes waters mysteries belonging to gods stars, surprising them with our presence, their mouth open agog, 2 see us up so close and we zooming into them! C it's a 2 way mirror Master Jessi! When we zoom into them we zoom into ourselves! Next to them mentally in solidarity visually coefficiently, nucleo  bases erases nought, but carries the coded information sought, oh magical power bless thy name, that guarantees our librations fame, being amongst the fractal stars, in their tangible firmaments, heavens without wars! With the magic of formulas allowing us to C where privilege Fractals born there be, in there, died there ,married there, gave birth there numerically, in commuted numbers numerically more than merely multiplied,oh no, more iterated before, in the majesty of mathematical multiplicity embed in the bosom of complexity,  long live mathematicity in the sacred numbers surrounding thee, in revery! No we don't stop there! Raise ye thou hand in the air,HAIL 2 THE MASTER JESSI.  
May you live where you lead us, obsessed into infinity here, not into the dreary, but higher mathematical systemic electroweak theory violations curiosities and bubonic busons theory kissing [ susy ] Consummatingly our love of numerology out of scientific duty, wanton admiration of pure numbers we admit, in the here in the realms of [ QDC ]! Does not darkness comes before the light in thee, befalls curiosities beauty? Does not the curious deserve to rise above death? You and your kind visualized , actualized, and made our participation into mercurial itipotitumbaa spiritual fractology realized. With righteous indignation speak we : Dam those who dare speak against  U, We who reside in the unknown can sense you. Don't hate emulate! jealous imitators beware, hear the voice of a this fractal, fractal everywhere, inside of this cyberspace in the air.  Protected Jessi, U  R by the universe you see. Now said the arguer in peace with the force! Powerful medicine, Jessi, Can shape your elevations destiny!
                                                          The universes protection is better than money!
                                                                   KNOW YE, KNOW YE, KNOW YE!

                                      Temporal terrestrial powers of fractology! May thy name last till in infinity,
                                                with the rising starborn found into algebraic tranquility!  

                                                                   BE AT PEACE WITH THE FORCE!
                                                      Long live the mathematicians that inspire magicians!

Tribute part 3

1 painting entitled  THE MOUNTAIN GUARD :
 see it here>http://www.fractalforums.com/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view;id=4115

CONGRATULATIONS! You're the programmer responsible for the creation of the 3d Mandelbulb application, enabler to the 4d dimension fractal application!
Sing along with us won't U in our favorite fractal song as we honor U :
"Long, do, do dum, dum dummm! Long, do, do dum, dum dummm!
 Long live the mathematicians that inspire magicians. " .   Cool Spacey sweet! We love this joint! Its so neat! Did U hear it playing on the radio? U sound ok, but um, don't give up your day job!

Heres what we think :
Lighting construct :
This is one of your first image constructs, where you chose to investigate, locate, recognize, an alien pattern of interest, in which the participation of a designated fractal entity was spotted, sought after,magnified, zoomed into to be examined by human eyes close up. The composition decompiled and reverse engineered, illustrates in depth of viewer to object ratio proximity of a environment appearing to be 5000 feet inside the picture frame construct portal. The environment is lit by a  supplied light parameter placement source trajectory calculation : indicating that proxy sunlight direction approximation emanating outside from the left side of the picture frame, with deconstruction calculation estimators indicating that the  : [ sun was shining with incoming light trajectories on object at a 71º angle ] . Time of day : light intensity approximation : A plausibly probability of a existing hypothetical day in which the atmospheric elements components displayed would lead one to deconstruct the day to be one : described as : cloudy overhang conditions permuting factorial openings in the upper hemisphere to allow a few sun beams to break through the cloud and shine below to illuminate objects with soft intensity on its surface. According to the orbital sun location approximation sensed, the time of day is calculated to be 10 minutes to three o'clock fractal time! The light is soft, yet strong enough to perpetuate self delineation of the objects so they can seen with intense clarity.

object construct :
Object construct badlands topography ; location in the mental construct an imaginary zone in the valley of the unknown. : we appear to be on the edge of the ridge of bulb peeking over at approximate viewer to object elevation relation > looking down with eye line to object calculation of an angle of 171º. OBJECT PASSIVE : Compose  of Detritus material and variant stone and bone components that are digitally translated and fractalized, loose granularities of minor ground sediments / philosophically indicating paradoxically that this very area was below see level at one time but now is dried out / representing sand modules framed in harden boundaries of densities identified as porous stones permeable to fluids elements : But in reality, that look like the boundary wall of the squares front wall surrounding edge construction, delineating the fundamental walls of the square box.
The boundary wall color composition is depicted in distressed faded light whitish lime colored tones, perfect example of skull coloring and thus the main entity located in the center of the composition appears to be a skull, and it's coloring reflect that accordingly. The texture of the material in the eyes of a paleontologist : looks like what dried out prehistoric large carnivorous dinosaur fossil bones would look like. Age of bone approximation calculation : Age determination rate of decay in  this structure cannot be done with the radiometric dating method to determine because of a lack of isotopes with half life designations, applicable to fractal examination because presently applications existing on earth don't allow for touching or walking on the fractal surface, that'll come later, the rocks in the picture are comparable to earths and thats a U-Pb discordia age of 3.56 billion years old. Now this approximation begs to ask fundamental questions [ 1 ] does the element of fractal rain and sunshine deteriorate the surfaces, does earth quakes occur that would shake the stones around on the surface during this long time period, thus knocking the skull over, no! Because these are mental constructs existing outside of time and physical cosmology, not subject to atmospheric intervention of climate or life or death but are immortal! Numbers can't die! What you see here you see is spiritual icons gods in the world of high maths relating and interpolating with your psychic impression wise! In the case of the icon in the center of the picture construct it has psychokinesis influence that act as a stimuli. The interpretations of that influence and how it relates to the viewer will be in the eye of the beholder only. What he/she thinks regarding its effect on him/her is personal and speculative! Under the auspices of divination, the skull is that of bird dog, named tucker, tuckers are famous. Dogs often accompanied certain tribes along with hawk birds, to be used to help the fighter and as a last food resource. Considered tuckers when things get rough!. Tucker birddog devouring went on for years, centuries, thousand of years ago, since primitive, primal times were common place amongst devout god warriors and battle hardened spearmen, swordmens, fighters when faced with death because there was no food, the tucker would be cannibalized. Tucker eating cultures are not as prevalent, but still dog eating is still apart of life, and will always be! They're delicious! In your picture we see one staring out at us, formulaically contemplating the gods when he was a proud companion and pet, and the numerous times he  saved our lives by keeping adversaries and nasty killers at bay.  Auspice eyes was always searching the sky for birds to show them the flight path to paradise and new lands of peace and honey. Interesting in your picture the eyes inside the skull of the tucker reveal volumes of ancient history and above and combined with his head is a bird.  Truly fascinating, Great unique find! Fascinating!

Descriptions interpretations construct  :
What we see when we look into the picture is a white skull of a dog that appears to be half dog half bird because it looks like a bird is on top of the skull merged with it somehow. The composition is based on a bleak powerful meeting between the viewer and an eye to eye, face to face with a skull. In that in it we see the artist taste for simplicity and starkness and we love it.  Because it cuts to the chase directly, and we can't help but focus on the beguiling stare of the eyes in the dogs head, looking at us along with the tiny wide eyed bird on top of the skull. Generally speaking the location of the placement of the skull in the center achieves the artist goal of focusing our eyes on it as the main object of attention. The lighting arrangement adds to the attention grabbing effect, and the backdrop color is a real knockout attention getter too! Its composed of earth tones in what can only be identified as deep lovely combinations of mocha and cayenne browns. Not too saturated! Not to sweet just right. You know:  The Goldy Locks combination, half and half. Its placement behind the skull solidifies the dynamic bold contrasting relationship of object to us, and us to the object. The excellent Dof accompanied by nuances of a light mist in the upper background section of the composition adding realism to the piece. Thus raising its quality level of the totality of the coloring harmonics composed in the piece to the stature of a Space Artistic Techno piece.  Bravo! Well done indeed, we like this baby! Now check out the area near the bottom of the picture frame. Its composed of the structural components parts of the peripheral wall. The structure uses the [ V ] motif arrogate arrays of duplicity decoratively done to point the eyes upward and increases the delicate tension of starkness to keep up eye to eye contact and scream at us not to dare move, less the dogs eyes blink, and we don't see it, and miss that action which would be so devastating!  So we stay glued watching these eyes in a trance and in wonderment!  Great job, Master Jessi. Keep it up! Hope theres more jewels like this baby coming at a theater near you!
Now where to place this in the home? This picture, enlarged and framed, lets say six feet by six feet would be about right! This picture goes over well not so much with the ladies, in ladies dining room, kitchen or bedroom no! This is definitely a mans man pic!  A picture destined to reside in the mans part of the house, and on his trophy wall or den or entertainment room.  The type of man who'd just love this is a warrior type, soldier type, special forces, tucker eaters, the security secret forces hard as nails, macho man type of guys. Good luck, Hope you make a sale soon! Any thoughtful lady of means, can purchase it and give it as holiday gift to a lover! Its all about advertising! Sincerely we love it! It's so cool! Make more please! And thanks for all your persistent studies and innovations!

Tribute part 4
Topic refers to the painting entitled  [ The Mountain Guard ] a rendering by Master Jessi  Nov 5 2010.

Speculative : Presence ?

A child commented " Its pretty,but I think something lives is in It."
Quite often we see fractals in the gallery, Resembling demons. We're sure you have seen one or two! And sometimes we see some fractals that seem to be accompanied by infiltrated or possessed other worldly presences. We don't know why, we just sense them! In your picture we sense a presence inside the entity and we can sense it powerfully. As often happens subconsciously below the radar of awareness of scientist, inventors, creators of the apps and formulas creators, when they are involved in fractal studies, fractal investigations, when exploring the modalities, mathematical inputs in the realms of 3, 4 , 5 and 6 dimensions, this act alone brings out its indigenous beings and demons, coming forth in pictures we make contrived and pass through electronically through the contact our fingers makes, touching the keyboard configurations, or what ever interface being utilized, in your time eras accordingly.  Thus, it comes out onto the computer screen or 3d immersive s screens or 3d holographic system screens, both exterior pupilary caps or brain inserted devices or otherwise : sudden appearances on the screens of demon like faces or the sensing of other worldly forces could be unsettling, for the new world fractal investigators and looker on's! To see them for the first time or sense them, unsettling yes, but its nothing more than the minds interpolation with the brains neurotransmitters impulses, extracting genetic ancient hard wire imprints triggers, in the sublime areas of the brain, that store, adaptive primal instinct data track link, centers, of the  hypothalamus or primal brain, central primal reactive reflex storage bins, areas, whose gene DNA infrastructure that makes people who they are manifested and address both macro and granular systems of complexity in the stimuli and instigate primal instinctive, flight or fight responses automatically,  And is conducive to the female context input, output ,switching on the a myriad of juices of hormones including oxytocin, endorphin, adrenalin and prolactin to help activate the mental processes, and specialized interventional environment for labour, allowing a positive and successful procreation birth experience 2 be applicable when necessary, pertaining dually for both male and female creation processes, and this zone of creation, inherently, turns on/ off  and promulgates, over-arousals emanations impulses, facilitating conversely accession of repressed memories, primal icons triggers, transfigured into entities, capable of overriding the known primal defense constant coefficients in the brains systems infrastructure, and affecting our inquisitive guessing of numbers to create our formulas by inspirational inputs coming involuntarily in the center of our minds outside of our control,and seize on them to try, hoping the incoming data sets composed of numbers will contextual results will satisfy our needs to do just that, satisfy our needs and that of the source where from the numbers originated from!  
And because we R fractals of our predilection 2 our selfs causes an addiction to the process complexity and our relentless pursuit motivated by a genetic animal cannibalistic primal triggers which we voluntarily succumb to willingly to obsess to perfectionize the outcome visually according to a divine matrix guiding our choices in the refinement of the image construct to conform to primal instructions of [ 0 ] its coordinate location in the x,y,z axis environment [ 1 ] how it looks [ 2 ] the color of it [3 ] divinity imprints to be embodied ] [ 4 ] how the visual is to B address and presented! [ 5 ] our willingness to take credit for its creation and our willingness 2 mentally defend its territory because to us, the pictoriality of the existence of the fractal, is not dead but alive in its environment in its own world and exploitable and explorable at will by us when and  where we choose.  .

SO, THEN : our formula creation, resulting in making the alleged entities presence known, electronically, and our private, demons shown. The brine percolated juices of the brain, rejoices in things it can understand, and accept, and determine as real but sudden demons and sensing of such, like demon like, image exposures, displeasures confusingly the brains circuitry neurotransmitters , sense of stability, and interprets them, as an affront or an infringement of, what the brain standard systems workings, construct matrix, considers, understands and comes to accept as normal sustainability of  known reality expectations markers, and normal human brains contents templates concepts of what it should or what should not B determine by it, as real. Causality of entwined electrical circuitry impulse conflicts occurs, especially doing fractal explorations over extended periods without resting the eyes and brain properly! Fractal exploration side effects are that it is addictive. Thus to some, the realization of something outside of  normal [ mind you, normal differs from one  individual to the next and one hybrid specie to the next whether it is synthetic or not ] if the normal is interpreted as abnormal, it effectuates a disbalancing of our tranquility and faith in our self assuredness, causing a myriad of collateral consequences in our equilibrium clock block zone of the brain, throwing our thinking off course and off balance. And in many cases in  Psychological Fractal Medicine, we see patients often exhibiting behavioral symptoms characterized by deep paranoias and assertions of impending bad fortunes aimed directly at them. One shouldn't allow the brain to control your mind, [ you ] should control both, enough to know that the brain is just a machine, a computational device, like any other, piece of hardware, albeit, it just happens it's biologically contrived and in your head, nevertheless it's a machine. It needs improvement! It is subject occasionally 2 circuitry degradation by comic rays and mal functions like any other machine. Infallibility of machinery, don't bet on it! Many of U have brains, and U know something is wrong with it, but you don't tell anybody, you try 2 get over playing cool, and hope you won't B found out! The older U get, more degrading the unit becomes, until hiding its decline is a waste of time. And of course, if your honest about it, U acknowledge you have plenty of friends that U know R totally nuts. You turn on the TV, and see politicians and when they talk they display extreme intelligence and actually believe the nonsense there talking about, nevertheless, intelligent or not, U hate 2 admit it but U know they're nuts! But unfortunately U live in a century where it can't be fixed. U can't get your brain fixed! The technology isn't available yet. So its best that you take the demon images and mystic sensing of presences in fractology in stride, chill out, and accept them as normal because they are. And if you think, theres a problem studying fractals prone to other worldly, spiritual presences, and widespread demonic appearances now, U'r in for future surprises!  Just wait till the third , fourth and fifth generation of apps begin 2 appear with advance attributes unimaginable 2 u now!
It's going 2 B an exciting time 4 U if U'r around! There will B more and more scary demons and presences that R really scary and will rock your socks off visually and audio wise, because soon audio contact will B the next big thing 4 sure! A number of your secretive ff members are on this case, with lips shut. These phenomenons, they have 2 be accepted as your outliers counterparts, as a normal, a part of any experience in 4d or any higher dimension, because they just R. [ powers of feelings or presences, or demonic images or soon voices , emanating from fractals R your companions, ] so , simply put, one should get over it. Now a word to the many hidden Mensa members and physicist and closeted geniuses reading along with us today, we understand the strict training adherence to pedagogical empirical modalities that permeate professions like yours, respectfully restraining U with guidelines of mental behavioral conduct matrix, with which U and your peers function under, never less the future is coming at U. Not all is provable in life. Actually there R times when we all just have trust intuitively and experiment hopefully 4 the best. So suggest we do make room to elasticized your mental boundaries to stretch a lot and accept the inevitable coming of [ new fractal horizons collateral consequences ]:[ If you play with fractal fire U going 2 get burnt! ] additionally sounds corny but what the hell, might as well say it, cause it's the truth : [ U go where no man has gone before ] Thus the arrival of unexpected unknowns because nothing can stop them, nothing! An unknown is called an unknown 4 a good reason, and ,instead, lighten up and think of taking stock of the fact, we would all do well to rethink our fractal beliefs parameters, in that,  in our mere thinking, that we R in control at all times, when in fact empirically we're not! Whether we are a great nation or a single individual. Not in control and never will B! No way! Not in control of our destiny!

[ The answer to the who done it, is, within the genetics inherited in the brain with a little help of JESSI ] It is an altered state manifestation coming through one of the specialized chambers of the mind of the artist, Programmer involuntarily, and totally unknown to him, that made him predisposed and was interpolated subconsciously as a internal mental terminal transport input/ output manifestation, that commandeers convergences, helping conjure up the formula imagery concept motif construct it self, befitting a self temple worthy, and made self eligible, to a visiting self spiritual fractal force, it self, [ Ergo fractal may come to reside within it self, in comfortable self similarities of it self, unchallenged by time and thus fractalized eternally into similar self infinities indefinitely.
                               [ U reven nwo eht latcarf , U tsuj ekat erac fo ti rof eht txen noitareneg ! ]

Assessment        :  Programming Plenipotentiary and  Architectural Fractologist : Audacious Rebel : Autarky  
Recommendation :  O
Commendation    :  Space Techno Artistry pièce de résistance

 Twenty First century! Enabler, Force walker! Creator, gene designation endowed with touch of force! Go ye in peace and harmony!         Ecrof si ni ouy!

Opinions cheerfully expressed, whether in consensus or in disagreement, help understanding and collaboration with one another! Peace Be with you.

[  Ergo fractal may come to reside within it self, in comfortable self similarities of it self, unchallenged by time and thus fractalized eternally into similar self infinities indefinitely.  ]

                                               The fractal forums, the possibilities are infinite!

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November 06, 2010, 11:46:21 AM
Thank you, Fiery!
The parameters are not compatible to other programs, also not easy to transfer it anyhow because of a viewplane instead of a camera point location...
November 06, 2010, 01:37:14 AM
Have one question for you - on another google site, let me link you (but I bet you have seen it already) >> http://sites.google.com/site/mandelbox/negative-mandelbox
 - some 'bulb' params are imported into UltraFractal, since Im a very comfy user of that program, I was wondering: does the clipbrd param set pastes straight to UF
or do I need another software or plugin - to bring mandelbulb parameters into UF?

(that should have been a forum topic ...I guess, but I'm still a bit lost in the forums  wink )
November 06, 2010, 01:33:28 AM
The guardian dude is cool smiley It's good for me  !! deep eyes, strange looking jaw & some serious cheek-bones ...

You doing well, with the more earthy coloring - the deeper hues of brown-red, look like natural clay deposits and the 'guardians' becoming lighter, do seem to be the dried up older version ......
OK halloween is gone, but this rock - rocks !!!  afro

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