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Merry X^2+C:mas!Stoned eye of MedusaThe Box with the Tsunami of impressions
Stoned eye of Medusa
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Description: You'll see it only once...

One more from this world: http://MANDELWERK.deviantart.com/art/The-Box-with-the-Tsunami-of-impressions-273418411
So much beauty in here, animation is rendering right now...

Higher quality: http://MANDELWERK.deviantart.com/art/Stoned-eye-of-Medusa-274539019

Mandelbulb 3D, Photoshop DOF.
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Filesize: 204.42kB
Height: 817 Width: 1200
Keywords: mandelbox hybrid 
Posted by: KRAFTWERK December 18, 2011, 05:04:00 PM

Rating: ***** by 6 members.

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Virtual Surreality

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December 27, 2011, 11:27:12 AM
Thank you, moved on to the brown period now...  afro
December 26, 2011, 03:30:02 PM
Lovely!  You're having a blue period and I love it!!!
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Virtual Surreality

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December 20, 2011, 03:41:51 PM
I see it Louis, of course it is Nuclear Mystical !!!, and I see the skull.
Thank you my friend!

afro And weavers, what can I say, I am not nearly as good as you on high resolution sentence renderings.
I am amazed by your detailed analasys, I thank you for letting me know exactly what you see in this piece. I think I have to add "The Poet" to my triptych some day...
Fractal Phenom
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December 19, 2011, 08:25:43 PM
Greetings and Salutations
Greetings and Salutations
Greetings and Salutations to you again, Master Kraftwerk

We would like to present 2 you The mysterious jewelry. " THE STONE EYE OF MEDUSA ". Rendered and created by The Master KRAFTWERK! In the year 2011 on earth.

See it here > http://www.fractalforums.com/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view;id=9605


AH, Great distinguished Maestro, lay your fingers on the keyboard keys and play us and show us, the art of your fractalicious painting expertise!
The invisible pretty fractal girls hidden in the shadows in the picture, blinks at you and flirt, Master Kraftwerk  Don't blame them. You possess The Midas touch, don't blush! Master Kraftwerk! Your Space Artistic Techno Pieces are legendary, engineered 2 amaze, here, there or betwixt or in  any sanctuary!  And you do it with such ease to amaze, your tonal demeanor Un phased!
CONGRATULATIONS! Again, another oscillating system! This Christmas gift is so precious, thank you so much, allowing the world to see it, generous you be , not selfish, willing to open your treasure chest and display away, your finest jewelry! Thank you!  From the bottom of our heart, thank you! The simplicity arrangement of a proud Daddy on the right and his bride on his left with a bun in the oven , beaming at her little baby proudly, as it takes its first step, and tries, and tries, and tries to swim, in the warm waters,  just off the coral reef bottoms oceans of sublime time, inside a tiny abode, deep in your mind. Oh glory, oh glory this Christmas holy story, that makes our heart skip a beat! Hold on hold on to it's feeling of pleasure we cannot , because alast, like life, it is a fleeting treat , you'll only see once in a place you happened by to meet!
                                  That place is the place called : The Fractal Forums of 4d Space!

Oh space sweet it be. Magnificence this, not in stages, oh no! Not all, but, a work of art , pure and simple for all the ages! Privileged fractal people, looking aesthetically fashionable inside your picture!

                             The Stoned Eye of Medusa, one of the greatest works of art in the world !  

Heres what we think :
 We feel, as does the master Artist, that created it, that we are on the bottom of an ocean, watching the inhabitants, who appear congenial, benign and sociable. The global ambient color reflect, what you might expect an ocean bottom to appear to be, bottom colorations reflecting low to no color grey blued intensities manifestations : Alluring, yes, quite the best, but at the same time rockingly mysterious, with a subtle touch of unknown danger by a stranger, the creature she be, new to the eyes of humanity, lord knows the secrets she holds, wonder if, if we act nicely,  she'd tell us some? yes, It does takes fortitude, for the artist, to go down this deep, and go eyeball to eyeball with this creature, he is brave , personne' courageous, better him than we! It gets dangerous down there in the deep, dark, don't you C?  Don't you think?

The composition uses a [ v ] motif. On the left : The artist zoomed in on a unit, he wanted us to see up close and personal, happy we are that he did, cause he used a magnifying glass embedded in the 3dmandelbulb application, that hides no details , no obscuration allowed. A attribute, all Architectologist and doctors lust after, with joy , the artist seems to say : vous satisfaire est noter priorite´, and we like that consideration!  The unit,  construction of which is an array of circular units resembling refine tiny tube like reflective pelvis bones , the array is a four prong arrangement, composed of a circle on top, bottom, right, and left with a geometric unifying , decorative nuggeted, mutative hexigonic joint, in its center, this construction, a powerful skeleton that is alive, with its tilted head leaning toward the left of the picture frame. The creature lets dub her a female :  revels in her orthodoxy,  in her delicate refined undisputed  beauty! On the right we see its male, counterpart, using a basic triangle construct : with an out cutted hexagon shaped center, we can see through, According to fractal cannon laws, in this particular fractal specie the act of intercourse, the males reproductive organ is left in the female, correlatingly , as human man males leave their sperm in the female, we can sense, a disturbance in the force, human males cringing on hearing this revelation, no need, to feel silly empathy, you see this is standard , the male's penis dis engagement leaves a hexagonic shape cut out in the fractal males topography, but , worry not, it will self generate throughout the process of fractal algorithmic doudosityopa- multiplicity, and is painless and spot on time for the next mating season! Thus, ergo conforming to pedantic one :  fractal law, go forth and multiply!
The common denominator , life is non linier  but cyclical, where self fractal invention of self must be  done over, and over again into infinity! The males disability is sanctioned : the well-observed inverse relationship between disability and social contact. Contact will be consummated eventually! Regarding the triangles males extremities,  the points of the triangle resembling tiny rosebuds, the rose buds is where the end ergonomically tactile function reside in!  We observe rose bud locations on the triangle :

One the left and one on the right but its bottom one is chained to a stem curvature with  a puffy pearl balls, of which originates interconnectivity's for energies interchange between the soil and the entity,  after which continuing down the stalk which halves into tentacles which fractaliciously halves again and again till it begins to resemble  entrails ending in a base plane that looks like the bottom of grayed out fractal soil! Mysterious, yes we see the mysterious fractal ocean four million fathoms below the sea, only a powerful fractal can survive under that type of water pressure you see! We see on the upper left of the picture frame above the mother, Small round, grey colored, disk shaped little fishes darting around in the current of time, the water is a darkish drab republican aqua marine blue ranging from almost black to lack luster pale blue. You know what its like to walk on the bottom of the ocean and see these creatures popping up out of the  fractal mud checking you out?
The  forms continue along the bottom of the picture frame. An infectiously fun pictoriality! This is what a iconic [ v motif ] balanced composition looks like where the components look different but weigh the same composition and art wise, has thous seen nought such fractal deities before, doubtfully less U run with um, we put nothing pass U, We wake up discomfortless, asking to see more of Master Kraftwerk secrets! Something to think about! Does this fractal have a spout? Mouth? If thous need to ask, ye can't afford it! Ye can't afford to know! Before you let the topic of rosebud pods go, lets us bring to your attention the supreme artistry of this master artist as he contrives a light intensity that if you observe in the tiny  soft looking rose buds on the baby triangle in the mothers busom you will observe, the light penetrating the rosebud translucency, indicative that this is a baby born recently,  now my friend that is Master Kraftwerk artistry! Raise your hands and applaud him graciously please!

The back ground modules are in dof ranges with diffused dull intensity of blue light ranges fluctuating from clear to soft blurred constructions : some resembling octopus  like arm arrays wiggling around searching for you or somebody! On the right theres a construction on top of which, we see what appears to a human eyelids construct with an eyeball in it, behind that, there appears to be a short abrupt winding staircase off to the right, leading up to the right of the picture frame, just under the large triangle in grey, where it leads, you don't want to know !
 Lighting construct ;
The lighting construct ; Coming in from the left of the picture frame,  light supplied at downward trajectory at a 65 º degree angle in soft but vivid clarity descending and immersing the objects, unifying the frontal entities in the compositional construct ,solidifying the composition as a unit,  Empowering its pictoriality as a work of worth, timeless in the realms of sublimeness!  NOW said the artist, catch me if you can! As he went and did his magic with light : notice : the viewer will, On the big triangle on the right next to the right side of the picture frame,

we are please and helped by the vitality, of this picture that makes changes in the world globally, those look on quietly we know you are not dead, exposure to this pair of fractals will make imprints in your head, in the design of your time piece, to see more, works stay tuned!
The ultra beautiful kisses of  highlights the Artist places artfully on the three small round triangles shapes, that are colored whitish grey  surrounding the hexagon cut out shape of the triangle, Are they not beautiful? The highlights gives realism in perpetuity, and then some, what a stroke of genius,  Bravo , great ! the Light trajectory of the highlights is coming up from the bottom right at an 69º degrees angle approximately and makes the three shapes look like pearls with a mushroom, luster and appearing to resemble the markings texture of the human brain itself! Insane but gorgeously inventive, to height of ecstasy  it does flirt, this is the majesty of Master kraftwerk! Who got the artistic eye? Master Kraftwerk, got the eye! The eye, The magic of the artistic eye can be taught, for a reasonable fee, give him a call and you will see! Be generous, Ask is this work is for sale, Don't look on dead , support this med, support the artist, look what you'll get in perpetuity!

Another joy to see his artistry is the painting called the " HEXAGONIC EDGING ",  A Delicacy, fine food for the connoisseurs eye! Try it and see!

see it here > http://www.fractalforums.com/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view;id=8501

Assessment        :  Architectural Fractologist : GIVER : not sure what his next step will be
Recommendation :  O
Commendation    :  Space Techno Artistry pièce de résistance [ FRACTAL FORUM SPACE ART AWARD ]

  Creator, !  Ecrof si ni ouy!

Opinions cheerfully expressed, whether in consensus or in disagreement, help understanding and collaboration with one another! Peace Be with you.

[  Ergo fractal may come to reside within it self, in comfortable self similarities of it self, unchallenged by time and thus fractalized eternally into similar self infinities indefinitely.  ]

                                               The fractal forums, the possibilities are infinite!
Strange Attractor
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December 19, 2011, 04:46:18 PM
Love this place Johan...look forward to the animation
This one looks like a Nuclear Mystical Apparation of an Elephants Skull to me

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