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Author Topic: A huge lack of comments  (Read 131815 times)
Description: are we getting complacent
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« Reply #90 on: June 01, 2012, 06:23:01 PM »

Am I the only one who's fed up with Weaver's excessive pretentious spam?

Very Likely.

He's going to break this server one day.

No chance of that.  It's just text.

He's got absolutely no genuine interest in fractals and if I was a moderator, I would have banned him a long time ago.

On what grounds do you base your assessment of weavers interest in fractals?

The moderators and admin here have no desire to ban them.

I'm sorry you find their posts annoying, but please just ignore it if it bothers you   kiss

Life is complex - It has real and imaginary components.

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« Reply #91 on: June 01, 2012, 07:24:04 PM »

Very Likely.

No chance of that.  It's just text.

On what grounds do you base your assessment of weavers interest in fractals?

The moderators and admin here have no desire to ban them.

I'm sorry you find their posts annoying, but please just ignore it if it bothers you   kiss
I told to WEAVER that be encounter the error "500 INTERNAL SERVER ERROR", now FRACTALFORUMS working hard.
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« Reply #92 on: June 01, 2012, 08:00:06 PM »

Warning!  You have posted too many videos, but be carefull! Those can busy the FRACTALFORUMS servers whick can "ban" access for all user at FRACTALFORUMS with the error: "500 INTERNAL SERVER ERROR" and with other site hiccups. You please try to posted more less videos for good traffic on site.

WARNING!   cop  you are NOT an admin here and have no right to issue Warnings to anybody.   cop  For anything.

You also obviously have no idea how the internet works.  The videos are all hosted externally, placing less strain on our servers than your text does!

The internal server errors are just that - internal to the server.  They are caused by the vast increase in traffic we have experienced and plan a server upgrade the servers to alleviate it.

But no amount of externally hosted material can have that effect unless it went into hundreds of lines of code to execute.  Embedding a video is barely 1 line of code for our servers.

Please do not address other members that way ever again.   police  Take such concerns to the admins or moderators.  Privately.

Thank you.
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Life is complex - It has real and imaginary components.

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« Reply #93 on: June 01, 2012, 08:21:28 PM »

WARNING!   cop  you are NOT an admin here and have no right to issue Warnings to anybody.   cop  For anything.

You also obviously have no idea how the internet works.  The videos are all hosted externally, placing less strain on our servers than your text does!

The internal server errors are just that - internal to the server.  They are caused by the vast increase in traffic we have experienced and plan a server upgrade the servers to alleviate it.

But no amount of externally hosted material can have that effect unless it went into hundreds of lines of code to execute.  Embedding a video is barely 1 line of code for our servers.

Please do not address other members that way ever again.   police  Take such concerns to the admins or moderators.  Privately.

Thank you.

I'm sorry but I don't stood why FRACTALFORUMS encountered "500 INTERNAL SERVER ERROR" and why the traffic was jammed. I hasn't accused anybody, I just help and explain for good traffic.  sad
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profile.php?id=1339106810 @taurus_arts_66
« Reply #94 on: June 01, 2012, 09:58:24 PM »

<snip> I just help and explain for good traffic.  sad
that would mean you decide what's good and bad traffic, but that is not the case!
afaik, these server errors have nothing to do with weavers comments.

sad, you obviously didn't read a bit before complaining. weavers' comments contain some sharp analysis of fractal art sometimes - i admit, packed in a lot of text. but someone with "no genuine interest in fractals" couldn't write such. i don't think, you'll find much allies for your verbal lynch mob - me by no means!

@ hgjf2 & erisian
"if you had kept silent, you would have stayed philosophers"
(freely translated from boethius)
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when life offers you a lemon, get yourself some salt and tequila!
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« Reply #95 on: June 01, 2012, 10:42:12 PM »

people weavers expressers theirs joy for fractals, love this, and for the rest, everything that sockratease said is true and has to be taken care of, so, please if something annoys you, do not insult anyone personally, and if something isnt working dont make own assumptions and intervene ... just say it somewhere or privately as message


divide and conquer - iterate and rule - chaos is No random!
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« Reply #96 on: June 01, 2012, 11:21:15 PM »

I'm sorry but I don't stood why FRACTALFORUMS encountered "500 INTERNAL SERVER ERROR" and why the traffic was jammed. I hasn't accused anybody, I just help and explain for good traffic.  sad

My intention was to be stern, but not to upset you.

We have rules here, and an Important one is to remain as polite as we can.

Your being concerned about the problems we are experiencing is appreciated, just the way you expressed it was in poor taste.  Next time you have such concerns, you are welcome to send a private message to any of our staff and we will take any needed action.

Since you didn't understand, I'll explain it  (not trying to be condescending, just so you understand).

A video hosted on youtube uses their servers and bandwidth.  Our servers only see the instructions to find the video on youtube and then tell your browser where to look for it.  From that point the load is all between your browser and youtube's servers  (and your internet service provider).  So the only burden to our server is telling your browser where to find the content.

The added traffic causing the internal server errors is coming from robots.  Once we became so active, we attracted them in vast numbers.  Most of my time on this site is spent fending them off!  That's why you don't see posts advertising things.

Not to mention search engine bots crawling and indexing the entire site, artificially inflating views on gallery images and threads.  Those are normal web traffic and hard to control without vanishing from search engine results.


Long post!

But back to the topic at hand...

I wonder if Mad Cow Sammy will tweet about this little Adventure?
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Life is complex - It has real and imaginary components.

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« Reply #97 on: June 05, 2012, 09:07:52 AM »

Continuation tribute to the Master Buddhi
«  as reference see   Reply #48 on: March 17, 2012, 01:37:06 AM »

Stories inspired by his work ; entitled " Mandelbox In The Water  " rendered and created by Master Buddhi in the year 2011 on Earth!

2017 The website Fractal forums.com has announced they will close soon and will be read only, So as a reminder, there is the possibility some links for texts, and pictures and videos might be broken and not be working anymore. To avoid this possibility and to continue reading uninterrupted go now to our websites https://badpersonalities.wordpress.com/      or   https://badpersonalities.blogspot.com/

CHAPTER   ACT 1 REPLY# 71>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg45466/#msg45466
CHAPTER   ACT 2 REPLY# 71>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg45466/#msg45466
CHAPTER   ACT 3 REPLY# 71>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg45466/#msg45466
CHAPTER   ACT 4 REPLY# 71>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg45466/#msg45466
CHAPTER   ACT 5 REPLY# 71>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg45466/#msg45466
CHAPTER   ACT 6 REPLY# 73>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg46473/#msg46473

[ 8-8 ]
Fractal Extreme Nightmare Horror Stories [ parental warnings! ]

CHAPTER 1 = REPLY# 75>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg47113/#msg47113
CHAPTER 2 = REPLY# 76>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg47324/#msg47324
CHAPTER 3 = REPLY# 97>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg48242/#msg48242
CHAPTER 4 = REPLY# 103>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg48951/#msg48951
CHAPTER 5 = REPLY# 105>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg49236/#msg49236
CHAPTER 6 = REPLY# 110>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg49533/#msg49533
CHAPTER 7 = REPLY# 113 http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg49905/#msg49905    


[ 8-8 ]

For instantaneous locations of Art and Film Reviews by All Masters featured! Go to see REPLY#12 in the  " Huge Lack of Comments" section.

8-8 ]




[ 1 ]

Ha, ha heh, heh HMMn ah!Par les moyens les choses vont.
Par les moyens les choses vont nous va avoir nos selves à partie dans la noirceur.
Vous êtes beau, vous connaissez ?        Je veux faire l'amour avec toi. Tu es très Jolie! [/color] J'aime les jeunes et très belle.
Vous êtes une fille très, très, stupide, mais nous aimons vous !
Je veux ce bébé ! Ha, ha, ha. Ne bougez pas fille goddam, merde. Ha, ha, ha. Stop, ow , that hurts, ha, ha, ha.
Attendre quoi ? What is happening? You are getting hairy! Oh my god, you are growing hair! Holy shit!

Attendre ce qui se passe ici ?

Oh My God your face, holy shit! What is happening to your libs, your face? Lights turn on. I got to see what the [ BLEEP ] Is going on? Yells the poor frenchmen in the dark. But the automatic light response system does not comply, and he remains in the blackness in the room in the dark, in the dark, in the dark, but the dark is getting darker, black as hell.

Votre corps, ce qui se passe pour elle ? He is a little worried and he should be, he's not making, he's not making love to Jackie any more , oh no no! Oh, no, Things have changed in the dark room, in the dark things change! In the dark things change! In the dark things change! Miss love is in the dark with him now, but she is not a woman. He feels her breast, and he feels lots of long stiff black hairs, bristling through his fingers. He feels her face, it's no longer silky smooth, and he feels a strange bump, where Jackies nose was! A big bump with a hole in it!

Oh Mon Dieu, que se passe-t-il à votre nez ? OMG, Oh Mon Dieu, this is impossible. OMG, Oh Mon Dieu!
Is this your nose? Is this giant hairs growing out of your nose? This can't be! It is getting, it OH my God! What is this? Your head? Your [ BLEEPING ] head? Oh my, your ears, your ears are growing longer and longer? You got hairs all over your ears? You got ? Oh, er um er oh no, some, something is wrong. Your libs? Vous les lèvres deviennent de grands, something is not right? What this I am feeling in the dark? Your teeth? OMG, Oh mon dieu, this is impossible. They are wiggling!

Then suddenly, we see her, she is grabbing the man who was on top of her by the top of his head just over his ears, and sinks her fingernails into the top part of his skull!   "Clue us ish ishy tok!" "Tok!"

She starts twisting off the top of his skull, just like you would twist off a bottle cap.

She lifts the skull cap off raises it up, and she sticks other mouth over it, like it was a can of soda pop! And dives her tongue, down deep into the mans head, and starts sucking out his brains,  

YAAaaa , ooow OW YOW,
ya,myaaaaahelp me, help he screams YAAaaa :OW YOW, YOW, YOW! YAAa ow, ow, yowelllowwowowwwooo! "ssss'S SLURP SssssSSSlurp zurslapuka, sssss's slurp zurslapuka, sss's slurp zurslapuka slurp! YA, ya,yaw,yowww. The silence of the room erupts in the sounds of excruciating screams of pain.
YAAaaa :OW YOW, Ow Oh Mon Dieu, OMG !  YAAaaa :OW YOW,YAAaaa :YYioooOW YOW,YAAaaa :OW YOW,
The man screams, the man screams. He screams then his screaming , his screaming stops!

Drops! Drops the transmigratory soul of Miss Love, who had switched bodies molecularly, unknown to her friend jackie, who she trans-tele ported, and as so, took her place and disgraced the face of her, would be killers, oomph fat fast, as she trans-formed, by intra molecular bodily funkomsyticalreplication, with astounding speed, into the Bunny Rabbit Woman of Death! Oh night, attribute colored me blackness fright, but now done, eerie sons of a gun, plumed thick it, with seasons chained in hot broth forth insane, and what is in that magic portmanteau of the dark of the force knowledge?

is it the it?

The dark of the force  subsumable  categories off limits, they are! But, one knows what the optimal answers of it, is, but can only guess approximation of what it is, what ever, it is, she closes her mind back, and it is back inside! insides of insides of eternities child.

Done she be!

And starts the new mystery!

Now, and now.

Work done and out of sight, under the sun of darkness light, molecularly atomorphfivation re-turbo-humancells atomized from evils light to humans good sight, and returns like a prenupt, cell polarized magnetically persuasive, and re-assembled transformed, she does born, to her other original self.  After her revenge, devouring with pleasure, the two unfortunate fresh tasting french guards, that captured Jackie, now she returns to the frontier of familiar places, outside wasted, in time that time forgot, and by the power of the forces of the lot, set free, she materializes her magically, friend again, looking for she, who appears on the floor of the ladies bathroom from eternities.

Jackie, Jackie, she calls out her name! Fates consequences delusionalities grind-fested slipping back, back into the amazing breath, taking amorphous notched bottle we call life!

She turns back on the light by saying lights on! And wakes up jackie, who is unscathed in something, like a deep dreamlike sleep! We see them now, back in the bar in our time yard of space!
Jackie, who appears to have been sleeping, and sleepy and drowsy like a pegged-leg lazy-dog, hears a voice! It's the voice of Miss Love, exalting her to awaken from her slumber. They have crisscrossed the time lines of the dimensiononic, Miss Love, co-supporting her, both the good, sad, and bad, glad she is to lay eyes upon her friend again. The girl lays phosphate on the bathrooms cold floor, her mind clean slated, dormant on the travails of the battle fields she has traversed.
Jackie, its me, its me, honey, wake up, she, Miss Love, supplicates her to awaken, she is back to her original self! She is seen, as she frantically bends down over her. She just found her out cold, on the bathroom floor of the ladies room!

And shakes her, by the shoulders and wakes her young friend up, Sugar , you OK? You OK, she asks desperately? What, the What the hell happen to you, GIRL?

OH, my, says jackie coming to. Her memory blank, No recollection of her passed fate, my head, Oh my head it hurts! Dam, she exclaims in pain, as she holds her head. I got a headache and a half! Oh, dam, she exclaims as Miss Love holds her head up. Help me up, jackie asks, pleadingly, as she realized she on the floor? She looks up at Miss Love, then dizzily looks around the bathroom, clueless as to how the hell she got there. She props herself up on her elbows, but needs help getting to her feet.

She is woozy, and very dizzy, not her self at all.

I, I must have passed out, or something, dam, she says, trying to get to feet, thinking to herself, wow, I must have, drank to much! Oh shit, I hope I didn't ruin the job? Got to get back to the bar, wonder if laticha is OK?

She is visibly shaken, Miss Love helps her. Miss Love helped her gather herself back together. They stop a second, check them selves out in the mirror, they fix their make-up, lip stick, check! Miss Love asks, You sure you all right honey? Year, I'll live, answers Jackie dizzy but smiling! Then they slowly return back to the bar.

WOW, shit! What took you guys?, laticha, exclaimed happily! Whats up, asks laticha nervously, worried, and concerned as it was she, who alone, had to hold down the fort alone, and keep her guns aimed, and at the ready, all by her self in the bar, while they were gone?

[ 2 ]
Now, things get back to normal.
Ha, ha,ha, normalcy is not an option in this fractal night full of fright loaded with character assassinations physical nauseating, stomach churning acts, instigated by the savant girls of fractal war!

These girls, pretty disciplined in their approach, broach danger jackie asks, wow, where are the grown ups? Dead, bullets holes in their head! Ha,ha,ha, laugh the girls and jackie let goes a few rounds in the ceiling just for fun it!
Rat, tat, tat taow, I am back! I am back! I am back! ha, ha, ha, Rat, tat, tat taow, Pow, Rat, tat, tat taow!
Jackie caps the one guard laying on top of a table, Rat, tat, tat taow, just to make really sure he is really dead. Then, suddenly the gun fire goes quiet. Finally, after all that indoor war! They don't have to talk loud any more. Now, they can hear themselves speak in a normal voice, No need to yell, cause gunfire is over! There is tranquilly. Its as safe, as a kinder-garden. Quiet in the bar. Looks like all the guards are dead! Surprisingly, the girls left the ambassador alive, its somehow part their crazy plan. He sits looking bewildered, dazed, worried on a chair. He's very uneasy with the situation, but glad to be still breathing, but wondering if they will let him live, or whats going to happen him next?

BOOM! things turn tense again, real fast, Love, jackie, Laticha and the other two bartenders duck, as the front door burst open, BOOM, and the bars giant sized black, wandering, never there bouncer, comes running in late for action, and yelling." HEY!  What the [ BLEEP ] IS GOING ON HERE!"
He runs in with a baseball bat, they, at first, thought it was a gun, and were about to shoot the son of a gun, but he doesn't have one!
He don't got no pistol, shit, thats only a bat in his hands, man, dam it, tough shit, retorts angrily Laticha, looking at him through her Google glasses with telescopic enhance mode on!

The bouncer, wasn't around during the fight,

cause the dude,  went out for coffee again, missed all the action, but unfortunately for him, he  returned. And the
girls are not in a good mood! Not at all, so most likely he's gone fall!

He is shocked to see, all the ambassadors guards are dead, laying around the floors and tables. It is hard to see in the bar, cause of all the smoke drifting the air.

It's foggy inside!

And, the, only guard left standing alive is him, even though he wasn't with the ambassador's entourage, he's on the wrong side of the team now! And it doesn't look none too good for him, now!
Laticha, stands up pointing a gun at him, ha, ha, ha,  Hey giant man. You booby, Wow, your so big! I love making love with a man three times as big as me, ha, ha,,ha!

Miss Love interrupts, smiling and saying," year, me too!" Is that a bat in your hand? ha, ha, ha!

But, fish head, she says, guess what? I like em dead, ha, ha, ha. But first, um, um well, I want you to dance for me!, ha,ha,ha, ha! Year! Hey giant man, you know something, I like your shoes, I am going to shoot your shoes, man, unless you start dancing! Now, dance sweetheart, ha, ha,ha! Dance, she says lowering her gun down and aiming it at his feet! Rat, tat, tat taow, ha, ha,ha!


Bam, rat, tat, tat taow, Bam rat tat, tat, taow, the bullets flies all around his feet, like the planets orbiting at the speed of light around the sun! And he starts to hop up and down, hop up, up, and up, dancing like mad, to beat of the music and the bullets. He looks so funny dancing all that fat jumping up and down, its a wonder he doesn't fall through the floor, and bring the house down! ha, ha, ha!

Ha,  ha,ha, the girls burst out laughing at him!
This huge mega man dancing like that, the girls laugh, Ha, ha, ha, as they shoot at his feet, Bam, rat tat taow, Bam rat tat taow. The big picture is one of aggregated bullet riddled fire works, gunfire blazing away by the snakes, the fake and drama queens from fractalo worlds unseen!

Madness reigns levels of insane fractacality in this bar of mystery sitting on the edge of time, cut off from the world!
Ha, ha, ha, laughs Miss Love.

The humiliated, scared for his life big, giant bouncer, hesitantly at first, He now starts dancing around falls down, ha, ha,,ha, they laugh at him. He struggles to get his big 450 pound frame back up on his feet. Once he gets back up, he tried to make a run for it! He runs, and runs as fast as can out the door. He almost makes it, Rat, tat, tat taow, ha,ha, ha, Rat, tat, tat taow, but almost is not good enough! He falls back BOOM, into club flat on the floor, the door swings back slamming shut! Its as if, even in death, this bar is a jail, only a specially select, few will ever leave from!

Quickly, now, the girls access the situation, gather their bags and weapons,  Why was it, that so many men and women died this night?

Who knows, The Savant of Girls of War, knows, but they're not saying!

Jackie drags the Ambassador out, gets him up on his feet and pushes him out through the front door, to the waiting Limo! The doors slide open, they hop in and drive off.

Mean while inside
the SDI, Limo :
Now, for the girls, its bottom line time! The girls sit back and the ambassador, Mr. Muhammed, sits between them, as miss Love holds a gun on him. Laticha hand cuffs, his hands in front of him. Then, laticha offers him a drink, smiling, He nods his head. She pours him a drink. He downs it and puts out his hand out, for another, she gives another drink, but the drinks are spiced with drugs to knock him out.  They placed on his head, an old fashioned big set of earphones over his ears and turn up the music real loud, so he can't hear what they are talking about on their eyeglass phones!
We listen in on the girls conversation : Whats up with him, love?
Can you imagine ?
Imagining good, good!
Check this out, according to his rap sheet, this mr. Muhammed, the Ambassador, is in to black market nuclear arms deals. Competitions, not happy so they want him fired!  So, why didn't we shoot him back in the club? Why is he still alive. Alive with us in the car?
Cause, explains Miss Love, he is not the main target. It's his wife , she made the company loose a billion dollars, by double crossing them, she hid the paper work, but they got a hacker to decrypt the codes exposing the fact she selling both to the good guys and the bad guys enemies. Wow, say laticha, who knew? Nobody, not even her husband the ambassador, she kept it from him too, So, what goes around comes around, they want her fired too!
Wow, exclaims laticha shaking her head in disbeleif.

But how we gonna kill her?
We gone put her butt to rest, says Mss love, cheerfully!
But, how, asks jackie?
She's in Embassy! Shit! we can't get in there, quips jackie! She's hold up there, and that place is like an impenetrable fortress, the lobbies got  over a hundred men guarding it!

Embassy, is tight security wise, and she and her husband lives up stairs! And, that ain't, good. I'll say quips Laticha. How you're planing to handle this shit, Love?
He's gone killer for us!
No, shit what you planning to do hypnotize his ass, and send him up with a knife? Jokes laticha, laughing ha, ha, ha! Year, smiles jackie and Miss love, kind of, but not exactly, says jackie giggling!
See, look at him. See we gone send him up stairs with a suitcase full of explosives, the guards won't stop or search him, cause he is the ambassador and all, we gone be chilling out side and detonate it by radio from inside the Limo, and split!
How the [ BLEEP ] you gone get him to do that, asks laticha unbelievingly?

Miss Love, She, smiles and yells with this,
she says pulling out a long ice pick!

[ 3 ]
 She  takes it and walks over to the sleeping man, he got knockout with the drugs they gave him! She drags him out of the chair, and signals for others to help her lay him down on the rug of the limousine. She shows Jackie how she  wants her to help her, by holding down his head firmly so he wont move!
Now, while Jackie holds his head steady, Miss Love, she takes her hand and takes her fingers and grabs his right eyelid with her nails, and lifts open his eyelid up, and then, very slowly and careful presses the eyeball down very gently with her left pinkie, to make room foe the ice pick to go in. And just above the eyeball in-between it, and the fleshy part of the eyelid, she inserts the ice pick behind the eyeball and pushes it in slowly, very slowly slides it deeper and deeper in toward the corner of they eye socket and moving it back and forth, to the music, she begins wiggling it, severing the connections to the pre frontal cortex in the mans frontal lobes of his the brain. She wiggles it around good, bobby her head to the music while doing this, and pushes it hard in his frontal cortex of the brain, where she performs a lobotomy on him, wiggling around the cerebral tissue of membranes scrambling his brains, so they turn him in to obedient zombie like simpleton! When he wakes up, he will do anything they'll tell him to
. He will be a dumbo, a simple, childlike zombie!
She does one eye-socket, then, when finished with that eyeball, she withdraws the pointy blade from the eye socket.

And lifts up the other eye lid, and starts to proceed carefully to perform the same operation again on the other eyeball. While she operating on the mans brain she converses with her pals.
Now, you sweethearts, I am short of time, so I got to do this baby fast,

Get, out the removal of these good and fixed pathological brain circuits, he's got here, and once jammed, and scrambled, should lead to just enough mental dysfunctional symptoms, that he will be stupid enough to carry the suitcase full of bombs, up stairs when he goes home, and thats all we require of him, nothing more! Is that too,much to ask? Dam, says Jackie, looking down at the man, man, any monkey can do that! Exactly, my sentiment, says love, agreeing with her. So thats, what we gone make this dude do, ha, ha, ha ! A dam, Monkey! Oh, year, says laticha cool! Ha, ha,ha, laughs the girls, checking out the pick wigging in the man's eye! Ha,ha,,ha !

You, you girls, I don't got tell you, being a savant child, yes, indeedy, has its advantages. You see a lobotomy on you tube, done once, and you can do it from memory! Memory, it's such a good thing!

Savants dictum, that the minds memory, material fractalized resuscitables memory, memories are relegated to special status of unobservable science, and as such occupy two non overlapping magisteria The do and the don't do's.

We choose the don't do's ha,ha,ha! Year baby, ha, ha,ha! Love how much shit can your hold in your head at the same time, bitch? How much, asks laticha, amazed her ability, smiling at her!
Honey, answers Miss Love licking the ice pick with her tongue like it was ice cream!

I got to much on my mind, so many memories, my mind hold so much in my head at one time, don't know sometimes. Ha, ha, ha, sometimes, she laughs, sometimes it's a real trip, ha, ha,,ha, The girls bust out laughing, ha,ha,ha! OMG, ha, ha, ha! Love you are a trip! Ha,ha, ha!

Jackie says joking around, our little Miss Love, is a doctor, her specialty is neural surgery  who knew? Ah ha, ha, ha!
They all laugh, cracking up, as she holds up the ice pick!
And, then Miss Love, feeling in one of her comical moods, does a double take and she starts to do a stupid TV commercial, making believe she's in the one doing a commercial, she pretends and says, Friends!
I say, friends, do you have a problem thinking?
Does your brain need fixing?
Are you suffering from memory lost?
Are you depressed, because your boy friend left you?
Well, hey, no problem a little brain Lobotomy Operation can't solve!
Just call me,
Doctor Lovekilljoy deaf! ha,ha ,ha, year!

I have been in the brain business for years!
Ha,ha, ha. Call me, night or day at 1- 800 LOVE PIK!
Ha, ha,ha, oh, man year!
We'll hook you up, all right!
Count on us, says laticha laughing, cracking up!
Sure we will, Jackie, chimes in joking too!  
We will definitely hook you up! Ha, ha, ha!
Miss Love laughs as she stares at the thin blood soaked ice pick she's holding up in the light of the car, as it races toward, The Embassy.

The conversation gets interrupted.

"Excuse me," says the SDI artificial intelligence, "it is now graphical ten blocks from Embassy! And the time now is 04:59 hours, and 14 seconds. Am eastern standard time!"
 er, um, OK! Thanks! SDI, pull over at the corner, find a parking and wait.
"But of course! Is there any else I can do for you?" Na, you, you done plenty already, thanks!
"Thank you," says the SDI !
Look girls, says Miss Love, fun and games is now officially over, now, its time to get back to serious business!

Miss Loves gets up, walks to the back of the limo, smacks the ambassador in the face several times hard, till he wakes up!
And grabs him by the collar, and says, hello, anybody home, hello, can you heard me, she asks him impatiently! Er, um, who are you, he answers in stupor, putting his hands to his forehead and rubbing like it is hurting! Who are you? Why, why my face, you hit my face. My face it hurts, you my, you ,yo,  hit, Who, who , who are who you? I am alice in wonderland sweetheart, and its time for you go home, to get some sleep!
And we got a pretty girl, name alice, who is going to help you get home, isn't that nice? You hit me! No, I would never hit you, I love you. Its your imagination, your drunk, you been drinking, having fun, she says then takes bottle of strong smelling whiskey and pretends to fall on him spilling it on him, so he reeks of the Oder! You know you had sex will all of us, and  now your drunk and confused, thats all, but don't worry about that, cause you are going home now, she said smiling happily, hugging and kissing him on the cheek like a baby! You see you were making sex all night, but you forgot, and you don't remember,  but now we gone take you home, because
we love you.

She says to him, then, she turns blinks her eye, to Jackie and Laticha, and says he's perfect, zombie walking, he's prefect, it worked! OK, she said, lets get it together. Synchronize time! The girls check the colors in their glasses, the little white letters appearing quickly on the screen says its now 5:00 am!
Hello , hello Marsha, things on target, she asks one of her shady parters who kidnapped a daughter of a guy, who will be part of her strategy? All go here, Marsha, answers! Love says, put her on," help stop, help," perfect OK, says Love smiling hearing the kids cry! I'll call when I am ready stand by! Sure,answers Marsha!

Hello! Hello Is this Hussein? Yes! Bring your taxi to [ East 40th St corner of third Ave. now! ] Yes, OK!

How long will it take ? Not long maybe, maybe two or three minutes, I have been waiting hours for you call!

See that your at the corners of third in two minutes, now listen and listen carefully!

There is a bus stop, at the bus is man and a girl dressed in a red mini shirt.

She is hooker, she has man with her, that is very drunk, he is a diplomat, and she will hail a taxi, that taxi driver will be you!
You pick them up and take them to the New York Consulate and Embassy of New Republic Haflahasgraistan Minor. The, Diplomat lives at the Embassy, the Ambassador has a small suitcase with him, make sure to put in his hands, don't leave it behind, and make sure your take him up the stairs and that he is carrying the suitcase in his hands! Make sure you understand, he must carry the suitcase home, I am going to repeat this once.  
Listen carefully, make sure the Ambassador, when you take up to the lobby and walk him through the door he is the one carrying and holding the suitcase, if you have to help him you help him!
You probably won't be allowed inside, but you can tell the guards, a hooker hailed you down, and they got in and told you to take him here, and the you dropped the girl off some time ago, don't say where. Tell them that he is drunk, and out of his mind, and doesn't know what he is doing. And the girl said, he ditch his guards and ran away with her and partied together all night, now he is drunk, could they please escort him up to his apartment?

And could you please help him to his floor! You got that? Yes, said the man on the line. If you fail your daughter will be shot. Here listen to her,
Papa, help me, papa, help! [ Cheryl OMG!, Cheryl,]exclaims the man shocked to hear the crying voice of his little girl kidnapped! OK, enough, said Miss Love. [ Hussein ] do you understand what you must do, she asked once more?
Yes! نعم , نعم !
When you are done, walk back to the cab, you'll find $4500 dollars in the back seat, its yours, go back to third avenue, we will call you and you can tell us how things went, and we will tell you where your daughter is, do you understand? هل تفهم؟
Yes, yes  نعم ! But please don't hurt my daughter?
You do good, and she'll be good, later, click!

Ok laticha you get ready! Me? Year you! Door open,The SDI opens up the sliding doors and the two dismount.
The girls help laticha take the zombie like man, out of the car. She supports him helping him walk and heads him in the direct she wants to take him in.
And, he's holding the suitcase oblivious to whats happening.
They hail a taxi, on the corner, and drive away!
They get out a few blocks away at [ East 40th St corner of third Ave. ] and  then are standing at a bus stop, a minute later a taxi, pulls up, they say no, because it's not the taxi, they want! The taxi, they want has a Pakistani driver, with along beard and wearing a white tie and black vest. The taxi, arrives and they get in and laticha plays her role as sex trade hooker of the night,  kissing and hugging the Ambassador, and playing with him!
And as the cab reaches the place, about one block away before the address it stops, the girl kisses him goodnight one more time!
And whispers to him,
make sure honey, you take your suitcase up stairs, sweetheart, and I will call you later OK sugar pie! Mommy loves you sugar, bye, bye! Bye, bye, says the Ambassador to the girl, smiling like a dummy, that he now is!

OK, sugar, we will have some more fun, later, OK, sweetie? She kisses him once more on the lips, and opens the taxi door, gets out, and tells the driver, Mr. Hussein, take to him to the Embassy on the right side,[  لا تفشل أو ابنتك سوف يموت، وداعا! ] you know where,
Yes, answers the driver worried! نعم بالطبع، لا توجد مشكلة!
I love to go with him, but they wont let me in, other wise I'd go home with him, you understand?
Sure, he said flatly, his eyes sad, as he loosens up his white tie, his mood perturbed and plagued, with justifiably concerned, only thinking about the fate of his daughter, whose life rest in his hands now!

She said to him,
softly don't be nervous anything, just calmly tell them, that the Ambassador got drunk and ran away from his guards, and ditched them and I found him and we've been partying all night, but now, but now, as you can tell, he's very drunk and he can barely stand up and doesn't know what he doing, or remembers nothing he will be Ok, after a good night sleep!
 You got that sweetheart ? Hmm, she said, staring directly into his frightened eyes!

Yes! نعم , نعم !
Here, she said handing the taxi driver a package of money! Thats $4500 dollars tax free! You will tell not, not anyone, or else!
Thanks for your help!
You take good care of him, now and don't forget. Let him take the suitcase in his hands when you go up to the door, bye bye!
The scantily clad beautiful girl, walks away and disappears, and the taxi, drives off
. Hello yes, done, OK. We'll wait for you! Take a taxi back to the car. OK! Synchro,  5:05 am. Hello, Charlene ,Hi, whats happening? Well, I am right across from the Embassy, and I can see the taxi, coming down the block, its stopping, the taxi driver gets out, and opens the door, helping a man out, he hands the man his suitcase.
And they going in the building, the men are stopped at the door, and they talking to the guard, but the man with suitcase walks right in.

Now, one of the guards is talking with the man and is escorting inside, it looks like he's taking him to the elevators! I have my glasses on power binoculars mode, but I can't see good, because of the lobby's columns is blocking my view! OK! I saw them get in, thats it, the taxi driver, is still talking to about eight guards, at the front door of the lobby! They look like, like they want to talk with him! I think they are taking his ID, or asking for ID or his License, or something hard to tell at this distance!
OK, they let him go, he is returning to the taxi, now!
Now, he opens up the front door, gets in and he is driving off! He is gone! Did I do good?
  Year, Later.  Thanks Charlene, later out, out!
Synchro, 5:10, projection probability percentage, 5:15 am, for sure!

He should be upstairs, in the apartment by 5:15am go. 5:15 am go, time!
Now, synchro 5:13 am!
Hello Hussein how did it go?
Listen,  I did what you said, The diplomat was terribly disoriented! He did not remember, who or where he was, but the guard took him up personally, no problem, and yes, he was caring his suitcase, now where is my daughter? [/color]Hold on line, says, Miss Love as she put on line the kidnapper holding his daughter! OK, put her in a taxi, and tell the taxi driver, to take her to East 40th St corner of third Ave!
There will a yellow medallion taxi, on the corner, the man, a Pakistani named, Hussein, will have beard and white tie, got it?
Got it!
You drop her off! Drop her off at that taxi, OK?
OK. Out!
Synchro 5:14am 30 seconds,she calls the wife, the target! Hello! Hello, Miss Husna? Yes, Who is this, please? Who are you? Are you the girl that was with my husband? Click, the phone hangs up!
Synchro 5:15am! Open the box, gotcha, says Miss Love, as she raises up, one of her fingers with a well polished red nail, and brings it down slowly and carefully, pressing the red button! BOOM, boomboom BOOM BOOM! THE PENTHOUSE EXPLODES, the thunderous blast rocks the New York sky line, ricochets through out the caverns of buildings in the city, as the SDI limo departs like stealthy black cat, in the dark night never to be seen again!
Good, job, says jackie, to Miss Love, year got the bitch! It was big Doohickey, cool target!
Year, says Jackie smiling, then asks whats up next?

[ 4 ]

section continuation

[ 8-8 ]

Well she carried out her mandate by the company, got paid, took some time off in the islands with her hood, and some weeks later arrived back in Dubai and gets word they got another target for her!

Her mind has been lazy, paying attention to having fun, dancing, casinos and lots of guys, but its time to get serious after a mini vacation.
This target, this new target, they want me to personally handle!

 Will I have to give him some hot sex? Hmmm interesting? Or can I pull this off using only my brain only? Girls, like me likes a good challenge. Let me see, who do they want dead today? Ah yes, what else another mad scientist venturing where he shouldn't be. Oh well, womens work is never done! She thought to her self! Miss lovekilljoy Deaf, the very young, the very savant, the very mysterious, the very vivacious deep bosom cleavaged, mistress who happens to be a murderer for hire. Here we see her as she begins her, day. The size of her room is the size of a ball room, lavished , in every wave imaginable! Several  cats play on a luxurious pure white hand woven Bella rug , her master size bed is double the size chock full of giant size designer goose down pillows. One wall of glass windows lay to her backside allows for sunlight to filter in filling up her mansion in the air, she is lives in a tall sky scrapper in Dubai. No one can look in, except for a occasional stray seagull looking for path to the ocean. She is a strange strain mixed with the strands of moroccan, ebony, puerto rican and jewish, she speaks several languages fluently, a savant brilliant child, a phd in behavioral psychology and a MIT grad. She is bad. So if your put on her list to be killed, just hope she will shoot you dead quickly and get it over with in an instant, cause she has a selfish narcissistic proclivity to indulge her taste in killing her victims, slowly and brutally. She wasn't born by that name, her real name is a real doosey : [  Alexacorribluffux Moni Maximillian ] She was born in 1997. Her father was Mr. Klaus Maximillian, an adventurous industrialist Moroccan Jew with the signature of blood lines whose root belongs to an Arabian chiefdom long ago, tales of which they try to keep secret because Jew and Arabs mixture don't supposedly exist yet, but secret rumors prevail.
He unabashedly has a nasty lifestyle with nick for adventure and travel, her mother a Caribbean cartel liaison of the New York City that never sleeps. She, however, was raised in one of the Federal republic states of Germany called Rheinland Pflaz. In the community of Worms! A small but quant community of around 86,000 or so inhabitants. Her father belonged to the infamous membership of the most Ancient European Towns Network. She knows the bigger issues of the members of the euro zone and the social implications they incurred as well as the characters of the international set. Some which, from time to time hirer to kill off, strident unwanted rivals. She's pent her teenage years split between the worlds of Dubai, and California in the US. Her favor place to work out of is New york, its as she says : always on the cutting edge! She works for her self, but in the secretive profession of the soldiers of fortune, she is one of the youngest of the best. She makes the best of normal risks, while taking advantage of the power of the right advisors. She does a terrific job in tackling her own issues in espionage,
and making her beautiful body become a weapon, a deadly weapon, she uses with chilling effect. She is daring in opportune moments in any one of many contingencies.
Her employer secret club, which are so often hired, require, high quality target positions removals. There are persons, many persons deemed, un desirous! Especially by the Economic Insurance, or The Pharmaceutical Establishments! They particularly have a proclivity to keep the status quo in place. No cure for cancer is their secret motto, and they want to keep it that way! Miss Love, is wild!
 A wild dare devil child! Just take a look at her face book page entries.

[ 8-9 ]



BORN 1997

















Something about her, Her personality is a combo of both her mother and fathers joy of mystery. This zeals in her genes make's her, in a model of a radical in a zone all by her self. She to, is a secret member of  [  "most Ancient European Towns Network," ] and not just, but that, many secret sector organizations, few in the world know about, or dare mention. She is a lovely lady, with a Savor faire, and Un-nerving intellect, that makes her intimidating. She is a adamant killer, the sleepy shady lady, her code name is [ shady]. Whether someone calls her shady or deadly it all boils down to mean the same thing, death!


Today her task is murder. But thats not an unusual task for this lady. But this murder is not as usual, this mission if she decides to take it will requires some advance knowledge of dualities! This is not a contentious issue for her, dishing out death, she feels killing someone for money, it is like keeping the kitchen clean or using Clorox bleach, disinfecting, cleansing, and purifying, nothing more! Thats how her mind works! The problem is there is no problem, in her way of thinking, in her mind, there is no problem and that is the problem. She is incapable of seeing, her problem, and so, when she looks at you, does she see you the person, or mere dirt, to be disinfected? Why does she get some many requests as a soldier of fortune? She out executes her competition in execution. She always gets the job done to specs. Her favorite mental template for a Savor faire personage, " Theres is no tomorrow, only today!", as she would say. Ratio between people who are bullish and people who optimistic, many surveys show, a unique signal, new highs in sentimentality in those who afflicted with obsessive compulsive disorders are driven to achievements where others cannot hope to dare tread much less compare, excellence, in what ever they do, like in her case unrelenting murders, yes, but it's the enjoyment of murder creativity, she indulges in, that are always surprising, the signs are clear, and this lady called shady, Miss LoveKillJoy, she does it, cause she got it, she loves to castigate!


We enter now ands look in on her in the privacy of her immense bedroom chamber she calls it her ' pillow. ' And we see that she is in the nude, she likes to be nude when at home. She is tall. Her hair is dark hair, but she wears her hair blond for business purposes. She is characterized by having a pleasant plump figure. Body wise, She is a sex machine killer!. Now, her hour glass shape body, built to perfection, is very sensuous to look at, a temping stimulus to raising the loins of any-man, and she knows it.  It's her tool of choice, which she keep fit, nimble and at the ready along with her gold pearl handled glock.  Perhaps 6 feet 2 and weighs 172 pounds with the body sizes of  :  40-28-40. She could pass The Miss America contest any day of the week. Her skin, smooth a silk, brite clean fresh looking, a blush short off white tan looks making her look like an any dark spanish or italian girl, only this girl-this girl is dangerous!
She is an artist at hiding her age by using make up and little tricks girls do, she can pass for twenty by putting on a lot of make up! Its only when her make up is off, you can tell she's just fifteen! She can act like thirty year old, her mind changes and she wise, knowledgeable, and she changes personalities too! And can change her voice, and the range of voices she can imitate are incredible. Incredible and dangerous! Plus her dark side, the side you must, must, must fear!


Heroes are remembered, "The Legend of Sleepy Miss LoveKillJoy," born to wake you up, and enjoy burring you! Money is to die for : No wall of worries for this girl she's loaded.
Most people have one basic robot in their homes today, she has five doing everything from housework, surveillance intra management services, her nails, health coaching and karate instruction with holographic avatars!  She's not in to paper assets though just gold, thats where she's at. Diamonds and thing like that. She is right like that, stocks dollars per share have fallen in nominal basis, to preserve her financial revenues balanced sheet, to offset negatives she has no hesitancy to do what she likes to do, like printing of money , money multi pliers are cool unless as shady does what she does every day, to make a living her CPI, all things being equal. Boils down to the question, why trade down, when you trade up, which shows in what she does frequently be it toy cars, planes, friends, people, first things first kill to make money, is her first commercial transaction.  It just the Shady lady way! Miss efficiency!


           She, is seen comfortably sitting before a lighted, enormous oval shaped mirror at one of her bedroom dressing tables, the lovely sounds of the singer maestro, Miss Witney Houston, blares romantically in the background, pictures of baseball hotties like, Andre Either, and others players, decorate the interior side of her gold on gold, white deco bedroom closet door, along with a gold hooks, for her collections of shoes, numbering in the hundreds, and her silk Tasini scarfs. She bends, her head a little, and looks into a special side mirror on the wall, the biometric recognition electrolyte sensing beam device, as it stoic mechanical operators voice says, " The Gadgetoric O," reacts, extracted for her data for the purpose of automated recognition, with multi-gadgets making a soft ringing sounds: " pizzazz tac trick click." As she proceeds to accommodate it, and puts her face in front of it so it can be scanned! A horizontal ruler shaped razor thin red beam runs down her face, reading her eyes. It scans her pupils, teeth, shin and DNA for ID! " Analysts unit verified," says an artificial intelligence, voice operator.  She, answers it, " Oh course, jerk!", what did you expect fool, give me a break? She then, pushes a pale blue colored metal configuration that rises up from her computer, a secret compartment slides slowly open, a small gold trimmed green screen image of digitalized and a holographs rises up from it, appearing to be about, " 3 by 4 inches in dimension."  The screen is black, but suddenly-" HELLO, MISS LOVE," says a voice. "Who is that ?"
" Me," answers the person in the screen. "Who are you?" ' But that is none of your business, your in my business, my business is about making money.
Our business today is the passing of a dear friend we wish you to make go away. Do you understand?" " Does a drunk need a drink?", Answers the beautiful but dangerous lady, as she smiles looking into the machine in front of her, " You have just to read his bio?" I have? What bio?   "Ding dong ding dong," suddenly the front door bell sounds startling her momentarily. Answer your doorbell first, says the man in the screen, instructing her. Answer it, Miss love and then we will continue." She yells out , " One minute, let me get decent," she raises up from her dupoia fluffy round cushioned seat and walks  over to her bed, and, there she reaches over, and quickly picks up, her billowing pink transparent dressing gown, throws it up over herself, covering her naked busty front, and twirls around and proceeds hurriedly through her large complex leading, to fouler where the front door is located. And, after looking in the TV monitor, she sees a short trim well dressed man, with a foreign appearance. The man dressed in a exquisite black Maximo Busconi tailored-suit with large black shiny buttons. He stands back about two feet from the door looking in the TV camera. He holds a small shiny brown briefcase with a gold rap around strap.
" Yes, can I help you," answers miss love without opening up. " Envelope, envelope for you," the man said, in a northern mountain Moroccan accent.
Please place it in the letter opening at the bottom of the door. The man bends down opens up the briefcase and opens a section, out of which there are many manila envelopes. There are yellow ones, and one that is colored white. He chose the white one and proceeded to carefully slip it into the letter opening box at the base of the door, closes up his brief case, turns and walks down the hall. The sounds of his foot steps, hitting the cold marble floor, makes loud, distinct sounds that echos off the large wall corridors of this luxury building, till they fade and can be heard no more. She bends down and while returning to her bed room, reads whats written on the front of the envelope, attention ML.  ML, the two letters of her initials, meaning her moniker, Miss Lovekilljoy. She sits back down , and says, " Ok, I am back got it," " Good," says the voice, "after you read the bio report, give us a call back, won't you please, to let us know if you will considerate the mission. But, one thing before I retreat from your presence, Miss lovekillJoy. Since this is delicate, your compensation if you follow, the instructions satisfactory, will be double. In most previous targets, you were allowed to have all the help you need, partner, contacts, girl friends etc, but this time you must work without any of your contacts, no calls, no texting, no videos, don't invite your friends, you must work this one alone,  thats it! No electronic communications, don't take calls on your glasses. These are the conditions, if friend want to contact they must write an old fashion letter. The electronic  calls you are allowed to receive, is incoming call from the target, thats you're only contact with the outside world, we want you and him cutoff from everybody, so you can concentrate on getting this job done right without failure, do you understand?

It's a very important target!

We will be spying on you to make sure you comply!
Do you understand?

 Incentivizing, interesting, this gentleman must be well appointed," She asks?
" Yes, but, but as you will read in the report, the written instructions state clearly, there must be no physical remains. Nothing nada, nichts, keine Spur!

Do you understand ? "  Miss LoveKillJoy, smiles her special smile and replies sexily, " Does a girl love diamonds ?"  Miss LovekillJoy tells us by her body language she is a sexy fighter, she flips around in the swivel chair and says," I will be in contact," and turns off the machine by sticking one of her long fingers out, with her red glossy nails, and pressed down on a round glossy button on the machine. The button light goes out, she pulls away her finger ever so slowly off the button, as her mind is already buzzing with ideas!

The night holds fractals fright! Precariously perched in a lurch, some one is coming, some one bad!

CHAPTER 4 = REPLY# 103>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg49236/#msg49236

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Tribute to Master Jesse stories inspired to honor him and his contributions, SEE REPLY#17
see it here reply#17>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/15/

Insist we do a tribute to another prestigious mighty Master, Jessi  : The Programmer Magician

For instantaneous locations of Art and Film Reviews by All Masters featured go to see REPLY#12 in the  " huge lack of comments" section

The Scary Jesse Chronicles

We dedicate these Baby Jesse, stories in appreciation of and to honor this Fractal Artist named Jesse, a master developer of the Mandelbulb 3D application program, and also in honor of contributors, Daniel White and Paul Nylander’s Mandelbulb work.

The Scary Jesse Chronicles series motif, is an expression of the [ Erudition Gene ] construct. Or, what could be called more simply, " The DNA, algorithmic destiny, some people are born to do great things construct!" And functions on the premise, that the inheritor of the alfa [ Erudition Gene ] DNA genomes-lines, will contribute great things to society, since the beginning of society! And in these stories, we attempt to demonstrate examples of great things the Master Jesse, has done throughout history since the dawn of mankind.

We follow as baby Jesse, goes on these fascinating journeys and horrific adventures, as he gets lost in a mysterious fractal rabbit hole, that leads him, way back to the caveman times, his trials and confrontations with cannibals, and demons, black fractal magic, and spirits, both good and bad, and what its like to grow up, when he was just a little boy!  

2017 The website Fractal forums.com has announced they will close soon and will be read only, So as a reminder, there is the possibility some links for texts, and pictures and videos might be broken and not be working anymore. To avoid this possibility and to continue reading uninterrupted go now to our websites https://badpersonalities.wordpress.com/      or   https://badpersonalities.blogspot.com/

                         THE SCARY JESSE CHRONICLES


Chapter 1 tribute to Master Jesse see it here = REPLY#17>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg38808/#msg38808
Chapter 2 Stories it here = REPLY#98>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg48373/#msg48373
Chapter 3 see it here = REPLY#102>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg48949/#msg48949
Chapter 4 see it here = REPLY#106>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg49239/#msg49239
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Chapter 8 see it here = REPLY#118>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg50741/#msg50741
Chapter 9 see it here = REPLY#119>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg50935/#msg50935

The Scary Jesse Chronicles

Chapter 2

 Hungry on the left, Hungry on the right and you in the middle.

In the background someone was speaking in a strange tongue, it was not English, Chinese, or Español, frances, danes, not italiano?

No way none, no human languages was heard, none, not a word only wind speech! The winds can speak. Listen carefully and you too, will hear them talking.

The winds speak a language called,

And it was the winds of time talking in fewwwwwwa in the background, but  in the foreground, you can hear scary music all around playing  :

that sounded something like this :

Dan, dan dannnn, dan dan dangggggg! ,
Dan, dan dannnn, dan dan dangggggg! ,

Dan, da da dannnn, dan dan dangggggg! ,dangggggg!    DOOM DOOM duooooommmmmm!

DANG, DANG doommmmmmmmmmm, DENT!

Oh, my what scary music it was too!

The kind, they play at midnight at the zoo!


The wild wind went, spent, the wild wind went, relent, their moment done, bereft, dissipated but not gone,

not gone, oh no, not gone, at all ladies big and small winds short and tall, but lingering winds,

blowing ever so mildly, beguilingly adrift in the mists, of time!

They would blow over time, in time, about timelessly, they would blow, some day,
in may,

they say, some got together and speaking their native tongue,

Ick ka cak cak, caka, ka cumbaaa cumber hummmmba machchaa?

Really? sib ice movie da pofleeew flew few!

Then, the seven winds of the earth of the sun, huddled together in the shape of round bun, high above the pointed tip of a[/color] fractal mountain!

And began to discuss the events of the day. They would one by one begin to speak this way and that and  say loudly :yak kit yak, yak!  
Ick ka cak cak, caka, ka cumbaaa cumber hummmmba machchaa ma oc tob buck?

Who he, said one! Perhaps! Said an other to the sister called, Mat t mat ti.

à la lumière des récents événements!

Moo cha hummmbadi, ? Wadi? madi! maid,maid matte mati, mati.

Well, what can say. I don't know bout that. We'll keep an eye on him.

We should, he is a wild, one, he comes from the magic!

But, child be?

Who he? Baby Jessi, when he was five years old had a dream!

Aw yes,
I remember that dream he had.

[ 2 ]
Since the beginning of the worlds, if it exist a wind must blow on it so that it is good, not bad, nor daddy sad! The winds of magical times, like the moon in the night sky fly and eye all things and remember many things! Many things indeed, because they are learned in the arts of dream invadership modalities, realities using secret arts of the unknown anti time technologies, and because a dream is a dream, the dream ripe, rare fair comes alive at night, and she bang being a wind, retold the tale hail, hail it many, many a time, to the younger seven winds petit breezes of time!
She, raised her hands high, saying I am sister mati mati Moo cha hummmbadi, she then, open her arms and waved her hands and stirred up a big gust of wind, around, around and around , she stirred, the winds and they rose like a tornado of slow motion revelation of events in the life of the living, and then she slowly slowed down the winds and spoke in soft gentle motherly voice, revealing how the story unfolds!

Who he? Baby Jessi when he was five years old had a dream!

It seemed like a dream he dreamed.

As little boys often do!

The Boy, was home. The boy was at home with his parents. And oh, my how happy as can be was he!

Played, swayed, got tired did he, and bed time came as bedtimes often due, for he too!

His momma, smiled proud!

Born onto me from the sky!

And it was his bed time, and his mother said, onto him,

Lucky little guy. Oh, so lucky you are honey child, love of my life you!

You get to play all day.

You get to play all day, all the way from morning till night! My little sunshine bright!

Eat lots of ice cream.

Run free happy, barefoot alive in the stream!

And now, you brushed your teeth too!

Marvelous , too!

You put on your own pajamas, didn't you? Yes, you did! You put them on all by your self, mommy didn't have to help you!

I am so proud of you, my little man! Me your mommy I am your biggest fan!

My baby is growing up so Fast. Fast, as he can, his mother smiled at Baby Jessi, just as proud as a mother can be!

Yep, Mommy! I am getting big, big boy!


Yes, you sweet heart, said his mother lovingly, as she leaned over kissing his feet, then his fore head, then his cheek, then, looked in his mouth to see if any of his baby teeth was loose and ready to come out so his permanent teeth could come in, but all were steady,
She looked at him smiling up at her in her eyes, it filled her with pride, a good mother alive!

She turned out the light, as she tucked him into his bed that night.

Baby Jessi, he buries himself in between the big stuffed teddy bears and fat pillows of his bed. He closes his eyes, then opens one, peeking out for fun, at his mother and tries not to smile, but is so contented, with him self he just smiles, after a while, looking up lovingly at his mother!

No happier home existed in the world than the home Baby Jessi had!
I'll see you in the morning, said his mother to him adorning, smiling, everything is gone be all right, sleep tight!
She turned out the light, and closed the door shut gently.

Baby Jessi was alone now, alone in the dark, in the dark, smiling and thinking to himself, he did, he did indeed, have a nice day.

He had a fun filled day! He went out in his backyard, and his brother Mickey, big friends, Yo'hoo, and Armando, came over to play. And, they had mountains of fun, that day, chasing each other, around and around all day. They got all dusty musty, and plenty dirty, just the ways boys like to play, and wow, thought Baby Jessi, I can't wait to wake up! I can't wait to wake up in the morning to play again some more!

Well, it took awhile for him to finally fall asleep!
And he rolled his eyes around in the dark room, and sucked his thumb some, and little by little, he fell asleep. And the little baby dosed off. He snored a little :

Snoreeezzzzz bbbbeeeeeze! Snoreeezzzzz bbbbeeeeeze! Snoreeezzzzz bbbbeeeeeze!

He then descended in to a profound deep sleep into fractal land dreamland. And Oh, was he lucky to have one marvelous dream, but him, it was no dream to him, he was living it !

It was real!

He remembers it clearly as if it was yesterday! His mother had tucked him into bed for the night, and while he was sleeping, he over heard a voice of a little child calling out to him!

Wake up, wake up, oh mommy, said the little boy to his mother, look at the cute doggy in the window!

Mommy, daddy look, oh get one like him, mommy please! pleaseeee!

Ask, your daddy, if he's OK with it, it's OK!

Oh daddy, oh daddy please, I promise to be good for ever and ever, please daddy, pleaded the little boy, to his father.

I don't know son, dogs require care, whose going to care for it? You?
Oh I will daddy. You, are you willing to clean up after him if he makes a mess, cause dogs are messy!  We'll buy the food, but you will have to feed him.

Oh I will daddy I will.

And dogs , you got to take them for a walk.

Will you walk him every day?

Oh yes daddy! Oh yes daddy! Oh yes daddy! I not only will walk him, I will run with him too, I promise, daddy!
Are you sure, think about this will you take care of him Rodney, asked his father, Mr. FatFurstenbergger.

Oh, yes daddy, I will, I will, answered Rodney enthusiastically, jumping up and down with excitement.
Do you promise me, Rodney, I am serious do you promise?

Oh yes daddy. Oh yes daddy. I will, please can I have him?

Well, what do you think honey? Well, he has been good lately! Ok!

Well, then thats settle well get him for you!

Hooray yelled Rodney, jumping up and down forty times in a circle for joy!

Hey, doggy, he yelled out to Baby Jessi, wake up, wake up, I am going to take you home!

and so it was that Baby Jessi, woke up to find the people doing the talking weren't
people at all, but dogs!
Dogs were people, and the world was totally changed, and different now.
Dogs were people, and people were the dogs in the world!
Baby Jessi, stilled look like himself but he was a dog to them!
And, what a revolting situation this was for him, he could not make heads or tails of it!
He found in self in a store window, that had lots big white signs with big red letters that read," Dogs for sale! Special on puppies! Come on in and get one!"

And, not only that, but he was shocked to learn, when he tried to talk to say hello, out of him came,

BOW WOW, BOW , BOW WOW, He was barking!
Oh my, thought Baby Jessi, as the family came into the store, paid the owner for him and put a collar around his neck and led him out of the store on short leash!

The boy was going nuts, patting him on his head like he was a little dog, saying," nice doggy!"
Baby Jessi replied

Daddy whats his name? Messy! Cause thats what dogs do!
What do they do?
They do, do, do, and that is messy!

Year, honey why don't you pick a name for him since he's all yours now!

Well, said Rodney, I  know dogs like bones, so can I call him bone head, daddy?

Bone Head it is!
So Baby Jessi had a new name, now his name is Bone Head!

Well, they took him out of the store and once in the street Baby Jessi, wanted to go to the bathroom, so he said to them er,
BOW WOW! Bow? Bow Wow, bow ?
but they didn't pay him, no rabbit ass mind, so when they walked past a fire hydrant on the street he walked over to it and made wee wee and pist on it,

OH, OH mommy look what Bone Head is doing!
He is making a wee wee in the street!
Well, thats what they do honey, when they see a hydrant they piss on it!


I think it makes them feel good or something!

Or they want the fire hydrant to feel bad, so they piss on them!

I don't know!

No, no no-way, that's why you are going to take him for a daily walk so he can go to the bathroom, outside, we don't want him to make a pee, pee inside the house, do you understand Rodney, his father said sternly, looking down at his son, who was clueless at Bone Heads strange behavior!

He looked at Bone Head in the eyes, and Bone Head looked at him back, and said
: BOW WOW! Bow wow! Rouf, rouf !! Just then, quickly another guy came along a smelled Bone Heads butt, and Baby Jessi picked up a bottle and hit the guy up side his head, BOOM! And guy yelled, BOW WOW! Bow, wow, and ran away up the street as fast as he can!

Oh my, said Rodneys mother, looking shocked,  thats not nice to do!

Suddenly a taxi came by running into a puddle of water on the street, splashing the water on Bone Head, so Baby jessi picked up a rock and threw it at the man hitting him in the head, as he drove off down the block!
 Baby Jessi aka, Bone Head, he was wet and very frustrated, and said to them
: "BOW WOW, BOW WOW, BOW, woe rough? Rough, bow wow roooo oH? Rouf, rouf rouf rouf rough?  Woofa, roufa, BOW  wow bow, OH WOW! Bow wow?"

Then, on top of that a pigeon flew up and drop some doo do on him, and he said, BOW WOW, Icka boo BOW WOW!

Rodneys daddy, the boys fathers name was Mr. FatFibibonburger, he's a great dane German American , blond and very long haired, long drooping ears, and pointy black nose and black sharp eyes with a twinkle! Known for its giant size the breed, is one of the world's tallest breeds; the current world record holder, measuring 112 cm (44 in) from paw to shoulder; 220 cm (7.2 Ft) from head to tail, is Mr. FatFibibonburger!
And he's a wealthy, retired, ex oil tycoon, who lives on the Idesas Meridian Estate, whose land was worth millions, and the haunted mansion, they lived in, sported over a one hundred thousand feet of space, with tennis courts, and swimming pools. The infamous, Idesas Meridian Estates, it was the first house on Earth built like a Fractal with self similar rooms. Design plans taken, ripped off without his permission, from the Fractal Master of Masters, super Architectural Artist Master Markjaybee! The topography is forgiving, but the land-use patterns miles of acres of empty spaces with scant public transit are ideal for the well to do!.
Mr. FatFibibonburger, occasionally jets off to his haunted island paradise called, "The Mango Bitter," just off the coast of Florida, but spends most of the time at his haunted home at Idesas.

He prides himself in three things: his car collections, his strong sense of smell! He can always smell when a cat is near, and has no hesitancy chasing it around the property!
And the other thing he is proud of is keeping healthy, by drinking a bottle of red wine every day, and he's a yale alum and, he's an early morning jogger, and loves to run in the New York Marathons races, although he's never won!

His wife Mrs. Sifalis FatFibibonburger, is a great dane too, short and stocky with an extra big bushy tail, which is constantly wagging, like her mouth! She's a licensed doctor and works at the famous, "The Past-but-not Forgotten Research Center," for Alzheimer's patients.

Their young son, and only child, is Rodney, who is just four years old, a rambunctious curious child with a mischievous side to him.

To keep him, in check is the Nanny. A very tall Japanese, Black Terrier woman, name Butchi Shitacka I tie your tie, you tie my tie, who home schools the child, with guitar lessons, violin and also piano! And has been with the family, now going on three and half years, is considered a trusted member of the family.

Another trusted servant is the butler, Mr. snot, who is very distinguished looking, sporting a black bushy mustache! He's a big long legged Greyhound, who doubles as chauffeur and cook for the family. He is obese, and wears a red toupee and a gold pirate earring in one ear!
He speaks with a thick german accent, and when he smiles you can see his big pointy teeth and shiny black libs.  He proudly talks about tales of the time he served in nine wars, as a cook poisoner technologists, but Mrs. Sifvalis had him as a patient who suffers from slight bouts of forgetfulness, especially when off his medications!
But he's nice other wise!

Then comes Data, a fractal artificial intelligence unit robot, who got hit by a Bullet train while he was trying to out run it! He, is long-overdue upgrades. He was created by, Doctor No, a big-think, tech-whiz envirogeek, from the Silicon Valley!

As the prestigious areas of the Hamptons goes, they are by no means, not your average neighbor, but they definitely belong to your wealthy eccentric types that ever so often are found in the outlier reclusive sections of the state buried in the forests away from view in New York's Rich sections!

Nevertheless the home where they live is wonderful but eerie,  and the home is the perfect out of the way place, for those who want to get away from it all!

Bone Head was to say the least, a little overwhelmed by the looks of his new home as the big toothed chauffeur drove the happy limousine up over their private bridge, over their private moat filled with crocodiles, up to the expansive gardens toward a giant Mac' mansion that resembled a fractalized version of the Disney lands famed castles!
Baby Jessi noticed it had a weird sense about the place! Besides, it being huge, it was old and decrepit, and resembled a dilapidated Fractal Castle relic, in terrible condition and from a by gone era. When first built, it was beautiful, then ghosts moved into it, and it fell in disrepair as its tenant ran away and abandoned it and put it up for sale! Mr. FatFibibonburger picked it up for half price! The grand gardens, which at onetime were well kept, were now a huge live vibrating jungle of fractal intelligent angry weeds, with eyes, bent on no-good! The property was surrounded by a mysterious hungry forest genetically engineered, composed of oversized icky trees, of all kinds, with long thick vines, that shifted this way and that, when the winds blew!
And speaking of winds, the winds made all kinds of noises blowing throughout the many wooden white lattices, covered in big thick green vines full of heart shaped leaves,  that kept the sunlight from penetrating the cooling shadows of the porch, which must of had, Oh My God, a hundred porch chairs, all made of specially carved Italian fine grained woods, carefully chosen to survive outdoor life, and the elements of time, and the ravages of rain!

The winds blew around and around the tall columns, that supported the huge porch that went all the way around the front of the house. The house had thousands of yellow gold croton plants, and they had their own a sprinkling system, that came on daily to water them, at five in the morning as the millions of black plumage crows and ravens, and magpie birds, who woke up singing to the early morning sunrise each day!
Inside the house , they many other creatures that lived there too. As Bone Head would soon meet them one, by one too!

There was Crooked Baby, The giant one eyed yellow butterfly, and the rest of the pets and animals there were named after famous politicians!  There was Obama, the big green angry parrot, who talked like the Black Soul singer James Brown! Obama, who sat on a pole all day, in the main living room! He was extra huge, because they gave him steroids, that made him so strong, he could pick up a five hundred pound bar bell with his beak! And then, there was the longest living turtle, Berlusconi! Then there was the mouse, named Angela Dorothea Merkel, a very bossy female mouse, she was!
Then, there was Putin, a sneaky cat, everybody hated, because he would get into tremendous fights with the mouse and really upset everything in the house! And then there was the ghost Hillary, who never sleeps and makes lots of noise as she runs on the ceilings! And, also one would have watch out for the baby crocodile Hollande's who didn't like the water of the moat!

 Like it or not :  this was Bone Heads new home!

[ 2 ]

It was a nice day, thought Baby Jessi. It was a nice day indeed, when Baby Jessi's new family arrived and happy Rodney got out of the big limousine running straight to the house, with Bone Head running right behind him. Up the porch ran Rodney, pushing open the screen doors and then yelling to the main door, to open via it's voice activated command system. It slid open, and he ran inside to his nanny, to announce excited, he has a new doggy as a pet!

Look, look, he said calling her name, look Shitacka you tie my tie I tie your tie, just look at the nice doggy!
My mommy and daddy got it for me!
Oh, said the nanny, glancing down at Bone head. He is ugly,  what happen to him?
Oh, no he's not, answered Rodney, just a little hurt by the nannies remark, because to him, Bone Head was cute, and wonderful, and he turned his head up to look at her, thats just how he looks. He is nice and I love him, he said gently,
 then bent down put out his two arms, proudly hugging the little doggy, and kissing baby Jessi on his head!
What is his name asked the nanny?
Mommy said I could call him, " Bone Head!"

Bone Head, Hmmn? Bone Head, she repeated the name, quietly without smiling and looking very sternly at poor little Bone Head! She twitched her nose at him, apparently not impressed with the little dog, in the least!
Do you know if we have bones? I want to take care of him. Daddy said I have to feed him.
I saw some dead rat bones in the one of the yards, on the shadowly side of the house, but she quickly added, I am sure your parents thought of buying him some dog food.
Why don't you wait Little Rodney. They will be here in a bit, and you can ask them!
In the mean while, show him around. You have lots of pets you can introduce him too!
What do you say?
OK! Ok, said the child, turning excitedly to Bone head, yelling Come Bone Head, come meet some of me other pets!
He hopped and skipped happily, as he went all the way down the long hallway.
On the right and left of the hallway, were very ornate gold spiraling fractal shaped staircases, one for his family and one for his daddies quests and business visitors. At the end of the hall, was the main entrance to, The Germanic Salon, as it was called, or grand living room.  The rooms were large, and had rooms within rooms, within rooms bigger and bigger, making Rodney and Bone Head, look exception tiny as they went running down its polished mahogany floors, with the sounds of their foot steps, causing loud echoes that reverberated up on to the halls fractal shaped julia elephant valleyed ceilings!
The shapes of the fractal rooms were inflected and curved, and shiny like glass, and reflected their images doubly, so it looked like eight of them running instead of two!
Little Rodney screamed, door open, as he approached the glass door shaped like a eight pronged star. It let them in and they ran in. And oh, what a huge open room the salon was too and about the size of small park, and had lots of fancy fractal furniture inspired by the 3D works of the Fractal designer artist like the Master Whitaker, on its floors!
And it had walls, that had many windows and big Fractal paintings, and colorful murals of foreign landscapes of other worlds, decorated its ceiling, from which hung several Fracatoidic Zahom Elephantized chandeliers with flickering L.E.D's lighting inside, that rose and lower with the intensity of the sounds in the area one was walking through!
This was all new to Baby Jessi, and everything was overwhelming to him! So strange, he thought, then He heard the boy calling him by his new name. Come," Bone Head," said Rodney. I want you to meet my pets, he said pointing to the giant green Parrot doing pushups with one hand.

Hey, Obama check out my new doggy!
Cool man, cool, man doggy looks cool, said Obama smiling?
Well, this was funny for Baby Jessi to experience this, because he didn't know a parrot could talk like this, its as though, he was a jazz musician or some thing. Bow wow, bow woww bo bow wow, said Bone Head to him. First strange thing of many strange things Bone Head had to learn was people could not understand him, when he spoke saying : BOW WOW, but the other animals could! Especially when people weren't around!

Then, Rodney lets go of the dog leash,  and drops the leash that was tied on Bone Head's collar around his neck. He drops the doggy leash and it dawn on Baby Jessi an idea like the fire Works on the New years celebration! He was now, free to flee,
and bolts, takes off running like happy popcorn being popped out of the pot with melting butter on top, he runs, ca zam zoom, zoom, running up the nearest staircase.
And baby jessi runs away and hides in one of the Fractal self similar rooms upstairs! As he is running, it dawned on him, that he is in part of the house, where each room, looks just like the last one he was in, he just ran through, so he keeps running, running and running in effect, get lost does he, in this giant haunted mansion home with hundreds of rooms, and hundreds of dooms, with so many rooms you couldn't count all the rooms in this home! And where he was now entering they looked the same, all same they became kind of insane!

He is running through the rooms, and runs into the next, and the next, and it's the same room, back again into the same room, till at one point, confused by it all, he is overwhelmed! He does not know it but, he is for the very first time, is experiencing," The Fractalogically bifurcation time effect," and the inter connectivity of the multiplicity structurality of the geometrousity infinity self similarity topographically physically, which now affects him mentally, he sat down on the floor, tired confused more, and panting, trying to catch his breath,  his head dizzy and spinning, and said, to him self, what the heck, what the heck, is going on with this joint, man? This don't make no sense man! This don't make no sense at  all! I must of run into this room a thousand times and I am where I started [ bleep! ]
Unknown to him, what had happen was, this was Baby Jessi's, first experience in a fractal house. He had, he had never, never ever been inside a Fractal home, before!
A fractal is basically same shaped stuff all over it! And he ran into a section of it called, The Mandelbrot, named after some math dude, who discover it, and Wow, thought Baby Jessi, as he walked inside of the room of rooms, shaped like the inside of elephant nose, it was like walking inside a big hose, where or where does this elephant big nose goes? The story goes the little child,
He was investigating this wonderfully exciting looking play-land, land and it looked like something else man, he was in a very strange kind of zooland! Who?
Ha, ha, ha, he heard laughter in the elephant nose, as he walked inside its hose, and it got him so scared, his hair all, twenty billion brown strains stood up straight like needles pointing to the sky. Oh my!

Oh [ bleep ], said Baby Jessi realizing something wasn't right! It hit him with white fright, the voice in the black night, right of wrong this was not good, it didn't sound as it should, it sounded evil. YES, yes it did, don't lie! Ha, ha, ha laughter went, sent from mind bent, it was a zone, not from home, but demon sent! Baby Jessi, rightfully got scared, this was too much for a baby child to bare, his mind was so tiny to understand this strange land, then, the light night went out, ooh!
Something was in here, in this zone away from home, it seems something about 3D fractals called," The Julia Set," was a result of mad, mad math formulas, that created a black void zone in the center of the Fractal home! OH, Oh! Here comes some deep thoughts, in one or two short sentences some children might not understand yet, then we will continue the Baby Jessi's journey!  Get ready? Little children on reading this should ask their parent to explain it all, but will they? If its too heavy, then skip down to section [ 3 ]

Idea conceptionized construct extrapolation of the ridge mother,"x", the brothers,"z" and the nice old many grand parents, "Y" of the ID, constant of the oceans and the ,"C" of the Mandelbrot imaginary, but imaginary number of the "y" lie, because these numbers are imaginary and imaginary worlds beget imaginary worlds, poor Baby, Baby jessi, he, he is in an imaginary worlds unfurls girls and boys of dark mystery, history, histrionics of square toot root 2 who? Guessing, is what they do in math,  by repeatedly evaluating the right-hand-side of the equation, get better guesses too! Who knew, how do you do? WORLDS! Which is scary, oh pray he , oh pray he, survives this day he. Baby, baby jessi?

In to into, the imaginary number, numbers number he goes alone, away from home not the imaginary, but his real home! It was my baby my only baby, said a mother, no more ace shopping in the realms of darklight spaceace. Speaks to the case a message from space, the delayed development of which hidden, perhaps this or perhaps that, but those who study, "the Mandelbrot Fractals FACTS," can't help but notice the black voids inside it, oh, yes, you see them, the stellar systems inside it. What is it? Better question reframed, what is it not?
Its the event prohibited thought process, anti math zones, of the event horizon, of the metaphor, of a elephant mind entity, living inside the Fractal and thee, that never forgets. "NEVER!" Its that concept metaphor theoretic, or what ever humanoids call quantum space, zone this equivalent to the inner voids of the Mandelbrot, inhere dwells the Chaos of Chaos, be he forewarned! The possibilities are infinite inhere! Strange place in here is, in here, dare you to come in? Look at the vastness of time kind of time, where he who is chaos, chaotically is not, not order? Behold, one mans Chaos, is another mans order! Order borders bordering on the borderlessness of time!

In other words : once a thought idea is released in to the cosmos, it exists everywhere at once in everything in the vast universe past, present and future, and by its very release, is released time dilationably, connecting to, and thus beaming and becoming buttressed by dependence on other idea valued constructs, existing in a web fabric weaved of electromagnetic natural regurgitation of ideas, redistribution of the radiation of the holy words of idea, released by the power of Force!

No time who soever? All living entities including, people and plants and all their thermal states are asymmetric.

The Big Bang concept of a Universe beginning its, no doubt mathematically possible, but hardly, unfeasible in Nature. She is more clever! Yes, she was there before math was!

What are systems when it is symmetric : when each of its parts offers self similar identical effects, characteristics and conditions through the rest of its parts, anywhere and every time that the system exists or produces its influences exerting it manifestations, it is the it!

Does the mind of the observer  exert influence in here, in the black void in quantum space through the unknown sender of inputs of the anonymous neurobiological data?

Behold morph not, think lot : Concentrate thee, child of the world into the dark, alone, you must be, answer will come to thee! Door shut Mind open! The confine that binds, will be broken! Chaos king of old bold audacity without animosity, let it be! let it be! let it be! The Fractals are coming!

Galactic alignments scientific prowess dwells curves of space time properties profiles, harnessing quantum entanglement, one of the quantum world’s most bizarre attributes mass lies in the voids of  the black!
How do we reconcile contrary information about Fractal creation from the mind to mathematics, to machine co mingling in the eye to brain to mind regurgitation back out to brain to machine of the spectators scene, and everything beautiful in-between! Is it Fractal law of serendipity, or co-habitation of ones personality, co influencing the numbers exerting in on the creative process?  If objects can influence gravitation in space, can the mind on numbers do the same? This topic, tempting as it is, though intriguing, duels us to partake, we will discuss later, for now lets pray
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Have spent some time reading over the most recent exchanges here re 'use of forum space' & content.....Firstly, it's helpful to me to have some of what the forum has to deal with in terms of servers & behind the scenes labor explained, and I'm sure for others. And you're very patient-which always helps.Second, a personal thank you to the many people involved here who really are brilliant programmers and thinkers...who love what they do & share it with all visitors. Happily there are some categories in the forum that someone such as me wouldn't stray into because my perspective is almost exclusively aesthetics and non-math  language, and I really enjoy commenting on beautiful/intriguing pieces. As a matter of fact, Bib was instrumental in directing me here- poor fellow, I am one of his kazillion fans on Deviant & probably a pain in the left armpit. Anyway, here I is very surprised.

Perhaps the fact that people coming at fractals from a different angle are welcomed/supported/tolerated here broadens the appeal & accessibility to folks amazed but new to it all. Wanting to be involved at some level. I'll take this over a facebook style modality any day.

Weavers is clearly amazingly creative- I look at the writings as a vast & rich verbal ( if I may ) fractal, almost. The recent complaints have encouraged me to really take the time to read Weaver more completely, with enjoyment and respect.

On a personal note: I was very sick in 2010-could have passed into the ambient energy stream. Signed, sealed....delivered. Having survived that particular ordeal I hope I have learned a thing or two along the way....one of which is to embace the astonishing beauty within the world mind and the human mind- looking for synergy, looking for grace. Fractal art and some of the people on this forum possess
such things. That's lovely. Signing off for now. dance moves
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                   Continuation tribute to the Master Tauruss66
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Stories from THE FRACTAL FORUM CELEBRITY NEWS  inspired by his work ; entitled, " SLURP " rendered and created by Master Tauruss66 in the year 2011 on Earth!


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The Tweets of Madcow Sammy



Chapter 11

[ 1 ]

Un-benounced to them, their savior in the hole in the ceiling, is madman without feelings, his mind is beset with farcetities and bouts of self-aggrandizement leading down the roads of madness, seething with pervasive obsessions, tugging at him, sometimes to do good, sometimes the opposite, with the vengeance of a mad God, out of hell. Pray tell, absorption, with himself, first, second and thirdly, and lastly bastardly! His Name is none other , than Big Rex!

And below, the anxious people were trilled!
So happy to hear a voice, a voice of somebody from the outside, so happy to see him, but are shocked at the man up in the tiny hole in the ceiling, who is screaming angrily at them now, ranting craziness at them.

Was it a mirage, was he imagined, was he real,
or demons unleashed, unsealed, were they seeing and hearing things?
They listened to him in total dis-belief.
He doesn't seem tobe real. He can't be real, he looks real, but his words? He doesn't make any sense.
But they continue to hope exasperatedly for his help.

Hoo' ray, cheers happily one voice in the crowd down below in the blackness. An audacious woman in the dark standing up a top the belly of a dead man and simultaneously trying to keep her balance, as she has to bends her neck all the way back, straight back, and look up vertically, at the guy who at first appears to be a homeless nut, in the ceiling.

She, has her face facing up to his, as the light from his flash lights shines down, making it impossible to see his face!.

Her mind is overwhelmed, as it is shaky, after, after being down here so long, so long down here in the dark like a rat!
Her mind now, it' no good either, it's flakey! She is overwhelmed by her misery, it's fuzzy, almost, no, not almost but dizzy fuzzy and more, and totally dazed by the sufficating heat and stench! Heat. Stench! Heat! Stench!  Hard for her or anyone laying down in the blackness, smelling themselves, reduced to the lowest state of a human being can go.
The overwhelming heat trapped in it,
The overwhelming, stench, trapped in it.
The overwhelming, death, trapped in it,
and she can't take it,
can't take it any more,
Her mind unsettle, lofts into fraudulent delusionary rants, seemly merging with his brash, belligerent unorthodox lunacy! They'd make a pair, you could say! Put them both away! Craziness is a mental manifestation, reflecting disconnection with accepted norms, isolated risk aversions, and disproportional disorientational aspects, of the thinking mind behaviors, and this confusions, this lunacy is, shared easily in commonality, when people are greatly overcome by stress, and she and he appear to be both screwy too! As they both succumb into the surreality of their situation unfolding second by second.

You can sense the under lying sub girded mental states of exasperation, between the man high up in the ceiling looking down, and the woman in the black hole below!  And reality's tensions in their minds, and his, as their fates and destinies combined and criss cross, suddenly, unexpectedly!

It can happen, it can happen, certainly it can happen to anyone. Can't it?
Where the other you, the you, inside you, that you, that you hide, because it's the cut of you, you deny?  
Let out not, you will. Arrested, guessted, It's so bad, isn't, it's sad! Going some place? Some place dark?

There is a sphere of inner states thinking, inherited in the dynamic higher primal realms in your head, back from jungle times red, where lurks demons, essences of barbaric behavior, usually relegated for release by both female, male and child.
From time to time, it gets it's chance, to romance free, in sun's destinies sins! Purposely or whim?
It has a long way to run, when its set lose under earth sun. Let's name it for what it is - Our inner personalities - Demons on the run!

[ 2 ]

Is true, truth : there, yes, there is a magnetism, for some to indulge in cruelty, to be proud to be cruel to the weak, self aggrandizement  if what their ego seeks!
Is true, truth undeniable, and so are you! what you are. Animal, in you, be you!

If left unchecked, this line of crazy mentality, can spread just like a common cold.
The stakes are high, to tumble in and slip in an insanity trip, especially when you are stripped of your life, and suffer serious blows, faced with very uncomfortable, non solutions to choose from, if any?

Heat, hot, trapped in a boat, hot, a lot, to long, involuntarily singing deaths song, it, discombobulates the brain and makes it go insane. The mother of all fears is to lose your mind.
The mind, is a funny thing, it's a vehicle, it doesn't blond to you-

you inherited it, you didn't ask to.

Strip away off the boundaries of comfortable realities, and substitute that for states of the impossible. The mind seeks relief. Release! That's what this young woman wants desperately.

When the man first was seen in the hole in the ceiling, the crowd, lit up with excitement!  
Everybody screamed and was yelling out to him, praising his arrival some whose has come to rescue them,
but, it was long after that, it only took a second for them to get the picture! That, he was a nut! They dealing with mental ill, mad man,
and she, catching on quick, and knowing what was at stake, she said ; wait, let, let me, let me speak to him, and the others in the dark grew silent, And waited!

Moment, to moment, situations unfolding. All bad, except for this creature up above her, she wants out , she wants out. She is hungry to live, and although her mentally is in a state of utter shock, dazed she senses, this is her way out, this guy, this man, this crazy in the ceiling holding up the light. She doesn't have a lot! Her charms, that's it! In her voice, her quick wit, bad taste in her mouth she spits, just like a woman is suppose too!
But here, in the dark? she thinks, draws on a woman's primal instincts, and know she has a gift of talk! And she will use as toll to get out! That's what woman do! She knows what she has to do. So, She struggles to stand on the body of a man, so she can talk. Talk to him. Talk to him only the way she can!

You, you are going bail us out, right honey babe, she yells out to him? Throwing out a line to see if it will stick, and catch a fish!
You've come. Just in time. We thought the world forgot about us!

But looking at you I see that's not true!
I am looking up to you, and I am so glad to see you, it's like I am looking now at heaven.
You going save us, she says to him, questioningly?

She is tired, but the fact that she thinks she will be saved, gives courage and strength, gives her a cautious feeling, a feeling she would've of only found as an adrenaline rush, to realize, to really realize, you are about to escape out of here,
and what that means! Freedom! Hope! Life!
But, then she needs to employ her female psychology, and female eruditism.

[ 3 ]

I like bugs, are you a bug?
You Goddam right honey!
Can you get me out of here?
Can a shark eat meat, ha, ha, ha!
Only if it is sweet, replies the girl cunningly, with overlays of sexual overtones, implied un abashedly in the sounds of her voice. The other women stay silent, aware of her game plan!
I like em bitter too! BR, tells her!
I got a big mouth, so, I like them too, ha,ha, ha, laughs the girl!
BR, is taken aback by the bitch in the black, but not vexed, and shines the light down on this woman, and spy's her keenly, smiling, his curiosity aroused and other things too, intrigued he be, at the naughty, sassy lass, down in dark!
She says to him, as her eyes squint in the dark trying to avoid the beam of the flashlight he has in his hand and go passed that and see his face. She says in a softer voice now, in a lower tone to it, a personal tone.  I know you are joking. We are not bugs. We want to be free! Help us please!
Will her please have any measurable impact on him?
She slowly opens up her mouth and yells up to him. She's green eyed, cute,
covered in mud, young in her twenties, her hair is blond, it's
what she has. You can still, tell, despite all the mountains of dark, black caked up mudblood, and filth in it.
She is tiny, plump woman with her breast exposed, covered by a light white bra, that needs to be put in the washing machine desperately, only thing there are none in the world.
But, she's a girl!

A shirt, covers her shoulders, a  long pink shirt, with pinstripes that is open, showing her drooping chest, dripping wet with a myriad of strange stains of blood and mixtures of black waters laying in thickening puddles, with the hundreds of dead bodies down there. Her shirt, its worn out side her blue jeans. She got one shoe on her feet, and doesn't look injured. Despite her ordeal she's a feisty person, and guessing, one would guess, washed up, and bathe so you can see her, , one might guess her ethnicity to be?

 Perhaps, polish american, or a mixed Irish american, or something like that, hard to tell in the dark, with
the only the light of shaky flashlight. One ear, her right one, she got a long earring in it, the other ear has nothing. Her face, although filthy, is still, and although smeared in mud-blood, pretty, and is devoid of any remains of makeup. Her lips, lipstick-less, and smirking. Her voice shrill cool, loud, direct, pretentiously brave, her words insightful, powerful, telling. Her mind, her mind, whats left of it, reveals it is covered in the thick psychological funkiness of fear down in the darkness below, as she converses with a madman, and she very well knows it.
It's about time, somebody found us! What took you so long?
We are hungry, thirsty. Get us out now, please.  I know by the way you're talking you are drunk with happiness to be alive, just like me, just like us, but now make us happy too! And help us get out of here, man! Like we are so ready!
Are the ambulance's doctors up there with you. She asked very curiously?

Then another woman, from the back stumbles walking on top of the decrepitness of the dead bodies,
as she too walks towards the light, but doesn't speak, preferring to let the young girl speak!
One woman yells, out to him, in a loud voice, the tone of it, bares witness to the depth of her desperation.

Oh, help us, oh thank God, they've come, says another, woman, dazed but enthusiastically.
The lady, was thrilled, thinking she and everybody, will be finally rescued, but suddenly, the nice aspirations crashes with the reality of BR! She is met with harsh insulting words, that cut to the bone, the devils home!

Shut up, help my ass! Shut the hell up, screamed BR belligerently, like a rapid hound dog from hell, ringing in the bell of bad news!
 More Goddam bugs. Bubble bugger bitches, just what I need more trouble. No thanks!

[ 4 ]

Please what are you saying, please help us? Where are, the police?

OK, Shut up, and listen up. Life outside this boat is destroyed. Life as you knew life is dead, no cops, I am the cops, no rescue I am your savior! You want to live, do what I say, or die! Die, down here where you are.
I will close back, the dam door and leave you, get it!
I swear,   .  . I 'll do it!
I didn't come to save you! I don't like bugs that look like you! You don't, deserved to be saved, that's why you down there, and I am up here Bumble Buggas Bitches!

I will not save you, your remains, as far as me is concerned  can remain down there, Bugs!
All you Goddam buggers, can stay down there, stay down there, hugger, buggas, muggas, I don't need you! Bumble bugger bitches, yells BR, with a tense voice full of hatred, demarcating clearly for them,

as a precursor of what fate might await! The tone, his tone, and it's an intensity of raw, gaul in his voice, means he means exactly what he saying! Undeniably! Shocked, the people quiet down, silence fills the room, and they look up at him, wondering if this is some kind of act or are they living in a continuous nightmare or something! Or something worse than a nightmare? This, this can't be, this can not, can not, not be happening - one of them thinks to herself, but it is!

So, what happens next is the investigator, BR, sizes up the situation and
decides he is going to let them know, who is their new boss now, whether they are ready or not, like or not,
this is what they got!

This it the way it's going to be! He is coming! He decides to throw a rope down and over his shoulder, he has his tits in his bag, and his sword at his side, a bucket and his lanterns tied around his waist, as he descends down the rope, into the big black cafeteria of doom.

BR, left the masks upstairs, and is in his usual get up, and he looks unreal,

His long coat smudged in blood and filth, his cowboy hat, down tight on his head like a death cap.

His hair wet, and dangling there like seaweed, his face and beard blackened with mud,

He squints his eyes. He climbs down the rope sliding down and puts one foot down, Boom, it makes a loud splashing sound into a  puddle of blood, on the floor, beneath his foot.

And as if on cue, he disengages mentally, from reality, and by the way he is walking demonstrates that in a way, that can only be best described, as a person being out of sync, time wise! He is in slow motion mode, real slow motion mode, imagine being in a crowd of people rushing in the subway and there's one guy in there walking sauntered if not super slow, walking extremely slowly. So slowly, that the people around him, seem to fly fast past him, as if there weren't walking, but driving cars at two hundred miles and hour!-zooming pass the slow motion guy like he is sanding still!

That's him, not in a rush and walking his way, slowly but in control of time, night or day, his time, his way or the his way!

He is in time to his time, but totally out of yours, not this flavor of reality, time real world time wise! Knowing, full well, when he is done with what he must do, he will return to your time, by and by, but just not yet!

He places the white bucket down, and places the lantern on the floor, pulls out his shotgun." tits," as he walks around with his sword at his side. He walks extremely slowly, a few steps at a time. His appearance is ghostly, and blows your mind!

 And as his foot comes down making contact,  it makes a loud noise as if it weighed hundreds, and hundred of pounds, as if he was not a man but a demon!  His eyes piercig, cold, keen looking back into the eyes of the unbelieving people, shocked, fearful people, before him sitting in dead stunned silence!
One man paying no mind to BR, ran up and started climbing quickly up the rope, Banga BOOM. BR shot a warning shot, and said,

Shop, Or I will shoot you!
You to get out of here. You got understand I am he man, do what I say, you will live another, isn't that easy?
Easy to understand!

I will kill you! Do I need to explain more? Are you gone listen to me? if you gone listen to me, say I do, Other wise get off my [ freakin ] rope sucker! And when you speaking to me- when you speaking to man, call me boss!
MY name is Rex,  BIG REX! BR, for short! Now get off my rope! And if you want to get on it, you ask me! But lets sure you understand, say I do
Brother, choice is yours!
The man climbed back down, but didn't say I do. Banga BOOM, big shotgun blasted the man, throwing his perforated corpse back spinning several yards like a wet towel against the wall! It slid down limp to move no more!
BR shot him, and said, I didn't hear, I say, I did not hear you say I do!

Now, seems some folks are hard of hearing. I say it again, I'll make clear, you want out of here, when come up to me, come near me, you tell I do, meaning you gone do what I say. Before you touch that rope, you tell me I do, other wise you can stay her! That's your choice, it's quite simple!
now, here how we pull this off,

You know me. Now, I wanna know you, see! See that [ freakin ] buctet. Br, said, calasly, casual, tossing his hand around and pointing to the big white bucket, sitting in the light of his flashlight!

Everybody looked, as is on a drug hooked, and stared!

Drop your ID's in there, passports, any ID, you got. Tell me your name, said BR, in a serous tone, that sounded deathly!  

Now BR, indeed, had come down with the big white bucket and told them, To all the bugs in here, let me make [ f***] clear! You got a mouth, use it! Don't, boy, I say don't, touch my Goddam rope, unless I tell you! And if y'all agree, you will be they all would be allowed to leave with me.

He told them, he would decide how many he would allow to leave, at a time, and in what order!

The first men he intentionally chose, by their identification cards! They we're normal thin men! He chose to take up five thin men, and one chubby man! A Rabbi and a Priest, and Arabic Imam and a Hindu Priestess, and a Voodoo high baptist Minister of the Church of Africa, and a fat terribly, obese man, and he ordered the five thin men to help lift the big five hundred pound man named Noah, up the ropes. They struggled. So, he dropped many ropes and tied them around Noah's big waist, and using five pulleys, and after about, twenty minutes, of arduous struggling, they successfully got him out.

They had no choice, in order to save themselves, BR had said they would have to rescue the big man first! Afterwards, he told the people left in the dark, they would be next, to be patient and wait their turn!

And he would return with water and bring them out too! He closed back the hole in the ceiling, and told the men that he took out, to go to the right, and they will find a bathroom, to and wash themselves spanking clean! To take off their dirty clothes and rapt themselves in the clean clothes of red and yellow curtains that were dry, he brought, which he cut up in big towel sizes, with his sword.

They went in the bathroom and were amazed that up here on the deck above, the lights were on and he told them, to wash themselves and they did, and then he told them to dry themselves in the red curtains and told them, there were strips of of towels to rap around their heads to blind fold themselves. At first they objected cynically, till he explain its purpose, that made them happy!

he wanted them to put on the blind folds on, so he would take them to his secret hideout, with lots of money, in the ship, where he was going make them rich, by giving them bars of gold, so they could start a big church in the world outside! So, the men listened and put on blind folds cause, he didn't want them to know where the gold was hidden and he, led them along on a rope and they followed BR.

[ 5 ]

It took awhile, but!
He led them down to to big black room, and opened the door, and led them inside and once they were all inside, he slammed the door shut, and turn on the air-condition freezer settings to the freezer, to well below 32º degrees down to 0, so they would freeze.

The men inside the freezer suddenly,

felt the rushing gust of cold freezing wind on they're freshly bathed skins,

and so alarmed took off the blind folds realizing they're in a big industrial freezer!

They looked in the front of the room and there they saw the freezer door was shut, and it had a small square shaped portal glass window shaped like a door!

And they looked out and on the other side of the glass was BR looking in on them trapped inside.

They pounded on the door and pleaded for him to open it. But, the man looking at them in the window showed no reaction. As if he could not hear them.

To him the sounds they were making were just sounds.

Sounds were a sensation in his ears, to BR, a sensation, didn't mean to much, because it didn't prove anything, and if it didn't prove anything it did not exist! He watched and watched as they went into the cold stages of death by freezing!
Interesting he thought, people bodies reach a stage where there is a point of no return, that comes! No return at all! This typically occurs during moderate to severe hypothermia, devolving to extremes, as the person becomes disoriented, as the body freezes, their mind plays tricks on them.

The brains, of these poor trapped souls, effected by extreme cold, it is abused, confused, and  these men, once frustrated and angry, they turn on each other as  their stress levels and raw emotions take over, they wind up fighting and are now irrationally, combative with each other.

The big man pushes the little man, the little man pushes the other man, The big man pushes around everybody like rag dolls. Rag dolls, in a doll house, and it was a mouse that tricked them to go inside.

They begin discarding their towels, that they were using as clothing, which, only increases the rate of heat loss in their bodies.

Why do people who are about to die by freezing do this?

Victims of hypothermia have been subjected to weird mental effects, thats what a cold-mind, to brain, to body, induced malfunction of the hypothalamus, the part of the brain that regulates body temperature can do! It is powerful too! when extreme cold take place, it shrivels up, and can't think straight, any more, and you begin doing things, things you never would do.

Another explanation, is that the muscles contracting peripheral blood vessels, become exhausted, known as a loss of vasomotor tone, and relax, leading to a sudden surge of blood and heat to the extremities of the hand an feet, fooling the person into feeling they are hot, and getting hotter, and are overheated, when they are not.

The Hypothalamus brain is doing its job!

You in this situation, think it is warm, too warm, and begin to undress yourselves! But, you are inside the freezer, but despite that your brain has gone insane, only thing keeping it all together is the upper stages of the mind, which cannot feel pain or cold but is aware, very aware, the vehicle it is residing in, is under a death threat.

And it sends signals that you are too hot, you are compelled to think, you must take off your shirt, your pants, your under clothes. You want to be naked, so you can feel cooler, but, you are fool now, fooling yourself into undressing yourself! And, an ice cube, you would soon be, undoubtably!

The medical term, the Doctors refer to this is ,"Paradoxical undressing!"

BR, watches them as they descend downward pass," The Paradoxical undressing," stage, and go into the next death brain stages, they retreat into the corners of the freezer, and cling to the walls, and sit in the corners, bend over trying to hide or to dig into a hole, to burrow down like a squirrel in the ground, in order for the last vestige of, " the Brain," to manifest at the behest of mind, before it dies, to carry out, The Primordial Directive!"
To do all it can do to survive!  It is one of the Fractal Laws of the Specie!

Burrow down, burrow down into the dirt from whence you came, and hide from he who comes, and hide from death!

This last stage of the freezing process, you're going through, is called the burrowing, or the," Terminal burrowing." In this stage, You will now, seek a section, or spot to squat, a little place, a litter territory, to dig  hole into, to get out of the terminal cold!
The men, now seek a little corner of the freezer they can call their own. And after each conner has someone sitting on it, and as they shiver to death, bone cold flesh, turns to rock hard mesh, and finally they enter Ice cube-land! A place you don't want to be!

After that your an ice cube! He watched them freeze, the cold did as he pleased. Then smiling, decided to leave.

He came back to the hole and let the rest of the people out, both the old and the young including children, and he told them to used the bathroom and clean them selves good and that, they could use the dry red and yellow curtains, that he had ripped up for them, as towels, and could fashion clothes from it, by just wrapping them around their waist, in hast because he wanted to take them out side, as soon as possible, too!
The people complied, and so began the arduous long in coming, exit from the ship of doom.
They climbed the long ropes, helping each other, pulling each other up. Helping each other using the pulleys, and with the help of the flashlights,
level after level, deck after deck they climbed up and out.

BR, went got the little doggies.
He had tied to a pole, got a couple of jugs of water, and boxes of food, went and surprised the men waiting so long for him to return.
The demented Captain Andronikos, and also, the sceptic young scientist, named Jonathan, and together, he led them all out of the ship to salvation.
And dawn of a new life on the two Earths had begun.

[ 6 ]

Well sir, took awhile, a good long while, climbing out safely I did it. Got the buggers out! All climbing out safely, was a miracle too. Cause, most of these folks are as about athletic, as a eyeball-less couch potata. Dam sure, wasn't easy but Luckily I got the whole bunch of them out, and brought them up stairs. Now, as expected, we had some trouble with the captain. He was suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome, or flash backs, or heart attacks, or this or that, or something. I don't know, I don't know, I don't know shucks, I ain't, no dam Doctor! But, we made it all the way back, and I took them down to my camp!
 On the way,  I told the grown-ups to take of the young-in's, and to stay there, while Jonathan and I, got some of them to bring up more stuff out of the boat! We went down and got some of the bags of stuff, water jugs and boxes of food, and equipment! We done got, loads of crap, but good crap, like, em, er, we had, er, almost a hundred of feet of heavy duty electrical extension cords, yes sir! And, shucks, we got super lucky, we even pulled out eighteen of those small potable refrigerators, they got in the rooms, out from the ship too!
Inside of six hours, we hog tied tired, but, we got up, and back out! We were all out side in the fresh air, setting up our new home out in the fresh, fresh air, Oh, boy thank God, for fresh air!
Dam it stink down there. Holy shit!
We got out, without a care, well almost none, never the less its so far seemed like it was going to be fun, I just hope I don't got to kill no, one, thought BR to himself, cause bugs get out o line now and then ! We walked, and talked, and I saw the mens eyes light up, when my manJonathan, brought out a couple cases of liquors and beer, and sodas, that we found in the ship.
I prodded the old ships Captain, to open his mouth and yap and rap a bit!
Now, the Captain was a Greek dude, according to his papers, and all! Dude, was obviously, buggin, and in a bad shape, by the looks of him. He stretched out his hand shivering, and shake'in, and handed him a beer, and since I was gone be plenty busy fixing dinner, cause these buggers were begging me for something to eat. I figured, I get some of women folk, to help out!
I'd hook up the meats, and they could deal with the veggies, and serving the plates and water and drinks and all!

So, since most o them, was spread out all of the place.
I told Jonathan to get the mothers to bring the kids closer to the campfire, while I got the Captain to tell stories! Stories about, what he knew and things that happened to him. Well, sir, the old goat was still confused, and couldn't tell a horse from car, but was pleasant enough! And, the guy, was walking around with his hands behind his back, thinking! at least I hope he was thinking? I know the fish, was shocked, and baffled just like everybody! and I also noticed he was dressed same as before, and he did take a bath. this I have push him to do, later, if he was gone be around peoples!
This all was mind blowing, unreal for me and them too.
 But shit what could do? Life, it is what it is, I thought to my self.
Anyway, while I was cooking I needed them to have something to focus their minds on, now that there ain't no phones, No TV! No brain interface'in games, no 3D, shift shaping robot boys and girls, no augmented nothing!  
But, as you can imagine, it was too much for every body! And a horrendous shock, and big time disappointment for those buggers, that I saved!

But, what hell, I did tell them the world was destroyed, so when they came out and saw, what I was telling them all along that their world, was totally destroyed, there was two earths one over their head. That alone, seeing it with own eyes, was enough to make you just shut-up and drop dead! But nobody did! Although the youngsters, children from about two to fourteen, about twelve of them did cry and cry, buckets of tears, and didn't stop, but that was to be expected!
And this earth, the bottom, one they were living on, they would have accept it. Come what may, every Goddam day, and don't look back, look towards the future yep, and that's the way go, joe!
I now had to go about cooking dinner, and I asked Judy and Saddie, to help me prepare dinner too, I had brought up some of my special meats, from you know where, and had quite a task to do too!
And we set up a big pot, I got. And the ladies took one of jugs of water and some of the cans of soup I found and we boiled the meat first to defrost it, cause it was still hard as nails, cause I had just taken out a couple of my packed boxes of my special meats treats, and the stuff out of the secret freezer, then, they we roasted them bad boys up! There's nothing like mouth watering,  fried meat hot on the grill! Yep, it was barbecue sauce time, USA! America will come back another day!
Ya, hoo! Well sir, we opened up a couple dozen cans of corn, peas, potatoes and string beans! Now, I know, when times are tough, rice is the thing, Rice is it man! That sucker, is easy to make, and will last a long, long Goddam time, and fills a cowboys belly right up!

So, I told the ladies, young and old, especially the grandma's, to go crazy fixing up lots a rice. Lots of rice! So it will last us! And taste good and it's nice!
And, they took a big pot, and boiled some rice over the fires! And this here latin chick, came up, smiling, her eyes looked like black eye peas. and introduced her self. Her name was Maria, Boy, that girl, she looked goodddd! Body on that babe! And er, Maria, well, she hooked up a pot of rice and beans, puerto rican style! That baby was bad, bad! Them beans! Wo! Delicious! And, come sundown, around six o'clock. I guess? Cause we can't tell, cause we don't got no more watches, or house robots assistants to talk to! So, we spread out, what was left of that big old yellow curtain, we brought up, and we all sat down on the ground, around the campfire, to have our first big time dinnertime, all together, like little happy bugs!

One bug, er, I mean woman came up and said, we just want to thank you, from the bottom of our hearts BR.
You're  papa Big Rex, to us now! Thanks for savings us, she said, then a lotta them came by to express they gratitude, to too!
Lots o them, said thanks too.
One by one before the night was done, they all thanked him.
BR said, let's all eat, drink and be merry every body, ha, ha, ha,  .   .  . for tomorrows another day!

[ 7 ]

BR, is a very conflicted personality, very, very conflicted. He is a person, possessed by many personalities, who in his twisted mind, thoroughly dislikes all people, because he considers them untrustworthy, and so ethically flawed that he places more significance, momentousness, and importance on the life of a little tiny bug than on them.
Such is the distain he holds for them, calling them all Bumble bugger bitches! But yet, the world he knew was blown up, and he survives, and he comes into conflict with this belief! Why? Because, now, somehow, he feels the need to place a special value, on these people, because it was he who saved them! And he finds it hard to accept the concept of the lost of all humanity that lost their lives on doomsday.
And he wants to believe that somehow these people are special, and these people he pulled out of the boat are different, and can be better than the people who perished, and even though he knows he is a crazy madman, he thinks he can help them to be better.

See, me, he said, me? Shucks, I like bugs! They hide in rugs, crawl in and out of the coffee mugs, and sometimes, while you sleeping they up and give you a hug! Yes, sir,  .  .  . Bugs Bugs, Bugs! They know what to do. They don't gotta be fed. They feed themselves. When a neighbor acts up, you eat him.
Life is simple! No bullshit! No six o'clock news! No lying politicians!

Now, I got all these people buggers around me, but, I still like, what I like, I like doing what I like, sitting down at sundown, alone, and cooking bugs in my frying pan. I hope I don't regret bringing these fish out. They don't know me. I can be, they, best friend, o they worse enemy! We'll see. We'll see. We'll see.  I sure hope none o them mess with me, but if they do, I'll kill 'em!

Now that they're here, if they saw me frying up bugs in a pot, they'd criticize me, and laugh, and I probably, put a bullet in they nose! And chop off they toes, all depends on how I feel that day!

O' course, I knows, I gonna, have to change, one day, because of what I did today. Saving all them, I gotta be their leader now! Being a governor, a king, and ruler of men, is not my cup of tea. I just don't got no patience for this crap, in me! Makes me wish there was a dam god for real, that boy, better help me, cause this shit ain't gone be easy!

But, in honor of the memory of my mommy and daddy. I promise to do better. and make these buggers, these fish, these people better! Even if I gotta kill'em
Or a least if my brain gets better! Start this here world again, if I can!

People, all o them something wrong, with 'em! The high class, act low class! It's how they think, that's why we got nuero intra interfaces on our heads most of the time,  or at least we had, before the world blew up. So, now we're unconnected. No more Google, bingo, bango, or none o that crap! We gotta use our brain!
So, if they listen to me, I would not kill them. As a bug would do. I'd give'em a trial and then kill'em!

Year. Trials, are an old, old, old idea, been around for couple of years. Wait, come to think of it,  maybe couple hundred years! I don't know? Thinking bout it, I remember my teacher saying trials been around a bit. So, I guess, joe, I know these, some of these men, bugs gone act up, cause a revolt! There's are so many of them.
[ 8 ]

If they challenge my control, Boy! They heads gone roll!  

 And I gone have to straighten them out! It's gone be rough! I gone be, physiologically and mentally taxed. And I am taxed, waxed and nuts to the guts, and crazy, all ready, freddy! So I guess I just kill 'em.  Although I don't know If I got enough bullets though? We'll see!

Anyhow, I know there's  a lot them, but, besides my shotgun, I found something. Heh, heh !  To take' em, down if they full around!  

During the destruction of the world, to escape, all us fools were running! I ran my ass off. The ground opened up. I fell down into hole in ground, a cave!
In the cave, was a tunnel to old, old ass bunker, the government had abandoned. I got locked and buried alive, in that cave, that had stored boxes, marked classified. I don't know what, or who put them there. But, I found [ lethal drugs] inside! That is, mother [ bleeping, ] serious drugs, drugs that kill, and don't play! And this cowboy, knows, .   .   . I know that shits kills, and how to use it.  

Anyhow, forget' bout that, let's see how it goes, let's enjoy dinner.  Yep, I am lucky! Tonight I gone have food. Real food, no more bugs! At least until I get a hankering for the taste of fried bugs, again!

Funny thing about bugs, the world blew up! People died, but the bugs and me are still alive! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, oh, ha, ha, I am buggy! ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!  
Well anyway. it's  dinner time!
And the food was smoking! I can't wait to get some of them meat treats! Ha, ha, ha, ha,  .  ha, ha oh ha, ha, ha,   .    .
No body stopped to ask what the meat was? I just told them I found some food, and water and stuff in the ship, and that was sufficient!
But I did, get quite a few request for hot dogs from some of the children!

I just said, we don't got none! And some of the young ladies wanted veggie burgers and tofu, and I told them too, we just don't got none! But, that said, they all had hearty appetites!
They ate it up hungrily, stuffing themselves, just like I thought, with that red barbecue sauce, it was finger licking good, if I do say so my proud self! They, was so dam hungry, WOW, I never saw so many jaws moving and eating! I looked up to the big upper Earth over my head, and said to myself secretly: see, sucker, do you see? Despite all the destruction, we ain't gone die, fly, fly we be. After all, after all the shit you put us through, we gone live! And if I gotta feed them what ever, I got to feed them, we gone live! That's a promise,   .   .  . Thomas!

Now, getting back to the dinner!
The Captain was sitting, to my right. He was still calling out to me and thanking me, like a broken record machine.
I handed him, a beer and told him to shut the hell up. He replied, thank you, thank you,  for saving me! Thank you, thank you! You know the same old, bla, bla bla ballad, etc. So what the hell else is new?
Anyhow, now that everyone was out, we got to talking and I asked him, when world blew up, does he know what happened to him personally?
Well, I got to say most of the time he didn't understand a dam thing I was talk'in, bout! But anyway!
I think part of his brain is still frozen! He is koo coo! Boy  reminds me of those old birds that live in them clocks! His head, is what I said, it works off and on!  Sometimes he can talk, and be down right articulate, smart even, and the next moment, a moron! If you know what I mean!
The Captain was a Greek dude, according to his papers. He was obviously, in bad shape by the looks of him. I was handing some beer to the folks, and when I came over with a box of beer, he stretched out his hand shivering, and I handed him a can of beer to drink! Boy, took it, but he had the shakes real bad, and he drank it straight down without stopping. Some of it he spilled on himself! I pitied him! But at least the crazy glue kept his head together. I'd hate for that shit to fall apart!

He still was freezing, from being locked up in the that dam freezer.


[ 9 ]

His face had the look of a man lost.
The look in his eyes was that of a wild man, and he would keep shutting them. He shut-'em down, for a minute or two, then he'd open them up, and look around quickly, and close them back! As if he didn't see what he liked, he thought he could erase it, by closing his eyes again. To me the sucker mucker fish, was showing physiological, behavioral symptoms of  negative ARF! You know, Augmented reality dis functionality, ain't that a bitch! Oh, man!
I sure hope for his sake, it's ain't that?

Ain't no head doctor can help that. And no therapy I know about.
 He kept open and closing his eyes in one minute intervals, then he would act funny, and start grabbing his chest and shaking his head all around, and  stomping his foot on the ground, like the boy, was trying to stomp, and kill roaches, or bugs, or something!.
As if things to him, were not what, they seemed. As if, he was in a dream, or scared of his own shadow, or something?

I  know a lot of professional dudes, like this here captain,  Di Andronikos, Dudes like him, had to have gotten BCI, community old standard stuff. It's real old technology, but y'all know, brain computer interfaces, is used on all kinds of transportation. So, as ships captain he had it, and Sensorimotor Neural Engineering mind launching, capacity too.

And tech, stuff, like that, y'all know,  whether you be a driving a rocket plane, rocket train or rocket cruise ship, like this one, they all need to be hip, and equipped!

Also, they gotta, have NIR, nuero interface rods modules in they head, and tons of all kinds of junk, like the old time, EEG, tests to make sure that they got a state certified brain, that is approved to handle the responsibility and duties of transporting thousands of people.
After all, thinking about it, that old rocket cruise ship, ain't a easy sucker, to drive.
But, now with all the networks dead, that means no online brain–signal processing to influence him, and help him make good decisions, no mo! The dude is out of awareness, of inter sectionality of the global world, cause the earth is messed up, split in two! They ain't no mo, global world. shucks!

Don't exist no more! This captain here, he's finished! No alternate high capacity JPR, brain back ups, for him. Now, with GI, niche, internet destroyed, and down forever, too! Hell, now, the sucker's, brain, was just an ordinary plain stupid brain! Plus, I found the boy, on the floor in the freezer, and the boy's circuits just gotta be frozen still, and malfunctioning, too! Hell!
And lord knows, we don't gotta no understanding, what's going on in him, and his po head! Who knows how that, broken circuitry gonna effect the boy.
That stuff in his head ain't no toy!

[ 10 ]  

The boy, was paranoiac, and constantly looking around this way and that as if he was expecting something or somebody, and besides that, he kept touching and feeling his body, especially his chest, and he would grab at his bloody shirt which he had completely opened! The opened shirt, was ripped in several places and was awashed in blood stains!  

I thought I saved him, from below, and I did, but the boy had demons in his head. I, or nobody could not save this man from that. They were in his head, and I could see him spiraling inside himself, going down toward dementia, or a very bad, bad place!  If he goes nuts, totally, I am just gone have to shoot him , or tie him up to a pole or something, cause this is more than I bargained for!  Way more! Ain't, no shrinks alive, the likes of them are all dead, no hospitals, no nothing.

I hope he makes it, I thought to my self!

Judy, told him to have some milk, but he declined laughing, ha,ha,ha, that was the first time I heard him laugh, and Judy laughed too! I looked at the woman, now clean and washed , her blond hair blowing gently in the winds, with new life in her! She had changed, this was the woman that was not so long ago wishing to die, holding nose in the dark! Now, alive and looking around up at the earth above her head curious like a child!

She was attractive too!

She down a whiskey straight out the bottle no glass.

And she nodded to me and I raised my bottle to her, she looked good in the fire light, as the it got dark fast, because the Earth above us, was blocking out most of the setting sunlight. It cast a kind of eerie blue mist to the everything, just then a breeze blew, and a distant very faint but distinct crying cat was heard! Meowwww, meowwwwduck! What the hell was that asked Judy, I don't know said, Saddie, seated, legs folded next to her on the ground near the campfire! She a plump busted brunette bombshell, with a rebellious snake personality, combined with a don't give a dam attitude! Just a cat it getting on, what ever, she remarked, like it was nothing. But, BR, had heard that calling wind before, yes, he did, and at first he thought he was imagining it, but was now relieved that others could hear it too, anyway  

 Just then the Captain got his head together a little bit. He got to feet, and started rambling saying crazy stuff, and I said you got to slow down, speak up, speak loud and a little slower, so we can understand you boy!
I am, a little confused, so much, has, all this has happened today, he said, I like you, all of us have gone through a tremendous shock,
I realize that we are the lost,
but, we are lucky to have Big Rex, Otherwise we would all be dead!
I want to tell you what, What, I want to go say, he said, incoherently, as he walked unsteadily around the campfire, we were all looking at him! Then I said why don't tell us, continue on, he looked at me, and said are you sure?
I didn't understand it, But, what was happening was no dream, he said, that much I knew! I know what he was going through, if he was loosing his mind! I'd been through some hard mental stuff too, and his mind would have to adjust fast or go nuts, and dam man, shit, going nuts is something, something I know about!   This boy, is going to have to snap out of it, or else, simple as all that!

I said, we all been through hell, if you boys want to discuss it, what happened to you I am all ears. Some of the men walked over drinking and gather around closer to listen to the Captain. The kids, were making fun of him cause he was acting strange!
Well, I talked with both men, Jonathan and the Captain, and we had just started a conversation, and it was getting more and more interesting, not just to me but the others seated around the fire!
The Captain, who said he was greek dude, from Athens, in the Aticas region. He said his name was Di Andronikos, and I recalled it, when I looked a this Identification, he had on him. It sure enough did read, that was indeed was his name!
 And he told us, he was working with the shipping line called  [ MV MARINA ] the cruise ship we were on before. He was working filling short termed contracts with the shipping line, which he had been working with them for more than thirteen years, and every thing was ok, for years, no problems. But, he said, he couldn't discuss, what happened, he said it was too scary, a place of no return for him. He's my brother, I know its heavy for the man, but shit, all that did was get my curiosity up!

What was it?  Bring it back what, I asked him? And he said, he saw terrible things, to, terrible to talk about!  Whats up with that, asked Saddie curiously?
Nothing, it's not good to know, that this thing was in my nuero platform! It is surreal, its hatred of me and thirst to do harm was unquenchable...
I don't think you would, like to hear about it!  Me? what, she asked dumbfounded, as she sat looking up at this guy walking around in circles around and around the campfire like hypnotized fly?

[ 11 ]

Well, sir, Ok! Boy, was acting mighty strange, he had every curious. He stood there looking into the fire light.

Then, he walked in a circle, so more then sat down, and lifted his hand and grabbed his chest, pushing it in.  Then, he got back up walked in a circle again, then sat down again, looking like a fool, that didn't know he was looking like a fool, and thats the worse kind of fool!
Then, then he fell back breathing hard, almost falling!
We all were clueless!
We all looked at each other, like saying what is with this boy! This boy is sick!
Jonathan looked at me, and I looked at him, then we both looked at the Di Adronikos, he was definitely looking at his chest and talking to himself, mumbling! His eyes were looking all wild like, and flittering around in his head.
Oh shit,  .  .  . Saddie said, time bomb time going off, oh well! What ever!
Hey boss, said Saddie, whats up with the Captain? The Captain is smart, I said, knowing and sensing he was going through a rough patch in his head!
And, he began freaking out, breathing real hard. Jonathan smiled broadly and said, look, Di Andronikos, My friend, relax, forget about it, as he said that, and handed him another the cold beer, which the Captain put to his head, and again he drank the whole can of beer, without stopping!

So, catching on, Saddie smiled,  also and handed him a drink too, twisting off the cap for him, it was a small bottle of Bacardi Rum.
She smiled pushing her long hair from out of her eyes, and said here, big guy this one is for you!  It will make you feel better, Captain!
Again he down it nonstop, and then fell out! Jonathan and I looked at each other laughing, and smiling a little, then a lot! Wondering what's with this boy? The children giggled too, ha, ha, ah!
He collapsed fell backward looking straight up at the sky, and he was talking but, no words were coming out!
We thought it was so funny, we chuckled!
Then, he all of a sudden grabbed his chest, Ow! Ow, he yelled!
The crowd stopped eating their dinner, and grew silent watching him intently! Their eyes, was bugging out!

Then all of sudden, the man got up and started jumping up and down, all around, like one of those Australian kangaroos, barking like  a dog," ruf, ruff! roufff, " And  howling and acting all crazy, and he jumped in the campfire, and I kicked him out before his clothes caught on fire! And Jonathan pushed him to the ground. And the boy, began crying and carrying on, and going into convolutions!

Then he turn over on his stomach and he started vomiting, coughing up green stuff on the ground. No, no, now it can't. It cain't, no, he screamed! I need help, helpppp! Help me! Help, Helpppp!
It is so bad, it so, so terrible! What? What, asked Judy, walking over to help him!
It's happening! What? It, help me, he said pleading to us, and he acted like as if he was gasping for air. He shook and his eyes rolled in his head! He seemed to have difficulty breathing, and was coughing, and was panting, as he spoke in fragmented efforts, to speak to us!
What tell, um, er, you, tell me, tell us what, whats, what happened sir, asked Judy?
It about to happen to me again, he yelled as he rolled his eyes again! No! Cough! I, er um, I can feel, I can feel it!
Look! Di Adronikos! You're with us now! Your safe, said Judy, sympathetically as she patted him on the shoulder, trying to get him to calm down, but it was not working!
If anything this boy, was on his way to looney-toons ville! Getting crazy and crazier!
Nothing is going to happen to you! Do you understand! Now, now, now come on, calm down Mr, andronikos, relax and tell us what's wrong?
What happen to you, tell us Jonathan continued urging him seriously, as he knelt down, looking down at him. The guy began tremoring, and his shoulder and back muscles twitched involuntarily!
The captain, the captain was going crazy, right in front of every body sitting around the campfire! We all were all shocked, and wondered what on Earth was happening to this guy. Nice guy, but oh my God, he was going nuts! One moment he open and close his eyes, and jump up, stomp his feet down hard, like he try to kill a roach or bug.  He was out of it now, and it was getting worse.

He was going into violent convulsions, jumping and falling all of the place. He'd roll over, and over of the floor, acting all crazy, and yelling  screaming incoherently. The look in his eyes, told you was seeing and fearing something real terrible. We didn't have clue, and didn't know it was? Suddenly he shut his eyes like a little kid playing games!
When he open them, his eyes seemed to be popping out his head, he tossed his body around banging his head on the floor, it was a fright full scene.

Then he closed his eyes tightly again, and open his mouth, and  let a loud scream. Yow Yowwwwww. He was just screaming  bloody murder. We knew he was having violent thoughts, and had to restrained him anyway we could.  
Other wise who knows what could of happened to him, he wasn't in control of himself. His arms and legs were flailing about trying to hit us and push us away, while we together, tried to hold him down.

He could easily, turn violently around, twist around, and roll over straight into campfire and get himself burned up badly or killed!

So I, told Jonathan, and another man, named Willy to give a hand with him, and help tie him to pole at the back of generator machine a few feet away!
Well, it took a bit of doing, goes without saying, he was  fighting us all the time, acting nuts, and all! Don't where he was getting the strength from, but we managed to grab him, put him down, and dragged and tied him up with rope and tied him to a pole. He, was going off something awful.

The captain was shaking and fighting to get free.
And did stop yelling and screaming! And the guy, was really struggling hard to get up, even though he was all tied up!

He pleaded with us to let him free, and yelled ;
No, you can't let it get me, No! No! Stop! Let me go. It is here. Here do you hear, he yelled! He told us something was out to get him, and was screaming his had off. I held his neck back and the man pulled away, growling, and trying bite me. BR, held his chest down, and yelled at him, gag habit, tell us what the hell is happening to you, captain? Can you calm down? Can you?  Calm, down down boy, he said, looking down at his watch's screen, on his arm, and tapped the record mode screen. and said, go, ahead. Talk! You afraid, somebody is in your head?

Yes, yes, yes, I may be engaging in Greek privilege, cause I acknowledge a Greek captain I be, it is my right to be aware of my history,
But the Pantheon, God Zeus, power's supreme, was nothing compared to the power of love's misery, very often defective leaders of people be, a warning to you BR, listen to me!

Cronus ate his children, fearful that one day they would become more powerful than he, Ghostnet, Hainan, Conficker, like the NSA, Eternalblue, yesteryear, wares, old malware true, old history but still, has its children to,
ate its offspring, fearful too, that they would become more powerful.

And me? And me ? Student of the Greek Elder Paisios, histories, and the prophecies of the end times.  
Way back, when I was a child, in school I had to download a history book about the internet to read. And I read in a book about," Hobby Lobby," and The flip side of privacy is secrecy, and now today as an old man, I remember back, and I am confused.  And thinking,  .   .   . If corporations, who are people too, want to track my data, can their agents and apps, be in my head? Watching? Watching me even though they are today now dead?

Or I'm not sure. I am really confused about this! But what I think it is most likely, My alternate darkside ego, disguised as me, you see, hacked into my head artificially,
Why?  Fearful that my good-side. My moral good side of me, would become more powerful. And  Now like Zeus, my chagrin is, perish I will be. Fend off it! Fend off it. Fend off it ,   .   .   . I cannot?

Cronus, spare this greek. God. Θεός, Θεός Please!

God help me, Ya, yaaaa OH no, Nooo.  Help me, help me, is there no one, anti-malware from out there, from some where, that can help me out of this misery? Big Rex, looked down, looked up, and turned away, avoiding the old mans eyes, and said to him,   .   .  . You are deeper than the ocean,  dam  sure deeper than the sea. I ain't gone forget what you told me, he said.  Still BR, to himself, thought he was gonna die soon, and this was him talking crazy. He let go of him, and  said see. You can talk a lot and say a lot of things when you're calmed down. Tell us, we all here listening to you, and we want to hear what you, what you got to say.

Ok , wait ok, let me, let, let me think, he said trying to catch his breath and relax, a little. He leaned back, and let his head rest back and he began to relate this astonishing weird story!
He said it all, a started about noon, midday at twelve O'clock. It was a nice day, clouds, in the sky, all things working on the ship, everything, just as it should be! No problems! The ship was functioning normally, working, everybody was happy, and having a good time. No kind of problems, he said. He was in a good mood. His sailors, were all going good too, the ship engine worked as they should flawlessly.
Well, it all started just about noon time. I was the one commanding the ship all morning, and I took my lunch break, went down stairs to my cabin below, to eat and relax, Captain Di Andronikos, said, He took the newspapers to read sports the section as is his custom. When, just like that, the lights in his the room, bam! They went out?
The light went out?  What's this? What the  .  . The hell's going on, he asked himself annoyed at the unexpected inconvenience!
Well, sir, he had just come down, and was resting and taking it easy in bed, and it was not more than two minutes had gone by, and he didn't expect absolutely anything to go wrong and all! But, things did go wrong?

First, the lights went out, impossible, he thought to himself. Then bingo! Then it came back on!
And, this he thought was a very strange. And, he was just about to get on up, and call on his radio up stairs, to ask his second in command, to find out why the lights went out? When suddenly, he felt this here, chest pain. His chest was all of a sudden tightening up. He thought it was nothing unusual at first. You know, he thought his ticker, was acting up, he did not think, perhaps he was having a heart attack or anything like that!

But it felt weird and crazy. He felt a sharp, sharp pain in the center of his chest, like his chest bone was hurting and about to crack open or something!
The pain, it got dam right, sharper, stronger type of pain, paining him, in his chest, right here, he said, pointing to his chest, and tapping it with his finger!

Just tapping it with his finger, three or four times, just to make sure, and let us know exactly where the spot is.

And the pain proceeded to get worse. And really disturb him, and this man's composure was unraveling fast, as he spoke to us!. He started coughing, and coughing, and then, he'd yelled out, Ow, ow, ow,
In a low, pitiful sounding  sound!

Then, here and there, he would, stopped and took a deep breath before us, look at us, then his chest. Look at Judy, then me, then gaze up and look at the big upper Earth, floating over our heads in the sky.

Then, he started looking at the all the faces of the friendly, brite eyed children, looking intently, and curiously, at him as they sat, seated on the ground, around the yellow flashing light, of the campfire.

Then he would continue telling us his story! He was fidgeting all around, moving oddly this way, and that, glancing over his shoulder like he was afraid of a big bad boogyman or something.
Oh, my gosh! He'd continue talking.
His memory of what happened that day, made your skin crawl!
BR, bit into his hamburger, watching that captain talk! Took a drink, and winked and checked him out good! Oooo, we! He said, now that captain, is a nervous, fish. A nervous  fish dude, this dude do be, yes, sir reee, commented BR!

The captain he shook his head and waved his hands round, and said he was in his cabin laying down, and he made weird movements with his hands and rubbed his belly, like it was jelly, and like he was trying to draw an outline of a shape to show us, or something!
So we could understand him. The, man said his chest swelled up like a ball. Like a late pregnancy woman, that looks like any minute, was about to have a baby!

I, got's to tell you, I thought the boy, was plume nuts, said BR.

He said his chest started to expand and seemed to bulge out, and bulge out, bigger and bigger out of his rib cage as if he was, I don't know?
As if it was going to split open, and his guts were gone to come out, with the power and force of a tornado, or something.

And fly up and crash straight into the ceiling!

I know it sounds crazy, but that what he did said.

He said, the pain, it felt like it  strong, hurting him, real bad, like it was being caused by something, something big, and alive and wild moving inside of him!

He said, the pain got so dam bad, he wished he was dead, that's how bad, he said it got!

As his face turned red!
So, now, with his chest heaving upwards, and downwards, and bulging, getting bigger, he said he did not know what to do?

The look of panic, was on the man's face, beads of sweat appeared on his forehead, and  he had look of fright on him, as his two eyeballs swelled out in his head!

Judy, said OMG!
Then, the captain said, the sensation in my chest, was so painful I began to scream and believe you me. That, was bad, it was scary, cause I never screamed! OH my God! It was too awful! Just awful!

Then, suddenly it stopped for a second. The pain,  It went away, I took my shirt and opened it up so I could look down at my chest, and I was feeling my chest, when the pain struck back again, more powerful this time, like I got hit by a truck, or something. Pounding inside of me, what ever it was, wanting to get out! I closed my eyes tight as all hell, and yelled and screamed. Oh my God, Did I let out a scream! Hell, my chest swelled up, like, like what else can tell you like a ball. Like a woman about to give birth.

Oh my god, my god, Was, I about to give birth? Give birth to what? OMG! No. No, no, it can't be.
And the miserable pain. It was unbelievable! That pain, OMG! It was too much, oh, to, too strong! And I looked down quickly at my chest! I looked at it. I am not a physician, so I don't know what was occurring to me?

I tried to look and examined it, and I saw what looked like eyeballs looking out at me through my skin, my very own chest shin! I yelled NO,  no, no, Noooooooooooo.
I screamed help, something is in me! Ya yarrrrrrrrrrrr-help-me! And it was blowing up, then, deflating, blowing up, and deflating rapidly! When it came back up, and it was getting bigger.

The skin on my chest, trembled and began to stretch out a lot! I could see the shape of something. I looked hard at it . It was a nose? OH My GOD! A nose, a dam nose on my chest. It had nostrils and it started to breathe, in and out!
OMG, great father in the heavens, praise be to thee, Lord I said, this cannot be happening to me! Please,  .  .  . Help me!
 This thing I see!
A nose coming out of me, I yelled OH, NO, No no, no, noooooo!
But there with my own two eyes I saw it!

The outlines of a face under the skin! I was going crazy! It was impossible! But it was real! Help! Help ya,yaaaaa,   .  . No, no! My body convulsed, and a strange force got me and picked me up!
I lifted up off of my bed. I don't know maybe a foot or so. I was too confused, and anxious to think straight at the time. And this was all happening so fast!

[ 12 ]

Then I don't know, just then,
I fell back down, but then it took me up in the air, and I rose up, up again, then it plunked me down in to my bed. Up down, up down, and all this time, I still was feeling this, this horrendous pain, that was really killing me! Killing me, OMG!
It, it was terrible! Help! He yelled! And, then, right there front of him was a 3D Fractal impersonator, that somehow, came out of the origins of a augmented reality back pack, that he was still wearing.

The captain, told us, he usually wears it, to get ships data overlays verified, and to fact checked imagery,
to help him chart inter-coordinated boat, and sea maps, for ocean routes, and also, for essential logistic, and passenger tracking reconnaissance record keeping.

But, he was still wearing the battery power IT device, on his back strap, and now, somehow, it was malfunctioning terribly, and a superimposed computer-generated, malignant, software avatar, tapped to his DNA, records!
Then,  self produced, a 3D fractal creature, in the form of Doubleganger, that looks exactly like him in real life! And was coming into this reality, for unknown purposes! And it was, very very frightening! There was no deliberations about this. It just happened. The thing was in control, and I was not! It was real. it was an outrage!

The problem, was a glitch, had to channeled and hacked into, and stolen a self awareness piece, of classified, corrupted code, allowing it, access to programming himself, to hate me and kill me, specifically. It's motives? Who knows?
And, this other self, was a Doubleganger and looked exactly like him! But unlike him, had no morality! No soul! But,  .   .  . ironically, it was a soul all right, but, a soul out of control!

And he saw it's body, in the room, even though the lighting was poor, and it made it look even weirder!
Then, my hand, he saw his hand stretch out of the wrist socket, and popped off my wrist, and it flew away like a mad hand with all five of its out stretched fingers, wiggling around menacingly,  as it flew.

Then it stopped, as if it could look around, and it and twisted and quickly turned around flew back towards me, and tried to rip the nose off of my chest.
And when I saw that, I really, really felt endangered! It grabbed my nose, and it pulled and pulled, at it. It hurt so bad!
And I couldn't reach it with my other hand to stop it, because my chest was so big now! The 3d virtual reality version of me, came into play now, downloading medical data. It pretended to be a medical surgeon, a Doctor, now. And  medically intervened, using retrieved data on incidences of anatomical anomalies, and transposed an anatomical shifting of my mouth, from the front of face, to up on top of my head! So that my teeth were now growing out of my skull. It gave a finger a finger to look at, and put it close to my mouth. And I know, I should not do such things! I am a religious man! It's  wrong! But,  I, I was so angry, and my hatred of this thing, had grown so. Well,  do you blame me?  Given the opportunity, I just open my mouth on my head, and bit into it, and ripped it off, and ate it! You got to understand, I was hungry! It looked at me! Then it laughed, at me! ha, ha, ha! And stuck its finger in my eye!  

I screamed stop, stop, stopppppp! Oh my God, did that hurt! I told it to stop! But it wouldn't listen.
All of sudden, now I, felt my arms, feel funny like. And were inflating up, and getting big, swelling up like balloons, and in an instant, they popped off, out of my arm sockets, one by one, and I saw them, when they popped of my body! And Oh my God, if you could have seen it! Oh No! The blood gushed out, like a fire hydrant.

[ 13 ]

I was losing massive amounts of blood, and it rose of all over like a wild fire hose out of control! I was clueless, didn't know what to do? I didn't understand what was happening to me?

I screamed help, help, my arms, please,  .  .  .  get my arms. What am I going to do without my hands, I started panicking?

How will I eat? OMG! I needed hands. I need hands to eat? I got to have them!  It was terrible. What was happening to me? What was happening?  Then, Boom, my stomach popped open. My stomach guts flew out hitting the front wall. It fell down a leaving a trail of blood and pieces of bluish, white and red nuggets, of what looked like, hairy, stringy moving stomach guts parts, and this bio mass, is what splashed up against the flat room wall.

It stuck momentarily, than proceeded to fall down on the floor!  Then of all things, my nose, started acting up! It started to bleed! I had a nose bleed on my chest, of all places! And the blood drops, were dark red, and the liquid blood ran down randomly, and meandered down my big tall round chest and, and formed tiny rivers, that rolled down my chest, on to my hips, and my pants became wet with blood, which then dripped in my bed, and rolled across the bed sheets fast, with supernatural power, dripped onto the rug on the floor of the cabin, and briskly rolled across the floor, as if it was on mission, and hit the far wall. Where, it immediately climbed up vertically, and stopped and began writing the letters to a story.

I read what it said, something I can't repeat!

I then heard laughter, ha, ja, ha, ja, ja, ha, ha, mean cruel twisted sounding laughter from another world in 3D Augmented reality space!
And then my stomach burst open a second time, and my nose flew off and out zooming straight up and crashed into the ceiling,
And I saw it. I had giving birth to him, and him, my child was, was a doubleganger identical copy of me. OMG! At first it looked like he was going to mimic me?  It was like looking in a mirror! But I was, and he was me, inside 3D Augmented reality!

And he pulled off his right arm, right out of its socket. I saw all the veins in his arm hanging out from it.
And he took it, and started beating me with it in my face, Bam, Bam, bam.
I was shocked.  I couldn't believe it! He kept slapping me with it! My past experiences with 3D augmented reality creatures, before was that they had been characteristically mild, low-key, and no danger to people, but now what was happening to me, my opinion changed forever.

The pain was off the charts. I am going die for sure!
The hand that came off my arm was back, and was now was forcefully tearing my skin off my face! I screamed as it peeled off my right cheek. I screamed out loud and wished I was dead. Then it grabbed my eyelid and pulled on it. OW! Ow! I was able to see my hand close up, and when you see the skin real close,  I could look at it good. I don't know how, but my implanted nuero internal magnifier, enabled me to see the pores in the skin looking like pot marked sewer holes, and inside these hundreds and hundreds of  pores in the skin, which under normal circumstances were small and tiny, were now, huge, and were big, wide, and round and shaking this way and that, all around. In each of them, in it's center, I saw little eyes looking out at me!

They were connected and floated in a liquid, that was moving in there, that was thick, wet like yellow amber snot syrup! Through it, I saw it had, all these tiny red, and blue veins, that spewed out, and got spit into my eyes! It's this action, is what led it's flesh to become welded to my eyeballs, and got attached. I screamed, knowing this was appallingly gruesome, and silently invoked it to stop, but it did not. The man, raised his arm, and boldly smashed it through a glass window, in 3D augmented space, that rose up out of the brite blue wall. And it's arm passed through the wall as if it was butter, and grabbed a giant pink piglike thing, and brought it back, and pushed it in my face, and rubbed it all in. And he laughed then looked at me,  and pulled me by the hair and kicked me right in my face! Ow! OMG! I wished I was dead! Anything to end this!
I almost blacked out! I was seeing stars! I was hurting bad! It went on and on, and I could tell It was, really enjoying cutting me open.
It wanted me dead, and by the look of things, I couldn't  take much more of this, I would be! I gave up. I felt I wanted to be dead too. It had to be better than this.
I screamed and screamed, it was so horrible. Screaming was all I could do!
And, he wouldn't stop! He kept coming! He kept trying to kill me! He kicked me, and he pushed me over, and stabbed me, over, an over all over my body, again and again! All I could do was bleed red and wish I was dead!!  I felt so ashamed. The feeling of helplessness hurt me, my pride, made me feel horrible.
All I knew was I was dying. I preferred that to this! I was in such pain I could not think, and I was bleeding so much, really fast!
I tried to get up, but he pushed me down! He, smiled sinisterly, and made an obscene gesture, then, he blinked at me? I didn't know what was the reason? Then, he reached over and plunged his hand into my open chest, he ripped out one of my ribs, and stabbed me in the eye! Ow, Oww! I screamed!
It was a massive blow. NO! Noooooo
 I can't see. I can't see. Oh my God! I can't see! I can't Oh no, no, no! I screamed in extreme pain. Stop for the love of God, please! But he didn't listen to me, but instead just laughed! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, .   .  .
He seemed to getting his kicks off in my head, and laughed  And I told him to go to hell! He burst out laughing again, Oh ha,  ha,  ha,  ha,   ha,   ha, Oh ha,  ha,  ha,  ha,   ha,   ha.

And, then he was quiet! There was a pause, and uneasy moment of silence. Oh NO, nooooooo, ya, yaaaaaaaaa. And, suddenly, I looked up, and to my amazement, the ceiling was raining! Raining down tiny red balls of blood drops, and it was raining real hard! And this scuttled, any of my hopes of getting out alive. The room started to fill up and soon would be flooded, drowning me.
I saw him, he was waiting, waiting for me smiling, and I knew he was happy!

Meanwhile, the bloody rain fell down in torrents, in my eyes blinding me. I reacted defiantly, but I couldn't do anything, and now, blind, I totally couldn't see, and I passed out. The bloody water levels rose up, higher and higher, the bed I was on, submerged. I can't swim. I had been battling this, and lost, said the captain sadly, and closed his eyes. And was silent.

CHAPTER 12    REPLY# 104>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg48953/#msg48953

Hi! It's me  Madcow sammy , OMG. boy talk about a bad hair day! That Captain needs to chill! Hello! bye bye, to da loo!

© Intermind Weavers 2012 all rights reserved. Said text works are not for redistribution or utilization without express permission of author.                              
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Tribute to Master Jesse stories inspired to honor him and his contributions, SEE REPLY#17
see it here reply#17>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/15/

Insist we do a tribute to another prestigious mighty Master, Jessi  : The Programmer Magician

For instantaneous locations of Art and Film Reviews by All Masters featured go to see REPLY#12 in the  " huge lack of comments" section

The Scary Jesse Chronicles

We dedicate these Baby Jesse, stories in appreciation of and to honor this Fractal Artist named Jesse, a master developer of the Mandelbulb 3D application program, and also in honor of contributors, Daniel White and Paul Nylander’s Mandelbulb work.

The Scary Jesse Chronicles series motif, is an expression of the [ Erudition Gene ] construct. Or, what could be called more simply, " The DNA, algorithmic destiny, some people are born to do great things construct!" And functions on the premise, that the inheritor of the alfa [ Erudition Gene ] DNA genomes-lines, will contribute great things to society, since the beginning of society! And in these stories, we attempt to demonstrate examples of great things the Master Jesse, has done throughout history since the dawn of mankind.

We follow as baby Jesse, goes on these fascinating journeys and horrific adventures, as he gets lost in a mysterious fractal rabbit hole, that leads him, way back to the caveman times, his trials and confrontations with cannibals, and demons, black fractal magic, and spirits, both good and bad, and what its like to grow up, when he was just a little boy!  

                         THE SCARY JESSE CHRONICLES


Chapter 1 tribute to Master Jesse see it here = REPLY#17>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg38808/#msg38808
Chapter 2 Stories it here = REPLY#98>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg48373/#msg48373
Chapter 3 see it here = REPLY#102>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg48949/#msg48949
Chapter 4 see it here = REPLY#106>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg49239/#msg49239
Chapter 5 see it here = REPLY#109>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg49532/#msg49532
Chapter 6 see it here = REPLY#114>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg49938/#msg49938
Chapter 7 see it here = REPLY#115>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg50145/#msg50145
Chapter 8 see it here = REPLY#118>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg50741/#msg50741
Chapter 9 see it here = REPLY#119>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg50935/#msg50935

The Scary Jesse Chronicles

Chapter 3

Who the hells that? You! Now Baby Jessi looked up and on the ceiling was a strange site, filled with fright at first sight!

He tipped his neck back and looked up to the high ceiling and saw he was looking at a giant butterfly. The butterfly was pretty, and big and yellow, with lots of flaca markings branches of color on its big, big wings,
in black and it had mountains of white circles on it, and had a red head, and was puffing a joint of butts, and it was singing a Beatle song.
"We all live in a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, Oh a yellow submarine," and it had one eye and it looked down and suddenly noticed, Baby jessi, and  said, Yo,  

MAN, MAN, You know man?  Man, you is a crook, man!

You don't live here, man!

Man, You are an intruder,

you not a trespasser man!

You, is a crook, plain as day man!

You trying to get away, man!

I can tell you a crook, man!

Are you a crook, man?

Whats a crook? Whats a crook asked Baby jessi?

Don't give-me that innocent crap, dude!

I know you a thief, man!

You sneaked in to this hood to rob it man, ain't that right?

Ain't that right, man,  asked the Butterfly to Baby Jessi sitting on the floor down below clueless?

Whats up dude, cat got you tongue or something?

Answer me man?

Well, Baby Jessi, thinking to himself, didn't know what to make of this!

Usually when Baby Jessi, opens his mouth to try to talk, he would be barking like a dog, but now, now when talking to the butterfly, he could converse naturally? Yes, it, its true! The child finds, the universe is strange, moment to moment things re-arrange, but was it re arranging in his head, that said, the confused child looked awhile up at the creature, this strange butterfly, in the ceiling sitting on a green fractal cut chandelier , squealing, asking him if he is a crook, wondering why he was there! He had fear, but tossed his fear aside,
looked at the one eyed butterfly in the eye!

Whats up with you man? What is up with you asks the one eyed butterfly to baby jessi?

I don't now man, I don't know, My mommy put me to bed man, and interrupted, the butterfly astounded. hard for him to put to bed?
What man, your mommy?
Year man, she put me to bed, man, next thing I know man, I am here, man, like holy crap man, this joint is heavy man!

Your mommy, thats heavy man, whats your name, man! Baby Jessi, man! Cool man!

But they don't call me, Baby Jessi man though, they call me, "Bone head," man!
Man, man thats deep!
Year man, thats what I was saying to my self, man!
Whats your name, man!


I am Crooked Baby, man!

Thats a cool nick name, man!

Thanks man!

So whats up man?

I am running away, man !

From who man?
Some crazy dude man, who thinks I am a dog, man!

Holy crap man, thats weird!
Year man, thats what I was thinking too, man! Thats what I was saying to my self, man!
Dude, this dude is like nuts, man!
I can't understand the dude?
Whats his name, man?
Rodney, man! A little tiny dude!
Holy crap man!
You know who he is man?
Thats the people who own this hood, thats their son, man!
WOW, like year, man!
All of a sudden, there came a loud scream filling the room, it was loud, it went : iah hock hock hock
ah hock hock hockkkYAAA eeeeiii  YA! ah hock hock hockkklike ya !
Holy crap, whats that? What the hell is that, asked Baby Jessi scared, his eyes popping out his head like pool hall sticks, and wiggling up and down like white tennis balls, as he spun his head around ?
Ghosts man, this hood is chock full ghost.
It's a haunted place man!
If you want to live its time to run, baby, see you later, said, Crooked Baby puffing on a joint, anxious and frightened, as he flew flying down the hall like a bat out hell, leaving Baby Jessi all alone!
Ha, ha, ha, BONE Head Bone Head, called a voice suddenly!
Where are you? Bone head, ha, ha, ha, look over here, Bone Head, heh heh! Ha ha, ha! Baby Jessi, looked over to his left. And on the floor, he saw a black thing! It shook! It trembled! It shook again! Began to vibrated and the sounds it made were low, but steady frequency, oscillating a sound ball! Bone Head, a voice called to him, look over here, said the voice, and baby jessi looked over to where the voice was coming from on his right. He hears a crunching scraping sounds, coming from the black thing on the floor, and starts, it starts it started, it started to change right in front of his eyes!
It was changing, pieces of its squarish parts came up and down in it, then the black things, it got parts got, more parts to it and, it got shiny, it started to shine, it got a saturated glow, it glowed brighter!
Bone Head, said a voice coming from above him, and he looked up and as he looked at the ceiling, and there on the ceiling he saw his shadow, ha,ha, ha! Hello Bone head, then the light from the shiny black thing jumped on him and went inside his neck, OW OH MY GOD, GET OFF, OW HELPNOooo! Ow, oh OMG ow [ BLEEP ] OMG [ bleep ] and then, BABY JESSI, was really scared, cause he could feel, feel, feel something in his own neck. And it wasn't his!

Ha, ha,ha, came the laughter from behind him, and he went to look, to turn his head to see, cause he be, scared rarer, was he, he scared yes, but he felt something, hurting his neck when he went to turn it, he had a bump on his neck, ha, ha, ha! A BUMP ON HIS NECK GETTING BIGGER! Then heard he did more the laughter chatter matter coming from the floor, once more, he went to look down and as he did the bump on the left side of his neck got bigger, OG, Ish help Me mommy! But there was no mommy to help the little child in the wild depths of deep fractal well hell zigum fel nell time zone inside the julia set black zone!
Baby Jessi was on his own, alone, ha, ha, ha! Where is you? [ BLEEP ] OH OH Baby Jessi red, said backing out quickly out of the fractal room into another, but the other was the same as before more. He wound up standing duplicative-ly inside the a room in inner outer and then ha, ha! Some laughter, some more sinister laughter, and as it, this thing from the nors, outer laughter, the thing, this thing on his neck started to grow, ha, ha, ha! It got bigger, ha, ha, ha! It got bigger still, now little Baby Jessi head, had two heads. One a human head and, and, and one was a, an elephant head from the jewelry, Julia Set and the nose on the Julia Set took its nose, and closed the eyes of Baby Jessi shut!
So he couldn't see! He was blinded! He took away the long slimy elephant trunk from over his eyes, and to his surprise, felt it, its hot! And being just a baby, unable to understand, what was all this was about and why this was happening to him, who knows, and how, he succumbed to the might of his fears, fell down on his knees in tears, cover his two heads with his hands and cried out of his mouth he screamed, screamed like there was no tomorrow, out loud in anguish in fractal lands of death,
Help! helpppp!
M O M M Y!

Oh dear, oh dear, child why, oh what happen dear child, why are you crying said a nice old lady who appeared out of nowhere, and the instant she spoke, the other elephant head, broke and disappeared quickly as if, as if it feared her her? She was about 6 feet tall, perhaps a hundred sixty pounds, and despite her age walked quickly.

Her look was soft an gentle, her face laced with timeline wrinkles. One for each memory, and she had many, by the wrinkles on her, so many lines, so many years in time.
It is said, a tree, when a tree is cut down, it  has many rings inside its trunk, and by the rings you can tell, not just the age of the tree, but when there was plentiful water, food, good warm weather, and when there was not, and her face was like that a map, revealing journeys in and through myriads of  years she had walked the earth!

She was very old indeed. Her main in youth was shiny straight and long haired, but, her floor length straggly hair is now grey and rough, and she has less of it, and what hair she has left, has a faint but discernible tint of yellowing in it! One lock she has pinned-into a bun with fake diamond jewelry pin, thats old from a long time gone!

She looked at baby Jessi with brite old wise eyes. They had not lost their spark, and through them, you could see she had seen and gone through, an over-whelming amount of suffering in her life time. And with time, the weight of those memories, made her back stoop over.

She was nice though, thought Baby Jessi, on seeing  her. She had a warm, kindly mother manner to her, someone you could trust!

Her nose was sagging, and had tiny grey white hairs growing on its outer edges, but other wise, her head was distinguished, and although her neck was stiff, when she turned to look down at him, she nevertheless seemed quite graceful.

She cracked a terse friendly smile at him, with her thin lips.
She wore a pink baggy pink sweater, tossed over loosely on her shoulders, on top of a black and white thin pin striped dress, with baggy spaces in its bottom, as though she was sitting down a long time in it, and it got wrinkled. Her pink wide belt, too large, draped loose around her waist in curve, her stockings, rolled down around her thin angles mismatching, and her dirty white shoes with on holes on her feet were flat. Despite all that, the old lady was sweet! She appeared to be the type of person, who would give you their shirt off their back to help you!

She bent down and picked up Baby Jessi in her arms, and carried him over to her bedroom, and placed him on her bed, and sat down next to him consoling the traumatized little boy, who crying profusely! There, there, whats the matter the old woman asks him gently.

Baby Jessi cried, and cried,
Boo hoo, boo Hooo ahhhhh cried baby Jessi, I am lost and I can't get back home.

 Ah, oh that is terrible! Well how did you get here, dear, and where did you come from honey, she asked the crying little child! She was a short stout lady, in her hundreds, her long grey hair, that was so long it dragged on the floor like a white wedding dress. She wore glasses, that were thick, and heavy as bricks!

Apparently she was from another old time, because today people have
GPT : Genome Predictive technologies, featuring faster than time nano, surgeries to fix eye problems and her face was a little like what the Queen Elisabeth of England looked like, in her latter years before her passing. Her face had a sweet gently look to her, and her voice was warm and soft to the ear. a gentile cool perfume wiff was about her person in the air! Baby Jessi, felt better now that she was here!  And he said my name Baby Jessi, but I am lost. I am so scared and hungry. Aw, what a shame, we'll I see if I can fix you up something to eat, and no need to be scared now that I am here, and she smiled at him, and Baby Jessi smiled back! She said softly,  You know it's been along time since I have had a little boy up here in my bed. It's been a long time, indeed she said, running her fingers through Baby Jessi big bushy wavy hair.

There, there, don't cry, tell me what happened, she asked him?

I was running from some people that put a dog chain around my neck and called me a dog, said, Baby Jessi, as he wept a little more, and just the mere thought of it brought big tears to his eyes!

Aw, thats ashamed said the lady, Don't cry, don't cry, now, everything is going to be alright! She said to him sorrowfully!

Year, said Baby Jessi!

What is your name asked Baby Jessi?
Me, Oh, well my name is Miss Grahams, of the Grahams family, from the Fractal Graham Crackers of The Rhine Lands! Have ever had a Graham cracker, she asked smiling? Thats cookies? Yes, replied Miss graham! I'll get you some with crackers and milk in a little while! Anyway what was I saying?  Oh, yes, we heard about this Fractalally constructed home, and moved in years ago, its haunted.

What does haunted mean asked Baby Jessi, curious!

Well, it means that dead people live here.
Aw, thats not good, aren't you scared asked Baby Jessi?

Oh no, we all good friends, we get along fine, the problem is this home was made by an Architect, who was studying the Dark Arts of the Unknown Fractals battles, and he penetrated a Time Dilation zone!
Baby Jessi looked up into the miss Grahams face, and into her eyes. He didn't know what she was talking to him about, but he trusted her!
The spectacles, she was wearing reminded him of old story books his daddy use to read bedtime stories with, and he remembered he saw there were people who wore glasses on their noses so they could see.

But that was, that was a long, long time ago, so he asked why do you wear them?
Why to see, its a habit, I've been wearing glasses for centuries! Its from my time!

Oh, said Baby Jessi, then he asked her what did you means about the arch vet ?  
Oh you mean the Architect, she said, the lady realizing that the little boy couldn't pronounce the word good, and had no clue of it's meaning!
Well, she said smiling kindly, The Architect is a person who designs buildings!

He's an artist, and like I said he was making this building, and he made it to look like something in the unknown Fractal worlds!

What they call Fractals, but Fractals are not of this world but another, so when you come into this home, here upstairs where you are, things are different!
You come up here, we all changed, and I think thats what happen to you, you ran in to some of folks up here and got a little scared!

Am I right?

Oh, yes, you are so right, said Baby jessi, looking at her earnestly and innocent!

You see child, up here, the people or things in here live in a different  sphere, where things are very different then that of the people down stairs, down stairs they think we are strange, don't you think Jessi, she asked him?

Oh yes, gee-pers creepers yes oh yes! Down stairs, to the folks down there, I am a Baby Doggy!

Oh,  It's terrible, and not only that. When I try to talk, down stairs all that comes out of my mouth is barks like a dog! I be barking just like a dog, and they want me to eat dog bones!

Oh no, why thats terrible, are you hungry? Yes, I'd love to have a nice white boiled egg, and some ham and cheese on a roll, said Baby Jessi, his eyes bright, with anticipation, that she just might feed him! And the lady smiled and said well.  A white boiled egg? Hmmm!
Well, heres one, it's the best I can do for now, and she took off her glasses smiled at him and took
an eyeball out and gave it to Baby Jessi to eat.
Here she said smiling,
handing it to him in her hands!

Baby Jessi, looked at the eyeball, couldn't believe it! He screamed help! Mommy! hep! helpppppp hahhhh noooo aahhhahhhaah and jumped off the women's bed shocked. And woman scrammed at him, why, you miserable, ungrateful little brat!

Your take that she said, and she reached into her chest
and ripped her heart out and threw the beating heart, hitting Baby Jessi in the head with it, and it stuck to his face and suddenly grew bigger and covered his head with red blood, as he started to run fast as he could to get away, and he screamed as he ran : ahhhhhh help, hep og Oh My God, ahhhhhaccckk asssaahhhhhahaiiiiieeeyyeeaaaoooooo ya!
He ran away with the live bloody heart covering up most of his face.
It seemed to be devouring his head, and making loud heart pumping sounds
: Boom a tum  Boom!  Boom a tum  Boom! Boom a tum  Boom !

It was getting bigger as he ran, he was getting blinded by the blood and white liquid fluids dripping over his face like thick brown honey, and it smelled awful, suddenly the sun came out side and shined in a ray through the window in the room, he ran through. When the sun hit the heart, it dropped off and fell behind him and stopped, as if it was scared of the sunlight!

He heard footsteps following him, and that only made him run faster with all his might!

[ 2 ]

What else could he do?
He did what anyone would. Run! But, this house was no ordinary house, oh no!

It was fraught, with forces yielding the toughest ghosts, and other worldly spirit invasions, attracted by its mysterious sub orbital 0 point time energies, permeating through out its many self similar room spaces aces, intuitively electing effecting time differentialities, from one identical room, to the next!

The difference between one identical room, and the next one you entered, was in the context of the time you entered and outered into the velocity to the next!

That slice of time.

By itself, is minuscule, buts its rhythms syncopatedly with the Space-Time of the Universe!

What happening was, since he was in a Fractal house, that in its self attracted forces, and as he ran nothing changed, only time and the faster he ran the faster time, that time got shorter, and shorter speeding up till it got, Time Syncopated Dilation.

Propelled disproportionately by the driver of his child like subconscious mind, by huge excited bounderlessness extremities of his fears, he was now going into Time Dilation.

In effect escaping, that was his purpose of running away!

The more he ran and faster, the deeper, The Time Dilation.

It was happening.  Because he was so young, just a little boy, his mind offered no defense resistance, as he progressed slipping into the reversal time loops of the Fractological Aura energy time regression manifestations transformation.

He was dialing time back! And this was serious, whether he was aware, or able to understand what was occurring or not!

Retrograding back the fractal dark energies, were devolving him back in time. He was getting younger, he was getting lighter, he was getting shorter. he was!

[ 3 ]

Now, Oh, wow! Its, now thats things starts to get interesting!

What happens next?

some children reading this next sentence, might find it hard. And might need a parent to explain it. If none are around,  just skip it, and go down to section 4! What it basically means is, he is magically going to another time.

He was 5 years old, then three, then one, then running devolving faster, faster and the forces on his body were undergoing de-engineering restructurizations rapidly into special relavisticality, where everything on and inside his body is normally bio moving, but nanotized into translation energy bolt cup, but everything in its molecularity appears to be moving faster, faster and faster collapses in a pin head of light. It enters a magnetized irritable irresistible graviton well toward the mass of the sun forming an orbit,

built in to the mind gears, inherent in its make up for measuring and maintaining self orientation, using the fractalogic bases emergent principles of angular momentum, thus co-con-formality curve seeking apex eminent velocity release, and its self regulatory modulating  controls the trajectory curves back down, reaching now, blazing speeds breaching chaotic structural deconstruction, as it turned in to specialized degree essences energy!  

Time dilation is combinatorially caused by gravitation and modulating velocities, un-hampering boundaries albeit uniform motion influenced, but, if you do a insertion of mind over matter, changes the dynamics of the assets attributes equations balanced properties, relegating it to a higher levels, involving the energy of thought!

Whats happens in transformation, is the mind to self preserve it self, from the ravages of destabilizing influences intensification of white thermo heat temperatures,
shut off in this set of time horizons zones, shut off,  but not before it burns hard wired impulses to,  self designate, at some point coordinated heat sensitivity to re-initiate, re evolve, regenerate in an altered state and revert exert bio rehabilitation of the body back to normalcy. Then the last noted thought, was articulated, gets translated in essences of energy.
But, the essence of that thought gets transmuted, translated into an impulse, synthesizing in elementary idea mini idea-imprint-mentalitymindcinsruckslabs composites, as in this case, it was the last thoughts of the boy, desire to escape, and so as it enters the intervals on the order of defined temporal coordinated deriving velocities, in their own frame of reference, emerging from their own state of motion in time, with that primordial initiative directive fixed in place, the boy streaks through to a time back, back, to where, known knows knowns are not what you think they are, but abusive elusive conducive to outer regions, of the little child's, sub conscious substrates dibonge regions levels of mini time prefatory event realities!
But, stato starlashing powers of the forces of space time, attempt to steer him away from the vagaries of chance, especially those of destruction, into an environmental pocket conducive to his survival and his essences modalities of decorum. What happens next, oh my, can you imagine? Imagining? Good!
How its done? How its done under the sun? The 0 take off event horizon is a flash, like a flash of sustained bright light shining in your eyes! You need the suns magnetism gravitation pull, to harness the indispensable myriad abstract bio properties essences, to catapult it on its trajectory from reality one to imagined reality two, to manifest it to become true! And this you do, by the determined power of your mind power true! To give you an idea, of the emotional overwhelming gloriousness of the experience that takes over and inundates your mind, imagine it's a bright day, you intensionally look at the sun. But this day, the sun you choose, must be very, very bright, and you must look into it, and you will sense the powers that be in you, make you want to turn away, to cover your eyes from the god powers of the forces of light. But this experiment, you will not, you will resist, and by doing so, you'll feel palpable visual translatable fight, between your eyes, your body, and mind to keep the focus steady, knowing you are about to be breaking a hard wired fractal law, of self preservation! Well, that sensation, the betwixting discomfort of knowing you are playing with the raw brutal dangerous forces of the universes, that sensation, of being in tune that could cause your doom, these forces fighting in you to turn or close your eyes, these  powerful, powerful primal instinct reflect animalistical, overwhelming forces is what is predominantly occurring in the flash.

Yes, one atom bombs light is powerful, but when compared to the sun, it is an extremely tiny frozen piece of cold ice!

Thats what happens when you time dilate, you realize the power, the brite warm energy coming from a sunlike force, causes degrees colors, measures the absolute spectral radiance (intensity) and absolutely beautiful irradiance of a mightiest of light sources, especially the color from its clandestine acquisition to output. It is there, in this space, one witnesses that special human likable color of orange fully illuminated powerfully! Impresses upon thee it's glory! Yes!
Its, color vary to deep deep lush orange, to brite whitish orange pink glows, with hot white super intense radiance, so glamourous it sets the eye and mind, to go hurry off, to ponder in wonder in rainbow like glory and magnificence! Oh light, oh light! thou are might!

And, its that specific hot white brite pink orange variation, that is so attractive to females! It is burned into their psychic! They from birth their gene code is extra-sensitive to it, and are in love with it, and overwhelmingly biased toward it, and can't explain why? So many of their color choices must be endowed with its pinkish harmonic charms : flowers must be none other than pink or red, color my clothes pink please as they are set to sink in the love color as I pursue my suitor, their lips pink set to please, and flatter and ingratiate, both their male prospects and themselves, under clothes of course, nails, accessories, luxuries hoseries!

It is a primordial light compulsive behavior dis order bordering on an attraction dressed in a lunacy! Whose cause is unknown to them, caused by the light. the light and its might! Males lark, get the dark compliment color biases, and revel in them, relegated to the shadows of dark forces, and confusion, dare-devilness, brute-ness, thickheadedness, violence is their, " pink behavior compulsive dis order!" Impaired? Yes, but its natures fractal law! All this from the flash in the light! Is it no wonder we suggest, beware of the light, right? Yes, in here so much can happen.

[ 4 ]

What happens next?

He in a flash gets younger and younger and turns into a zooming speeding ball of tiny energy, zapping through sap and time flying free, and slowly he is beginning to pass through the other-side of the window of time, and slows, slows down, this light, and slower, slower turning into thought frequency vibrating, from faster to slower and lands on a spot like a dime in time! The temperatures cools, cooler triggering his minds re-syncopation, triggering initiation of his bodies evolution reverting back to normalcy, but only to witness the light fading and giving way to a new world! A newness coming out like the heavy fog lifting, so one can see the new landscapes composed of the jungles trees located in a time before when, the only thing man had, was the bare prehistoric basics! This time, he enters is some two million years ago. He is here.
He is in a spot in here. He is standing on a spot in here, this new world here. His spot here is the same spot he inhabited in modern times, only this is not modern times anymore. Its prehistory times, he has dialed himself back to.
Now in this different time, he is occupying the same spot, but everything around him, the air, the sun, the land, the man, has changed. And these changes in here in this time, this pre-historic ancient times, he will have to learn to live with and accept, and pivot he, change to be, or else, he will not be.  In his past life to see war, to see wild animals fight and kill or be killed, it was just entertainment, just turn on his ipad, and youtube it.

But, now he is living in the midst of it. Everything here want to eat him, oh how scary? How very scary this here place is, he has dialed himself into!
Baby Jessi becomes conscious again, to find himself in a time when man was evolving from caveman and struggling to survive from one hour to the next. When giant creatures predators hunted him down, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! He was in the light, then the dark, and appeared out of nowhere in a thick dark jungles of Hvimvocknuffva, and it was a heady experience, that was fraught with danger and was daunting for anyone, much less a young boy of five years old.

But he wasn't just any ordinary child. He was very intelligent for his age, and had an inheritance of bountiful wise minded programmer style genes, to help him, and he would need all of this and more! He would need all the help he could get, because first off, he came into this world wearing the scars of the last.

That evil heart, the old woman had thrown on him, had given him a bad skin rash, of some kind of outbreak of freckles, on his head, ears and face!

But, as if that was not bad enough, passing through the light spectrums in reverting back to himself, the normal color of freckles are usually brown, but his were brownish green, and all the colors in between.

And, this fact, he didn't know about at first till, he met up with a wild tribesmen, who called the jungle of Hvimvocknuffva home, and at first they were weary of him, but being that he posed them no harm, that let him stay on as a curiosity instead of eating him.

But, although the elders allowed him to enter the tribe, the kids, his age were cruel and taunted him about his looks, and especially his accent, brown bushy hair, and the green freckles on his face, making his life extra miserable! Oh, poor Baby Jessi, he was so alone, so very alone, in a crowd of prehistoric people! The name of this tribe, who adopted him was the Oliocoshimbas tribe!

When he first landed and woke up he found himself in the dark thick jungle, under huge big leafy bush. It was hot, humid, and the first thing he saw was insects, big cockroaches that were gigantic! Now you must understand way back in the time, 2 million years ago on earth,

cockroaches where huge things.

Some reached a 3" or 4" or more in length,

And he found a dead one. And he noticed, these cockroaches were the zebra stripes ones, with long white markings on their jet black bodies, and the tribesmen, called them Pussavfoos, which was the name of a enemy tribe, near by they did not like! Its surface is hard, and in prehistoric times they had an gigantic wings span expanding over 6 inches wide, and it whistled loudly, when they beat their wings flying through the air and when came flying down at full speed, and flew by your head it was terrifying!

Now the Pussavfoos roaches, the zebra colored cockroaches originated on the Holy Mountain, or what they call," Jectavaton."  See its here in modern times it was small, but in the times that Baby Jessi was in, in that time they were really gigantic!

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see it here, the small version of the the Pussavfoos in modern times >
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/v/u_OPIyQaRPs&rel=1&fs=1&hd=1" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/v/u_OPIyQaRPs&rel=1&fs=1&hd=1</a>

It was scary  but wondrous! He looked down, and one ray of sunlight burst through the jungle canopy, and shined a ray of light on the fresh bare damp brown earth, and he bent over to look close, so to see and to look at it closer, he positioned himself, bending down with his knees pointing to the sky, and his buttocks leaning on his legs back ankles, and his head between his knees, and looked down wide eyed and terribly curious on the dirt in front of him.
And what Baby Jessi, saw were lots and lots of centipedes!

One big one, was a foot long and right behind it, was a smaller one, probably the girlfriend or mother or what ever.  And behind them, little ones that looked whitish and translucent, with their little tiny antennas waving this way and that, smelling the air wondering whose there? No doubt smelling Baby jessi presence, but not giving a dam, cause the ground was damp wet from a recent jungle rain, and food was in plain site for them and littered the ground for them too! The little ones following momma and papa! A family, moving marvelously, oh what mystery? Now enthralled Baby Jessi just kept watching, bemused.

The ray of light shifted, as a breeze blew, and it suddenly got shady. He hears a million birds too, and something saying Koo coo. The jungle floor had huge green mounds of moss, looking good enough to eat, but Baby Jessi thought that idea wouldn't be neat!

He saw little green buds of growing plants sticking up, out of the dirt, wanting to grow up, everything thing here wild alive, it was amazing here. The sounds the jungle made, it wanted to sing, be alive and crave!

Another insect that he saw all around him, were giant green slugs! Hundreds of them, allover the trunk of the dark brown, green vined laced hard barked trees! They left a sticky slimy bluish trail as the trundled along upwards.

One fell on him and it got in his hair! Oh O! Ogh! [ BLEEP! ]  He got scared and he threw it away, and was just so scared of it! He didn't know what these bugs were, or whether they could bite him. He looked down, and he saw ants crawling over his bare feet, and they didn't tickle but stung!
They ran quickly in between his toes, and he jump up, to get away from them, and bumped his head on the branch over his head. He walked away backwards and bumped in to another tree trunk with strange bugs on it too!

There seemed this place had millions of crawly things, in ever color and description, for a child it was a wonderland and a time of exploration, even though he was scared!

Now, in this place was fling things like giant mosquitoes, were so big, he would have to kick them away, they were so big.
And he didn't know where he was, but he listened to the sounds the Jungle made, and it was beautiful! It was full of life!

And it was full of so many sounds, the insects were moving rustling leaves, and rubbing their legs ot make signals, the giant birds were yelling, not chirping, and ants were scratching, birdlike things were cooing and flying! It was like sunset circus in the zoo! He saw a butterfly that was ten times as big as the butterfly he met in the fractal house, the Crooked Baby, butterfly with one eye!

This big blue winged butterfly was so much bigger! With wings about a foot or more longer, thought Baby Jessi, as he marveled at all these wonderful creatures under the jungle sky!
Oh, how the innocence and naivety of a child's mind, can see glory of the big green jungle, when others might only see it dominated by doom!

But, all of a sudden he heard sounds of voices and it was people in the jungle, to his surprise! He heard people running across on the floor of the jungle, which was covered with dried out leaves, that crackle when walk on them! The dry leaves once they had fallen and walked on, gave away the fact that the footsteps were coming his way, and he instinctively hid himself, so, whoever or what ever was coming, they wouldn't see him. But they came closer to where he was, as if they knew he was there. Little did he know that when you grow up and live in the jungle, you develop abilities to sense the changes in the current of the air in your surroundings and the Oders that rise with them their!

He peeked out at them. They were browned skinned and tanned dark orange by the hot sun, like indians, and had long hair that almost touched the ground, they moved quick as light and were hairy all over their bodies, they wore no clothes, except yellow black spotted animal skins, with the head of the animal dangling from it, draped around the mid sections, and had and arsenal of extremely long lightweight green colored spears made out of wooden bamboo shoots, that were perhaps sixteen feet long. These long poles were used to keep away flying beasts in the air, from coming down, and grabbing you, and taking you away, but he was clueless about that at that time!
They had white cord necklaces of big teeth and earrings of brite blue shells, and cockroach wings decorated the hair, and some had a long pointy hood masks over their heads, it was painted black, and looked like it was made of what looked insect body parts, probably that what, resembled giant grasshoppers legs! They looked vicious and totally barbaric!

It was a dangerous moment, the markings on their bodies was in a white powers that looked like white dust painted on, with some kind of paint or glue or something.

They had their ears pieced with curved white tusks and a number of them had gruesome masks on their heads with long teeth in it sticking up like a porcupine! The large red "J " shaped, tubelike masks, with holes in it, had cut out sections, where eyes could pier out. And all in all they made a ghastly frightening sight, and Baby Jessy, held his breath. It was too close for comfort. The question he asked himself in a flash was, should he make a run for it, or should he stay? What were he chances of getting away?

He noticed they looked plenty different than the people back home, they sported bodies with extra large shoulders and arms, like foot ballplayers, but, no fake shoulder pads, no, not these guys, those were real big muscles!

They spoke to each other, but Baby Jessi couldn't understand. He heard sounds like that of squealing, but didn't know what it meant!

He thought they were so different than him, but as he stood behind the tree trembling, he looked down his body, spotted his arms, and it was dark skin too like them. And it was hairy, and it was at that moment, he really got the shock of his life, when he realized he looked like them.
He was somehow, was one of them, one of their kind, he was horrified, terrified, and extremely confused!

The fractal forums, the possibilities are infinite!

Chapter 4 see it here = REPLY#106>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg49239/#msg49239

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Continuation tribute to the Master Buddhi
«  as reference see   Reply #48 on: March 17, 2012, 01:37:06 AM »

Stories inspired by his work ; entitled " Mandelbox In The Water  " rendered and created by Master Buddhi in the year 2011 on Earth!

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For instantaneous locations of Art and Film Reviews by All Masters featured! Go to see REPLY#12 in the  " Huge Lack of Comments" section.






She comes out of the gate on a tear! Watch-out, if your name is on her black list! She doesn't always rely of her anonymous employers either. She's capacity self reliant, so she wisely and gingerly takes the initiative to watch her back, by being proactive against being stabbed in the back, by the same unscrupulous black market people, who are just as devious, like her self. That is why she says " Tomorrow, there is no tomorrow, only today and she acts that way! She has a plan A, B,C, and D.  D is a special plan, D is for Demon, " Catch Me If You Can." Policy, it gets geeky complex, part of her female personality, but quality of obsessive compulsive disorder, model is a bigger issue, but revenge pops open, when someone foolishly dares try to betray this Mad Miss LoveKillJoy!  

[ 8-10 ]

RING, RING, we hear a phone ringing, Miss Love picks up a pink old style Google glasses version update, and paces them on head to answer the phone, and in a slow feminine  smooth as silk voice answers the phone and says, sexy breathy, hello? As the other voice on the line, a man with a loud, kind of grossed, gravely voice, like that old famous, Afro-american trumpet player, Sacha mo Armstrong, answers and says :  Hello? Hello, hi, hi there young lady. Miss LovekillJoy, asks, this is Nicky? Yes, sugar, girl! It's me, Nicky! Oh, hi Nicky, baby! How's things? Positively, now that I am talking with you every thing is neat treat, and kind of dynamic, taking advantage of being in love with you that is to say! Oh Nicky, what a sweet, sweet thing to say! Same here, dear, look, where you at? Oh, a car is driving me to the airport! Be, um, um, oh, well lets, say maybe, 15 minutes, most 25, to be with you to raise cain, soon, honey sugar! What color is my day? Honey, as long as your color is L O V E., the same as mine! We are going to have one hell of a good afternoon.  And oh gosh, can you look out side, the sun will start to go down, and it will setting! I love sunsets, the chopper ride is going to be one beautiful timeless experience! I can't wait!
I believe you, and say, what do you say about last night, honey? Hey we had fun, sugar! I'll say, last night right, hmmmm boy, was so, so good! Yep! It was so different, for me, I don't get out that much, especially to go to DJ party in-house clubs too often! Honestly, it's been years, said Nicky with his gravely voice slowing down, demonstrably, denoting the revelation that he was ashamed of that true fact, but considering his time consuming and demanding scientific work, any way he, quickly got over it,
and continued, and bounced back smiling, with a spritely sounding reply saying, " Its was well, different for me." Did you believe it, how cool it was, or how much fun Nicky? The DJ was making you feel like you were in a different place, like heaven, a heaven inside of you, especially when MC, spark T, looped the Whitney Tracks, OMG! Thats party barcardi! Was that cool, or what? Yes, honey it was nice sugar, I kind of like being with you alone best, afterwards! Oh sweetie, thanks, I enjoyed your company, Nicky, you know what I mean, it rocked being with you too! Look I got 5:26 pm, when you gonna catch up to me, Nicky? Well, the driver is pulling into the airstrip now, perhaps ten minutes, sugar. Cool!  I'll wait. I am in front of the chopper on runway 42, at the light blue footing! Sure honey-sugar! See you then! So long sweaty, Kiss, Kiss! See ya! Click, Miss loveKilljoy hangs up, the line goes dead. Miss love, casually sits, with all her bags, and looking around out through her wide rimmed black, hollywoodish sunglasses, every much a drama queen, as her
African, chauffeur, Mr. Dahac, drives her down to the heliport, he gets out and walks around the big black limousine, to her side door and opens it for her, she daintily steps out, scans the environment, giving it a once over, her hair and her scarf blowing up in the brisk afternoons wind.
She focuses ahead, and abruptly proceeds straight to the office reception kiosk, over which there is this big sign," Himmel Hubschrauber !" She goes into the glassed walled office, and a receptionist, Miss Conciliare, greets her, and nods her head.  Miss Conciliare, sits quietly at a long mahogany desk along side a bunch of advertisements, and on the wall, behind her, an mural of a helicopter! Miss Conciliare, she's dressed in a brite sky blue office attire! The office is decorated with an airy, wispy pale blue tones, that makes both of them stand right out, as prosaic music is barely audible! And everything looks spanking new too, both she and the receptionists acknowledge each other, smiling politely!

Miss Love, walks over closer to the pretty brunette, blued eyed receptionist, who's around nineteenth'ish, and is thin as a dime, and wearing a tiny bright gold german insignia on her lapel, and assuming, the girl is a native German speaker, addresses her, smiling broadly, saying,  Hallo, brauche ich etwas Hilfe, ich habe ein Helikopter-Rundflug für 17:00 heute Nachmittag. Mein Name ist auf der Liste, mein
Name is Miss Love!
 Oh I am sorry, I don't speak it, my German is really bad, I am sorry. I am just filling in for the regular receptionist, who works this desk, this afternoon, she speaks it, but she took a sick day, sorry. Miss Love stares at her curiously listening , then says, "Oh Sorry, my fault, I thought, um, um er, OK, what I Need to know is, if my flight arrangements are set for 5 pm, thats why I arrived early. My name is Miss LoveKillJoy Deaf.  I am supposed to meet up with someone."

" Yes, of course, let me see madame, do be kind enough to give me a moment will you ? Thank you kindly, you Miss ? Whats your name again ?", asked the receptionist, checking the computer screen flashing in front of her. " Miss Love, Miss LoveKillJoy Deaf," replied Miss Love cordially. The receptionist replies " Oh yes," she picks up the clip board and scrolls her finger down the list till she sees her name. " Ah yes, got you. Could you be kind of enough madame, to allow me to see your ID ?", she asks politely. " ID, " asked Miss Love? " Sure," Miss Love reaches into her, bag, slides her hand into an thin hidden compartment marked, ' Blue Honey Due.' and pulls out a passport, with which, the receptionist reaches over and takes it opens it, checks it over carefully, looking at her colored picture, then satisfied, hands it back to her. Suddenly, a young guy comes in the door, thats looks like a Puerto Rican American, strolls over and bows his head slightly, takes off his cap, showing respect to her, and pulls out of a dark maroon messenger bag a letter and holds it out to her and says: " Hola, Senora LoveKillJoy, mi nombre es Angelo. Disculpe que esto es para TI," says the man holding out a small white envelope. She turns long and stares at him, and then politely smiles, then hesitantly takes it and asks, what this, this for me? Sí Señora, the man shaking his head up and down, replies smiling kind of, and turns and quietly walks out.

 "What is it ? " thought, Miss Love to her self? Snail Mail? Curious, I wonder why? What the hell could this be, she asks her self?  Miss Love reads quickly the name on the letter, it's turns out to be her secret boyfriend, Cartoco Antonio, she recognizes his hand writing, funny thing is he knows better to write a hand written letter, Poor boy, he loves me,  fool!
I told the fellow, no electronic communications, so, he won't text or call me while I am on this special job, but, the dear man, he still wants to tell me, he loves me or something like that, but I better not open it now.
She wants to, however, she dismisses it, she'll deal with it later. She doesn't want her new scientist boy friend want to be, to walk in and catch her reading it! Shes got work to do. Timing is every thing in her line of work! She can read it later alone, she thought, to herself! But nevertheless the fact that it was marked," urgent, open up now," is of concern but, just then her new scientist boy friend chauffeurs drives up and out pops Nicky, all smiles waving! She crushes the letter up, without opening, and slides it back into the secret compartment in her bag! To be opened at a more opportune time, but, this is not the time !
" Sugar wow, you look great, don't know what you're doing, but keep it up," exclaimed Nicky bursting into a big enthusiastic smile on seeing her! Say is every thing set ?" asks Nicky semi serious. Um, um er, year, say, don't know, I was just going through the processing when you arrived, she replies smiling up at him. OK, I'll take care of it, he says. He puts down his brief case and turns , looking back at the receptionist, and says, Miss, asks Nicky, does the cost include a full tank of gas, or is it apart? Everything has been taken care of, by a caller named Smoothicas, said the clerk. "wow," said Miss Love, sounding surprised! He's a good friend of yours? Oh, yes, thats right, thats very nice of him, Nicky replied, " Whose he ? "  It's a guy named Mr, smoothies, he's a sponsor of mine, my work. He's not only a scientific admirer, but a important investor, so thats good, I mentioned it to him, that I was coming here. OK, then I'll pay for whatever left of the bill, said Nicky proudly. "No need," replied the receptionist smiling, and bowing slightly, Mr. Soomthicas said the tabs on him, You just go and have a good time  Mr. Nickels!
" Thank you, Well, great! I'll say, well than, up, up and away," said Nicky proudly, his blue eyes beaming at her, so it was a harsh surprise for him ego wise, when she told him.  But, sorry not in that, said Miss love despairingly, pointing at the helicopter his friend just paid out for him to ride in. It turns out to be, a small light bodied yellow GUIMBAL Capri G2, appropriate but it's only a two seater with little room to spare.
" I have my means too, surprise I have my own girly transportation, Nicky, right over there, she said pointing behind her. " Surprise! " She laughted, tossing her head back and stroking her long hair, saying, " look big girl toys, for the fast girls life in Dubai. I flew it around there for my birthday last year, in this, its all mine I am an, lady avionics hip baby," she said smiling proudly and tossing her head back and runs her fingers through his hair, plants a kiss on his face and glances over her back, and she takes off her head scarf, and flings the blue silk scarf in the air over her left shoulder, pointing to her spanking new brite gold and white EC 135 Eurocopter sitting proudly, on the concrete apron of the airport, some 200 feet back behind them! "WOW, oh WOW," exclaims Nicky, shocked to see it! " Its so big, and beautiful, this is yours",he ask her unbelievingly? But, then he said stupidly " But this one is for free!"
pointing to the other ship, without thinking, which for a scientist of his caliber, was a big fo pas, and made him look and feel bad, and silly, as he realized what he just said was foolish! He quickly placed both his hands on top of his head, as if to say, " wo, oh, oh wo is me, stupid fellow," and peeked out at her, hoping she wouldn't take it the wrong way! Luckily, she didn't! She understood his confusion and that it was a sudden surprise and he misspoke, brushed the comment aside. She looked up at him, smirking, then laughing, as their eyes locked and as she press her self up against his body tenderly. She Kisses him on the nose and cheek, on the lips hard, open mouth, good. She wipes his hair out of his face and grabs his hand in hers, swings it against her mid section were her privates are and whispers in his ears, " and so is this!" His eyes lights up as he feels her big warm bosom crush in to his chest and says," touche madame! " and he bows slightly like a gentleman and swings out his arm for her to pass in the direction of her airship! The EC135 Chopper, stood out in the summer sunlight like a star, the rays of sun reflecting on it made it look more like a fantasy, rather than something real. But it was real and they were happy and were going to have the time of their life! The ship was indeed a master piece well crafted and full of pizzaz! The  EC 135 was one of the highest on the list, when it comes to comfort, luxury and design and was created by the collaboration of Eurocopter and Hermès and was Russian built. It's focussed was on super speed and sported a host of amenities and unmentionables, and since this craft belong to Miss Love, you can bet it was full of an arsenal of custom surprises and was a hidden progenitor of accelerated goodies used in her secret profession, too!
The couple hugged, kissed and then casually walked , arm and arm around each other, out towards the beautiful waiting ship. In the distance an handsome attendant, a dark skinned man, decked out in a yellow and white golfing outfit, wearing black sunglasses and sporting a reddish fuzzy beard, was guarding the ship and standing at it door entrance like a bouncer.  And Miss Love, asked the attendant politely, Guten Morgen ist es bereit, sie sagte zu ihm: guarding her craft if it was ready? The guy, nodded smiled, and held open the door so they could mount. Once aboard, she dismissed him by waving her hand for him to step aside, he obeyed, rushed away and turned, waved back at them, and smiled and walked off.
Gute Reise!  

[ 8-11 ]
Once inside the big chopper, the pair happily took quickly advantages of their new found privacy, Miss Love, spun around clapping her hands, setting the on board music mood mode actuation device, for the music, to automatically come on and fill the cabin with romantic music, setting the mood for love!
Then she clapped again, and the automatic gold colored curtains, on cue dutifully drew to a close, and shutting tightly, a rich mellow shadowy soft golden light, now filled the lively cabin!

The love birds, happy at last were alone now, finally embraced! Nicky, smiling like a little boy in a candy store, appeared to be anything but scientific, more like horny-rific, the way he was gobbling her up like sugar and hugged up her with so much passion!
 So, babe, you want some of me, whispered Miss Love, the dainty lady, now looking like a luscious titbit candy now to him, in the heat of the moment, as he wrapped her tight, sweeping her up off the floor in his arms with all his might, in a dramatic fashion, waiting, uncontrollably waiting!

Sure enough, you know it, he replied murmuring, and staring deep into her spiraling blue black eyes, panting inside of himself in anticipation, as she smiles knowing the answer, fixating out of his mind as he hugged her taught!
Miss Love, lets Love? Said Nicky, removing all pretense, now, as it was the man thing going down in him inextricably! Miss love was so sexy she, if anyone could extract exorbitant sexual heat out of any man or beast by just being present, being close to them, it was her, she looked just that good!  She touched him!

Miss Love was his insane desires wires, but, what?
Out thin air, then out of the blue, what did she say and want to do? She, the lovely playing docile, threw a curve ball, he didn't see coming, when she suddenly made a strange request and whispered, OK! But, guess what?  What, asked Nicky totally puzzled and surprised! Shaking his head in bewilderment, his body trembling with desire, as he thought to him self, and said what now?

I am shy, she said, No? Yes! Baby, this girl loves to do the wild thing with the lights out in a pitch black room, But this room got to much light in it. So I don't want you to see me, unless you cover up your eyes, just a girly thing of mine I do. I hide my self till I am married.. What, retorted Nicky shocked? Nicky, who now, could hardly think straight as his manliness came up where his brain should be? What, you got to be kidding?

"Calm now, Nick, Nicky nocky," you gone be alright baby, she said softly, kissing his forehead and pushing her big chest up to his face, relax everything is fine!
Miss Love smiled a real sexy smile and said, I only let a man see me, if he is my husband not before, like I said, it's kind of a girly thing of mind, so if want it, put these on and you'll get it but you won't see it, Ok, Nicky?
Black sunglasses? Black sunglasses, year, but these were no ordinary sunglasses, these were a version of the latest
google glasses!

Once inside the big chopper, the pair happily took quickly advantages of their new found privacy, Miss Love, spun around clapping her hands, setting the on board music mood mode actuation device, for the music, to automatically come on and fill the cabin with romantic music, setting the mood for love!
Then she clapped again, and the automatic gold colored curtains, on cue dutifully drew to a close, and shutting tightly, a rich mellow shadowy soft golden light, now filled the lively cabin!
The love birds, happy at last were alone now, finally embraced! Nicky, smiling like a little boy in a candy store, appeared to be anything but scientific, more like horny-rific, the way he was gobbling her up like sugar and hugged up her with so much passion!
 So, babe, you want some of me, whispered Miss Love, the dainty lady, now looking like a luscious titbit candy now to him, in the heat of the moment, as he wrapped her tight, sweeping her up off the floor in his arms with all his might, in a dramatic fashion, waiting, uncontrollably waiting!

Sure enough, you know it, he replied murmuring, and staring deep into her spiraling blue black eyes, panting inside of himself in anticipation, as she smiles knowing the answer, fixating out of his mind as he hugged her taught!
Miss Love, lets Love? Said Nicky, removing all pretense, now, as it was the man thing going down in him inextricably! Miss love was so sexy she, if anyone could extract exorbitant sexual heat out of any man or beast by just being present, being close to them, it was her, she looked just that good!  She touched him!

Miss Love was his insane desires wires, but, what?
Out thin air, then out of the blue, what did she say and want to do? She, the lovely playing docile, threw a curve ball, he didn't see coming, when she suddenly made a strange request and whispered, OK! But, guess what?  What, asked Nicky totally puzzled and surprised! Shaking his head in bewilderment, his body trembling with desire, as he thought to him self, and said what now?

I am shy, she said, No? Yes! Baby, this girl loves to do the wild thing with the lights out in a pitch black room, But this room got to much light in it. So I don't want you to see me, unless you cover up your eyes, just a girly thing of mine I do. I hide my self till I am married.. What, retorted Nicky shocked? Nicky, who now, could hardly think straight as his manliness came up where his brain should be? What, you got to be kidding?
"Calm now, Nick, Nicky nocky," you gone be alright baby, she said softly, kissing his forehead and pushing her big chest up to his face, relax everything is fine!
Miss Love smiled a real sexy smile and said, I only let a man see me, if he is my husband not before, like I said, it's kind of a girly thing of mind, so if want it, put these on and you'll get it but you won't see it, Ok, Nicky?
Black sunglasses? Black sunglasses, year, but these were no ordinary sunglasses, these were a version of the latest
google glasses!

And she was going to use its processing power to turn the visual mode to black opaque screen settings, so that he would not be able to see out of this screen, so essentially he be in the dark unable to see her.

This was her goal, and Nicky, said, wow, this is weird, does mean I am going to see you and we're going to have some kind of Sterio-crazy 3D sex? Maybe yes, maybe no, but it'll be fun, besides you don't need to see me to do it?

Do, you she asked,  as she pulled them out of her carry on bag, handing to him, as he gladly put them on smiling, and whispering, Hmmmm! Kinky, wow, very kinky! I like it! ha, ha, ha! I never met a kinky woman like you before, this is going to be interesting in more ways that one, he chuckled, ha, ha, ha!

 This, should be more fun, ha,ha, hee hee, laughed Nicky. I can not see you, but I can feel you, and love you up Miss Love, h, ha, ah ha, he laughed as he placed his hands on her, and began feeling her, his hands touched her bareness and slowly slid down caressing her contours lovingly, as if the tips of his fingers were his eyes, and said, in low voice approvingly, you know, you know your right! This, this is more hair raising sensually that I thought. You feel good,he said complimentingly to her! My earliest memories when I was real young, was to have a man's hands touching me in the dark, and I like what you're doing, she said panting almost muttering moans, as he explored her sensual areas embracing tenderly than the lovers kissed in bliss, for a very long time in delight, in the, darkness.

He instantly noticed something, she said, hold a second honey, as she got up, an walked away, saying hold still, I'll be right back
,and she was gone!

But, then although he couldn't see her, and, he tried to see if he could feel her. He reached, out to her, once, twice, but where she was before, was empty air, he laughed, is this game or what? He laughter, ha, ha, ha!

Year, I want you to beg for it, she moaned sexily! He reached out, didn't feel nothing.

She laughed, ha, ha, ha! He reached out again with success, and touched her chest. Bingo, it was soft!

She giggled, laughed, and they came together. But then, she surprised him by handing him, a small soft bunny rabbit, he felt it in his hand, ha, ha, ha!

Whats that, he asked feeling its small soft hairy body all over and pulling on it two tiny ears, amusingly?

Its my play toy bunny rabbit, I always go to bed with him, when I am having fun, ha, ha, ha, she laughed, and giggled, and said, almost singly
: Bunny Rabbit wants a carrot!
I got your carrot hanging, quipped jokingly, then they touched, slowly at first, as timid first time lovers do, then familiarizing themselves with each other, they embraced boldly, stronger, and stronger and enveloped each other, exploring themselves and the depths of their passion with eagerness, then, then as time appeared to be slowing, slowing down, something very unusual began to happen?

When Miss love makes love, she can do it, in stranger than, strange ways!

 What was happening was, the girl Miss Love, was adrenalineating passion on a different level in harmonic spatial syncopation levels, and the adrenalineating woman augmented sensually in the realms of the obtuse, she went pass reason into two functions, that are said to be none other,
than a topologically conjugate!

Conjugating to one to two, to one, another in a sphere in the black sun, that was neither here no there, and sure enough slowly began morphing!

There , she was exercising a homeomorphism state, changing into a secret love Goddess! And he could not see this, cause, she did not want him too, this is the real reason she asked him to put on the glasses with its screen set to black!  The sexy woman mystically homeomorphed, into a being that made her feel like a the Babylonian queen of love, a Goddess of fertility and a nymph! It was she, a nymph, in the darkness of the glasses virtual state in black, this act came to fruition lovingly, it was another she, he was really turning out to be making love too! And so, mystically, day turned into afternoon, afternoon, turned to night, night turned into the faraway love realms, faraway love realms turned into they say, where the mind meets flesh, and time halts for the rest, and the girl rises to the level of insane pleasure, into a wild nymphomaniac on him, by defaults into loves wild frenzy, for the best kinds of loves ever!

The change she did, and she morphed into sensuousness, relegating her self and him up to new heights, she took his hand, he took her hand. It was such a very romantic point in time! He felt her hand and caressed it, it was soft and tiny compared to his, and she was whispering slowly and tenderly in his ear, as he held her gently, "if the flower power, of my weary heart, ever drinks, and there is no more, and I am thirsty, but cannot quench, then happy be I,  I will die happy to have once savored for a brief moment, and a while,you and your love, my love!", said Miss love!

She, on saying this, rose, exposed!

Nicky held on to her like their was no tomorrow, She moaned, like only a love goddess could!

It was music to this mans ears, the earth and heavens could pass away, he couldn't care less as long as he could love her today!

The sounds she made, he had never heard before, his loved soared!

She drove him crazy! Slowly,  he kissed every where and she kissed him back!

Adrenalinating both, now rocking the ship as if it was on the go! She got his motors running exorbitantly!

They got down up, the ships cabin warmed inside down, off came the fancy threads, un-tanned, bared, a cute green fractal tattoo mounted in the saddle, motors started running wild as the ship shook, they kissed, she moaned softly as their choppers rose, he took off flying in her ship, the chopper rocking her ship, one blade vibrated rotated dead slow on top, while below, together, stereo pumped out hot music blasting to their mutual excitement as the singer, sang and sung , I am getting higher!

Miss Love whispered, to him, I think.  

What, he asked, whispering and lustfully kissing her.

I think, I think you're good at making love  in a helicopter.
I am falling a little for you, too! Mr. Nickels P. Marchello, You mad Pharmacokinetics Scientist you.

Then she said, very slowly in his right ear-your orchestra is playing my tune!  What tune is that sugar, asked Nicky?
 And in his arms she closed her eyes and relaxed, and transformed back to Miss love, and she felt beaten by the experience of it all!

Then it over!

The fractal clocked ticked, time dropped, and the motors cooled down.
The ships steadied, they got themselves back together,  and Miss love fixes her self back up, combs her long hair out, sprays, teases it, fixes her lips in her little mirror, checks her eye liner, re-places her google glasses to sunglasses mode, puts them   back on her head. And, she bends over to put her shoes back on, and neatly fixes the seams of her black satin webbed stockings.  

He looks on, satisfied, and content, as he gets himself back together too, and stares at her, not being able to do other wise! He can't help himself, he thought to him self, watching her every move! He is just a man! But he does not understand how she imagined to change somehow, he couldn't see her, while they embraced because of the glasses she wanted him to wear!

But feel her he did without a care!

She was fixing her tight pink blouse! " My," he compliments her, as awkward men often do afterwards, when they got their head on backwards after a love interlude.  Saying, one thing, but, meaning something totally different. "I like the shoes, you're shoes, you're shoes, you're wearing today sugar!"

"Why Nicky, thanks sweetie you're such a sweetheart to notice, thanks," she replied softly looking up at him, smiling happy to hear his compliments, even though she knew in her mind what he was really saying, and thinking, without him ever saying a thing, she turns up now glancing at him, then their eyes locked and he raises up his eyebrows surprised. She throws out her arms about his neck pulls him down close and whispers smilingly as the unanswered question is brought out into the open as to who is going to get to be the boss driver of this helicopter, as she whispers,
" come on lets fly, you know I am a freaking awesome helicopter pilot too, with my FAA licenses in perfect order let me take her up? "

 "Year," but he whispers back. " Leave the driving to us, my licenses are good too, I just want to see what this EC 135 luxury hog, is capable of speed wise, and what it can do for a man, please," asks Nicky, his eyes pleading, like a little anxious school boy, hungry to play with a new christmas toy, smiling broadly and tilting his head down, blinking his eye at her! She to her calculating mind, acknowledges it is not an egregious request, but decides to pretend its nothing and re-negotiate herself from displaying an angry attitude to one where she simply blinks back looking up at him, understandingly nodding her head, and agreeing! They both smile happily together, and hug tight! They put on the earphones so they can talk and hear each other, seat belts are set, and they open the curtains to the ship up, and zoom the helicopter leaves the airport, there off!  The afternoon seems great , everything is working out for the couple, soon the ship leaves the strip and soon they're out over the ocean, Miss love pulls out the map, time passes. When they finally arrive thirty minutes later, they are happy. They shared a cup of wine and every thing is going well, the tiny ship descends and every thing is beautiful, The scene resembles like being in a master Buddhi movie
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[ 8-12 ]

[ Seconds in to film at 0:00 ] "Wow," Nicky exclaimed out loud excitedly,"honey, honey, wow, will, will you just look at this place. OMG! Its like one of these places you read about in those silly science fiction books, but only, but only this time, we are looking at it for real, OMG!" " Whats up, Nicky," asked Miss Love, as she's been not really paying attention, only indulging in the game of pretense, her mind races between the hot sex they had on the floor of the chopper, it was off the funzy scale in coolness, she recalls smirking , and thinks to herself a funny undeniable truth, that she liked it, and craves the butt-loving some more, and she at the same time she is torn, by the fact she debates the purpose and reason for her to be here which is to decommission the charming scientist. She plays along and scans his emotional and answers him excitedly : "Oh my gosh, it looks so unique, spectacular, lets go down shun't we," she asked turning and smiles at him admiringly, as they looked out and in the water down below, she saw these strange and awesomely beautiful geometrousities, looking kind of like a tall distressed church, riddled with holes, resembling something out of the ancient long gone temple mountain ranges, albeit this one was in the here and now, beaconing them to enter their secret zones of what appears to be mysterious realms of tranquility. All manner of giant stones were sticking up out of the water seemingly trying their best to reach up to kiss the clouds. Many of the structures appeared like whats mathematicians call 'fractals,' resembling those odd but Criss crossing beam shapes used to construct air planes found and used in the fuselage from a Warwich geodesic duralumin constructions.
Thousands of sea gulls were nesting on top of the fractal looking mountains, while below none could be seen, she thought that odd, but dismissed it. Her face was enthralled by it all , then she looked up straight in the sun, and you know how when you glance at the sun , people tend to quickly squint and cover their eyes, but she did none of these things. Then she quickly glanced down and out of the thousands of sea gulls nesting on the ledges of the mountain she raised her pinky  finger on her right hand and pointed to two sea gulls a male and female. She now squints her dark blue eyes, focusing on them and they suddenly charge at each other pecking each other viciously, nocking two of their baby eggs out of the nest. The two eggs dropped down in to the water. She smiled to see them, their white shells resembling two eyeballs bobbing and floating in the water, like a premonition, then a fish gobbled them up, and disappeared. This was an enchanting place. A strange, but beautiful haunting melody played in the background seemingly trying to convey a message.

[ 8-13 ]

[ Seconds in to film at 0:02 ]
Nicky, being cautious, grabs the collective pitch control lever bar, decreasing the pitch angle causing the aircraft to banked the fuselage of the chopper around trying to avoid a collision with one of the sharp mountainous spikes protruding up in the sky like a knife. " What, say love, what did you say, the name of this place was again, sugar, asked Nicky, curiously multitasking, as he was staring down one moment, and looking at the steering, the next making sure the swash plate was adjusted to keep the ships equilibrium steady? "The map says its called, The Buddhi Castles," answered Miss Love. "You don't say, Wow," answer Nicky. "  What the hell is the Buddhi Castles, quipped Nicky skeptically, thinking the stuff she saying a little nuts.
 Best, I recall when I was in school, an old teacher told me about the poles, the North pole, the South pole and the pole of Gold, "The Holy Grail of Spirituality," for mens and woman's souls. The Grail legend is interwoven with legends of visions and it is said to be deeply buried in the glass halls of the Buddhi Castles in a fractal space,  So, you mean to tell me, this map, this old raggedy map, you found, it is where we are going ? Yes, babe, into Fractal space, thats the spot thats hot! Where we are! We are just following these coordinates, so we should passed throughout the other side, and thats how, it allows us, who, are good guys tourists, just wanting to check out the truth, to see them, She said smilingly! We should be there now, at the core, where the time stops but the fun is just beginning!
Whats, the origins of the Holy Grail, asked Nicky, testing her? Well, we see your not up on it, don't remember your bible tales huh? Bad, boy, she said check this out, see this, Miss Love said, pointing to a chain dangling around her neck, she pulls it up to show it to him! My chain, has a gold tiny round plate like the, The HolyGrail on it, I wear this thing for good luck. Do you like it ? Cute, sugar, replied Nicky quickly glancing at it. And, well,  she looked at him as if to imply he was a dumbo, and answered him, well, let see oh, um, um, year, The Holy Grail  refers to those  who are Catholics, who believe in the tales of the bible! It refers to a so called vessel, used by Christ at the Last Supper.  It was a very treasured object, given to his grand-uncle, St. Joseph of Arimathea.  I remember that, um, be,  because when I was a little girl, it resembled to me the word Arithmetic, anyway, it was used by him to collect Christ's blood and sweat while Joseph tended him on the Cross. Awesome don't you think ?   " I'll say ," replied Nicky, impressed with her, he looked over at her, nodded his head and waved his hand at her as if signaling, 'hats off to her,' and smiled, a tiny smile hesitantly.

[ 8-14 ]

 Can you, can you see the castles below, asked Miss Love? He didn't answer her, but instead pointedly asked her, " What, I fine that hard to believe, whats Buddhi ?" I think they say is the feline word of the masculine buddha, means the place of truth, reality senses and Buddhi plays the role of enlightenment," replied Miss Love, self assuredly, nodding her head as she looked first at Nicky, then turning her attention to the seas below and smiling!
Wow, beside some of you, thats some of what I need badly," jokes Nicky, answering with a big broad smile on his face. He then looked straight ahead out at the mountains, while shyly, slowly, gingerly, places his hand on her leg and rubbed it, she, without batting an eye, on cue, reciprocated aggressively like a love goddess tugging on him. My, nothing like this in the world, exclaimed Nicky, brightening up, brighter and letting loose a certain smile of satisfaction!
She, puts a wicked eye on him and presses her self on him, and reaches up and whispers in his ear, " Please, babe, put the pedal to the metal." Careful what you wish, we are entering the buddhi now, you just might get some, says Miss love coyly, turning her eyes toward him slightly and smirking, then she turns away her face from him and then, smiles another smile, a secret smile, she doesn't want him to witness, a weird kind of smile she likes to make, she calls it the wohommia smile, a demon smile, with one corner of her mouth turned up, while the other corner of her mouth turned down.
    Well, what does the castles reveal, asks Nicky, trying to regain composure, and front being suave, getting more into it. In general, that info is invading areas no one knows, but, they say this place can tell you many things that are written, and scratched into the walls of glass. Glass, my ass, can't be said Nicky frankly. Thats nonsense, we won't fine any glass walls in this real estate, Nicky said firmly! It is said, that some where thats buried, in the glass walls is the truth the seeker seeks, the voices of the Past, Present and the Future, said Miss love smiling with a curious look about her as if she knew something no one else did!  Whats that supposed to mean sugar,
asked Nicky?

Gosh I don't really know, babe, but I considered it will have a salutary effect! I can, I can not say, but, but er let me see, um,  tell you something though, I read somewhere. Its just, I don't recall! But, If I had to guess, um, er, and if my memory serves me right, It goes something like this Nicky. "Often times, the future is a mystery, The past is history, the now forages and compliments your destiny's energy," Gosh, something like that.  Wow, well, um, um, huh, in that case, Miss Love, what say you and I, dive right on down and find out just what our destiny's are all about, shall we? Well, I don't see why not babe? Let her rip Nicky! Miss Love smiles and chuckles as nick revved up the engine and it roars and the whole ship vibrates as it and zooms down into the mysterious caves of the Castles of the Buddhi. Initially she thought he would be a bore, but his quirky sense of humor, she thought was cute, to bad. And although he was nice, all of this, would have to fit into and correspond to the fate she had waiting in the wings for him. She exhibited a natural easy going behavior, minimizing the likely-hood that he unsuspectingly was going to experience a surprise. Wow, exclaims Nicky, look at all of this, did you ever believe such a beautiful place like this existed ? Really amazing, truly, said Nicky, clearly impressed with the views and very happy and exhilarated by the big choppers ease of handling. He was clearly enjoying himself.
You like it? You like it babe, asked Miss love, she too, was showing a little excitement and was a little amazed by the experience of the place, all of it her self too! " I'll say," replied Nicky smiling and looking around.
 It is like a spiritual mountain house with wires that plug into our consciousness, this place is so stunning, do you know, I believe it lowers our metabolic rates of our body, yes sugar, take it from me, truly when we see wonderful things, it lowers our stress levels! Mine is hanging down, quipped Nicky. " OH. shut up," retorted Miss Love, surprised but the scientists friskiness, which was taking her a little off guard, she looked at him batting her eyelids at him, pulled out her comb, and playfully, placed it under her nose, pretending it was a mans mustache, then she giggled, " bad boy, " tugging at him so more!
It works for every body, so just being here looking at all this, is so, so wild. I think this is really turning out to be a great idea coming here, at first when you suggested it, I said to myself, no, thought, it was going to be a boring dud, but jolly old silly me, was I wrong, now, no way, this is extraordinarily superb, if I do say so, the views here, are spectacular, said Nicky who by the tone of his voice was obviously very impress with the fractal towers located down hundreds of feet below! "This is going to be a healthy scientific love trip, sugar! " said Nicky, then pensively, exclaiming, after few minutes of silence while they looked excitedly around all over like kids visiting a zoo for the very first time. " I'am truly glad, truly, that from the bottom of my heart, I took off from work for this, in more ways than one sugar, other wise I would of forfeited not just the exquisite divine pleasure of being with you my dear, but seeing this. one of the wonders of the world! Its an astonishing place! Es ist fantastische sagte Nicky seine am schönste Ort der Welt sagte Miss Love zu ihm.

Oh wow, I think this is the most beautiful place in the world too, said Nicky. She was moved by the sincerity she heard in his voice! The heart felt compliments, she thought were touching. She turned and looked at his hands. They were big strong hands. He held the choppers throttle, controlled of the ship, yes, but tellingly by his hands and the way he moved them, in control of himself. Just the this view alone, so fantastic, said Nicky shaking his head in amazement!
I am so glad you like it, lets go down to explore it up close, shall we, come on !

[ 8-15 ]

[ Seconds in to film at 0:04 ]
This place, The Castles of the Buddhi, was a mystical drought in the life, quenching the thirst for an outer life, made really real as they got closer, and closer and entered! The couple looked out the window of the chopper at a small pointed mountain sticking out of the water, they zoom down free and untethered by past troubles and problems to that they seem to say BFN! They felt happy, and felt free to be themselves, relax and focus into this mystical fort, that resembles something like a bombed out church, it seems to say hey come in and party, the party is about to begin.
[ Seconds in to film at 0:20 ]  We begin to enter an inner life outer life secret chamber of unknown origins, it actually seems to be a chemistry zone, pulling out mellowness in the processes of experiencing and breathing in the ambiance of the place, which is like adding feelings caramelizing them, and stirring them gently, a kind of mental view, and germinate the seed of divine pleasure that this place gives off to visitors.
 The cook's cooking in the burner of the heart of the Buddhi fractal, they enter flying their helicopter seeking answers into the zone of the unknown, the temperature of the big caves they felt very cool, but it's rising. Nicky hit the pedal banking slightly and rotates the helicopter so they can get a better look at every thing.
He checks out the altimeter which uses a dial with three different "hands" similar to a clock, but it only goes up to 10. He double checks every thing, all seems fine and he banks sharply. The water appears to get bigger and rise as he loses altitude while he dives. The blue water looks so alive and so refreshing, it occurs to Miss love, She says, hey Nicky, I got an idea, why don't we go for a swim? What, why Miss Love, you got to be kidding asks Nicky? Love looks at him and covers her mouth and giggles. Her move suddenly changes, as she rubs her fingers in his hair. He likes it very much when she does that, not realizing her powers of the mind. She is using her hand like a non-invasive BCIs, but she needs not electrodes to sit on the scalp instead of burrowing through it the touch of her fingers sends frequencies, burrowing through it, like a electroencephalogram (EEG), which measures mental electrical activity along the scalp, and so Miss Love, uses those pretty fingers of hers to clinically diagnose him, for any sense of the flavors of his brain
and attitude, mind to mind disarming him, and prepping his mentality, like a great chef preparing a pig to be roasted.  

But she knows you can ruin a bottle of wine unless it brewed in time and so knowing the is rule, and not being a fool, she patiently waits for her time and the right time to drop her dime!
The monsteriably powerful EC135 chopper continues flying, down and around skimming the surface of the water really close, some water sprays up on the plexiglass windshield of the chopper. They take the aerodynamic marvelous ship and zoom it down around inside the large under water tunnels. Its massive rotors whipping up sprays of mist of water and its sound ricocheting like loud drumbeats in the tunnels raising up the moment of tension, till it resembles a loud heart beats going womb womb womb, around and around the big rotor blade spin, sheering the air in half like butter. Amazingly the walls of the mountains get wet by the chopper splashing up the holy waters of secrets on to the walls of the buddhi fractal castles, and they suddenly when in a wet state appear to be made of glass and highly reflective glass too, just like in the parable of the buddha, Could the moment of truth and enlightenment be approaching? All of the walls inside the caves are wet and so reflective you can see your face in it just like
if it were glass!

[ 8-16 ]

[ Seconds in to film at 1:00 ] They  take the chopper and zoom it deep down into this cave of the glass walls like a bunch of happy school kids on a summer brake. It seems to hover and float above the water around and around exploring this dreamlike water worlds. "Look," at it all yelled Miss Love," Look at it all, it's the other reality of the buddha, baby, IC, IC! kk! "  It is so interesting, all these strange forms that came out of the sea,  marvelous, don't you agree, honey? Nick. This is going to be a wonderful trip, thanks so much for taking off from your work, to spend some time with me! Nicky smiles, looks at her and nods his head approvingly, then goes back to piloting the chopper while on the itunes channel, out plays a cool tune. The melody fills the ships cabin with a rocking stereo sound! Miss love appears to be dancing in her seat to the musical beats, as Nicky pilots the ship! They both are having a lots of fun!
       But, now, but now, in comes to play, in comes to play, a sliding scale of morality, uncivility, bosoms kiss of evility submerges, if rancorish thirst love of utter brutality, fish speech she speaks, this girl child of the rich streets, of life and world mire in the sire realms, of places far from inconsistency, spaces where there dwells hells personalities, aware there warns the winds blowing. Oh, hear ye, hark dark deep base voice that crackles black scratchy, from a race unknown yells out from hell, she alone can hear these sounds, her alone, demon known can hear
Miss love thinking to her self as the ship gets closer to the surface of the water, perhaps she should say a tiny holy prayer from her Holy Bible, she pulls out a rather large square thick red bible from the bottom of her bag. Opens the helicopter's window a little so the sun can bless it pages and all of sudden the unthinkable happens :

The night holds fractals fright! Precariously perched in a lurch, some one is coming, some one bad!

CHAPTER 5 = REPLY# 105>http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg49236/#msg49236

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Stories from THE FRACTAL FORUM CELEBRITY NEWS  inspired by his work ; entitled, " SLURP " rendered and created by Master Tauruss66 in the year 2011 on Earth!

Table of Contents
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Chapter 12

It was so strong, like something was exploding inside of me, the thing in me. Oh my God! My mind began to go numb with the pain.
It was driving me insane!  It was killing me. It was so bad. Oh My God! I looked down at my chest, and something was pushing through my chest like a knife. Something, oh no, no something was inside, inside of me Ow Owwww.
Suddenly, a thunderous, crunching sound, was heard coming from inside me!  I screamed
Help! Help Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,  hep, HELP,heeeeelpppkkkhekp! Ocka ock! ock!
As a big blood soak head, popped out!
Burst through the center of my chest, ripping it up, with the force of a hundred wild thundering horses, out me! It snapped my chest open, PLACK CRACK!

MY chest bone swung open like flood gates, like two swinging doors letting, letting something from hell out!  Suddenly, the thing came rushing up, spraying spit, up out of him, filling the air were thousands of droplets of red bubbles of blood, that flew out, smashing against the walls with a thud. Then, there was like an explosion going off in him, and you could see his rib bones, came blasting out, rotating a round faster than the eye can see. Then, flew his guts into the air, like raw bones snarls, and little arteries, wiggling, like thousands and thousands of red colored worms, scattering up against the ceiling dragging, and drawing fractal lines around on the ceiling. And they stuck there hanging like if glued to it! His liver flew around, and around on the ceiling, as if it was alive and living, and thinking on its own, and was dripping and spraying out blood, and was quivering, running across the white painted ceiling above of his head. The ceiling was raining blood, down on me!  And, when he saw it, was so shocked, he opened his mouth to scream, the liver turned from maroon to brite florescent red, and jumped  clean off the ceiling,  straight down into his opened mouth choking him! His eyes, stunned opened wide, popping out of his head!  His body was going into violent convolutions as he coughed, gagged on himself!
Then out came the specter of the insane, when another, huge, huge blood red, round fractal monster creature thing, just popped, and barreled out of my chest, too! Was there no end? Seems I had virtual reality doorway portal in me, letting monsters flow forth, non stop! I screamed out No, no, and then it roared :Ya,Yahhhhhhhaaaooooommduuuucck! It was slimey looking, and smelled real bad, like rotten flesh! It was red bloody, and shaking violently. It, was covered with big bulging veins, and blood pouring out of it. It was a head, a head with features!  I let a loud cry for help! Yaaaaa, it was me ah ahhhhhhh he yelled for help! And it screamed as it came out of my chest and I could see it looked like me, and I screamed, and it screamed too! Yaaaaaaa ahhhhh! OH Yaaaaaa , ahhha it mock duckaaaaaa ahahaahahah ya! It was insanity time, all over again!  I realized I was caught in deathly time loop! ! Help!  It was terrible, it was my face on it. another one, just burst out of my, my chest, too! The head, was red and covered in red blood all over it, followed by, by by by my, my,  Oh No! This time, this time, it, it the thing had my neck, then it had a chest, my two arms appeared out of me, and forcibly held me down on the bed. It had the power of jack hammers, as it began hitting me!.
I was pinned down, like I was nailed down, couldn't even move! And I could see its muscles bulging out, it was moving and oscillating super fast, and the blood sprayed off of it, into my face and eyes! My eyes were burning and blinking, like I was cutting up onions or something! I was blinking, a mile a minute, as it, as it, as oh No!
 Its body was covered in slimy thick glue that was stretching, stretching as it climbed out of me. The lights went out, but that did not stop it! Oh nooooo no! It was no light and pitch black, but I could feel him stepping out of my chest. The liquids made sounds, and I could feel it dripping off off him, on to me, and it was falling and dripping down my face, and mouth! I had to stop opening my mouth to scream cause, otherwise it would fill-up with-it! But it was, It just so, OMG! It was so hard to keep my mouth closed! I was in such pain, I had to, I just had to scream! Do you understand me? The captain said, ashamed and bursting into tears. He bent over facing the ground, as if trying to hide his face from us!

We all, all felt bad and sad for him, as he tried, once more, to continue talking! But was choking on the saliva forming in his mouth.
Some of it fell out and some he spit out!

But it was getting harder and harder for him to explain it, because the feeling and emotions of that memory were to huge, too sensitive and raw!

So, but then he yelled, it was, it was
Ya yan, ya, yaaaaaa ahh ocp ock, help, it was so terrible! I gulpped down a pot of mock ya,aahha ock I  had to let go, I had to expel air, as I felt a sharp harsh abrupt pain in my respiratory organs, as they blew out on to  the ceiling! This can, this can't not be, no, no this , why is this happening? Yaaaa ah ah ahhh , he screamed and collapsed on the ground rolling headfirst, in the dirt near the campfire, as the people looked on totally shocked, their eyes bugging out in their head! Together our jaws dropped, as we watched this person withered around on the ground, in pure pain! He rolled around, and Judy ran over to him trying stop him from continuing! Its too much for you, she exclaimed frustratingly, and to horrible for us to hear, do you hear, do you hear me, do you hear? No, he moaned coughing. I got to, I got to I got to finish, you got to know what's coming? OMG, its gets worse?

It gets a hell'va lot worse asked saddie, listening intently? Much worse, said the captain shaking feverishly!
 The causation, of it all, was unclear, but not the horror! The relationship of every thing that happened to him was down right revolting. But he seemed to gather his wits about him, once more, take a deep breath, and, although he had tears running down his face, he continued!

Then, as this thing climbed out of me, I screamed and screamed till I fell out, and, and then I blackout, that's all I remembered. Next thing I know, time had slipped, and I was in a dark place. And I woke up inside the freezer with a bunch of other sailors.  I don't understand or remember how I got down there, or why? I was inside and slipped, tripped and hit my head against the door, as the others ran to the back of the storage.  Then, there was a big boom sound, BOOM! As the back section collapsed in on us! I heard a loud explosion, like the world was coming to and end, it was horrendous! I don't know from where but it shook the whole boat, felt like it got picked up, violently? And we got tossed about, like in a car crash, turning over thousands of times! I blacked out, again. That was it, when I came to, a second time, I found my self alone in the darkness, that was it, he said. When, he came to, there was not a sound in the whole boat. Total silence. He, first, thought he was dead, and somehow he was in a black space, he said. And I thought I was an animal, and I felt around, and I could smell all kinds of things by their odors!
 I did raise my self up, but it didn't occur to me, that I was human, anymore, to the contrary, I,  I thought I must have been reincarnated back to life as a dog or something, cause it felt very natural for me to walk around on all fours, on my hands and my knees! Strange right?
         I felt something,  I can't explain it, er um I, it was reactions, in me, some kind of some, some kind of catalyst, causing a chemical reaction in me, cause my mind was going crazy, but I recalled studying back in school about different chemical reactions. And this, well, it was kind of like chemical reactions, that started with the reactants, having some sort of energy activation, that results in the bonding of the two material's molecules, and forms a new product, and the most common form of energy is heat, either the chemical reaction will cause the blended mixture molecules to give off heat, or absorb it. And I was in a freezer, and I wasn't feeling cold. I was not! Then so, I felt no cold at first, because some kind of reaction was happening inside of my mind? I don't know? It's hard to explain. It was something primal in me, very primal, something was raging chemically in me. Something was happening! I remember in high school learning about, how to understand the differences between what's called , "Endothermic and exothermic reactions." And the words are derived from their names. "Endo" which means "to draw into," and "Exo" means "to give off."
and, and er, um, um huh, the, well the endothermic reactions draw heat in from their surroundings, and I don't know how, but I was drawing in heat from some place. I don't know where? But I did not feel cold inside the freezer for a long time!
Now the other reaction, the Exothermic reactions gives heat off to their surroundings, well I wasn't giving any body heat off. I felt very warm somehow. I felt like I was a dog, an Alaskan Husky a dominant dog bred for the cold! I thought I was a dog from another reality, or something, I don't know! It's difficult to even begin to explain this! I remember barking, barking! Yes I know weird right? And, weird or not,  it felt normal to me, I know, what, what you're thinking, this is madness, but it's the truth!
        First, the captain said, please, I want you to accept that this statement is possibly true, and agree to believe it, just for a moment, because there is no other way else, to explain it!
You don’t have to agree, just give it room in your belief system for a short try out. OK? I believe, we are all  beings that have the spirits of our past lives, in us somehow, and for me, I think I was a dog in another life, somewhere, in my past, because I swear to you. I started to be able to smell all kinds of things. I did smell the matches in that dead sailors pocket in the freezer with me. I didn't know he had matches or even if he smoked cause there's was no light! Everything was black, it was the pitch darkness. Yet I could smell he was there, and I went and centered on him, and I smelled he had matches! How do you explain something, something like that?

I walked around inside the freezer in the pitch blackness smelling around like a dog, at this and that. I smelled blood. It was the blood of the dead sailors, way in the back of the freezer, and I crawled over to them, and I smelled them, to see if anyone was alive, but my ears which too, seemed to be very acute to me. I did not hear or smell, no breathing or movement, only silence! No breathing, no movement, everything was dead still. Dead and silent, like I said I could smell things and I could smell the Oder of cigarettes, and the Oder of matches in one of the dead mens pockets! Something I could never could have smelled before, if you ask what does a match smell like?  For the life of me I wouldn't know? Did you know they have distinct acidly smell? Somehow I was able to smell it, thank god,too?  Other wise I would never have gotten the matches or the candles! I knew it was there. And not only that, but I could smell wax! The wax of a box of candles someone of them had. A man had on him. Why I don't know? I am clueless, but I could, I could and I took it out of the man's pocket. Out of his shirt pocket to be exact, in the dark, in the blackness of the room, in the freezer! And I smelled the matches, and so looking at these facts : I had one, the pack of matches, and two, the candles! And I lit the match and lit the candles, and if it weren't for that, I don't know. I really don't know?  I think I would have blacked out for sure, from the cold and turned into a solid piece of frozen ice in no time! Cause all of this had to be happening in my, my mind, that's the only way I can explain it. I lit the little white candles and placed them around, so I could see, it was after that, that I had light, in the freezer, and that I found a flashlights on the floor, next to some frozen meats, that had fallen off the hooks. So, when I lit the lights that's when I started, I started to, to, to feel like I was getting cold. Weird don't you think? It was my mind trying to save me, that's all I can say, he said.  He lighted some candles and tried to open the door of the freezer, but, couldn't. It, it was blocked. He went crazy, freezing and hopeless, he said, and passed out, and fell face forward into a puddle of ice water on the floor! What I remembered was pain in my head, like I got kicked in the head! I felt my head was splitting in half or something? Then, then, really things changed when he heard you guys, he said! Thank God, for you guys, cause well, I don't know what I would have done, he said crying and breaking down inconsolably?

 Well, was evident to me this boy, this man got all his wheels off the ground, and is headed, sure enough for insanity town! Still, all in all, got pretty good memory! He remembered me finding him, and tripping and kicking him in the head! Looks like we done have to hold onto him!  Only thing is,  all the insane asylums done got destroyed, so what we gone do with this boy, I thought to my self? Dam, lots of questions, no answers!
We can't force the man to shape up, cause it'd hard to shape up ourselves, let alone him!
Well, sir, the boy, lowered his head, and stared at the ground crying, and barking like a dog, every once and a while!  And me and Jonathan stared at him and at each other! Then, that's when Jonathan up, and bomb shelled me with this secret revelation!
 He, well, that's when Jonathan confessed, he too, had a strange feeling around noon time that day, at the same time, too! And he had fallen to the ground, and felt something was coming out not of his chest, but out of his back, his spine of his back too, but the pain was so bad he passed out! Now, the question comes up, what would of happened if he too, did not pass out, but stayed conscious, and seen things, that maybe he was not to see? Strange, hows that thought, working out for you?
Lots to ponder partner, I thought to my self!
So, that put everything into a quandary? What was going on that day? Doomsday? This gunk, was gunking up my head, I said, and I was clueless as a pig, with twig stuck in its butt!!  I grabbed a beer, I downed a swig! I shaked and shook my head, and said, Oh my gosh, oh big golly , what, oh what has this here world come to? But no answers came to my head, and I stayed as I was, clueless as a dog without a nose! This is too much, I said, drinking some more happy juice!

So, we all just sat there and stayed silent for a good, good long while. Many of us try to cover things up, secret things that happened to us in our lives, or have found a way to bury it, deep enough to have forgotten, just how awful it was! But, we, we are in a situation, where there is no hiding. No escape from the nightmare, because we are living in it! Well, sir, we just decided to stay quiet and rest up, less our minds come off the wall too, and we end up like the captain, loonier than looney toons! Who knows what we will face, in the, in the  future, if there is one?

[ 2 ]

The present is a rock
The present is all you got,
The present is what it is a gift,
The present is powerless to avoid a shift,
The present is nevertheless yours, till it slips through your fingers gone.
The present is not responsible to you, no ownership of it belong to thee, or your children you see, its a rock that turns to stone, cold and alone, turns to sand falls from your hand, and returns back from whence it came, fractal crystals playing in the universe's games! iIt's happily, extraverted, enthusiastically ready to mock, the fact that you lost your present rock, in a land that time forgot. Fast came the past, out of which every body who survived, this mortal setback, must forge a future, the resolution to take on the challenges, that confront this small band of humans, hold their lives in balance, and depends the future kind of mankind.  
So,it is, this forlorned little community, salvaged from the boat, settles in for the night, some sleep around the campfire, others some distance away, each person in his own way, has to reconcile with this new reality! This new environment, and are saddled with the pain of extreme lost, and utter bewilderment of seeing with their own eyes, the raw havoc and destructive beating, the earths took when they split apart.
It's more than enough to break anyones heart.

When you follow your mind and the your beating heart,
you inevitably latch on to what you know,
when what you know. no longer exist.
There's is a twist and the thing in you makes you want to actively seek out memories, to make you feel comforted, absent that, you seek out various things : entertaining people to help you to forget, drugs, like alcohol to soothe the dent in your psychic, or environments, that raise up your sense of spirit, to help you to flourish, and find fulfillment, and inner peace, above all, less down you fall.

And so, the next morning comes to pass, the next morning the sunrises up,at last. And can be seen way over to the right, glistening brightly beyond the two Earths peripheries.  Little Saddie, looks around wondering out loud quips a upbeat remark : this beats the boat, no joke, ha ha, ha! I like it up here, she smiles talking to judy, who is just waking up beside her too. They slept on a blanket and are sill dreary eyed. Saddie yawns, and stretches looking around to see, quickly,  if the men of which there are quite few are up, are staring and watching her. But they are not around, but, as per BR's, orders are sleeping separately some distance away.

Compared to down there in that boat, we got it cool fool, what do you think, she asks Judy?
Well, Judy struggling to raise herself up, and looking tired, her hair sticking out, this way and that like a bush creature out of the wild, no make up, and plain! She cried a lot last night, she looked out of it, but managed to answer :

I think, we found ourselves between a rock and a hard place, and the profile we got is better, but,
Saddie interrupts her, but nothing, lets look of the sunny side, after all, if BR, didn't show, when he did, the two for one holding the nose, job, we were doing on each others noses, would mean, we would be dead now, not like talking, like we are. Right?
I am dam glad were not, who knew?
I guess you're right? Saddie interrupts again, guess? Girl! Give me a break? We're still kicking, shit! Come on let's get up and take a walk and look around kiddo! Wait, says Judy, let's fix ourselves up, first! Me, hear you girl, my face looks like shit too, said Saddie nodding her head, smiling. Meanwhile, Judy, while reaching into one of thirty fancy hand bags, and purses, she copt out of the boat from dead ladies who aren't going to need them anymore. She took a deep breath and flipped open her mirror, and looked at herself and stared. Pondering what Saddie had just said, and the truth of it all. They say the truth hurts, well this truth really does, she thinks to her self, questioning herself, did I really almost commit suicide? Amazing, how things turned out, she thought.  Does it mean I am really a weak girl?  A sissy girl? I think about what I did and that's all wrong, or was it right? It's my fault, it's my fears and flaws, I guess? I do think I know when enough is enough, and trying to die at that time was right, the fact this, this crazy guy showed up to save me, doesn't change anything or does it?

I guess it does, I owe him?

He's kind of sexy in a really strange bizarre kind of way. A bad guy, and my momma always said stay away from the bad guys! But, she never did, she didn't follow her own advice. I hope I will. She examines her face, the scratches on her right cheek, look like shit, she thinks about all the black and blue marks, she got down there in the dark! Are now, red and a little inflamed. So, she gets into the grove, turns on a music pod, and gets busy. She powder puffs them over, throws on a liner, puckers her lips and paints them too! One thing mommy always told me, baby when it comes to men, be ready, always! She hits a blast of spray perfume, under arms, legs, butt, neck, next, comes her hair, she combs it broadly, briskly, back from her eyes, and primps it with her hands, and turns and looks at Saddie, who's doing her face up too!

So, what you thinking? I lost, snapped Saddie, I lost what I had. Every dam thing! I got nothing and lost everything, and so did everybody else here. So we all are about to start from the same line in the sand, what we do now, from this day forward, from this very day, will determine our future Judy. I say let's go for it big time, she said, enthusiastically, smiling, and shrugging off any pretenses! And after all we been through. I agree with her philosophy. And told her, get this Saddie, we got our fat fannies filling the seats, and our tits are sticking out, and our backs are against the wall, does that mean we got to fall, hell, hell, "NO!"  I am with you girl, on that!  Judy says to her, Saddie, Wow, what do you know? If you were to ask me, what role does personality play in a guys life?
I'd say, it's everything. Saddie finishes painting her lips deep red, licks them and replies, hey, I am with you on that, shit, me, I got regrets.  But I got blessing's too. Year, but your a fighter, I can tell. What, Me? Year, year you! Why you saying that, cos you stoned? Wassup' with that? Na, I can feel the strength in you, bitch!

Ha, that's a compliment, I only wish it was true! Sure enough true girl. And you, what about you, she asked me? Shit, I am faking it. I am a good faker, I am just trying to show I am spunky too. Let me lay this on you, I said to her as I dug up an old cliche, that seemed appropriate and dropped it on her, " What doesn't kill you, will only make you stronger." Got that right, she replied smiling and glancing up at me, getting to her feet and then trusting her arms up stretching in the cool morning air, like she don't got a care, in the world. You want a coffee, asked Judy? No, perhaps in a week or too, when I feel like I know what's this new life has in store for me, right now, I know it's early but, I think I'll take a drink, said Saddie.
What's that?
Rum, boy you don't play around.
Oh, yes I do, she laughed ha, ha, ha!
She reached into her bag and pulled out a tiny brown bottle, twisted the cap off and drank a shot straight from it like it was orange juice, put the cap back on, and blew out some air, and looked me, and said, OK, honey, let's hit the highway! Go! What highway? Ha, ha, ha,  Both of them were now wearing clothing they had taken from suitcases, they brought out of the ship. They had, lots and lots of clothes, and very expensive high heeled shoes. Which were useless in the sand and dirt that surrounded them, but psychologically, wow!  It was a blast to have, and mentally comforting to boot. Judy had on jeans and a yellow tank top, Saddie wore black pants and a pink blouse and rapt her brunette hair with the blond lock in it, into a big bun.

They were just raring to go, when Judy said, you know what?


I know I shouldn't say this, but should we tell this dude?


Dam, your right BR!

He knows this place after all, this is his camp, and like he says he's the boss-man.


Ok, may you shouldn't have said it, but you did, so like I didn't hear you, said Saddie, waving her hand for judy to follow her, as she headed out walking to go exploring. Judy smiled taking her lead, and smiled in agreement, as they headed out, destination unknown.  

So, Judy and  Saddie, were a little nervous but excited, and casually wondered off for an early morning stroll to get in a little sight seeing and check out the new landscape of their new world, and they headed off aimlessly at first, but then decided to head toward a tall sandy hill with rock sticking out cropping on its top, thinking it's perfect, and once on top it's got to have a great view. too!

They were anxious to get a look over the other-side, and see, what they could see!  They are surprised, that they are not the only ones with that idea!

And, to find it's occupied already, by two other early risers, from the camp!

Two young ladies, a Miss Barni House, who was an English black woman, thin five foot', who was a music classical coach teacher. She's petite, cute, big eyes, large black pupils, and had her done hair in a natural round shaped retro afro' hair style, of the free wheeling Hippies days. And, this woman, Beth Thomson. She's a Oceanologist specialist from the states, who had a high voice, looked like very teacher'ly and conservative, but today, she's letting it all hang out, cause she got saved, and is elaborating that, by getting nice and drunk, with one of her new acquaintance, her friend Barni, both of whom stayed up most of the night bouncing emotionally, between happiness and sadness, over their fate and ruined lives and love ones who are now presumed dead, and the totality of their futures lost.

. So, they joined up with them, and converse awhile, up until  Saddie, noticed a tiny spec of a figure up against the blue of the morning mist of the sky, way in the distance. It looked like a man, and by his appearance he looked somehow familiar, it's BR! Took awhile, to walk all that, but finally he reaches the bottom of the hill, looks up! He joins the ladies.  And all eyes are on him, as he climbs up to get to them sitting on top!
Barni, looks on, smiles curiously, and asked him casually, Who are you? I am the man who saved your life, have you forgotten?

No, I know that I mean besides that, who are you?

Besides that,  Besides that? Do you trivialize that, like its nothing? If that's the case maybe I shouldn't have? No, please, please, that came out wrong. Don't, don't take, take it the wrong way BR, please! I would like to know, I mean I am just asking you, you no know,   .   .   .

Who are you?

BR, who to the surprise of the ladies, had clean up his act, from looking like a wild-man dude, to a sharp guy, still donning his bullet hole riddled cowboy hat, though, now he smelled good, looked good, no blood stains, no mud, even changed his clothes, into new digs, with a fresh pair of gap bluejeans to boot, that he stole from somebodies suitcase, out of the boat! He had his low slung gun-holsters and was packing his guns dangling one, on each side of his legs, which looked muscular, to the girls as they checked him out! He got a small tight ass, thought Saddie, to herself and laughed!

His new look featured, a face with a trimmed beard, and mustache that was becoming, that caught the ladies admiring eyes. He flashed a good morning ladies to them and flashed a good looking bright set of, recently brushed teeth. in his smiling face, as he looked at Barni, who looked like she felt blessed with him here amongst them! He looked at her, like she was an un-openned Christmas present, and playfully toyed with her using a litany  of what only can be described as verbal mind games,

 but, first he made himself comfortable laying down between them, and folding his hands behind his head, as he looked at her, then a second later, pulled his cigarettes, patted him self down like he was searching for matches, then asked,
You got a light?
Sure , Barni replied handing him her lighter.
Thanks, he said lighting up and inhaling deeply, then exhaled handing it back, with a tiny smirk on his face, squinting his black eyes at her as he said ,
You asked me who are you?
Year, just curious.
What's your name?
Barni, Barni House, she replied in one of her best sexy voices. But, me hey, cowboy, my friends call me Barni, she smiled, replying in an extra warm voice drawing out every syllable of her english accent!
What do you think, Barni? Can who be?
Could it be me?

What, she said, not understanding, and suddenly shifting un-comfortably in her seat on the sand.- She now, definitely had the boss man's attention, but, contrary to what everyone thought, he was no fool, but instead, it was becoming painfully aware, it was he, who was playing her psychologically like a dunce and imbecile.  She was being played by a spade! Testing her, to see what she was made of mentally.
"No, I mean who are you?" She said, sitting up quickly with a curious look on her face, like a character who had been put through a meat grinder mentally. His starlike confidence,  made the ladies sit up right away mentally, and take notice, questioning whether he was really just a dangerous madman nut, or just pretending? He didn't smile but looked earnestly at her and asked,
Who could be me? No who, not what, What side of who of the first side of
Who do you think I am? Who? Just who do you think? Who do you think I am?

[ 3 ]

Who the hell do you think I am man?
Come on say it? Say it, demanding, who? Who,
he said raising his voice ominously, getting the women psychologically unsettled, and a wee bit scared.
I mean I try to be nice, I mean I tried to save your life, right, that was nice?
You are. Aw yes, you, you are nice, said barn nervously, her voice had lost the warm depth to it, now, it was kind of trembling.

That was?
Yes it was! It was, she murmured.
Was that? He quizzed her, with his words, with a strange artistry, like a bull fighter, casually pointing his sword in a Spanish bull fighting ring. The sword would go in, and bull would sing! Indeed, she was right, she was perfectly right to ask, who was he?
Oh definitely, that was very nice! Barni, answered, trying her best to sound, both lucky and thankful, and grateful all at the same time!
Wasn't that?
Why anybody can see that, he commented, he rattled off his words fast, to what, to him was something obvious! Anybody, she asked, first looking at him, as if in agreement,  then, glancing her eyes quickly, at the other women seated around her for support, but they were silent! Their lips zipped! Like as if they were not there! But they were, and they realized : this was a cat and mouse game, and this mouse was a powerful, Micky mouse, on drugs, no less!! And they were going to be bystanders, and were going to sit back and watch the Micky eat her alive!
Barni was petrified, her eyes bugging out, she was not just awed, but speechless, not knowing where, or what, this madman, was going to do.

[ 4 ]

There was a slowly building up of a tension, as the man and the women seemed living in two worlds, existing on two side of a line, a unseen line based in the confines of the minds journey beginning with an contrast, between the accepted norms of the ladies, and the twisted inner self of BR's paragon reality, operating out fascinatingly in his  wish for the way he wanted the world to be, but in controlled.
Who, no! Ask me how many? he told her!
How many?
Go ahead!

How , how how many, asked Barni stuttering,now frightened of him, and chain smoking like a steam engine, trying to stay calm, hoping the next puff might relax her! It was obvious,   .   .   . She mentally couldn't handle this dude, This guy, all dressed up, disguised,  in his old time cowboy get up,
had her out classed, out witted, out gunned, out brained and was giving a verbal licking! And that was not good, not cool at all! And she thought, "If a crazy man can do that, then he's not crazy!"

But, now this pretending crazy guy, asks
How many baby spiders must a mother spider have to guarantee one will survive?

What, she asked, clueless, and befuddled, and blinking her eyes frequently?
They have come by, and by! And visit this cool midtown top brand store, to do, their thing, which was stealing, now like, you roll it up, find a spot, park, do your thing in the store, swipe this that, like a black cat, when the clerk is distracted. And walk out quickly, if you get spotted, and the alarm buzzer sounds, you, y'all stay calm, you say," oh it must be my phone alarm, right?" un-perturbed, Cause nine times out of ten, the store doesn't want bad publicity. So no cops, they let you go! The sales person, if she's cool, will let you go, especially if you nice, right? Right? He demanded, an answer, like as if she knew what the hell this man was talking about!

[ 5 ]

Suddenly, interrupted Saddie, hell year, been there , done that cat!  I can, cause I did it and dude it, dude, Ha, ha, ha!  Saddie was the one who had engaged him with daring flair, verbally down in the hole of the ship, she knew he was mad, or bordering on a mad, that is undefinable, a lunacy that is crimeable, and off the walls, and the only way, she was to get over on him, was to appease him, but with a patient long term agenda, based on Bull S___. And she had hers, and it was simple! Come out on top!
She played along, figuring this guy out, sometimes he's cool sane as can be, other times he's not! The trick was, just to wait him out patiently.

The others girls, were clueless as to why she put her two sense in, but, saddie might say she was bold and  funky, but she had another side to her too. She had subtle intricacies to her character, that made her personality be able to go up against BR, and stretch over lines of reality with him, as if the mentally dancing!  From extreme introversion to extreme extraversion to exhibitionist!  And now, BR, turns his head and looks at her, recognizers her, remembers her from down in the blackness of the ship, and without missing a beat says, you impressed me, last night, Saddie, when you went over to try to comfort the Captain! Thanks, she said smiling, looking into his eyes, as he looked in to hers, and though the words that were being spoken was saying one thing, their body language was saying something totally different, these two are attracted to each other, but don't dare want to admit it.
They were talking and saying something else, but their tone of voice and eyes were betraying them!
Then BR said,
"Who you he naked her?"
What, said Saddie? She said what, curiously, and feeling just as blind sighted, as poor Barni, who now stayed quiet watching and confused on the sidelines! Now, Judy, checking this shit out, was tired of being a pent up bystander, raring to but in, she thought she could handle him, cause being a nurse, she had  lots of experience and had to study a little psychology in school, but, the underlying point was this guys ability to be cagey, cagey and wild as a fox, dangerous as wolf with the bite of a cobra! Whats going on inside of him? Whats in his flame? Fire? Or lunacy, or both? She thought, she could game him play him, but this guy, he had just thrown her a curve ball, she didn't expect right out of the blue, but realizing it was game of deep complex wit, she paused and played it cool, took her time and took a drag on her cigarette real slowly.  Looked away from his eyes, away from his manly gaze, and stayed momentarily quiet, then, came back at him, cool as a cunning, drunk hound dog on a Saturday night, and said in low sexy voice that would melt a man in to butter, asking him,

[ 6 ]

"Who she him naked him?"

Well when he heard that! it was game changer! He, turned did a double take, and now, it was he, was the one who stayed silent now, but he was feign·ing pretending looking at her cocky and boldly! Where, as, she checked him out, did the same body language wise back to him, and they both stared boldly at each other for about a minute, looking for weakness, in matched euditeness, without none of the five people on the mountain daring to butt in, or say a word, not a sound!  You could hear a pin drop. The macho tension, man, girl thing was hot! That's how quiet it got!
Then, BR, hungry to change the topic, and let the pressure off, pretended to noticed a scent in the air. He sniffed, sniff, sniff!
He looks and turns his head around in slow motion, like the devil he is, and looks at  Barni, who's now smiling, un controllably at him, and whose been drinking heavily all night, and notices she has a roach in her hand.
Wooo, what's, what's that I smell, sniff sniff, asked BR, as he turns to look back at Barni? It's a Spankdust! Smells like good weed,  it is, we call it Spankdust, back home! Can I have a tok? Why not? Take it, says Barni, bending over with her left handing it to him in his right. Well, says BR, it's been a long time since I done any spanking, but with this, who knows? he inhaled, smiled looked up, then down at it, and commented smiling! Good, weed. Stuff gets me bugging, so if you notice me not acting my normal, calm, intelligent self, and change a little, you'll no why, he said smiling, as he took a drag, inhaled it, then it started :  

[ 7 ]

You? You, he said, nodding his head toward Judy, holding the weed out in her direction, meaning if she wanted a tok or puff. She didn't say anything, but thinking to her self, she really wanted to, but didn't want to give him an inch, and besides, she was clever enough to know that to deal with him, being that he was crazy as a fox and deadly as a crocodile, she needed all her wits about her. She can always relax and party later. So, she shook her head saying no, but then looked him straight in the eye, and said coldly. I am already high! You want to get me higher, so you can abuse me? Maybe? He said. Hey, I can use some abuse, remarked Saddie, laughing, who up until now was quiet as a mouse, let me get some, she said holding out her hand. Say let me get some please, Boss! Let me get a puff please, Boss! BR handed it to her, she inhaled and smiled handing it back. Judy's face, was  smile-less, looked at him firm, like a out of touch, un hip, so out of it, stuck-up, school teacher, who needs to be taught, a lesson in life!

 The other lady, Miss Thomson, she's quite not so different, but, given the circumstances, she, who also was quiet all this time too! Thinks, after all what they been through, this is the time to get high, so she pours a drink in a shot glass and hands it to him. But he looks at it, shakes his head and declines, saying, Naw, thanks, I'am good! So she downs it her self. Hey, who are you, asked BR looking at Judy, who ignores him, and turned her face away from him, and glanced around at the wilderness before her. She pretended to be more engrossed in the view then them.
Then all of sudden, BR, audaciously, makes like, a comedian, and makes believe he is a participant on some crazy TV reality show and says jokingly: I am Judy, when she's old, sitting in a wheel chair waiting for her doctor in his waiting room, he said changing his voice and demeanor, imitating the sound of an old lady, "Hey gag' nabbit, dammit, yo, hey nurse, Yo, can you tell me why, I say can you tell me, why the Doctor, is late? I, been waiting here, for hours." Well, he said changing his voice again to sound like an imaginary receptionist, well, he he's not late. He's not? No, he's tardy delayed! God dammit, he not tardy or delayed, he's late, late is late! Late, I say he's late, I say he tardy! Late. Delayed! He is delayed, said the imaginary receptionist getting all bent out of shape! Then he changed his voice again and brought out another personality of an old man, pretending to be some kind of mediator between the two arguing women, Now Y'all hold on one cotton minute here! I say hold on one rotten moment, as security I got to say  I got to say, Y'all can't be yelling and causing a ruckus inside the doctors office! I have heard y'all yelling and I can't allow altercations inside the doctor office! You two, better just calm your selves down, do you hear! Or! Or what, he yelled angrily at himself, interrupting that character speaking and imitating somebody else, I will have you, and you  both of you removed!  

Then BR who is on a roll letting out a bunch of hidden personalities surface, suddenly says, imitating and old style ring tone, RING RING, he picks up, hello this Julia from the North American Storm Environmental research agency. We are doing polls and surveys : did you experience any flooding or earth quakes recently in your area ?

You got to be kidding sugar, he exclaims, BR, pretending to be shocked by the question he heard, looks upset!
He's talking into a phone, What world you on? Did, I said, did you notice the earth done up a split in two? Huh? Go look out your window honey? What do you see? I bet you it ain't pretty? Now get off my phone and don't you ever call me again,
do y'all hear? Now, Big Rex, without missing a beat, continues this farse fantasy!

Now, y'all know , he continues, I can't allow no altercations in the doctors office, whether he's a little late or little delayed!
Y'all know the law, no ruckuses in the doctors office.
Judy, thinking quickly to her self that this is just a gag, a farce, that BR, is indulging his fantasies in. She remembers the time when she was a student in med school, in her class of, "Psychoanalysis," the Professor would encourage students to momentarily engage verbally in the hallucinatory conversations of patients to help them transcend and climb over and out! She, ambitiously jumps right into his daydreaming and suddenly turns his Monologue in to a Dialogue, and said to him,
who said you cant allow a ruckus? Lots of things I do that I am not supposed to and so do you! All we doing is expressing ourselves, and we ain't lying. The doctor is not late, is not delayed he is just running a little behind, that's all!
OH no he's not! He's not running a little behind, he got a big behind Big big behind, that's so big he can't run!

Judy listening to this intently, shakes her head, tries to be logical, ponders to her self privately for a moment, and tries to be objective, knowing from her studies that the bridge to the mind to this man sitting opposite her, his immediate reality requires a system of analysis wrought with and buttressed by compelling specific Psychotherapies, she only wishes she had, so she could intelligent de-mask, and proceed to decipher him, and his behaviors causality, but despite the deep questions and concerns, she holds about him, on top of which, add the fact that she secretly considers him her patient, he eludes and evades with cunning her attempts to pigeon hold him down to do a character analysis, and penetrate his multiple ego defenses!  What a complex guy, she thinks to her self. She nevertheless finds him challenging and despite herself, she wonders and puts in doubt her interest in him? Is it purely a secret psychological nurse patient relationship she desires, or is there in her, a growing self awareness of a latent emergent female attraction to him?
Could I have a tiny crush on him, she questions her self, can't be he is a nut, and not a nice guy, perhaps funny but he is so sick. No, can't be, I can't be attracted to him, the thought of it was more than atrocious, it was totally ludicrous.
Still now that he's cleaned up and looks good, she knows that looks are deceiving and even if she were to indulge and expose her feelings just a little for him, could he, this barbarian in sheep's clothing be capable of love? Could he or would he be just a drive by lover? She doesn't even know if he likes her, but still if she showed interest and he shows interest, will she exposes her heart to him. Would he come to her to take her into arms in ardent love lust and deep intercourse her madly, and sadly when done toss her aside like an opened Christmas present box, yesterdays news, and old sock? That happens a lot!
He sits there laying down in front of her conversing with us all, now she thinks, her secret thoughts that  are whirling and dancing in her head, as she turns to do what she's too, shy to do, to glance quickly into his eyes which are looking at hers as if waiting to pounce. His eyes were piecing her soul, she could feel them on her making her feel happy but yet, at the same time vulnerable unexplainably?
He smiled and looked like he about to say something to her, but who would be talking to her, another hidden personality or him, who ever him is?
But, enough heavy thinking, she says to her self, right now he is genuinely funny and she dying to laugh but is doing her best to hold it in. He was releasing his own special brand of a personality game play, and the other girls were loving it and she reluctantly [/color], although she didn't want to admit it she was too!

Well, the ladies listening, including stubborn Judy, are bewildered and awe-struct listening to this mans non stop funny rants, they burst out laughing ha, ha, ha...

BR, burst out laughing, Ha, ha, ha. Then Judy burst out laughing too, ha, ha, ha!

Suddenly Judy really broke up laughing loud as hard as she could!  She reached the point of this is got to be too much of a joke, and found all this hilarious, and cracked up so hard her face turned red, ha, ha, ha. she blushed, and kept on laughing
Barni, Laughed and cried too, realizing she had been played! Was this was just BR's way of teasing and playing around, with the ladies?

The gig was up!

[ 8 ]

He smiled, then crushed his cigarette out on a rock, and looked at each of them, and said seriously. Now listen up, It's been a pleasure making your acquaintance ladies. I like you, got up early, not to look at the scenery. I got up at the crack of dawn and walked a mile or two, not because I wanted too! I got up, cause I needed to get things straight in my head!
I am gone be responsible for all y'all. And I am gone need some volunteers to help me!

Everyday volunteers making and serving dinner.
Lets say each day at four sharp. And helping organize and being done by six!

I hope you can be there today, or get me some folks who will.

Will you guys help, he asked them seriously?
They looked at each other nodding their heads with one another and agreed, and Judy, said sure!
Besides that I try to get these people up, and will have a meeting this morning to lay some new laws down!
Thanks, I am going need all the help I can get, he said getting to his feet, and then said something very telling:

I like bugs! Bumble buggers and Bees, Bumble bees, Are my favorites! There are nearly 20,000 known species of bees, they form a structure, a way of living! A hive, which they defend with their lives!
This, is their kingdom, and this camp is mine! In my camp. There are Queen bees! I am their king! And in my kingdom, for it too survive! It will be, characterized by having a cooperative brood, and a division of labour into reproductive and non-reproductive adults! Bees navigate using spatial memory, and we with our memory will also be guided, like a magic compass, pointing to our future survival

And ladies and Queen bees, here's the hard part!

There will be days, and days, when I do things you might not like or understand. I do things that you hate! But I got to do what I think I need, need to, too! To be successful! I also got to enforce discipline, for the benefit of all our survivors! If that day comes, don't hold it against me. Don't! I am just doing what I got too! Then without saying anything else, the man, proceeded to turn and walked down the other side of the hill, toward the camp. And as he walked away, his size got smaller, but in their eyes, became bigger! And as he came, so he went, and was gone!  

CHAPTER 13 >http://www.fractalforums.com/discuss-fractal-forums/a-huge-lack-of-comments/msg49534/#msg49534

Hi! It's me  Madcow sammy, OMG, Lots of nuts escaped out of the nut house, I dam sure, ain't sure, what is gone happen next, but these girls i think got a big surprise coming!  Believe that!!  I think all the people, in that boat needs to get their heads examined quick! They got issues. I know BR and The Captain do! These guys are unbelievable!  Wow,
Luckily my Iphone alarm, went off again, and woke me up! " Oh Boy! " Anyway, I really got to consult Toni, cause this is too much! I got to tweet him, anyhow, I just got another tweet! It's my girl, Madcow Lady Ga Ga again! Oh how cool! Got to fly bye! Stay tuned, this is just the beginning!   I got to run now, bye, adios, adieu, A plus tard Mes amis, abschied, Wiedersehen, 這麼長時間現在,我們看到你很快 !,告別 ,작별, 別れ ,Прощай ,الوداع ,veda , addio ,Żegnaj, bye bye, to da loo!

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