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Mandelbox and Flying LightsWeird Planet IILike in a dream II
Weird Planet II
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Description: <a href="http://www.youtube.com/v/APsLfpfDGOI&rel=1&fs=1&hd=1" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/v/APsLfpfDGOI&rel=1&fs=1&hd=1</a>
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Posted by: bib March 21, 2011, 09:01:53 PM

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Fractal Phenom
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January 07, 2012, 01:45:02 AM
Greetings and Salutations,
Greetings and Salutations to you Master BIB993

films 1:
This flick is about the mysteries of The Fractal that baffle the souls and minds of men : It's a charge, offers great kicks, blasting off at a theater near you! A Space riders Delight! One you don't want to miss for its atmosphere and mind altering run in the 4d fun :
We like to present to you the film entitled : " Weird Planet II " created and rendered  by the Master BIB993 in the year 2011 on Earth!

Technically >M-set of a rotated&#65279; Mandelbox.

NOTE , NOTE! if you have difficulty seeing this film on the forum  just type in the title [  Weird Planet II ] on google and it will display flawlessly enjoy!


PLOT COMPOSITION : The plot theme is that of a flight into the bosom, unfathomable depths of the 3d Mandelbulb
looking on a planet where only deities tread, looking pretty in the designation of a fracto locality on the outskirts of space in fractal time! Its does this with music in the background, as we do lot of spins twirls back flips and subtle soft landings in the world that only ultra high algorithmic mathematical formulas can create! These secret formulas are in the traditions of great cuisine and chefs through out the world , held close to the vest of the artist, it's his personal treasure, they are called Parameters. Some artist give their parameters away,  others would kill to keep them secret ! If you were a Architectologist  Fractologist what would you do? The formula that the Master Bib used is slick and mysterfying ! Hope you enjoy it too! This is what democracy looks like high on math! Enjoy!


CONCEPT CONSTRUCTION ; VIEWER IMMERSION ; viewer experiences stimulative ergonomic immersion psychologically projecting himself visually forward around , down and zooming in a  spinning planet ground on the beaches playground o the gods!   And this holy sand where for the life of man, no human foot prints can be found, not a one! Oh glory be the story, when we too can say we have landed and stepped there too and utter proudly :

"that's one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind."

Historic, ambitious dream, to walk on this land out of the mind of Master Fractal Forum Artist BIB993 he be an artist, investigator, fractal art maker instigator, elevator world creator sayer and inker of words yet languages can nought pronounce but pounced Master BIB996 did,  not in words but in deeds with pictures creating the ultimate mind to eye space trip, quips a god on seeing his movie, where oh where think be he to invade without assign nest our land setting aside for basking, did he not see the sign that read no trespassing?  Woo, said BIB993. Please excuse me! The language of the gods is unfamiliar to me, please excuse ME! That said he went on filming and  thanks to his bravery, we sit here today, watching in awe this film in all its glory, beacon dear heart , notice this, the mans excellent taste of music too! His skill rose to the occasion  selecting the setting of the tone with the right music not the wrong, gone strong it will, in the hearts and minds and souls of men forever. In syncopation of the sound with image on the fly creating a treasure in ones eye! Now and forever then let its freedom ring as the movie lets us in backward in reverse, upward and around to the full musicality accompaniment of dazzling crescendos of tone setting music by classical masters with ambiance and  hypnotic symphonic wizardry, with chilling vocals beaconing us to come on along and sing along if we dare we stare in amazement at this unfurling picture story, this way and that, as we fall helplessly off into the fractal depths of this mysterious movie! Its a trip and a half worth taking, and one you will remember and we highly recommend it and offer a well deserved applause, we humbly offer to the Artist BIB993 for not only making it, but making it possible for us to witness it!

It was a day like no other, just another flick we thought at first but no! As the fractal VIDEO SHOW, began ,the beginning of the music the sounds and images rushed into our head and said welcome into a world like no other brother, hooked we had no choice to open up wide our eyes as  we flew inside, no place to die or hide, everything swirling around flashes of white light.  Our first thought woo is me! Can i believe what my own eyes see, it this possible? No,no way,  immediately we  begun to spin and found our selves being drawn in to the world of Maestro Bib993, Artists extrodinaire, creator of fractalious movie creations in 4th dimensional architectural elevations, worth all your ovations with flair, assemblages in omega fluctuations outputs out of our higher sense, thrust frontward and back, like a heart attack we watched in awe, the unfurling of the film and its musical score!
 Boom the roar of the drums, music score another boom that shakes the room, sitting on the edge our eyes watching out for more, each frame a killer!
As the door breached wider open we the viewer were allowed to enter, timid at first we watched the world of his world a master full stimulations drawing us in down in the pores of these monuments, down in the pores of this thing with valleys and crevices that sing, and tombs that go deep down in. We feel like we are in the center of a whirlwind composed of hot steam but its not, its walls talls, plateaus floors that drop down and under! A wonder! A tripping, not fibbing we fall down, down down, gasping for air in the pleasure of visual ecstasy in this,  place this master artist has taken us there, then,up, then back. Then we drop into a twist and fall upward two miles a second like looking down at heaven, this place as the music goes on and on, as we are forced by the might of great imagery to hold out our breath and spiral around out of control, we spin two hundred times around, around  and land on the tongue of a 3D mountain.
 This is food for the eyes of the wise to become wiser, learning things this new mans world as the artist lets go of our hand. We bemoan, scared year, frighten ,think so, retreat no, we slide into the magical picture alone below, we fall following the trajectory of the flying eye into this world becoming wiser and designation, we yell out in anticipation, ovation spacitation flactalation spiral sensation, help we wish not, we experience the floatations  and when we hear music and voices of the choir, Its the zod of the Gods, we gasp speechless and thunderstruck, its so over our head we fall out of bed and time, we experience this world going in and of it higher and higher! The choir could be heard in perfect accompaniment as the opening beginning of the movie spaced onto the screen in a burst of light clues our eyes to its might sight with delight, stood we did paralyzed, yes, able to think right for our selves, no, unable or unwilling to let go of what little sanity we had, oh no, in front amazement this other worlds doors! The film cunningly design shows its fulcrum,  threw us awesome, opened to its cinematic doors and we the viewer are floored and amazed by its totality, otherworldliness, reality stupefied we eye all, till breathless again we fall!
Now we feel as if we find ourselves feeling as though we are inside the movies parts, in his mind danger ridden dark arts, on a wild unstoppable wild ride, no guide, right left above and every where swirl around first the monuments of gold colored stones, a million miles high, it  flies past we appear to be flying upward and looking backward at the same time, a nice artistic trick by the master climatic artist Master BIB993. He does what magicians always do, with a wave of his hands the islands of monuments spin around thus then it is his art, his command!  The excitement slows down only and when he says so, then spins like a top, this the magic bib got, we fall into the depth of the movie free in a world apart, then pow we  slow down in slow motion as our head  spirals around a thousand times and lands gently on the tongue of the gods of stone seated on a throne! Wow! We demand a replay please?


[ The films Idea or construction of the film concept is called its pretexturality and was use to ] [ Utilize the 3D Mandelbulb program to create ]
 an interesting looking Fractal monumental entity for the purpose of exploratory zoomadic investigations by the 3D Architectologist Artist researcher!
The resultant efforts achieved were to fluctuate it, in  and out, with magnetic multitudenal rotations with sub routines with adroit rotational variances in full zoomibility fluxes oscillating  fast enough to cause vibrational optimality optical impulses in the brain of the viewer witnessing the film to its neurotransmitters with light visual engagements transferred visually through the use of the film or video or digitals video engagements with the viewers cortex assorting all imagery audio data sets, igniting harmonic optical illusions in wavevonic cercuitries facilitating iterative simulations of said impulses of the brain of the viewer thus registering reactions of feelings of falling backward and frontwards and being intermixed reactively in the zooms oweing to intentional contrived multi velocities due to the spirals in the film. The viewer becomes mesmerize transfixed, especially if said viewer is a witness of said visual event for the first time in his or her life!
                                                  Film duration 3:34 seconds
BRAKE DOWN : Analysis :
Film opens : First frame with a burst of sposmatic yellow flash! Musicality ensues : Five warning notes is heard, sounding like this :dan,dan , dan, dan dan! We know trouble is coming!
Portal opens door over horizon spits us out onto the  planet scape, pushed inward!
We gasp at seeing the impossible, the impossible attacks us. We want to run no option! scene gets realer, feeler!
Circumferential magnetism take over, our jaw drops in awe. Manifestation experience as our mind to brain falls back in dis belief,

[ in frame count in seconds : 0:06 second into film ] We see a landscape like no other , a beach with no ocean but the ocean of space, sands with no people the amorphous entities the size of buildings rise up to the sky, we swivel around then to take a good look and begin writing a book! Dam sam, it it, is it looking at me? Or am I looking at it?
[ In frame count in seconds : 0:30 ] we see in the front of screen a pyramid riddled with holds where the dead warriors sleep in above ground catacombs,their time of battles done, they're buried but not dead from the black hole they start staring out at us as us stare at them!
[ In frame count in seconds : 0:47 ] We see a black pine apple with mysterious power rising up in the sky it looks at us and we at it, then pow,it turns its back on us we are not worthy to look into eyes, we feel shamed it rushes away saying go away! The music pauses on the singing of  La, La, La,  Alelouya!
[ in frame count in seconds : 1:13 ] a black crescent moon is seeing it self chained down to the ground by a nasty chain, It is juxtaposed against a purple colored light with might that makes it resemble a child flying a cosmic kite in frame 1:20 it turns into the bumpy acned breast nipple, signifying we are but little  babies in need of nurturing! It then, turns as the movie starts again, It begins to discombobulate but quickly regains its composure! And proceeds to morph back into the black crescent moon [ in frame second 1:38 ]the trumpets roar for more the ladies  in the choir in the background vocal sing louder ah ah ahhhhhhhh la la la laaaaa la Alelouya!
[ in frame count in seconds : 1:55 ] the crescent moon rotates in slow motion and shape shifts into a black shiny row boat and moves towards us as if  saying come aboard small friend, don't be afraid we welcome you to come in, fearful we say no and let it go watching as it disappears again merging with the sand back in the bosom that time forgot leaving with our lives and grateful we be to see its majesty!
[ in frame count in seconds : 2:00 ] we are flung backward as the land from under us leaves us behind twirls in to ball doll and spins toward the left, a series of hot pancakes flipping over flies over toward the left landing temptingly before our eyes in [ frame count in seconds  2:12 ] indication that its true, the gods wish to feed us so we can come live with them again we refuse fearful of that which we might lose! Then to our surprise  . .They turn its back on us again, insulted at our refusal of its camaraderie and begins to depart , its movement is classical high art and musicality rally in masterfully sassiness as the choir chimes in !
[ in frame count in seconds : 2:23 ] they move away now we can see the planet is not a planet but a manifestation of cosmicality in the realm of another reality we pause stare ask our selves from where this thing appears in the rear of mans mind in kind we witness a light as heaven nice day with amorphous entity of plenty in front of our eyes, it is colored in saturated yellow toned cone structures with black foam bubbling on top of it, It's morphing enjoy its brief stay with us as it turns away, as if saying we'll be back another day as it slowly goes away  but it sticks out its big bad yellow tongue wags it  then proceeds to disappear [frame count in second 2:23 ] A lady sings a fine  Alelouya as it proceeds to turn into the  shape of a human heart with whole in its left ventricle pounding mightily as it bads us farewell The heart is the symbol of love, it loves us and wants us to visit again! [ frame count in seconds 2:43 ]
[ in frame count in seconds : 3:19 ] the world turns turns around and around into a round ball entity slowly rises up to the sky its an eyeball observing us, it falls down to right of the screen in a ball of white light leaving us immobilized and brain inert, lighted headed we cain't breathe, we give our selves C P R  and dizzy headedly watch in amazement this falling star as the choir sings and the musics pour in reminding us this is not the end, this is only the beginning, pleased enthused we suck in air we are breathing again, again alive and aware, thanks the heavens for letting us see this art, the glory of time and gustatory exteroceptors gods given that made it possible to witness all of this. Oh pray tell may we enjoy this mark in honor and remembrance of A.C. Clarke! Go ye mathematician in the firmaments in peace! The film comes to a dramatic conclusion at [  frame count in seconds 3:34] as singers sing Amen, amen! THE END

What we see is 1 :
oscillating in rapid succession begins a transactional stimulus of wide ranging visual stimulations with tactile electronic pulses to brain to mind causing minute transitory psychosis stimuli in the realms of psychedelic pattern transfers causing a harmonious stimulatingly gratifying hypnotic impulses in the lining of the optical nerve of the viewer as the viewer imagines him/ herself seemingly falls into the pictures depth which in turn immobilizes his / her essences temporarily in delusions of chaotic ecstasy enhancing the brain to mind interface agreeably thus providing entertainment to the mind to brain construct as defined by interchanging pictoriality fracto localities displays and their self similarity which, then emerge and, then morphs and re emerges self similarly endlessly causing employment of neural chemical releases that gratify enjoyment and bewilderment centers in the mind of the viewer. These pictoriality arrangements constitutes the pattern of self similar shapes continuing till these arrays in the numbers composing the formula initiating a subtle changes in the iteration redistribution of the construct image wise to enable them to ascend to other mental stimulations levels, in the mind, thus making the viewer observer experience sensations of beautification, in the magnificent visual assemblages of images flashing before him in quick succession in arrays of self similar manifestations rendering happy pleasant experiences in the mind of the viewer participant and augmenting his Primal curiosity! We say Primal because said fractal is at the root human to, and we too have self similar fractals in our DNA as well as our nervous systems Syncopated bipedal makeup for locomotion as well as other struturalities!
The affect is overwhelming for the viewer be it him/her momentarily, The viewer is baffled why he/ her is bewilder by this unique  presentation albeit not unique but such rapid amorphous movements with functional biological purpose in minute structures are happening billions of times cellularly in the blood stream of humans on the subatomic levels ! Math is math it is the supreme power large or small!
The effect is well designed by the artist and its  affect stimulative and successful as thought from the mind to provinces of  the brain to its extreme Mandelbulb manipulations, as these images idea concepts get translated again and again into input interfaces with the 3D Mandelbuld program as its outputs displays are executed!
The film is comprise of a M set Mandedlbox structures in the center of the screen, that bolt to and fro, its construction shows for the most part combinatorial symmetrical arrangements, these then burst fort toward the viewer in rapid succession in harmonious structurality and if well render by the Artist therapist who has studied well and is an experienced Certified Fractal Forums Fractal Architectologist with a don for rendering acumen, it is seen in all of its beauty with unrestrained clarity.

What we see  2 :
We move to morphed complexes as mathematical algorithm strikes hyperbolic-breathtakingly celestial images of giant monuments whiz pass us some heading for us!
The artist injects color theme definities describes  [ a] light gold sub tonalities , light blue accents , pale blue pale faded orange juxtapose dead white background construct, manifestation continues out coming toward observer, impression bewilderment on secondary optical impute in the cortex, mind to brain component adapting and pre-conceptualizing the thought patterns mental conceptions, recourses  electrical stimuli the artist mind configurations themes chaos is inverting intentionally with volatility patterns connection flux digital realizations , contracting and expanding and zooming in and zooming out, in detailed emergent optics ,pupil dilates trembling as our inner cellular constructs get inundated vitreous gels get heated up as the temperature is raised, spits upside down reverse mirror image constructs for analysis and retina gestation packages up in the nerve fibers, bundles patternized pixel colorized fracto image impression data sets for transportation into the optic nerve pathways to the brain to mind interface laced with joy at seeing this toy to the eye on the fly we tremble with excitement addicted as endorphins flushes and increase availability of peptides heightening alertness, and strengthening our resolve in us now to learn and see more of the glory movie which gets translated from his brain to ours digitalized in the visual film displayed,  
detailed emergent as logarithm fluxes Vector Magnitudenally, undulates iteratively as the artist goes ahead intentionally adding more power augments inputs to deep drive camera into its hidden puddles of fracto localities in the inner sanctum of the fractal [ state ], resulting in  states of beautiful chaos prefacing executive monument stone like mountains heaving to and fro, clearly in full resolution, structures keep their integrity,  despite twist and turns backwards and forward movements, immersion of zoom manifestation outputs continue along state as we zoom entering into deeper and deeper levels of the zoom. [artist who is in total control in others words he is in the drivers seat color and lighting wise, [ lets expand on this technology for the clarification of the first time fractal viewer] [  in other words to give you an idea of what is happening  outside of your purview the 3d mandelbulb movie format operates in and outside the mind of the artists, he gives the car gas, the gas we speak of is his secret mathematical formula into 3D Mandelbulb application program, then he activates a steering wheel in the program and away he goes driving it just the way the viewer see it, but all these things the viewer sees he saw first, and it is he that choses which corner to turn left on and which street to stop on and when to put the car in reverse, and when to slow it down and how many turns the roller coaster is to make, get it ! ] Good lets continue with the analysis, its beautiful to be inside his head isn't it!
The Artist here shows a proclivity to enhance utilizations of pale orange to gold, the purpose are unknown, orange choices of color them concept wise are unknown all we know is its looks awesome! Color harmony effect connective, proceeding with analyzation, the background shows emergent development of structural inner circle circumferences, now entering inner space states that disappear as the wall of orbit recursive points crash out of view,  as we jump in the squares changing display subtle weak tonalities of grayed down orange hints of tints from orange to white and all the while brite is the fact that the great music is just a roaring ingeniously in the background like the crown jewel of artistry, bravo MASTER BIB, we love your crib! The music seems bewitched in that its sounds seem to have affix them selves so well to the accompaniment of the movie  as it goes loud and soft as the images go big and small in harmony, it goes in then out and in again fluxing the optical circuits teasing masterful optic anti Syncopation constructions in the reverse planes to the optical and audio recording constructs blending the experience within the eye and ear before being transferred as data 3dm sets to the brain for further analyzing, then covered, we switch to mental adaptation in the mind lending credence endomorphic activity defined by the mind as pleasing as the film proceeds, in out recede themes input in the program begin to manifest outside and inside the chambers of the upper exteriorities of sensations feelings centers of the  mind constructing a final result of audio and eyeball happiness to the max, good job bib! yo da man! THANK you bib, this distraction to our satisfaction, a discreet interaction opening up our future dialectic about the astonishing trajectory of fractal art to come! Thank you again, please show more!


May we recommend  one more zoom trips made entitled " Trip Trough a hybrid  Boxes "
[ " http://www.fractalforums.com/movies-showcase-(rate-my-movie)/a-trip-through-the-boxes/  " ] created and rendered by BIB993 in the year 2011 on earth!

May we recommend  one of better Fender Benders imageries perspectivities, called such in the context of interstellar warfare, in that  when your SPACE SHIP is so bad it can crash into another enemies SPACE SHIP just for fun and destroy it , your SPACE SHIP is called a Fender Bender ! See a picture of this power and caliber wise! One of the best fractolic horizontalities the world has ever witnessed, coming out of the " CPU 3D Fractal Zoom- Spiral Motions " Thank you a million times over, MASTER BIB993, great land of tis of thee to thee we do bow!

See it here > http://www.fractalforums.com/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view;id=9683

We would be remiss if we failed to mention with ovation his " JEWEL "
see it here > the painting called BPL12 a lushious baby for the eyes of the queen unseen :

Walk in walk in peace with force Master BIB993!

Opinions cheerfully expressed, whether in consensus or in disagreement, help understanding and collaboration with one another! Peace Be with you.

[  Ergo fractal may come to reside within it self, in comfortable self similarities of it self, unchallenged by time and thus fractalized eternally into similar self infinities indefinitely.  ]

                              The fractal forums, the possibilities are infinite!

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June 13, 2011, 04:07:13 AM
amazing work
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March 30, 2011, 01:47:02 PM
Lovely transformations... like a planet-ballet!  A Beer Cup
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March 26, 2011, 06:41:12 PM
March 21, 2011, 10:22:58 PM
Beautiful, bib!

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