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Gnome's HideoutPleiadesElegant
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Description: FX deep 2002.6 Zooms, 6.961e+602


imag: 0.0

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Filesize: 245.18kB
Height: 800 Width: 1000
Keywords: Mandelbrot Deep Zoom 
Posted by: Guest November 13, 2010, 09:01:51 PM

Rating: ***** by 2 members.

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Bent-Winged Angel
Fractal Bachius
Posts: 561

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November 18, 2010, 01:55:07 PM
I agree with JWM-ART  Just go with KISS! kiss
November 15, 2010, 02:58:15 AM
I see, though I misunderstood yet again.  I only felt that after these current remarks that I somehow cheated by going to the edge of X = -1.999999~ and Y =0.000000~5.  Like some how I am suppose to be in competition with all those M-Set aficionados and deep zoom at the heart of the set and not the outer realms.  Of course you can get deeper faster the further away you are from the edge, but I was just experimenting.  I haven't had to change iteration levels in FX until I got to the final minibrot of the point I was exploring.  Once I got to the final minibrot of that point I was at:


imag: was 0.0000~5 something (sorry for the mistake)



Height 0.000000~

Now I think I will take a break from it all...  Thanks for your comments.
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November 15, 2010, 01:00:25 AM
Hey, I liked the depth of it as well as the colours! I like the shapes. It's liked! Stop worrying! People giving any feedback at all is rare, so try and appreciate the criticisms too, and also ignore them ;-)
November 14, 2010, 08:35:03 PM
If it's the criticism of how deep the zoom is, I never intended to exploit that, as I had said it's for record only.

The zoom is by hand and I forget how long it took because I stop at any significant point and let it render, I then record it and save it in a different file.  I then start zooming again.  I would say I estimate about 4-6 hours without calculating the time it took to render 9 small aliased images to save for the record.

My pc has 6 CPUs running the process and I have 3.2GHz  and 16GB of ram.

I am moving around the Mandelbrot and starting at the needle.  I will be deep zooming nearer to the Mandelbrot Head.  It's just for my own edification and I thought I would share it with those intrigued by my journey around the m-set, that is why the coordinates are listed.  I personally enjoy the simpler ones, if I was selling them I would start somewhere else.

In a way I am starting to feel picked on.   sad I wonder why that is?  Oh well. No biggie.  I have MDZ running as well but it is on an old computer and takes up a lot more time.  Plus I am unsure how to get the coloring more precise then random.  I hand edit my colors.  I don't use a method other then by hand and by eyes.  I actually spend a lot of time on it.  Thank you for at least liking my color choices.  cheesy
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November 14, 2010, 02:34:30 PM
Hi Thunderwave,

I like this image even though I do to some extent agree with PanzerBoys criticisms. The palette choice works here, and from my own experiences with trying to find images deep within the M-Set, I am impressed with the depth.

I am wondering though, did you zoom by hand this far? How long did it take? I thought I'd have a go at getting to deeper levels, but I got bored around e200 and took a fork. I'm not at e338. I'm using an unreleased version of MDZ which uses GMP for slighter faster computation (instead of MPFR - ie maths routine libraries) and an image size of 240x180. This requires a scant minimum of 1137 bits of precision but is using 1344 bits.

Now... Onward!
November 14, 2010, 11:05:18 AM
It's all good.  I like to see the thoughts out there and sometimes I misinterpret them.  That's how I can learn. Azn  Thank you for being upfront. smiley
Fractal Lover
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November 14, 2010, 08:43:36 AM
I think we've both demonstrated how easily the emotional context of what we post may be misinterpreted. I thought  shocked I've insulted Thunderwave! Then I was like  huh? how DARE he think I was insulting him which did make me  fiery because we all  tongue stuck out hate to be misinterpreted.
I guess those emoticons are there for a reason.
November 14, 2010, 02:19:53 AM
I never insulted you, I only said facts of the time it takes to render zooms at your level is not much different then the time it took to make mine.  I like your zooms, and I never said I didn't.  Sorry you are now taking this personally, but I have every right to say I don't like the video.  If it's public then I can say I don't like the video, I think it is a pathetic video about something that can actually hold intrigue.  The needle has a lot to offer and you have every right to say you don't like it, just as I have every right to say I think it has value.  I never said, OMFG look at how deep I can go...  I posted the depth because it's for my record as it is for other people's knowledge.  I had made plans to myself on how to explore the m-set by recording every new depth I explore.  It's not like I intend to explore the needle only.  You presume things not intended.  I went to the Youtube site and read the reason for that video and it was meant to insult people, so your posting of that video showed insult, whether you meant it or not.

I have no problem with your fractals nor do I have problems with your opinion on mine. It's insulting videos like that, that I will speak out.  Even if they have a right to post them, I don't appreciate it.  That's my opinion and you can take it or leave it.

On the side note, I love your fractals, I just don't comment on them all or rate them much because they have been explored to a high degree, but little has been explored of the less-liked areas such as the needle.  I do however LOVE your color choices!  So, let me just say I agree with your thoughts in the most part. If you can speak your mind, so can I.  smiley
Fractal Lover
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November 14, 2010, 01:14:18 AM
It takes patience to be a train spotter, but is it art.

I had a eureka moment, I did not mean to be insulting. I'm always thinking about ways of optimising the mandelbrot algorithm. Maybe one day I get around implementing my wishlist of features.

I generate mandelbrots for myself, dispite disinterest and occasional opprobrium of family and friends. I post pictures here, because I can. If people like them great, If people dont, well I hope they can be constructive, but lifes too short, you know? Heck I'd be the first to laugh if someone wan'ts to start throwing angy fruit salad comments at me. Or that some of my pictures have all the attractiveness of an estuary, because that was the effect I was going for. I might be feel accomplished with a fractal simulacra of a sewage pond but I also understand its not to most peoples liking.

Its obvious I don't get appeal of the ultra-deep zoom, it seems to me a lot of macho postering. Whooo I done a zoom to e1million, well it still doesn't make your penis any bigger. And thats a JOKE okay? Down here in NZ and Australia, thats how we talk to each other. You mention my 'small zoom level' movies, should I feel insulted, big boy.
I don't have a credit card (long story) so its not easy for me to purchase Fractal Extreme. But after watching my 100 & a bit ;-) zoom movies I've reached the conclusion that no-one really wants to watch long zoom movies, not even me watching my own. Think of it as Mandelbrot Haiku. If I can't find something interesting after 40-50 zooms, no-one is gonna watch it.
 Similarly I find the 'needle' boring and bland. Theres much greater challenge in trying to get a useful image around the 'hairy buttocks' of the M-Set.
 I go way overboard when it comes to palette files. I miss Ultra Fractals ability to import gradients as text files. So I've written a c program to build Fractal Extremes pallete from a text file, generated from spreadsheets so I can sort, merge, reverse and generally molest palettes till they cant take it any more. But If I see another zoom with the standard 'Fast Changes' palette. argh!!
Heres a tip in Fractal Extreme select the fast changes palette. You hover anywhere within the palette 'graph' for red and right click  'select all', shift right click and  select all for the green and blue, all the dots should be aqua. Edit->copy. Now 'show stripes' and 'edit odd'. You can Edit->Paste the 'even' palette into the 'odd'. Do the Shift right click select all again till all the dots are aqua. You can now click on a dot and drag the entire palette to the right and down a bit. Now you have a subtler stripe effect than the brutal black bands.  FILE->Save the altered palette so you can load it again. Thats how I started altering palettes with Fractal Extreme.

Your posting your stuff in a public forum, you could/should expect much worse than a facetious video.

November 13, 2010, 11:35:54 PM
This actually has been taking me around two days to render.  And I don't appreciate your post of the video as it insults the patience it took to get here and the color choices plus the rendering of the final image.   Though if it were a video, it would be boring up to about 1000 zooms, after that the moire effect creates interesting new perspectives.

Each area of the Mandelbrot has different times it takes to get anywhere.  Three of the deep zooms I made movies have both crashed because of how deep I went.  Your images may be completely detailed at a small zoom level but the amount of time spent may be about the same both in color choices and searching.  The simplicity of the needle is what attracted me the most.  I intend to go further in the needle, -1.999999999999999999999999.... etc.  So far I love the different images that don't seem like all the others.

Please don't post insulting videos in my gallery comments.
Fractal Lover
Posts: 242

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November 13, 2010, 11:04:30 PM
So thats like comparing the size the universe to a proton, making that universe the size of a proton and comparing it to the size of the universe, and again 14-15 times.

Imaginery 0!
An optimised multi-word multiplication could ignore all the leading 0's in the imaginery factor and just use the least significant 32 bits. Those 32 bit would have to be multiplied by all the words of the real and the real still needs to be multiplied against itself but you've cut down the number of multiplications by nearly 1/2.

thats a number aproaching 2 the bicimal will be a string of 1's
in binary multiplying strings of equivalent 1s is easy check it out
111 * 111 = 110001
1111 * 1111 = 11100001
11111 * 11111 = 1111000001
I typed those out just by following the rule of copying all the 1s except the last,
then putting in 0s for the number of bits and putting a 1 at the end.
I wonder if the programmers writing fractal generators know theses tricks because
theres a suprising number of deep zoom videos out near -2 real and 0 imaginery
November 13, 2010, 10:32:29 PM
Thanks Well!
November 13, 2010, 10:08:39 PM
WOW grin

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