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like in a carnie's nightmareMagma FluxThe beautiful world of fractal flames
Magma Flux
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Description: <a href="http://www.youtube.com/v/LwCgPf5idTk?version=3&amp;amp;hl=en_US" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/v/LwCgPf5idTk?version=3&amp;amp;hl=en_US</a>

A strange journey through a cavern into a superheated city whose structures are constantly in flux, dissolving and re-forming.

Video: Mandelbox
Audio: original soundtrack
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Posted by: Pauldelbrot May 20, 2012, 01:49:17 PM

Rating: **** by 8 members.

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June 08, 2012, 09:52:52 AM
Thanks ... I think. smiley
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May 20, 2012, 03:24:55 PM
Greetings and Salutations to you Pauldelbrot :  MAGMA FLUX


Heres what we think : The pretextuality conception construct ;

Pretext : Trip into the vein of a volcano! A well conceptualize orchestration, producing the desired effect on viewer who is passive, but game! Whats really nice about this flick is its hot, and rocks, providing a scenic tourist view, straight through the main insides of a vein of a volcano, with all the goings on from in there dwell, hold on its gone be a heck of trip! We gone be accompanied by foreboding erotic musicality, yep, thats right! Hold tight! plus, guess what? Scary alien audio contacts, that will knock you off your seat. I know. I know, what your thinking, sounds like a treat! Wow, can't wait? : neither can we : so much to anticipate : captivates! : lets begin shall we?

act : sections

section 1

[ Seconds into scene 0:00 to 0:16] Reminiscent of what it's like on the  subatomic level, to enter the blood streams of a vein, just as the sunlight shines on it inside the live body of and entity while it is at rest! We extrapolate the vein, to be located on the right hand of a human, while disconcerting to virgins eyes. It is a pleasant trip, filled with inter agents ranging from the small-less  to biggest self similarities basic constructs, — as seen in frame
[ Seconds into scene 0:16 ] Off center in the pictoriality, is seen a ball shape geometrosity: this is the main character actor, in the films construct : Generally is seen many times closeup and far away self similar articulating its self as a root basic racial shape composed of :  inhabitants swimming in the Plasma Magma!
A Textured sphere, is observed within an invisible box, some of the outlines of which are visible as in the form of visible shapes like round sound balls :  covered in tiny sound round balls in the hundreds, which constitute the geometrosity, which geo floats in 3D dimensionally in the contents of the films totality.

This, then is seen repeatably multiple times, as the designer programmer, navigates camera in
[ A ] position to camera locations[B ]
 Positions, and plays the role of one peeking through a keyhole, watching that which until your birth was unwatchable by your species!
The construct gently rotates leftward exploring the gems and treasures imbued in its construction captivatingly !

[ Seconds into scene 1:52 ] The artist eye spots to his left a quick glimpse of a pattern differencialized in both its color tint, and sweeping solid beam geometrustic, appearance, that indicated stabilized strength, this surprise sparks the endorphins pleasurebly, in his frequency, sending a signal to explore it, here if you observe closely, you can see where he stops the camera, and at first hesitantly, tries to turn toward the odd pattern catching his eye, he sees it on the lower left in the distance! Its oddities spark confirmation, that this should be explored, his left frontal lobe agrees with his right frontal lobe and his mind gets the go ahead signal in his brain and concurs. Yielding to the impulse, thus he now turns the cameras in that direction! We enter the this dark area and immediately we witness a distinct change of scenery.
[ Seconds into scene 1:53 ] We see on the lower left of the screen, darkish round shaped geometrusity beckon us to approach, we move cautiously.
[ Seconds into scene 2:01 ] On our bottom left of the screen, we see one rounded geometrusity, that is dark red toned slightly faded, pot marked as if its a moon surface, that has been bombarded with falling meteors. And, if you look to the right, off to the upper right you will see a big long sweeping structure, appearing like a structural fractal component of a bridge to nowhere, we proceed now, and the artist displays comfortable camera velocity making the ride both smooth and cool!
The clever site specific, inputs of fog that translates into the beautiful, glowing back-lighting angles, ambientizes the mood perfectly, lending to the intrigue of the explorations!

[ Seconds into scene 2:12 ]
We see an awesome visual picture, composed of a dark maroon, faded tone, color, then what we see is a opening in the wall, shaped like apple sliced in half and then sliced in half again, so that one side of the opening, we can call it a portal if you like, is straight and the other side is curved, lending to an fractal observation poem , that goes like this :  he who is forlorned, bemoans cherished lost thoughts, wronged, but lives again to fight another day, if, if only he can escape through the hole in the dike in the wall. now, this picture on this frame still, is a stunning, its  perspective is abstract, well balanced compositionally, enticing us to keep on with our explorations!
The components in the film, lead us down a hole, along a tunnel, deep down where take a trip i to the unknown, totally mysterious and totally beautiful, in its psychological inner concepts! Thanks to the artist, we witness this great picture, displaying entry level sensory portals, spurring primal instincts in us, to intuitive manifest, we are challenged, but not deterred, and we continue exploring along with the artist, as the imagery, merges together in a confluences of shapes, and all harmoniously, until we reach the outer limits in frame number 3:07

[seconds into scene at 3:07] We witness configurations discombobulations of geometric constructs, de engineering components on the molecular level degenerating, while rupturing auto conceptualizations of surreal realities! Climaxing in volcanic implosions, manifesting brutally in frame number : 3:56, and this continues, until the sensory visuals transforms motif, to what some would say that conceptually looks like the interior of a boiling hot volcano, with redistribution of manifesting components inside of it, restructurizing exponentially till, in frame number : 6:00, all components, appear to be carried away in a fast flowing liquid stream, rushing every thing along with it, to the right out of sight in an eerie light, as doom time continues! Discombobulations continue till frame number: 6:49, where geometric structural stability re-establishes it self, and
violence in molecular components are dispelled modified enough, so that once more, peace and calm returns after all the mayhem. We once again view fracto localities in awe! We are very much trilled and thankful, we survived this blood vein, volcanic nightmare trip from hell, happy to be alive here! Screen fades to black, ending an experience,  not soon forgot, bravo, well done!


section 2


SOUND CONSTRUCTS : with sensation worthy of admiration fluctuations of your present levels of musicality obfuscate not, but magnifies what you got hot, and others have not, to us you only displayed a drop, which we lick with pleasure this music from a director of a great orchestra leader, waving his stick to the musician to follow the sound of spirits long gone but alive in the tomorrows! They verb consummate harmonically assemblies transmobile subconscious wakening new fates!
The presentation excellent! One of your many strong points

We begin immediately :

[ Seconds into scene at 0:01] Sounds of internal friction modulates a strange viscous liquid bubbles percolating and popping along merrily is heard extrapolating this as just bubbles in a boiling blood stream might sound. These constructions you caught amplified interpolated sequentially, sets the introductive synopsis ambient mood relegated to this section, and are activating in dynamic ranges of sound usage, perfectly synchronized to the  mobile populations inhabiting the screen before our eyes!

[ Seconds into scene at 0:37] Interpolates a heart stopping warning wail, denoting eminent danger up ahead, as we open eyes wider on hearing it! This choice input does its job of heightening the sense of exploritorial stress, causing the viewers blood pressures, specifically both his systolic pressure and diastolic pressures to rupture its normalcy, possible causing a emotioned viewer to have heart attack and die!
Intrapopulation and interpopulation variation in blood pressure (BP) often reflects the joint effect of a complex set of risk factors, and this audio clip manifest to that effectively! Making viewers of your movie markedly at risk of hypertension along with other fractal surprises

[ Seconds into scene at 1:07] interpolate layer of dark tones enhancing the fear factor
[ Seconds into scene at 1:19] The first wail interpolation fades away leavings us with a new audio layer of sounds, which puts us at the mercy of lovers of death pus filled lip kissers, we begin to tremble.
[ Seconds into scene at 1:24] Sounds sounding like this : [ tukkkaaa do you tukoo ] sounds ending with finality of death go suddenly click, now populate the air, and advantageously are used to stop the human heart from beating!
[ tukkkaaa do you tukoo ]
[ tukkkaaa do you tukoo ] sequences : repeats 39 times, with other layers, superimposed at various times on top, then stop at frame-number.

[ Seconds into scene at 2:53 ] Juxtaposed with a simple click of clock, composed of hand, holding a guillotines blade, that is  coming down and chopping off a neck, it does this each time the clock strikes, a neck is chopped off, till at frame number
[ seconds in to scene at  3:00]  We hear the big Boom, followed by softer and softer booms, fading away, then other dynamic layers of scary sounds are superimposed, capable of pulling out ones tooth out of his/her mouth, leaving the poor viewer / listener of your movie is decimated, cemetery ready, the funeral parlor is called, but because so many people died, their too busy to come!
[ Seconds into scene at 5:28] Sounds sounding like luscious aberrant parrot. who got loose from an insane asylum and is humming in a world without sunshine, is heard, as we take pause, to breathe and try not to be frightened anymore!
[ Seconds into scene at 5:38] Refreshing cool breeze sound is interpolated but all hell breaks loose in frame number :
[ Seconds into scene at 5:39] When a monstrous demon, distressed by us watching this movie, decides to invade our brain with sounds so horrible, it can rip the skin off the face of new born baby!
[ Seconds into scene at 6:12] Interpolation of a nuances sounds manifestation starting slowly low, then incrementally manifesting inculcating delirium hysnoccafitoidic revelations, we try not to think about, still shivering, we try to survive, movies fades to black and sound fades too!

Go ye, force in thee at peace B thee

Sound extrapolated : Decryption :

[ seconds into scene at 2:39 to 2:52 ]
and welcome and you will come
and welcome and you will come
and welcome and you will come
and welcome and you will come
and welcome and you will come
and welcome and you will come
and welcome and you will
and welcome and you
and welcome and
and welcome

[ seconds into scene at 3:01] kiss of doom manifesting for a brief second, capsulating modulations outs!

[ seconds into scene 0:00 ] processing down states teaching others states put in to practice actress in the fabric of the mattress of sine confinesless hemispheres of the mind, and labeled this exploration what, what waux [ Magma Flux ] Please we beau the authenticity the visibility 2 us allow to C your awsomeicality please we B!


Assessment : Architectural Fractologist : Director of Fractal Films
Master of sound effects : Special Commendation : Order of the Royal Brotherhood of Sounds Of Fractal Space 2012
Recommendation :  O
Commendation    :  Space Techno Artistry pièce de résistance :

Opinions cheerfully expressed, whether in consensus or in disagreement, help understanding and collaboration with one another! Peace Be with you.

[  Ergo fractal may come to reside within it self, in comfortable self similarities of it self, unchallenged by time and thus fractalized eternally into similar self infinities indefinitely.  ]

Sides fo SHL fo rouy erutuf uoy t'nod tnaw ot wonk ?

The fractal forums the possibilities are infinite



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