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it was a great time but no longer maintainable by c.Kleinhuis contact him for any data retrieval,
thanks and see you perhaps in 10 years again

this forum will stay online for reference
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Description: Sand fractal + Photoshop

A commision from weavers back in 2011... sorry for the delay!  alien
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Keywords: sand fractal 
Posted by: Kali February 24, 2015, 01:58:15 AM

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Fractal Phenom
Posts: 434

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February 27, 2015, 05:55:18 AM
Greetings and Salutations
Greetings and Salutations
Greetings and Salutations, to you Master Kali!

Please we be, to know your label," Pablito Andrioli, But to us, you're are a Master Artist, thus Master Kali!
knower of the Tower of babel!

Thankful you, thankful we, your words its about finding real identity?
Finding identity, real identity for before was a mystery! It's a mystery! Hard, hard, oh yes! Indeed hard for people to know thy selves! Hard to know thy self be, curious is it not? Is it not computationally expensive to think analyze whose identity has one? an ancestor, a for bearer a wandering soul homeless?
People fractal change and adapt to environs five years go by, you sigh, and act like this, five more years go by, you act like that, five more years, you change hats, your demeanor and smile change and you mingle and chat, chat chat!

How many people know themselves?

Oh! But each passes, and some do and some don't, or think they do or think they don't and say not what they think but what they think, others want to hear! Without every having the revelation and blessing to identify the identity of the indiscernibles hidden deep, no buried deep in ones self Master Kali.
You speaking of finding ones purpose and real identity? It is the fleeting desire of millions, who fail to accomplish this!

2 no thy self?
2 no thy self?
Who can say "I know myself ?" Selves, don't even know what a self is!?
We are glad you found yourself, few are, as fortunate as you, you see,   .    .  .  the key, is the buzz word in eternity! often a man alone in space knows himself better than a man surround by millions of people of his race! " Finding the real identity,"

2 no thy self?

Billions have gone through life and never do, oh how fortunate are you,  speak of items outside your purview, outside your understanding?

 The real, is the real subjective mobile? Time hearing expired, the one ingredient,  to have more time all aspire, to know one's self, few have time 2 do, too, self limiting it be is time restrain-ful for thee, thee, by natures design destiny,  however lost, a mate is found, she too,  pressured by life's constraints abound,
 tis it not quant, natures lifes design? your not the only Master, master, nature is master too!
You Master, have found what others cannot, love of art and you know what,
Because, unless blessed, cause you took the time to know thyself, Amazing, is it not, so many, many do not, amazing with the passing of a little time, what a little time can do, What time can reveal, maturities broken seal! What time can do! You do! May the force be with you Master Kali! One of the fortunate few!

 Now lets change topic, shall we?
 here is the original picture, you made without photoshop>

Regarding this picture, you made,  it is holy sad-e , see as we see Master, look in to the picture that you made, you cannot make one like that again, the sand, the sand has mov'in. Each and everyone of the  grains placed in its position by a specify set of sound vibrations, sound vibrations,  primitive man loves sound vibrations, His ears are big and attuned, groomed to filter out the life important, from the not!
He beats the plate of rock upon which the grains of sand lies, and the vibrations, makes them move and fly and cling to each forming little tribes, Vibrations, moves the sands around and around, till emerges a picture,  forms in the picture made by the sand are not realistic but fractal, subject to one interpretation! A pictures fractal revelations abounds! And in the formations the sands composes the picture, in it he tries to discern his future, but his future outlook, is not long, like yours Master! No way! He is concern with surviving, today, the next few hours, not years! See in primitive time, there's big things running wild all around him, that are hungry! Will he and his family be beaten eaten, or will they be alive together tomorrow evening??

This is why he makes his holy fractals in the sand, to look and see if he can tell, his next hours destiny man!
He looks at the sand, if it forms a figure of man, that is good, if the man is accompanied by a beast in the sand, that is bad!
 How sad!
That would a be catalyst, to make him, make a run for it! Quick, lickity split!, lickity split! Look at the primitive man, running trying to fight them off with his little stick!

 Yes, So much power is in the fractal sand pictures, created not, by a programmers application, but down to earth vibrations, by the most simplest of man, we write these words in his honor,  Master Kali!

Look, look at the beauty of the fractal leaf in the picture Master, that beautiful pure green leaf Master Kali, is a sample of power of the magisterial mystery of natures evolutionary repository, it can heal,
so much knowledge it can wheel,  by the force that can,  think about it, are you a fighter man, a fighter, a fighter without remorse, in course, the purpose of your existence is to participate in natures activities, her activity is what ever she wants you to participate in !

If x and y are identical,  must they always be identical through the passage of time? Or do they evolve? Are they then necessarily identical in the passage of time evolved the same?
Or, do they know them selves, realize they are insane?

Working to connect communities, to make the world a better place, are we respectfully! Hope you enjoyed the puzzles Master Kali!

All manner of fractals dwell in the randomality of time-mality, We have little time, busy and distant are we! Depart now we do, but thank you, in honor of the first primitive men to make fractals, we thank you!

 Do more! But when it comes to real living fractals, that are holy and so divine, no photo shop please! Their dignity is too high, too holy to camouflage! Fractals, a place for beginners trying to decipher, what is , is!! Their priority, are above all other priorities! Take care of the sands Master,

and the sand will take care of you!
and the sand will take care of you!
and the sand will take care of you!
Cherish them, cherish them!

Until Next time, Master Kali!

The Fractal Forums the possibilities are infinite!

Fractal Phenom
Posts: 434

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February 27, 2015, 05:48:07 AM
Greetings and Salutations
Greetings and Salutations
Greetings and Salutations, to you Master Kali!

Interesting, Master Kali, of you,   .   .   .   we asked of you, leave modern times, if you dare, leave them in the dust there, and,  and go back, back to the land of the primitive man, and his primitive mind in kind, and attemp, to make a fractal as he did, with the tools at his disposal, make fractals as he did! So very long ago before modern man was born to know, to tell stories to his kids and so! Back in a time with without cities, electricities, cars and people registering to sign up for a one way trip to Mars! Millions of years back!
Alas the painting you have is as raw and primitive as can be, only natures simplest of tools you C! And indeed you did, and for your efforts, we are pleased! But you photo-shopped it!  What you present and show us here in the forum is, below the dignity of the primitive man and his klan, is something a primitive man , if he saw this, would not recognize nor understand, too, sacred and holy are the grains of sand that he has touched and loved so much! Understand this Master, this was his twitter, they spoke to him!

Understand Master, the original is the truth, to be naked is not a sin, a woman was not born with clothes,  nor a man born with pants on. You put clothes on this Master piece, photo shopped you did! Please show the original to all naked, for naked is the truth, anything else is a lie!

Upon the earth walks man! Sand is composed of sand grains, he finds under his feet when he goes to the beach, which range in size from 1/16 to 2 mm (62.52000 micrometers). Sand grains are either mineral particles, rock fragments or biogenic in origin, yes the dead are locked and fused in the sands, the quartz glitters when the sun hits it, and its eyes sparkles, that sparkle comes from the eyes of man inside the sand! When man and his world are gone, the sand will be there strong! UNDERSTAND!
Primitive man made fractals too! Without them your world would not be or you! Grant him his due! Fractals found in nature are more real and powerful then anything else to persue!

Please post the original for all to see in its natural color, the true intricacies of its eternal majesties, the galaxies there, like planets here, and suns, spread out in the millions, and millions, in the raw unadulterated sands of time! So many stories, so many stories hidden in the sands of time!

Thank you, its been a long time Master Kali! May the Force, keep your family and you well, teacher be you!

The Fractal Forums the possibilities are infinite

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