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this forum will stay online for reference
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CormorantEnd of TimesLe Contrebandier
End of Times
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Description: Ultra-Fractal 5.04 only! Apocalyptic fractal. Full view please!
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Height: 768 Width: 1024
Keywords: Art fractals fractal Ultra-fractal abstract Apocalypse Apocalyptic Ragnarök Götterdämmerung 
Posted by: ziegfrid December 03, 2012, 09:29:38 AM

Rating: ***** by 4 members.

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Fractal Supremo
Posts: 1174

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April 08, 2013, 08:14:35 PM
Since I'm author of some formulas, I'm kindo of interested more so on which exactly formulas and colours can produce such an variance;) And not so interested in parameter as whole. Well doodads prety nicely goes almoust with everything, tend to looks nice, but then result often are jet another of the same.
Forums Newbie
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April 08, 2013, 08:56:50 AM
Hi Alef,
Well, I don't share parameters of finished works, only for concrete things in tutorials as this one for example - http://raysheaf.deviantart.com/art/Realistic-objects-in-UltraFractal-293523591
Doodads have some appeal to not so experienced users as they give an illusion of "endless variations". Yet it is not so, the forms tend to be easy recognizable. The worst thing in general about any digital work is - someone to be able from first glance to say - oh, this is done using this or that PhotoShop filter/plugin etc. Yet I've used the formula for 2-3 fractals in the past and would use it in again if it serves me for the theme. wink
Fractal Supremo
Posts: 1174

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April 07, 2013, 05:18:41 PM
Would be interesting to know, what formulas and colourings are used. Of corse, its competition, and then another would do the same. But maybe after annual fractal competition sharing parameter of the most simple work. Actualy I'm not so much an artist and I'm more interested, what formulas and colour methods are more usefull for users and what's more popular. And do are EM formulas and colours of Ultra Fractal database among them. Doodads are very popular, but here it don't looks as another creation by doodads.

Well, don't forget to participitate in contest!
There are not so many folks, who can do a fractal Axolotl.
Fractal Phenom
Posts: 434

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November 29, 2011, 09:05:07 PM
Greeting and salutations,
Greeting and salutations,
Greeting and salutations to you Ziegfrid.

Your mind is freed. Strong B U!
Great job too! We like what U do, this pic of the atom bomb having a bad hair day COOL!
While every body, well, almost all everybody that is, maybe 50% or more : fractal creators and lovers, fractologist and his brother, mother, sisters from here and everywhere, obsess with decorative images, and realistic depictions, reflections ovations, imageries of shiny metals rendering fascinations, with over tweaked parameters, but not you, you walk alone. Gets lonely right? You do not follow the crowd. Different B u.Totally different style! Wow!
Yes, perhaps in the future, U 2 will change, but for now we must acknowledge you!
    Welcome home fractal! You drive your space ship into the forth dimension and do abstractions, and do abstractions , and do abstractions for a while ! Wild child U B! We sense a commonality!
The subconscious does not need to look realistically! Its power is beyond realism. It is fractal subconscious feeling. Feeling is an abstraction personified, in the wave. And the wave is the wave. It crosses space instantly, leaving the speed of light in misery.
                   Have you ever [  knew ] of a love one,
                                 who [  knew ] without proof that another love one  
                                 she  [ knew  ] far away on the battle field, has died? The strings interconnectivity of the wave fractal feelings knows no boundaries, and  told her so and you ,if you free your mind to B predisposed 2 it 2, and be humble before it,  2 learn of its capabilities! Times R ah changing! Will U change 2?
Such is the mysteries of the fractal feelings!
Mind power over profits , try it and THRIVE!


The dad sat sad, look at the ad, the last ad on television, as the tube went black for ever, no more television ever, see, me he said, I see nothing who , whose that?  The shadow in the dark looked on and listened.
The dad sat sad, look at me when young I sat in that land, gone. Who said that?
The dad sat sad, reconnoitering memories. Whats that? Memories are imprints of recordings of impressions interpolated, interpreted by the mechanisms of the brain on to a macromolecular biological acid disk, a liquid special primal glue made 4 you electrical recording tape that runs involuntarily in side of a skull of a human. What's it for daddy?
Dad, Why does it record? Daddy, why is it ending? I can't say why son, it, it , it just is! End time has come. But, why daddy, why?
Daddy, why must we die? We die because fate says so. Daddy , who is fate? I don't know. Why, daddy , why don't U know?  Why goddam it, Why do children ask so many goddam questions?
Why ask , ask me questions, so many freaking questions I don't know the, the, answers too?
 It seems thats all you do, play, eat  and ask questions, all of the time. What the hells wrong with you? Daddy! Daddy I, I'm scared. Don't daddy me! This is  not the time.
This is not the time daddy? If this is not the time daddy, then when is the right time? Shut up , I got , I got ta, ta think, I need more time . I need time ta , ta think, theres got to be away out?
But daddy!  I, I don't know, If . . .I, If  I don't ask you why now , will I have a chance again?

 Painting list :
 Painting entitled :  "  END OF TIMES"

 see it here >   the painting called " END OF TIMES "  2011 : http://www.fractalforums.com/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view;id=7340

Here is what we think : the painting called " END OF TIMES"
A composition depicting the resulting chaos of atom redistribution. Truly beautiful, Luscious in its atomic brutality!
The manipulation of the formula and the sumptuous varieties of math inputs mutations, combines  with innovative hybrids algorithms  reminiscent to the mental prowess of Blaise wager o praise  be he, done with your excellent genius has rustled out the numerologies  just  right, in sight, in  blissful sensitivities in to the end games of atomic interstellar  space demodulations! Combinatorial problems arise in many areas of pure mathematics numerical simulations models, this snapshot depiction of the essence of explosions meet the pictorial criteria for optimized randomalities boundary conditions equations gone mad! Entropy say?

Realistic rendered no, abstractly done yes, but nevertheless, you captured the intrinsic feeling of power of the irreverent death killer interrupted dynamics of alterations and ostentatious brashness of the evil atom gone a muck, up close and personal ! In your face, capable of ending the human race! Here we see your bold  style to be self assertive, cocky and straight forward and we like it! No, bs just the truth! So space sweet cool your painting be! " End of Times"

Looking into the picture frame portal in which, what  we see instantly is what your eye saw and recorded, and it related to, that were patterns, patterns of what in your mind has been thought to think and interprets chaos as. But in realms  of fourth dimensionality, what is chaos to one creature is order to another, brother!
And you do it justice, we must admit! It looks and above all, emotes scariness, wariness, and is so overwhelming there is no time to access the instinct flight or fight response, its just too in your face for the human race, Bravo well done !
A space sweet shocker, shocker B! This picture is hot! Like it or not!
We hope you saved the parameters, we imagine it being enlarged , lets say 8 feet by 14 feet, and installed in a large dahina black cobalt frame! Awesome!
 If one dares to slow down and ponder the fast flowing radioactive moving components that comprise this image construct and its multi rhythms of dancing waves of atomic  death, one would have sat for a second too long, 2 bad, centering petrified and die without knowing your dead! Cool!

On our  first glance at the picture construct, we see black smoke at the bottom of the picture frame , white flash of explosions in the center, juxtaposed against a red background!
The composition the artist composed show components  : Combinations of arrays of visual data assets comprised of color arrangements dashing on the screen in haphazard explosions free and clean, the explosions in the center of the picture represented by an off whitish  envelope of brite color in a deep mixture off white scratchy, slightly yellow  tinted fireball vibrational flash, contrasted boldly color wise, on a background, of fire, a dark burn you alive livid red constructs followed by bombastic shock waves of reds and yellow flashes  representing, thermo ecstasy interstellar wave vibrations rocking, rocking at its core , all atoms in the immediate vicinity molecularly. The atom looks at us, showing off the ultra potency of electromagnetic jubilation of its pure power In ecstasy to be set free!
The exhaust release valves of pent up electricity in the  lightening burst out in and out of sight, morphing white linear structures changing at light speeds as they streak across  the canvas in violent curvature scribblings,  of white flashing lines curving rapaciously, like  pendulums oscillations gone insane!
We see red backgrounds, with ice pick black lines that turn to black, to red again like a knife cutting again and again, cutting , cutting the protons for what appears here as a simple mathematical hobby to bobby is not! Bones of atomic flesh can B cut,  this knife force cuts throughout the pictoriality of  this compositions manifestation :  Balancing ,stabilizing the lines both black and white and red, globally of the  design of the artist picture and  its fulcrum. Pulling our eyes out to the right to flow with fast moving flashes of lightening, then boom, bend up , out, in  again like sin, to the left. We fall  bereft, dizzy and breathless, panting, limp in its magnificence and glory of this painting ! Long live the atom! Long live ziegfrid. We dig your stuff man, keep it up! This pic is smoky!

Recommendation : Create or add an appropriate sound file to accompany the viewer while we immerse our selves in the pleasures of your work!
Commendation : A Space Techno Artistry pièce de résistance

We just like to thank you  for your experiments and all the research you put constantly into your  semi hybrid realistic abstracts interpretations,  We appreciate you greatly and thanks again ! All of your work should be accompanied by music to heighten its power even more, perhaps you can add some music to one , one day and lets us know ! Thanks, from Art lovers who appreciates you from afar!

Opinions cheerfully expressed, whether in consensus or in disagreement, help understanding and collaboration with one another! Peace Be with you.

                               The fractal forums, the possibilities are infinite!


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